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September 18, 2021

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PopsApril 2, 2017

I suppose I might have used a different headline, something to the effect that a Mormon state senator in the state of Iowa was defended by the Senate President.

Glen DanielsenMarch 30, 2017

From the video, it doesn't appear sen. McCoy had an attitude of contempt in is errant remark. I hope we LDS are not being thin-skinned on this one. Heck, there were considerable pyrotechnics in 3 Nephi 8.

Tami MaloneyMarch 29, 2017

The original news source says an apology was offered. "McCoy was booed and point of order was called. State Senator Jack Whitver (R-Ankeny), the President of the Iowa Senate, called McCoy to the well. McCoy when resuming his questioning apologized to Chapman for the remark."

Sherril DysartMarch 29, 2017

Many times the naysayers are the ones who vocally ridicule LDS people and you have question why anyone makes these comments at all. The get so agitated that they end up joining the Church. LOL

Coral WeaverMarch 29, 2017

He should have been escorted from the floor for that comment and not allowed back until he was ready to submit a full fledged apology for behavior unbecoming.

Sasha Bill KwapinskiMarch 29, 2017

The Book Mormon mentions earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. I don't recall anything about commercial fireworks.

Deena StuttsMarch 29, 2017

I hope Sen. Chapman sent him a BOM so he can read it!



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