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April 13, 2021

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BobApril 3, 2017

To say that "most" Mormons forget the reasons for trials tells us more about the writer than it does about members of the church. He wanted a catchy phrase that would hook people to read his blog -- but it actually reveals that he himself has most likely viewed trials this way. Chalk it up to youth and inexperience. It doesn't take long, however, once you are in the lone and dreary world to find that trials are meant to propel us further on our journey home back to Father -- if we are humble and ask "what does He want me to learn?"

LawrenceMarch 29, 2017

I have known plenty who things trials are a result of sin. But they are usually young and naive and they come to understand that is not true. I myself, when first in the church, had those very thoughts. Fortunately, the school of hard knocks has taught me differently.

No AuthorMarch 29, 2017

@John Wilson --- Mormons may not say they believe that in so many words, but I think plenty of people see bad things happen to others and think "That won't happen to me, I'm doing everything I should be doing" or have things in their lives go differently than they wanted and think "this shouldn't be happening this way--I was keeping all the commandments and God should be blessing me for that, but he isn't."I actually don't think he's set up a false premise, I think a lot of people fall into that false paradigm under the guise of different words.

John WilsonMarch 29, 2017

"Far too often Mormons fall into the same trap as the Pharisees. Namely, when we see someone with a trial we think it is a sign of their sinfulness."The first sentence of this article sets up a false premise. I know of no Mormons who think trials are a result of sinfulness. As Mormons we are taught the exact opposite from our youth. If any practicing Mormon were to make such a statement it would seem so out of place as to invite scorn.For some reason, LDS writers sometimes set up these false premises just so they can then go on to say they are false. It is not an honest method of writing. It basically states a lie as truth and then goes from there. This writing style really has no place in the LDS, or any other, community.

BradMarch 29, 2017

I rarely hear anyone say that the trials of another are possibly the result of some wrongdoing on the part of that person, except in situations that seem obvious. Those might include heart disease or lung cancer after years of smoking tobacco. However, all too often I hear people wonder out loud whether their trials are the result of their own imperfection. We must realize that what applies to others, applies to ourselves.



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