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May 19, 2022

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John NicholsonJanuary 4, 2017

My Sister and I have not spoken to each other for over 35 years! It was then she lost her first born son, and at that time I tried to give her some comforting words iver her loss. In anger she turned to me and said : "Oh you just don't understand!!" Sonn after that she moved house and swore all family members from telling me where she had moved to. Since then I have tried to send her messages, but never got any reply, and I still don't know whether my message were delivered, and whether she chose not to reply. We are the only two survivors in the family, and when I visit family they still tell me she has sworn them to secrecy! How could I not understand when I have lost two children of my own? The wall that has gone up between us is hers in spite of my attempts to apologize for what wrong she thinks I have done her. She is my sister, and I still love her, and will still try to mand the broken bridge, but I suspect reconciliation will not come until both of us are in the spirit world! John.



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