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January 19, 2022

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Sylvia MilnerJanuary 18, 2022

Anne, I remember your mother telling me of an experience she had in researching her family. Your mother had spent the day researching and felt like she had completed a family for sealing. When she went to bed that night, your mother could not sleep. The mother of the family she had researched was not content and happy. Your mother finally got up and reviewed her research work. She found an infant daughter that she had overlooked. Your mother added the baby girl to the family record for sealing to the family. When your mother finally retired in the wee hours, she felt the mother's joy and peace that her whole family would be together.

DAVID GIANFREDIJanuary 18, 2022

Rachel, with this video sharing your life view, you are fulfilling just one of the many reasons why you came here to be with us. You are a beacon of light to those still in darkness. Much Love

FrankJanuary 18, 2022

I am not in the health profession. I can fix an engine; I can build one. But my judgement of heath affairs is small. I trust Pr. Nelson not as a doctor, but as a prophet. If he set an example for us of being vaccinated, it should be because Heavenly Father told him to do so. If he set such an example without being commanded of God, then on his head be the responsibility for those of us who followed him, being likewise vaccinated and then contracted COVID. My wife and I both have had it since obeying that example. I am sure that there is a reason that we will understand at some point. In the meantime, I just scratch my head and keep following.

MelJanuary 18, 2022

I blame ignorant people for the article. Perhaps living in an actual totalitarian country would be a good “re-education” experience.

Gary LawrenceJanuary 18, 2022

Well done, Jeff. Just the right touch of ridicule.

RichardJanuary 18, 2022

Excellent article and discussion. I couldn't agree with you more concerning the need to be "transparent with our assumptions" regardless of which side of the discussion and theory of thought they may fall. Thank you!

Phil MacLennanJanuary 18, 2022

Two points I would add that may influence the widespread acceptance of the notion that vax is the right thing to do is that firstly, when you have many people with a wide variety of opinions, rigorously debating, there can be a need felt to finally arrive at plan of action, otherwise there is endless analysis paralysis, which can be tiring and costly. Perhaps the vaccine is strongly pushed, because it allows us to think we are finally doing something to control or fight back and reduce risk in response to a raging pandemic, and after all, it vax does no harm. (or so we are told) Also, out of empathy for the front line health care workers and not wanting to contribute to their burden if we become hospitalized. Secondly, there was a recent gen conf quote (that I couldn't find) that said something to the effect that the doctrine is proclaimed by the unanimous voice of the Brethren, and not from any one particular statement from one single individual. Perhaps we follow this line of reasoning, and feel more comfortable doing so, when accepting professional advice from a wide range of experts, such as with accepting the COVID vaccine.

Richard TarinelliJanuary 17, 2022

Thank you for an astounding peek into our most astounding physical realities. Most impressive is the manner that these facts do not intimidate our personal realm, but supports discipleship and faith in God's love.

Katrina DonaheyJanuary 17, 2022

Becky Douglas, I love you. From India to Idaho (where I live), you are about the business of blessing lives. God be thanked for you! Like you, I have discovered the transforming power of gratitude. My life is so much sweeter and so much more meaningful because of choosing daily gratitude. Thank you dear sister in Christ for another beautiful article.

Margaret BourneJanuary 17, 2022

We have a copy of Joseph Smith's Translation of Genesis 5:5 relating to the death of Adam and it doesn't vary with the King James Version "And all the days that Adam lived were 930 years and he died." See also Moses 6:12. Can you give us any reference to this revelation that says he died at 1000 years old please?

Katrina DonaheyJanuary 17, 2022

Another winner, Jacob! Your points are powerful. Collectively, we are not well positioned. Oh Father, please help us!

BillJanuary 17, 2022

A great way to teach kids about money is check it out, it really works.

DianeJanuary 17, 2022

You are beautiful and an inspiration to all women. What a great response! I can't begin to imagine why someone would say anything different or to hurt another person. No one deserves that. Thank you for your beautiful insight, your humility and gratitude.

Jo Ann OkelberryJanuary 17, 2022

I enjoyed reading this, but I felt a bit overwhelmed. I have trouble just keeping up with my own family. I cannot even visualize keeping up with billions of people, of stars, of planets, and eternities.

KatJanuary 17, 2022

I love this podcast! Such a wealth of information and insight. I wanted to read the articles that were mentioned in the podcast but when I read the transcripts I wish that the articles were linked so that I could just click on them and read them to continue my learning. If that is possible it would save lots of time copying and pasting to try and find the articles mentioned. Thanks for all the work you put into this!

Dan ShewellJanuary 17, 2022

Thank you! What marvelous insights on many levels! I see this malfunction in our national discourse as just another example of the subtlety employed by Satan to subvert, deceive and distract us into ignoring what the real questions need to be and the direction in which the real answers might be found.

Anne PrattJanuary 17, 2022

Oh yes!, It is wonderful- to be everything- to Him... Beautiful reminder of who we are and who He is!

ChrisJanuary 17, 2022

Great article Jacob. You don't have to be a conspiracy theorist to see what's been happening in this country in science, healthcare, and only have to be logical. But very few people are. It continues to be amazing how fear can drive most of an entire society to abandon many of our core values and principles...simply asking honest questions is no longer allowed. Both crazy and scary...

ChrisJanuary 17, 2022

Great article...and so true! I read an article a couple of weeks ago about a massive explosion the Hubble telescope recorded that was 57 million light years away. That's mind blowing! Traveling at the speed of light we could see that "happen" 57 million years later. God's creations are unexplainable to us...

M SmithJanuary 17, 2022

Thank you! That is all many of us are asking for. Please just listen to and hear both sides. Stop the censoring. Listen to our fears of losing our freedoms. Listen to doctors and scientists on both sides of the issues. Allow discussion so that it doesn't have to divide us but can help us to find solutions. The Savior's return is nigh. Don't let this destroy testimonies. God bless all!

Mary SchmittJanuary 17, 2022


Theodore BrandleyJanuary 17, 2022

When a political or financial agenda is the primary concern, truth is usually irrelevant or detrimental. Ten days after receiving the second Pfizer COVID shot, I was hit with debilitating Rheumatoid Arthritis, which continues 11 months later. Recently I asked my Rheumatologist if I should take a booster shot? He went over the pros and cons and then said, “That would have to be your decision.” If my doctor cannot advise me whether to take the vaccine how can the government presume to know what is best for me?

Albert SchindlerJanuary 17, 2022

What a wonderful and inspiring article! I have had three so-called Near-death experiences and during my experiences have witnessed many of the things you mention in this article. Yes, stand in awe — not worship: but in total, tear-inducing, speechless wonder at Creation!

Harold RustJanuary 17, 2022

A very awe-inspiring vision of the majesty of our Father in Heaven and of the infinite depth of what there is yet to learn about life and God's creations! This life is but step one in preparing us to be able to comprehend God's wonders; it will be step two to begin the creation process ourselves. Most of us are simply unaware of this potential as we wander from day to day. Thanks for nudging us from our sleep.

Janna MorrellJanuary 17, 2022

Such a beautiful and awe-inspiring article! Thank you!!

JeffJanuary 17, 2022

Fabulous read! My mind is blown! Just once again humbles me and here I sit “All Amazed” !! Thank you!

Almandos Aristides IRIGOYENJanuary 17, 2022

I read the book Visions of Glory. I think it is amazing. To have an open mind is essential. Do not forget the testimonies at the end of the book referred to similar events. I am not afraid of new perspectives, I want them and I did not find anything that offend me. 100 points to this book

Mary TarbetJanuary 17, 2022

Thank you a trillion times ! Thank you for this amazing perspective to strengthen my knowledge and understanding. Wow!

DennisJanuary 16, 2022

I am one of them who was COVID free until I received the vaccine. I consider myself healthy, with good eating habits and regular exercise. I avoided the vaccine until we were urged to get it. I am not going through a faith crisis because of it, but I discovered for myself that the vaccine was not the answer for me. I beat the sickness with ivermectin and prayer. I only wish we can listen to the voices of dissent without judgment.

Karla MenhennetJanuary 16, 2022

Thank you for sharing. My Mother had dementia for 5 years and it taught me so much. She endured terrible abuse as a child and I firmly believe that affected her deeply during her life. I put her on a natural drink called memory matrix and it helped her, but soon, I could no longer get it. The nurses were amazed how much it helped. I pray a cure can be found!

Corey D.January 16, 2022

I just now I'm seeing this story/video, it's the 16th of Jan and my immediate answer to this question is, yes ! I doubted that at one time or questioned how it could happen here in America but the last couple of years has changed my view and understanding but if there is any doubt in anybody's mind about the possibility, what has happened the last few years with covid especially in liberal run areas should erase that doubt and all doubt should be erased with what the Salt Lake Tribune Editorial Board just published today or yesterday. Trump doesn't worry me (I do hope someone else is the candidate though), the Jan 6th so-called riot doesn't worry me, a lot of things that are in the news don't worry me, what worries me is that there are people like the Tribune editorial board and people who think like they do.

Corey D.January 16, 2022

I served as the Branch President when the George Whalen Veterans home was first opened here in my area. During one of my monthly interviews with the stake president he once asked, "I hear you say when asked that it's a wonderful calling and experience, what makes it so great " ? I replied "because there is such a spirit of gratitude there, the veterans are grateful, their families thank us, the youth and their leaders who come to do Sacrament Meeting thank us, I've even had some of the staff thank us for what we do and they are the ones who should be thanked, those who work in those facilities are underpaid and underappreciated". Never met anyone who had a true deep testimony of the gospel and also wasn't a grateful person.

Linda CovellJanuary 15, 2022

Thank you for standing up in a Christlike manner. We all need to be kind to others & to ourselves.

Karla MenhennetJanuary 15, 2022

You are beautiful inside and out! Kindness is so easy and does so much for the giver and receiver. Thank you so much for showing us the way. May Every blessing be yours!

PaulineJanuary 14, 2022

What do you think of using Dr. Marshall Rosenberg’s Nonviolent Communication techniques or strategy for overcoming walls?

Kathy BlosilJanuary 14, 2022

This is an absolutely inspiring life story. A friend of mine who served with President Poecker sent me the link to this article. These stories will long remain a source of faith for me. FYI...Walter Kindt's FamilySearch profile includes his personal history broken down into chapters.

Tanya NeiderJanuary 14, 2022

Thank you, Matt! I am working on those dispelling fear and seeking truth. I appreciate your insights.

Fiona RogersJanuary 14, 2022

Whoever made that comment about you should be so lucky to be as beautiful as you. Unfortunately for them it would only be in the outside ! May you live to be as old as can be and continue to share your beauty inside and out .

KathleenJanuary 13, 2022

Your stories continue to inspire me. I have put into motion my mother's work, who passed away a year ago. (Baptism/Confirmation in Seattle Temple last weekend, our son baptizing one of our daughters, and tonight I did the initiatory work in Pocatello Temple. It will all be complete, shortly. What a joy to participate in this great work.

Margaret Y. DyalJanuary 13, 2022

I can't wait to get my copies of this great book. I saw some of the pages and I am so impressed with it. Hope that it hurries to my home.

Gwen LeglerJanuary 13, 2022

You have astounding wisdom and insight as a result of what you have experienced. I hope many women read or hear what you had to say, then they will accept others for who they really are!

Marilyn JackmanJanuary 13, 2022

Absolutely not! How can an ordinary citizen help with this effort?

Jo Ann OkelberryJanuary 13, 2022

It is hard to believe that someone would write something so cruel to another child of God, but she handled it beautifully and in a Christ-like way. The world seems to have forgotten how to be nice and kind and sweet and gentle. There is so much body-shaming in today's society. We need to love ourselves even if our bodies aren't perfect.

jJanuary 13, 2022

You're beautiful! Thank you for being okay with who you are and not bending to worldly ways! Shame on the person who said that.

Diana BinghamJanuary 13, 2022

You are a rock star and amazing. If only; if only we could all love ourselves the way we should; the way God does and they way He commanded. Bless you.

D. HillJanuary 13, 2022

Thank you Rachel for your personal story of triumph over self. You are a shining beacon to women everywhere to love and accept themselves for the beauty and light God has given them. Thank you for showing what a good husband, father and help-meet can be. We all need to encourage, lift, and inspire each other and remember we are made in our Heavenly Parents image and have inherited their characteristics.

Travus AllenJanuary 13, 2022

She is a great person with a great message. I will try to be a better man.

Jan H NielsenJanuary 13, 2022

Amen and hallelujah! Thank you for the wise and true words.

KathieJanuary 13, 2022

What a beautiful story of courage, faith, truth and wisdom. And what a beautiful daughter of Our heavenly Father you are. I am 75 and have felt like a misfit my entire life, having been bullied from Kindergarten all through high school just because I was painfully shy. Thank you for helping women see what really matters. What a great example.

Priscilla OwenJanuary 13, 2022

Fabulous...well done you. You are inspirational, an absolute gatherer.... thank you.

Jeff JohnsonJanuary 13, 2022

What a beautiful and intelligent young lady! God had a unique “recipe” when he made you! Thank you and your husband!

Susan LeggieriJanuary 13, 2022

Wow! Thanks so much for sharing your story, your words of wisdom, and your example! I believe you are blessing many lives in what you are doing. You are as beautiful as they come, inside and out. Keep being “that person”!

Scott BevanJanuary 13, 2022

What a powerful response! You are exemplary with beauty inside and out. Thank you for sharing.

StaceyJanuary 13, 2022

Love, Love, Love her!!! Thank you for being real! Thank you for being vulnerable! You are beautiful!

Patricia Hernandez ArnazziJanuary 13, 2022

You are an absolutely gorgeous young woman, with a beautiful face, hair and body, but most of all a beautiful spirit, wisdom and keen intellect which helps you very charismatically express your sentiments. Thank you for your example of tolerance, humility and forgiveness. You Rock!

Mary Ann McConkieJanuary 12, 2022

For any women who feel "less than", your article clearly illuminates the divine role of women. Thank you, Vivian.

Katherine FagerstenJanuary 12, 2022

You continue to be a light to me and a blessing. Thank you for your example, faith and light. My life is forever changed because of you. I am grateful.

MattJanuary 12, 2022

To your list of wonderful ways to find peace and hope and overcome the darkness caused by Covid, may I add these two: Dispel fear and seek truth, they will set you free.

tfJanuary 12, 2022

I think we need to start mentioning the possibility of Heavenly Mother in these types of articles and discussions.

Shawny LeeJanuary 12, 2022

Brother Harper, I think I understand that God created all things out of matter and intelligence that already existed, and that these cannot be created or made, but did God organize intelligence to create our spirits, as in "God is the Father of our spirits. We are the offspring of God." Something in your wonderful article sounded like spirits always existed. We you equating intelligence with a spirit? Did I misread something? Certainly, for me the hardest thing to comprehend is where all this began, but I love Joseph's teachings, and his invitation to come to know God, REALLY know him. I appreciated your article so much. Thank you.

Dan ShewellJanuary 11, 2022

I sure appreciated your insights! My own thought have led me to similar observations and conclusions but I am not nearly as adept at putting those ideas into words. Thank you.

MaryannJanuary 11, 2022

Love this, but I wanted it to be longer! Thank you.

Harold RustJanuary 11, 2022

Great article...but I felt it was just a prelude to what I had hoped to read regarding the biblical reflections on the broader purpose of human sexuality and why our identity is first of all that of a child of God rather than I see myself as male or as female or as something else. When that identity of our relationship with God is firm in our beliefs and our perspectives, then everything else is tied to following the commandments which God has given for all mortals regarding the fundamental purpose of procreation and family.

Colleen StoutJanuary 11, 2022

Dear Vivian, I read the other article first, and it reminded me of reading a mystery novel. You know that everything will turn out all right, but nevertheless you close the blinds and turn on all the lights. The semantics of it left me feeling dark and unsettled. Then I read yours, and I came away feeling joyful and light. Thank you, Colleen

Michele NoelJanuary 11, 2022

Thank you, Vivian! I have been following your work for thirty years and been uplifted and blessed by it. The timing of this article could not be more glorious. Just as recent TV programs, garnered as ‘doctrinal’, intimate that the origin of man can easily be embraced in the theories of Darwinism, we are gifted with clarity about our first parents here. Well done Vivian and thank you, Meridian Magazine!!!

LewisJanuary 10, 2022

What a beautiful, thought-provoking article. It requires you to think deeply about the Lord's plans for us. Surely His ways are higher than our ways. I am grateful that you take the time to share your thoughts and experiences with us.

Kay RookhuyzenJanuary 10, 2022

I found this article extremely interesting and educational! Thanks for sharing.

Jan JohnsonJanuary 10, 2022

I’ve been through a series of repeated surgeries, making life quite difficult at times… and currently. I’ve learned to be grateful that I understand God has a plan for me, and if this is His plan for me, why would I want it to be any different?

ColinJanuary 10, 2022

This was a deeply inspiring funeral service. Imagine the missionary opportunity of having current and former presidents and other government leaders hear the testimony of an Apostle and feel the Spirit in the meeting!

Helen CJanuary 10, 2022

I sent this to my non-believing husband in hopes he will discuss it with me. He loves science but sustains religion as, among other things, an excuse for war and an emotional crutch. You never know what will turn on the lights. Your Oregon friend.

Marsha AndersonJanuary 10, 2022

This has made a profound impact on me! The other things you have published here have also touched my heart. You are such a great example of a Christ-like person. Thank you!

Anita EJanuary 10, 2022

What a lovely article. Thank you for sharing and for giving greater insight into gratitude.

vickieJanuary 10, 2022

this writing is complicated to read. it sort of goes round and round. i have one son who is homosexual and married another man. yes it was hard for me when this happened. i have four other children who are not homosexual and are married to the opposite sex. my one son who is, knows that we love him but we do not understand how this can happen. i believe what God says and the family proclamation as to what is right but i also believe that a person has to make their own choices. all we feel we can do because we dont understand how this can be is love my son. to just enjoy him for his character or personhood. He is a son of God as his partner is. i respect that.

Mark StoneJanuary 9, 2022

Thanks so much! This is great. I guess I still don’t understand thought how the creation is a temple text..? Can someone explain or point me to additional resources so I can better understand??

RoxanneJanuary 9, 2022

thank you for sharing your knowledge. i have had questions answered and learnt much from this pod cast.

Jose M CapellaJanuary 8, 2022

Hello, Scot and Maurine. I have been a listener of your podcast almost since the start of Come, Follow Me, and have thoroughly enjoyed your many insights as I study the scriptures. However, I feel the need to comment on a few points in last week's discussion on the Creation. With all due respect to Hugh Nibley, he uses a rather simplistic interpretation of entropy. A wise college professor taught me that it is in fact through the amalgamation of ever more complex structures that the universe manages to catalyze its matter at an ever greater pace. The immortal Gods may have ultimate power over entropy, but they have no need to micromanage the development of the life that they nurture. Another often overwrought notion is trying to create a cosmological model with too literal an interpretation of the Biblical creation story. To imagine God personally igniting the light in the universe, then placing Earth in the Solar System, as well as the lights in the firmament, is again defining Him as a micromanager. An enlightened astronomer could easily see that the Earth and other planets would have already begun to accrete before the sun they orbited shone brightly on them. A migratory period eventually cleared dust and debris, finally settling us into a stable orbit. And from the surface of our planet, only after a very long time would the thick clouds finally part sufficiently to reveal the sun, moon and stars. I actually came to that understanding while watching the newer temple videos - go figure! Then there is the notion of fine-tuning. While a pretty sentiment, it is unfortunately used by people of little faith as "proof" of intelligent design. It reminds me of the Anthropic Principle, which is often misinterpreted to say that only a “designed” universe could have the perfect parameters for life. In fact this is meant to convey the idea that ONLY in the rare corner of the multiverse that allows life to exist can there be anyone present to wonder if it was made just for them. Those minor points aside, thank you for your commitment to helping people understand the scriptures more thoroughly. I look forward to continuing to hear from you. Also, please don't ever change your theme music, as Come Thou Fount is one of my favorites, and hearing this arrangement always fills me with anticipation and a surety that I'm about to learn something new. Take care and have a wonderful 2022.

BobJanuary 8, 2022

Don't show up at their house if there is an emergency.

Corey DJanuary 8, 2022

Excellent. Reminds me of the story a college professor told our class one evening, seems an employee at a large company wanted to prove the point that nobody paid any attention to the constant stream of memos, announcements, policy changes, etc, especially the ones filled with acronyms that flowed down from upper management and that vice versa was true that management never paid attention to reports, memos, etc that flowed up. This employee proceeded to write a totally made up memo really embellished it, seems it made it all the way to the President before anybody questioned anything in it.

MaryannJanuary 8, 2022

I am wondering what you have said to your parents to make them believe you feel they "have gone down the road of fanaticism." Sounds like there is criticism going on here on both sides. I am wondering if it would help heal these "troubled waters" if you show forth an increase of love for your parents and come to an agreement that this is just not a subject that you want to discuss. Then change the subject and talk about something you think they would be interested in.

MayJanuary 8, 2022

Fantastic response to a common question. Thank you!

Gregg LukeJanuary 8, 2022

THANK YOU SO MUCH, Jennie. I am overjoyed you liked Red Cicada. Being more of a discovery writer than a hard-core plotter, it was a thrill to write. Thank you for the great review!

L RawlinsonJanuary 7, 2022

Do you have the first hand account of Warren Foote from his journal? He and his father visited Joseph Smith, saw the mummies and saw the papyri and gave a limited description of the writing.

Boyd TuttleJanuary 7, 2022

I want to say this was excellent. Well-written, interesting, and remarkably well-researched article. Thanks for all those insights, Brother Bradshaw. This treatise has enhanced, for me, this year's study in the Old Testament immeasurably.

Shirley GriffinJanuary 7, 2022

He also mentioned "worlds without number" that were created--at a time when that concept was not even considered by men of science.

Ron BarnesJanuary 7, 2022

Part of the reason some Americans think socialism is so good is because they mistake social programs for socialism. All governments have social programs in some form or another, but socialism is something totally different. They need to be educated as to what socialism actually is. I noticed, while reading the comments, the only disagreements concerned health care. While our system has its problems, it does have advantages that other systems don't.

Pennie KnottJanuary 7, 2022

Thank you for your research, books and articles on this subject. I have never been able to figure out what all the fuss was about regarding the Book of Abraham. A real tempest in a teapot.

Ann-Marie JensenJanuary 7, 2022

Thank you for such excellent and helpful clarification.

Emily Jensen PorfiriJanuary 6, 2022

Amen. My experience (Romania, Poland, Italy, has shown me the same thing.

Theodore BrandleyJanuary 6, 2022

To paraphrase one of Euclid’s geometry axioms, things equal to the same thing are equal to each other. If we are all in tune with the Holy Ghost, we will all be in tune with each other.

SpanishbakerJanuary 6, 2022

Inspiring. From personal experience, I know that if we sincerely ask Heaven what that “unity” looks like, Heaven will show us. We don’t have to compromise our identities when our values/perceptions conflict. Heaven WANTS to teach us how a Zion people behaves. We have to be willing to submit.

Darlene NelsonJanuary 6, 2022

I am a Canadian and have been served well by our socialized medical plan. Your example from two friends didn’t give the true story of the Canadian Health Care system. I’m not saying it’s perfect, but our family would have been bankrupted dealing with my health care issues had I been a resident of the USA. Using that example doesn’t give credence to your article.

John R CarpenterJanuary 6, 2022

More inhumanity to man, since 1918, has been done in the name of Socialism than any other cause. Socialism is NOT Freedom, it is control of the people.

George NielsenJanuary 6, 2022

Thank you for confirming the conclusion I reached independently about the character for Righteousness. I often contemplate this character as I look at my CTR ring that uses it to represent choosing the right. It deepens my understanding of Christ's atonement and how the Lamb of God can overcome my natural, defensive, nature. I served in Taiwan from 1966 through 1968.

George NielsenJanuary 6, 2022

Thank you so much for confirming the conclusion I came to independently many years ago about "Righteousness." I often contemplate the meaning of this character as I look at my CTR ring that uses it to represent Choosing the Right. It deepens my understanding of Christ's atonement. I served in Taiwan from 1966 through 1968.

Laurel Lee PedersenJanuary 6, 2022

Powerful lesson on these concepts, Diana! I'm keeping a pdf copy to study again. Thanks so much!

RitaJanuary 6, 2022

This gives a new context for "a new heart", found in Ezekiel and other OT verses. When God creates in us a new heart and spirit, He is bringing order to disorder, making a temple fit for His presence. I never thought about it that way before.

John WaitingJanuary 6, 2022

Thank you Mark for an interesting look at these topics

Sally SmithJanuary 6, 2022

After reading this article, I can feel the love of Bro Goddard as he writes this. I knew him when I lived in the North Little Rock Stake. This is the eternal answer to my divine identity. I am so happy to better understand who I really am.

Roberta HarrisJanuary 6, 2022

As a Canadian I can assure you I have never had to wait for any medical services and that goes for ALL of my family and friends over all of my adult years!! We have excellent doctors all over our country. I am disappointed at the slant your article took on our health care system.

Gary SmithJanuary 6, 2022

I am curious about the Canadian hospital shut down in 1993. I was living in Canada then and live in Canada now and do not remember that "Canada closed all hospitals". In fact that doesn't make sense, since each province runs its own health system. Perhaps one of the provinces temporarily cut back services at their hospitals but I don't remember it happening. Wait times for some surgeries are a problem and some provinces have more difficulties than others. On the other hand, I have never had to wait, here in Canada, more than 15 minutes after the appointment time for the doctor to see me. In fact, just this last monday, the doctor was ready for me 15 minutes before the appointment time. When living in Provo, my wife routinely would have to wait 30 to 90 minutes past the appointment time to see the doctor. Of course these are just anecdotes and don't paint the whole picture.

Karell BinghamJanuary 6, 2022

Such a great article! A real eye opener! Thank you so much, I love you both!

RobertJanuary 6, 2022

When discussing socialism/communism it is important to mention the deaths that are the result of the implementation of those systems of "government." Under Hitler's National Socialists in Germany/Hungary, etc, my father-in-law had his entire family murdered in the concentration camps. I knew a man who lost all his relatives in the Ukraine under the direction of Stalin. If in the United States, if we continue to permit our march towards socialism/communism, I think we will see similar results.

Iam Con CernedJanuary 6, 2022

This article seems so logical, but in fact, it isn't what people want to hear. Today, people want to hear how someone else (the government) should provide everything they thought they need FOR them: Health care? Should be a right, not something you buy. Opposing opinions? Should be regulated lest someone disagree. Gun ownership? Should only be in the hands of the police or military, not, heaven-forbid, my next-door neighbor. Morality and LGBTQ issues. Should be that no one judges anyone for we're all equal and there is no wrong. And the list goes on-and-on, seemingly so very logical and desirable on the outside, but fraught with difficulties as Brother Stoddard so aptly represents. I am concerned that in our rush to not be judgmental, we have forgotten that we must, --absolutely must-- judge and make judgments each and every day lest we fall for perverse and unethical scoundrels who are more than happy to lead the foolish and whomever else along.

John PearceJanuary 6, 2022

While I agree with the overall statements in this article I question how good the health system is in the USA The cost is enormous High cost, not highest quality. Despite spending far more on healthcare than other high-income nations, the US scores poorly on many key health measures, including life expectancy, preventable hospital admissions, suicide, and maternal mortality. And for all that expense, satisfaction with the current healthcare system is relatively low in the US. People can be bankrupted by the cost of health issues and many people order their medications from over countries because of the high cost here. My own daughter even though she was insured is still paying off for her surgery many years later.

Maria ClaytonJanuary 6, 2022

I have met many in the church who tell me that living in a communist country has its benefits… Sorry to burst their bubble but if you have never lived in a communist country you have no idea… The sacrifices each individual goes through everyday to survive for even a line to receive a loaf of bread… And much more Thank You for your article Hospitals that look so amazing is for those in the regime… But for the everyday people it is not… They only show the best when you are visiting but go to the real areas in different neighborhoods you will have a rude awakening… Our Parents left Cuba for The United States of America the Land of the Free!!! I still remember how we were treated when we were leaving Cuba My Parents were treated horribly they would throw rocks eggs etc. by the committee in our neighborhood, they had 6 of the Regime come to our home to take inventory because they tell you everything belongs to the Country as well 2 were waiting at the car 2 at the front of our home and 2 came in our home we had 2 luggage and when one of the guards saw the second he said only one luggage you are allowed to take they took my parents wedding rings and said that belongs to the country they took my doll and took it apart looking for jewelry which the doll was empty they did not care they took inventory of everything in our home then the drove us to the actual stairs of the Airplane (Freedom Flights 1970) I still remember the Pilot going around the Cuban Island and my Father reading in his broken English the Constitution of the United States of America The Land of the Free Never take Freedom for granted!!! This is Gods country Cherish it and do not allow no one to destroy it by any ideology…

Robert CowartJanuary 6, 2022

Thanks for the LIGHT. Great job.

Mark MathesonJanuary 3, 2022

I like the idea I heard recently that too often we mislabel anxiety. What is just the normal stress of life we too quickly call it out as anxiety.

DeAnn JensonJanuary 3, 2022

I love your podcasts for content and spirit. So informative and so well spoken. But, partly and importantly, I like to make a printed copy o f the script to study and underline important contributions so that I can refer back at times to refresh my memory. I have four binders each one for a year of Come Follow Me lessons. But, today, to my dismay, when I printed this podcast, eacg page was covered by a picture of the Old Testament Calendar rendering the page unreadable. I am a subscribing member and hope this can be remedied.

Jo Ann OkelberryJanuary 3, 2022

Thank you so much for this article. My husband had dementia, and he wasn't as difficult as you describe your mother, he really had become a different person or persons. I am sending this article to a friend whose husband has dementia. Perhaps it will help her.

Jo Ann OkelberryJanuary 3, 2022

I really learned a lot from this article. Thank you.

Helmut WorleJanuary 3, 2022

This is extremely valuable (and new to me; after membership in the Church for well over 50 years). I had often wondered in my younger years why the temple endowment spends so much time retelling a story with which we are all very familiar. Similarly, I had puzzled over a statement supposedly made by president McKay toward the end of his life indicating that he was only just beginning to understand the temple ceremonies. Thank you for clearing some things up. I've just celebrated my 74th birthday and I believe I may just be beginning to get a glimpse of understanding the temple and the scriptures a little more. Thank heavens that there is indeed an eternity before me to grow and learn.

Craig FrogleyJanuary 3, 2022

Excellent, true, and most significant. Thank you!!

Becky L RoseJanuary 3, 2022

Please pick up the Book Awakening from Alzheimer's: How 9 maverick Drs. are curing Alzheimers, Dementia and Memory loss. There are solutions. Also check into a company called "Reliv" They have a solution as well.

ShaunaJanuary 3, 2022

Thank you Br. Degn. I still don't understand all of what you said but it helped shift my paradigm, or ideological or cultural lens as you call it, for understanding the Creation narratives. I'm excited to begin our study of the Pearl of Great Price, Old Testament this year, and of course this pertains to understanding Temple experiences.

Linda Starr WinansJanuary 3, 2022

Great job expounding valuable concepts. Your approach was thorough and well thought out. This is a great article to share with others, especially those of different faiths! Thanks!!!

Gary ArnellJanuary 3, 2022

Great read. Thank you!

Alan Forbes FlemingJanuary 2, 2022

Enjoyed your article. How coincidental for I just finished reading "Leadership in War from Lincoln to Churchill" by Correlli Barnett, and have just started reading a comparative biography of "Lincoln & Churchill" by Lewis E. Lehrman. My office/study has apart from pictures of my family, the Saviour, Joseph Smith, and Pres. Nelson, my only other pictures are of Lincoln, Churchill, and Don Bradman. All studies in leadership. (ps I had lunch with Don Bradman and he signed the photo, that's why he's there! Also, because he was the world's greatest cricketer).

KathleenJanuary 1, 2022


watkahJanuary 1, 2022

Isn't it interesting that every plan to harm the Church by the Adversary is turned upon him. The transparency issue brought up at the time of these forgeries perhaps informed the Church to be especially open and transparent about the Joseph Smith History project.

Nancy NewmanDecember 31, 2021

It seems every week i have trouble finding the written script for the podcast. Is there some way you can connect it to the week before so we can click on a arrow, picrture, date something to go straight to the lesson. We love the lessons and we three sisters in 3 different states read them together. Help

Chuck SanfordDecember 31, 2021

I thank you for your podcast, and for the work you both do on your website. This is one of the ways I try to keep on top of things. My precious `15-yo grand-daughter was recently diagnosed with Leukemia[; that is where my focus is right now.. Again, thanks.

Sarah HinzeDecember 31, 2021

Thanks for the inspiring article!

Kay RookhuyzenDecember 30, 2021

We have listened to your podcasts for the previous two years. This was indeed a rip roaring beginning of our study of this wondrous group of scripture! Thank you so much!

frankieboyDecember 30, 2021

at my daughters Catholic elementary school in southern CA they did an event for the 5th grade class "Taste of America", where each kid had to bring a dish from the state they were assigned. All the kids who were assigned Utah brought Jello dishes. I guess stereotypes die hard :)

Kay RookhuyzenDecember 30, 2021

As usual your writing inspires me and makes me want to BE BETTER. Thank you for sharing your experiences. I LOVE your column.

Carolyn MadsonDecember 30, 2021

Thank you for the reminder of another year of wonderful articles that added clarity to a world of confusing and sometimes harsh commentary. I look forward to once again reading them.

MargaretDecember 30, 2021

Thank you for these words it has helped to see things about i have not considered before

KathleenDecember 29, 2021

Thank you for good reminders through great examples and in an inspiring way.

Patty BrightDecember 29, 2021

Thank you for sharing! This info motivates me.

KathleenDecember 29, 2021

Kudos to 'Santa!'

Old AbeDecember 29, 2021

Let's see. Ronald P. Millett thinks Christ was born on a passover in the BoM year 92. That would have been the 14th of Nisan, the year being 14 days old. Since the Nephites kept the law of Moses, proper dating was important. Nonetheless Jesus Christ died on the forth day of Nisan according to 3 Nephi 8:5. So the Nephite calender somehow was 10 days off. How is that possible using a lunisolar calendar? Differing one day is possible, but 10 days is not. In any case - if Christ was born on 14th Nisan, everything that is written about in 3 Nephi 1:4-13 happened in thirteen days. Aw, come on!

Jo Ann OkelberryDecember 29, 2021

This is a very informative and powerful article. I have never thought abortion was right, and this article really backs up my belief. Thank you.

Jo Ann OkelberryDecember 29, 2021

You have written some great one-liners. I especially liked, "Satan likes to masquerade as God."

Ben JonesDecember 29, 2021

A few days before Christmas, my wife got a call from a friend at Church who had to go to the emergency room and was worried about her 93-year-old mother, whom she had been taking care of. My wife organized a number of Sisters to help her accomplish the thankless task of dealing with a 93-year-old with dementia, exhausting herself in the process for several days. I exclaimed, "There are those who complain, 'Why doesn't the church help out?' They don't realize, the Church is YOU !" Which is to say that all those who are encouraged and organized by the Church to go about doing good, are the Church.

CarolDecember 29, 2021

Thank you for writing such great stories, I never miss reading your stories even when I pass on all the others! You never preach, just always have a point that touches my heart and helps me come unto Christ.

KathleenDecember 28, 2021

Thank you for that rip roaring start. I was having trouble transitioning from the Doctrine and Covenants. Now we're off and running!

Ann SiggardDecember 28, 2021

When I was in Qingdao, China teaching English with the BYU China Teachers Program, one day during the Christmas season my co-teacher and I went shopping at the mall and there were Christmas trees and lights everywhere and over the the loud speaker, in English, was the hymn "O Holy Night"! And...there was snow falling, which was also rare. It was a magical moment in a country that did not allow us to proseletyze and we were allowed to feel the magic and Spirit there!

HelenDecember 28, 2021

Merry Christmas and a FANTASTIC New Year, Doctor Dan!

Leah ThompsonDecember 27, 2021

This is an excellent article. I have been thinking lately about fence laws and principles and these thoughts have helped me better understand the how to use principles to help me live the gospel better. I love how you clarify that Pharisaical thinking is focused on how they can excuse their own disobedience and lower standards for themselves NOT hold others to a higher and holier way of living.

Troy WilliamsDecember 27, 2021

This is very well written! I read multiple articles last week about Mr. Green and his departure from the church. Each of them, as you mentioned, were so one-sided. But isn’t that typical for the majority of today’s media. I’m grateful that more truth was shared through your article. People need to see that the church and more importantly the people within the church are doing good things around the world. We are not perfect… But neither is anyone else. Merry Christmas

al barrettDecember 27, 2021

Excellent article. Scatter radar is more accurate and less susceptible to weather and technical issues than gps.

DJDecember 27, 2021

Beautiful arrangement beautifully sung and put together! Thanks for sharing your talents and message!

DonnaDecember 27, 2021

What a wonderful collection of Nativities Sam and Carol Raines accumulated! Thanks for sharing this event. Even though Sam is "gone", his goodness and sharing will go on and on blessing those who will see his nativities. Thanks for posting!

Don McClureDecember 27, 2021

Is climate change having a significant impact on the icebergs?

MJ Darnel IIDecember 26, 2021

Some parts of this may provide some possible perspective, but remember this cuts both ways. The husband could actually be a controlling, narcissistic momma’s boy. And that would deem be considered abusive. And as a marriage counselor only see similar behaviors get worse over time. Verbal and psychological abuse can weigh a heavy burden for a spouse to carry by themselves. Yes the red flags as another commentedsuch as “ he will miss me” as an excuse stands out. ‘

Douglas E NadybalDecember 26, 2021

Suicides amongst males in the United States is triple the rate of females and that is not atypical for the rest of the world. Any article that fails to shine light on this gender disparity is of no more worth than a review of a restaurant that glosses over the quality of the food on the menu. To talk about the altitude as a causative factor deftly takes the reader around the issue while giving cover Utah and the Church. How about we discuss what on earth we are doing to our male populations?

ConcernedDecember 26, 2021

I enjoyed this well written article in response to Mr. Green’s public leaving of the Church. I really hate it when folks leave the Church; I worry for their souls and the souls of their posterity and friends. They know not what they do. Years ago I read this little booklet written by Truman Madsen entitled,”Christ and the Inner Life”. In it he tells the story of when he was a bishop and a recent RM announces to him he is leaving the Church. Bishop Madsen then follows with an probing quick list of questions to the RM. “Do you feel the spirit when you partake of the sacrament? Do you feel the spirit as you study the Book of Mormon? Do you feel the spirit when you pray? Do you feel the spirit when you go and ponder in the Celestial room after an endowment session? Etc etc” The RM answers no to all of the questions and actually states he does not read the Book of Mormon nor go to the temple or come to Church. Bishop Madsen then tells him he never was “in” the Church to which the RM complains and reports that he had served in all these callings as a YM and had served a mission. To which Bishop Madsen pointed out that he (Bishop Madsen) always felt the spirit when doing those things and worked to feel the spirit. Well, he challenges (can we say that?) the RM to read the Book of Mormon every day, pray and go to Church and seek the spirit. He does and he changes. Beethoven commented he wished he could be like Mozart and be “drenched” in music. When we are baptized we are drenched.

Deeper seekerDecember 25, 2021

I recently learned of another exciting insight to add to this beautiful article. I may have some of the details a tad off, so correct and forgive my errors, but as I understood it, the shepherds would have been the shepherds that cared for the sheep that were used for the temple sacrifices in Jerusalem. They would take the first born male lambs and clean them off in a manger with special swaddling cloths given them by the temple priests. Those special lambs were for passover. Jesus IS the passover lamb. When the shepherds saw Jesus in a manger (it would have been stone) wrapped in swaddling clothes used for sacrificial lambs prepared for sacrifice, that was how they knew HE, the baby, was the fulfillment of Isaiah 53. That is why it was a sign to them.

AJ CurrieDecember 25, 2021

As Elder Bruce R. McConkie sais in one of his most famous General Conference talks, "...the caravan moves on."

Craig WoodfordDecember 24, 2021

I have learned, through sad experience, that the adversary chooses this traditionally festive time of year to distract us from celebrating the birth of our saviour, Jesus Christ's. The devil and those who follow him are bitter, petty creatures because they know their story ends in misery and woe. They strive to make all miserable like unto themselves. Let's not make their story ours. Let us rather look to Christ, learn of him and do his works in blessing the lives of all around us.

BonnieDecember 24, 2021


DonnaDecember 24, 2021

We LOVE your nativities! I wish we could see them all. We too have traveled and collected a few precious nativities that bring joy when we get them out. Consider showing us more of your nativities in a future addition! Thank you for the gift of your newsletter all year, which reminds me, it's time to contribute. Merry Christmas!

Sasha W KwapinskiDecember 24, 2021

It's interesting how those who believe that the LDS Church should become "politically correct" have apparently forgotten that those religious denominations which have gone the politically correct route are the ones which have been declining the fastest (not only in percentages, but in actual numbers ranging up into the millions) for well over half a century. I was around during the 1960's to see the beginnings of that trend, and I was a part of that "out-migration."

Denise Blackburn ChristensenDecember 24, 2021

oh how I loved looking at your Nativities! Thanks so much for sharing. They are beautiful and the one from Germany brings back memories of our recent trip and watching you and Maurine joyfully purchasing gifts for your children and grandchildren. Merry Christmas!

Raymond Takashi SwensonDecember 24, 2021

How in the world does this non-event qualify as "news"? The only reason for news media to publicize his statement is that they worship the wealthy. They are publicists for the expensively dressed great and spacious building crowd that ridicules the humble followers of Jesus Christ. Their actions demonstrate their fear of the effectiveness of millions of Latter-day Saint Christians who demonstrate daily that there is a powerful alternative to the self-appointed elites who denigrate the intelligence and integrity of those who do not worship the rich and influential. They do not believe in actual democracy, but use the word hypocritically like Lenin and Stalin to justify their control of the allegedly ignorant masses of people.

KathleenDecember 24, 2021

Thank you for bringing it all closer through your beautiful sound.

LindaDecember 23, 2021

From the book Beloved Bridegroom by Donna Nielson: Meanwhile, the bride was also busy making preparations for her future and the new life she would share with her husband. There was wedding clothing to prepare, including much elaborate colorful embroidery. Swaddling bands were also to be embroidered with symbols indicating family history and genealogy. According to ancient and modern custom, the embroidery, to be acceptable, must be exactly the same on both sides. This was a type showing that the outward life and the inner life were the same-they were never to have a "wrong side" to their character. Under the wedding canopy, these decorated bands would be tied around the clasped right hands on the bride and groom; hence the saying, "They tied the knot." These bands would later be used to fasten the swaddling clothes of their children. Nielsen, DOnna. Beloved Bridegroom . Onyx Press. Kindle Edition. Location 551

JonDecember 23, 2021

I love this article. Made me think of teaming up with my ancestors. Kind of like missionary companions helping each other out on both sides of the veil.

CASDecember 23, 2021

This was absolutely delightful.

Paul HDecember 23, 2021

And yet how many artists paint the new-born infant naked? Even the painting for this story has Him with bare shoulders and chest. And of course the Wise Men never appeared at the manger either, but that's a whole different subject. Thanks for the information in this article.

AEatonDecember 23, 2021

Great article and a much needed voice to break through the confusion of the day.

Irene BlackDecember 23, 2021

Wonderful article!! Thanks for your insights and stories. I am alone this Christmas and you touched me deeply. Merry Christmas.

James ScottDecember 23, 2021

Yours is a very interesting and maybe significant essay. Certainly a good study. I wouldn’t wonder that in preparation for the birth Mary may have decorated some of the swaddling strips with embroidery or symbols of the tribe of Judah or even woven with Judah’s colors for certain wrapping positions, the head piece for example. A Star of David may have been too bold but she knew he was David’s heir. Today’s receiving blankets seem to be for the same purpose and are colored for the gender, blue and pink. We think white, but linen would have been a poor cloth for warmth, more likely wool therefore earth colors. Thanks again for your thoughtful contribution.

Pennie knottDecember 23, 2021

Mr. Green is so annoying. If he thinks his money makes him smarter or more special than the rest of us, he is wrong. What sets him apart is his purposeful effort to harm the work of the Lord. If he thinks he and his billions can do that he is wrong again. It’s a sad thing to kick against the pricks and pit yourself against the Almighty. I would not want to be him.

Patricia WintersDecember 23, 2021

Thank you so very much for this article, and for printing the transcript! It is very early in the morning now, and I don't want to wake my husband, who has health issues and is asleep a few feet from me. Being able to receive the content of this article without sound is a great blessing. I'm sure that Deaf persons appreciate this as well.

ObserverDecember 22, 2021

Phenomenal! Carry on!

MaryannDecember 22, 2021

Love it! Definitely the FIRST ONE!

LynnDecember 22, 2021

Beautiful article Mariah! Your perspective reinforces that God's ways are not man's ways. God seems to love a paradox--and there are so many examples in His plan.

karell binghamDecember 22, 2021

I absolutely loved the insights from "The Trill of Hope...! There is one scripture that kept coming to mind, one that I just love: "He telleth the number of the stars: he calleth them all by their names." I always think to myself when I read that, "If he even knows the name of all those stars, surely he knows his children, even me. I might have come across that scripture by reading one of your tremendous editorials, but I sure love what it implies!

T. BarrettDecember 22, 2021

Thank you, Brother Givens. Your words are always like rain in a desert to my soul.

EveDecember 21, 2021

Very thought provoking. Thank you!

Taressa E.December 21, 2021

I am again inspired by your words. Thank you Brother Callister!! The world would like us to think that being compassionate is to lower our expectations, give people a break, not put demands on others or reduce requirements for select groups. Thank you for reminding us that it is truly LOVE, COMPASSION and RESPECT for others when expections are set, the bar remains high, and we believe in their alitities to succeed! I am grateful for parents, leaders, teachers and friends that helped me achieve hard things and didn't make it easier but supported and believed in me! That is love. That is compassion.

Susan RatherDecember 21, 2021

I recommend people consider becoming members of Deseret First Credit Union. Of course, Deseret First must comply with all federal requirements for financial institutions. But beyond that, Deseret First does its best to support the unique values and lifestyle of members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Reid EverettDecember 21, 2021

Very interesting and stimulating thoughts. Perhaps in the modern church, the familial or surname is more important than the given name when blessing infants. My familial name has generations of honor and goodwill attached to it that I have tried to grow into, support and sustain.

Pennie knottDecember 21, 2021

Very well said. I have her book. She is to be admired for her courage.

Patty ListonDecember 21, 2021

I am in awe of the truth and beauty of your words. Thank you for affirming the great gift of a name and the profound Joy of being able to take upon us His.

Deana BradenDecember 20, 2021

Beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

David CormackDecember 20, 2021

Great article! I have another thought on the Crown of Thorns. It was a sign of Christ breaking the curse set in Garden of Eden so the earth will be renewed and receive its paradisiacal glory.

