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May 13, 2021

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Bradley KramerSeptember 25, 2017

As a follow-up, I learned last Sunday that, because of this article, my son and his wife have been welcoming and ending the Sabbath with a short service involving lighting a candle, reading a short passage of Scripture, and praying together. It was a beautiful thing to see: two wonderful young people, enjoying the light of God together and making it shine more brilliantly through their love and spirit.

Justin HoyteMarch 15, 2017

Well done sir. We can learn so much from our Jewish brothers and sisters. One thing I would add how,is how instead of day's with names, numbers are used to count down to the next sabbath. What a great focus that brings!

Robert StarlingMarch 10, 2017

Thanks for this great article. Last summer I was in Jerusalem filming for a documentary on the "Kinship" between the Mormons and our Jewish "cousins". We stayed in a hotel in an Orthodox area of Jerusalem where Shabbat was strictly observed. It was marvelous to see the devotion exhibited by our kin of the tribe of Judah. Joseph/Ephraim and Judah both certainly have much to share with each other.

Charles DeWittMarch 10, 2017

There are good things to do on the Sabbath. There are better and best things too. Thanks for searching Jewish practices and teachings to help us make the day we celebrate the resurrection and access the Atonement the best day of the week.



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