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October 19, 2019

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CharlieBrown2292February 28, 2017

There is such a wide spectrum of perceptions among LDS women - and sometimes men - about when it is appropriate to hang on to one's marriage and when it is not. Some LDS women will not give their spouses a second chance from their very first mistep, no matter how repentant they may be. Others will allow their selfish, self-centered spouses to make them victims of abuse over abuse (i.e. repeated infedilities) , and stir hesitate to terminate the marriage, when this would be the wisest course of action...

GoodwinsFebruary 25, 2017

Pornography is a tough habit to overcome but can be done. There are some new tools available that seem to work better than others. One of the best is the book Power Over Pornography. It is a new approach that works without requiring self-discipline. It seems especially effective at preventing relapse.

MandiFebruary 21, 2017

Thank you for giving examples where the marriage ended in divorce. I am currently going through a divorce after my husband's porn addiction led to affairs which has led to him leaving the church and us getting divorced. I often feel as though women are counseled to stay in the marriage no matter what. It's refreshing to hear stories that actually sound real.



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