Kent PorterDecember 20, 2021

I appreciate the insights and also thought of the shepherds who watched the flocks of sheep. I understand a protective ring of thorn bushes (thorns) would be made to protect the flock from the wolves or other predators that may try to get at them during the dark hours of night or rest. It came to me we might look at thorns as being "protective" as we learn of their potential with life's experiences and can use such lesson to avoid the many "predators"trying to get at us as we continue the "good race". It's good to know both edges of the sword in order to avoid being "cut" too deeply.

Sonja ErvinDecember 20, 2021

The lovely song was beautifully sung! Such a pleasure to hear it and yes, it definitely brightened my day! Thank you for sharing your talents.

AllisonDecember 20, 2021

Since Passover was and is celebrated in the spring, the leaves would be freshly opened on the crown of thorns tree.

karell binghamDecember 20, 2021

Perhaps one could say that the thorns were a symbol of the fall of man. That being said the crown of thorns that the Savior had on his head could very well mean that He took upon him our mortality as well as our sins.

Oakley EatonDecember 20, 2021

Beautiful Christmas rendition of ‘Far Away’ It makes the Savior feel so close. Thank you Elders and Sisters. Love this!

J. DicksonDecember 20, 2021

The myrrh tree may very well have been the source for the crown of thorns. Googling “myrrh” will result in images of the tree’s cruelty thorny branches. If so, this would make yet another gift of the wise men extremely symbolic and prophetic.

JobDecember 19, 2021

Thank you Brother McCallaster for this excellent article! Have a great day.

Anna PowellDecember 19, 2021

Lovely, just lovely, thank you!

BeraDecember 19, 2021

Very inspiring article. The Lord indeed will not forsake us, even in our times of trial and affliction. Thank you for reminding us.

Maryann TaylorDecember 18, 2021

What beautiful advice! This is applicable for everyone beyond the subject of infidelity. We can allow our sad emotions and thoughts to flow past us without vigorously fighting them. We can call upon our Savior to help us put them in proper perspective and to let them go.

Cyndi H.December 17, 2021

Excellent article! We have the divine abilities to become as our Heavenly Father and Mother, but, we need to rise to our capacity and potential. Expecting less doesn't help anyone in this life or the next!

Gary OliverDecember 17, 2021

Geoff, having experienced a very similar thing in my life (for over 40 years) I am amazed at how inciteful and helpful is your counsel. "Loose ends" are most difficult to endure and resolve while grieving. Please continue to "lift the hands and [heads] that hang down" and dry as many tears as you can.

Marla SmakaDecember 17, 2021

I totally agree with everything in this piece. There have been many, many articles written in the old Ensign, and I remember only one article that spoke of the absolute joy of children receiving material gifts at Christmas.

WendyDecember 17, 2021

This is so totally appropriate in the USA today. I want to exceed my own expectations after reading it, and I’m 74!

BlueDecember 16, 2021

Your mind and spirit are so beautiful. Thank you for the example of both these traits that you exhibit so consistently.

Maryann TaylorDecember 15, 2021

My husband is certain that we were close before coming to earth and that our marriage was decided there. I would like to believe that--however, there are just too many variables. People die in accidents or wars who never had the chance to marry. People marry and divorce, then marry and divorce again. There is just too much human error, and also events we cannot control, for me to believe that EVERY relationship was foreordained. On the other hand, I think we did have SOME choice about the family relationships that would be formed here, especially children and parents. Then again, some people may have chosen to have 5 children in the premortal realm and when faced with limited resources only had 3. Those other two children have to go somewhere, right? Again--too many human variables. I DO very much look forward to being reunited with all my friends and the people I was close to in my premortal life. I won't be surprised at all to find I interacted with them both in the premortal world and on earth.

HalDecember 15, 2021

Thank you for this article! I have often felt I knew someone the instant I met them. My hope is I can look at each person I meet and think "I may have known this person in my pre-mortal life."

RPDecember 15, 2021

I have always known that this is the case. More recently I have come to understand that we had close siblings in the Pre-earth life. When I was seventeen I became good friends with someone through seminary. Then we went our separate ways to college and then marriage. I didn't talk to her for 30 years. Then she came back into my life and ended up being a Personal Care Attendant for a couple of my disabled children. Having her at my house nearly every day has been a total joy. The really funny thing was that right from the beginning, even after 30 years, we had similar quirks. We could tell what the other one was thinking and our opinions on most everything were the same. It drives our children a bit crazy when we are together. We prayed about it and both received a confirmation that not only were we siblings in the same household, but that we were twin spirits - sent to separate households on earth to help the people in those families. Heavenly Father brought us back together at a time when we both desperately needed each others support.

Ron BarnesDecember 15, 2021

Ever since I was rather young, I always knew that there was one woman that I was destined to marry. When I asked my future wife for a date, I wasn't really interested in her, I just needed a date. The day after that first date I began telling people that I had found the girl I was destined to marry. We were both 17. I have always honestly believed that we arranged it before we were born.

Maryann TaylorDecember 14, 2021

My husband's humor has saved me from feeling weighed down on many occasions. Laughing together has brought so much joy to our marriage. It is so easy to take ourselves too seriously. Humor dispels gloom and gives us a fresh perspective. We focus so much on the topic of adversity in church discussions---sometimes I think it is overkill. We need to lift up our hearts and rejoice more.

Linda WillisDecember 14, 2021

Speaking of gifts, thank you for this thought provoking article that rings so true to those stumbling along the path to exaltation. The vision you share and the honesty in which you reveal yourself gives us seekers of Jesus some additional light. Love your sense of humor, your mind, and your heart. Your words have touched my soul.

MaryannDecember 14, 2021

One of my favorite scriptures is 2 Ne 2:2 where Lehi reassures his son, Jacob. "...thou knowest the greatness of God; and he shall consecrate thine afflictions for thy gain." No matter how difficult our challenges may be, our Heavenly Father can bring about miracles to bless us. As so many of us are seeing some of our children wandering away from the gospel path, we can have a hope in Christ that he will continue to call after them and that miracles can occur to help them return.

C. SavageDecember 14, 2021

Well said Brother Teichert. It is good to read articles like this one, reminding us that when we walk through the valleys of heartache and disappointment, we are still walking, moving forward. The valleys are temporary. Your insight reminds us to keep our eternal perspective in all things. Thank you.

LewisDecember 14, 2021

What beautiful thoughts! As I reflect on the life of the Savior, it was a life of giving, of service and of love. Sometimes I think we can get all wrapped up in the minutia of doctrine, or law, or tradition, and lose sight of the purity and beauty of his life. Thank you for reminding us.

Kay CoxDecember 14, 2021

I enjoyed this article and loved the comparison of pacemaker and peacemaker. I do enjoy all of your articles. You have a unique perspective that causes me to ponder and ask questions. Thank you for your insights.

PatDecember 14, 2021

While you are very much an earthling, your words are very much heavenly. This article is beyond beautiful, just as those you have previously written wor Meridian Magazine. Thank you so much.

JulieDecember 14, 2021

I really really like this. I have found it to be oh so true in my life. Thank you for sharing.

Joy LundbergDecember 13, 2021

Thank you for this inspiring article. Bless you for all the good you bring into the world. My prayers are with you and all those who serve others in need. You are not "trying to be like Jesus", you ARE being like Jesus.

Claudia Henderson SmithDecember 13, 2021

This is a wonderful article with lots of great quotations from General Authorities. We're having a problem with a child who wants to change gender, and it's been very difficult for us. However, we love her even though we do not accept her decision to change. Thanks for sharing this with us.

Richard EastwoodDecember 13, 2021

Finding a copy of Don Aslett's "Clutter's Last Stand" may be worthwhile: Adams Media, 57 Littlefield Street, Avon, MA 02322, available at Amazon for around $10.

Claudia Henderson SmithDecember 13, 2021

Wonderful article. The book by Arduini must be very interesting. I wonder if it's been translated into English. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge with us.

Ron BarnesDecember 13, 2021

The more knowledge a person has, the greater their capacity for finding humor. Having ultimate knowledge, exalted beings would have an ultimate sense of humor. They would laugh at things that we don't, and they would not laugh at things that we do.

Elizabeth SmithDecember 13, 2021

Thanks, Gary. I needed a chuckle today.

KCDecember 12, 2021

Yes, it would make things much cheaper and easier, more convenient and I believe the young would feel more understood. The elderly may have a more difficult time w/it because learning a new language late in life is tougher. I've observed over the years the deaf community is fiercely protective of itself. I've been told by deaf persons that they are a unique group, one that doesn't let in outsiders. The understanding was they are not disintegrated from society at large. They said because of their condition they understand the world so very differently than the rest of us, they would not want to be integrated and lose what makes them special--their unique way of experiencing/processing the world. I've lived with deaf individuals and taken ASL classes, I applaud the efforts but I know some deaf persons who might balk at them.

MaryannDecember 12, 2021

I am confused as to how he is hoarding if he won't "spend a dime."?? However, I agree with Bro. Steurer that hoarding is difficult to treat. We have acquaintances who ended their marriage because of this issue. I hope this woman will think long and hard before committing herself.

Rosalie E. StoneDecember 12, 2021

The way that you developed the idea of "The Articles of Faith" being a call to action as well as a statement of beliefs is so beautifully energizing! I'm grateful that I can use daily repentance to help me follow the practical suggestions you offered for each one––because I know I will often fall short. But I will persevere, feeling certain that those suggestions will help me to be more sensitive to spiritual promptings that can bring blessings those around me as well as myself. Thank you for this inspiring Sunday school lesson!

MarkDecember 11, 2021

Some of the comments to this story are so clueless it is painful to read them. Reducing women to body parts? How about just recognizing that breasts, legs, and derrieres are visually stimulating to men. Remember, we didn't wake up one morning and think to ourselves, boy, I'd sure think it would be great to involuntarily give a significant chunk of my self-control to any reasonably attractive woman who wants to dress immodestly. Our visual sex drive came from Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother but that doesn't matter to modern women because they really aren't into reality, they think they can make things be what they want them to be. So, men are supposed to learn how to see female immodesty and still have self-control. Great, but forget about getting married--yes, most men aren't getting married if their sex drive doesn't push them to it. What children and a husband to help raise those children. Then be glad men have a visually based sex drive. It is a kindness to men who are interested in chastity to dress modestly and to do otherwise is proud, arrogant, and shows that you don't care what God thinks about it all. Yes, men can control their thoughts--but for most of us, that consists of avoiding women who are dressed immodestly. Typically, if a man can avoid being aroused to one degree or another by an immodest woman, it is because he consumes pornography on a regular basis and has difficulty being aroused in a normal manner.

MaureenDecember 11, 2021

Good answers and advice Jeff. I live with and next door to hoarders, both of whom have, because of those they live with, learned to curb, or at least partition their "stuff" to their own space. If he's really got lots of money, too, a separate storage or even apartment, just for his accumulations ought to be easy enough to arrange. But it's probably the bigger issues of OCD, etc. that aren't as easily tucked away and may cause friction in closer, longer interaction. Good chance, at this age, the emotional/mental issues underlying the hoarding aren't going away, even if the clutter gets managed. I'd check out the veracity of the vast wealth, too. Somehow, I doubt it.

Harold RustDecember 11, 2021

This newspaper clipping is a reminder that there are so many "stories behind the story" regarding those who lived several generations ago. Imagine the details of such a situation where the rumors were so rampant and vicious that Alvin's father would feel compelled to exhume his grave and personally check the status of his body in the casket. One does not do that unless there is overpowering evidence that someone might have done such a dastardly deed. This is the environment the entire Smith family endured for their decade living in Palmyra following Joseph's vision from God.

BobDecember 11, 2021

Gave it a try and couldn’t finish it. Just too cliche and kind of dumb. And no magic among the leading characters.

Debbi M.December 10, 2021

Wonderful and thoughtful article. TY for sharing. We all need to be aware of women in this scary position and learn how to direct them to real help and support.

tfDecember 10, 2021

Reading the title chapter of "Andy Warhol was a Hoarder" by Claudia Kalb (subtitled "Inside the Minds of History's Great Personalities") may be an interesting exercise. I'm sure there are many other things out there on the subject. She probably doesn't want to marry this guy.

BrynnDecember 10, 2021

I would add an additional thought… You said this man has millions but “won’t spend a dime”. A friend of mine married a man who also fit that description. While she knew about this tendency when they were dating, she had not fully thought through what it would mean during their marriage. It has become highly challenging for her as he has refused to spend any money, not only on things she might hope for, but also for things she needs. Even though she works and has an income of her own, he is always arguing with her about issues like why she can’t get less expensive lenses for her glasses than what her eye doctor recommended or why they need to replace household fixtures that are broken (even though they can afford it). It has caused her to feel she isn’t important to him and he doesn’t perceive her to be a full partner in the marriage. And constantly dealing with different perspectives of how to use their financial resources has been emotionally draining and harmful to their relationship. Be aware that while this might seem to be merely a tendency towards thriftiness or a personal quirk while dating, if he has a drive to “hoard money”, that has the potential for becoming a much deeper issue if you marry and view the use of financial resources very differently. And as Geoff describes if he has a mental drive to "hoard" money, that will likely not be easy to change.

LexaGraemeDecember 9, 2021

I also add my thanks for this article.

Pam RoderDecember 9, 2021

This article was most informative and I very much appreciate Dan Peterson for writing it. I learned a great deal from his research and thankful he took the time to write for Meridian Magazine. Thanks so much Daniel. I've learned so much from you.

Mark R BischoffDecember 9, 2021

I am the great-grandson of Mariner Wood Merrill and I have never heard this story before. There are other very interesting stories about him that have been shared and passed down in the family but I'm a bit shocked that this hasn't been one of them. What a fantastic experience. Thank you for printing this!

Paralee EckmanDecember 9, 2021

This is an especially fascinating article, and I am thankful to Daniel Peterson for preparing it, and Meridian for printing it.

Dixie BarlowDecember 9, 2021

Thank you for these ways to enlarge the Christmas Spirit in our families.

Harold RustDecember 9, 2021

A tender story regarding faith, trust, and challenging relationships. A very interesting parallel story can be found in the Autobiography of Mary Woolley Chamberlain (my grandmother's sister) who also married a man who had wives and children still living. In Mary's case, however, she was married a decade after the Manifesto rather than a decade before it was declared. Her testimony of the Gospel and of the principle of plural marriage as well as her praise and respect for her husband are a wonderful post-script to the words of Lorena Larsen. Both examples highlight the deeper purpose of such an Abrahamic sacrifice.

KristenDecember 9, 2021

This is a well-written, beautiful compilation of quotes and testimonies of the importance of eternal family ties. Thank you.

Lisa G.December 8, 2021

Lorena Larsen is my great-great-grandmother. I stumbled upon her autobiography in college while browsing books in the library at BYU. Often I wanted to share her story when discussions of plural marriage came up online, but I received impressions not to do so because I could not guarantee that her story would be used for good. Later, when the Church shared her story in Saints, Vol. 2, I understood why I had felt impressed to wait until her story could be shared in the right way. I was also pleasantly surprised to see this article in Meridian Magazine. To the commenter previous who wanted to know "the rest of the story", if you click the link in the footnotes to Lorena's autobiography, you can read in her own words everything that happened afterward.

Linda WillisDecember 8, 2021

Thank you Brother Thayne for an article filled with truth and compassion. It seems like we are all being given an abundance of opportunities to search our hearts, stretch our minds and call into the action the gift of discernment to understand all gender issues. We have the tools if we choose to listen carefully and read constantly the words of our leaders. It is never wise to get in front of them while claiming to follow them.

Nancy H.December 8, 2021

My mother always pieced together quilts for her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. She then hand quilted them. This article brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for sharing.

13th a of fDecember 8, 2021

This movie creates a new category- COMrom! So much comedy with the romance! We laughed all through it! Every time you watch it, you catch more funny moments! A MUST see.

HalDecember 8, 2021

Thank you for your courage and for this thought-provoking and compassionate message.

TandartDecember 8, 2021

Excellent message! I am convinced that self-pity is our most negative and destructive emotion. We are here to act, not be acted upon. Dealing with depression for much of my 75 years has blessed me in ways I could not have otherwise have received.

PennieDecember 8, 2021

Thank you for so much clarity on a subject that is confusing to many. I would wish we all could comprehend and apply what you have expressed here.

Douglas NadybalDecember 8, 2021

Yes He is unscripted and unpredictable...or so it seems to us. To one, he beckons to come unto Him, to another He says "go and sin no more." We should just content ourselves in being happy to understand His commands and forget about trying to thing we have Him figured out. Man cannot comprehend God.

KathleenDecember 7, 2021

Thanks for the reminder. It's been a lot of years and I forgot the scene and it being used in President Monson's talk. We all have situations to rectify.

Ed GayhartDecember 7, 2021

Wow The Good News of the Savior never fails!

JANEEN FULLERDecember 7, 2021

this is one of my favorite christmas hymns...this is a job well done and I am sure that the Lord is well pleases with his ambassadors

Kenny MazzantiDecember 7, 2021

Another good reason that having Americans who will exercise their right to keep and bear arms is appropriate inside of our church buildings. Three years ago a member in Fallon Nevada murdered another member during Sacrament Meeting while other members watched helplessly. I prevented an armed robbery in my own ward 10 years ago because the robbers did not want to deal with an armed member who stood up to them. They simply left the building when confronted. No harm was allowed to be done.

Carlos RoundyDecember 7, 2021

Jesus took the Holy Spirit for his guide, he led a unscripted life, he did what the spirit told him to do.

Jo Ann OkelberryDecember 7, 2021

This rendition is so touching and inspiring. Love those missionaries.

MickeyDecember 7, 2021

Why does everything have to be about losing weight? Being fat is not a medical condition! And In fact BMI 27 has the longest longevity. Our bodies are programmed to gain over time as we age; this is actually how our bodies were made by Heavenly Father. Healthy bodies can happen at many sizes. This push to be losing weight at all times is contributing to a huge problem with deadly eating disorders. You do not need to be “less” to be a worthwhile and valuable child of God.

karell binghamDecember 7, 2021

I love the spirit that I have felt reading this great essay! Thank you so much for your time and effort! May you have great blessings because of your testimonies!

Douglas E NadybalDecember 6, 2021

This is a wonderful instruction on what to do for and specifically how to pray for and on behalf of those in our circle upon which the Lord has made His decision to take something precious away. Be it marriage or even death, our comfort is ultimately that Person in the Godhead entitled, The Comforter. That said, and I am a bit surprised that such an accomplished scholar and editor would omit the rest of the story, and leave us to wonder what ever happened to Lorena Larsen after her marriage was forcefully terminated. Was she indeed cast out as was Hagar? Did anyone help her and her children? Did the Church do anything for her and others like her?

Gary AndersonDecember 6, 2021

Thank you Brother Harper! I come from plural marriage pioneers who traveled to Utah in the 1800s on both sides of my family and without them, I wouldn't be here. I love them all so much. They were extremely brave and obedient to Heavenly Father's will.

James ScottDecember 6, 2021

I read many accounts of such separations, including that of my own gig other with sadness and disappointment. I’ve never read an account save one of how these women coped with being cut off or how the father related to his children of the abandoned families. Did they visit, did they provide for them? I do know many refused the government edict and the Manifesto and continued in their course of polygamy and the Endowment House had to be raised. Are there reports of the fate of these women that abandoned the practice and remarried?

BeckyDecember 5, 2021

This is an incredibly vulnerable question and I appreciate you recognizing that there is potential for things to go too far.

David SampsonDecember 5, 2021

Very inspiring and enlightening. Thank you so much for taking the time to dig into the details of this topic. As a side comment... just for your understanding... there are several areas where your use of pronouns is confusing about whom you are speaking. For example, when you spoke of President Nelson's ancestors I often didn't know to which relative "his" was referring.

LoraDecember 5, 2021

When my children were in public school, I came up with mental health days for their sake. They needed a break from the relentless pressure of crowd control, daily homework, certain bad teachers, and the over all chaos. Meanwhile, I considered longer-term solutions. We ended up leaving public school and that has made all the difference. I shudder to think of what children are being exposed to these days. Parents need to be aware and responsive. If your vacation is merely a run-away-from-life, then it will do little for you on any level. But many vacations can be very different from that: enrichment, not denial. Purpose- in education, in vacation, anywhere- makes the difference.

Maryann TaylorDecember 4, 2021

Wow! What great articles. We so often struggle, looking beyond the mark, when some of our suffering can be lightened by applying the basic principles of the Word of Wisdom. As one who has suffered from varying degrees of depression for most of my life, I recognize that I need to get to bed earlier, eat a more healthy diet and get more exercise. I appreciate your gentleness in urging that we can start with small steps and work from there. Otherwise, it becomes overwhelming and just another way of feeding the depression. I have found great strength and power in meditating on the scriptures and attending the temple. We need to bring as much light into our being as possible. I have felt the Savior carrying my burdens and I am so grateful for him and his power manifested in my life. My depression is not gone, but it so much better than it was.

RaLee HallDecember 4, 2021

Thank you, Jacob Hess, for all of your articles. I learn so much from them and have sent some of your thoughts and ideas to a son who suffers from depression. Your articles are always worthwhile reading

WallyDecember 3, 2021

Wise counsel, Geoff.

Lorena HolmsteadDecember 3, 2021

This is one of the most valuable resources for healing (mental, physical, emotional and spritiual) that I have ever come across. The resources shared, the insight, the compassion, the truth - all of it - deeply moving. I will share far and wide, because this is a deep-seated passion for me too. Thank you, Jacob!

vickieDecember 3, 2021

i understand what david is talking about. i have a son who is gay and got married to a partner and forgoing the church. he was a missionary and he knows the truth, but what i saw was him searching for love. he was 35 when he came out. the only thing i can do is pray for him and his partner. but i love him very much and will continue to love him that much. his father feels the same way. so i am sypathetic to the LGBTQ group because to me that would be the hardest thing in the world to cope with.

zCatLadyDecember 3, 2021

Thank you for insightful articles that are filled with hope and honesty. I have suffered with mental illness for almost 50 years without hope of getting better. I am learning to accept that I won't truly be whole until the next life, yet now I see that I can make improvement in this life.

HeatherDecember 2, 2021

Such a wake up call! It’s so easy to be complacent when our own needs are met and we have enough to eat ourselves! Thank you for the invitation to think more of those who are suffering♥️

pam roderDecember 2, 2021

I will echo Joy Baird's praise. Thank you, thank you.

A.S.H.December 2, 2021

Emma Somerville was my 3rd great-grandmother and her story is incredible. Oftentimes, learning about her life has been a source of faith, and hope for me. I'm so grateful that I know this story, and that I can try to apply it to my own life and I know that by serving others I am serving Christ. Thank you for sharing this.

Rita MillerDecember 2, 2021

I, too, have Pilgrim ancestors, through Capt. Myles Standish and John Alden. The fact that tens of millions of other Americans have similar ancestry is somehow very comforting. The troubles we are currently going through will not defeat us; our family ties bind us, even if we aren't currently aware of them. Those on the other side of the veil are always with us, cheering us on.

KJBDecember 2, 2021

There's a simple test for those who claim that they're "advocating for life": If Roe is thrown out next year, then you should immediately insist that any fetus is conceived during a calendar year is now tax-deductible. The instant a woman becomes pregnant, she can declare a new dependent and reap the benefits on her next return. If an unborn child is really "alive", this should be a no brainer. Put your money where your mouth is, guys...

Joy BairdDecember 2, 2021

Thank you, thank you ,thank you for this outstanding article! I will share this with many and watch for more information coming.

Maryann TaylorDecember 1, 2021

Thank you for confirming my thoughts that one of the reasons that Emma stayed in Nauvoo was probably because the Prophet's mother, Lucy, was not strong enough for the journey. I hope that none of us are ever critical of Emma for any reason. We cannot begin to really understand all that she endured. Perhaps, through her many great sacrifices and obedience, she had already secured her exaltation. Perhaps it was better for her to remain with Lucy and she was not required by the Lord to go to the Salt Lake Valley. Whatever the case, I believe she is still "An Elect Lady," as recorded in D&C 25:3, "Behold, thy sins are forgiven thee, and thou art an elect lady, whom I have called."

Carlos RoundyDecember 1, 2021

Joseph and Emma also baried 4 or 5 children in the Nauvoo area.

Candace J BarrowsDecember 1, 2021

This tender story has really touched my heart, We need to be reminded often of our Heavenly Father's love for us

Herm OlsenDecember 1, 2021

Excellent article. In my youth, it was common practice in the Church to criticize Emma (which reflected the Brigham Young interpretation of life). But I was always cautious about any such criticism, because I knew how passionately devoted Joseph was to Emma. And I feared I would have to face Joseph one day to answer for any criticism I might have otherwise made. I still believe that, and am pleased that the Church has taken a rather more sympathetic view of Emma in recent decades.

Anna Louise HetzelNovember 30, 2021

Thank you, Vivian, for a wonderfully written article, with much to ponder.

KathleenNovember 30, 2021

Thank you for sharing such tender things. They enlarged my heart.

Spencer McConkieNovember 30, 2021

Thank you for this beautifully written article.

RC H.November 29, 2021

“Boundaries” has become such a trigger word. How about greater focus on love-based bridges as the first resort?!

Maryann TaylorNovember 29, 2021

It is a very small world!!! I am also a descendant of William White, through his son, Peregrine, the first baby to be born from the Mayflower party in America. It is so exciting to read of our ancestors, and their strength and endurance help to bolster my courage. It also enlarges my gratitude to our Heavenly Father for giving us this great, choice land, and for all the comforts we enjoy that our ancestors did not.

Mark Deppe, descendant of Thomas Winward buried in Nauvoo.November 29, 2021

Wonderful pictures and family history content. How could I get a copy of this original article?

Rochelle HaleNovember 29, 2021

Congratulations on your bead piece being accepted into the art competition. My hoped-for dancing and singing talents were side-lined a number of years ago due to age and surgery, though I still hope for some opportunity. Now my creativity mostly comes through writing. I was recently asked to write a Christmas story that will be the theme of our church holiday dinner. Talk about weight on my shoulders!!! Nevertheless, in one afternoon, through the inspiration of the Spirit (and maybe Heavenly Mother?) I was able to knock off a draft, then polish it up within the week. I don't usually pat myself on the back, but when I read this piece I can hardly believe I wrote it. I know it came through inspiration.

DennisNovember 28, 2021

My daughter started raising chickens a few years ago. They all became members of the family. She named them after her favorite Beatles songs. Lucy, black bird, Elinor, Prudence, etc. As Soon as they get into their new house she's going back into the chicken business. She loves her girls!

Karyl MorganNovember 28, 2021

I feel this virus, vaccine, masks, etc is about the journey you all have taken not about your destination. Maybe it's not about taking a vaccine but about growing closer to the Lord by following counsel to read scripture, pray, fast ponder, etc to find the answer that works for your body. No one on this earth is 100 percent following the prophet. We all need to reassess ourselves about our daily gospel "habits." Everyone needs repentance daily. Perhaps the Lord wants us to learn to make our own spiritual decisions and not judge or persecute others who make different decisions. We are all God's children and his love for the billion plus people who have taken or are now taking their earthly journey now is unconditional.

Grandma GigiNovember 27, 2021

I believe boundaries are what people with “control” issues seem to need. The Scriptures don’t show the Savior “controlling” people. You also won’t find the words “toxic”, “dysfunctional” or other nonsense spoken of in General Conference. My daughter-in-law uses these terms all the time. Her parents are both Psychologists. It’s always awkward to be around them and experience the manipulating behaviors.

Vivian M AdamsNovember 26, 2021

Thank you for a beautiful article on The Vision of the Redemption of the Dead.

JONATHAN ATKINSONNovember 26, 2021

Why??? Americans entered the war in 1917 by declaring war on Germany. This was due to the attack on Lusitania, the unrestricted submarine warfare on American ships heading to Britain, and Germany encouraging Mexico to attack the USA. A British passenger ship that was sunk by a German U-Boat on May 7, 1915.

Pat HarkerNovember 26, 2021

Wonderful article; thank you!

KatrinaNovember 26, 2021

My maiden name is Holden. Alot of my dads family are from Manchester, England.

Scott BrownNovember 25, 2021

D. Herrin - Thank you. I would like to work with the LDS Citation Index and contacted them two years ago. At that time, they told me that there was no one actively working on the project and thus no one for me to work with. I remain interested in collaborating with them.

Stephanie tollerNovember 25, 2021

Thanks for the article. I just read Tim Ballard’s book and it is excellent. I know we all look to the Mayflower passengers as the ultimate American pedigree but I also love those that came on the Fortune in 1621 and the Anne in 1623. They stayed behind to help raise more money and make more preparations. They were needed reinforcements for those that went on the Mayflower. We have ancestors that were on all three and I stand in awe with a heart full of gratitude for who they were and the sacrifices that they made. Happy Thanksgiving!!

GrannyNovember 25, 2021

Thank you for the article! I'm grateful for Meridian Magazine and people who write. A lot to THINK about and give THANKS for today and everyday. Wishing you a blessed and joyful day.

Justin MNovember 24, 2021

I thoroughly enjoyed "The Pilgrim Hypothesis". Full of things to think about and ponder. Many areas to be thankful for.


I really enjoy reading Daris Howard's articles, both here in tthe Meridian and my local news paper. They are always fun.

JenniferNovember 24, 2021

While this is good general advice, it is not always true. Especially if your family member has a severe mental illness or personality disorder. Sometimes they are trying to destroy your life. You are not required to stay married to an abuser. You are not required to have them to your holiday celebrations. You are not required to let them have you arrested. If you think this is not happening, get some divorced friends.

HalNovember 22, 2021

Thank you for this powerful and informative article. I am still astounded by the number of people, even today, who think the persecution of the early Saints was solely due to opposition to plural marriage. Because the Constitution and the Bill of Rights were not firmly entrenched in the still young nation, it was easy for mobs to form to enforce their idea of "freedom" by violence. Sadly, we have seen this recently as well as a method of forcing ideas of racial equality without due process. I believe the Civil War was a direct consequence of the general populace of the nation refusing to uphold the rights of individuals regarding religion and slavery. I hope we don't relive that horror, but it looks like we are headed down that road.

CDNovember 22, 2021

His wanting sex more than her sounds like a normal guy and her response sounds about normal for a woman, particularly an older woman with a religious background. What troubles me about this, especially from a guys viewpoint is that he doesn't seem to be doing anything else but asking for sex or waiting around thinking about it. Not helping with the yard work or around the house or having any activities or hobbies is not normal or healthy, even more so if he's not doing it because he's not getting sex. He needs to talk to counselor and/or a doctor. For her I would recommend reading Sister Laura Brotherson's book or the book Real Intimacy or The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands and any of Sheila Wray Greg life's articles or books.

Beverly Barnt MooreNovember 22, 2021

I was an only child living most of my young life in the country with no neighbor children to interact with so I learned from early on how to entertain myself and my own happiness. I was married and first widowed at 18 and then after another marriage and he left me I finally ended up of retirement age alone and now over 30 years alone I had learned how to be happy alone so the pandemic "stay at home" time was no big deal for me. No loneliness, no depression, no anxious times. Just peace and joy to be healthy and alive and loved even when the family couldn't come to visit. So my take on good mental health is to love yourself and learn to enjoy life alone.

Wendy EllisNovember 22, 2021

Thanks for the "thorns" story. We all need to be reminded that it takes challenges in order for us to grow. Happy Thanksgiving!

Anonymous for obvious reasonsNovember 22, 2021

It is unfortunate that more people do not understand the physiological effects of chronic aging and disease on the act of intimacy on both men and women. To be brief, when sexual difficulties are encountered, a man will become hypersexual attempting to "burn" through and fix the problem where a woman will become hyposexual and retreat from the problem. I realize that this description is a generalization and that situations outside the norm are a given. I returned from my mission, got married and soon developed acute prostatitis that soon developed into a deep chronic infection that made completion of intimacy painful. I too, became hypersexual making excessive demands on my wife. Diabetes, injuries with neurological damage, an improper circumcision, hypertension, hormonal disorders are some of the things that can affect sexual sensation that is experienced. Love, consideration, care and understanding are needed by both husband and wife in such situations. Such things are experienced by both sexes as we age and as "opposition in all things" is experienced. Again, it is indeed unfortunate that such things are not understood because if they were, I know that much frustration and unhappiness in this mortal existence could be avoided.

MichelleNovember 21, 2021

That’s some amazing breakdowns—thank you so much for taking the time to share your insights. I’ve often wished I could index my family history journals the same way. I’d love to see the pattens and themes in my ancestors lives as well.

Debra AlticeNovember 21, 2021

H North ... I understand your frustration however if you listen carefully to the principles in his address... President Oakes address was NOT about abandoning any values. If anyone has a right to speak about where lines should be drawn... it is this senior apostle of the Lord and he was not asking us to reconcile sin at all! But he was advocating for loving our fellow men and being willing to sit down together to work out issues as peacefully as we can. God Himself has a right to be as extreme as he wants when he sees the need but not us. We do not have the right to get on our self righteous "high horse" and turn to vigilantism in the name of religion but neither do those who see differently than us or are non religious have a right to impinge our basic religious freedoms which are God given and enthroned in our Constitution. He was calling both sides to come to the table and negotiate peacefully where possible. In this imperfect world there must be some level of compromise in order to live together peacefully.

Jessica WhitakerNovember 21, 2021

Sounds like the husband may be viewing pornography, have a history of sexual abuse, and/or lack developmental maturity. The wife may be wisely stearing clear of any creepy encounters.

Jill A.November 21, 2021

Wow I wish I could have had this counsel when I was married and several different counselors recommended committing to sex three times a week, which I did, and of course didn't help. This counsel makes so much sense. Thank you

MickeyNovember 21, 2021

This man sounds extremely selfish and like he is addicted to pornography.

ClaudiaNovember 21, 2021

Beautiful voice and beautiful song. This calms my soul.

Anonymous for obvious reasonsNovember 20, 2021

I would like to add this…. As a man feels like his sexual stamina if waining, he may behave is ways to desperately to stave off the inevitable decline. Trust me on this. As I have aged, I have felt increased desire for sexual fulfillment just to prove to myself that “I am as good as I ever was.” (To borrow a line from Toby Keith.) I would recommend that along with Mr. Steurer’s recommendations, you compliment him on his love-making as well as other things even when you are not going to fulfill his desires. Reassure him that he is fine, loved, and desirable whether or not you are having sex.. So those occasions that you do not of cannot meet his needs, he doesn’t take is as an affront or a rejection. My wife has done this and we enjoy healthy intimate relationship both sexually and emotionally, with a lot of love and laughter. And it’s okay as I age. It isn’t like it was. But I am literally head over heels devoted to her and the attention she can and does give me.

tfNovember 20, 2021

Is he addicted to porn?

Linda WillisNovember 20, 2021

It's unfortunate that a world-wide pandemic (health issue) has morphed into a political/ my freedom protest. As a health educator I have supported mandatory safety belt use, a variety of legislation limiting tobacco use, and laws against drunk driving and vaccines to protect children from small pox and polio. When a private choice has a public consequence, then legislation is needed to protect the population. Compassion requires that we protect each other and replace our "rights" with our responsibility to be good world citizens.

D. HerrinNovember 20, 2021

Nice work. I am curious why you weren’t able to use like data out of the LDS Citation Index curated by the team at BYU? Appears to be a major duplication of effort. Thanks.

Myrna LiddellNovember 20, 2021

We have enjoyed everything from Thrive as do our friends who introduced the products to us. This recipe sounds and look yummy and who knew it only uses "1/4" cup of Water! Remember drinking water is your number one item for storing! Some folks seem to think it will magically appear...when we need it? (It is the easiest to store, in the USA at least.)

Carlos RoundyNovember 19, 2021

There is progress on the other side. There are many examples of people who have dreams of relatives who request that there temple work be done so that they can progress on the other side of the veil. Those who have passed away still are able to seek light and knowledge beyond the veil. Progress is eternal.

Cecilie LundgreenNovember 19, 2021

HAPPY THANKFUL GREETINGS!! In response to a number of enquiries, for cash donations… 1. Checks are to be made out to ‘Charity Vision’ (with EYES4ZIMBABWE written in the bottom left corner of the check). 2. Charity Vision is a 501(c)(3) organization and are deductible for U.S. income tax filing. 3. Please be sure to include your postal address in order to receive a tax receipt. 4. Please either give the check to Cecilie Lundgreen (CC) at the ‘LDS Humanitarian Center’….OR…Mail the check to: Cecilie Lundgreen, c/o Ronda Goodell, 1540 East Millbrook Way, Bountiful, Utah 84010 We are HAPPY to answer any additional questions that you might have As we say in Zimbabwe…TATENDA or THANK-YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR KINDNESS!!!

JacobNovember 18, 2021

Thanks RaLee!

Reeve Nield EYES4ZIMBABWENovember 18, 2021

As we say in Zimbabwe...TATENDA!!! TATENDA!!! TATENDA!!! (THANK-YOU SO MUCH!!!) We are VERY, VERY GRATEFUL!!!

LoraNovember 18, 2021

For those of us who do not live in Utah, is there some way that we can contribute monetarily to this worthy cause?

Ellen D. LovettNovember 18, 2021

What a tender message. I am delighted to read it and sent a small donation. My husband and I served an 18 month mission in Liberia and Sierra Leone in 1990-91 and I have seen the poverty you talk about. I am so thrilled that a temple is in Ghana, but wonder how the members even can get garments. Bless you for your efforts to help those beautiful people.

Geri CampbellNovember 18, 2021

I am reading this story in Australia but I come from - and joined the Church in - South Africa many years ago. Why does the above story assume that only people in America will read the story and respond appropriately? Meridian is received all around the world. Why cannot provision be made for people everywhere to respond?

Gaye WillisNovember 18, 2021

What a wonderful story! What a great mission these sisters are accomplishing and how many people they are blessing! Can you please clarify the address if we would like to mail a donation to help with this? Is the address listed in the story just the physical address to participate or is that a mailing address that could receive checks? Thank you!

Judy GibsonNovember 17, 2021

Thank you for this excellent article! I have begun a Gratitude Journal at the end of my regular journal since the beginning of this month. It's amazing the thoughts and memories of God's goodness that have come back to me in remembering my blessings.

RaLee HallNovember 17, 2021

I always learn so much from you articles. Thank you for taking the time to post them.

H NorthNovember 17, 2021

How far does one have to bend over backwards to compromise one's values before it constitutes an abandonment of those values? Where is the line? Was God "extremist" when He destroyed Sodom and Gomorra? "We have NO obligation to reconcile with the children of the Devil." - Bruce R. McConkie

carolyn nicolaysenNovember 17, 2021

Maryann, I love that. Do you have a picture you could share with me? I'm trying to get photos of great ideas to share on the Totally Ready website and facebook page. You can contact me at [email protected] Great reminder about hot air rising too!

Steven Adams GoodwinNovember 17, 2021

Thanks Vivian for the reminder and the subtlety of how God's plan unfolds by the small and simple things that the world holds in contempt.

RmcNovember 17, 2021

It shocks me to realize, as some of these comments prove, that there are still many who believe that being vaccinated stops the spread of Covid. The evidence is in. The studies are published, most recently in The Lancet, that one has nearly the same chance of contracting Covid from a vaccinated person as an unvaccinated. The CDC has conceded the fact, and now (with the evidence too overwhelming to ignore) Dr. Fauci is conceding this, as well as waning effectiveness. To condemn the unvaccinated, to call them selfish and petulant, to blame them for a child contracting Covid is just so wrong in so many ways. Some obviously didn’t read the article, preferring to stay ignorant as to the evidence plainly laid out herein.

Mark StoddardNovember 16, 2021

Kathy, Thank you for your thoughts. I love discussing the Gospel. You are so right. I was quoting Christ and his terse conversation with the "lawyers" trying to trap him. Marriage is certainly ordinance happening in this life and during the Millennium. Not sure after that where it fits. Either way, the Restored Gospel amazingly accounts for every broken heart, every effort that doesn't pan out, for whatever reason. So beautiful in its comprehensive Plan of Salvation.

LGNovember 16, 2021

I’ve felt strongly our family should memorize The Proclamation to the Family. There are so many anchoring doctrines that help kids understand truths about these topics!

Alan WildNovember 16, 2021

Very good article

Gordon J HensleyNovember 16, 2021

Well said, brother.

E SmithNovember 16, 2021

Thanks, Maryann Taylor, for adding that. I was thinking of elder Bednar’s talk all the way through Givens’ article.

Melia Rios-LazoNovember 16, 2021

If you loved Patti's Christmas book, then you will love the tinest Christmas nativity ornament made from rocks inspired by Patti's book. You can download instructions at

LindaNovember 16, 2021

Parents definitely need to concern themselves with their children's education. It is a more difficult thing to do in blue states. Don't allow this trash in schools or homes!! Even if it means you have to home school.

Sonya WashburnNovember 16, 2021

This article was so well stated...I appreciate you taking time to lay this argument out. I have highest regard for those that are standing for God given freedom, they are pledging their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor...God bless us to humble ourselves and seek His help as we do all we can to preserve our freedoms.

Boaneges RibalcavaNovember 16, 2021

Why I am not hearing anything about one of the facts that have been known since the first quarter of 2020, that healthy children WILL NOT die due to this virus? For that matter, that although it is true about the lethality of the virus, it is mainly in a specific group: people over 60 years and/or with some underlying conditions. If this is correct, and the data from all countries even the CDC here, confirm this, why are they mandating children to get vaccinated, since they are NOT TO DIE due to the virus, and exposing them to unknown risks, that even if rare, this risk is greater than the virus itself.

WallyNovember 16, 2021

Disappointing. Compassion is vital. But we must have compassion for the COVID-vulnerable as well as the vaccine-reluctant. And, along with the scientific evidence in favor of vaccination, the strong encouragement of the Brethren is decisive for me.

Marla SmakaNovember 16, 2021

I agree that we must treat all people with compassion. However, my view is that a person who will not accept vaccination is lacking compassion for those who cannot be vaccinated. Yes, it is a matter of choice to accept vaccination, but what about the little children who become ill with Covid, contracted from people who will not accept vaccination? My fellow ward member is asking for prayers on behalf of her 8-year-old granddaughter who is literally fighting for her life due to Covid infection. The granddaughter's family who are elligible have been fully vaccinated. The child likely contracted Covid from nonvaccinated people. Whether one accepts the opinion of Russell M. Nelson as a prophet, seer and revelator may not be relevant. But the opinion of Russell M. Nelson, M.D, world-renown physician and surgeon should be relevant. This gentleman strongly urges vaccination. Would such a person, whether prophet or physician, ask another human being to accept something harmful? Central to tenets of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is freedom to choose. However, when one chooses, there is no escape from the consequences. A person who opts out of vaccination is opting in to possibly cause premature death of himself or herself, as well as friends, loved ones, and unknown contacts. I read an article in the Deseret News about an emergency room physician in St. George, Utah. He talked about how those who refused vaccination are burdened with intense guilt when they discover someone they care about has been afflicted with Covid and/or death from Covid. Those same people realize these deaths and times of extreme sickness were ever so preventable. So I will be polite to all, try to extend charity to all. But my belief is that those who rejection in vaccination are swathed in the selfishness of the our culture of "being true to my authentic self."

MarkNovember 16, 2021

If one does a word search in the scriptures of “earn” or “earned” you will not find them. There is zero reference to “earning” one’s Salvation. Salvation is a gift. But, one has the choice, the agency to accept or reject that Gift. Once accepted thoughts, desires, and actions turn to Christ, who is the Giver of that Gift.

Becky S.November 16, 2021

I was surprised at some of the books my children had in their Utah school library too. The intense descriptions of sexual acts of minors in books for children was shocking. “These sources violate Utah obscenity laws found in criminal code and health education code.” They sure do and the first step is knowing what your child is reading and visit your library. Speak up, we don’t want our children being exposed to this illegal filth because someone else thinks it is appropriate for educating the young minds of our children. It is wrong and my children are precious to me as a parent. I don’t want them reading or being exposed to pornography. These books are against the law in Utah.

KJBNovember 16, 2021

I'd rather save my compassion for the vulnerable people who caught COVID thanks to the petulant crybabies who refuse to think of anybody but themselves. I love how the people who normally insist that the discussion is over after the Prophet has spoken are now trying to justify disobeying him. Anything to own the libs, right? Mah Freedom!!!!!

RobertNovember 16, 2021

I hope church members follow the urging of a prophet of God, regardless of the outcome. Our pioneer ancestors were asked to cross the plains and some suffered greatly for it, even cost some their lives. Will they be blessed for their decision to follow the prophet? Absolutely, for God is good. We still ought to be kind to those who choose not to follow though. Compassion is required of us just as faith and hope are. Thanks for the insights in the article.

C.November 16, 2021

Thank you for the work, research and effort you put into this article. This is a perspective that is so needed right now. I pray more people will lead out with compassion and not judgment for someone else’s circumstances.

Jeff LindsayNovember 16, 2021

When I read about porn being promoted pn some of the databases you mentioned, I was skeptical. But using Duckduckgo to search, I searched for "Follett Destiny Discover parental complaints pornography" (without quotes) and quickly found an article from Nov. 11, 2021 in the Tennessee Star where a parental complaint at a school board meeting indicated that the Destiny Discover app, at least as set up for her child's school, was giving kids a list of recommended books that were highly inappropriate. The first page of recommendations or books near the top of the list were sources of great concern. It wasn't like there was a hidden book somewhere that a child would have to actively seek to get exposed to risque material, but rather, the databases seems to be pursuing an ugly agenda or promoting material that would be damaging to children. See Parents need to be alert and not naively assume that reasonable adults are in charge of what their child will be exposed to. Thank you for this valuable article!

JAmesNovember 16, 2021

My ancestor practiced plural marriage, but she was the third wife. Who am I going to lose in my family line? My forefather or foremother? Who is going to be kicked out into another family and no longer able to associate by choice and marriage whom they chose in this life? My forefather and 4 foremothers loved each other and were happy. They were sealed by authority with the promise that the ordinance was "bound on earth and in heaven." You are suggesting, even if they choose each other willingly in this and the next life, that they do not get each other, and in fact the sealing power here on earth is null and void on a grand scale in the eternities. Also polygamy is not a term the scripture uses. You use the term as though polygamy itself is a type of marriage order, "an exception." In reality, all marriage takes the exact same order. Every single marriage is between one and and one woman. Every marriage can only be consummated between one man and one woman. Anything else is biologically impossible. Hence the term plural marriage, which is a term denoting the plurality of monogamous marriages. Three wives = three marriages. So I think the idea that polygamy is a sacrificial exception outside the eternal order of God is a big stretch. And you have overlooked the nature of the sealing power on earth tied to heaven and overlooked God honoring those agents who desire their plural marriages to continue as was promised in the authorized marriage ceremony.

Jann BradfordNovember 15, 2021

As a frrshman at the U. Of U. I was privileged to be in the chorus of Madam Butterfly with Ariel Bybee in the lead role. I had never seen/heard an opera before and her extraordinary voice and powerful performance brought me to tears. And to my amazement, backstage she was so kind; humble and approachable. I have never forgotten that experience. It was one of the highlights of my young life.

