January 26, 2021

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IrishRoseMarch 22, 2017

I agree with Hal, there's a lot left out of this discussion. Personally I would be glad if my husband had more male friends of his own. When I met him I knew he was new in town, but after our wedding I realized that I had basically married a hermit. He allows people to get only so close to him and no closer. I have to arrange the majority of our social life and it gets to be a burden.

HalMarch 21, 2017

I don't think there is a cut and dried answer to this question. If the wife's behavior extends to others besides this one friend who offended her, then there may be a pattern of behavior that should be addressed with professional counseling. I have a family member whose wife was offended by one of his friends early in their marriage. He broke off the friendship of 10 years to please his wife. However, she soon was offended by other friends, neighbors, and the husband's family members until it got to the point where the husband could have no associations outside of his immediate family (wife, children, and wife's (few) friends). Their marriage finally fell apart when the husband could no longer "prove" his love because he had nothing left to give. My advice is for both the husband and wife to get counseling - the sooner the better.

QuestioningMarch 19, 2017

On one hand this is in fact an excellent response. On the other hand, to really judge the situation we would need to know so much more. We would need to know what was said that the wife took offense over. Was it meant as an offense and is it something she should be more forgiving over? Why isn't the wife being more forgiving? We do not know any of this from what little has been given in this article. I married a woman who was abused as a child, and to be loyal to her I am required to forgo any association with any man who has looked at her wrong or from whom she has taken insult. To mentally protect herself, she finds fault in every man we know. To be loyal to her, the only male association I have is at work and with those with whom I share church callings. If I make a male friend, then in her eyes I am being disloyal to her. From my personal life experience, the wife in this article appears controlling and unforgiving. But again, we only know what is in this article.

Liz SHEARER9/March 18, 2017

An amazingly good response to that question Geoff. Perfect.

Junk BinMarch 17, 2017

So, once again, the man is always wrong. There is a difference between honoring justified demands and not being told what to do or how high to jump. After two years of therapy my ex admitted that she wanted to control everything I did and said and was always frustrated that I would draw a line at how far she could push it. Being sealed does not give you eternal partner to turn you into a castrato



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