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September 25, 2020

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BradMarch 16, 2017

Beautiful article. I struggle big time with criticizing those close to me. It is definitely part of the cycle of pride that I work on constantly. I don't think criticizing is bad if it's done with love and compassion in order to help someone see something they might need help with. But I do not think that is what most of us do. I've found it is better to compliment what was done right that to criticize what was done wrong.

BarbaraMarch 16, 2017

While driving down the freeway one day, I was accusing myself because I had not accomplished all the things I had hoped I would. It was then it came to me, that this was pride. Who did I think I was? Some kind of a super woman who didn't need time to stop for a breather, or who could just go go, go? Realized I just wasn't a perfect as I thought I was -- if I would have been able to accomplish all I wanted. Thought... I know my Heavenly Father knows how I am loves me the way I am. That has made me much more patient and considerate of myself. Instead of berating myself, I try to do things better next time.

Ronnie BrayMarch 16, 2017

I am unsure where the notion that we cannot criticise others comes from. Ask any parent, ask any child, and they will testify that criticism of others and of ourselves is a normal healthy part of life. As Heavenly Father has said, "As many as I love I rebuke and chasten." All love and go pleasant. <3



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