Maryann TaylorNovember 15, 2021

There is probably not a ward or branch in the church where parents are not struggling with the heartache of rebellious children. I agree with all the sentiments expressed here about continuing to love and to express that love. There are few things that are more powerful in softening a child's heart. However, if your daughter decides not to respect the rules you set down in your home--especially if she brings drugs or other harmful substances into your home after you have made your rules clear, you have an obligation to protect your younger children. If that means she must leave, then she has made that choice. There is no such thing as agency without accountability and consequences.

Maryann TaylorNovember 15, 2021

Elder David A. Bednar, of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles gives us great enlightenment on this subject in his address: FAITHFUL PARENTS AND WAYWARD CHILDREN. He writes: "The statements of Joseph Smith and Orson F. Whitney are construed by some members of the Church to mean that wayward children unconditionally receive the blessings of salvation because of and through the faithfulness of parents. However, this interpretation is moderated by the fact that the most complete account of the Prophet's sermon was not available to Church historians...In the more complete set of notes recorded by Howard and Martha Coray, Joseph Smith is shown to have qualified his statement to make the promised blessings conditional upon the obedience of the children: 'When a father and mother of a family have [been sealed], their children WHO HAVE NOT TRANSGRESSED are secured by the seal wherewith the parents have been sealed.' "This clarification is more consistent doctrinally...the concept of unconditional salvation for disobedient children would contradict many foundational teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, including the second article of faith that 'men will be punished for their own sins.' Elder Bednar goes on to affirm the powerful influence of righteous parents in the lives of their children, however, he also states "Mercy will not rob justice, and the sealing power of faithful parents will only claim wayward children upon the condition of their repentance and Christ's atonement. Repentant wayward children will enjoy salvation and all the blessings that go with it, but exaltation is much more. It must be fully earned. The question as to who will be exalted must be left to the Lord in his mercy." A thorough reading of Elder Bednar's article is very illuminating on this subject.

Maryann TaylorNovember 15, 2021

Thank you SO MUCH for doing this--it is going to help me a lot in teaching my Gospel Doctrine class. This is truly the most thrilling event we will ever experience on this earth!

Becky DouglasNovember 15, 2021

Dear Katrina, Of course! Let's all spread the joy of Gratitude with others. Thanks for all you are doing! Becky

amaryNovember 15, 2021

I think its important to not blow this out of proportion. What they described sounds pretty tame compared to other things she could be doing. I also went to a church school, and let me tell you this is extremely common. Way more common than people think. Especially with kids who grew up in very strict households where they felt constantly controlled. Once they are living on their own and finally have some freedom they go a little overboard. They just don't usually tell their parents, which makes me wonder how they found out and if she told them as a bid for attention or to rile them up. Who knows. When interacting with the daughter, just act with love and compassion. Resist the urge to lecture or guilt trip, this will just push her further away. Her feeling unconditionally loved and maintaining positive connections with family will make a big difference in her future choices. She already knows the parents stance on the matter, there is no need to keep repeating it. As for the younger children, maybe have a discussion as to why we try to abstain from drugs, alcohol, and other things. Explain what the negative consequences could be if they make certain choices. Some times we focus so much on the "Don't do that!" that we provide little information on the reasons behind it. Also resist the urge to become more controlling with the younger kids in an attempt to keep them from making similar choices. Often the more controlling and overzealous we become with religious matters, we cause the opposite effect than intended. I wouldn't worry about the younger kids too much. I had older siblings and friends that made poor choices but I felt no need to follow in their footsteps.

ShaunaNovember 15, 2021

This incident has left me heartsick and concerned. My daughter just arrived in Mexico a week ago to serve her mission, and although she's not in the mission where this occurred, this crime hit close to home. I know that missionaries are in the Lord's Hands, but I also know that bad things happen to missionaries sometimes. Having served a mission myself, I know that missionaries are sometimes in areas they would never be in otherwise, at times of night etc., but this was in a Chapel with 70 missionaries and their mission President. One would assume that they were safe. I just pray that God will compensate those there and pray that the Spirit was with them during the ordeal, and that somehow this incident will become a rallying cry for their mission and will serve to strengthen them overall. God is good and He is in charge

Patricia WintersNovember 15, 2021

When videos and podcasts are posted, it would be beneficial to me, and I am sure some others, if a transcript could be included. For several reasons, it is difficult for me to sit and listen to a subject, but I can read the same matter with ease. Having a transcript would allow me to obtain the information without problems.

Tami TaylorNovember 14, 2021

This is by far the most beautiful, insightful article I have ever read. I have struggled, oh how I have struggled with polygamy. Fearing that God really did not love me and would ask something so heartwrenching and so wrong of me goes against everything I have known and felt about him..This talk brought so much peace. I feel happy and hopeful and like my greatest dreams and desires really can be realized. So many women struggle with this. So many. Are we just lesser people in God's eyes that he does not care for our sorrow and dreams? I can not believe that. It can not be true. 3 Ye cannot behold with your natural eyes, for the present time, the design of your God concerning those things which shall come hereafter, and the glory which shall follow after much tribulation. 4 For after much tribulation come the blessings I think all those who sacrificed so much will receive a hundredfold of blessings, the greatest being they will be sealed to one man and one man only.

Mary Ann T McConkieNovember 14, 2021

Vivian, thanks ever so much for weaving our kitchen tables with many of our most effective learnings. I have fought for the dinner hour, because rarely do families eat meals together in our face-paced society. You say it so well and as I listen to your children teach and expound, I know you and Carlos provided what you have described above. You've passed the baton and the race will be won!

MikkoNovember 14, 2021

I for one am very grateful someone had the courage to tell me about my wife and her affair. I was the one who had no idea and tried to defend her. The truth came out. So glad I am no longer living in that false sense of reality.

Kathy McFarlandNovember 14, 2021

Haven’t our leaders always taught that those who do not have the opportunity to marry in this life will be given that blessing in the next life? Just wondering about your comment that marrying only takes place in this life.

Anita B. AnonymousNovember 13, 2021

I rarely make comments of any kind to any sort of article. But this article has impacted my life and my eternal destiny. I am a convert of 4 years. I grew up with an abusive, violent, misogynistic father and I survived an abusive husband. Being completely fed up with men, and still needing a primary relationship, I married a Lesbian woman. That marriage too, ended in disaster. I concluded that if there was any love at all on this earth, it had to be coming from a Divine Source- humans are just too messed up and life is just too hard for love to survive here. An honest look at my life led me to admit that I had indeed seen and felt evidence of love. Therefore, there had to be some kind of “Source of Love” somewhere. And I was determined to find it or die trying. I was shocked and surprised when my quest led me to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Here, I found more peace, joy, hope, and love than I had thought possible. I was baptized, confirmed, & endowed. A year after my endowment, I was blessed to be sealed in a Temple marriage with a wonderful, loving, righteous man. When I encountered beliefs of Latter-Day Saints around the issue of polygamy in the Celestial Kingdom, my trust in God as well as my joy and peace, began to crumble. I had actually believed all that stuff about marriage partners being equally yoked; polygamy in the Celestial Kingdom is NOT being equally yoked. I had believed that Heavenly Father loves all his children equally. How is it that a man sealed in the Temple can be commanded to take on 50 more wives? Would God command my husband to take on 50 more wives in the Celestial Kingdom? As a result, I would spend a day with my husband to do this? What kind of God does that? That doesn’t sound like Heaven- that sounds like hell. So it must be true- “women are “less than”, dirty, unworthy creatures and they are allowed in heaven only because they provide sexual pleasure to men and produce babies. I am not a beloved daughter of God after all, I am a piece of dirt. My destiny is to be in a harem and spend the eternities changing diapers and burping a billion babies. I want to be destroyed. I don’t want to be a woman. I want to be broken down into the basic elements and be obliterated. Even the sons of perdition are entitled to this escape. Can’t I have the same out? I was in dangerous territory and sinking fast. I was a mess. My relationship to the Godhead, my relationship to my husband, and my relationship to all things Spiritual was crumbling. With anguish I prayed and relentlessly searched scripture for greater Light and Wisdom on this matter. I had just a spark of hope that maybe, just maybe, my understanding was faulty and incomplete. Maybe my perceptions and understanding were colored by my childhood in the brutal earthly culture of Satan, coupled with incorrect teachings of imperfect (but well meaning) mortals. I continued going to the Temple and beseeched the Godhead for further Light and Wisdom. For a long time, I spoke to no one about the heavy darkness and gnawing fear inside me. Then with our “Come Follow Me” studies on D&C 132 this week, I confided my feelings and fears to my husband. While he was kind, loving, and patient, I remained enveloped in fear and darkness. We prayed together and individually. I saw no reprieve. This article was like the first light following a brutal dark arctic winter. It brought a glimmer of light and hope. The heavy darkness has begun to recede and I feel trust in Heavenly Father, hope in Jesus Christ, and joy in the Restored Gospel beginning to return. I want to thank you for this carefully researched, well thought out, logically constructed article. It has played a crucial role in the process of restoring peace and trust in my relationship to the Godhead, my husband, and all things Spiritual.

Ronald BarnesNovember 13, 2021

Ever since I was rather young, I had always felt that there was one person who I was destined to marry. It had already been arranged in the pre-mortal existence. My future wife and I had our first date when we were 17 years old. The next day I began telling people that I had found the girl I was going to marry. That was 50 years ago. After all of that it would be devastating to me to spend eternity without her. It’s a great comfort to me to know that our marital relationship will not die when one of us does.

HMCNovember 13, 2021

While the scriptures teach that we are ... • “free to choose” (2 Nephi 2:27), and • “free to act” (2 Nephi 10:23), and • “free [to] act for [ourselves]” (Helaman 14:30) ... some mistakenly believe that have something called “free agency.” You will NOT find the term “free agency” anywhere in the scriptures. HOWEVER ..  in D&C 101:78 you WILL find the term “moral agency.” AND ... there is a significant difference between these two terms. I invite you to go to the Gospel Library App to investigate this subject ... just search for “moral agency.”

CC WilliamsNovember 12, 2021

Thank you for this! I truly appreciate the understanding this treatise on obedience and sacrifice. I couldn't help reflecting on how this discussion might, in some way, apply to what took place in Eden

TrudyNovember 12, 2021

We are going through his with two of our children. You can make a choice to love them or ostracise them. We choose to love. How else will they learn that we as parents and church members are Christlike. It’s been 13 yrs for our daughter but now she has a partner and 3 children of her own and we notice her softening each year and it’s wonderful! Everyone has their own conversion, and time to learn. Some learn by faith and faster than others. Some learn very slowly and the hard way… and that’s painful but their way of learning. Also on the flip side this has been a refining process for us as parents, we have had to learn to respect the process and love our children - and sometimes loving them is hard when you are being treated poorly. But we need to dig deep and remember that as parents we need to continue to set the example and just continue to keep the channels open and LOVE. Continue to fast and pray. We have lessons to learn as parents and this is as much a learning curve for us as it is for them. I look at my parents who had 7 children, all very different and they survived the trials of raring a family :) so it must be possible ♥️♥️

Sandra WhiteNovember 12, 2021

My oldest teen son was a rebel during high school years along with friends used drugs, etc. His 3 siblings knew what he was doing and realized it was not for them but his behavior did cause problems even to the point I had to call the police as he was cursing & destroying furniture....they found drugs hidden in a cut out in a book and he spent the night in jail. Was not easy for me as a single mother but had to be done. Eventually i had to have him leave the house but told him I loved him and if ever he needed anything I would be there for him.....he struggled but eventually found Christ and turned his life around. He is now 62 and has lived a life for Christ and I am proud of him. Suggest this mother not be too concerned about the siblings as they too can see what she is doing is wrong and if she just loves her wayward daughter, they will not follow in her path.

Rebecca M PinegarNovember 12, 2021

So incredibly beautiful and well written. Such a flood of memories. I stepped back to that place of total security. Thank you for so beautifully weaving in the profound blessings of such a setting. I want to go back, sit again, listen better, marvel at what my mother did and was so gifted at. A job that sometimes overwhelms me, yet I never heard or saw any reason to believe that it wasn't just effortless for her, though it could not have been. Then the discussions, and the horrible music that we still try to mimic and wonder why no one understands, and why it is so unspeakably funny. You have transported me to a place I pray I have created at least a sliver of in my own home. A place, I believe we will once again sit at, only with even grander implications. So priceless!

SimplicioNovember 12, 2021

The ultimate purpose of the Restored Gospel is not to leave us "as the angels which are in heaven." (Matthew 22:30) "But to which of the angels hath He said at any time, 'Sit thou on my right hand, till I make thine enemies the footstool of thy feet?' Are they not all ministering spirits, sent forth to do service for the sake of them that shall inherit salvation?" (Hebrews 1:13-14)

MaryNovember 12, 2021

Excellent article, very well thought out and backed up with logic and actual scripture. The idea of polygamy and that I may be forced to live it at some point tormented me for years, ever since I was a girl. Its only been in recent years that I have found a little peace on the matter after the spirit reassured me. I know many women who still are tormented by this idea, its pretty common. I find that the conversations and rationalizing surrounding polygamy always seem to involve warped and sexist thinking. Hopefully as a people we can begin to evolve and view things with more logic and clarity, like in this article. If you truly believe that God loves his daughters and sons equally and wants them all to be happy and saved in the eternities, the old ways of looking at it fall apart. This article gives me hope for my ancestors that practiced polygamy, I always mourned the unfairness of it all and how much pain it caused the women back then.

James W ScottNovember 12, 2021

I’ve read with interest your essays on polygamy and commend your views and conclusions on the three mystery versus in D&C 132. I tend to agree with your conclusions re the somewhat obscure meaning of the tenets taught in these versus. I’d like to offer a few comments on the idea that motherhood and child bearing are a sacrifice of similar import as the atonement. The Lord’s sacrifice and even Abraham’s obedience are horrendously more horrific than the sacrifice of having children. (And I’m certainly in awe of my own wife’s suffering 5 times for our children.) In the vernacular of today’s attitudes toward child bearing it seems, at least in America that anyone having more than two children are the exception and in some cases an imposition on the resources of society and that the woman that has children is making an enormous sacrifice of opportunity and beauty. Many women in the 19th century gave birth to 12 or more and seemingly forgot Eve's ‘curse’, the pain and acceptance of 18 or more years of responsibility. The separation of the sex act and having children has become a major issue. President Spencer W Kimball complained the “veneration of the orgasm” (Conf Report, Nov 1974) has replaced the intimacy of giving birth to and caring for and bringing children to ‘the joy and happiness of a posterity’. ‘Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord: and the fruit of the womb is his reward” Ps 127:3. In taking umbrage to that sacrificial view can I point out that Eve after hearing the curse of child bearing testified that were it not for her transgression they would not have had children and she gloried in that ‘curse’, that sorrows would multiply AND conception. In fact not having children became a major stumbling block for many in the scriptures: Rachel and Leah, and their handmaids, entered into a major competition to see who could provide the most offspring, even to prostituting Jacob over some mandrake stems. Hannah plead with the Lord for Samuel over the shame of not having any children while her wife mate did. The struggling of single women in Isa 4:1 where seven women vied for a husband’s name and attendant child bearing. Tamar prostituted herself with Judah for children when he refused to marry her to his son Er. Even Emma had trouble having and keeping her offspring alive and healthy. Mrs. Thomas Kane, the peacemaker, in their journey to Salt Lake to defuse the US Army’s entry into the SL valley overnighted in a polygamous household. She wrote that while she was outraged over the idea of polygamy commented that there was no animosity between wives and that they got along well and the household was run in a wonderfully efficient and peaceful manner.

Judy PetersonNovember 12, 2021

Wow! This is SO GOOD! “Mormon myths” abound, particularly in my generation (I’m 80 yrs old) of lifelong active members. I have come to many of these truths on my own, of course under the guidance of the Spirit) and it’s so encouraging to see them in public print. Thank you !

Lorie N DavisNovember 12, 2021

I've just read that article on the sacrifice of Abraham, Sarah, and Hagar, and found it wonderfully intelligent, analytical, logical, and uplifting.  One thing did bother me slightly, though, how come the "sacrifice" of polygamy is more attributed to men, when it is actually the women who suffer the most?  Simply in a physical sense, in the pioneer days of polygamy, the women often had to support themselves and their children with little aid from the father, who was usually on a mission or tending to his other families.     It doesn't seem such a sacrifice to men to have multiple sexual partners (which has always been billes as a thrill for men), or very many children born to them (unless the worry to men is about how they can support such a huge number of persons financially and emotionally). On the other hand, actually living with a number of wives may be confusing to men in trying to adjust daily or weekly to all the differing personalities of the wives -- since men claim they can never understand an individual woman in the first place. I'll bet there is a lot about the sacrifice of Sarah that remains unrecorded, since it is men who write the scriptures.  What were HER revelations from God?  Yes, she wanted children for her beloved husband, but to GIVE him another wife to be the mother of his children?  HOW UTTERLY WRENCHING if (as I believe) the Lord spoke to Sarah and actually commanded her to give Hagar to Abraham! Might that not have been a sacrifice to Sarah, equal to Abraham's command to sacrifice his son?  And what were the humiliations of Hagar, handed over like a bought brood-are to an old man?  Was she, too, commanded by revelation to accept this sacrifice? Interesting, too, that Sarah's sacrifice was commanded YEARS before Abraham's sacrifice was commanded.  But Sarah met the command, sacrificed her sacred, intimate relationship with her husband to give him another woman as a sexual partner, AND for that other woman to be the first mother to her beloved Abraham's promised seed.  Talk about a double, agonizing sacrifice!  You and I might appreciate the depth of that sacrifice, but could ANY MAN understand what two such sacrifices would mean to an loving and faithful wife?  I do not think so. Someday we will be able to view all these scriptural stories from the woman's point of view, physically and emotionally.  It will be a final assuaging of all women's painful dismissal in men-written scriptures, and a COLOSSAL eye-opener for all the men in the world!

gary bealNovember 12, 2021

My wife and I read both of these articles and were greatly blessed and uplifted. We completely “bought” the interpretation and reasoning of the first article and found it sound and doctrinal. I do have a couple of issues to raise with the “implications” put forth in the second article, though in general concurrence with its logic and conclusion. On the topic of a “sex ratio” in the afterlife, I’m not sure I agree with the assertion that there is no doctrinal basis for assuming more women than men. If we assume that in the pre-existence the sex ratio was 1 to 1, what happened to that ratio when the Sons of Perdition were cast out? Some posit that this portion was as many as one-third of God’s spirits who were cast out of heaven. They were not “sons and daughters” of Perdition, but only sons. And after this life, only men will be assigned to outer darkness. Brigham held this view, as do many (but not) all of the brethren who have spoken on the topic since then. In our Temple endowment, women are pronounced clean in ways that men are not; it doesn’t seem reasonable that all men will overcome their uncleanness in this life. These doctrinal observations argue against the 1 to 1 sex ratio in the resurrection. The article states that if one believes polygamy is “ubiquitous” in the celestial kingdom, there must be at least twice as many women as men. In the history of the church 1840-1890, polygamy was “ubiquitous” (everywhere present) yet only about 3% of the men practiced polygamy. It didn’t require that there be twice as many women for it to work. For me, the logic of that position just doesn’t hold up, nor comport with early church experience. The third area that raises questions is in the arena of a man in this life, who after his wife dies, marries another wife “for time and all eternity.” Whether this constitutes a sacrifice or not for the 2nd wife, she nevertheless freely enters that covenant without being commanded. You point out that the brethren anticipate consequences of Temple covenants in the hereafter by not requiring a child of faithless parent(s) to be sealed again. If plural marriage is always a sacrifice akin to Abraham’s, why would the brethren not facilitate stopping that unnecessary sacrifice? I have read (not nearly as much as the author[s] of these articles) about some of the experiences of polygamous wives in the early days of the church. My observation is that not all of them saw or experienced polygamy as a painful, singular Abrahamic-type sacrifice. I fully agree that many (perhaps even most?) saw polygamy that way, but the interpretation published seems to allow little room for actual participating women to see it as something other than sacrificial. Lastly, the second article seems to allow no need or requirement for ever requiring a woman in the hereafter to live “the Law of Sarah” (D&C132:65). My understanding is that God never gives a law or commandment that is strictly temporal or worldly. For reasons that are too sacred to be discussed here, it is my belief that polygamy does have a role to play in our eternal progression, but perhaps in a situation similar in context to the one the author so beautifully explains in the first article. Please know that nothing I have written above should detract from the beautiful and profound discussion of polygamy in the first article, but only perhaps quibbles with some of the implications of these profound insights in the second article.

JudyNovember 12, 2021

I agree with the advice about always honoring agency. I feel the most important thing is to let the child know of your love and NEVER GIVE UP! Our family experienced a situation like this, but our child eventually came back and is a strong member and an example to many.

Catrina GarnerNovember 12, 2021

Thank you for your article! I 100% agree! Could I possibly share your article on Facebook with others? I am currently posting daily gratitude quotes every day and will for the month of November and I would love to share your article on Thanksgiving Day with your name of course credited to the article. But if this isn’t allowed I understand. Thank you

JeanNovember 12, 2021

I love the advice you gave to this concerned mother. I love how "agency" is part of the gospel plan. It was so important that God chose it over Satan's plan of forced obedience. I also love the knowledge that we have a Heavenly Father and a Heavenly Mother who is more concerned about our children than we are. I had an experience with one of my children when he was a teenager. He got into some serious trouble and had to have a probation officer. I was so upset with him and ready to read the riot act to him. However, I decided to go to the temple first. For me, the veil is very thin in the celestial room. It was there that I prayed fervently for this child and asked Heavenly Father to give me revelation for him. I felt impressed to show him an increase of love. This was opposite to how I felt. He did turn his life around and after many years has come back to the gospel. I know every child is unique but I highly recommend asking Heavenly Father, who loves your child deeply, for revelation on how to treat your situation.

Colleen StoutNovember 12, 2021

Thank you Vivian for the wonderful analogy and reminder about tables in scriptures, and our own lives. When our large family talks of where they would like to be once again, it would be around our family table. We would not leave in a hurry, as it was too much fun to stay and talk and enjoy one another. No other place in our home could qualify for that special bonding. Colleen Stout

Michele NoelNovember 12, 2021

Thank you, Vivian, for a refreshing view of our need for familial connectedness as a strengthening paradigm about our place in the plan of salvation. Beautiful! I have followed your written and audio work for decades and shared them with my family endlessly. We are still waiting for your book on the garden story. God Watches!

Harold RustNovember 11, 2021

Thank you for a lengthy, carefully referenced, deeply thoughtful, and powerfully emotional discussion of the most universal of all social relationships on earth that just happens to be so greatly misunderstood by many. I look forward to the "continued" discussion because the over-riding question in today's world where lots of different arrangements between men and women are socially acceptable is: "If a man can have more than one wife, why not the reverse?" I have formulated what for me is an answer consistent with all other doctrine of the Church but which I have not seen written or spoken anywhere in scriptures or by the prophets. I'll therefore be interested in what author Cassler has as an answer.

Kay Wiemer GerkeNovember 11, 2021

Beautifully written and inspiring article. Thank you for sharing this.

Judy PetersonNovember 11, 2021

This article effectively supports the idea that we have A Mother in Heaven, not an assortment of mothers, an idea which I’ve heard expressed by some people recently as we’ve started having discussions about our Mother. I’ve seen several other sources saying the law of marriage is a man and a woman. As the author points out, this does not preclude an alternate interpretation, but i think the Lord intends to be clear on key doctrines and would be explicit if plural marriage were the law of Heaven. I think that’s a misconception left over from “the old days:” Policies regarding sealing of deceased couples with multiple spouses has changed over the years. It would be helpful to know more about the principles behind our current policy of sharing every possible combination of spouses, as well as living men sealed to both deceased and living spouses.

Sophia McLaughlinNovember 11, 2021

I'd like to make another clarification. "Only if we acquit ourselves well in the roles of spouse and parent in this probationary state are we entitled to perpetuate those roles in an eternal marriage state in the hereafter." Omit the "only", and I'll agree with you fully. According to modern-day prophets, marriage in the hereafter will also be made available to righteous men and women who lived under circumstances that prevented them from receiving this blessing in mortality.

Sophia McLaughlinNovember 11, 2021

I'd like to make a correction. You say that tv ose who do not qualify for the fullness of the celestial kingdom will remain single. Perhaps you meant "fullness" to stand for exaltation, and in that case we do agree. I did want to point out that there will be those who inherit the celestial kingdom singly, marrriage is only required for exaltation within the celestial kingdom, but it is not required to enjoy living with the Father and the fullness of his company.

Phillip C. SmithyNovember 11, 2021

Very thoughtful and insightful. Thank you.

karell binghamNovember 11, 2021

Abraham was to be the great head of a chosen nation. Would he obey? He had been given the promise that his posterity would be as the sands of the sea. Did he have enough faith to believe beyond mortal understanding that the Lord would keep his word, even if he killed his only son? That is why the Abrahamic test is often called the test of incongruity. A test that flies in the face of what has been understood. To my feeling, polygamy was this kind of test for Joseph. He truly was a great man of God! Thanks for your help in understanding this sometimes troubling commandment!

James ScottNovember 11, 2021

I enjoyed your exposition and illumination of D&C 132 re polygamy, and I’m looking forward to the continuation. Commenting on Abraham’s sacrifice of Isaac. This represention of the Lord’s own sacrifice, (Jacob 4: which is a similitude of God and his Only Begotten Son.) is horror filled and mortifying in its conception as was the crucifixion of the Lord. Could I point out that the faith of Abraham was strengthened by the teaching that he knew the promises could be fulfilled by Isaac being raised from the dead. The lecture on faith in Hebrews 11 show his expectation. 17 By faith Abraham, when he was tried, offered up Isaac: and he that had received the promises offered up his only begotten son, 18 Of whom it was said, That in Isaac shall thy seed be called: 19 Accounting that God was able to raise him up, even from the dead; from whence also he received him in a figure. The same figure Jacob understood. He had to have understood the doctrine of resurrection and glory to have had the faith that God could raise Isaac from the dead to fulfill the promises. Hagar and Ishmael: the promises given to Abraham apply equally to Ishmael and Abraham saw to the welfare of his son. Ishmael helped and attended the burial of his father, (Gen 25:8,9). Moreover, Ishmael had twelve sons mirroring the heritage of Jacob’s twelve sons. However, Abraham knew that Isaac was the son of promise, (Gen 17, Gal 4,5)

Michele NoelNovember 11, 2021

Fantastic! Worth the read! Thank you Valerie.

Maryann TaylorNovember 11, 2021

This is beautiful. I have always known that my marriage isn't just between two people, but that the Savior is an essential third partner with us. Thank you for reminding us of the symbolic meaning of the altars in the temple.

AJ CurrieNovember 10, 2021

I can think of no better definition of self-esteem than D&C 121:45. And, that verse even explains the one sure way to obtain true self-esteem: "Let thy bowels also be full of charity towards all men, and to the household of faith, and let virtue garnish thy thoughts unceasingly; then shall thy confidence wax strong in the presence of God;...." How could anyone have more self-esteem than to be confident standing before God?

brooks sNovember 10, 2021

Wow. Would love for you to write another book. Let me know when your next one is published. Love your writing style.

Jeff LindsayNovember 10, 2021

Thank you for this valuable information and for your informed perspective. It seems that it's increasingly important for parents to pay attention to what is happening with their kids at school. I think you made a wise move to turn to homeschooling for the beginning of your child's education.

Sandy KerrNovember 10, 2021

Thank you for sharing this inspiring story and brightening my day!

Maryann TaylorNovember 10, 2021

My husband installed shelves on the inside of my pantry door. I didn't think there was enough room to do this and still be able to close the door. Oh, boy, was I wrong! I can't believe how much I can store on these shelves. I like the reminder of how much room is between the tops of kitchen cabinets and the ceiling in many homes--dead space that can hold a lot---keep in mind that it will be warm up there, so store things that you rotate more often.

Gail KNovember 10, 2021

Wonderful story of a good man. Thank you for sharing this, it reminds us during tough times, that there are other's who have it tougher. God bless this man, I would give him my last $5.00 to feed his daughter. This has opened my eyes to be more aware of those around us, and look for that sadden eye that is waiting for God's blessing that I can assist him with. May I be God's hands to bless others.

Scot ProctorNovember 10, 2021

The film is available on DVD from Seagull Book. We've now added that information above, thank you for asking!

Ronya SimmonsNovember 10, 2021

Will this film be screened outside of Utah? Can it be ordered on DVD or is it available through live streaming or some other media?

Pam RoderNovember 9, 2021

Always grand to hear/read Patrick Degn. Brilliant mind that causes me to smile agree and wish I could say things as well as he. Thank you for the wonderful insight from our paltry human view of God and His "Alpha and Omega" perspective. Thank you Patrick.

BoBNovember 9, 2021

I offended an investigator recently who used this, where's the blood question, for his pretext to not put any serious effort into examining the Book of Mormon or its claims. I offended him because I just could not understand what the problem was. We do not have a detailed step by step drawn out picture of the precise events of that evening. By the way, the Book of Mormon is a book of doctrine not court room minutes. Nephi is explaining God's instructions and reasoning for why and how they were to proceed. He is not performing a dramatic reenactment. If you read the pertinent verses in 1 Nephi 4 you should realize this was not a thirty second mugging. Nephi spent time there with drunken Laban and with the Lord. He took time to ponder, pray, respond, deliberate. What verse 19 does not say is I cut off Laban's head and then proceeded to remove his clothing ( Wow. I really did this in the wrong order. Gosh. That was stupid.) What it does say is after I cut off his head, I took his clothes and put them on. Why was Nephi holding Laban's sword prior to having any thought about killing him. The most logical/reasonable answer is he was removing drunken Laban's clothing. Remember the mission is to get the plates. This is simple (I really don't mean to be a jerk, but) pretty obvious, and based on the fragments of information concerning what happened that evening, the most logical and rational idea concerning how Nephi proceeded. There was lots of blood. Of course there was, but not on Laban's clothes. They had been removed. This is far more economical than saying when Nephi says, 'I picked him up by the hair of his head and cut it off.' that he doesn't mean 'I cut it off'. No, Nephi cut off Laban's head and put on his clothes, just as the passage relates. My investigator friend was troubled that I would insinuate Nephi took his clothes off first. "The passage doesn't say that." Neither does it say he took them off after the head smiting." It also doesn't say he put on his sandals in the morning and ate his mush, but I bet he did. It also doesn't say he dragged Laban to a dark nearby area so as not to be seen, but I bet he did. If someone rejects the BOM because of 'where is the blood?' They really aren't very interested anyway or have other issues with the BOM or the Church or our religion because frankly that's just pretty weak.

Doris WilliamsNovember 9, 2021

Made me laugh out loud! Loved it. Thank you

PaulaNovember 9, 2021

Thank you so much for expressing/validating the feelings I've had for 40 years. Your thorough, well-thought-out and articulate essay will give others pause for thought.

Dan EllsworthNovember 9, 2021

I'm glad this article was helpful for you, friends. MAbernethy, yours is a good question, and I'm not sure why we don't have specific instructions for exorcism. I performed two on my mission, and I basically did what I heard other missionaries and members had done: raise the right arm to the square and command it to leave in the name of Christ. But I personally think a simple command in the name of Christ is sufficient. As to why we don't see more open manifestations of possession? It's very common in other parts of the world; in Western societies, Satan seems to want to leave us with the impression that he doesn't even exist.

Todd RNovember 9, 2021

I found more scriptural support for why Nephi was justified in killing Laban in Doctrine and Covenants section 98:23-38. It says in effect don't react to your enemy when they "smite you" two times, and if you spare them after the third time you and your posterity would have eternal rewards, "31 Nevertheless, thine enemy IS IN THINE HANDS; and if thou rewardest him according to his works thou art justified; IF HE HAS SOUGHT THY LIFE, AND THY LIFE IS ENDARGERED BY HIM, thine enemy IS IN THINE HANDS AND THOUGH ART JUSTIFIED. 32 Behold, THIS IS THE LAW I GAVE UNTO MY SERVANT NEPHI, and thy fathers, Joseph, and Jacob, and Isaac, and Abraham, and all mine ancient prophets and apostles. Nephi's account explicitly lists two times that Laban tried to kill them, and we can easily deduce that as and "elder of the Jews", Laban had tried to kill his father, just like the elders of the Jews killed the Savior. (No wonder, Laban and Lemuel said "it was a hard thing" to ask them to go back and face Laban when he had already tried to kill their father) Nephi stated twice that "Behold THE LORD HATH DELIVERED HIM INTO THY HANDS" which is the same wording as the D&C. Nephi wrote this account approximately 30 years after it happened and due to the difficulty of writing on plates, it is not surprising that he would not give every little detail of what the spirit may have told him, but what he did write is absolutely consistent with the law in the D&C, and the Lord told Joseph Smith that this was the law that he taught Nephi.

LewisNovember 9, 2021

You know what I am grateful for? Your articles! They bring such joy and happiness into my life. Please keep writing. You have such wonderful insights, and tell such beautiful stories.

Bradley J. KramerNovember 9, 2021

Along these lines, I think of the sealing altar as the modern ark of the covenant--the sealing room being an extension of the celestial room (or holy of holies) and the participants being the cheribim on opposite sides of the altar leaning over the altar with their faces towards each other (Exo. 25:9-20). Our sealings, therefore, reflect the everlasting "marriage" covenant God made with Israel and show how integrally involved he is with them (Lev. 26:9-13; Isa. 54:4-6; etc.)

Maxine McCoyNovember 8, 2021

This was one of the best articles I’ve read for a very long time. Well written and the wisdom it contains is so needed for our times. Good job!

ElaineNovember 8, 2021

That was a beautiful meaningful story. Thanks for the reminder to let our lights shine:)

Wally GoddardNovember 8, 2021

Excellent insights! It is worth noting that the scientific community turned squarely against self-esteem in 1983 with Susan Harter's review of research. Any continuing enthusiasm for self-esteem is primarily driven by pop psychology.

Haze KompelienNovember 8, 2021

"If He is the Alpha and Omega, doesn’t that suggest a beginning and an end, or are those words also gateways to more iconoclastic shenanigans?" Smiled so much at this line! And I think I would really love your mom, after reading "One of the many gems she dropped on me was, “Look, son, the church comforts the disturbed and disturbs the comfortable.”

Maryann TaylorNovember 8, 2021

This is a great reminder for people who are dating to really check out their potential dates. An acquaintance of mine was dating through a website for church members. They soon discovered that some of the potential dates were involved in divorce proceedings that were not yet final. Unfortunately, people need to be extremely cautious and get as much information as possible about potential dates. As to the question of whether to alert the woman who has a husband that is straying? I would certainly want someone to tell me!

S LambertNovember 8, 2021

I really enjoyed your article. Just FYI, the correct attribution for the "old time rail journey" quote is the Unitarian Minister Jenkin Lloyd Jones as quoted by President Gordon B. Hinckley.

Cynthia DeckerNovember 8, 2021

Love the post...had to look up some of the Latin but it was a pleasure. Thank you.

Sandy KerrNovember 8, 2021

Great insight, beautifully expressed! Thank you...

LexaGraemeNovember 8, 2021

Marvelous read! Thank you very much. I love the Chesterton quotes.

Will KimlingerNovember 8, 2021

Well said!

GTONovember 8, 2021

President Hinckley was quoting Jenkin Lloyd Jones. Great article! Thanks.

Breck EnglandNovember 8, 2021

Heather, you are right. I had a feeling I should include this point and failed to do so. As you say, the plan of God applies to every stage of life, premortal, mortal, and postmortal. It is a plan of mercy for everyone. I should also have added that God deals with every one of his children separately and individually. In his omniscience He takes every one of their circumstances into account in determining the degree of glory to which they will attain. This concept is particularly important for those who for one reason or another don't seem to "fit" into the eternal pattern of exaltation. We are in no position to judge the eternal destiny of anyone. That is our Savior's job.

Ray CooperNovember 8, 2021

Honestly, one of the best posts I have read. You absolutely nailed me to a tee. Thank-you for your thoughts.

Ken ButlerNovember 8, 2021

My this way that way thoughts too, but exceptionally well expressed. Kudos. .

Lisa CroftNovember 8, 2021


Jacob HessNovember 8, 2021

Two other responses I've received: (1) Thanks for this analysis. I work in the pharmaceutical field, but not in Drug Product, in which this gene therapy jab is associated. I’m also not a bio or pharmacology specialist. But I still get questions from many people. I have been advising everyone who has asked, and my entire family, that they should not have this shot administered to any children (18 and under) unless that child has severe health issues that are likely to result in severe reaction to the Covid infection. The World Health Organization still has the official position that, since children almost never have any significant symptoms, and almost none who don’t have other huge health issues have died, there is no justification for subjecting them to higher risk by administering the so-call vaccine. I am appalled that the CDC, the FDA and the manufacturers have by-passed all the protocols that have been required for many decades for a drug to be approved. I was able to accept “emergency authorization” for adults, especially those in high risk situations. The rest is just plain irresponsible. I can only assume the following: some have great delusions of power and are now addicted to that; some feel compelled to take this position in order to maintain their positions and jobs (giving in to peer pressure); or greed for the money involved. Remember that reportedly 20 to 25% of medical professionals have not received the jab. Most of those will be or are already out of a job because of their own ethics. If anyone, as a parent, has even an inkling that perhaps his or her child should be administered this vaccine, please fast and pray after as much study of the test results (not just what is touted by the FDA, CDC, and medical establishment). ************* (2) Given what was presented in this post (and it seems to have been done in a fairly even handed manner) I would agree the studies were too small, and the time periods involved too short. Additional clinical studies seem to be justified/needed. I think one point the government administrators and the companies seem to be avoiding is that the main benefit to be derived from vaccinating millions of children is the herd immunity aspect of the process. It needs to be well proven that we wouldn’t be putting those millions of children at an unnecessary level of risk to obtain that benefit – I agree the submitted studies are not rigorous enough to prove that no significant harm is being done.

Lynette NicollNovember 8, 2021

Bravo!! I’m so grateful for this article!!! Thank you! I will be using this information again and again!

Frank E MerrillNovember 8, 2021

Far too many people are willing to serve God in an advisory capacity.

Gordon ManvilleNovember 7, 2021

I have been touched lately as I have found 5 second and third cousins that were imprisoned In Auschwitz. They were wonderful people. One was a first world war veteran. He and his wife volunteered to drive ambulance for the French army until that army fell. They were put to death at Auschwitz within 24 hours of arrival. The other family was a mother and her adult son and adult granddaughter. They were Jewish. Another one was trnsferred to Bergen Belsen and lived ot be liverated.

Leroy HaleNovember 7, 2021

I have experience many times the blessings of prayer. We as a heavenly family are so tied to our Father in Heaven. Praying in the name of Jesus Christ is so important. Sometimes individuals will rush when closing their prayer and not realizing how important the closing in THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST is.

Bonnie CaldwellNovember 7, 2021

Beautiful article! Thanks for sharing!

Becky WilliamsNovember 7, 2021

I am trying to find out when the church first introduced the concept of a year's supply. I would love to read what was said at the time. Did it start out as a general principle and then get more detailed? I did find this article in 1976 but would like to go back further:

Debra HessNovember 6, 2021

No Shots for children, that would be risking their lives for too many unknowns.... many deaths have occurred and many teens now have life long heart problems after getting it. Why risk your children's health when the recovery of the virus is almost 100 %! Thank you for the article, and for NOT following the lies from the CDC and from's not about safe guarding the children, it's all about making billions for the drug companies and for those tied into them.

BoBNovember 6, 2021

Wow. Thank you.

Jacob HessNovember 6, 2021

Megan – you’re right to be concerned about this. I have too – and any faithful Saint should be. You’re right that prophetic counsel will increasingly “break from what the noisy, contentious world tells us is true.” In this case, of course, prophets have agreed with what the world is saying. Regardless, it hasn’t been easy for many to follow. You’re right they have encouraged members embrace vaccination for many things, including COVID-19. But it’s also the case, as they state in their message, that this is predicated on the vaccine being truly “safe and effective.” They simply wouldn’t advise the course if they weren’t assured it was – hence the relevance of this due diligence inquiry. My primary concern throughout this has been its impact on our faith and unity – and I’ve written about it elsewhere extensively: (In my experience, Meridian Magazine editors and contributors constantly speak of sustaining the prophet). Clod Doc – I’m sorry to hear about the health issues you’re having post-vaccination. I do think you’re right we need to have a more transparent, forthright public conversation about that – as Senator Mike Lee and others have called for. Hoping the Lord can lead you to healing. B. H. Murray – in the very same moment you lay out these stats, others will quote official sources saying “no deaths have been officially connected to the vaccines.” Who is to be believed? Even the post-vaccine deaths and injuries are subject to competing interpretive frameworks and narratives. It’s downright confusing! But post-treatment confusion is something others have explored in great depth (see “Is it me or my medicine” by Boston sociologist David Karp. I’m working on another piece on exactly this – would love to hear what you think. Tandart – The purpose of this is not simply to spread doubt, but to raise honest questions about data on which millions of parents will not only get their children vaccinated, but likely be forced to. If there were ever a public issue worth critically examining fully, this would be it! Alan –The financial incentives are obvious. But I do think it’s going too far to say it’s “not about saving the children.” I believe most people on all sides of this really do want to keep people healthy – young and old – they just have very different beliefs about the best way to pursue it. Really important question, Kevin. It’s true that what we’ve almost always heard is if we don’t act quickly to vaccinate, that failure will *allow* the virus to mutate. The other line of thinking (that you don’t hear as often, but which deserves a lot more consideration) is that it’s precisely when a virus runs into a mass vaccine barricade, that it’s forced to mutate. From the latter view, it’s the mass vaccination itself that prompts escalating mutations – rather than being the key to stop them.

RanaeNovember 6, 2021

The vaccine is what forces the virus to mutate into something the vaccine does not protect against. Natural immunity appears to be protective against all forms of the virus. Without natural herd immunity, the strains that bypass the vaccine are the ones that survive to spread throughout the population.

SandyNovember 6, 2021

The Prophet has "urged" adults to get the vaccine but he has also told us that we need to "hear Him". I think that is what we are being encouraged to do --get our own revelation for ourselves and our family. In order to "study it out in our minds and then ask" we need to have facts such as these presented to us.

RoseAnn BensonNovember 6, 2021

Diane-I loved the context and lessons you drew out of this!

Ronald PolsleyNovember 6, 2021

It must be understood that members of the CDC staff resigned in protest over giving this jab to children. Thousands of nurses that insist you get the flu vaccine say no thanks to this truly unproven new system, they are not ignorant and they are not sheep. We are commanded to not blindly follow anyone.

Linda WillisNovember 5, 2021

Few doctrines make more perfect sense than the fact that we have Parents in Heaven. The use of the term Heavenly Parents in General Conference the past 10 years far exceeds all previous conferences. President Ballard referred to Moses 1:39 (most frequently quoted Conference scripture) by saying, "For behold this is 'their' work and 'their' glory..." Hallelujah!

Clod DocNovember 5, 2021

After having the shots, I now have Atrial fibrillation. I have never had heart problems before and when I went to the doctor and suggested that my problem might have been caused by the vaccine he replied that sh*t happens. I don't like that answer and the medications I have to take to prevent a stroke or death. I may just be the 1% that are affected this way, but my quality of life matters. Since then my wife, immuno-compromised and unvaccinated, tested positive for Covid. She was miserable for a couple of weeks, but survived. I had cold symptoms for 3-4 days. Did the shots prevent me from worse symptoms?? Who knows, but I'm concerned about my grandchildren being forced to take the shots.

Lawrence J SteimleNovember 5, 2021

Glad to see this article and the comments supporting skepticism. And to Tandart, there are experts on both/all sides of this issue. How do you choose an expert? I would rather get the virus than the shot.

Steve DoneganNovember 5, 2021

We have a sign that says: Satan knows your name, but calls you by your sin. God knows your sin, but calls you by your name.

Heather RiemanNovember 5, 2021

While I understand the purpose of your article to focus our attention on eternal progression the way it is presented missed one very important teaching from many general authorities. There are many who do not have the opportunity in mortality to make the covenant associated with eternal marriage. Those people have been promised that they will be given that opportunity after they leave mortality. I feel like you missed the opportunity to point out that the order of progression will extend after we leave mortality.

Lexie StatonNovember 5, 2021

After watching the Nov. 2 roundtable discussion about vaccine injuries and mandates led by Senator Ron Johnson, and hearing the testimony of Stephanie de Garay regarding the life altering health consequences her 12 year old daughter Maddie experienced by participating in a Pfizer vaccine trial for 12-15 year olds and the lack of reporting/coverup of these incidents by those who conducted the trial, I was left seriously doubting the integrity of the data we are given regarding the efficacy and safety of these vaccines. Additionally, Dr. Suneel Dhand has a video on YouTube detailing disturbing issues in how the Pfizer trials are conducted in some places, and again, I was left with the feeling that these people cannot be trusted. VIGILANCE is needed when it comes to our children and grandchildren.

MeganNovember 5, 2021

My biggest concern is that the prophet himself to us to get this vaccine. I don't see that mentioned here. The counsel we received from the prophet will increasingly break from what the noisy, contentious world tells us is true. And it won't be easy to follow. I wish we heard more of the prophet's counsel from Meridian Magazine.

TerriNovember 5, 2021

This is a beautifully sculpted essay on a subject that is extremely valuable to know about and understand in our day to day routines. Demonic reign is everywhere. once it is recognized, with a clear understanding of their multiple tactics and their motivations, their power and influence can be drastically reduced in our lives. So thank you for sharing your wisdom.

David SampsonNovember 5, 2021

I agree with the analysis although nothing is said about the possibility that the woman's motive may be anger and retaliation on this man. Motives are seldom simple and she may have many aspects to her reason for wanting to tell the wife, but if part of her motive is to retaliate against him, hoping to hurt him back then, in my opinion, that would indicate to me that she should walk away and work on her own need for repentance.

GregNovember 5, 2021

Fauci has obfuscated on so many levels, he is untrustworthy. Big Pharma is in it for the money, can we trust them? Do I have to even mention politicians? You do you and I will do me.

HalNovember 5, 2021

I wonder if there are any studies to determine how well children are taught to deal with the inevitable disappointments in life and the effect that has on suicidal thoughts. When I majored in psychology some 40 years ago, there seemed to be a lot of evidence to indicate that children who were protected from disappointment, hardship, and struggles in childhood never learned to cope with these normal life events. When these protected children were later faced with unpleasant situations during their adolescent years, (that the parents could not shield them from), these children were overwhelmed to the point of attempting suicide because they had no experience in coping with the normal stresses of life. The case that stood out to me was a young girl whose parents made sure she was never disappointed. If it rained the day of a planned picnic, they took her to a movie. They did everything they could to protect her from any and all events that might make her sad or anxious. When this girl reached her mid-teens, she became romantically involved with a boy who later rejected her. This was a disappointment her parents could not protect her from and, because she had never learned to deal with disappointment in her childhood, she was devastated and attempted to take her own life. This may be an over-simplified example, but I believe children need to be taught to deal with unpleasant events throughout their lives. Doing so makes them resilient and better able to cope with the "slings and arrows" that inevitably come in life.

