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April 4, 2020

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DA FloresMarch 9, 2017

Hope you are planning on giving us a follow-up on this article.

Paul DarataMarch 3, 2017

The abrupt end of the story left me wondering as well so I did some searching. I was sure that this must have made the news but what I found was a very similar story from 2005 but with a few critical differences in the telling.

Kathleen BoydMarch 2, 2017

So, what is the rest of the story? Did the ski resort compensate them for their loss (replace their home, clothes, furniture, etc.) How is the family? Did she go on to finish the semester? There are many more questions to be answered.

Leigh Ann SmithMarch 2, 2017

okay, what is the rest of this sad story????? It is hard to believe that a family lost everything in such a way and that they could have all been at home when it happened...Even if they were given a lot of money, so many things are not replaceable.



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