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September 26, 2021

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ChrisApril 11, 2017

We are told here that she is living with a married man, and that he recently filed for divorce. We should remember that when someone enters a relationship after formal separation, it is not considered adultery by worldly standards. The story does not say that she broke up a marriage. It is clearly wrong by LDS standards, but writer unfairly implies something scandalous.

CHARLIEBROWN2292April 7, 2017

Did the parents ever have a discussion with their daughter about the risk for her to be married to a man who doesn't mind having affairs? If she stays with him and marries him, isn't there indeed a risk that she should be the next to be cheated. More important concern than that of whether to take him a long a family trip...

erikpeterhansenApril 7, 2017

Good job Geoff. I hoped I would find just exactly what I did in your answer. It makes me feel better about myself that my feelings and thoughts about the practical Gospel were supported AND that my lessons in a hard family life were not for nothing. Pushing is never the way especially through unhealthy communication - passive aggressive manipulation. The teaching phrase "We use our words" goes for adults and parents too. I learned the hard way that the Gospel is softer than the natural man wants it to be. -- D&C 121 ALL THE WAY!!!

KatApril 7, 2017

The hardest thing I could ever imagine is having my children make decisions that are contrary to gospel upbringing. It has happened with all four of mine. But I have learned that my stewardship is to be their mother and to love them. Do I condone their behavior? No. They know where I stand, by my living what I believe. It is painful to watch, when I know what they are missing and the influence they are having on their own children. I do not exclude any of them for any reason. I try always to remember the Savior, he loved all, not condoning their sin, but loving the person.



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