B. H. MurrayNovember 5, 2021

We hear that the Covid vaccines are SAFE and EFFECTIVE. How effective? We were told that the Pfizer vaccine was 95% effective. Now scientific studies from Israel are telling us the Pfizer vaccine is only 42% effective. People are asked to take two vaccines. Then they found out that those who are fully vaccinated can still get Covid and can still spread Covid, and they are still required to wear masks. Now we are also told we will need to get booster shots every 4-6 months. For how many years will we be asked to take boosters every 4-6 months? Do you call that EFFECTIVE? Now let's talk about how SAFE these covid shots are. Between December 14, 2020 and October 15, 2021, there have been 818,044 adverse events reported to VAERS (an arm of the CDC for reporting adverse effects and deaths from the covid vaccines.) There have been 17,128 deaths. 117,399 of the adverse events were serious injuries. VAERS only reports 1% of actual vaccine effects. There were 1,200 cases of myocarditis and pericarditis in 16-24-year olds. The highest rates are in the youngest kids according to Dr. Meryl Nass. Does that sound SAFE to you? Maybe these numbers are considered statistically safe, based on how many millions of doses have been given out, but when little children have a statistical chance of 0% of dying from Covid, why would anyone want to take any kind of a chance on these vaccines? It is impossible to know what their long term effects will be in many areas, including fertility which will matter to these kids in the future.

JessNovember 5, 2021

I think also honest enough is a valid question- the pharmaceutical company making many of these vaccines has just been caught (again) lying about trial safety data. That’s a hard thing to trust when all of the pharmaceutical companies have paid out billions of dollars in criminal fines and settlements because they were intentionally dishonest and bribed doctors, hid or destroyed critical information from safety trials multiple times. That kind of trust once broken is hard to win back- but here again, there is evidence of dishonesty in the all of the clinical safety trials- but especially the pediatric trials. How can we trust not only our health but our children to serial offenders?

Dale TerryNovember 5, 2021

Thank you for publishing an article that asks questions that many parents have about the data and how it is used. Seems like anyone could take the same data sample and justify any result they are looking for.

Lynn JohnsonNovember 5, 2021

I disagree with the analysis. The question is, what would the young woman want if positions were reversed? Would she want to know? If she decides the answer is yes, then she has a moral duty to approach the wife, and try to figure out what the wife wants. So if it were me, I would want to know and so I would approach the wife and at least offer information.

TandartNovember 5, 2021

I'm not sure what the purpose of this doubting opinion is. It sounds like a group of penguins who know a sea leopard is out there, but I won't be the first one into the water. So they wait until one of the community falls or is pushed into the water. Then they know whether the predator is there or not.Or maybe one is there but just not hungry at the moment. When I hire an expert to give me an opinion, I plan on taking that expert's advice. Get the shot or get the virus.

Alan WildNovember 5, 2021

The key thing here is what Fauci said, "Even though the chances of (a child) getting sick and seriously ill are small," This isn't about saving the children. It is about making additional billions for those purveying these troublesome shots, including Fauci himself. It is time to push back.

KevinNovember 5, 2021

I understand what you are saying. And thank you for the article. But could you address the issue of viral mutation if millions of children are allowed to naturally get the virus and build immunity? Aren't we risking this virus mutating into something that the vaccine no longer protects against?

Mary StosichNovember 4, 2021

After reading this article, I feel I have brushed against genius. It is easier to see the demonic in myself and race to visualize the patheticism of my state. Only then am I able to change. Thank you for an interesting and motivating article.

Ronald BarnesNovember 4, 2021

Without going into details, I have had direct confrontations with demons so I have first-hand knowledge of their existence.

lucy casablancaNovember 4, 2021

great article, thanks. I had always heard-read that the freezer method was to freeze 72 hours but you say 2 weeks. can you please clarify? What do you do to avoid food sweatting afterwards and going bad?

Maryann TaylorNovember 4, 2021

What a great article! However, I certainly don't "forget to turn" to the Lord or the scriptures for strength and guidance in family matters, and I have a hard time believing other saints "forget" as well. In fact, I think most of us are praying for our families, relationships, and problems on a regular basis! I have noticed that a lot of Meridian articles have titles that take a somewhat "finger-pointing" approach. It would be nice to have a more positive approach instead of titles that introduce the article with the idea that "You have fallen short here, and it's my job to set you straight!" Instead, let's have faith that most of the Saints are already trying to keep the commandments and to build their faith. The articles in Meridian are very valuable in strengthening that resolve and teaching gospel truths without the assumption that we are always failing.

Maryann TaylorNovember 4, 2021

This is so very timely right now! I believe that discouragement is probably the number #1 way that Satan sneaks into the minds of Latter-day Saints who are truly trying to be righteous. It is ironic that he uses the very gospel that will save us by twisting our perspective into believing the gospel is too hard-- that it is our burden to endure, instead of OUR HOPE! The healing key for me is feeling the love and deep compassion of Christ, manifested to me by the power of the Holy Ghost. It has been revealed to me through reading the Book of Mormon. We can be richly blessed through praying to feel the love of Christ in our hearts.

HelenNovember 4, 2021

A powerful, thought-provoking essay. Thank you.

Patricia WintersNovember 4, 2021


MAbernethyNovember 4, 2021

Excellent. So many thoughts I had never considered. I have one question, why was the casting out of evil spirits such a common part of Jesus' and the apostles' experience and not ours, or as you mention, that of the Book of Mormon peoples? Casting out evil spirits is something we never discuss with regard to our use of the priesthood, neither is there any reference to it in the Handbook of Instructions or previous Priesthood manuals that I'm aware.

KathleenNovember 3, 2021

. . . If I only had a brain!

LexaGraemeNovember 3, 2021

Good story. It must have looked like a parade!

HalNovember 3, 2021

Thank you for this wonderful insight. I, too, have had many "stings" in my life that resulted in wonderful blessings. Some of these "stings'" were so emotionally painful, I thought I would never recover. It is wonderful to have a testimony that we have a loving Father who knows what is best for us even if it is painful and may temporarily leave us wondering why we have to go through such a trial.

Vivian M AdamsNovember 3, 2021

This was a wonderful and instructive article. Thank you so much.

TerryNovember 3, 2021

I feel this article really portrayed those who were interviewed. It was a second witness both of my own struggle and how Heavenly Father spoke to me through it. Even through all the pressure around me, I felt peaceful and knew Heavenly Father gave me time to seek His will and come to understand more fully. It has been a significant, spiritual experience which i will draw on and cherish. I believe in and experience personal revelation and other's right to it as well. What a blessing it is for us to have a prophet who leads us and a Savior who died for us that we may repent and come to know Him better and be like Him!

Beth TeeplesNovember 3, 2021

Thank You for your description of Daniel & Nebuchadnezzar‘s dream. My heart was truly touched. I am so grateful for your insights for they’ve increased my desire to improve the tension I feel between truth and love. You’ve articulated the thoughts I’ve had for many years yet could not put down on paper. You are a fine and brilliant son of God!

Robert CowartNovember 2, 2021

I was baptized in Newport News Virginia in 1961 while serving in the USAF at Langley AFB. A few months later on a Sunday evening at the Sacrament meeting I was sitting in the back of the chapel and for the first time I was singing the words to "Oh My Father".When we came to" in the heavens are parents single,no the thought makes reason stare truth is reason truth eternal tells me I've a Mother there." I was not a person who cries easily but I was so overcome with that truth I started crying and could not stop until the meeting ended. I shall never forget that experience. Robert Cowart

Shauna PetersonNovember 2, 2021

Oh how I wish every Primary child (girls and boys alike) could be taught and internalize this doctrine so that for the next generation of Latter-day-Saints it is not some fringe, hushed doctrine, but an inclusive, valued and implemented culture where all can feel of their divine nature and worth as a child of God(s).

Annie JensenNovember 2, 2021

Nice, thanks.

stevie maireid mckennaNovember 2, 2021

That was a great article and a topic that should be more openly taught in Church. I joined the church when I was 14 and knew it was all true, everything that I learned. However, I began to feel this taboo about speaking of Heavenly Mother. I heard crazy non-sensible reasons why this idea developed. One was that she is so holy that Heavenly Father wanted to shield her from the knowledge of the sins that Her children were committing on earth. That implied that she was such an emotional weakling that knowledge of the sins we commit on earth would devastate her. That isn't a perfect being. There were others just as ludicrous. The fact remains, as you stated, that God or Elohim is the plural form. God is the exaltation of two beings Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother. Thanks for writing about this truth.

RitaNovember 2, 2021

My favorite memory of Halloween was the year my mom and I went to see Disney's "Fantasia". The "Night on Bald Mountain" piece, with its massive demon being overcome and subdued by Christianity, in the form of a line of lantern-bearing priests, the sacred music, and coming of dawn (the Light of Christ), made a huge impression on a 10 year old girl. We were Lutherans at the time, but I don't remember my parents mentioning anything about the Reformation. I left that church a few years later, hunting and searching for the answers neither it, nor any other church I looked at, could provide. When I found the CJCLDS, I again remembered the impressions I'd had as a child. 45 years later, I still love Halloween (I was a wood elf this year), but have an adult's understanding of just how that demon was conquered.

Charles (Russ) NickelNovember 2, 2021

For years I have been talking about Faith vs. Fear. I created sort of a meme where FEAR is an acronym for False Evidence Appearing Real and FAITH is an acronym for Full Acceptance In The Heart. I may not be original in this but I think I am. I'm happy to see your comments.

Bonnie A. CaldwellNovember 2, 2021

I loved this article, McArthur. Thank you for writing and researching this needed perspective. Loved meeting you in Chiang Mai!

Debbi M.November 2, 2021

TY once again for a beautiful and enlightening article! Truth resonates here, and clarifies so many of my thoughts and feelings. I am so thankful that you are willing to speak up and de-mystify so many concepts that our church culture (vs. the Gospel) has muddied. You go, girl! I cannot wait for further truths to be revealed about our Heavenly Mother.

Bonnie CaldwellNovember 2, 2021

Thank you for this article, McArther. It needed to be written!! Loved meeting you in Chiang Mai!!

CBroNovember 2, 2021

Heavenly Mother was essential to bring into existence the First Born, Jehovah, our Savior Jesus Christ. For that first birth there were only the three; Jehovah, Our Heavenly Father, and Our Heavenly Mother. After that I don't know how long it took for all of the rest of the inhabitants the earth to be born. We are all children of our Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother born to them in the same manner as their First Born.

Rita MillerNovember 2, 2021

A beautiful way of thinking. It appears reasonable and right to us, but to the rest of the Christian world, it's a rank h heresy. I have many friends, Baptists, Methodists, and others, who are quite averse to even the thought of God being both male and female. They see it as pagan Goddess worship, especially those who believe in "sola scriptura". Are there any books or articles that address their concerns?

Concerned MemberNovember 2, 2021

Point 1: When this comes up most members are really concerned about the reverence that needs to be shown to all our heavenly relatives. God the Father and Christ have been mocked and denigrated in speech and art for years. It’s not some secret we have a Heavenly Mother or that she has a role. What is more concerning is that members are using this Mother in Heaven approach in other mediums to justify praying and worshiping Heavenly Mother. Several members of my stake are actively praying to Her against the council from modern prophets and Christ himself who taught us how to pray. Additionally it is being used by some more progressive members as a way to say Heavenly Mother sides with me and Heavenly Father is just “Patriarchal”. People are trying a bottoms up approach to revelation and are trying to use this as a hidden catalyst to move members to justify other progressive ideologies. Most members who push this agenda want to change the definition of marriage and have issues with our binary gender construct. Point 2: This is life eternal is to know God the Father and Jesus Christ John 17:3. We barely even know much about God the Father. Our focus should be on Him and His Son. I think 600 references is a stretch as I have read most of the work on this and think writers are using confirmation bias. There are also over 500 references to Bread and 500 references to the Rivers. It doesn’t mean we need to be focusing more attention as a church on Bread and Rivers. We all acknowledge Her existence and believe She has an important role. Exactly what that role is has not been revealed. Heavenly Grandparents and Uncles and Aunts may also play a role. Point 3: Our relationship with Christ should be the focus in this life. Most everything else is a distraction. With all of the “references” you cite we really don’t know much let alone how many Heavenly Mothers we have and that we all derive from the same one. What are Her physical characteristics what does her voice sound like, what is Her role in the Heavens? Is She a member of the Godhead or something else? We really don’t even understand at this point all the implications and details of what God is and the Godhead. Our Mother may play a more intimate role in our lives in the next life but in this life our purpose is to get to know The Father and the Son.

Warren AstonNovember 2, 2021

THANK YOU Meridian Magazine for publishing this excellent reminder of the "other half of Heaven," the Mother of all our spirits, and thank you McArthur for expressing these neglected but infinitely eternal truths so beautifully! My grandchildren have your books introducing our Mother in Heaven at a child's level, but we adults need to keep her in mind every bit as much.

Happy grandmaNovember 2, 2021

Most of us don't live close to our grandchildren, to do such wonderful things. Yes, we have cell phones and texting, but one has to find the time for these events. Not easy when we see them so seldom -- even in the same state. And, their families are so busy, it is hard to find any alone time.

vickieNovember 1, 2021

i didnt read the entire thing but i disagree with conclusions that come to blaming religion for depression. any religion that is. before i ever joined the church i went through my first episode of major depression and anxiety disorder. it was painful and i didnt take medication. i joined the church a few years later. i found that being a member of the church helped me through my depression episodes. i havent had any in a long time. my depression comes from my genetic makeup. my mother had it and i had it and my daughter had it. my mother was a catholic and i know that being a catholic didnt cause her depression. maybe people who suffer from depression are more sensitive and that sensitivity is a good thing because it humbles you to be able to be comforted by the HOly Spirit. My Faith is what sustained me. i thank God every day for being a member of the church.

Laurie PinegarNovember 1, 2021

Great article Diana! Loved this one!

DonnaNovember 1, 2021

Thanks for dispelling this old and inaccurate myth. I only read the article because of the headline. I DID believe Utahns were more depressed, based on that very old and inaccurate info. This is a very encouraging article, and I especially agree with the list of 10 near the end. Thank you!! Very relevant!

Theodore BrandleyNovember 1, 2021

Although there are some reasonable arguments for Christ being married during his mortal ministry I don’t find any of them compelling. What I do find compelling is the following: “The Son can do nothing of himself, but what he seeth the Father do: for what things soever he doeth, these also doeth the Son likewise.” (John 5:19) Jesus was “the only begotten son” of the Father (see John 3:16), so the Father obviously did not have any offspring while He was in mortality. Therefore the Son would not have done so either. Also for the following reasons I do not believe that Jesus was married in mortality: It would have been irresponsible for Him to have done so because He had no home and knew that He would not be around to support His wife nor to raise His children. Jesus was sired by the Father and therefore had the seeds of immortality within him. He gave up His own life, no one took it from Him (John 10:17-18). If Jesus had children in mortality would some of them carry this “immortality gene?” No, that would not happen. On the cross he asked John to take care of His mother but said nothing about a wife or child, who would have been His first responsibility. Jesus obviously was or will be married, but I believe that it was or would be after His resurrection. Perhaps He was sealed to Mary Magdalen during the 40 days He was on the earth subsequent to His resurrection?

James ScottNovember 1, 2021

While I can agree Jesus was married, Jewish custom usually require young men to marry typically arranged by parents. However the idea that there are quarter children of God on the Earth doesn’t make sense. The declaration of generations is covered in Mosiah 15: 10 And now I say unto you, who shall declare his generation? Behold, I say unto you, that when his soul has been made an offering for sin he shall see his seed. And now what say ye? And who shall be his seed? 11 Behold I say unto you, that whosoever has heard the words of the prophets, yea, all the holy prophets who have prophesied concerning the coming of the Lord—I say unto you, that all those who have hearkened unto their words, and believed that the Lord would redeem his people, and have looked forward to that day for a remission of their sins, I say unto you, that these are his seed, or they are the heirs of the kingdom of God. This verse indicates his generation will be AFTER the atoning sacrifice. Having blood children by resurrected individuals is not possible. His children therefore are those believing and worthy followers and covenant keepers and not blood relatives.

Scot ProctorOctober 31, 2021

See the response to the comment above.

Scot ProctorOctober 31, 2021

This is the title from a Non-Latter-day Saint publication.

ChrisOctober 31, 2021

Thank you for sharing this article. We read and hear that His grace is sufficient, but so many of us really don't believe it. But it's true...His grace is sufficient. It's enough, no matter how huge or how small our mistakes and poor choices might be. There is a reason the Savior is referred to as our Healer.. it's because only He can heal our wounds and our brokenness, and He is always willing to do that if only we are willing to allow it.

EneffceeOctober 30, 2021

Amazing! Your question sounds as if I had written it myself. Obviously Dr. Steurer has a stable and working marriage and relationship with his wife and hasn’t experienced the loneliness that develops over years of this type of treatment. I have tried kindness, patience, suggestions and communicating skills for so many years that yes, I finally do feel unloved and unlovable (53 years of marriage) and have given up on having a fulfilling commitment together. My testimony is solid that I am worthwhile in the Savior’s eyes, but it doesn’t preclude the need for human validation and attention from my mate on this side of the veil. At this stage in life I am praying for endurance and long-suffering and a better suited, more compatible partner for the eternities. The Savior’s comfort attends me daily—that’s all I can hope for for now, and am grateful and blessed for that.

Pam BlairOctober 29, 2021

Oh, to have been able to film it all --- alas! Cell phone cameras were still in the future. I laughed - even as I read it for the third time!!! Sugar beets- must have been in my area of Idaho...

Sherelyn CuretonOctober 29, 2021

Thank you both for sharing this great message about this beautiful Temple. I just love listening each week to your Podcasts. They fill my heart with gladness.

Jo Ann OkelberryOctober 29, 2021

Thank you for this article. It was very interesting and informative.

Jo Ann OkelberryOctober 29, 2021

This was so delightful to read. What a family memory!

Maryann TaylorOctober 29, 2021

What a great story--especially for this time of year. My husband I and love walking through cemeteries. As we read the markers, great stories unfold. I think about their experiences, their heartaches, their family ties. Often parents outlived their children. Sometimes it is obvious from the death dates that an epidemic must have raged through the community. Recently we visited a cemetery where many graves were arranged along a circular path. It was a memorial to many men who had lost their lives in fighting a huge fire in that area. Cemeteries are sacred places to us--where people are honored and remembered.

Maryann TaylorOctober 29, 2021

I think you meant "Why are so many of the most influential moms on the internet members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?" Right?

Kary NelsonOctober 29, 2021

Are you serious?!? She asked how to reestablish connection to her self-absorbed husband, and your answer was, "improve your relationship with Jesus Christ and everything will magically fall into place"? What if her self-worth is just fine, what if she already has a strong relationship with Jesus and her Heavenly Parents? Then what? I have read your column for years and generally agree with or learn from your answers, but this one is not helpful at all. It sounds like victim-blaming, and gives NO counsel for connecting with her spouse beyond a vague 'I'm sure you'll figure it out....'

Valerie LuntOctober 29, 2021

I met Jerry in 2009 at the Books for Young Readers Symposium at BYU. Upon hearing of his passing, I got out and hugged my autographed copy of Sam and the Tigers, a wonderful retelling of an old folk tale. He was funny, creative, personable, and definitely nice! So grateful for the opportunity to meet and chat with him.

AdinaOctober 29, 2021

Just a friendly reminder that we are asked to remove "Mormon" from our identity as a church! An interesting article for sure, thank you!!!

Greg RicksOctober 29, 2021

"Clearly, we must work, but what we work for determines if the work is telestial or celestial." This is the best comment in the whole article!

Diane QuistOctober 29, 2021

That’s a funny story. I love how it was written.

SarahOctober 29, 2021

Check out Dr ramani on you tube, she may also help you see if this is the type of relationship you are in and give you some tools.

Celeste TipianiOctober 29, 2021

That was an interesting article you wrote. Thank you for sharing your experiences. Wow, I bet that was incredibly painful when you got stung by that stingray. I had a similar situation with the housing situation and we bid on this house and so hopeful we would get it, but that did not happen. I was so disappointed when our bid was turned down. But we ended up building our home and that turned out to be the best thing we did. This was 28 years ago and I am grateful we did not get that original house that we wanted. Sometimes greater blessings come if we just be patient!

Maryann TaylorOctober 28, 2021

I LOVE the Harry Potter books and there are so MANY good lessons in them--love and loyalty to friends, importance of family relationships, the quest for learning and growing, personal sacrifices to bless others, and on and on. I highly recommend them.

Maryann TaylorOctober 28, 2021

I would be less concerned about stepping on the ex-husband's toes and more concerned about what strong actions to take to protect the children from his possible continued addiction to pornography. It would be a very good idea for the wife to consult a lawyer regarding what legal actions she can take IF the ex is still engaging in this kind of behavior. She might also seek out professional counsel regarding how to engage her children in conversation regarding this subject so that they will be able to open up and tell her what goes on at dad's house.

Helmut Worle (native of Germany; adopted, by naturalization, U.S. citizen)October 28, 2021

I realize this may sound petty, but I must offer a small correction: One can adopt a country for the purpose of citizenship, but one cannot adopt a country to become a native of it. The word native means the place you were born. You can be a native Swede, but if you were not born in Sweden no amount of love or affinity will make you a native of that country. It would violate grammar.

JON COOPEROctober 28, 2021

Ty, Thank you for a tremendous insight into this topic and situation. A key word you used to help understand each of these positions is 'empathy'. This is an incredibly difficult emotion to develop since it requires the individual to do what you suggested: try to understand where the other person is coming from to then better show forth greater love. All this without sacrificing truth. I feel this is obtainable through the influence of the Holy Ghost as we try to love and serve one another. Thank you for a great article.

Melanee PhillipsOctober 28, 2021

I've always loved Jerry Pinkney's beautiful books...his kindness makes it even better.

Carol AnnOctober 28, 2021

Where and what time will you be in Herriman, UT, on Nov. 9th? What exactly will you be addressing?

SharOctober 28, 2021

I agree with Kenny. It's truly an attack the closer you get to Salt Lake. I appreciate the deep dive into the data. I do feel Utah has a preoccupation with body image-which is unfortunate. I never felt it was the teachings of the church about women but rather the increase of problems with pornography. If I remember correctly a few years back Utah declared pornography a health crisis or something like that. Even though the cause of pornography use or addiction isn't due to inadequate appearances of husbands/wives/significant others Satan's war is to try to convince us otherwise. I see the attacks of Satan when I drive the freeway in Salt Lake. I appreciate this post but still have such a heart for those (including myself) who struggle with body image.

CarolOctober 28, 2021

I would love to have the phrase: " Well done, thou good and faithful servant". Matt25:21 used for my funeral.

MeridenOctober 28, 2021

Will Deseret Book be carrying this book?

Michele NoelOctober 28, 2021

This is a well thought out article yet the statement that ‘sexual addiction is rare’ is completely out of line. I have been highly involved with LDS Addiction Recovery for a decade. The resources referenced on that issue defy reality. In the trenches of this work we do a terrible disservice to addicts and those who love them when we minimize the realities of this plague. Bishops and Stake Presidents are being overwhelmed by the volume of need for COMPETENT 12 step groups and professional counselors. See Elder Hollands 2016 address to the Utah Coalition Against Pornography. The ideas regarding developing a shame-free environment in our homes is right on and we would do well to employ them in our wards and stakes. Please a see Dr. Donald L. Hilton Jr. fantastic book He Restoreth My Soul.

CoreyOctober 27, 2021

I appreciate your well written article and your emphasis on being Christ like no matter the situation. I personally received the vaccine but only because the Pfizer was available, I have a brother who has not had it and his company which is also the same company I just retired from has given them until the 1st week of December, so 35 yrs of service may just get thrown out the door for him but he believes the principle is greater to stand up for. I have great concerns about the vaccine for anybody under twelve, there is just not enough long term data. Can you imagine the outcry if schools/universities required testing for venereal disease or AIDS or required HPV vaccinations even though statistically they could show a need. Federal Law prohibits any employer from not only discriminating because of religion but they can't even bring it up but they are able now because of Covid to ask for a document which basically shows your religion ?

CoreyOctober 27, 2021

There are more plastic surgeons per capita along the Wasatch Front than anywhere else in the nation.

James RawsonOctober 27, 2021

I enjoyed your article on repentance! Reminds me of the three years I worked with prisoners at the Utah State prison! At that time I was teaching 20 of them all former LDS who were serving time for murder! We were all involved in the family history research program called name extraction and this group extracted hundreds of thousands of names of our black brothers and sisters! One prisoner with whom I worked was in for life! One night he received a dream from one of his ancestors that his temple work needed to be done. Over a period of time he compiled the names I’ve nearly 45,000 of his ancestors and submitted them for temple work! One day when President Kimball and his counselor who was over all of the prisons housing LDS and former LDS members was visiting with him and he asked the prophet will the Lord ever forgive me and his answer to this good man was you have been and are a Savior on Mount Zion for your ancestors! To me personally, There is no doubt in my mind that the Lord forgives all who truly repent of their sins no matter the gravity!

KaryOctober 27, 2021

I would suggest reading the book, "Jacob, a brief theological introduction", by Deidre Nicole Green (published by the Neal A. Maxwell Institute). In chapter 3 she discusses Jacob and Sherem and has a different take on this topic, which, honestly, I find far more inspirational and in keeping with Jacob's Christlike personality. Highly recommend this book--and all of the books in this series! They are very insightful..

Kenny MazzantiOctober 27, 2021

Drive north or south on I.15 in the Salt Lake City area, and you will see more billboards advertising various forms of body sculpting, surgical enhancements of female body parts, facelifts, and "youthful" regeneration than on the rest of the entirety of I.15 in CA, NV, ID or MT.

MaryOctober 27, 2021

Thank you for this thoughtful and well articulated response to a perpetuation of a stereotype. And let’s continue our individual and collective journey to honor our divine natures in creating love, truth and beauty in all dimensions of our lives as Latter-day Saint women.

SHOctober 27, 2021

I am not from Utah but do have family there. I do always feel bombarded when I enter Utah --the closer to Salt Lake I get the more bombarded I get with billboards promoting plastic surgery. I appreciate the breakdown of data here. But I have always assumed Utah had a bigger problem. My assumption (which is just that: an assumption) has always been not that teachings of women in the church lead to this infatuation with appearance, but the increase in problems with pornography. I do think these two things are related. While a husband/ viewing pornography does not have anything to do with a woman's appearance or "lack" in any way, women can still feel as though that's the case. Satan can lead women astray with the implications that they are not enough.

conOctober 27, 2021

one of the culprits resulting in osteoporosis is refined foods, especially 'healthy' vegetable oils, probably worse than candy. "eat foods as close to the way God made them as possible." Ezra Taft Benson

KathyOctober 27, 2021

I love labeling life's disappointments as 'stings' that often bring forth greater blessings.

Sally SmithOctober 26, 2021

I was thrilled when I heard the announcement if a temple in Ephraim. Being from Manti I was also somewhat surprised. But then I said to myself, "The Lord has great things in store for these two historical towns in the bosom of the great state of Utah

Margaret TOctober 26, 2021

When Bishop Causse talked in our stake conference recently, he said something to the effect: "When we keep our covenants, the Lord will bring to pass His plan for us--not necessarily our plan, but His plan." I couldn't help but think of that when reading your insightful article. Thank you for sharing.

Linda WillisOctober 26, 2021

I have read this article 3 times and appreciated the fact that both Meridian Magazine and LDS Living posted it. I have also listened to Ty's podcast on the same topic. It strikes the balance of truth and love and calls upon all of us to do better and be better. It brings comfort to my soul to know that Doctrine and Love can live together in our minds, hearts, and lives perfectly.

Paul l ChappellOctober 26, 2021

I have always cherished and honored Christopher Columbus. Sad that others don't believe the truth. One fact that is missing, that helped restore the gospel, is he didn't rely on a sexton and the stars, but his compass. Magnetic north back then and increasingly now, isn't aligned with true north. If he had sailed due west, he'd have landed on the eastern seaboard of the US. He ended up sailing in a more south westerly direction, I feel, so that English law could be established here, not the civil or Roman law of the Spaniards. Because of his discovery, more people who used a sexton, from the UK, claimed and settled what became the US and Canada.

Robert D StarlingOctober 26, 2021

Thanks Mariah, for these inspired insights. My wife tripped and did a "face plant" on concrete last year which was quite painful, but the X-rays taken in the ER revealed a dime-sized cancerous tumor in her lungs that surgery removed. It could have easily grown undetected without that "sting". And 25 years ago I lost a great job in Los Angeles, but that loss made me "available" for a much better job in Utah so we could "escape" from LA. Indeed, as the title of a book that my daughter helped write says, "God's gifts to us sometimes come wrapped in sandpaper". And as Garth Brooks' song says, "sometimes I thank God for unanswered prayers".

PattiOctober 26, 2021

Oh yes our loving God,after descending below All things stands with us,in our trials and our pain to give us His grace to be healed,lifted and to be above where we were! Oh Praise and Gratitude to our all powerful, yet gracious, Savior and King!

Linda WOctober 26, 2021

Very insightful! Thank you for sharing your experiences so that others can learn.

Mauga TuiotiOctober 26, 2021

Thank you, I love reading articles from your site, always appreciate what I learn from your megazine

JustinOctober 26, 2021

The FDA knew of a large number of adverse side effects of the vaccine BEFORE approval as shown in a presentation given Oct 22, 2020. Look on youtube for a presentation called "Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee - 10/22/2020" Go to 2:33:40 (2 hours 33 minutes and 35 seconds.... the slide will go by in less than a half a second at the 40 second mark). There are 22 separate bulleted items.

Kat ColtonOctober 25, 2021

Thank you so much for your meaningful and helpful analysis. I think you are really on to a critical thought here that helps me to step out of much of the confusion around this topic swirling in my head and see how I can do better to balance this tension between love and law.

C ShielddOctober 25, 2021

As an incesr survivor, myself, I understand her initial disdain and feelings of betrayal. It took thousands of dollars and hours of various forms of therapy, but after 10 years, I was blessed with the miracle of forgiveness. The vitriol I harbored for my perpetrator wasn't doing anything to him, but was literakly destroying me. Once that burden was lifted, I got my Self back and felt so much freer and lighter! Forgiveness is a the ultimate gift for the forgiver....

Kerry FarrOctober 25, 2021

Thank you so much Ty. This is the best article I have ever read on this subject. I feel I have a much better understanding of what is going on and how to react to it.

Rhoda AndersonOctober 25, 2021

Excellent points to ponder-- thank you for these words!

Dave HansenOctober 25, 2021

I've always been curious why Christians believe baptism for the dead is a heretical principle. They have come up with dozens of reasons that it is not of God in order to protect their beliefs. I wonder if they think those early people who Paul said practiced it were Christians, or heathens???

MaureenOctober 25, 2021

Interesting article. My brother swears by pickle juice for nighttime leg cramping. The role of vitamin K, however, is not to prevent blood clotting but to promote it. Big diff.

MargieOctober 25, 2021

Seek a sealing cancellation as soon as your divorce is final. If you are turned down, insist on meeting personally with higher priesthood leaders. If necessary, seek a meeting with the president of the church. Too often, men in this situation try to spin the story to their children, keeping false hopes alive. Too often they use the continued existence of the sealing to try to exercise unrighteous dominion in the lives of their ex-wives. Insist on actual freedom from all ties to him. Do not feel you need to be civil to your former friend. She is a scumbag and you owe her nothing. And she can be told that. I found the longer I exercised restraint, the more my ex-husband's new wife felt she had done nothing wrong. Sometimes sin needs to be labeled and called out.

Stephen AllredOctober 24, 2021

Excellent, authoritative, highly educational article. Thank you for sharing.

Corey dinsdaleOctober 24, 2021

That's almost a Patrick McManus story. Loved it. I grew up in a small town and can relate to this story. In fact the farmer who we borrowed his tractor more than once and long since passed away was President Nelson's first wife Danzel's brother.

Mary J BellOctober 24, 2021

Thanks so much Pattie. Isn't it wonderful to know this?! We are truly never alone.

DJOctober 23, 2021

Thanks for your thoughtful analysis on current research of both COVID vaccine and some general history of medical treatments and protocols of the past. I remain cautiously optimistic and received both doses of COVID vaccine, but understand others hesitancy for themselves and/or for their children.

A. BinghamOctober 23, 2021

I would extend this excellent, very well thought out and rational argument to ALL healthy individuals considering the jab or who are considering boosters. Not just small children.

Darla MillerOctober 23, 2021

Wow--what an amazing story. My testimony & love for the Lord has increased. Thank you.

Fishing PharmacistOctober 23, 2021

As a retired pharmacist, the points the author makes about Prozac and other drugs are accurate. We are still receiving updated information about whether or not to use aspirin, which has been with us longer than anyone now alive. However and though I am no vaccine expert either, polio vaccine came out when I was in elementary school, and I am grateful my parents and the school made sure I was vaccinated. I have a friend who still suffers from childhood polio as have multitudes of other children who were infected during my childhood years. My inclination is to advise that my grandchildren receive the Covid-19 vaccine when it is approved. In this case, I have greater faith in the scientists and epidemiologists than the anti-vaccers.

Robin R. FosterOctober 22, 2021

I was drawn to this article. I can testify that our Father wants more from us. His Son as paved the way. I know that prayer is important. It has been brought to me many blessings, but from reading your article, prayer if done right opens us up to all our Father has for us.

DougieOctober 22, 2021

She was hurt and did well to forgive. But her daughter? The one who was actually abused? No mention of her. Let’s hear the “rest of the story”.

AwakeOctober 22, 2021

In the 80's there was plenty of youth and adults coming out and they were not committing suicide in or out of the church or any other community to the degree it's happening now. Why? This has far more to do with social media and the disconnect it has caused everyone in familial and community relationships. There is an anger out there, between progressives and conservatives, that can not be squelched as each side blames the other for the massive problems in society and our youth today. Both sides of the issue have valid arguments. There is so much more going on, that can not be seen or discerned, than anything to do with the LGBQ community or LDS community or any other community. This is a spiritual war like no other we've encountered in our lifetimes and the battle is for souls and it's real.

Love your neighborOctober 22, 2021

The thing that frustrated many about those who refuse to be vaccinated is that they also refuse to wear a mask or do anything that would protect others and prevent the spread. I would have no problem if those who are not vaccinated were doing their part to limit the spread but generally they are not. I caught Covid in February before I was eligible to be vaccinated. I was being extremely careful but the person I caught it from was being less careful and those around him were not careful at all. We had the chance to choose to help each other and beat this but instead we had division and personal rights above personal responsibility or love of neighbor. When the public chooses to not be responsible it is the job of public health to protect the vulnerable. We had our chance to beat it together, but by our own selfish choices now we get mandates.

CarmaOctober 22, 2021

So was Dorothy sealed to her former partner or was he sealed to someone else? If she wasn’t sealed to him, did she remarry?

Penelope JohnsonOctober 21, 2021

When we covered that story of the prophesied meeting and laying of the cornerstone last week in Institute we were taken back in memory and spirit to that time when you recounted the story on our family history trip and once more were moved by those circumstances. Thank you. Penelope and Kent Johnson

Robert S. PrinceOctober 21, 2021

I was greatly blessed to serve I’m the Central German Mission (Düsseldorf) under President Walter H. Kindt in 1979-72. He was, and remains, a tremendous influence in my life. Those of us who served under President Kindt grew to love and deeply respect President and Sister Kindt. We also forged a wonderful brotherhood that continues to this day. Thanks for publishing this short account of some of the many faith-building events of President Kindt’s life. Much, much more could be written. Walter Kindt truly was a remarkable, inspired servant of the Lord and a valiant leader who gave his entire life to build the Kingdom of God on the earth.

LexaGraemeOctober 21, 2021

Um, yeah. That'll wake you up!

LetThereBeLoveOctober 20, 2021

Thank You! Especially your last paragraph. . . THANK YOU!

John R CarpenterOctober 20, 2021

Fascinating and intriguing leading to suggestion of the possibility.

AnonymousOctober 20, 2021

I appreciate your points while believing you are missing much in the education of those who are refusing the vaccine. I have not nor will ever get it. There is MUCH that is sinister about this politically derived issue as well as the medical powers that be.

Susan RowlandOctober 19, 2021

Really liked the statement, “ he had firmly placed his feet on the pathway of discovery , connection, and preservation.

KathleenOctober 18, 2021

You always deliver truth through entertaining stories!

Danna MabeyOctober 17, 2021

Loved reading about this faithful missionary on this quiet Sunday evening.

M. JayOctober 17, 2021

I grew up when Christopher Columbus was still honored and revered. My questions are: How and why has the revisionist version been allowed to flourish unchallenged all these years, with hardly a noticeable rebuttal? Where did all the real historians go? And how did revisionism take over in the schools? It's still happening!

David BellOctober 17, 2021

Wonderful story. What a courageous faithful man!

Julie ScottOctober 15, 2021

How blessed I was, as a youth, to listen to Br. Kindt many, many times. What a powerful testimony! I remember hanging on to every word and wishing he would speak even longer. What a kind, humble servant of the Lord. The Lord truly used him as an instrument to bless countless lives!

Tom WoodOctober 15, 2021

Another great lesson, Breck. I enjoyed that you pointed out that our sacrifices and positive efforts are counted to our good even if we ultimately don't achieve a final success in what we are engaged. You also make a clear and convincing case for paying our tithes. Thanks for another uplifting and insightful lesson.

MarkOctober 15, 2021

I've found that when I don't fight my unwanted thoughts but don't feed them either, I quickly overcome them. When intrusive thoughts come you can mentally look at them without indulging them. I've found that when I do that they just go away after a few seconds. Maybe your over-concern and self-condemnation about this are what keeps you locked in on these thoughts you really don't want to have.

Shirley BradfordOctober 15, 2021

Thank you for this article telling of what they do with money donated to the humanitarian aid. I give each month to it, along with my tithing, but never hear of where it goes or what good it does..

Lynette SmithOctober 15, 2021

Thank you so much for this beautiful story of the life of my mission president. I served in the Central German Mission (Dusseldorf) mission from 1970 - 1972. Elder Rudolf Poecker, who is also mentioned became the mission president after Pres. Kindt was released.

Connie SchraderOctober 15, 2021

Thank you for writing about this truly amazing man. It is inspiring and so uplifting to read about his courage and faith.

JeanOctober 15, 2021

Thank you for sharing Walter Kindt's story. It was amazing and faith stirring. My testimony is increased just reading about the times that the Lord came and helped him.

Truth will shineOctober 15, 2021

Great article. I would add that not all gloominess is because we don’t have the spirit. “ Remember that gloominess does not come from God; it is evidence that we are not hearing His voice.” It’s actually a very sad thing to teach people. Depressed people feel gloomy sometimes and it’s not because they are not “hearing his voice”. Please study into depression and be more educated about it.

RobynOctober 15, 2021

Kevin Thanks for your cleverness in a world that is becoming so dour.

Jim ScottOctober 15, 2021

Not many of us understand the kind of fear Brother Kindt has experienced. Thank you for sharing your testimony and the faith in the Lord. God bless you.

Nancy JolleyOctober 15, 2021

This would make a great movie! What a wonderful man!!

Jan HathawayOctober 14, 2021

CTR also means Current Temple Recommend❣

John WaitingOctober 14, 2021

A wonderful, heart warming article Thank you for letting us know about the Saints in Russia. Hope all is well with the Stoddard families

Jo Ann OkelberryOctober 14, 2021

This is such a positive and uplifting article.

Daphne KessingerOctober 14, 2021

This was such an outstanding & warm telling of Russian Stake president, Boris Leostrin's pathway to the gospel, spiritual experiences & church service & leadership...making Russia not so foreign to me anymore. Thank you, dear cousin,, Mark

Dick K NantoOctober 13, 2021

Is cooking the same for steel cut oats?

Drexel GuzyOctober 13, 2021

Thank you for this outstanding article. I've done research on this myself, and reached the same conclusions, but your summary is much better than mine. I'm grateful this is in a format I can share with others and help them know the real Columbus, too.

CASOctober 13, 2021

Carolyn, This is very timely and wise counsel. The question is as always: Who will heed it?

Shelley T MerrillOctober 13, 2021

Such a timely article! Thank you so very much!

LewisOctober 12, 2021

What a beautiful way to bring conference to life. I am always so touched by your insights and perspective. I feel grateful for every article!

Debbi M.October 12, 2021

This article brought me to tears. It moved me to ponder on my daughter, Amber's, death nearly one year ago, from metastatic breast cancer. I had spent that last morning with her at the hospital arranging hospice care because she wanted to go home so badly. Covid at that time limited visitors to one at a time, and our family/friends had a schedule, by the hour, as to who would go and keep her company. She had decided the night before that she could no longer tolerate any more chemotherapy, it no longer worked, and she was in much pain. She asked me how long I thought it would take for her to go, and I had no answer, but told her it should be soon. I didn't tell her I was watching all the signs of imminent death--the feverish head but cold extremities, yet she was still conscious, which amazed me. She fought to the very end. I had to leave--I knew her sister was waiting in the RER for me to leave so she could come up and I had been there a few hours. Within 10 minutes of me getting home, her sister called and said the nurses were frantically rushing around Amber. Amber took one last breath, and was gone. At least her baby sister was with her. The part of this article that resonated with me was the word, sanctification. I truly felt my time with Amber that morning was sanctified. I could do nothing for her but to love her and be with her, and it was holy, as it was when all of us were in her room after her passing--her parents, her four siblings, her two children and her fiancé. We were allowed in, despite the Covid scare, and it was a time that I will always remember.

Lisa RhodesOctober 12, 2021

How truly and simply expressed and illustrated, Becky. We learn lessons in different ways, in different places, through different relationships but the message of love and forgiveness and redemption are the common thread. Thank you for this sweet lesson!

Sherri WilcoxOctober 12, 2021

Thank you so much for sharing your experience. So touching!

Debbie MoldenhauerOctober 12, 2021

Your tender experience of going the extra mile even in the dark while not safe has touched my heart. Sacrifice has so much power and must be taught as a true sanctifier, Thank you for sharing this divine example of pure love given so willingly! When we can strive to live this law willingly and longingly we will all change and become HIS! Your example is inspiring and is a powerful reminder of small and simple things we can do daily that will perpetuate great things coming to pass!

Kay RookhuyzenOctober 12, 2021

Your story made me cry with joy at your simple offering of love and how it affected those who received it. Really made me thinkg. Thank you!!

Ron HansenOctober 12, 2021

An essential truth, without which we will not progress. "Mother Teresa had expressed an eternal truth. It truly didn’t matter how much we did. It was the love that was the healing power!" And what a touching story to illustrate that. Thank you for sharing your insight and love of what can be done in any and every part of the world.

Ted D.October 12, 2021

A wonderful example of living the second great commandment. Forgive me if I paraphrase the wrong author, but I think it was Sis. Eubanks that said serving others is the very DNA of what it means to be a member of Christ’s church.

JaLeen ColeOctober 12, 2021

So so beautiful. Thanks for your example to this beautiful experience. I am so touched by the story and what you have shared.

DJOctober 11, 2021

Thanks for sharing this account of a faithful leader and his wife. It's given me a clearer insight into their trials and faith.

E. RobinsonOctober 11, 2021

yes, I would also like a copy of the book

Marlene Hinton, PhDOctober 10, 2021

Excellent scholarship in a profoundly confused world. Many of Columbus' truly remarkable diaries/letters are available on the internet as are his son's journals. As a history teacher I share portions of Columbus' own writings in hopes that students will learn truth. I appreciate this refreshingly accurate view of a great and noble soul. Thank you.

Allison TullisOctober 10, 2021

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’m a history major and wrote my final paper on Columbus so I have studied him at great length and I found the same things you did. It makes me sick how revisionist historians have tainted his image. His day has also been renamed to be more politically correct, which is wrong. I hope more people read this and see the true man.

RonOctober 10, 2021

Thank you for your research and offering your findings to help unveil truth and light!

Chuck McClureOctober 10, 2021

I have always honored Christopher Columbus as a great and God honoring man. Over the years I have witnessed the changes being made to denigrate, using presentism, the heroes of my youth. Thank you for this wonderful article and for adding such details that I had not previously heard. This is an amazing presentation!

Beth PowellOctober 9, 2021

I was bewildered by quotes from sources used by revisionist historians and the vehemence of arguments offered by some loved ones vilifying Christopher Columbus. I am grateful that Brother Callister did the research and provided actual history and correct view of Columbus as a deeply inspired disciple of Jesus Christ. I am also grateful for the Book of Mormon reference and the quote from President Hinckley. It is so sad that many in the rising generation believe what is increasingly taught in universities and colleges and even in the elementary grades, revisionist history and falsehoods contained in it.

BeraOctober 9, 2021

The Lord really does choose men and women to further His work in spite of their weaknesses. I thoroughly enjoyed this article and am inspired. Thank you.

Mary JaneOctober 9, 2021

Wonderful article! so glad to read many of the testimonies and facts about Columbus and his true character. I grow weary at times with presentism and revisionists in our society...people in general don't take the time to study and research the truth.

Howard & Rosalie Madsen PiersonOctober 9, 2021

Thank you, Bro. Callister, for this timely article on the Real Christopher Columbus! (Columbus Day Oct 12) We appreciate your research into the real events and inspiration of his travels.

John R CarpenterOctober 9, 2021

A nicely done and well cited article!

MaryOctober 9, 2021

Are primary sources from the natives available? Would be interesting know their perspective

Sonya WashburnOctober 8, 2021

Thank you for teaching us the truth about Columbus...what a great man. We need to defend him and teach our children the truth. Instead of allowing character assassination to thrive.

Gary AndersonOctober 8, 2021

Thank you for this wonderful article! I appreciate knowing the truth about the character of Christopher Columbus.

Jo Ann OkelberryOctober 8, 2021

Thank you so much for this article. It is so informative and interesting. Always follow the sources.

JanOctober 8, 2021

I have read some of the history that revisionist have written and so appreciate this article that disclaims their writings of Christopher Columbus. Thank you for this insightful and true article. I can see why some would try to rewrite history of Christopher Columbus . Perhaps the validation of their narrative views gives them more public exposure to discount those who try to follow what God would have them do. May we all have courage to stand up and recognizeTruth.


No body ever mentions Joseph's dog! an English Bull Mastiff that was there with him. When he slept the dog remained awake and visa versa. Old Major a white English Bull Mastiff was given to him in Zions camp. A professor has written an essay about evidently. God bless Joseph and Old Major.

Michael FryeOctober 8, 2021

In 1977 Peter Marshall and David Manuel published an inspiring work, "The Light and the Glory," with the first two chapters devoted to Columbus. Since that time I have always retained the blessed memory of Christopher Columbus and am grateful for another confirming voice of this great man.

John R CarpenterOctober 8, 2021

Those who view the past with only "modern" perceptions of thier culture and ethnicity are naive. Those revisionaist historians who for profit or political reasons do the same thing a true racist and bigotted people. We must see and understand the past from their eyes and their artififacts. Only then can we see the truth and learn the lessons of the past. This to prevent making the same mistakes they made unintenionally or not.

Theodore BrandleyOctober 8, 2021

To the revisionist, the object of converting the natives to Christianity would be as bad or worse than enslaving them.

