January 27, 2021

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RuthMarch 30, 2017

In Canada a family can claim tax relief for a paid caregiver for their children but a man or woman cannot claim tax relief for a spouse who is a caregiver! Someone has to watch over the children, they cannot be left alone!! Best choice is the mother so she can breastfeed as needed!

Don #2March 28, 2017

Family decisions need to be left with the family. That includes whether there is a stay-at-home mom OR a stay-at-home dad. As our church leaders have said, many mothers work due to financial necessity in a variety of circumstances. We need to not judge other family arrangements from the outside.

LindaMarch 27, 2017

Excuse me? She wants to make it illegal to be a stay-at-home mom? Please! I'm a stay-at-home mom by choice. And yes, we have to budget more and watch our pennies. We can't spend money like water. But my stay-at-home mom job is my job! And I consider it the most part important job in the world. And the hardest! But, what can be more important than raising decent human beings? A healthy, happy, loving family is the cornerstone of a healthy civilization.

DonMarch 27, 2017

I would suggest that the choice be left to the woman and her family. When I grew up on the 2 block street there were 13 houses. As I recall 9 of them had stay at home moms. The lack of stay at home moms may contribute to the large unemployment numbers in our cities, as well as the problems with the children failing in school and turning to the streets at a young age. The choice needs to remain a choice. No government has a right to dictate otherwise.

Lee HazelleMarch 27, 2017

Feminists are so zealous about their right to choose an abortion, yet they want to take away the right to stay at home with children from mothers who so choose? How can they live with such cognitive dissonance?

But . . .March 27, 2017

If there were so many jobs going unfilled, a society desperate for workers, I could see the tiniest glimmer of credibility to this argument. But there aren't even enough jobs for every last mother to have one. That's only the first of many, many serious problems with such a narrow argument.



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