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May 20, 2022

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John NicholsonMarch 13, 2017

I was in Saudi Arabia in 1978, and when we were being briefed about the country, we were told that there were no rivers in Saudi Arabia! This obviously did not 'jive' with what we had read in the Book of Mormon. Imagine when we found out that no less than a group of Mormons had discovered the ONLY river in all the land. We realized that anything that came out of the Ministry of Information should be taken with a pinch of salt. I did, subsequently, visit the area prior to my final departure visit the area, and there was indeed a place that was temperate in temperature, with lush fruit and vegetation in the north west of the country. Sad to relate, our journey at the time did not allow for a detailed exploration.

Dennis H CobiaMarch 13, 2017

My wife and I, along with my son and his family and 4 other families from Dammam, Saudi Arabia flew to Tabuk, Saudi Arabia in Dec 2015, we rented 5 SUV's and drove to this Wadi using GPS coordinates to get there. We camped overnight and hiked the 5 miles through the Wadi to the Gulf of Aqaba, and of course the river (stream) appeared from underground and flowed the entire way and disappeared back underground about 500 yards from the mouth of the canyon. The locals we met at the mouth of the Canyon told us that this was where Moses parted the Sea and led the Children of Israel to the Promised Land. We later found and visited where Mt.Sinai is located and the alter used to build the Golden Calf. We visited many of the sites described in the references you used in this article you wrote. Was an amazing experience and tho we all marveled at the many obvious landmarks described in the Book of Mormon, we did not need this verification for our testimonies, but it sure was cool to experience. Now it is even more meaningful to know what you relate in this article is somewhere I have been and can relate and testify of. Thank you.



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