Dave MOctober 8, 2021

Thanks for this thoughtful and much needed article. One can only wonder how different the world would be if, after finishing his work in the Americas, Columbus had been able to turn his attention to the Middle East and Asia.

Rochelle HaleOctober 8, 2021

Thank you. I hope many people on "both" sides of opinion will read your timely, and well-researched article. In our world of presentism, we must be careful about applying today's standards to change what did or didn't happen long ago.

ShaunaOctober 8, 2021

Wonderful--thank you

Rob RackerOctober 8, 2021

I Anyone reading this article would enjoy a book written about Christopher Columbus entitled “Man Among the Gentiles”, by Clark Hinckley. While Clark and his wife Kathy were serving as Mission President in Spain several years ago, they became very interested to do extensive research and learned how CC was an instrument in God’s hands in being inspired to go against prevailing superstition and fear in sailing west to find the orient. CC was a spiritual and visionary man and not a conqueror or aggressive administrator, as he is currently portrayed by politically correct and revisionist historians as Bro. Callister has pointed out. I’ve read Clark’s book twice and it is an easy, inspiring read, by a well educated man who, while not a historian (which is a good thing, given the leftist bias and prejudice prevalent in that field of the humanities) and would appeal to most Latter Day Saints, who accept the divinity of the Book of Mormon’s origin and message. Obviously I highly recommend it.

Gale E PhillipsOctober 8, 2021

I very much enjoyed this excellent article. As a high school US history teacher, I found that almost without exception, students came to me believing the revisionist view of Columbus. They had acquired it both in elementary and secondary school from teachers who had also learned it in school and college. Columbus, is sadly, just one of many historical figures who have been maligned by history.

HalOctober 8, 2021

Thank you so much for this insightful article. In years past, my children had school teachers (one in particular) who consistently and persistently maligned Christopher Columbus (as well as our nation's founding fathers). I complained to this teacher and the principal that the things the teacher was presenting to the students was unfair and decidedly biased against Columbus. I had enough historical ammunition to support my arguments, but I wish I had the details of this article at the time. I am grateful for anyone with the courage to stand up for these good people who did so much for the founding of our nation.

Nate wixomOctober 8, 2021

Thank you for your research which appears honest, balanced and accurately depicts an imperfect yet honorable Columbus. #AbolishCancelCulture

Fawnette BaldwinOctober 8, 2021

This article is wonderful. I learned so much more about Columbus than I ever knew before. He was a great and good man. Thank you for making this story possible.

JAN NIELSENOctober 6, 2021

Thanks you for your thoughtful article. It helped me understand the conflict that seems to be happening at BYU. Grateful for Elder Holland and his love for all and for his concern for BYU's future.

Jo Ann OkelberryOctober 6, 2021

This is a very thoughtful and well written article. I listened to Elder Holland's talk, and I agree with him. I know that he spent hours praying about what he was to say, and I know that the Lord backs him. There are those who are attracted to children. Are those people also waiting for a revelation saying that it is in God's Plan of Salvation for their attraction to children be inclusive and all right? We all have challenges in our lives. We are here to overcome them.

BrookeOctober 6, 2021

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I read the transcript of the Faith Matters podcast after seeing much positive buzz surrounding that particular discussion, but I have been unable to adequately articulate my thoughts about it. You have done it here for me, and I am grateful for your gift. Thank you again.

PennieOctober 6, 2021

Thank you for a well thought out article on this subject and the Faith Matters Podcast. I was disturbed when I first listened to it, and my discomfort has not lessened. Korihor comes to mind. These people are teaching false doctrine just as surely as he did.

Caroline againOctober 6, 2021

I made a comment on Faith Matters after this podcast saying that I thought it was a wee bit too much trying to please God without offending the devil.

CarolineOctober 6, 2021

I appreciate this article and am going to read it more carefully. I'm preparing to teach Relief Society this week--the topic is Elder Gong's April Conference talk-- "Room in the Inn" which addresses "making a place of grace and space" and "we come to the Inn (the Church) as we are". It occurred to me that, while the Church is indeed welcoming and invites ALL to come unto Christ, we have a responsibility, as "guests" to behave ourselves in Someone else's Home--to respect our Host (I'm capitalizing these words deliberately) and the "rules of the house", and to not be a picky eater when the Host has prepared His very best for us.

Candy Lee HuntOctober 6, 2021

So well said. Thank you for the time you took to delineate in words the troubling feelings I also felt when I listened to this podcast.

Alan WildOctober 6, 2021

This interview is what caused me to stop listening to Faith Matters podcasts. Elder Holland was very gentle in quietly correcting certain matters at BYU. Of course the LGBTQ group is having a huge negative reaction. To me part of what I heard in that podcast is that LGBTQ is a reasonable alternative lifestyle, rather than being wrong. That will never be true. Kindly allowing for those unfortunate leanings in one thing-accepting that behavior as acceptable is quite another. So no, Elder Holland was not in error in anything he said.

Barry MooreOctober 5, 2021

Had a similar impact on me when I first read it years ago. Piece of trivia for you-- the book played a supporting role in the 2017 movie "The Case for Christ."

JuliannOctober 5, 2021

That is incredible!

LexaGraemeOctober 5, 2021

This May just be my favorite story of yours, out of years of favorite stories. As someone whose life has been directly touched by war, this touches me, too. Thank you.

LexaGraemeOctober 5, 2021

“ she gradually drove through, out of Egypt, to the promised land of open highway”—what great imagery. And the rest of it, as well. In his mouth?! Oh no!

LexaGraemeOctober 5, 2021

Marvelous! I am sharing this one with my students. Thank you for your wonderful stories.

LexaGraemeOctober 5, 2021

Dr Peterson, thank you. I found this very interesting. You have inspired me to look up Habermas’ writings. I will bookmark this for a time when I will teach about the Resurrection, as well.

BlakeOctober 5, 2021

Thank you for writing this article. It was very well done. I actually had grappled with getting the Vaccine all along and had made the decision not to. There was a distinct moment during conference when I felt the Spirit say to me, it's time to do it. It was a sure witness to me. So I made the appointment and got it on Monday afternoon. Then I saw this article a few hours later, and it reassured me that I wasn't pressured or wishy washy by doing it. I followed a sure prompting to do it even though I had previously decided otherwise. I appreciate seeking and receiving inspiration for ones self, and an article encouraging that.

JoJean LoflinOctober 4, 2021

I’m fearful that “reconstruction” of the Provo Temple wii mean that they plan to ogdenify it. That would be heartbreaking. The Provo Temple is wonderfully unique.

JoeyOctober 4, 2021

The announcement of new temples is always a thrill for Latter Day Saints everywhere. I hope I live long enough to hear the prophet announce a temple in Dublin, Ireland. We are working so hard to prepare Irish names. I would love to know the work could be done in an Irish temple.

Linda WillisOctober 4, 2021

Maurine, Thank you for so quickly linking the various bold and not so subtle messages of the Brethren pleading with us to stay the course and even up our game! You and Scot are such fine examples of teaching pure doctrine and helping others on the path.

Ann StruthersOctober 4, 2021

Oh my goodness, I got goosebumps!! What a beautiful song and voice.

Mark J. StoddardOctober 4, 2021

A very flowing and interesting summation of General Conference. Highlights are tough to do but you did it! Read it several times. So much to absorb.

Mary-Rose McMullinOctober 4, 2021

If love to use these, but these links aren't live.

CarolOctober 4, 2021

True in sports and in life!

CarolOctober 4, 2021

Thank you for posting these, they are such a great way to share the gospel messages of Conference in beautiful way.

Sydney WheadonOctober 4, 2021

Beautiful in message and music! Thank you for this!

leeOctober 2, 2021

Works are fruits of your faith. You are saved ONLY by faith through grace alone.

RhianOctober 2, 2021

Those were, indeed, memorable, meaningful stories. Thanks for your sharing!

RustyOctober 1, 2021

I read this somewhere but know it is true. There is only one Truth - all the rest is perception

WaltSeptember 30, 2021

I have not had covid. I've not taken any of the vaccines, and am not planning to get vaccinated. I realize Heavenly Father is in charge. Recently, it's reported on the Medicare website that about 50,000 of those on Medicare have died within 14 days after being vaccinated. The natural death rate of covid is about 1/2 of 1%, very small. While I'm not ready to leave this world, I'm not in charge--God is. So I'll obviously go when He wants me to. I don't want to be pushed by the drug pushers.

Bob TaylorSeptember 30, 2021

nice article. there are other groups working to identify Lost Tribe peoples - here's one

David TryonSeptember 30, 2021

If God tells you NO once you should not keep asking and demanding a yes. Brother Joseph learned that lesson the hard way and shared it in the D&C. And you should respect the feelings and personal revelations of others.

Debra MSeptember 30, 2021

A very thoughtful article- but I did have one point that stuck me--the part about two people sitting in the temple and both being worthy. Since I have been vaccinated as a protection to myself and others, I am not sure I would be comfortable sitting to someone I knew to be unvaccinated. Maybe with masks and social distancing? I have been back to the temple and we wore masks, but still sat next to each other. I knew (it was a family group) that we were vaccinated. I do feel like folks have the right to decide about the vaccination, but still worry that they could be infecting me. Delta has shown itself to be pretty infectious and there are breakthroughs even amongst the vaccinated. I guess I think we as a church body have been too quick to drop mask-wearing and social distancing inside our facilities. It has been a wearying experience for us all. So my husband and I still stay away from most indoor activities that cannot be social distanced, and pray for the day this will pass.

JaredSeptember 30, 2021

As one who readily followed President Nelson's urging to get the vaccine--I got it just as soon as I could (despite being afraid of needles)--I gained some helpful perspective from reading this article. However, the vaccine-hesitant seem to be focused almost entirely on potential side effects of the vaccine on themselves; "My body, my choice" is the mantra. What about the rest of society? Might the prophet's urging have as much to do with quelling the pandemic for everyone as with preventing harm to the individuals who heed his counsel? If enough people had accepted the vaccine early on, the virus may not have been able to mutate and spread so widely. Unfortunately, we're too late for that, and society is paying the price. Healthcare workers are inhumanely overworked due to the unvaccinated. I have a cousin who is a respiratory therapist at a regional hospital. His career has largely been in the NICU, but the pandemic has forced him into the adult ICU. There were only two days during August that he didn't go to work; he's been working 60-96 hours per week for months, and almost all of his patients are unvaccinated. The hospital has postponed needed surgeries because they have no more room for patients. Again, getting vaccinated may be a personal choice, but we don't have the luxury to pretend that the implications of that choice are only personal.

Michelle SchooleySeptember 30, 2021

I think this is a great article. I think it's important to remember that Abraham's test was to put his will on the alter and he was stopped before actually doing the sacrifice. You would have to continually be listening to the Spirit up to the moment of injection to be sure to move forward or know if you should stop.

Debbie HSeptember 30, 2021

Very helpful article. I took president Nelson’s first counsel to seek the counsel of your medical professional for vaccine info. I have done that and I am confident in that. I did what he asked me to do even though I had already had covid. My medical council was different than my husbands and we are ok with that for now. The test of faith has been gut wrenching! And that is ok too.

Maryann TaylorSeptember 30, 2021

I hear ya, Joni! Family support and love cannot be overemphasized. However, I have a HUGE extended family. It is good to show love as much as we can, but I give myself a giant brownie button for just keeping up with my children and grandchildren's birthdays, etc! I also love writing and receiving letters from my grandchildren and encouraging them. We need to be realistic about what we can do in our super-large extended families, or we may end up neglecting those closest to us and burning out by attempting the impossible.

William R ToftSeptember 30, 2021

My wife and I had concerns about the vaccine before the First Presidency's counsel "urging" vaccination. This counsel only heightened our concerns as we re-evaluated what we knew about the vaccine, our own health situations (both of us are over 70), and previous prophetic counsel that personal revelation will be critical to navigating the last day. After much study, pondering, discussion with each other and close friends in the church we did NOT get a change in our feelings. We still felt getting the vaccine was wrong for us. During Labor Day week we both came down with COVID. We had fevers, aches, extreme fatigue, brain fog, long bouts of sleep, sleep and more sleep. After about 5 days the fevers and aches abated. Today marks 3 weeks since I first had COVID symptoms (my wife was 2 days behind me). The only lingering effects are tiredness after very little effort doing household chores or running errands. Others tell us that for them some symptoms lasted months before they were back to full strength. We feel vindicated that we made the right choice for us. We have another relative over 30 yrs younger than us who was unvaccinated, came down with COVID, and has been in and out of the hospital ICU for over 2 weeks.... survival still not assured. It goes to show that everyone needs personal revelation as to the course to take regarding COVID and the vaccines. We now have natural immunity, and from the sources I've been reading this immunity should endure the remainder of our lives... including for any COVID variants that are spawned in the future. In answering those who challenge my faithfulness to prophetic counsel I say that President Nelson, himself a doctor, would never write a one-size-fits-all prescription for every member of the church. Just like the scriptures we don't just blindly use one scripture and draw a firm conclusion. In our case we took President Nelson's "urging" to get vaccinated and combined it with his urging to increase our capacity for personal revelation. Together we came to the conclusion we did, for us only, and allow others to follow the same process to reach their own decisions on how to act in this matter.

BobSeptember 30, 2021

COVID-19 vaccination is not an Abrahamic test. The Lord has offered us the Holy Ghost so that we can confirm the truth of all things. I sustain the brethren. I continue to serve faithfully in leadership callings. I have not decided to get the vaccine. It is not something I wrestle mightily with. The Lord has corrected me before when I've been sure of the answer and was trying to follow church guidance, so I know he can tell me if what I'm doing is right or wrong. As well written as this article is, it is very one-sided (mostly focusing on people who decided to get the vaccine and downplaying those who still have not).

A McCuneSeptember 30, 2021

Thank you so much for this beautiful, thoughtful, and love-filled article. A message we all need, no matter where we stand on this issue.

Steven Meredith GarmonSeptember 30, 2021

The line about boys love baseball and girls love horses and Lucas loved airplanes more than if my friend Flicka won the world series: That was quite a memorable line for me -- I don't know why. Yeah, it's kinda dated, and sexist and untrue, but I still love that line and miss it from the abridgement

stevie mckennaSeptember 30, 2021

Excellent article. In many cases following the prophet is an Abrahamic test. I don't think that President Nelson would make such an announcement without the counsel of others. I'm sure when all the information was evaluated his impression was to make this strong urge to all church members to get vaccinated. The cheap jab about Biden forcing people to get vaccinated was very inappropriate for part of a response. President Biden wants to get a handle on this illness just as everyone else does and isn't forcing anyone. The virus is not a political issue, it is a medical one. People should understand that.

Rochelle HaleSeptember 30, 2021

Many years ago during my interview with a member of our stake presidency, we came to the final question, and I answered, "I think so," or some more humble answer than a definite "YES!!!!," The counselor asked me again, and I repeated my answer. Then he instructed that this was a yes or no answer, and I answered, "yes." This same topic came up in our Stake Conference just last weekend. If we have answered all of the other questions appropriately, then we are worthy. There is no shame or lack of humility in responding yes and affirming that we are living up to our covenants and are intent on doing all that the Lord asks of us.

Coral C. WeaverSeptember 30, 2021

Thank you! I think you covered it well and hope that we will treat each person’s decision with love and respect.

Mark HopkinsSeptember 30, 2021

I suffered an experience with GBS years ago as a result of a flu shot. It’s a rare reaction that can result from flu vaccinations and viruses. I won’t go into details, but it’s worth a look on google. I used to get vaccinated every year for the flu until my adverse reaction so, I’ve also struggled with the decision whether to get the COVID shot. I’ve gotten the opinion of 4 different doctors. 1 advised me not to get it and 2 advised me to get it. The forth doctor told me to get an antibody test first to see if I’ve had it before I risked the shot. I did and I do have antibodies. I’m not sure when I had COVID I’m in my late 60’s, but needless to say, I’m not going to get the shot now. I’ve struggled with this debate since the shot was made available and when President Nelson urged all members to get it. I studied it out extensively and was about to take my decision to God for conformation, but was given a gift of relief when the forth doctor gave me the guidance to take a more informed approach. My own understanding about the urging the Prophet gave makes sense to me. It’s time to get back into the business of living and enjoying the fellowship of family, the Saints, and friends. Put in your due diligence. Be patient and understanding of all who are struggling with this decision.

BobSeptember 30, 2021

I pray. I study. I serve. My desire is to serve my heavenly father and my fellows. I sustain the brethren. I do not consider vaccination an Abrahamic Test. I don't feel fiercely about it. I believe I'll be OK either way. I haven't gotten vaccinated. I haven't agonized over it. I understand that Pres. Nelson has urged church members to get the vaccine. If and when I feel the time is right, I'll get vaccinated. When I face my final judge, I don't expect him to ask me about vaccination, even if I meet him sooner rather than later because of (or lack of) the vaccine. Unless translated, all men and women die. I'm at peace for now. The Lord can tell me otherwise. He's guided me before and I trust he will do so again. I'm surprised that this is being turned into a test of obedience. I don't think President Nelson or the other brethren intend that. Maybe I'll hear differently at this general conference. I WANT the spirit to guide me, but I don't think this is the issue that will determine my salvation or exaltation. It is not a litmus test for me.

Kathleen N JonesSeptember 30, 2021

While spending 3 years in an Inuit village many years ago, I was taught by one of them that through out their history (oral) from the older Elders, that they came in boats from the south to their land. They also said that the belief of a land bridge between Russia and Alaska was not true. This was told to me in the knowledge that I respected their people and would hold this knowledge scared. I was told this while a person of Inuit decent was saying people say they came from China across a bridge, and I simply said "No." To which the person stopped and asked me what I thought. I replied," Your people came from way south, in boats." In shock she asked "How do you Know that? Only we know." I told her from the Book of Mormon, and related how it told of those who left in boats to the north not to be heard of again." From then on, I had many others who came to me to tell me more about them. For me I hold these dear to my heart and thank the Lord for what they shared with me. I have also lived with the Blackfeet and Navaho and have learned much from all of them.

Christine FosterSeptember 30, 2021

We have a split family relating to the vaccination. We've talked openly about it but not harangued each other. Many of us have had covid and we cant see that the vaccination has made much difference except in the length of time spent being sick. I loved the story because it presented all views with thoughtfulness. I am surprised that it isnt good enough for the media and social warriors that people have been sick with covid. They have no trust in our antibodies and seem to want to force us to do their will. Hmm, wasn't that the plan of another being?

shaunaSeptember 30, 2021

Thank you for this sweet story. I too have had experiences where I couldn't deny the Lord's hand in my life. It's good to remember and reflect on those experiences. It strengthens my faith

RebeccaSeptember 30, 2021

So well written!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I can relate to everything the interviewees shared. This article is an answer to our prayers and pleadings. Again, THANK YOU!

Lennea GasserSeptember 30, 2021

Thanks for that excellent article. It was very helpful for me!

KJBSeptember 30, 2021

So the same people who bellow THE PROPHET HAS SPOKEN!!!!!! whenever the leadership says something that confirms their right-wing bias are suddenly sensitive little snowflakes who we need to just understand and be more tolerant of. Never mind that hospitals are filled with people who "did their own research." Never mind that they're prolonging a deadly pandemic and putting other people at risk for no better reason than I DON'T WANNA!!!!! (And I got a sore arm after my first Moderna shot and have flu-like symptoms for about a day after my second. Am I still glad I got it? Absolutely, because I'm not a selfish crybaby...)

Corey DinsdaleSeptember 30, 2021

It was an excellent article except for the references to our democracy, we live in a republic, history teaches us that all Democracy's have eventually failed. John's comments to the article are more anti-Trump rhetoric and mis-leading and he implies that the riot in the Capitol was due to Trump. I know a number of people both members of the church and nonmembers who interpreted Pres. Oaks talk as a repudiation of Trump, he said no such thing. Trump has an awful personality but at least he is supportive of religious freedom and certainly not part of the liberal, woke, PC culture that is ruining the country. Too many view what happened at the Capitol with a very shallow understanding or based solely on the visual scenes the media reported. With the exception of a few troublemakers those who were at the Capitol are patriotic people who love their country and the Constitution and were there because they see the country going to hell in a handbasket, which the last 9 months has been more than ample proof of that. I personally wonder if Pres. Oaks may have changed a few things in his talk if it was given today and not last April based on what has happened in the interim. Pres. Oaks said in his talk he doesn't believe the Lord will let the Constitution fail, I wish I had his optimism, free agency will always prevail for good or bad.

Cynthia M. MoorheadSeptember 30, 2021

We would all be at much higher risk of getting Covid-19 and even dying if a majority of the population had decided not to be vaccinated. The same is true of all vaccinations, which have saved countless lives. I agree that the government should not mandate vaccination -- there are some people whose health is compromised to the point where it would be risky for them. But for most of us it is the right thing to do, both for ourselves and to avoid passing on the virus to others. The vast majority of those who are dying from the new variants of the virus are those who are not vaccinated. D&C 5:19 and 97:22-26 really struck me as I have been studying the prophecies relating to the Second Coming of the Lord. Could this "scourge" that continues to be poured out be the coronavirus? There is a reason why the Lord chose a medical doctor to be His prophet at this time.

Taylor StonelySeptember 30, 2021

What a well thought out article this was! I appreciated the depth and breath of the issues mentioned and the personal interviews conducted. The approach to finding an answer about whether or not to get vaccinated is a personal one. Thank you!

LisaSeptember 30, 2021

It’s 4:30 AM and I can’t tell you how much I needed this article. It made me cry because I’ve experienced all those feelings and I’m still in the process of making a decision. We have been very much against the vaccine even though we’re not totally anti-VAX. My husband shocked me by doing a 180 even though he was very upset with the prophet when he first came out with a statement. He had to go through his own spiritual journey. I’m still in the process and have not yet received a yes answer. I am earnestly seeking and it helps to know I’m not alone. We can be faithful members of the church, yet still be struggling with this decision. Thank you so much for writing this.

John WaitingSeptember 30, 2021

Another fine article from Mark

vickieSeptember 29, 2021

OKAY YOU got me on this one. i screamed when i read the boy put that spider in his mouth. oh my goodness..i post many of your articles on my facebook to teach some of my relatives who arent members of the church about our church. many of them were teachers so i know they will love this story. thank you very much.

Maryann TaylorSeptember 29, 2021

I think this is a good example of how quotes or stories we read can be misunderstood. If we come to a conclusion that is out of harmony with the scriptures and what our Prophet teaches, we need to stop and rethink our interpretation. We also need to be careful about passing on stories or quotes that seem questionable. As Latter-day-Saints we must not be gullible. Always check out sources. Beware of stories that begin with: "My neighbor's sister said, " etc.

Theodore BrandleySeptember 29, 2021

I have been interested in this Russian Ten Tribes hypothesis since 1973 when I read Canadian author, Farley Mowat’s, " Sibir: My Discovery of Siberia". The indigenous tribes of Siberia were isolated from world history until the Cossacks breached the Ural Mountains and raped and pillaged them for “soft gold,” the Sable Mink, at about the same time that the Conquistadores were doing the same thing to the American Natives for hard gold. Some of these Siberian Tribes are white-skinned, blond and blue eyed. The Yakut tribe has a legend that long ago their leader, a chief named Elai, led his people from middle-Asia until they reached the banks of the Lena river. Elai carried with him the maxims of their people engraved on a stone tablet. When he saw the flowing water of the Lena he flung in the tablet and gave the order that this is where they were to stay (Sibir: My Discovery of Siberia, Farley Mowat, 1973, page 172). “26 And they who are in the north countries shall come in remembrance before the Lord; and their prophets shall hear his voice, and shall no longer stay themselves; and they shall smite the rocks, and the ice shall flow down at their presence.” (D&C 133:26) As this revelation was given from the Lord in 1831, we may safely conclude that “they who are in the north countries,” were still mostly there at that time. Notice that “the ice shall flow down at their presence.” This means that they are in an area of considerable ice, perhaps a normally permanent ice, or permafrost, that miraculously melts at that time. Going north and east the Tribes would have entered the Siberian Basin which is a huge bowl, larger than the United States, surrounded by the Ural Mountains on the west and the Steppes and the Sayan Mountains on the south. Back to D&C 133, notice that the Tribes from the North are to come to America before they return to Jerusalem. 27 And an ahighway shall be cast up in the midst of the great deep. 28 Their enemies shall become a prey unto them, 29 And in the abarren deserts there shall come forth pools of bliving water; and the parched ground shall no longer be a thirsty land. 30 And they shall bring forth their rich atreasures unto the children of Ephraim, my servants. 31 And the boundaries of the everlasting ahills shall tremble at their presence. 32 And there shall they fall down and be acrowned with glory, even in Zion, by the hands of the servants of the Lord, even the children of bEphraim. (D&C 133:27:32) There is only one body of water on the planet that could rightly be referred to as the “Great Deep” and that is the Pacific Ocean. A highway, or a land bridge is to be cast up for them to come to boundaries of the everlasting hills, or Rocky Mountains, and receive their Temple Ordinances under the hands of Ephraim. The only way this can work is if they come out of Siberia and therefore, we may conclude that is where many of them are. It is probable that the Mongols, just south of Siberia are also a remnant of the Lost Tribes.

Alan FlemingSeptember 29, 2021

A great point you make. In the April 2020, Gen. Conf. as the Covid pandemic was beginning President Nelson gave a talk in which he made 4 promises. Three of those promises, which we should read and ponder on, were in relation to this statement, "What will happen as you more intentionally hear, hearken, and heed what the Savior has said and what He is saying now through His prophets?" Yet many latter-day saints following April 2020 have chosen not to hear, hearken, and heed what Pres. Nelson has urged us to do. Our choice.

Jo Ann OkelberrySeptember 29, 2021

I so agree with this article. Children deserve a mother and a father who are married and love their children. Children shouldn't have to be the parents.

Vivian M AdamsSeptember 29, 2021

Good laugh!

Todd GalbraithSeptember 29, 2021

A heart-breaking topic, fairly and compassionately addressed. Thank you.

ObserverSeptember 29, 2021

There is an historical tradition that Christ visited the Lake Baikal region of Russia also.

Dorica Glassford Robertson (born Fras)September 29, 2021

I am of the House of Dan and come from Slovenia.

JozsSeptember 29, 2021

I have 4 now adult siblings adopted from Eastern Europe. Patriarchal blessings say they were adopted into Ephraim. One son says he has two tribes- Dan and Ephraim. He acts quite differently in his home country compared to USA home. Quite remarkable. 3/4 Russian lines.

J.L. GuinnSeptember 29, 2021

Really loved your article and agree that our young people must be prepared so they can stand firm. In a Sunday School lesson I was teaching recently I was instructing my young teens about going on a mission. I was telling them that they can't wait to the last minute to prepare and was citing the different areas that they must learn about and practice. One of them was learning the Bible because most of the people they would encounter would have questions about that book and would probably have not read the Book of Mormon. Go prepared to face the world by learning as much as you can to stand on your beliefs. Knowledge is power.

LexaGraemeSeptember 28, 2021

Thank you. I appreciate when folklore is debunked.

Debra AlmacheSeptember 28, 2021

Out of the mouth of 2 or 3 witnesses shall ever word be established. The prophet is the first witness, the Holy Ghost is the second, and you are then a witness too.

Joanne KappSeptember 27, 2021

In complete agreement. So thankful someone with clout is speaking up.

Douglas E NadybalSeptember 27, 2021

The writer is arguing both for pedagogy more inclusive of differing world views while at the same time advocating for more exposure to material more typically LDS. You see, you can either go to the gas station and fill the tank and then drive, or you can drive and then stop at the gas station, but you can't do both at the same time!

Jill PalmerSeptember 27, 2021

At BYU in 1968, my first Book of Mormon class taught by Dr Glen Pearson was a real eye-opener and I wondered what had struck me! This class and another, "Teachings of the living prophets", were so valuable in opening my eyes to socialism and communism and the differences between them and the United Order/Law of Consecration. Today, I feel for Church members who do not know the difference. I agree with you that BYU has a valuable role in arming students against worldly philosophies and practices.

Elizabeth SSeptember 27, 2021

Great essay. I received bachelors and Masters degrees in English from BYU, but found that with one exception all my teachers tended to avoid analyzing literature through an LDS lens. When I got to law school at another university, I wished that I had had some comparative analysis of modern and postmodern philosophies that could easily have occurred when I studied literature.

DavidSeptember 27, 2021

I totally agree with this article. I’d like to see the church clean house at BYU. There is definitely no shame in enforcing its curriculum and it’s ideology. I think the gospel should be central to every course. BYU is it’s flagship school. I was there over 30 years ago. It wasn’t fighting so hard against political correctness and moral relativism back then. But it is one of the churches most known entities and I believe it should do better at preparing its alumni to face these challenges going forward.

DavidSeptember 27, 2021

It seems to me that there are many professors that are doing an excellent job of exposing BYU students to many -isms. But unfortunately instead of teaching them so as to be able to arm them to be able to argue against them effectively they are taught to them as truth. The Church needs to clean house or rid itself of BYU which is headed rapidly to becoming just another secular university.

Kelton ToblerSeptember 27, 2021

I agree that exposure to viewpoints in competition with secular and religious truths—with a view to affirming those truths and aiding their defense—can be a valuable component of an academically and spiritually edifying undergraduate education at BYU. The best time to learn something about Christian and specifically Latter-day-Saint apologetics may not be while under surprise attack in post-college years. BYU professors are ideally as intelligently faithful as they are highly educated. It can help students to hear how their teachers' faith has come through the refiner's fire of opposition.

SaraLyn BaxterSeptember 27, 2021

I agree completely! It seems like the perfect balance. We have such a unique opportunity at church schools— unique especially in this day— to examine more religious content through a scholarly and restored gospel lens, and to help develop thinking that can explore and argue against false ideologies popular in our day. Thank you for this thoughtful article.

Gary LawrenceSeptember 27, 2021

Spot on, Daniel. Thank you.

MeSeptember 27, 2021

There are plenty of professors there that teach against capitalism and for socialism.

Harold RustSeptember 27, 2021

Well, I'm 78 years old and started substitute teaching in our local school district four years ago---and I love it. For "old folks like me", your example is one of several that keeps us going. Your reflections have a fresh and youthful touch that does keep them relevant and inspiring. So...continue stirring the pot and we'll continue watching your example.

Duane BoyceSeptember 27, 2021

Amen. Very true and very well said, Dan.

Cynthia M. MoorheadSeptember 27, 2021

Be grateful you are old, because you and I are among the lucky ones who know what it is like to live in relative freedom. BYU is a great school, but too many there stand in awe of Harvard and other institutions that promote Marxism. Too many of our children are fans of the socialist/Marxist left and have become "for themselves." They will suffer for it. So will we.

Katherine CrapoSeptember 26, 2021

I think if I were in that situation I would consider adopting the children. Being a part-time caregiver i think would be more difficult than being completely in charge and being able to creatively provide a loving, structured, consistent environment for these children. Sometimes the seemingly harder path turns out to be the most fulfilling and in the end easier one. If your brother-in-law or husband balks, your offer would only serve to awaken them to the heavy responsibility it is to care for a family.

Linda in TexasSeptember 25, 2021

Since immunity from having the disease is many times more powerful than the vaccinations, where does that come in the calculations?

Bob AillerySeptember 25, 2021

I appreciate the insights this story gives us. Even though my wife and I haven't the exact same challenge this good Sister has, I learned through this article the basic marital struggles they have are perhaps common to all of us. Thank you for this.

Doris WilliamsSeptember 25, 2021

I look forward to Geoff's article each week so much. I really admire his insights into human behavior and he really blows me away by his empathy and suggestions to help in really difficult situations. The world would be a much better, loving place if we could clone him!!! Thank you Geoff for sharing some of your "cases" with us. I'm sure it gives us all increased understanding and the desire to improve our own interpersonal skills.

CBSeptember 24, 2021

Excellent as always! Thank you

Jean PetersenSeptember 24, 2021

It was over 50 years ago I was introduced to a book and a course called "Fascinating Womanhood" by Helen B. Andelin. I can say that the principles she taught were correct and nothing else will be as effective in helping a marriage as learning to be fascinating to your husband. Living all of the principles of the gospel are vital to this success. We have been married 56 years now. My husband and I have had many challenges in life. We adore each other and look forward to being together throughout eternity. Aubrey Andelin wrote a book called "Man of Steel and Velvet" teaching correct principles for a man to know what he can do to be admired by his wife. A woman's greatest desire in life is to be loved, a man's is to be admired.

LMSeptember 24, 2021

The comments warranted reading more than the article, which was a too-typical example of beating around the stats without actually answering important questions such as: "How do you ethically justify your position when the hospitalization rates of fully vaccinated people in countries such as Israel (or even read the CDC's own admission of 74% in their article below) show that vaccination does not prevent infection with COVID?"

Maryann TaylorSeptember 24, 2021

One of the best methods of strengthening yourself is to be aware of your thoughts. When you notice you are thinking negative thoughts about yourself, or your life--HANG UP! Just like you would if someone called you on your phone every 5 minutes and told you something negative about yourself. Then choose a simple positive thought to hold in your heart, such as : "The Lord always loves me, even when I make mistakes." "The Lord is helping to carry this infirmity that I suffer with." "The Lord feels my pain and He has great compassion for me." "The Lord knows EVERYTHING about me and understands." Choose your positive thought and, as you hold one simple positive thought in your mind, notice how you feel. Even if you don't believe the positive thought, you will usually feel a warm feeling. Keep telling yourself these positive things--it doesn't matter whether you believe it right now. Just hold that thought in your heart.

Ruth J.September 24, 2021

When my daughter was about 3 years old we had just finished an addition to our home. She would now have her own bedroom instead of sharing one with a sibling. Now in her own room, night after night she would wake up scared at now being alone. She would come into our room and wake me up saying, "Mommy I am scared." I would take her back into her room and say a prayer with her that she would feel safe and sleep well. This went on for weeks. Then one morning I realized that the night before she hadn't woken up scared. I said, "Wow, you didn't wake up last night. I am so proud of you staying in your room." She just casually as could be responded, "I woke up and I was scared last night. I just said my own prayer and then Jesus came and gave me a hug. Jesus protected me and made me feel safe." I was so struck by her comment I didn't know what to say for a moment. I paused, and then asked her, "What did he look like?" She said, "He was dressed in white and had white hair and blue eyes." That gave me tingles. I knew that what she said was true. Jesus had come to her last night. He had given her a hug and made her feel safe. We had never talked to her or shown her pictures of Jesus with white hair. But in the scriptures the resurrected Jesus is described as having white hair and brilliant blue eyes. In the temple Jesus is also shown this way. I knew that the only way she could know this is that she did actually see him. It touched my heart so much. Jesus loves his little ones so dearly that he will come to them to bring comfort.

Sasha KwapinskiSeptember 24, 2021

Since church critics keep bringing up the name of Oliver Granger, then perhaps we can say that this is one way in which the prophecy (of his name being remembered) is being fulfilled.

Maryann TaylorSeptember 24, 2021

One of the ways I prepare for general conf is to pray for our Prophet and all who will be speaking or participating in any way. I pray that they will be strengthened physically and spiritually. I also pray for their families. This is an important way for me to uphold our leaders through my faith. I believe it also strengthens me in being willing to receive and follow their counsel.

CubbySeptember 24, 2021

Samoa did much the same, praying for protection from Covid in March 2020. The entire nation was invited to join. As a missionary, I choose to join them in unity and faith. The islands of Samoa are Covid free, and so am I. For me it has been an incredible experience as I have not only been protected, but the Lord has guided me in assisting my family who has gone through the experience of covid. I was inspired to make covid kits and deliver them, one two days before the entire family came down with it. They had just moved and thought they had nothing until they opened the box. For one person who had it, I was inspired to purchase an air filter. I was even inspired as to exactly which air cleaner I was to purchase. As I brought it home, I wondered why. There was no need for it. Then about a week later the fires hit both Idaho and Utah. Compromised lungs for my family were blessed and I knew why the prompting. When the vaccines came out I prayed yes, or no. For me, the answer was yes. Then I prayed asking which of the three in the USA was available. I signed up for one, but again a small miracle as a different one was presented, the feeling was strong and we took it. I do not tell which one because I believe different people’s bodies respond best. To different vaccines and encourage all to pray. This week Samoa had two special days where everyone stayed home and the medical people went to everyone’s homes who still needed a vaccination. Given my experience, Imam sue French Polynesia will also experience many wonderful small events telling them quietly that the Lord heard them and is at their side.

KathySeptember 24, 2021

He is simply a sperm donor with no intent to create a family, nothing more than a one night stand. I see no reason to develop a relationship and upset his marriage of45 years.

Gary LawrenceSeptember 23, 2021

To Dianna J. Currie: Email me at [email protected] and let me see if I can help.

AJ CurrieSeptember 23, 2021

Unfortunately, the 'breakdown of the family' is not the core problem. If one were to ask why families are 'breaking down', the answer would have to do with their loss of gospel truths due to godlessness (maybe caused by the loss of fundamental truths taught by Jesus Christ). At any rate, if a fix for any modern-day woe does not include fidelity to the teachings of Jesus Christ, you know it is not 'the solution' to the problem. It might make the problem less, but it will not cure the problem.

Karl FarnsworthSeptember 23, 2021

I remember the name of Oliver Granger very well. A young Elder by that same name was one of my Assistants when I was serving as the Mission President in the California Los Angeles Mission in 1993. He was a decendent of the Oliver Granger of whom this article refers to and was an outstanding missionary and servant of the Lord. His only desire was to serve in the same fashion as his name sake.

LexaGraemeSeptember 23, 2021

I'm horrified and laughing at the same time. Can't wait for Part 3!

L GoldadeSeptember 23, 2021

I’m diabetic and unfortunately had my two children in the car with me when I drove off the road with low blood sugar. An ambulance took me to the hospital and a friend driving behind me on the road took my children with her to the hospital. Later, my 3 year old son, Garrett, said to me: “Mom I did just what Jesus told me to do”. When I asked him what Jesus said, he told me: “Jesus told met to stand right next to the car and stay off the road”. How could I doubt my son? Jesus was there to make sure our children were safe!

dCylSeptember 23, 2021

"Further, an EUA cannot be allowed if a safe and effective treatment is already available. Many doctors claim there is such a protocol. So what is really going on?" Those doctors aren't being honest with you.

Martha ClantonSeptember 23, 2021

This was just what I needed to read this morning. Thank you so very much for all that you do to bring us such uplifting material.

RMBSeptember 23, 2021

6 months pregnant, an apendectomy and a serious infection and I left the hospital room to visit with Him. He showed me my baby girl and told me I had to go back and that I had lots of work still to do. I will never forget that amazing experience. Thank you for the stories of the children with Jesus. He loves us all so very much.

Kristen KriegSeptember 23, 2021

A recent plan for a 'greener' meetinghouse was named after Oliver Granger. Hence, there are "Granger" style meetinghouses in various places now. I think the first one was built in Farmington, UT. It was inspired that this meetinghouse plan should carry Oliver Granger's name!

John R CarpenterSeptember 23, 2021

FamilySearch has accomplished an amazing task. It is much improved over its humble beginnings on line. Now if only they can straighten out all the copyright and use issues. And improve its search engine so the "public" at home can have access to ALL of those microfilms that have been digitized.

Helen CondonSeptember 23, 2021

Thank you for this insight into Father’s personal relationship with each one of us. My name is registered not only on the records of His Son’s Church, but also in my patriarchal blessing. While neither of these sources are exactly canonized, they are certainly sacred, at least to me. I recently testified that just as everyone at an old friend’s funeral declared themselves his best friend, so are each and every one of us friends to our Father and our Savior.

Diane IrwinSeptember 23, 2021

Anne, these stories are so tender! What a wonderful testimony that Jesus LIVES!!! Thanks so much for sharing.

Herm OlsenSeptember 23, 2021

Amen and Amen! Thank you, Brethren!

DebbieSeptember 22, 2021

I have enjoyed reading every article you have written. This one is my favorite. I am one who has propagated the idea that brain chemistry is to blame for depression. I will no longer dispense that falsehood. I have suffered from depression since I was 4 years old. After a pregnancy I spent 13 years in bed with suicidal ideation. The Lord finally took away my Suicidal Thoughts but I still struggle today and assumed that could never change. Thank you for such a thoughtful, informative, and compassionate letter. It makes me want to try again to h e a l.

John R. HillSeptember 22, 2021

Elder Callister's article on the Constitution, as well as the last General Conference talk by President Dallin Oaks on the same subject, are sorely needed in our culture at a time when our democratic principles and norms are under assault. We have seen recently a former president of the United States go to extraordinary and extra-legal lengths to overturn the results of the 2020 election---thereby trashing the Constitution and the very nation he had vowed to make great again. He has pursued this course---not with the support of the judiciary or the military, but with the support of his party's base of loyal voters and supporters. Whatever happened to the democratic principle of accepting peacefully the results of elections? I love how Elder Callister ended his poignant article. Quoting President Benson's statement that the in the latter days, the Constitution "will be saved by enlightened members of this Church---men and women who will subscribe to and abide the principles of the Constitution"---Elder Callister hopes that includes you and me.

JenSeptember 22, 2021

“Pro-choice” is a misnomer! “Pro-murder” is the correct name.

MikeSeptember 22, 2021

I am going to disagree. My sainted grandmother graduated from nursing school a year before the Spanish influenza. She saved many lives and helped many more into their transition to the next life, including both of her parents. She raised her children during the Great Depression. When grandfather had a stroke and couldn't work as hard, they lost the dairy farm. They moved into the little rock house up in the mountains in a climate about like Sundance Ski resort. They had 5 rocky acres and grew quite a bit of their food. They raised chickens, cows and a pig. Her sons poached an occasional deer when their was no meat left. The 3 room rock house was the size of a one car garage with 2 bedrooms and a kitchen. They had no electricity, and heated it with a wood/coal stove. They had a spring right outside the door and the privy was a short walk away. They raised their 9 children there. The little ones slept in the same room with the parents and up to 5 girls in one bed in the other room. The boys slept outside on the back porch. When grandma's sister was killed, the grieving louse of a husband left their 6 poorly disciplined children with grandma and ran off to a life of adventure in California. Her 2 oldest daughters married young. One to a drunk who beat her. She moved back to the rock house with her 2 children and her ex-husband's illegitimate child from a 15 year old girl. One teenage daughter got pregnant by a soldier home on leave at a similar age and eventually they married after the war, but she lived in the rock house, with a baby. Grandma's 4 sons and 4 sons-in-law fought in WWII. Her oldest son was missing in action for 3 years and came home with severe shell-shock after spending the time hiding in the jungle and as a prisoner of war. He never fully recovered. Her second son was wounded in the battle of the bulge. One son-in-law lost his legs in Italy and another lost an eye and his hearing. Her youngest, the smallest and scrappiest of the boys, was 1 of only 3 out of a group of about 50 guys in his unit to make it home alive, with terrible scars on his face. A group of 3 pregnant Japanese women were hiding nearby in the mountains because they did not want to have their babies in a prison camp. Grandma gave them food and firewood and delivered their babies. She got other ladies in the tiny town to help them. One day she went to visit them and found them all dead. She got blamed for "poisoning the japs," but was never prosecuted for it. When I came along, life had improved. They had a better house, financed by the soldiers pay the 8 boys had saved. I knew all of these people and the next generation were my cousins. I got the impression that the years in the rock house were the happiest times of their lives. I guess bad experiences do make for great memories. When it comes to children, especially close kin, there are no self-focused boundaries and no legalistic excuses. If the original parents can't cut it (or won't) people like my grandmother have to step in. Else the problems get magnified each generation. A few of my cousins went on to do great things. Most are living normal lives. One became a gangster, killed and raped people, and died in a shoot-out. A couple struggled and eventually overcame alcohol or drug abuse. A handful got pregnant before marriage. Most but not all of the boys served missions. A few had divorces. Grandma made a huge difference, down to the 3rd and 4th generation. These numbers would have been markedly skewed the other direction without her sacrifice. This challenge is an opportunity for you to be, not just a good person, but a saint. The children will pay you back for your efforts, one way or another. Image being there for their graduation, from school or prison, the birth of their children, into a loving marriage or into desperate conditions. Take the long view; not weeks and months, but decades and generations.

Jim ScottSeptember 22, 2021

The numbers are enormous and victims are hurt and seeking retribution. I keep thinking the vultures are gathering. How many victims are opportunists, how many lawyers are opportunists. Class actions are way too flimsy in their character and not all cases are as egregious as others. Proofs can’t be investigated as thoroughly as they might be were the numbers smaller. I can see where actions in court will last until the last piece of furniture is sold the last pencil is gone to exact the full measure of punishment meted out. Justice seems a long way away from exacting punishment of the perpetrators. Does $10,000 assuage my crippled conscience? Is my claim so valid is my hate so huge as to jeopardize any future good. The BSA lead thousands to achieve to grow to anchor to contribute to succeed that a few would destroy the sum of contribution. Winnow the claim, get past the inner anger and cling to the good given by membership.

KristenSeptember 22, 2021

Good question from Lawrence. We can't help but wonder what is really going on, when we know there are affordable, effective, and safe treatments out there.

craigSeptember 22, 2021

The chances the Supreme Court overturn Roe v Wade are slim to none. They established the right to abortion in Roe, and upheld Roe as constitutional precedent in Casey v Planned Parenthood. The leftists judges of Kagan, Breyer, Sotomayor, will never vote to overturn Roe. Chief Justice Roberts will probably agree with them in order to prevent attacks on the court that could lead to court packing. It's also likely that justice Gorsuch will go along under the philosophy of stare decesis. That leaves only justices Kavanaugh, Barret, Thomas, and Alito. So based on this assessment the challenge to Roe will fail 5-4. And truth be told many pro lifers would prefer this. After if Roe were to be overturned they'd be out of work. Roe's existence fuels their fundraising and keeps them politically relevant.

Jim ScottSeptember 22, 2021

If you had a cold, I’d recommend aspirin, liquids, rest and sleep, if you were bleeding, I’d see to a cold compress or even a hospital, if you arm or leg were broken I’d see to your comfort and care at a facility, if you were cold I’d find a way to warm you, if you needed to be somewhere I’d arrange for transport. But, I can’t “see” mental illness, where’s the blood, the crooked arm or leg, where’s the touch point to comfort, where’s the place to which you need transport. I take personal any that can’t cope, have difficulties moving or reacting. Helpless I’d try to encourage or reach out but find myself at a loss for words so come up with bland generalities and never reach the point of cure. So, forgive my clumsiness my seeming lack of caring or my ignorance of your plight and only know each life is valuable to someone, even when alone. God is in his heaven and loves each of us. That you may find that vessel of care and coping is in my heart and prayer.

Jim McEwenSeptember 22, 2021

An interesting and well organized article. Another very telling story would be one where it is reported how much money the attorneys personally gain from the settlements. Collectively and individually. Then compare that to what each victim will receive.

Charles DEFRANCHISeptember 22, 2021

Some members of my family have been plagued with various forms of depression across generations. Positive mental attitude won't do for chemically-induced depression, and some patients, especially bipolar ones, may have to rely on lithium-based medicine, in order to retain their sanity. Popular LDS writer and former Mission President Brent Top, who experienced depression in his own life, insisted that his depressed missionaries take their prescription drugs in order to respect the Word of Wisdom. Further, the science of depression has made significant progress in recent years, with better tools for diagnosis and better remedies. Let's never underestimate that in order to find balance and serenity into our own lives or that of affected relatives.

