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December 15, 2019

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Dr. Beu'lah Mary OmarApril 25, 2017

Oh, Anne, you did it again! Thank you for your sweet words. Your article reminded me of an experience I once had. I was once riding a bus in the fall just as the biting Wyoming cold was setting in. The 1/2 full bus stopped to pick up a passenger. The movement all over the bus caught my attention, as I saw people putting packages or their feet on the empty seats beside them. A unkempt street person had just boarded the bus. My heart sunk. As he wander down the unwelcoming isle to the back of the bus where I sat, I made room on the seat next to me and motioned him to come sit with me. As he sat down, he took off his raggedy shoes. I noticed his feet were swollen and bleeding from the cold. I spoke to him, but he motioned that he could not speak. So, we carried on a conversation on the little tablet he had with him. At one point I looked out the window, with tears welling up in my eyes, I thought to myself, "this could be Christ." I turned to him, and asked him his name. He wrote the name: "Chris."

JustinApril 22, 2017

What a beautiful message! I took my daughter to see "The Shack" recently, because I wanted to help reinforce to her of not only my love for her, but Heavenly Father's love for her, and this movie did that, as well as portray how He "sees" us (in an albeit metaphorical way - don't want to spoil the movie, which I HIGHLY recommend!) Sometimes we're hurt or judgemental (or shape biases in other ways) and we unknowingly drop into forgetting the worth and value of each soul to our Heavenly Father. The CS Lewis quote is one I've long known, and still forget the key message. Thank you for a wonderful article!

Melinda TalleyApril 22, 2017

To Behunin -- Yes, they are still beloved, not just 'at one time'. We may need to protect ourselves and our loved ones from the actions and influences of those who choose evil, but they are still beloved by the Father who created them and the Son who suffered for them.

Lanny JonesApril 21, 2017

Thank you Anne. I was trying to recall the Eyring experience with his son. It was life changing for me. I tend to be a judgemental brat. Thank you thank you for such a beautiful way of teaching one of the most important lessons.

BehuninApril 21, 2017

Are the truly wicked/evil also "so beloved "? Are they deserving of my respect and acceptance because at one time God loved them? Or should I judge righteously and protect myself and my children from them?

Charles JohnsonApril 21, 2017

I catch myself sometimes being judgmental and then I'm reminded that each of us are connected by our heavenly heritage. It is our natural eyes that only sees the surface, but the spirit is able to help us go beyond to see the miracle of our unifying noble origin. The Savior was our perfect exemplar of reaching out to comfort, heal and lift even the weakest among Him in his mortal ministry. Thank you Anne for your words of love and wisdom.



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