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May 8, 2021

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Robert HamptonMarch 23, 2017

I find God not in the beauty of a sunset or the complexity of liofe (and as a physician I am confronted with that every day) because I know or understand the physics,chemistry and biology of these things. I find God in my ability to feel the beauty of ALL of these things and music and the spoken and written word. No other species that I have studied shows any concept of beauty. No other species sees something and then attempts to recreate it just to express the wonder of the experience. Other species are intelligent though not as intelligent as man, at least some humans, but they do not seem to express any sense of wonder or beauty.

CarolineMarch 23, 2017

"How great Thou art!" Excellent article-- thank you!

EssayMarch 23, 2017

I am also amazed how we live on an earth that is exactly the right distance from its perfectly type of sun to have optimal liquid water and a perfectly sized moon at just the right orbit that acts as a shield sweeping against oncoming meteors, providing life sustaining tides and weather patterns, helping to balance the Earth's rotation to allow life giving seasons nearly across the whole planet, allowing it to produce the magnetic shield to protect against cosmic radiation, protecting the delicate life on Earth. While we may discover other potential places for life in the universe, I doubt we'll find many that have all these remarkable conditions that optimize and protect life to such an extent.



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