Susan ZmolekSeptember 22, 2021

Thank you for answering the very questions on my mind, in this complicated mess. God's eventual justice is certain, the damage to those abused is real, and at least my church is offering to do its fair share to compensate victims. Although it is beyond the scope of this essay, the Church can also be commended for its clear and direct efforts to prevent all future instances of victimization by responsibly requiring double-manning at every level of youth programs -- from the youngest Sunday school class up to teen camping activities. Vigilance and changes in culture will accomplish even more than the compensation to victims of abuse.

Ann-Marie JensenSeptember 21, 2021

The House of Representatives is to represent the people, not fight the people.

Maryann TaylorSeptember 21, 2021

While I heartily agree that we need to reach out in love and include others, I rarely read anything about the effort that needs to take place on the part of the person who feels "left out." Don't we each have accountability for our own happiness---for reaching out ourselves instead of always expecting others to continuously draw us in? I have heard all too often the complaint that: "The ward just isn't friendly," or "No one spoke to me today." The obvious question is: "Did YOU speak to them?" Did YOU look around for someone who might need YOUR fellowship?" Seems to me this is a two-way street. If you feel you don't belong, maybe it's time to stop thinking about yourself and reach out to others.

JaniceSeptember 21, 2021

Excellent. Thank you. I feel a FHE lesson coming on!

JeannieSeptember 21, 2021

Take control of this situation! Instead of agreeing to babysit at anytime, tell your husband and brother in law both of the weekends you are available for the next 6 months--that might be one weekend, or more--but you set the calendar. If the brother in law needs help during a time when you are not available, then your husband can watch the children or the brother in law will have to make other arrangements. You also probably know this, but the brother in law is not your major issue here--it is the lack of respect and consideration from your husband. I am guessing that there are other issues in your marriage with your husband besides being taken advantage of by the brother in law. You are in charge of you and you and your husband need to work some things out. God bless you in your charity--but don't put your own health at risk. Take charge of this situation. You can do this and set your own boundaries!

Hal LillywhiteSeptember 21, 2021

But don't forget that during much of Brother Brigham's life, the typical treatment a doctor would provide was to bleed the patient. They believed that helped, but we have to suspect that draining a pint or two (maybe more) of badly needed blood did not help the patient. Modern allotropic medicine was in its infancy.

JaneSeptember 21, 2021

This is fascinating and insightful. Gave me a lot of food for thought. No surprise that it came from FAIR!

H NorthSeptember 21, 2021

Wise people aren't "vaccine" hesitant--they are government hesitant. That's what happens when the government openly, continuously and blatantly lies. The CDC, NIH, WHO, saint fauci, and xiden have zero credibility, and anyone with any common sense doesn't trust anything they say. And when doctors parrot those same lies, they also lose their credibility, and also will no longer be trusted.

Dianna J. CurrieSeptember 21, 2021

Being a convert (joined at 30 years old) I wish I had been given this so I could have expressed my thinking in an easy manner. I love this concept, I want to know how to use it, I haven't figured that out yet. I will figure it out! I have family, and friends I want to share this with.

A. BinghamSeptember 21, 2021

THANK YOU for this rational, logical and evidence-based rebuttal. Dr. Park's piece was yet another hit propaganda, sloppy at best, was only meant to divide. And certainly below the standard of academic prowess the good Dr. prides himself on. It was terribly sloppy and Dr. Park will continue to embarrass himself if he continues to claim this was a sound academic/scientific piece. Frankly this is on the order of a D rated movie or poor attempt to craft a fictitious article on the order of your average gossip magazine. It is sad Dr. Park has sunk this low. Of course those who enjoy and drink this type of emotional, venomous frontal attack without even basic logic and importantly sound evidence, have drunk the koolaid and enjoy fomenting contention without merit.

Aleisa EatonSeptember 21, 2021

So well written! Thank you for your research and gift of writing.

Ken NoelSeptember 21, 2021

Yes, I would like the opportunity to buy a copy of the book. The realization that I truly am a son the the Eternal Father helps me be optimistic while facing the frustrations and pains of mortality.

Tristen SmithSeptember 21, 2021

Wonderful article. Thank you for sharing the data, which disproves Park's claims.

Carolyn R LeeSeptember 21, 2021

Whenever I see Tad Callister's name, I know it will be worthwhile to read. This article should be in the Liahona so that every member of the Church would see and read it. I'm sending it to my grandchildren to help them know how to better defend the history of our country and the inspired documents of the founding, Thank you, Brother Callister!

Lawrence J SteimleSeptember 21, 2021

" if we don’t actively seek and obtain good information and use our minds to their full capacity, then “false information flourishes”..." Here is some good information... Perhaps the best I've seen.

Des BromilowSeptember 21, 2021

hats off to your father for introducing you to Tom Lehrer!!!! I would love to be as observant and eloquent in showing how the world is... but in Tom's own words, it's a moot point in this current day and age.

AJ CurrieSeptember 20, 2021

Wonderfully written article discussing a complex, emotionally-charged topic with tangled legal responsibilities. I think the author has done a wonderfully even-handed job of explaining things to we who are not schooled in the law. The only clear issue in this case is the morally repugnant, criminal behavior or the perps. It is wonderful to know that despite the heartaches and troubles created by the perpetrators, the Savior will eventually heal all the victims and any repentant perps.

Douglas E NadybalSeptember 20, 2021

This to me is like the Articles of Faith but in the form of a multi choice test. Another way is to simply hand the person a list of statements of belief and vote yes or no. The risk of course is that if one scores low there would be a tendency to dismiss the LDS faith is viable for them. But the essence of being converted is that we allow our view to change, and this does nothing to achieve that. Simple, but how effective really?

ChrisSeptember 20, 2021

Beautifully articulate

Douglas E NadybalSeptember 20, 2021

My first take away from this fine article is that my take away is probably based on my pre-existing world view and therefore is probably wrong. That said, I am comforted by having read all 13 pages and look forward to part two. It seems to me that most everybody having the non mormon world view has found that they can get away with bashing mormon culture. Doing so won't get you kicked out as opposed to the more direct attacks on Church policy, leaders, etc. But attacking Mormon culture really affects me more, because it is personal, and opposed to theoretical or what is another persons ideas. So, now I have a short rebuttal to defend myself and ourselves with... maybe there is nothing wrong with Mormon culture, maybe something is wrong with your world view of Mormon culture. Let them stew on that.

C> M HowserSeptember 20, 2021

Wonderful to read - thank you for reminding us of the beautiful constitution and how fortunate we are to live today under the umbrella of such guidance.

Jo Ann OkelberrySeptember 20, 2021

Thank you for this very informative article. Child abuse is such a terrible sin.

Lawrence J SteimleSeptember 20, 2021

There is a great deal of information online that questions the safety and efficacy of these experimental inoculations. When they are promoted under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) and the manufacturers are given protection against lawsuits for any adverse reactions, it gives one pause. Further, an EUA cannot be allowed if a safe and effective treatment is already available. Many doctors claim there is such a protocol. So what is really going on?

Jill AndrewsSeptember 20, 2021

Thank you for this article. I have been interested in better understanding what a world view is and how it affects our beliefs and choices and this has done it in a way that explains so much! Thank you very very much- I will be thinking and learning much more on this. Thank you in advance for part two!

carolSeptember 20, 2021

You can make all the laws or statements you want to help the marginalized but what it really comes down to is the individual - we each have to love our brothers and sisters as God does - and you can't make that a law. Lets all step up and truly be a child of God and love our brothers and sisters as we love ourselves and Him.

Emily M.September 19, 2021

I'm adding in my strong support that the wife needs to set boundaries with her husband, and they both need to set boundaries with the brother-in-law. I have been discussing this with my own therapist. She told me to think of all the times in the temple where God sets boundaries. It's actually pretty stunning, everything from boundaries on when the world is created, to getting to stay in Eden, to casting out evil. God is a God of boundaries. And, as His children, He is setting an example for us to place and hold our boundaries as well. I have since started reading the Book of Mormon through the lens of how God sets boundaries and it's very, very illuminating. This appears in the Book of Mormon too, where King Benjamin tells his people that they need to serve others but do so in wisdom and in order, and not run faster than they have strength. Wisdom and order means that it's okay and important to set boundaries on service. I completely agree that this is no longer a situation of acute need. It's chronic. The husband and the brother-in-law may resist setting boundaries, but that is still what needs to happen here. What's a realistic amount that their family can be involved with the children and not burn out? This is a hard situation since the wife does not have the kind of support she needs from her husband. I hope that he reads this and realizes that, while his heart has been in the right place, with a desire to serve, it's simply not right to place his brother above his wife in her divine need to set and hold boundaries here.

DJSeptember 18, 2021

This is great non-threatening way to encourage curiosity about religious thought and the gospel. Is there a way to make it more sharable for social media?

Pauline HarrySeptember 17, 2021

Interesting isn’t it?

LindaSeptember 17, 2021

It's easy. Stop being a doormat, and tell him NO.

MaureenSeptember 17, 2021

Great article, reminding us to think about how we come to think about the questions we have and why those are our particular questions in this time and place. After 74 years of absorbing the culture(s) I live in and/or have seen or read about, it's still not always evident the way these assumed values morph over time, nor how very different they may be among God's children across the earth. Good to be reminded now and then.

Diane IrwinSeptember 17, 2021

This is fantastic! I just copied the URL of the website and posted it to my Facebook page, with a comment asking folks to comment on it!!

Mary ColemereSeptember 17, 2021

Lynne, as usual you are right on! Thank you for posting this article. It is time for everyone posting on facebook (including myself) to think hard about whether it is advisable to post a strongly worded, abusive opinion. We should think about who, or what group of people, it could possibly offend. Thank you!!

Janna Stout MorrellSeptember 17, 2021

Such an Excellent and well-thought article! As I began reading, several things occurred to me. Firstly, I loved how this author states that really only being truly converted will enable us to prioritize our thinking and perhaps reorder our worldview using the lens of the Gospel. I think of the people mocking and pointing fingers from the “great and spacious building” of Lehi’s Dream. Many adopt a worldview because of the loud voices or shame which confuse or blur our lens. Our worldview is influenced by the culture of the community where we grow up. Our friends, school mates, teachers, and eventually our marriage partners and their family’s views can have so much influence on how we think. It underscores the importance of choosing wisely our closest associations. Most importantly, good parental examples and intentional Gospel teaching will make all the difference in In our children’s lives, helping them form their worldview according to the teachings of Jesus Christ.

kim mossSeptember 17, 2021

This a great thing, well done. I do have a question about the two web sites included in the article. Neither of them work. Or am I doing something wrong? Thanks, Kim Moss

Claudia Henderson SmithSeptember 17, 2021

Very good article. We're experiencing the LGBT+ problem in our family, and it is not easy. Can't wait to read Part 2.

CarolSeptember 17, 2021

This sounds so very interesting and such a great way to find out, without pressure, the truth about the LDS faith. It may bring up things you would not think of or feel comfortable in asking friends or missionaries.

Ayse KOCHSeptember 17, 2021

Thses articles have given me much to think about and peruse in myself... we all may take part in several world views just to get along in society. Thank you for presenting the various worldviews which conflict with our Gospel view. I believe that should be our priority in every aspect of what we think, do and act. IYet, i seems to me being cognizant that other views may be other people's priority can help to be more compassionate and understanding with them.

Ed JesseeSeptember 17, 2021

Great concept, article and approach for introducing basic Gospel Principles to others.

FelicitySeptember 17, 2021

I think that it's very unfair of the brother-in-law to expect his family to watch his children. This is his lot in life to take care of his children and yes, granted neither he nor the children asked for the wife and mom to pass away. This dear sister's husband is just as selfish as his brother expecting his wife to take care of the children. It has already built up resentment and her needs, like so many sisters, are not taken into account. I don't know if her question has been adequately answered considering that she suffers from mental fatigue which is what I would call it. Telling her to put her foot down and discuss this with her husband to find a solution means that all the responsibility and the stress falls on her which is unfair considering that she is the one who is left with the children. Personally, I would pack up my children and move to one of her family members for a little while so that her husband and his brother can sort things out. Why are men so selfish and demanding and yes, this is a broad statement as I know some are exceptionally kind and supportive.

Maryann TaylorSeptember 17, 2021

I LOVED your statement that we define marriage as between a man and a woman because that is what GOD IS. We want to be like our Heavenly parents. I am sure one of the reasons we shouted for joy in our pre-mortal life at the prospect of coming to earth is because we would have the opportunity to be married and have children, thereby following the pattern set by God himself. Everything that we are asked to do by our Savior is with the single purpose of helping us to become more like our Heavenly Father and to enjoy the kind of life he lives. Beautiful!

Maryann TaylorSeptember 17, 2021

This is the best article I have read on this subject. Making our sexuality the most important facet of who we ARE is divisive, and also detracts from the fact that we are, first and foremost, children of God. When we embrace the gospel of Christ, we covenant to give up anything and everything that is not in harmony with his divine plan. For single men and women, whether they are gay or straight, that means complete celibacy.

Maryann TaylorSeptember 17, 2021

I believe many leave the church because they are overwhelmed and stressed out by what they mistakenly believe is required of them. Instead of using the gospel for support, they carry it on their backs until they wear out. People who suffer from depression or have unrealistic expectations of themselves are especially vulnerable to this kind of burn-out. It is better to go without having a calling for a time than to leave the church. Satan loves to engage us in rigid "black & white" or "all or nothing" thinking. As members, we can help one another by avoiding this kind of teaching. We would all be a lot happier if we stopped comparing ourselves with others. We also need to let go of worrying about what others think of us and focus more on having a loving relationship with the Savior. He is patient. He is kind. He is happy with every small effort we make. When we do what we can reasonably do, he will make up the difference for us. We need to accept his gift.

Maryann TaylorSeptember 17, 2021

It is best to stay away from reading OR posting contentious social media posts altogether. Even if you don't add your own venom to the mix, the angry posts of others are going into your mind and planting ugly seeds there.

Maryann TaylorSeptember 17, 2021

The husband does not have the right to say "yes" to his brother regarding work that will actually be done by his wife. He seems to be more concerned about his brother than the health and well-being of his own wife. Since the brother has the means to provide childcare for his children, he is taking advantage of his brother and wife. This is especially troubling since some of his trips are for pleasure. It is not surprising that the brother had a falling out with other family members who previously cared for his children. Since the wife has already told her husband it is too much for her, she needs to be more assertive. The next time the husband says his wife will care for his brother's children, she might respond with, "Sorry, I am NOT taking care of the children. YOU will have to make other arrangements since YOU are the one who agreed." Sounds like this husband is guilt-driven, which has absolutely nothing to do with living the gospel of Jesus Christ.

KathleenSeptember 16, 2021

Both were BEAUTIFUL and spiritual


Well said of our value systems in this life. A the Church we are ask to be "worthy" of various activities. We are to partake of the sacrament worthily. We are to lives our so as to be worthy of the inspiration of the Holy Ghost and so forth. However we are not given the definition of constitutes being worthy. At what point to we become worthy and when do we become unworthy? Are we constantly moving from worthy to unworthy in the matter of minutes, days or some unknown amount of time. Is being worthy before God the same as being worthy in the Lord's Church and how is this defined?

Erik HansenSeptember 16, 2021

Well done study and address. It's great to see the doctrines of the Gospel further explained and defended in the real world --- Of course the application is what counts. I see that there are real people's problems, interpretations and actual events that are left out of the big educational explanations and intellectualism. Here are the things I hear in my world: "I am righteous. How can I show kindness or give to a person committing these serious sins. It's not right if I do." "In today's world the most money is given to rich and corrupt men. I want to see the poor receive." "Abortion is murder and no abortion is right regardless of circumstance." "I will always be stern with people to let them know that I disagree with their actions." "Am I a good Christian because of the politics in my life?" No one seems to think to, en masse, correct or encourage the many specific interpretations all around. It's too messy. To say "Follow the Spirit" isn't always helpful. It's easy to show doctrine in theory. It's hard to deal with real-life interpreting.

Leigh Ann SmithSeptember 16, 2021

I totally agree with Geoff's suggestion. We had custody of our three grandchildren for 4.5 years during our sons bittter divorce. His wife was an alcoholic/drug addict. she falsely accused our son of abuse and there was no evidence, and went to jail for a second dui, and lost their house due to prostitution after the judge awarded it to her. However, she left the state and her family helped her get a house and an attorney and she got the kids. We haven't spoken to the girls in almost 5 years. They wre 2,5 & 10 when we got them and almost 7, 11 and 15 when we lost them. The oldest, our grandson, was abused the worst because he openly wanted to leave and come back and he eventually ran away successfully and finally got an interview with the judge at 16 and never has to see her again. But those two girls have been raised by their sick, disfunctional mother and we have no right to even speak with them. It is better to show the tough love to the grown children when you have to and save the next generation. We don't regret for one minute anything we did in those 5 years we took care of those kids and never will, even though the court system failed them and us.

MarySeptember 16, 2021

A question I have often had is what about the women and men who have never had the opportunity to marry...they continue to date - always seeking for but never finding the person they wanted to marry? Or what about women and men who have lost their spouses to death or divorce. Surely they have a desire for the same serious relationship with someone again. Are they exempt from continuing to make moral decisions to remain celibate? I know many people who fall into these two categories who have chosen to live moral lives, choosing chasitity and waiting for the blessings that come and more that will come when staying close to the Savior. They live happy and productive and joyous lives. They don't feel denied any opportunity to move forward in the gospel plan. When a choice is made to justify the same gender path, it thwarts the Plan of Salvation and the Plan of Happiness...which are named thus for very specific reasons. To know that it can bring the peace and joy and comfort that comes when following the Savior's plan - to be redeemed from this mortal and imperfect being... and protect us and help us return to our Him. We all just keep trying no matter what our earthly trials are!

GinnySeptember 16, 2021

I love this article! After reading so many comments on social media that are less than kind, I have no desire to express an opinion. There is ALWAYS someone who will take exception to it and usually it not done kindly.

Kay RookhuyzenSeptember 16, 2021

This was a well thought post and I 100% agree. It is sad to see people--even my own sisters!--go crazy about political or COVID or vaccination stuff. They thing I'm crazy because they don't think I care. I do. I just don't let my feelings affect others, just not comfortable in case they don't agree. I'm tired of being told how I should feel!

Yves ValenSeptember 16, 2021

Excellent article.

Lee HillSeptember 16, 2021

Terrific article, Lynne! It made me realize I haven't always been very Christ-like in my social media posts. I have resolved more than once to either be more gentle in my posts / response to posts or just pass by offending posts without comment. I usually do well but could obviously do better. Thank you!

All the single ladiesSeptember 16, 2021

Re the comment “ A man who has no sexual attraction to women is not going to want to marry a women whether they could or could not do so in the temple under covenant. The same is true of a women who is not attracted physically to men. I don't believe the church policy encourages you to do that regardless just so you can be married in the temple. I believe the reason most gay and lesbian people leave the church is because they want an intimate serious relationship with someone of the same sex. The church does not condone this.” Consider for a moment the array of celibate heterosexual people in the church who wait decades looking for a spouse, some of whom never marry. They also do not marry or have fulfilling sex lives, but they exist and they make their choices based on their values. Many may quite correctly identify that a barrier to them finding a partner is their insistence on chastity in a world where this is not the norm. Just worth noting.

Sharee HughesSeptember 16, 2021

I went onto Amazon to order the ebook version of Heather's book, but it was about $20. To pay just a few dollars less for an ebook than a hardback is ridiculous I don't know if it's Heather who sets the price or Shadow Mountain, but that price needs to be reconsidered.

Bradley J. KramerSeptember 16, 2021

Excellent points and analysis. The Sermon on the Mount is often seen as advocating unconditional love. However, the point of removing impediments from one's vision of others is so that we can see them more clearly and help them repent, not simply accept them as they are. As Matthew 7:5 reads, "first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye."

KathleenSeptember 16, 2021

In theory, these ideas seem nice, but are wholly unrealistic, and frankly, they miss the reality of life as an LGBTQ+ member of the Church. No one is saying that a person's sexuality or gender identity is their whole identity. But it is also ludicrous to deny that it is an essential part of a person's identity. Being able to enjoy both full membership blessings while also having a deeply felt, intimate love relationship with the person of your choice is not a possibility for people who are only attracted to the same sex they are. This is a deep human need. THIS is why LGBTQ+ members are leaving the faith. It makes me so sad, and I don't have any answers, except that I know our Heavenly Father has it all figured out.

K. Chin, Modesto, CASeptember 15, 2021

I’ve often thought, why must one’s sexuality be the core component of one’s life, here, in Mortality? (I know of no doctrine that teaches our “sexuality” is THE MOST important component of what makes us mortal—and by “sexuality” I mean our individual preferences and “likes” in what, when, where, why, and how we choose to enjoy, express, and share ourselves sexually.) Could it be that in placing our sexuality BEFORE every other component of “who” we are…we “may” have inadvertently allowed Satan’s carefully laid plans (promoted over the earth’s millennia—and even before our pre-mortal existence) to have lead us to accomplish his selfish desire? Satan—through his agency—has removed himself from our Heavenly Parents’ love. We are taught, his ONLY desire is to make us, each, as miserable as he is. In manipulating us to make our “sexuality” so important, Satan has gotten us to turn our focus from the purpose of the Plan of Salvation, from its divine source, and our core identity…into bitter, painful contention and divisiveness about “how” we use our divine agency to express ourselves sexually. Here’s a news flash…sex is NOT the most important thing! Satan has redirected humankind’s energy, attention, focus…away from LOVE and gotten humankind to become obsessed with the who, what, when, where, why, and how of “sex.” We are spiritual and mortal beings capable of divine, infinite, and Christlike LOVE! Does not this thought—and knowledge—fill one with hope?! (I’ll leave it to the reader of my comments to substitute the word “sex” for LOVE. I find that doing so minimizes the divine purpose of The Plan of Salvation, our Savior’s Atonement, and our Father in Heaven’s infinite regard for each of His children.)

Penelope A. JonesSeptember 15, 2021

Wonderful insightful discussion on this so very current topic! Thank You Brother Mckenna. Of course this is all fulfilling so many prophecies about the latter days and so much "turmoil" and confusion. And I don't think you have glossed over anything but the previous comment seems rather myopic in that there are so many that make temple covenants and are not sealed to a spouse in this life. Or many who have been sealed only to have a spouse unworthy to go. And then there are our wonderful Sisters and Brothers that DON'T "Come- Out" and lead productive lives serving in the Church because as this article points out it not their most important identity. It's really pretty basic: the Lord put Adam and Eve and all of us their "off-spring" here to "multipy and replenish" and provide bodies for the Spirits he created and anything that attempts to thwart that plan is of Satan. So he is really happy at all those big marches and rallies especially the ones in UT. and at BYU. Just sayin" "the signs of the times".

AngNSeptember 15, 2021

This is a wonderful article! Thank you!

Valiant JonesSeptember 15, 2021

"People do have a choice in the matter— not in terms of their immediate feelings sexually … but in the story they adopt about what those feelings mean." I believe that within that concept there could be a path for some people with SSA to experience some degree of moderation of their attractions and find fulfilment in a mixed gender marriage. At least that appears to be what some members of NorthStar seem to have achieved. I would love to read more about that.

Boanerges RubalcavaSeptember 15, 2021

Beautiful article. This is what we are, and we love to be that way. Thanks.

MelSeptember 15, 2021

It's likely the many of tbe neighbors who you miss so much are still in your neighborhood. People who are no longer members don't fall of the face of the earth. If you miss them so much why not just spend time with them?

stevie mckennaSeptember 15, 2021

I understand what you are trying to focus on however, you have glossed over something important that isn't easy to acknowledge. A man who has no sexual attraction to women is not going to want to marry a women whether they could or could not do so in the temple under covenant. The same is true of a women who is not attracted physically to men. I don't believe the church policy encourages you to do that regardless just so you can be married in the temple. I believe the reason most gay and lesbian people leave the church is because they want an intimate serious relationship with someone of the same sex. The church does not condone this. That is the bottom line which you are not addressing no matter how you sugar coat the rest. Knowing you are a child of Heavenly Parent is great but that doesn't mean you can have the temple marriage to a same sex partner. Some people may marry opposite sexed partners but I doubt that they are gay, probably bi-sexual and that is more anecdotal evidence that it may work sometimes.

ScottSeptember 14, 2021

Profoundly beautiful; both your article and the doctrine of Heavenly Parents

Linda WSeptember 14, 2021

Very well thought out and expressed. I gratefully shared it with a dear member. Thank you for taking the time to write this!!!

DougieSeptember 14, 2021

Excellent article! Generations unborn will hang in the balance based on this decision.

PennieSeptember 14, 2021

I wish I could be so articulate. Amen to everything

Mark DonaldsonSeptember 14, 2021

Great article! I am going to save this as a favorite in my browser. I will share it when I come across those who may be questioning their faith and thinking of checking out...forever! Thanks!

MikeSeptember 14, 2021

This is a great article! I love the comparison you made to the early Saints leaving and returning to what we are experiencing now. Returning is very possible! We all must remain vigilant to weather the storm and as we do can help others come back into the fold

ScottSeptember 14, 2021

Thank you for a wonderful article. Helped me understand some of my fears/doubts about the church.

Lisa Simonsen PowellSeptember 14, 2021

This is so awesome. We don't get away with breaking the commandments no matter who we are or what our decisions look like. Thank you!

Sarah HinzeSeptember 12, 2021

These are wonderful inspiring stories. Thanks so much for sharing. Love Sarah Hinze

KwestSeptember 12, 2021

Love it, beautifully stated. Thank you for taking the time to write this article.

FrancesSeptember 12, 2021

I'm wondering if her other children could become involved in the children's lives and relieve this good woman of their everyday care so she can concentrate on her terminally ill husband and herself to some degree. At her pace, she may wear out physically as well. Where would they be then?

Corey D.September 12, 2021

Thanks for publishing that article, she says in such an eloquently spiritual way what is in my mind and heart but that I am unable to express in a coherent and concise manner and I'm sure others feel the same.

Victor LundquistSeptember 12, 2021

Thank you for the in-depth reasoning of what it means, as a teacher, to follow the teachings and example of Jesus Christ. Hopefully all of your colleagues at Church sponsored teaching entities will see the wisdom of this piece and understand what Elder Holland meant about pride flags being decisive. Thank you for writing and posting this.

Ornella Maria BrennaSeptember 11, 2021

Thank you for your clear and decisive exposition of what is right and what is not. The Lord loves us as we are, but lovingly urges us to be better than what we are, possibly "the best", that is, daughters aware of his love for him and eager to be as he is. As well reported in Helaman 12: 27 He shows us our weaknesses so that we can be humble, and if we are humble and have faith in Him, our weaknesses are transformed into strengths for us. Whatever our weaknesses are.

Randal AllredSeptember 11, 2021

I think Dr. Peterson hit the nail on the head. His comments on what certain advocacy groups have said would indicate that perhaps a lot of Elder Holland's critics inside the Church have taken their ideas and rhetoric from these outside groups, rather than their own reading, sense of fairness, and seeking the Spirit and revelation to know the import of Holland's remarks. Elder Holland is not the enemy of gay Latter-day Saints. And he is the last person among the Brethren to use words carelessly, as some of my dear friends and former students have asserted.

SimplicioSeptember 10, 2021

"Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness’ sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. "Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake. "Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for great is your reward in heaven: for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you." -Matt 5:10-12

Newell HarwardSeptember 9, 2021

Beautifully stated. Great article.

ShaunaSeptember 9, 2021

Fantastic--thank you so much for taking time to articulate some complicated, but well reasoned, pointed but loving thoughts. I would love to be in your class and would love to have my 2 BYU college students sit in with you as well Satan is the master of false dichotomies, false premises and therefore false arguments. Thank you for taking aim at some of those swirling around the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the LGBT community. as you say, it should go without saying, but as Elder Holland pointed out, hasn't always, that if one is a disciple of Christ then one loves everyone--not necessarily their behavior, standards, opinions (including mine) etc, but loves each person as a Child of God. That premise should lead to true "safety" and light

Ann StruthersSeptember 9, 2021

This was a wonderful, well written article. I loved it and pray that we may all follow these principles and ideas. Thank you for using your teaching skills in the Lord's way.

ShaneSeptember 9, 2021

Absolutely beautifully said! These are the feelings of my heart! As a previous Bishop in my ward, these are the feelings I felt and I hope every member knew. That they were safe and I was there to love them and teach them. I still feel that way towards all I come in contact with. It hurts me when I am accused of being something I am not, yet I am not offended but grateful for a loving Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ. If we pray to see others as they do, we will be so much the better for it. Thank you for this and for this Teachers great courage and faith!

Haze K.September 9, 2021

Love this article. The ideas of "you are safe" vs I will teach and push you intellectually are great. As a Latter-day Saint with several gay co-workers that I care about, the explanation about displaying the pride flag or not is perfect. To me, the pride flag is very divisive. If I don't display it, I must be someone who hates LGBT+ people. This is not true. I can love people without agreeing with their choices. I can be a conservative politically with liberal friends. I can be friends with exercise fanatics, but prefer a good book and snacks for myself. Thanks for putting into words some of my feelings.

Harold RustSeptember 9, 2021

Well written. As I pass by numerous "I Believe" banners along my street every day I find myself asking the question: Why is it that my neighbors feel the need to post a sign stating to the world that in their eyes they are a good person? Is that what it takes to prove you are a good person--a sign stating that? I like all my neighbors (well, one of them has treated me quite rudely---but he is not one posting a sign anyway) but I've never felt it would help them realize that by my putting up a sign to say, "I like each of you neighbors". The only genuine way to do that is to rake up leaves along our street well beyond my own front yard or take over a treat when I learn one has just moved in or helping fix a front gate. Do that enough and no sign is ever needed; do that never and no sign is sufficient to genuinely convince them you really do like them.

Duane BoyceSeptember 9, 2021

Very well said. It's the kind of statement every CES faculty member should be able to make. I devoutly hope they can.

Barry H.September 9, 2021

Excellent article. Well said; both courageous and kind at the same time.

Eunice RobertsonSeptember 9, 2021

Happy birthday President Nelson. May it be a day filled with happiness and precious memories.

James RawsonSeptember 8, 2021

Always well reviewed and understood with your obvious clarifications of what was truly said by elder Holland! Thank you Dan! Jim Rawson

ScottHSeptember 8, 2021

Elder Holland's talk is about 40 minutes long, so it requires commitment to read or watch. Like Dr. Peterson, I encourage everyone to watch the talk with a sincere heart. Having done so myself, I believe that it is impossible to come away from that beautiful and edifying experience with the worldly conclusion that Elder Holland spoke out of anything other than love. Many who have twisted this apostle's loving words have based their well-intentioned indignation on out-of-context sound bites. We must be careful not to "take the advantage of one because of his words" or to dig a pit for our neighbor (2 Nephi 28:8). It is sad that some who have unfortunately been on the receiving end of such treatment have unleashed such vile treatment on others.

LexaGraemeSeptember 8, 2021

Bravo. I will add my Amen to this. In college, I was a customer service rep for a high-end ceiling fan company. I could receive up to 100 calls a day. On one particular call, I went absolutely above and beyond what I was authorized to do, and was still cursed at. My supervisor said, "I don't think we need him as a customer." I appreciated her standing up for me, and have tried in the years since to not ever be *that* customer.

ShaunaSeptember 8, 2021

I encourage all to actually listen to Elder Holland's talk--he is incredibly passionate and emotional, about everything he says and I don't think anyone could actually misunderstand his love for both BYU and LGBT individuals, after listening to it....unless they want to Personally, I loved it and welcomed his clarion call for BYU,faculty, staff, and administration, the intended audience, to completely align themselves with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. they can get secular ideas at almost any other university, but at BYU, those ideas should be viewed through a gospel lens. As a BYU alumnus and the parent of 2 current students, I vigorously endorse and applaud Elder Holland's direction and am so grateful for his deep love for BYU. It is a gift to all who attend

GregSeptember 8, 2021

I love Elder Holland, he has always been my favorite, and I knew the intent of his heart when he gave this talk. People who are making it into something it is not are simply wrong. However, the metaphor of a musket probably should not have been used. A sword or spear would have been much better because of the political overtones associated with guns. The church and its members tend to be viewed as Republicans/Conservatives, clearly the majority are. But there are plenty of LDS people who feel strongly about the volatility of guns, not to say "anti-gun", but that there should be much more control and regulation for safety sake. So if you even speak out on safety as it relates to gun rights, you are labeled a communist, you are pro-abortion, you are advocate the LGBTQ lifestyle, etc. So because of the use of the musket metaphor, Elder Holland's words came across as more pro-Republican, which among many other innuendos takes a very anti-LGBTQ stand. I had always considered myself a Republican but with the rising of Trump, I can't even say that I recognize what a Republican is any more. I know that I am not what he espouses, and have been told that I am therefore a Democrat. Initially I argued this, but I find that I identify with Democrats way more than the Republican of today so I suppose it is true. I did not take Elder's Hollands to suggest that he is pro-Trump or pro-Republican, but I know many people will and that is especially embarrassing to me, to think that my faith is being likened to that school of thought. I personally am struggling with being a member of a church that appears to be affiliated with that party. Regarding the person's ideas that you heartily agree with, they claim to be pro-family suggesting that LGBTQ people can't have a family, which is kind of short-sighted, because they can and do. It may not be the traditional family that we identify with, but we have been taught that our BYU family home evening groups are family, so I struggle with the notion that a family is just a father, mother and children. I think the key is that we have to avoid even the appearance of hate, in any form, and embrace charity at all cost. I think Elder Holland is the embodiment of charity, at least in the mortal realm that we live in.

Harold RustSeptember 8, 2021

As always, your words are carefully chosen to reflect calm, reassuring reflections on reality through a spiritual perspective. I find it amazingly humbling for all of us in these "modern" times that distortions and convoluted perceptions can promulgate so quickly and deeply; definitely faster than they did among the uneducated centuries ago and more deeply than one could have ever expected among well educated folks who have the benefit of centuries of learned experiences by mankind plus the digital age of communication/distribution that should enable everyone to see for themselves what was true---and not be hood-winked by someone else telling you what they claim was said. Just read or listen to Elder Holland's talk and you will be able to see for yourself it was about love, respect, and....defending truth by means of love and respect.

Mark DonaldsonSeptember 8, 2021

Elder Holland is spot on! We love the we the imperfect hope to be loved. But our God is the lawgiver...not us. Elder Holland said it perfectly when he said, "As near as I can tell, Christ never once withheld His love from anyone, but He also never once said to anyone, “Because I love you, you are exempt from keeping my commandments.” We are tasked with trying to strike that same sensitive, demanding balance in our lives.” Amen!

HalSeptember 8, 2021

Good article! There are other reasons to "fire" a customer. Some are flat out dishonest and constantly try to get something for nothing. We don't need or want customers that intentionally try to rob us.

CBSeptember 8, 2021

Excellent excellent Bro Peterson! Thank You for saying it so well!!

Kit G.September 8, 2021

Well said, and appreciated! Standing for principles of the true gospel of Jesus Christ will continue to be more polarizing, even within the Church as members try to have one hand on the rod and the other opening the door to the great and spacious building. Elder Holland did a wonderful job articulating his points, as did you.

Loretta SmithSeptember 8, 2021

Such a well written and thoughtful article! Thank you!

Kevin KrauseSeptember 8, 2021

Thank you for these heartfelt words. You really helped me understand much more about what Elder Holland was trying to convey. And more importantly thank you for your parting words. Stop the polarization from both sides. I can't stand it. Where did love and understanding go? Civility has truly become a lost virtue.

Claudia Henderson SmithSeptember 8, 2021

What a great article! It’s so well said. It’s hard for some of us who have a child with this challenge. I, too, am not anti-gay. I’m pro family and pro the Church.

John C. GreeneSeptember 8, 2021

I have often thought that if we Latter-day Saints aspire to the First Resurrection - which is also referred to as the Resurrection of the Just - then perhaps we had better be just ourselves. If we fail to be truly just, how can we aspire to the Resurrection of the Just? Twisting the truth - as Laman and Lemuel did, for example - is not just. Twisting Elder Holland's words is also unjust. Brother Peterson's analysis and defense of Elder Holland's words is both truthful and just.

Noel JensenSeptember 8, 2021

Amen, Br. Peterson, I appreciate this response to Elder Holland's remarks.

EHSeptember 8, 2021

Thank you for your thoughts and intent. I came across a broad spectrum of responses to this talk among my personal connections, and I knew I lacked context, but even after reading the talk a couple of times, I decided to just put it on a shelf for a couple weeks. I think his words as written lacked a tone of compassion, and since most people read the talk without hearing his voice, it's easy to misunderstand. People who are very concerned about how the Church responds to their LGBTQ+ members are more likely to find concerning statements, whether or not that was Elder Holland's intent. I think a reference to weapons of any kind right now might be alarming since weapons signify violence rather than defense for many people. So I appreciate your insights. I think I found an appropriate place in my brain to file this talk:)

LouiseSeptember 7, 2021

great example how we can be helped from the other side of the vail. She didn't pray for the help of this lady but just asked if possible to help.

Debbi M.September 7, 2021

I loved this story, and had no idea about her background. Sure loved watching her films in the "olden days!" Thanks for sharing and informing.

David HallSeptember 7, 2021

In Pres. Nelson's biography it mentions that when he visited Mongolia, he learned that there is also a tradition there that Christ visited a people there, too, after his resurrection.

Richard ChristensenSeptember 7, 2021

She is my dad's second cousin if I remember right.

Robert StarlingSeptember 7, 2021

Correction (my mistake): It was the Westwood Ward that Rhonda tried to contact about her husband's funeral arrangements, not the Wilshire Ward. I've wondered how her later life might have been different if the ward building's landline had been forwarded on weekdays to the home number of the Bishop or some other member. (a suggestion to Church HQ?) However the Wilshire Ward has its own "Hollywood Connection". In the 1940's several LDS celebrities including Laraine Day and the King Sisters formed a theater group called "The Wilshire Ward Players" that performed plays at the ward meetinghouse (built in the 1930's, with unique architecture that resembles a cathedral). A non-LDS member of that group was the young Ray Bradbury.

Helga SilskiSeptember 7, 2021

Oh come on dear brother David, have you truly listened and read all of the Conference talks? There have been countless messages from our beloved leaders encouraging us, reminding us that no one has reached perfection yet. Repentance is real, necessary and even beautiful, it is part of earth life but each of us, all of us are given the opportunity to climb up and out of the hole to reach the summit.

DianeSeptember 7, 2021

BYU has world class art restoration which allowed the Carl Bloch collection to be brought to Utah for restoration and the opportunity for many to witness their greatness. What about the Church getting involved with the restoration of the "Holy Russia" so it could be brought over here for more Americans and members of the Church to see. I have thought about this painting so much since it was brought to my attention a few years ago through Meridian. What a fantastic opportunity to cruise through Russia and view this inspired piece of art! Bucket list!

Rochelle HaleSeptember 6, 2021

Wow! What a story. We are so familiar with those landmarks as we have several clients in the Century City area and serve in the Los Angeles LDS temple. When my father was dying, my mother (non-member) was totally on board with having the local ward assist, even though my stepfather had not attended church in many years. It was our relatives of other faiths who refused to attend the funeral if it was held at the "Mormon" church. The bishop, however, was more than helpful and told us that funerals take priority over weddings or ward activities. It is too bad that the Wilshire Ward wasn't more accomodating to Sister Fleming's needs.

David BellSeptember 6, 2021

Wonderful story about a beautiful daughter of God. It goes to show that what is important is what is going on between us and Heavenly Father. Even good can come out of Hollywood!

Tora Sue KniselySeptember 5, 2021

Please accept my condolences in the passing of your Husband and father. I am sure he is busy on the other side of the veil.

Valiant JonesSeptember 5, 2021

This is one of the best temple prep resources I have seen. Thank you for creating it. As a branch president, I will be using it to prepare members for the temple.

Corey D.September 5, 2021

I just retired after 40+ years with one of the countries/worlds largest defense contractors. About a year ago my co-worker was on the computer checking his email when he said come look at this. It was a Corporate memo which said and I'm paraphrasing a little but in essence it said "we will no longer be hiring from BYU because their stance on LGBTQ issues does not fit in with our company values". A week or so later we tried to find the memo but it had been deleted from the archive. Interestingly about that same time period one of the new VP's at our division was a BYU graduate, whether that had anything to do with the memo quietly going away I don't know. There have been plenty of reasons given for why the Boy Scouts was dropped by the church and others but the truth of the matter is the Boy Scouts was killed by corporate America. Corporate America has shifted from being generally family oriented and supporting conservative values to being quite liberal, especially Big Tech and they are getting more politically involved. Too me that is one of the greatest threats if not the biggest threat in the country right now because when you have control over jobs and peoples livelihoods you hold the ultimate influence and power.

Corey D.September 5, 2021

Well written and heartfully expressed. I personally have very strong, and for lack of a better description, very conservative views on the whole LGBTQ+ thing. Personally I believe there is a small, very small percentage that may have some actual biological, chemical, mental reason for their leanings/choices but for the most part it is social conditioning and the influence of Satan who is the master psychologist and deceiver. But, I try to treat everyone including LGBTQ family members and others with courtesy, respect and love.

Richard D. HanksSeptember 4, 2021

Thank you. I too love Elder Holland and support him.

E PooleSeptember 4, 2021

Thank you for your well thought out account of your journey. It does not sound like it was an easy one, but your willingness to persevere and endure until you found answers is very inspiring. Thank you for your wonderful example and testimony.

Ben JonesSeptember 3, 2021

The thing I found interesting when I joined this Church is that it didn't make me feel bad about all the wonderful experiences I had with people of other faiths. In fact, I gained my testimony of Jesus Christ while attending the Episcopal Church. One of the sweetest experiences I had after joining was that my mother who was a lifelong Christian felt the spirit in our services.

Allison DunlapSeptember 3, 2021

This was completely mind blowing! I was awestruck as I began connecting the dots Brother Frogley illustrated so well! Thank you for this enlightenment! It has changed my paradigm.

Fay KlinglerSeptember 3, 2021

I say amen to the conclusion of this article. Well done.

vandmeliSeptember 3, 2021

Thank you for the reminder that we and our children are fighting for our spiritual lives every day. I feel a renewed commitment to adequately arm them by teaching and by example. And though the enemy is real, fear not, for the Lord is on our side!

Nihla W. JuddSeptember 2, 2021

Positively Perfect. Thank you very much. Service is a real healer.

David DurfeeSeptember 2, 2021

I agree entirely. The problem is that so many of the Scriptures, so many Conference talks, intentionally or unintentionally drill relentlessly into us how imperfect we are. When was the last time you heard a speaker in Conference say "hang in there and keep plugging along and you'll get to the Celestial Kingdom"?

T LarsenSeptember 2, 2021

Thank you for this beautiful account of part of your faith journey. As someone whose personal concerns over this issue have been mild by comparison, it is helpful to be reminded that Church member don't just fall into "support the Church's teachings" and "don't support the Church's teachings". There is a lot of room on the spectrum between those positions, and it is the direction our faith is pointing us that matters the most.

Ovala F ToiaivaoSeptember 2, 2021

Wow, what a beautiful testimony of faith! Thank your for sharing this powerful account of your personal experiences wrestling with this heart wrenching topic as a new convert. This very issue is one of the main reason why our family has broken apart as 7 of our 8 children have literally left the church over it. Thanks again for sharing!

vickieSeptember 1, 2021

I am a mother of 5 kids, one girl and four boys. my last child is now a homosexual married to his best friend or another man. i never suspected i would have a child who had this kind of issue. we always think its other people that go through these things. i love all my children. this young man was a good kid, he always did the right thing, and he was great in school and went to college and went on a misison. his brothers and sister noticed things before i ever suspected anything. when he was a little guy he would put a towel on his head and pretend it was long hair. he wanted to immitate his sister. he was very aloof and as he grew older he became a sort of angry young guy. he was gifted with voice and playing the piano and acting. he came out later when he was about 34 and let me know he was engaged. i went to his wedding. i love my son and will always support him. i believe in what the prophets say and the family proclemation. when i first heard my son was gay i nearly went nuts. it was my husband who kept his head and said i love him and he is my son. that woke me up. i reaized thorugh my crying and grief i loved my son so much and the pain i felt was that of worry over what would happen to him. we do read about how others see them and sometimes torture them or they commit suicide. i never spoke to him regarding it but i might send this article to him because being a pc mother here on earth means never confronting him or letting him know what i think about it and that i love him. his mater is a great guy as well. he made his choice and i have no idea as to what to do. he will be or is 36 now. he never contacts me but he was always kind of like that anyway. aloof. i actually dont know what to do. i think he knows what he is doing and what it means. i also wonder if he knows what to do about it or which way to go. he has commited himself to another person. that person i dont think has any belief. my son had a wonderful patriarchal blessing wherein it said that the Lord would have His hand on my sons head. so, now i am praying and wondering. i think his teen anger was over how his brothers would joke abt LGBT issues and people and felt we all felt that way, and we probably did. you dont know what to feel until it is standing on your doorstep. all i know is that i love the Lord and will continue to pray fo rmy son and his mate. i know that there are many moms and dads like me.

LauraSeptember 1, 2021

What a beautiful expression of faith! Your journey shows what it looks like to strive to align our views with God's -- and it takes humility. I hope that those struggling with the same (and other) issues can similarly cling fast to their testimonies as they pray to change their own understanding, not the Lord's.

Randall M SmithSeptember 1, 2021

This is so well written, applicable to every controversial doctrine in the Church. A must read for everyone.

Gordon J HensleySeptember 1, 2021

Even though I don’t have a perfect knowledge of the way things work in the worlds beyond the veil, I can’t help but think that the laws of physics will still apply. Eternal families are created the same way they are here on Earth, with a man and a woman providing a physical body for a spirit child. In an eternal world where there is no war, death, adultery, broken marriages, or poverty, and therefore no orphaned children, where would a functionally sterile celestial couple go to find children to “adopt” into a celestial family? There will undoubtedly be many good people participating in long term friendships and relationships in the lesser kingdoms, but unless you follow the commandments and complete the ordinances that “unlock the bonus level” of the Celestial Kingdom, you won’t be able to enjoy the full work and glory of eternal life.

JosephSeptember 1, 2021

Thank you Daniel for such detailed and very well written account on your efforts and patience during your personal search for the truth on this polemic issue. May The Lord continue blessing your life with the kind of light you deserve to keep your faith healthy and strong.

Jo Ann OkelberrySeptember 1, 2021

I am so grateful that you have taken the time to write this beautiful article. You have given us a great lesson on how to deal with things that disappoint or anger us. I am so glad that we have our Heavenly Father who welcomes us and our prayers and gives us peace.

MakeliSeptember 1, 2021

Thank you for this thoughtful and vunerable account of your conversion. What a beautiful sentiment to choose humility first. I can tell you're a good guy. Thank you.

