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April 4, 2020

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CHARLIEBROWN2292March 24, 2017

Years ago - I live in France - I was very unfairly fined by an unexperienced cop for a mistake that deserved much less of a penalty than I got. I contested the fine in Court, but they covered for the cop, and this added insult to injury. It has been difficult for me to feel respect for cops since...even if I know that they have a tough job and many are very decent individuals. Important for cops to know when to apologize when they have been threatening an innocent citizen so badly, treating him like a criminal without a fair trial...

Sam WilsonMarch 23, 2017

Police officers are human. Maybe he had his mailbox knocked down recently! But you're right, about the apology.

Sharon BantaMarch 23, 2017

I suppose the officer was just doing his job & was probably embarrassed because he started to give this man a hard time! An apology would be appropriate under these circumstances.

Glen DanielsenMarch 22, 2017

Law enforcement is difficult, difficult work. Still, it's crucial for officers to show respect to people. Nineteen years in the business taught me that. Officer could have apologized instead of lecturing about a bumper repair.



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