Pat StreeperSeptember 1, 2021

Thank you for your beautiful testimony!

SaraSeptember 1, 2021

I don’t think you give yourself enough credit for the effort you put forth to come to the conclusion that you have. You were humble enough to realize that your views may not be correct, even though you held them close. You did exactly as we are counseled to do both in scripture and by Church leaders, and that is the most inspiring part of this whole story to me. Thank you for sharing it.

Ruth JamiesonSeptember 1, 2021

Your story is a wonderful journey of faith and perseverance. Thank you for your example of hope.

Sasha KwapinskiSeptember 1, 2021

As one who was personally involved in California's Proposition 8 campaign (and contributed some of the money behind it) I welcome and support the church leaders' efforts to be inclusive, loving, and supportive toward LGBT members as children of God. I try to practice these principles in my own behavior and relationships. At the same time, I appreciate being a member of a denomination which recognizes the distinction between love and relativism. Marriage is ultimately a moral construct with a moral definition, or it essentially becomes a non-construct with no definition -- just a matter of random lifestyle choices or the latest public opinion poll.

Bob TaylorSeptember 1, 2021

thank you for sharing your story. i tried to pm you, but the link was not working for me - a question, if you don't mind sharing. many years ago, i had a classmate in elementary school whose name was Jim Ortner (La Jolla, CA) - any relation?

EveSeptember 1, 2021

I'm so impressed with your story. We all struggle with pride, but you were able to stay humble and open to revelation. What a wonderful example! Thank you!

Dennis HorneSeptember 1, 2021

Sometimes the Lord has to (figuratively) pull people kicking and screaming out of the philosophies of the world/society, into the light of the gospel and the scriptures/teachings of prophets. Anyone imbued with modern societies views could have various amounts of trouble making the transition. It used to be that the world and the church weren't that far off in many things, including morality. Now that is no longer the case at all. There is a divide people must cross to become fully converted and fully sustain the Brethren.

PamSeptember 1, 2021

Thank you for sharing your experiences. I hope they help others who are struggling.

Rochelle HaleSeptember 1, 2021

Thank you for sharing your journey and testimony. The problem with the worldview is that it wants to contradict God. Rather than being hateful or less tolerant, Latter-Day Saints should even more greatly express love to those whom we know to be our spiritual brothers and sisters. We all chose the plan to be here. Nevertheless, the Lord has given his counsel. A friend of another faith once questioned me about the Word of Wisdom. Her response was, "Why would God care what we eat, etc.?" As a loving Heavenly Father, why would he not???!!!! We do not worship a vengeful God, but one who loves us more than we can possibly know and wants to bless all of His children.

K RoundySeptember 1, 2021

I love this. I agree that "we are NOT on the wrong side of history, because we are on the Lord's side"; and He cannot be coerced, threatened, or convinced to change his mind on the matter.

PennieSeptember 1, 2021

I fully support Elder Holland. If the apostles and prophets bend to social pressure, we will be lost. I feel very secure knowing that they will stand up to the secular teachings of our day. Each member of this church is going to have to decide where they stand and with whom they stand. I stand with the First Presidency and the Twelve. God never gave a commandment that was not for our eternal benefit. I believe firmly that there is no gayness in eternity. It's a mortal challenge

AnonymousSeptember 1, 2021

Daniel, thank you for this beautiful account. I appreciate your testimony and your personal experiences that have doubtlessly prepared you to write about this topic.

Chuck DeWittSeptember 1, 2021

I am so grateful that I was willing to question my presumptions, pray to God in faith, wrestle with my concern, and ultimately be transformed by the spirit. This sentence shows the way to truth. Love your story and never forgetting the original testimony from Heaven.

Duane BoyceSeptember 1, 2021

Excellent. Thank you for sharing your experience. Wonderful in every way.

MistySeptember 1, 2021

Thank you for sharing your experience of wrestling with questions and doubts about some of the Church’s teachings. I don’t think there are enough stories out there like this and so many are left with the misconception that everyone is fine with everything or perhaps everyone is just a blind sheep. I hope more stories like this will help others realize it’s ok (as the Brethren have continually taught) to have questions and concerns! But as Brother Holland has also taught, “doubt your doubts” before doubting your testimony.

Harold RustSeptember 1, 2021

Thanks for this personal journey you were willing to share. For some of us who have been members all our lives, the Family Proclamation seemed so obvious we weren't sure why the Church leadership had felt the need to have it published and highlighted. Little did we realize that within just a decade there would be a significant numbers of Americans (and others outside the U.S.) who would push against the fundamentals and then gradually become very dogmatic in their rejection of what had been a "non-issue" for several centuries. To me the proclamation was a statement of love and positive confirmation about the purpose of life. Just as we are taught to be "Christ-like" toward those not members of the Church, likewise the Church's message has always been to be respective and loving toward those who may not believe as we do or want to live according to the declarations in the Family Proclamation. That becomes more difficult when those "on the other side" become very public in their accusations and very violently vocal in their attacks on our beliefs. Thus, I feel those who don't agree with Elder Holland should at least follow his approach in how to disagree....through thoughtful and non-contentious discussion meant to share deeply-held feelings in a kind and loving way.

Annie JensenSeptember 1, 2021

Thank you for your thoughtful remarks and for sharing your persistent search for truth.

Jane HalesAugust 31, 2021

As always your program is an educational delight!! I loved the story of the Kirtland Temple. Thank you for adding so much to my gospel and church history knowledge these past years. You are truly a blessing our lives!

Ron SnyderAugust 31, 2021

I had no preparation or warning about what to expect at the temple. My first time was the week I entered the mission home in SLC. It was traumatic for me, and quite shocking. I had spent my life believing up to that point that the Catholics were into rituals but we were not. I wish someone had offered me a resource like this so I could have been better prepared for the experience.

SherryAugust 31, 2021

The Pocatello Temple open house is fast approaching also, from Saturday, 18 September 2021 to Saturday, 23 October 2021. The dedication is set for Sunday, 7 November 2021. I can't wait!

Wendi EricksonAugust 31, 2021

This is a time of separation. It's a tragedy to those of us who have lost loved ones to this or any other reason they find to leave. Our heart aches when our grown children refuse to even come on mothers day. Our ward has recently seen a wave of our brothers and sisters leave our ward family. Thankyou for writing this. Perhaps it will be just what someone needs to hear. The Lord has promised me that in His time and His way all 4 of them will return. I pray for them and others who left. The fact remains that there are 2 churches only. All will find themselves aligning with one or the other. The scriptures are clear about this. As we settle into 2 apposite camps, I feel that there will be a lot of shuffling back and forth for many of us. I pleas with you all to join me in prayer for 1 ourselves to not be caught by surprise. For us to have the faith sufficient to be firmly planted in the restored gospel and 2 for those who have turned away for any reason to have whatever experiences they must in order to find their way back to the fold of God. This is His promise to our loved ones as we are true and faithful to our covenants. 3 lastly pray to see Hos hand in their lives so we see that they are not really lost to heavenly Father. And in closing the undying gratitude for the pure love that is the atonement of Jesus Christ.

Jan KuesterAugust 31, 2021

I loved this video and am so grateful for it. I grew up determined to become closer and closer to our Father and our Savior- and to become a veterinarian. God had a better plan. Through circumstances, fasting and prayer, instead of a vet I became both a registered nurse and a Navy Nurse Corps officer. I am so blessed to have had the opportunities this gave me to grow in faith, see more deeply into the lives and needs of my fellow man, and to, imperfectly so, serve the one as our Savior does. This video reminds me to focus less on myself and more on what others might need. Thank you❤️

Jonathan StreeterAugust 30, 2021

This was an excellent article that really got to the heart of the matter. The best part of your article is that it has universal application. It should be distributed to defenders of many different faiths - Jehovahs witnesses, Christian Science and Many other faiths also have apostates who try to tear down faith by creating a big lie that their church is deceiving them. This post reveals the true deception at the heart of these deceivers. Thank you for your eloquence and faithfulness!

BeccaAugust 30, 2021

Great article. One common thing I see as people buy into the negative things they are being taught is that they eventually end up where they no longer believe in God. Seems like this attack on the Church is simply using church history as a stepping stone to draw people away from God. And the influencers are making a lot of money doing what they are doing.

CBAugust 30, 2021

Fortunately, and I consider it a miracle, even though I had no preparation ( other than some negative comments from my parents doubting my worthiness) I had deep in my heart that whatever the endowment was all about it was from God, and it was His way of teaching. From the moment I stepped into Initiatory I was inspired in ways that I remember to this day. I’ve been a faithful Temple worshipper and worker ever since and when I’m in the Temple I don’t overthink— I just let myself feel His love. This is a good article and video. I don’t know if I wish I’d had it 50 years ago or not. Everyone is different. I’ve taught temple prep classes and I do think this would have been helpful. Still, the most important thing in preparation is love for the Lord and trusting in Him.

HalAugust 30, 2021

Thank you for this wonderful article. I have several friends and family members who have succumbed to this "Biggist Lie." Sadly, I have watched them transition from faith-filled, happy people to cynical, perpetually angry, and contentious souls where the darkness of hopelessness has replaced the light that once filled them with happiness. All I can do is pray for them and encourage them whenever I can.

Alan FlemingAugust 30, 2021

If the church was a business I would have resigned a long time ago, but it is not a business but the Church of Jesus Christ. In the early days of the Church all the apostles were converts, none of them were raised in the Church. Six of the original Twelve Apostles selected were excommunicated. Even the Three Witnesses to the Book of Mormon left the Church. Three of Joseph Smith’s counselors fell — one even helped plot his death. However, all the Presidents of the Church since Joseph Smith have served in the Quorum of the Twelve before they are called to be the Church President. They are well qualified having been trained and tested beforehand

Gary GarnerAugust 30, 2021

It's amazing to me that we have a prophet and we talk about following the prophet but then either don't or feel that we need to fact check him.. We fast and pray for a vaccine and then when we are blessed with it in record time (a miracle) we feel that it may be ok for you but not for me. I think that there are lessons that can be drawn from the Parable of the 10 Virgins here.

Maryann TaylorAugust 30, 2021

No one leaves the church because of any events in church history. That is simply an excuse. People leave because they have not built a strong testimony. Anyone who keeps their testimony alive by continuous prayer, scripture study, and enjoying the companionship of the Holy Ghost will not be bothered by incomplete and subjective accounts. I would trust that about as much as I trust news reporters and commentators today. How many contradictory "facts" do we hear about the same story??? Attempting to render a complete judgement of people by going back into history, whether it is the history of the church, or American history, is tricky business. I would certainly hate to have my life judged by people 100+ years from now based only on what they can dig up from the written word. We can read the MANY accounts from faithful saints who knew the Prophet, Joseph Smith, very well and who walked and talked with him, who repeatedly bore witness of his goodness, and the divinity of his calling--Or we can rely on varied and confused accounts, based on partial and limited understanding of what actually happened. We may find ourselves with some unanswered questions. So what? We can KNOW that the Book of Mormon is true, that it is a sacred witness of Jesus Christ, and that Joseph Smith translated it by the gift and power of God. If we know that, nothing else really matters.

LizAugust 30, 2021

Thank you for this very well written article and for standing up in ways many won’t.

Dennis HorneAugust 30, 2021

These are certainly very fine and uplifting faith-affirming experiences shared. However, I caution that while the author is right that the temple is a place of precious personal revelation, it is not the only place, nor a place of "higher" revelation. While I have also enjoyed the powerful flow of revelation in the temple, the two most spiritual experiences of my life took place in a missionary apartment and in a chapel. Others in a bedroom, living room, etc. Revelation can be received most anywhere needed if the member with the gift of the Holy Ghost is worthy and exercises faith and is not in a bad/wicked place. Mountain tops and groves have substituted for temples when none were available. Still, thanks for a nice article with edifying content.

Tom GlassAugust 30, 2021

We have a past bishop doing the same on his podcast,his feelings were hurt so he went on a rampage against the Church.Pride took him away,with his whole family!

Zen FeatherstoneAugust 30, 2021

The great tragedy I have seen with my family is children who have no faith or hope because they left The Church of Jesus Christ and don't have any place to go. If the truth about God and Jesus Christ is not in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, then it is nowhere. They have an understanding of the apostacy and the need for a restoration. If the truth was not restored, then they feel it is nowhere. So they are "free" to do whatever they think is right. The laws and commandments of God that make us truly free and happy when we live them, are ignored and the true peace that comes to our souls cannot be found in worldly interpretation of the rules of life.

EveAugust 30, 2021

I found this to be very touching.

Wendy LanderAugust 30, 2021

This is a wonderful resource. Thank you so much!

Deb H.August 30, 2021

The whole problem with all of this is you have two choices, take the shot or don't. Once you make the choice, you are labeled by people who have no idea what you are going through.

Norma J EntrekinAugust 30, 2021

Interesting article. But the main point should have been stated clearly in the first paragraph. Period- Thanks

Douglas MarkAugust 30, 2021

Jacob: just ask these disaffected friends what they will say to Nephi or Mormon when they meet them after death. Ask them if you can keep their patriarchal blessing and their temple garments and their scriptures in a safe place for them while they wander in the desert for awhile. Ask which of their kids they want “unsealed” while they are at it, or maybe it will be their spouse they are willing to cast off.

WeezieAugust 30, 2021

Thank you Jacob for using you talents in writing to illuminate the truth. You gave such great reasons and things to carefully and prayerfully consider. I love the part about peace. That is absolutely something absent from all those who believe they’ve been lied too by people who are anything but full of peace. If only every member of the church could read this article before they make their infamous Facebook post on how leaving the church is the best decision for them.

Carma MirabalAugust 30, 2021

This is a very good video to watch to help all of us understand the temple. I teach temple prep and will use it in my class. Hopefully it will help those going through for the first time and open their hearts to being regular temple attenders. Thank you for making this video!

Harold RustAugust 30, 2021

Great presentation of an important perspective that is vital if we want to avoid the trap of being drawn in to persistent pernicious pounding against the fundamental fruits provided by all the prophets.

stevie maireid mckennaAugust 30, 2021

Thank you so much for that excellent article. It speaks the truth and needed to be said.

vickieAugust 30, 2021

there are and there have been so many negative comments regarding the church that use to shock me but over time i realized that these are truely ignorant people they believe what their preachers tell them and then spread the negativity to others. i always say to some who believe the wrong things abt our church, that we dont spend time in church downgrading any other religion. we dont have time for this. God doesnt teach negativity in church and esp about other beliefs. we only concentrate on the truth and what God teaches us.

DavidAugust 29, 2021

Amen to this article. I know and love Elder Holland and I know no one that is more loving of all people regardless of any circimstances. When I served a mission a few years ago, Elder Holland called to discuss sending a missionary with same sex tendencies to our mission to serve. He told me of his love for this young man and how grateful he was that he wanted to serve and how much faith and confidence he had in him. We cried on the phone together as we discovered that this young man was from my home stake and that I already had a great love and admiration for him. That missionary was one of the best that I served with. I was so impressed and grateful to see the deep and true love that Elder Holland showed for this young missionary. They continue to be very close friends. I pray that we can all take a deep breath and pray for clarity on the goodness and Christlike love of this man and Apostle of Jesus Christ. Let us not be deceived into calling good evil... for he is not.

Richard ChristensenAugust 29, 2021

My dad introduced me to the books of Arvin Gibson. He used to be the CEO of Utah Power and Light, if I remember rightly. He intervwied people who had NDE. It was insightfull to see how these experience didn't destroy the person's agency. Even the non-christians had NDEs, but did not necessarily see Chirst. One of the "doctor" books showed that ~20% of the people who have had NDE can't wear watches. They just break. No explanation for it. Really interesting stuff.

Kim GarrettAugust 29, 2021

Levi Hancock is my 5th great-grandfather. I have searched and searched to find reference to him building the room used for the School of the Prophets. Can you tell me where you got that information? I'd love to share it with my family.

BeckyAugust 28, 2021

So beautifully said!

EveAugust 28, 2021

Joan - you've been truly blessed!!!

Kenny MazzantiAugust 28, 2021

Kids fight, especially siblings. Have you never watched lion cubs fight? Doing so strengthens them. I fought with my brother until I left on a mission. My brother and I loved each other and I would have given my life for him. Don't be helicopter parents trying to save your children from that which is of no consequence. Let them work it out and learn from it.

Marilyn JonesAugust 28, 2021

What a beautiful song and beautiful girls! I love hearing new music that builds up the role and purpose of women when the world around us tries to discount our worth. Thank You!

Susan CurtisAugust 28, 2021

Thank you for weighing in on the other side of this. It is interesting to me to note that this was not a talk given to the entire membership of the church, nor to the studentbody of BYU, but an instructional talk to faculty and staff of BYU, communicating to a very specific group on what is appropriate, and perhaps more importantly, what is not appropriate, in carrying out their duties as employees of a church-owned university. In a day when teachers take it upon themselves to teach their own philosophies and put forward many agendas, it is imperative that it is made clear to the faculty and staff that their teachings need to be in compliance with the gospel teachings. I have seen what happens when rogue teachers are allowed to go unchallenged in the things they espouse from their podiums. Thank you for reminding us of the Elder Holland we all know and love.

JulieAugust 28, 2021

I don't need to know Elder Holland personally to know that he is a great servant of God and loves us all. I love him. He is an incredible disciple of Christ and the gospel. His words in his talks and his actions speak volumes about the man of God that he is. His talks have helped through many a hard time. He loves us all, as Christ does.

Harold RustAugust 28, 2021

Thanks for this very uplifting support of a good (actually a very, very good) man. It is sad, but the natural man has an inclination to speak badly of others if he feels surrounded by a fan club of listeners. How many times have we seen someone willing to chime in with a biting negative comment regarding another person when they are with friends who are willing to listen and not refute their unkind remarks? That is what can happen even more easily now when social media encourages someone to blast out with blatantly hateful diatribes just so they can attempt to catch attention and puff their own ego? This article is one that needs to be repeated in the presence of any out there who even think of casting stones at an Apostle who is demonstrating love along with sharing fundamental principles of Gospel living. Surround these purveyors of hateful attacks with reasonable folks ready to discuss this issue calmly but thoughtfully and they will shrink in cowardice as they see that their words were worse than worthless. Thanks again for the uplifting words by this author.

Shauna PloegerAugust 28, 2021

Thank you for sharing your personal experience with Elder Holland and your personal faithfulness! The church being crystal clear on its doctrine on the family is the most compassionate path forward for those struggling with SSA. It's unfortunate that some members misunderstand the difference between a church policy (which can change) and doctrine of the Gospel of Christ (which is eternal and will not change). While it is clear, the brethren have a deep empathy (which I felt from Elder Holland in his talk), they cannot change eternal truths, which stand apart from men and their desires, no matter how good or right they might appear from the outside. God is at the helm of this church and the apostles do His bidding. I sincerely hope those with SSA stay in the church. We need you!! You have so much to give the church body at large. Your sexuality is not your only defining trait and not the only thing you can contribute in the Kingdom of God. We love you and are saddened by the trials that must accompany faithful membership in this church, but we applaud you for staying, for being faithful, for showing others the way forward.

SueAugust 28, 2021

Elder Holland's talk was timely and significant. It helped me feel more love and concern for gay people. I don't know how you could get upset when someone tears up and says how much he and the other apostles have prayed and cried over this topic. How much they love and care for all of us and how we should do the same. It is best to look at ourselves rather than throw darts at others

Matthew GlosengerAugust 28, 2021

Elder Holland, IMO, exemplified exactly what the priesthood of God is. LOVE. Brother Bennion is pretty close to that level himself. We can all learn great lessons from these two Men of God.

AnnetteAugust 27, 2021

Thank you for sharing your experiences with Elder Holland, Jeff. I have never met him personally but have found him to be one of the most endearing of church leaders as I've heard him speak in conferences and read his writings over the years. It is evident to me that he is a true servant of the Lord. I recently graduated from BYU-Idaho and was disappointed to learn during my course of study there that Marxism has infiltrated their English department as it has nearly every institution of higher learning in America, and in the American Foundations course, worldly academia's definition of Conservatism is taught. (I've known many Conservatives in my life, and none of them fit that definition.) So yay for Elder Holland for making it clear that church colleges and universities are not to take the world as their guide. I think the world is "too much with us" at our church campuses, most likely. This cannot be pleasing to the Lord.

MelAugust 27, 2021

There is no reason for conflict nor judgement amongst the members of the church concerning the recent announcement. If we adhere to the direction given on this matter from the official church handbook we would not be dealing with so much divisiveness with our membership : Official Handbook of the Church: 38.7.13 Vaccinations "Vaccinations administered by competent medical professionals protect health and preserve life. Members of the Church are encouraged to safeguard themselves, their children, and their communities through vaccination. Ultimately, individuals are responsible to make their own decisions about vaccination. If members have concerns, they should counsel with competent medical professionals and also seek the guidance of the Holy Ghost." As someone who has sought counsel with multiple competent medical professionals and also sought the guidance of the Holy Ghost as per direction from the First Presidency, the instruction I have received is different from many, but right for me. Could this be an opportunity for the members of the church to consider the uncut direction in the handbook concerning vaccines and have the confidence each of us will do the work of researching and receiving spiritual guidance, and then show respect for each other even if our answers might look different?

Jo Ann OkelberryAugust 27, 2021

I watched this speech and listened to it. I thought it was a great talk. I have been concerned about how so many religious institutions are becoming so secular. I do not want to see the Church universities become secularized in order to gain favor of the few. I am a BYU graduate, and I have always been so proud that gospel principles were taught in so many of my classes. There are so many who would like to attend BYU, and I think that if people do not want to abide by the principles and rules of the university, they should let those who will take their places. I love Elder Holland. He speaks for millions of people.

Minerva MillerAugust 27, 2021

When Elder Holland was sustained as an apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ in 1994, I was watching the proceedings of that General Conference in a small Church classroom at the Stake Center in Berlin, Germany, through a small TV monitor receiving the transmission in English. But even in such a setting, I had this conviction in my heart then that he was truly called of God. That conviction has stayed with me--even all the more strengthened through the years, as I have studied and listened to his inspired messages and teachings. His most recent clarion call for the BYU to be unique, like President Kimball did decades ago, is nothing short of inspiration and expression of love but also concern. He lived up to the calling of an apostle of our Savior Jesus Christ by declaring the standards of the gospel fearlessly "amidst a tumult of opinions." Yet, he conveyed his message with kindness and compassion, I only felt further motivated to continue to show love, consideration and understanding to my fellow travelers on the road regardless of their gender orientation. I sustain Elder Holland with all my heart. God be thanked for such an exemplary leader in His Kingdom at this point in time!

BeccaAugust 27, 2021

I LOVE Elder Holland! I have had two friends have interactions with him, one where he invited them to his office to visit with them after their sister died by suicide and the other where he sweetly answered the letter from a first grade student. The LOVE he has for all of us is incalculable! Thank you Elder Holland for your service as the Lord’s representative, you truly follow His lead with love and compassion!!

Robert D StarlingAugust 27, 2021

To those critics who would be so foolhardy as to cast virtual stones at the Lord's anointed servant, I would repeat the words of our Savior to the woman who was caught in the act of sexual sin . . . go and sin no more.

CASAugust 27, 2021

Anyone who could find offense with the wonderful counsel of Elder Hollard's timely talk, needs to take a look in the mirror to see the real offender!

Michael SheaAugust 27, 2021

Expressions of outrage seem to have become the new American cultural norm. But outrage attracts an evil spirit like a shark is attracted by blood in turbulent water. Whenever I hear stories of this sort, I am reminded of a passage from Isaiah (29:18-21): “And in that day… the terrible one is brought to nought, and the scorner is consumed, and all that watch for iniquity are cut off: that make a man an offender for a word… and turn aside the just for a thing of nought.”. Fault-finding is a very dangerous habit.

ShaunaAugust 27, 2021

I love Elder Holland and am personally very grateful for his recent clarion call for BYU to embrace it's mission and purpose. I LOVED reading the whole talk and welcomed all of his counsel. I am so grateful for his passion for this great institution, that I also love, and where my children are currently attending. BYU must be different than other universities and align with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, or it can't justify it's existence. There are too many members of the Church, clamoring for an education there, who are paying tithes and offerings, which support that institution, who will never set foot on campus, for BYU to align with the world. Note this searing quote from a BYUI devotional Elder Bednar delivered on January 26th, 2016 (as a past president of BYU-I and apostle), which is also true for BYU Provo students:“In the authority of the holy Apostleship, I now raise a voice of warning, and I make a solemn promise. If the day ever were to come that intellectual arrogance, a lack of appreciation, and a spirit of demanding entitlement take root on this campus — among the students, the faculty, the employees, the administration or within the community of Rexburg — then in that day the Spirit of Ricks will be well on the way to being extinguished. And the heavenly influence and blessings that have prospered this institution and the people associated with it will be withdrawn,” Bednar warned. “Conversely, as long as intellectual modesty, humility, gratitude, obedience, and frugality continue to characterize those who learn and serve at Brigham Young University-Idaho, then this university will shine forth ever brighter as a beacon of righteousness and of inspired educational innovation.” I have attended 3 private universities and repeat, that BYU must be fully aligned with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and its leaders, or risk discontinuation, or irrelevancy. So sad, but typical, that so many who are attacking him, didn't read his full talk in context. It is a brave, compassionate, piercing and prophetic call for BYU to remain true to it's mission, as outlined by President Kimball and others. I welcome it

Sasha KwapinskiAugust 27, 2021

It is difficult, in today's society, to recognize the difference and strike the balance between love and relativism. For many in today's world, "love" is thought of and equated to little more than the absence of moral standards. James 1:27 states concisely this "twin call" of exercising love and maintaining behavioral standards. "Pure religion and undefiled" consists in practicing both halves of that equation -- "visiting the orphans and widows" (reaching out in love to others), while remaining "unstained from the world" (maintaining standards of behavior and morality. As for me, I am proud to be a member of a denomination which understands that distinction (between love and relativism).

Kathleen Dalton WoodburyAugust 27, 2021

I was not a BYU student, but I tried to be a student of Hugh Nibley through his published works. They have had a great influence on how I study and learn from the scriptures to this day. I heard him speak at a Salt Lake Institute devotional when I was in college and was amazed to notice that he appeared to be taking notes as he was speaking - at least he was busy writing something during his own talk. I met him once and mentioned that I enjoyed reading science fiction and fantasy (he wasn't impressed by science fiction because he felt it idealized scientists), and he told me that he enjoyed fantasy, too. A very interesting and insightful mind that more people need to be influenced by.

Leslie MadsenAugust 27, 2021

I was so impressed with Elder Holland’s thoughtful and sensitive remarks at BYU. He expressed compassion and understanding for those struggling with issues in life but reiterated the importance of this campus standing as a light to the rest of the academic world by staying true to the standards of the Church of Jesus Christ. Leslie Madsen

Patty WalserAugust 27, 2021

Beautiful song with a beautiful message! Thanks for sharing with us!

Anna DurfeeAugust 27, 2021

Thank you for your perspective and your defense of a true man of God. It's so unsettling what some took away from his BYU address. I took away a much different message. A friend of mine bristled at the musket analogy for some reason. Here was my response to him: The analogy first comes from Neal A. Maxwell. Holland chooses to emphasize it for BYU and its path forward, specifically for those in the classroom. Holland says as he quotes a letter sent to him, "But I would hope that BYU professors would be bridging those gaps between faith and intellect.." Then he goes into Maxwell's musket AND trowel analogy. Early church members did not have the luxury of being left alone as they built the church with their trowels. I would imagine, begrudgingly, they had to keep the muskets close. Maxwell uses that to liken it to the difficult situation many BYU, and other CES school professors can find themselves in. It comes up for a lot of my colleagues in the sciences a bit more often. There are times when it will APPEAR that new discoveries are in direct contrast with church doctrine. What do you do then? Or it will seem that current interpretations of social science studies are in contrast to church doctrine and resulting policies. Each professor has to ask themselves what will happen then. Maxwell's quote says, “In a way[,] [Latter-day Saint] scholars at BYU and elsewhere are a little bit like the builders of the temple in Nauvoo, who worked with a trowel in one hand and a musket in the other. Today scholars building the temple of learning must also pause on occasion to defend the kingdom." Oaks later asks, using the original Maxwell analogy, to hear more musket fire, meaning that perhaps too many professors who can see the link between the secular and the spiritual are instead backing down and not saying anything for fear of whatever may come of that. Back in the early church, the musket may have been just as necessary as the trowel to build up the church. Perhaps the message is that today that same is true. Since engaging in the conversation with you, Brian, which I have really loved doing so thank you for keeping the dialogue open, I've been thinking about peace. How do we get peace? I just listened to the Saturday session of last conference where Elder Holland's talk is on peace. As he spoke, I thought, well, you could get peace through war. That's not fun. No one wants that. But there are times when the enemy won't relent, won't stop trying to harm you and threaten your existence and so you have to fight. Then there is peace you get because everyone has learned to love each other, even when they disagree. That's the ideal right there. Unfortunately, another way to get peace, or pseudo peace, is to back down or to give up. It's like in movies where the enemy promises the other side that they'll stop if the other side joins the enemy. If the other side joins the enemy, the conflict ends and there is a sort of peace, but the peace came with too many concessions and compromises, leaving the other side probably without much of what they wanted. So where you see a problem bringing up the concept of the musket and musket fire as a poor way to illustrate the difficulties and challenges ahead, I see, perhaps, a better way to understand how to gain, gradually, the ideal type of peace. By defending our doctrine, the very gospel of our Lord and Savior, we will, undoubtedly, cause some discord. That's unfortunate. It's unfortunate that someone can bring upon themselves hate and vitriol because they wish to defend the gospel just like it's unfortunate that someone can bring upon themselves hate for defending the rights of LGBTQ people or people of color. But should we or, in the audience's case, scholars at the Lord's universities, choose to gain peace through throwing up the white flag and conceding the entire ground of the gospel, then we gain a frail, weak, mirage of true peace. Just as those fighting for equality could just give up and go home and therefore gain a certain mirage of peace because well, they just stopped fighting. The thing I like about Holland's talk is the call for more understanding and earnest intentionality in how we reconcile our faith with secular knowledge because THAT might eventually lead to the kind of peace where everyone has just learned to love each other despite disagreement. Scholars or church members who have studied the doctrine and have learned to live it with exactness will become the kind that can communicate their genuine love for others despite disagreement. This might help those that disagree with us about our doctrine learn to love us too even though they disagree. Then you get real peace. Christ had to contend with others, sometimes quite frequently, in order for Him to teach the gospel which He knew would eventually lead to the kind of eternal peace we all want. Peace is a process and parts of the process include defending ourselves and the truths we have a testimony of and doing it in a way that might aid understanding."

Joan BennionAugust 27, 2021

In full disclosure, Jeff is my son. I know of no one who tries to live a more Christ-like life and I have been blessed to be on his journey with him. Watching him take some darts along the way has been painful as his mother but I so appreciate his spiritual insight and courage to live his truth. I know his heart and his love & compassion for his fellow travelers. I have also been gratified to know of those souls he has helped & encouraged. We can all do better in replacing hate & misunderstanding with love and understanding for all of God’s children. Our journeys are not all the same but we must anchor ourselves to God’s principles and love for each of us and try always to share it with others no matter where we are in our journey. I love my LGBTQ friends one and all. And thank you Jeff, with whom I share a great love for Elder Holland and for sharing tender thoughts and feelings in this article. They are mine as well, I love you both.

LindaAugust 27, 2021

Apostasy begins with criticizing out church leaders. That's just what Satan wants.

Kerry ClarkAugust 27, 2021

In 1998 on a Sunday, our family was in the Lobby of LDS Hospital waiting for an elevator. We were on our way to see my mother who was a patient in the hospital. While waiting, Elder Holland walked in hurriedly. I quickly said while pointing to my 12 year old son "Elder Holland, meet the newest Deacon in The Church". Elder Holland congratulated my son and gave him a side hug and a little "noogie" - probably because my son is a red head. Sadly this son passed nearly 4 years ago from a drug and alcohol overdose. I have always been grateful for the brief interaction my son had with Elder Holland.

E. L.August 27, 2021

I woke up this morning to see a post on my Facebook feed by my very bitter, hate-filled adult child about Elder Holland and his talk at BYU. Rather than responding to the vitriol he is claiming to be "true", I searched out the actual talk and wasn't surprised to read a loving talk taken incredibly out of context. Almost immediately after, I found this article. Thank you. I've tried to teach my children to go to the source before doing, saying, or even believing anything. Unfortunately I don't think it would have mattered in this case. This child is just so full of hate and contention and it's best to ignore things like this. I love Elder Holland and wish I could have the opportunity to sit with him and discuss the many talks he's given that have felt specifically for me over the years.

Dennis HorneAugust 27, 2021

I have had no personal interactions with Elder Holland but I still know him to be an apostle and special witness of the Lord Jesus Christ and that is good enough for me to sustain him completely and follow his counsel.

Ben ArkellAugust 27, 2021

Thank you so much for sharing this! We are so grateful for everything Meridian does. A true light in the darkness!

Carol RadmallAugust 27, 2021

I personally love Elder Hollands talks, he oozes love, kindness, caring, spiritualness above measure! He pours his heart and soul out in his talks! I don't understand how anyone could be offended by his words! He is truly inspired and a man of God. The prophets throughout history have been stoned whenever they have heard anything that they didn't agree with! Society has been becoming very angry! I feel if the Savior gave the talk he couldn't have said it any better than Elder Holland ~ the fact is that God's laws do not change! They never will! We will never be exempt from keeping the commandments!

Herm OlsenAugust 27, 2021

Great message about an even greater man!

A. BinghamAugust 27, 2021

We are witnessing the virtual stoning of an apostle who speaks the truth by very cruel people using weaponized social media tactics.

MichelleAugust 27, 2021

Thank you for this perspective. Come Follow Me manual suggested Pres Eyring’s April 2019 talk: The Power of Sustaining Faith. Every member needs to review it and give an honest introspective look at him/herself. George Q. Cannon’s warning, that he quoted, was powerful. Criticism of the Lord’s chosen leaders leads us into darkness.

Duane BoyceAugust 27, 2021

A saddening but wonderful article. Personally, I do not feel worthy of Elder Holland. That he is undergoing criticism demonstrates that some can find something to criticize in anyone and anything. Elder Holland's greatness of soul should be obvious, and that alone should exempt him from such treatment. Apparently--sadly--it is not so. That is a pity that nothing can justify.

Jill AndrewsAugust 27, 2021

Thank you for sharing your experiences Jeff as a testament to the words and deeds that should at the very least count as evidence of how we can interpret Elder Holland's remarks. My heart breaks with yours that such an outpouring of love could be so utterly misunderstood. Experience has also taught me the truth you included re: the scriptures speaking of “the wicked are like the troubled sea, when it cannot rest, whose waters cast up mire and dirt.” Satan enjoys bringing additional misery and woe to those already bearing the burden of same sex attraction by whatever means necessary including "stirring their hearts up to anger" because that's who he is. Let us not be a reflection of that!

Steve SwappAugust 27, 2021

I can only echo and say amen to this Gospel-based perspective offered by Jeff Bennion. Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, who I have met and corresponded with on a variety of occasions, and the other Apostles of the Lord leading His Restored Church have spent much time in prayer, study, conversations, and apostolic consultation to design loving and encouraging responses to the concerns surrounding the various types of sexual attraction God's children experience during this sometimes troubling mortal existence on Earth as well as toward the sexual orientations and self-labeling that individuals have been adopting to try to understand and describe their sexual attractions and related characteristics. The leaders of the Lord's Church, after carefully considering the many interpretations and viewpoints that people have developed in recent decades, the first thing they did was to create a website and a booklet to reassure those who experience sexual attractions and feelings about their gender that don't seem to align easily with the clear teachings of the Church regarding the proper use of our sexuality, and these materials focused almost exclusively on reassuring affected people and teaching the general Church membership that Christian discipleship requires us to develop understanding, love, and empathy for our brothers and sisters who face these special challenges and any others in this mortal life. Nothing in their words has indicated that it is proper to distance ourselves from same-gender attracted Saints or those facing the doubts and anxieties that come with gender dysphoria. Quite the opposite! We have been called to repentance for our lacking love and support for the people around us facing these challenges, and happily many Latter-day Saints are realizing that these are people we need to love and encourage, just as we need to do for all people on the Earth. To be a consecrated disciple of the Christ while at the same time experiencing such confusing sexual and identity feelings is one of this life's more difficult challenges, perhaps in our age even more than in centuries past because of the philosophies and assumptions that have been built up and popularized and are partially based on truths but contain many mistaken conclusions. Many good people in and out of the Church have adopted certain beliefs that are not really true, and it has led sincere people battling with these challenges as well as many family members and friends away from the truths of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and even to have doubts about the important teachings the Lord is having His apostles instill in our hearts. So without getting into the many details and questions for which millions of Saints and other Christians and others need better understanding and the unshakable witness from the Holy Spirit, let me just say this to keep this complex issue simple for the moment: Voices of the world (in this case those supporting various tenets of what we can call "gay philosophy") and voices from the anointed leadership of the Church of Jesus Christ often sound like opposing clarion calls. Sometimes it's a matter of seeing things from a different perspective, and sometimes it really is satanic forces spreading easy-to-believe lies about the teachings of the Church and the path to true and lasting happiness. My heartfelt advice is for us who desire to be faithful disciples of the Christ to lean towards the answers and guidance provided to us by the wise, prayerful, and inspired leaders of the Church rather than automatically interpreting everything through worldly lenses, which are partially true and to a great degree misleading. Truly, we need to be able to perceive the full palette of truths on the subject in order to understand what the leaders in the LGBTQIA community have right and what they have erred in. We believe in being honest, true, chaste, benevolent, virtuous, and in doing good to all men... We hope to be able to endure all things. If there is anything virtuous, lovely, or of good report or praiseworthy, we seek after these things.

RebeccaAugust 27, 2021

Amen to this great article!!

Ann-Marie JensenAugust 27, 2021

I’m always appreciative of the insights shared by Geoff.

ChristineAugust 26, 2021

Thank you so much. As one who has loved Elder Holland and his powerful messages of peace and love and hope and faith in Jesus Christ for all of my adult life, I thank you for your beautiful words. He has been a beacon to me and blessed my life in ways I cannot even begin to articulate. Thank you for your words in defense of a very good man and servant of the Lord. May God bless you and your family.

KCAugust 26, 2021

Thank you! Too many of us sisters equate “niceness” with passivity. In D&C 93 the Lord starts out by talking about light & truth that creates worlds AND created and gives life to US then at the end he reminds us to “make haste” & pray always then “keep my sayings” & “you shall not be confounded in this world”. You have a perfect examples of how our actively choosing the light, and shining the light in darkness makes us feel better & we are promised not to be confounded. No reason for passivity.

Patricia WintersAugust 26, 2021

"Let’s all commit to raising our sites and speaking up." This should be "raising our sights."

KLTAugust 26, 2021

Well written and well stated. In this time of ever increasing distractions, it is time to turn to the Lord and His prophet, to read the scriptures and pray with real intent. Having the Spirit was never more important than now.

Ronald BarnesAugust 26, 2021

I did not start wearing a mask until I was required to do so. Because of conflicting information, I resisted getting the vaccine. It was not the Prophet's words that cause me to finally get the shot, it was his example. Learning that he got shot himself, I decided that if anyone on earth knew the right thing to do, it would be the Prophet of God.

Sandy DildineAugust 26, 2021

There is so much of the radical, Marxist agenda on campuses in this country. An institution that teaches truth, not propaganda is needed more than ever! So many qualified people want to teach at BYU; let the indoctrinated professors go so that the cycle does not continue. Parents should be able to trust that their children will be strengthened in their testimonies and not led astray by the people who's salaries are paid for by them and by faithful Saints tithing dollars!

Milton NodackerAugust 26, 2021

One of the things that attracted me to the Church as a investigator is the principle that the founding documents of the United States, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, are considered inspired by God and held sacred by this Church. I have always felt a deep reverence for these documents and the divine principles enumerated in them. I was distressed when the latest revision to the Handbook ripped out and shredded the Second Article of the Bill of Rights, apparently in the service of "political correctness". I found Elder Holland's reference to the building of the Nauvoo Temple requiring trowels and muskets instructive. Under current Church policy the builders would have had to defend the construction with trowels alone, since the muskets would have been prohibited on a Church property.

brian stubbsAugust 26, 2021

Adding my own miniscule associations with Hugh Nibley, I took Middle Egyptian from him 1971-72. Thirty students started the class, five finished the first semester; three of us finished the second semester. I told him of my plans to also learn Hebrew and other things. He gave me some advice: take Modern Hebrew, not Biblical Hebrew, and you'll read circles around the Biblical Hebrew students. I took his advice and he was right. He later took a keen interest in my linguistic research in Uto-Aztecan, following it closely and encouragingly. He was not only a great man and mind, but also very kind. I loved him like a second father.

Kathryn GrantAugust 26, 2021

When Moroni visited Joseph Smith, he echoed Malachi's words that if the hearts of the children don't turn to their fathers, the whole earth will be utterly wasted at the Lord's coming (see Doctrine and Covenants 2). Could this be why Satan is trying so hard to turn the hearts of the children *against* their fathers?

Nihla W. JuddAugust 25, 2021

It is so refreshing to our heavy laden souls to hear truth shouted from the page - finally. Thank you, Elder Holland, for loudly proclaiming the truth when we thought hope was sinking rapidly below the surface. I have grandchildren attending BYU, and as a result, their stance on correct principles is not at all what we thought it would be when we trustingly sent them there. Something has gone awry. The influence of a "teacher" is so all encompassing that he who bears that title must sense the responsibility that goes along with it. "Rabbi" / teacher. We must emulate and follow the teachings of Christ so that we do not offend "the little ones" and bear the consequences of leading them astray from revealed truth. Thank you for standing tall and proclaiming loudly true and correct principles. Thanks for restoring hope in the hearts of parents who have been devastated of late. We are so very grateful for your clear, concise, loud exclamations on weighty matters i.e., the spiritual lives of our posterity who were trustingly placed in the arms of Brigham Young University. Thanks for calling out the wolves in sheep's clothing. God bless your for it - "Do we not have a prophet in the land?" Let's return Brigham Young University to its greatness. "As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." We love you again and again.

Jill PalmerAugust 25, 2021

I am tremendously grateful for my years as a student at BYU,1968-75. Each of my teachers in many fields helped my testimony of the gospel increase. In particular, my first Book of Mormon class was an eye-opener to me with warnings about social and other issues to beware of in the latter-days. To be forewarned is to be forearmed. I hope that Elder Holland's magnificent talk is taken to heart by all.

brian stubbsAugust 25, 2021

Three cheers for Elder Holland! Make that 27 cheers!! Some of my children and grandchildren have said similarly, that some BYU professors push worldly philosophy and not even mingled with much scripture. Especially irksome are how many BYU professors seem to think the Book of Mormon is "inspired fiction" or less and did not happen in ancient America, counter to evidences like the discovery of Nahom written in stone, no less, and hundreds of other such supports. Those into such wayward non-wisdom need to keep those opinions to themselves, be retired early, or fired. And that question should be posed to every future prospective professor, as well.

Jill PalmerAugust 25, 2021

I am up to page 250 of this book and do not want it to end! Hugh Nibley has been a rock in Latter-day Saint scholarship, entirely necessary in confirming the Book of Mormon in its cultural and religious settings. I enjoy his witty style of taking down critics. He has helped my testimony of the gospel expand, for which I am grateful.

Andre J MostertAugust 25, 2021

I miss Hugh Nibley. Our family: my father, mother, my sister and I moved into the Manavu Ward in Provo shortly after Bro. and Sis. Nibley moved across Fourth East from Ward Chapel. In fact Hugh was one of the Gospel Doctrine teachers. I was 13 years old. My folks attended his class that first Sunday. The first thing my dad said as they walked in our house was "I don't understand that man at all." So, from then on Mother attended Hugh's class and my dad went to the other class. That was our introduction to Hugh. When he found out they actually lived in the 9th Ward's area, he went looking for a house within the Manavu Ward boundary:Three doors west of us on 7th North. My mother and Phyllis became great friends. Finding out that my dad was a carpenter, Hugh asked him to come to their home and see if he could build an office space for him. Dad visited with Hugh and checked out the number of books Hugh had in his library. Hugh had an old carriage house on his property and after checking the floor, my dad explained that the ton of books Hugh had meant that he would have to shore up the floor first. As for me, Hugh was a teacher that was a delight to try and follow his teaching. One day as I walked past his classroom in the old Joseph Smith Building, the door opened and the student poured out, all of them looking totally amaze. I asked a friend, what had happened? He laughed and said Hugh did it again. "What?" He was nearing the end of class and he started teaching in some language none of us recognized. I often walked home from school the same time as Hugh. I would walk behind him as I could see he was reading a book. AS we got to the split where to the right you would cross 8th North to go down Third East on the west side and to the east said. More than once, I jogged ahead and slowed down traffic, while Hugh crossed without ever looking up. During my graduate school days, Hugh's son Alex would often baby sit our two boys. One day my Finnish-born wife asked if we could go talk to Hugh. Which we did. She was braver than me and took along one of the several of his books we owned. As we talked about how many languages he knew, he thought for a moment and then said "15 or 16. I can read and write two or three others, but I don't consider that I know them. Then he signed my wife's book "Since Cumorah" with the brief comment: "Greetings to the Mosterts from Hugh Nibley." We loved that man and his family.

Jan RifeAugust 25, 2021

I love Elder Holland. My mom worked with him when she taught seminary in Seattle, he has slways been my favotite. 4 out of 5 of my siblings went there in the 70s. My son graduated 10 years ago and I was so shocked at how it has changed. It's about time for this speach and I'm glad it came from my favorite. I hope all the professors that teach contrary to the gospel principles are let go. Please return it to the Lord's university

Dennis HorneAugust 25, 2021

I recommend this book to all. Studying Nibley is a profound experience in gaining knowledge and humility.

Barbara BlackburnAugust 25, 2021

I was, and am an avid fan of Hugh Nibley and have many of his books I recorded all of his television lessons. I was young and admired him in so many ways. He said it like it was. He has been a stalwart in my growth and I appreciate all I gained from him. My children and grandchildren have also been his fans. We are so grateful to have been enlightened by his intelligence and determination.

Dennis HorneAugust 25, 2021

I certainly do not know all things, or even many things I would like to know, so I don't know if "justification" of the past is the best word to use or context to ponder the subject in, but I do defend the doctrine and policies and procedures of past prophets in their proper historical context. I have done so with this subject on my blog: and for a soul-edifying and uplifting detailed account of the receipt of the revelation itself, see:

Barbie MeyersAugust 25, 2021

Thank you to Elder Holland for addressing the issues found within BYU. I have found much coming from there very discomforting. I hope and pray that the faculty will realign themselves with truth and light. I hope and pray that the student body will seek for truth and light.

LoraAugust 25, 2021

Bruce R McConkie, CES conference Aug 1978 quoted in Sermons and Writings of Bruce R. McConkie: “Forget everything that I have said, or what President Brigham Young or President George Q. Cannon or whoever has said in days past that is contrary to the present revelation. We spoke with a limited understanding and without the light and knowledge that has now come into the world. We get our truth line upon line and precept upon precept. We have now had added a new flood of intelligence and light on this particular subject, and it erases all the darkness and all the views and all the thoughts of the past. They don’t matter anymore . . . It doesn’t make a particle of difference what anybody ever said about the Negro matter before the first day of June of this year (1978). It is a new day and a new arrangement, and the Lord has now given the revelation that sheds light into the world on this subject.”

Farol E HunterAugust 25, 2021

That brought tears to my eyes. He is an amazing man and I honor him. I still, to this day, remember hearing the announcement that "all worthy males will be able to receive the priesthood" and feeling thrilled for that decision.

PamAugust 25, 2021

I am so grateful for Elder Holland's speech. I attended BYU in the 70s, and returned to Provo recently after having lived in other places in between. I was surprised at the changes I have seen at BYU since returning. I have been disappointed in hearing about radical ideas of some faculty members at BYU, about very vocal promotion of alternate lifestyles. There was a house on my street occupied by several members of the football team, who had inappropriate parties every weekend involving alcohol, tobacco, and likely other substances. I see athletes for BYU and other students whose dress and hair do not reflect the honor code. I am so glad that Elder Holland addressed some of the issues affecting BYU at this time. I hope BYU will uphold its unique mission and not yield to the voices that are pulling it away from that mission.

Rosie BAugust 25, 2021

I was a young single working mother in 1982 when I converted to the Church. I had a strong testimony of the Book of Mormon, but there was a lot about Church culture that I found confusing & discouraging. I discovered Hugh Nibley's works and his fascinating insights helped me see more of the big eternal picture. I hope for a revival of interest in his work.

JuliannAugust 25, 2021

Everyone has a story, a life, struggles and successes to share. And people are hungry to talk, but they have become cynical and jaded that anyone really cares to listen. I can strike up a conversation with just about anyone because I take the time to do so, because I ask the right questions, and because I sincerely am interested in who they are. Plus I’m not out to give advice, diminish feelings or “fix” others. There is an art to listening, and it can be learned, but it takes patience, desire, and two ears, one mouth.

Sydney WheadonAugust 25, 2021

I enjoy all of your comments, but this one was very relevant and important in our world.

Bill EnglishAugust 25, 2021

You mean like "today most scholars agree that the best option is a river valley called Wadi Tayyib al-Ism, discovered in 1995 by Latter-day Saint explorers George Potter and Craig Thorsted." in the text of the article. Or, "According to Warren Aston, who has carefully explored the surrounding regions..." Or the list of several books and articles listed in the notes and bibliography?

DanAugust 25, 2021

Very good and thought provoking

Maryann TaylorAugust 24, 2021

I just read this address today and I am so glad you also posted it on Meridian. Elder Holland makes it clear that BYU professors have a sacred trust to teach according to the light and truth of the gospel. I am so happy Elder Holland gave this address at a time when there is confusion for some about the subject of same-sex relationships. I think my favorite part of the address was his comment that: "..Christ never ONCE withheld his love from anyone, but he also never once said to anyone, 'Because I love you, you are exempt from keeping my commandments.' " I think that says it all.

CurtisAugust 24, 2021

This is exactly something I am researching and am writing on right now. This is a fantastic article and I quote several of the same things you do!

Kelly P.August 24, 2021

My own son's testimony was shredded and shattered by the teachings and opinions of an admired BYU professor over 26 years ago. My son, a faithful returned missionary, was so proud and thankful to attend BYU, where he earned his Bachelor's degree. We were thankful that he could attend BYU, and entrusted him to that great institution. But we never expected him to be spiritually wounded by a professor and mentor who should have been strengthening his faith and building his testimony. I hope the faculty and leaders of BYU will listen to Elder Holland, and work hard to stay within the light and truths of the gospel of Jesus Christ and teach them. They have an extremely important responsibility to do so.

R McCaskillAugust 24, 2021

I graduate from BYU and was impressed and loved how it was not only a secular institution but also a religious one. I enjoyed my gospel doctrine classes and know the mission of BYU was inspired. I had to go through an interview with my Bishop and agree to uphold the standard of the church, I hope the professors are asked to do the same and are held accountable if they don't. If I didn't uphold those standards I risked getting expelled, I would expect the professors should be held to the same criteria.

Jo Ann OkelberryAugust 24, 2021

This situation is so incredibly sad. My heart aches and cries for all those people, especially the women and girls, who will be back in bondage. We all feel so helpless. May God ease their burdens.

Jan KuesterAugust 24, 2021

Thank you for a very revealing article. I agree completely and watch with a heavy heart, the effects of the beliefs and errant claims which so many people in our modern, self-deluding society ascribe to. Thank you for the call and warning to each of us. I have a firm testimony that we are led by prophets, seers and revelatory who are here to teach, testify and encourage all mankind that we must look to the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ for salvation and peace.

Jennetta BiberstonAugust 24, 2021

I read the "Kiterunner" and it made me sick knowing how many adults and children had suffered like that and even worse. I pray for your people, for our people, as we should all be brothers and sisters.

Carl OlsenAugust 24, 2021

Very early on when the various vaccines began distribution, I vowed that I would not be vaccinated because I did not trust that they were safe. As time went on I became even more firm in my decision. But when I heard President Nelson's recommendation, I made it a matter of prayer during evening prayers with my wife. Almost immediately after that prayer, I distinctly heard a "still small voice" repeatedly speak the phrase "Follow the Prophet" resounding in my mind. I immediately scheduled an appointment to get the vaccine.

CASAugust 24, 2021

As a BYU graduate of many years ago and avid BYU supporter, I honestly think it is time to play "hardball" with these issues! I propose that any teacher/professor violating the high standards of teaching at Brigham Young University which are outside the boundaries set by the Church of Latter-day Saints and the teachings therein, should be put on academic probation with a follow-up interview by an Apostle in person. The claims against that person should be clear and substantiated by students or faculty. (The video clip by a Lehi High student the first week of school of the offense he/she saw and heard from a teacher was conclusive in the dismissal of that offending teacher!). If the concerns are substantiated, the instructor should be terminated immediately! Period! This is MY university also, and I think high standards of teaching should be expected and demanded!

Laurin RackhamAugust 24, 2021

Yesterday my daughter and I 'intstalled' her gay son and his sister in the dorms at the Y. Both have ever been treated with the utmost courtesy and dignity at the Y. They are some of my 32 offspring (and grand-offspring) who have been there. Afterwards, shopping for food for them, my daughter met Sister Susan Easton Black, also shopping, and expressed profound gratitude for her teaching there. "That class is where I gained my testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith." That you Elder Doctor Holland and Sister Doctor Black so very much for all you do for all of us.

JaneAugust 24, 2021

I don't know anyone there and I'm sick as well. All those women and girls driven back into the dark ages because our leaders don't have the courage to do the right thing. Not only that, but US leaders are preventing others from doing the right thing. God help the Afghans. I trust that God will demand justice from US leaders sentencing Afghans to death, if they're lucky. I pray with all my might for our sisters and brothers there descending into darkness because we abandoned them. Only the Lord can help them now.

Dennis HorneAugust 24, 2021

This was a superb and inspired address from an Apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ. I see from online content that many are taking issue with it and therefore showing where they stand. Some are slandering this Special Witness who told the truth he knew some would find upsetting or unpopular or contrary to their personal views. Such is Elder Holland's calling and duty before God. I entertain slight hope that the offending parties at BYU that Elder Holland was speaking to will correct their ways. These people, as Elder Holland noted, are activists and advocates; hence the "tragic" friendly fire aimed at the Brethren/Church he spoke of. No matter the philosophies of the world, the scriptures and doctrine will not change and BYU needs to harmonize or either cease to exist or something else drastic--as Elder Holland, Pres. Nelson, and Pres. Oaks were all quoted as saying. We must love all (including LGBT) but NOT "condone" the sinful behavior or activism.

John R CarpenterAugust 24, 2021

"... After having served a full-time mission and marrying her husband in the temple, a friend of mine recently left the church. In her graduation statement on a social media post, she credited [such and such a BYU program and its faculty] with the radicalizing of her attitudes and the destruction of her faith.’” I know of 3 people who have left the Church because of what they learned at BYU - including my daughter.

John R CarpenterAugust 24, 2021

A comment regarding the left and right political image followed by another image of the Restored Gospel on the left and the Apostasy on the right. The Restored Gospel is neither left-wing nor right-wing of the political spectrum. It is a God centered way of life that can, through Jesus the Christ, lead to eternal salvation and to the full Glory of God. And anyone claiming or thinking that these two images in the article support left-wing politics and religion “that” is like the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ is wrong. And anyone thinking or claiming that the primary colors representing the left & right wing politics relate somehow to the image of the Restored Gospel or Apostasy is also wrong. The two images are separate and independent from each other. Any association other to the undecided being drawn one way or the other would be incorrect. The top image represents the pull of the left & right wing politics and their religions of man trying to influence the undecided. The bottom image conveys that the undecided need to choose between the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Apostasy of popular emotional and so religions fixations.

Sonya WashburnAugust 24, 2021

I think we all need to remember not to judge people, some people's health will not allow them to be vaccinated. Also I find that when people wear a mask they feel safe and come too close and touch and hug and mess with their masks, and get germs all over their hands, spreading virus everywhere. Trying to understanding a person wearing a mask is more difficult so people come closer to be heard or understood...I say stop keep your distance, take the mask off so I can understand what you are saying..I prefer social distancing.

Sonya WashburnAugust 24, 2021

Thank you Elder Holland for addressing this issue. I too have felt to stop contributing to BYU if its professors are going to teach contrary to gospel principles. This has been going on for quite some time and there should be a way to weed out these unbelieving professors that are doing damage to our trusting children.

PatriceAugust 24, 2021

So glad that someone has said something. Bravo to Elder Holland. He is able to put his thoughts across in such a beautiful & spiritual way. What's been going on at BYU for the past several years and how it has accelerated to such a rapid pace is scary, to say the least.

SfischAugust 24, 2021

Amen and amen! Philosophies of men-so thankful for a living oracle to guide us in our fallen world. I love Elder Holland-he proclaimed the truth and corrected the mistakes in a way/manner that most only hope they could.

Elizabeth SAugust 24, 2021

Thanks for covering this talk in detail. I've written the Board of Trustees and admin at BYU 3 times in the past year about particular curricula and faculty attitudes at BYU. I am glad for this evidence that they are listening. Now I guess we'll see if this makes a difference with the boots on the ground.

Paralee M. EckmanAugust 24, 2021

I have known Elder Jeffrey R. Holland since he was a child in the same ward I grew up in. We met and visited briefly several times as he visited his beloved St. George. We treasure his wisdom and insight, and I am so glad he gave this address at BYU! I have heard from people who have had children who lost their testimony at BYU, and that is a tragedy! When a student attends BYU, you expect them to be strengthened in Gospel principles, and not hear messages against Church teachings. I went to BYU in 1954-55, and it was very Church centered. It needs to be now, and in the future!

William ToftAugust 24, 2021

Wearing masks is easy, even if you don't want to be vaccinated. It wasn't too long ago the prophet advised us to seek personal revelation. On this matter my wife and I (both in our 70s) have counseled together, pondered and prayed ....and continue to do so about the matter. Thus far, we feel the vaccine is not right for us. It may be for most people but we are avoiding the vaccine as we continue to be open to promptings to do otherwise.

ShaunaAugust 24, 2021

thank you Elder Holland. I love you and you will always be "President Holland" to me, as you were President of BYU when I was there. I thank God for you and your passion for BYU. I had a daughter there last year who is soon leaving on a mission and deliver another daughter there tomorrow. I have attended 2 other private universities for graduate training and there is nothing like BYU. But I am also aware that not all faculty are on board completely with the Gospel, and in fact, in receiving a masters degree there, many years ago, was also indoctrinated, and believed for a time, some ideologies that are not in complete harmony with the Gospel. Students can get the philosophies of the world anywhere, but BYU is one of the few places where they can learn those philosophies through the lens of the gospel. It seems to me that the Lord has a vested and continuing interest in education--i.e. D&C 88 and 93, but it also seems striking to me, that 4 of 15 current apostles have been either Presidents of BYU-I or BYU. I believe you when you say that the Lord planted a love for BYU early on in your heart, and I am so grateful that the flame is still burning. May God continue to lead this great university to be a "house of learning and a house of faith."

P SkousenAugust 24, 2021

In my life I attended BYU and helped my husband through this magnificent university. I have always been grateful for that opportunity. My brother and my youngest daughter graduated from BYU and my middle daughter graduated from BYU-I. The standards and wisdom received from the remarkable professors who stood for truth and righteousness was always a testimony to the truthfulness of the gospel of Jesus Christ to myself and to my family. Thank you Elder Holland for your perfect words of wisdom.

James WarrAugust 24, 2021

It would be nice if you gave credit to those who originally discovered this place instead of giving the impression that you made the discovery.

WeezieAugust 24, 2021

Thank you so very much for giving me some new and true perspective I had never thought of before. It really helped soften my heart. You are a phenomenal writer to be able to do what you did. I’m at peace now, thanks to you!

chris howellAugust 24, 2021

Thank you for sharing. As a parent with three BYU grads and son in law part of the faculty, I pray that Elder Holland's admonishment will be heeded without reservation.

JustinAugust 24, 2021

Thank you for sharing this message. Too many are swept along with "politically correct" messages, and forget the love of our Heavenly Father and His desire for happiness and love for all. Sometimes that means taking a stand, and aligning yourself with Him. His ways are not our ways.

LindaAugust 24, 2021

BYU needs to "let go" those instructors who teach this trash to students. As professors of BYU, they are actually going against the code of BYU just as much as any student who dresses or acts inappropriately.

SamAugust 24, 2021

I think there is another division that I do often read with Deseret News. Trump has caused great division almost Anarchy. Many in the Church feel you must be for Trump or your not going to the Celestial Kingdom. That you must be a Republican. I have concerns about both parties. Please address this. Our country is in a major pandemic and many thousands have needlessly died because of the word , Hoax. Please address this! Thank you

Colleen MoellerAugust 24, 2021

I love this article, and am so glad that Elder Holland spoke to this point. Having attended BYU a few decades ago, and having watched it closely as a place to recommend to my own children, I have been disappointed in more recent years from the public messages that seem to come from faculty and students. Thank you Elder Holland for making it clear that BYU, it’s faculty and students should always be loyal first to gospel principles and the messages of the restored gospel.

SageAugust 24, 2021

My heart breaks for the people of Afghanistan. I will continue to pray and donate for them. So sorry our pres couldn't keep 2500 soldiers there. Such a shame.

Alan BylundAugust 23, 2021

We need to keep in mind that God is good at choosing his battles. He allows us to believe certain cultural false assumptions in order to not distract from the more important messages. It is also important to understand that this is a world wide church trying to persuade leaders of nations that the church is always supportive of the governments of the countries they are allowed to participate in. Think of the message they need to send to all the leaders of all those nations. We also need to remember that the church wanted all members to feel safe at church. Those of us who are aware of the bigger picture can deal with a little inconvenience to make those less informed feel safe and avoid a major controversy which would be counterproductive to the church's mission.

Alan FlemingAugust 23, 2021

The best way to understand the sacrament is to partake of it. The best way to understand the temple is to attend it. While we can study with faith the scriptures and books by good writers, the temple is best understood by attendance in the temple itself. When we understand the atonement we will come to the sacrament table with tears of repentance and hope. When the understand the plan of salvation we will participate in temple covenant-ordinances with humilty and service. During the sacrament and in the temple we will receive revelation as we participate worthily.

Lex KAugust 23, 2021

Ever since the prophet came out with the letter encouraging getting the vaccine, people have been treating it , and seem to keep insinuating that this was a revelation and so we should all follow. No where has it been said that this is a revelation. It is a suggestion from the presidency. You are still a member in good standing if you choose not to get the vaccine.

Maryann TaylorAugust 23, 2021

In order to see a full picture here, I think bullying needs to be addressed. While there is some great advice in this article, there are times when accepting aggressive behavior is wrong. Also, whether the parent gets involved really depends on the age of the child. Sometimes parental intervention is necessary, especially if there are repeated offences. I believe it is much better for the PARENT to remain calm and to show a little empathy for the child (not dramatic coddling), rather than to immediately tell the child to "calm down." When someone tells me to "calm down," it feels like what they are really saying is, "I don't really care that you are upset, and your feelings don't really matter."

Pat DraweAugust 23, 2021

Your article is a wonderful help and reminder for believers. I believe the law of agency is so essential that careless drivers or intentional evil doers are not blocked from causing hurt or disaster, except in unusual circumstances. Have you written or would you consider writing an article about the intersection of man’s free agency and the Lord’s protection that we pray for?

Pam RoderAugust 23, 2021

I will add my voice with that of Charles McClelland. He stated my opinion exactly.

Bonnie MattsonAugust 23, 2021

Excellent article! Thank you for taking the time to share these thoughts. I love the Temple and will be glad to get back when the restrictions are lifted and my health improves.

Wally GoddardAugust 23, 2021

Good ideas. I recommend that every reader consider the five steps in emotion coaching described by John Gottman in Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child (chapter 3).

J. RossAugust 23, 2021

Excellent article. I like the author's willingness to question his own personal beliefs. I believe most of us have had a time when we disagreed with a church issue. Sometimes it is the politically liberal among us, now it seem to be the conservatives.The point is none of us has a perfect view.If we think we know more than the prophets, we will be left on the outside.

T. BarrettAugust 23, 2021

One thing that has made the temple more meaningful to me is to take a family name through all the ordinances myself (not all on the same day). I feel a more personal connection to this ancestor and to the ordinances myself. Thank you for your article. I feel that I love the temple, but I don't love going there as much as would like to.

Joyce YoungAugust 23, 2021

I enjoyed your article. I remember the first time I went to the temple years ago, I was surprised things were so ceremonial, with lots of symbols and clothing. I didn't understand the symbols and actions so I was confused. I thought you just sat in white clothing and listened to a presentation and raised your hand to make covenants. I later learned what all the symbolism means, that it helps us remember what is said and done better than just listening. You learn al lot about the purpose of earth life and the eternities if you listen and try to feel the spirit of it all. Thanks

PamelaAugust 23, 2021

A couple years back after a RS meeting I told a sister in the ward that I wanted to gain a testimony of the temple like she had. So I went once a week for a couple months but still didn’t grasp what the big deal was. The Spirit prompted me to attend every morning. That is when I started to gain my testimony of the temple and I looked forward to communicating with the Lord each day. Now I know for myself why people love to go to the temple !

cameron steinbuschAugust 23, 2021

I live in an area that has a temple built but not dedicated yet due to covid. Some people have been in it though and the universal message is, if your claustrophobic you won't like it. I am very claustrophobic and the size of the building or room doesn't matter, you could be claustrophobic anywhere. That is my big worry that I would have a panic attack or anxiety attack there, which I have had before in the temple, elsewhere though.

Terry RichAugust 22, 2021

Thank you for your insights. The beauty of wise authors and prophets give balm to my soul.

LisaAugust 22, 2021

It is fun to see all the different ties the missionaries wear. I think it is a source of entertainment for all.

Dianne DemikAugust 21, 2021

Brother Peterson, I'm afraid I can't articulate well enough how blessed I have been by your writing and speaking over the years. This article has been so helpful to me as I finally turned off the television showing the anguish of many children of God in Afghanistan and Haiti. Thank you.

DebraAugust 21, 2021

Beautifully said!

Helen CondonAugust 20, 2021

I long ago decided that I will add 2 scripture references to my son’s gravestone: Job 1:21 and 1 Samuel 1:28 All will, indeed, be made well.

Carlos RoundyAugust 20, 2021

Through the atonement of Jesus Christ all suffering has purpose, with out the atonement, nothing in life has purpose.

SusanAugust 20, 2021

What a wonderful article filled with comfort and strength for the present and hope for the future! Thank you for this.

Candace WashburnAugust 20, 2021

What a powerful testimony of our Savior! Thank you!

CarolAugust 18, 2021

I love the quote at the end by Abraham Lincoln! And this story just proves had stupid and foolish war is!!!

Papa PotterAugust 18, 2021

Wow -- gospel truths beautifully written and very timely for me. THANKS

DonnaAugust 18, 2021

Thank you for a much-needed article! This is a fantastic wealth of information that poses the question of why so many people are pushing this agenda so quickly on our vulnerable youth. People need to hear both sides of the story, and this is the other side that is too often silenced. I hope this is circulated far and wide.

Vardell TaylorAugust 18, 2021

"It is in turning to Jesus and calling on His goodness that we are saved." Yes! just as it is in all the examples: Benjamins people, Enos, Alma, Lamoni, his father, the Lamanites in Helaman 5. We can be forgiven for all our sins, and be saved - be confident that Christ has promised us exaltation. And it can happen as we are right now; forgiveness is not dependent on a long list of performances and ordinances. Why don't we have people announcing, like Alma, I have been born again, redeemed, changed from the carnal man to a state of righteousness?

Michelle VincilAugust 18, 2021

This is such a heartbreaking struggle. It is particularly scary for a parent when you feel, while you are trying to figure things out, that you have the needs of your child, the voices of society and possible conflicts with school and public administrations that you are dealing wtih. I haven't had this exact situation but some very "modern" situations with my children. It was most helpful to realize that 1. i needed to find calm somehow so I could really talk w God and hear His voice. 2. pay attn and realize when I am moving based on fear or imagined timelines. 3 just because a voice is the loudest doesn't mean it is the correct one. Often, people who have the same questions, and would support you while you figure things out, are often the ones trying to be respectful of your "space" and don't say anything. There is a way to give love and support without pushing expectations. Finally, it was so important to shut out everybody else and make sure my child knew i loved them, was truly listening, and had the confidence that there were answers. Some of the things I dealt with took several years but as soon as I quit forcing my chosen result on my child and listened nonjudgmentally and LOVED them, things started to open up and we found a way thru. SATAN USES CONTENTION no matter the situation TO KEEP PEOPLE FROM HEARING EACH OTHER, LOVING EACH OTHER AND SUPPORTING EACH OTHER. God bless us all. He is good all the time.

AnonymousAugust 18, 2021

THANK YOU! I am so grateful to see information on the alternatives and regret of transitioning. I feel like I’ve been fighting a lost battle against common sense as Mental health professionals and the world seem to tell me to let my child do whatever they want. I 100% agree with watchful waiting and getting the child busy and involved in life. How can we get information like this out to the youth who are being fed social media that is harmful?

Herm OlsenAugust 18, 2021

Bro. Goddard has again hit the nail on the head! This is a thoughtful, gentle and merciful reminder that, in God’s eyes, we are all and each of us Pearls of Great Price. Thank you for the insights. Thank you for the kindness!

Karla SAugust 17, 2021

I made the decision to be vaccinated, due to age and comorbidities. I'm a nurse and I'm well aware of the debate, on both sides. Most of the articles you cited are not new to me and there are a lot of questions left unanswered in most of these, and other articles I have read, or with experts I have listened to. This issue is NOT settled even among the experts. I am generally pro vaccine, with a few exceptions. As with all vaccines, these Covid 19 vaccines should also be taken with INFORMED CONSENT, not MANDATED. That is the biggest issue I see among "CPDs" I know, including myself. After all, these vaccines are still "experimental" and there appears to be risks in taking them. As for mask usage, it's not 100%, whether due to using them incorrectly, or wearing ineffective cloth masks. Generally speaking, if someone has real concerns about catching Covid 19, that person should really keep that fact in mind, and limit exposure to crowds of any kind, including church services. I know most Wards are continuing Zoom access to meetings. I don't feel the Prophet is telling us NOT to be informed and not to use this information to evaluate our particular circumstances. I do agree that he is trying to help us look at those around us with compassion and empathy. Wheter "CPD" or not, we should NOT allow this virus to tear us apart as members of the Lord's Kingdom.

ReluctantAugust 17, 2021

There is very real concern about the vaccine. I had the first shot, then I got Covid. I recovered from Covid. I was feeling fine. Then I got the second shot and I have not recovered my health and it has been months since that happened. There is a problem with the vaccine for some people and I don’t believe our government is honest about it. Just because it didn’t cause problems for everyone doesn’t mean it is safe for all and we should be able to choose without creating contention.

Rita in TexasAugust 17, 2021

David M., your comments embody the article's critique of those who dismiss, harass and otherwise abuse those who have chosen to allow logic, reason and knowledge to inform their actions. Did nothing the author wrote sink in? Covid policy doubters are not heartless monsters willing to kill little children; we are thoughtful, faithful Saints who have serious questions that few want to hear, much less answer. I am unable to wear a mask or take the jab, both for medical reasons. Going to worship with my ward family has been impossible for months, and just recently I've been able to attend. Now, it looks like it will be taken away again. Even with the delta variant, children are largely immune from the kinds of problems that the elderly and those with co-morbidities generally have. Parents with medically-fragile children usually keep them at home. There are several people in my ward who haven't been able to attend church or the temple, and some of them are considering leaving the Church altogether, because of the unkind words coming from erstwhile friends and leaders. This is a complicated situation, made more so by the constantly changing narrative coming from the government and its minions. Please don't make it worse.

Patrick McLaneAugust 17, 2021

It's not about pros and cons. It's about truth vs lies. Good vs evil.

HalAugust 17, 2021

Wow! What a great article! Thank you! I have often said we are wrong to judge previous generations by present-day mores. I shudder to think how future generations may judge our current society. It gives me comfort to know that in thousands of years of human history, with millions of different cultures, and tens of billions of individuals who have lived through their own mortal experience, that there is One who is qualified to know my heart and be merciful in His judgement.

MadelineAugust 17, 2021

I love this! Awesome way to appeal to young Latter Day Saints like me :)

David BlackburnAugust 17, 2021

Thanks Duane, you have always had such a thoughtful approach, and serving with you before I know first hand of your loving concerns to present all the facts in a non- judge mental thorough way that meets the approval of the Lord. What a wonderful article, and wider perspective that can help heal divisions and feelings. The Lords ways are always higher than our own, and it’s wonderful to have our living General Authorities to guide us and lead us in these Latter Days.

Karl MillerAugust 17, 2021

Wikipedia and NPR are biased sources of information, and to cite them at the start gives an unsettling foundation to this article.

JimAugust 17, 2021

I agree the Church can advise its members to get vaccinated but I disagree that the shot is safe and effective. If it is effective why are they now saying you will need to get a booster shot every 8 months. Why are people still getting covid who have had the shot? Second, how can they say it is safe? Do they have proof that in 2 years there are no serious side effects? In 5 years? 10 years? They can't. What if there is. How will members feel then about the First Presidency statement? How many may leave the Church because of it?

RBAugust 17, 2021

It's worth noting the fact that President Nelson spent many years as a successful, brilliant cardiac surgeon. And a humble one, which isn't the norm for cardiac surgeons. He helped develop the heart/lung bypass machine, without which millions of people around the world would have died. He knows more about the workings of the human body & health than those who suddenly became infectious disease experts last year thanks to the Internet. He has a vast store of knowledge, in addition to the presence of the Spirit. I am completely fed up with those who are putting their biases as their god. This month in fast & testimony meeting, a brother stood up & basically told us all that the First Presidency are false prophets because of what they recommend regarding COVID. And this was before the latest letter. He & his wife have always been rabid anti-vaxxers. So apparently this is the hill they choose to die on. I'm all for agency, if they choose to leave the Church they should go. But I feel really sorry for their children.

Curt BassettAugust 17, 2021

Long time Duane! Your article tracks with my thinking about the need to protect the church from destruction politically. I've been thinking of the concept of the Lord commanding his prophets in the scriptures to employ stratagem. Abraham saying Sarah is his sister. Elijah leading blinded syrians to Samaria. Stratagem in Book of Mormon wars. Captain Moroni said deceit, decoys and trickery not a sin in war. Alma 43:30. Could 1st Pres be employing stratagem in our war against Secret Combination here? Flattering Caesar to misdirect and preserve Church's 501c3 status and privileges in spreading gospel? Don't have your new phone#. My old contact info is still good. Please give me a call to discuss/catch up.

AbbieAugust 17, 2021

While I can appreciate the tone and very thoughtful written article. I think the overall view should be, I am allowed to have my agency. I am allowed to make decisions for me and my family and that should be respected by all people as I respect your rights to make decisions for yourself and your family, ones that I may not agree with. The constitution was written too so that I may have that right as well, and yes slowly it has eroded, been taught incorrectly and they have over stepped their authority. The Lord highly values our agency. He will force no one and I think we all should follow his example. Name calling pointing finger, They are immature and selfish on Both sides of this debate. Trying to find common ground and actually having a real debate would be more helpful, but with dishonest reporting and too many differing expert opinions do not help and with social medial and news media censoring information it does help foster those honest debates to happen.

MelAugust 17, 2021

Thank you for your article. It has been the most diplomatic, church related piece I have read concerning COVID policies. From the official church handbook: 38.7.13 Vaccinations "Vaccinations administered by competent medical professionals protect health and preserve life. Members of the Church are encouraged to safeguard themselves, their children, and their communities through vaccination. Ultimately, individuals are responsible to make their own decisions about vaccination. If members have concerns, they should counsel with competent medical professionals and also seek the guidance of the Holy Ghost." As someone who has sought counsel with multiple competent medical professionals and also sought the guidance of the Holy Ghost as per direction from the First Presidency, the instruction I have received is different from many but right for me. Could this be an opportunity for the members of the church to have confidence in each other for doing the work of research and receiving spiritual guidance and show respect for each other even if our answers might look different?

JanAugust 17, 2021

Most thoughtful comments on history and our current society and how it treats history that I have ever heard. Presented in a meaningful way and tone. I for one plan on being more thoughtful of those from our past and the contributions they made.

Gaylinn ThompsonAugust 17, 2021

I appreciate the points and examples used in this article. Very well-written. Very illuminating and grounding. Thank you.

Ed RehderAugust 17, 2021

Thank you. A voice of reason in this world of wokeness.

Julie ArcherAugust 17, 2021

This is a wonderful article. My concern is not with members decisions to get the vaccine or not, but of how they treat those who choose differently than they do. We see in the Book of Mormon over and over that contentions arose among members because of pride. This is what we are seeing. The love of God is not in many of our hearts instead we have pride and judgment against those who believe and choose different. Our opinion matter more than love for our neighbor. Especially concerning the prophets current statement. You even see it in these comments. In such a critical time that we should humble ourselves and all unite in our faith in Christ despite little disputations Instead we are seeing contention and separation among His flock.

Kathy SandersAugust 17, 2021

Jacob, thank you for this article (and all your articles). I have five children who have left the church over such Ethnocentric ways of looking at history, both political world history and church history. It is certainly the "popular" thing to do these days and I only have one word for looking back at anyone's lives with such a certainty that they have an extra lens of understanding others missed: Arrogance. Oh that we would all humbly take Moroni's plea with the same humility he offered it and be merciful and curious, not arrogant and certain of things we can't possibly really know as we weren't there. Thank you.

Jan PetersonAugust 17, 2021

This article and some of the comments intimate that the prophet has given us a commandment, but he hasn't. He has encouraged us in one direction while leaving the opposite direction open and trusted our personal revelation and agency. Just like not getting the vaccine because of fear is the wrong choice, getting it "because the prophet did" is also spiritually and physically irresponsible. We are to seek revelation for ourselves and our stewardships.

ScottAugust 17, 2021

From my perspective, the Lord has been assisting us. Global pandemic, yet people have been inspired to create the technology over the last few decades to effectively and safely address it, just when it's needed most. And just when there's a global pandemic, who has the Lord called as His prophet? A medical doctor.

Margaret E. BatesAugust 17, 2021

This is a wonderful article and echoes all of my feelings on Covid mitigation in particular, and on following the Prophet and the Brethren as a whole regardless of the issue, in general. How can we call ourselves good Latter-day Saints in Jesus Christ's church and do less?

CricketAugust 17, 2021

First of all, you are building a straw man by saying the CDC has proven to be unreliable, then quote from it to show that it is. As long as the data fits. Soooo...I ask: why the PUSH for a vaccine (that has, according to the CDC, a 90% effective rate) for a viral infection that has a 99% recovery rate, with lifetime immunity? A vaccine is going to require boosters. I also ask why alternative treatments are not even discussed? As I understand agency, information is needed to make an unfettered choice. So why the one-sided push?

Timothy D. JohnsonAugust 16, 2021

Consider the following: D&C 84:64 And these signs shall follow those who believe- D&C 84:71 And if any man shall administer poison unto them it shall not hurt them; I am considered to be medically fragile. I have been in the hospital for surgery twice and to multiple medical facilities since the pandemic began. I am blessed with a good immune system and am seldom bothered by colds of flu. So far I have been blessed to have been protected the Covid virus other than losing my sense of taste and a few snuffles for a couple of days. Getting any of the vaccines fills me with terror as I've viewed articles that reveal what is in them or the conditions that some are manufactured in. But I cannot deny the words of Scripture. I must follow the prophet and have faith in what the Savior has promised.

T GrantAugust 16, 2021

I don't understand the controversy. Do or Do Not. Live with it.

D. MackeyAugust 16, 2021

I have always appreciated counsel from our prophets who have warned members against accepting anything taught by them on blind faith. Rather, we have been counseled to make their teachings a matter of serious study and prayer. Then be open to the personal revelation that will come by the power and influence of the Holy Ghost directing how we are to individually respond. Agency comes down to individuals who must act according to the light and knowledge they receive for themselves in their particular circumstances and within their own spheres of stewardship.

Kim MAugust 16, 2021

I wonder how many people put following the Lord first? Because if you asked Him in prayer and received an matter what that answer'd follow that direction...not man

Bruce T ForbesAugust 16, 2021

Many years ago I was in a stake conference in Arizona in which Elder Mark E. Peterson was speaking. He told stories of how the leaders agonize over wording in letters such as the one last week. He said when a letter says "We recommend", then all they're doing is recommending, nothing more and nothing less. Last week's letter "urged" us to do something; it did not "command" us. Take that letter with you into your private prayers and let the Holy Spirit guide you; that's what I did. The Spirit instructed me on what to do, and even though it's not what I want to do, I know better than to not follow the Spirit - or the prophet.

Lawrence NielsenAugust 16, 2021

Thank you. When one believes that we are lead by a living prophet, to stay on the covenant path means acceptance of counsel and obedience. I find it a complement when I am classed with the"sheeple" by the anti-maskers and anti-vacsers because I follow the the counsel of our leaders.

Heather SmurthwaiteAugust 16, 2021

This truly resonated light with my mind and heart! I appreciate it so much!

Helga SilskiAugust 16, 2021

I was very happy to read so many wonderful, positive responses. For the life of me I cannot understand how anybody that claims to be a member of the Church speaks negatively about the First Presidencies encouraging message to wear a mask and get vaccinated. If we only prayed about this subject earnestly, we would get an answer from the spirit in the affirmative. It is a great blessing to have a living Prophet on earth in these troubling times, the Lord has not forsaken us and left us in the dark, the Prophet is His mouthpiece on the earth and so are his counselors and the Quorum of the Twelve. I love, honor and sustain these brethren and I thank the Lord for them daily. Thank you Meridian Magazine for your uplifting articles, you are part of my life as are the scriptures. Thank you for spreading light and truth. God bless and continue to shower you with inspiration. Great big thank you to Duane Boyce for an excellent and lovingly presented message!

Paul HAugust 16, 2021

I'm certain there were many who thought Moses had gone loopy when he held up the brazen serpent and so they refused to gaze upon it, which was exercising their God-given agency to not follow the prophet, and we all know what happened to the "anti-gazers" don't we? I remember President Faust saying how much we would jump at the opportunity to work on the rebuilding of the Nauvoo Temple, but then asked if we would simply perform our home teaching duty. I'm at a loss as to why the extremely simple wearing of a mask or getting a vaccine (that the Prophet says was a literal God-send) would be so controversial and why anyone would believe information on the internet or social media over their own doctor's advice. But people refused to gaze at the brazen serpent, too, so I guess we're not all that different from the ancient Children of Israel, are we?

Jessica WhitakerAugust 16, 2021

Thank you for helping me reorient. I am ashamed of myself and will get vacinnated right away. Waiting for Novavax might come too late. Stubborness and pride have always been my achilles heel and throw in health, patriotism, civics, and all my cherished values and it is a perfect test. Some will be tried for wearing masks and others for not! Commit your body to Almighty God.

MKTAugust 16, 2021

From the official church handbook: 38.7.13 Vaccinations "Vaccinations administered by competent medical professionals protect health and preserve life. Members of the Church are encouraged to safeguard themselves, their children, and their communities through vaccination. Ultimately, individuals are responsible to make their own decisions about vaccination. If members have concerns, they should counsel with competent medical professionals and also seek the guidance of the Holy Ghost." This article is thought provoking for sure and presents insights that had not occurred to me before. However as someone who has sought counsel with multiple competent medical professionals and also sought the guidance of the Holy Ghost as per direction from the First Presidency, the instruction I have received is different from many but right for me. Could this be an opportunity for the members of the church to have confidence in each other for doing the work of research and receiving spiritual guidance and show respect each other even if our answers might look different?

Gary AndersonAugust 16, 2021

Thank you for this inspired article! I didn't know which way to go about wearing a mask again, but this article helped me to decide to always obey the brethren and get my own confirmation as well. I have now gotten it.

Maryann TaylorAugust 16, 2021

Oh, how I wish this article had been posted sooner!!! Just taught this lesson on Sunday in the Gospel Doctrine class.

Maryann TaylorAugust 16, 2021

This letter is absolutely mind boggling. I cannot conceive of someone worrying about their own "needs" after betraying their spouse in the worst possible way. His attitude is pouring salt into her wounds. When he can be more concerned about HER feelings and recognize what he has done to her, MAYBE he will be at a STARTING point to receive her forgiveness.

Maryann TaylorAugust 16, 2021

Having a hard time figuring out what the big deal is here. President Nelson did NOT say we have to wear face masks everywhere. He counseled us to wear them in public meetings where safe distancing is not possible. Also, he has been encouraging us to get immunized for a long time--nothing new here.

David MAugust 16, 2021

The other article in today's Meridian Magazine has dozens of reader comments. This one has none. I think that's because it's too long and confusing for the average reader who's just trying to do the right thing for his family, and not trying to justify or disprove all the conspiracy theories. My advice to ward leaders and CPD's is different than this article proposes - I'd say, act with an abundance of caution. Don't take any chances with other people's health. If you don't want to get vaccinated and wear a mask and social distance, then stay home and watch the meeting broadcast. You will never be able to live with the horror of possibly being responsible for the infection or death of an innocent child.

B CharlesAugust 16, 2021

Masking has been shown through peer-reviewed research to reduce transmission even if people don’t understand the scientific review process. The brethren shut down in-person worship before the government did. Vaccines are safe and effective as the First Presidency stated in their recent communication. There are copious amounts of data saying that this is so. What makes this announcement so confusing? If we want temples to be open we need to do whatever we can and masking and vaccination are our best tools in this war with COVID

Robert E JonesAugust 16, 2021

It is my firm belief that the General Authorities knew over 2 years ago that the pendemic or some other major problem would affect the intire world and make church meetings hard to have or even impossible. As a result they made the change to our Sunday services and made the Church of Jesus Christ a "home centered religion." While many churches faltered ours continued agains all ods. I firmly believe that more problems for the Church are coming and that the First Prisidency knows what lies ahead and is working diligenty to position the Church to be prepared to face whatever comes. If you have doubts do what we have been told time and again "not to accept a position of the First Presidency "whole cloth" but seek your own aceptance by prayer and Personal revolation.

David MAugust 16, 2021

Thank you for this article and the many insightful reader comments, most of which express gratitude for the wonderful inspired leadership of the First Presidency. I wonder if there's another lesson we need to learn through this pandemic experience - we seem to have lost the ability to rationally and calmly discuss things with each other, and wonder why everyone else seems to be so confused. One of the discussion points in this last week's 'Come Follow Me' was that Jesus Christ is the source of all light and truth. If we find ourselves needing to listen to a particular network or commentator or politician to find out what we believe about a particular issue, then maybe we've fallen prey to 'conspiring men' who distort things for their political or financial gain, and we need to reconsider our sources. This time it may only have mortal consequences, but next time it may be everlasting.

Sarah JonesAugust 16, 2021

I have been studying the Light of Christ for a few years and have come to the same understanding of what you’ve written here. I absolutely love how you’ve described everything it takes to shine with Christ’s Light. I’ve come to also understand the Light of Christ, which is different than the gifts of the Holy Ghost, is our intuition, or the small daily impressions we receive to help us know good from evil. Literally, Jesus guides us with His Light on our path of mortality as we learn to align our will with God; as we learn to have an eye single to His glory. I also like to think of the Light of Christ as Jesus’ gift to the children of God comparable in love, insight, direction, and correction as the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost is a gift given by our Father in Heaven when we covenant with Him to take upon us the name of Christ in baptism. Sincerely, thank you again for writing and sharing this piece. I’m going to share this article with everyone I know!

ScottHAugust 16, 2021

Thanks for the in-depth viewpoint. To me the benefits of being vaccinated seem self-evident. Yet the bad and inconsistent actions of government and media actors also seem obvious. President Nelson clearly regards the vaccines as answers to the faithful prayers and fasting of millions. This suggests that the Lord is able to use deeply flawed and even corrupt entities to work miracles. It is possible to be both in favor of the vaccines and opposed to political overreach.

tfAugust 16, 2021

Thank you Meridian for re-publishing this!

tfAugust 16, 2021

Perhaps Pres Nelson doesn't want to have to close the temples again?

Gaylinn ThompsonAugust 16, 2021

So well written. Excellent points and examples. Thank you for your insight.

Sandra KharaziAugust 16, 2021

Great read, very well written. I for one got the shots when the General Presidency got theirs at the beginning of all this. I felt like if they were doing it, that was enough for me.

Larry MascoAugust 16, 2021

President Benson’s 7th Fundamental in Following the Prophet: The prophet tells us what we need to know, not always what we want to know. “Thou hast declared unto us hard things, more than we are able to bear,” complained Nephi’s brethren. But Nephi answered by saying, “the guilty taketh the truth to be hard, for it cutteth them to the very center” (1 Nephi 16:1, 3). Or, to put it in another prophet’s words, “Hit pigeons flutter.” Said President Harold B. Lee: You may not like what comes from the authority of the Church. It may contradict your political views. It may contradict your social views. It may interfere with some of your social life. . . . Your safety and ours depends upon whether or not we follow. . . . Let’s keep our eye on the President of the Church. [In Conference Report, October 1970, p. 152-153] But it is the living prophet who really upsets the world. “Even in the Church,” said President Kimball, “many are prone to garnish the sepulchers of yesterday’s prophets and mentally stone the living ones” (Instructor, 95:257). Why? Because the living prophet gets at what we need to know now, and the world prefers that prophets either be dead or mind their own business. Some so-called experts of political science want the prophet to keep still on politics. .... And so the list goes on and on. How we respond to the words of a living prophet when he tells us what we need to know, but would rather not hear, is a test of our faithfulness.

Richard TrippAugust 16, 2021

Good article Duane, but I think we need the Lord’s work to continue and expand which it can’t do while Covid 19 is spreading and killing so many people. Temple and missionary work nearly stopped during the early stages of the pandemic and now with vaccines both are returning to normal. I am glad we have a prophet to guide us through this pandemic.

MikeAugust 16, 2021

"Follow the Prophet, he knows the way"

JemezblueAugust 16, 2021

Thank you for this article. For many reasons, I have been rebelling quietly against mask mandates and other violations of our freedoms during Covid lockdowns. So when my Bishop read the letter from the First Presidency yesterday, I was still rebelling. I had to tell myself over and over why the First Presidency would ask us to do this. My reasoning included many of the above things mentioned in the article and I concluded that the Lord would not lead us wrong. If I believed in the church and our prophet, then I could do anything that is required. So, if a little thing like wearing a mask is involved and I did not want to obey that, then how can I be expected to obey the big things? This personal questioning was hard, especially when I was masked shamed from a fellow church member the previous week for not wearing a mask after our area seventy let us know that it was okay for us not to. I just kept thinking that the Lord would not lead us astray, so I put the mask on, but this little effort has been one of my hardest battles. It turns out that for me, it is not about fighting for our freedoms, but fighting against Satan who is striving to get all of us to rebel against our Lord. Actively obeying what the Prophet is tell us, and our Lord's representatives, is among our greatest fights for our freedoms here on earth. I felt a great peace throughout the rest of my Sunday knowing that I am obeying the Lord, even if it is a small thing like wearing a mask that our prophet asked us to wear.

Judy PetersonAugust 16, 2021

This is an excellent article. Although this isn’t one of my hot buttons—I believe the rapid vaccine development was one of the answers to our world-wide fast last year—I have faithful family members who continue to resist the vaccine and masking on political and even scientific bases. I have considered these principles on other issues that concerned me in the past, and the bottom line is always “Follow the Prophet.” Sometimes there has eventually been obvious validation. Other counsel still requires faith. “I thank Thee, Oh God, for a Prophet!”

L Norman PoulsenAugust 16, 2021

How do we console to the tens of thousands who have died from an experimental vaccine side effects when there are proven functional health protocols that drastically reduce deaths more so than the CDC protocols from all over the USA that are being censored by our "trusted" government health officials

L Norman PoulsenAugust 16, 2021

Hugh B. Brown: Official statements of the First Presidency that have not been submitted to the membership of the church for its approval are matters of temporary policy only. Under present conditions, for example, the First Presidency may say, ‘We recommend this or that.’ But conditions may subsequently change, and when they do the First Presidency may wish to make a statement which may not be in complete harmony with a former statement. We have to keep our theology up to date by submitting everything that is intended to become a permanent part of the gospel to those whose right and privilege it is to so interpret and then by having it sustained by the people as a definite rule of the church so that all things may be done by common consent. (An Abundant Life: The Memoirs of Hugh B. Brown, ed. Edwin B. Firmage [Salt Lake City: Signature Books, 1999], 124-125)

ColinAugust 16, 2021

This is a great big-picture discussion that stays out of the political muck and focuses on principles.


Excellent article. Others may wish to read the BYU Devotional talk by Elder Ezra Taft Benson (February 26, 1980) on "Fourteen Fundamentals to Following the Prophet.

Robert H. SainsburyAugust 16, 2021

I believe the work of salvation must continue on both sides of the veil. President Nelson and his counselors have shown us the way to accomplish this. Wearing a mask and getting vaccinated is a small price to pay to keep the temple open and performing ordinances for both the living and the dead.

ReyLain BloxhamAugust 16, 2021

Thank you for this insightful article. It’s nice to know I'm not the only one with these questions as I want to support and be guided by the Lords authorities on earth but feel I was/am directed to "go north". There are so many ways to feel like an outcast at church and now this is one more way. The narrative that "going north" means you are endangering those around you is exactly how this is playing out. I appreciate your supportive and informative words as I strive to "survive spiritually" through the influence of the Holy Ghost and feel I am doing the spiritual work to hear that Voice frequently and more clearly. I sure didn't expect to need it about a church "policy".

Sharee HughesAugust 16, 2021

Did I miss something? All I thought they said was to get vaccinated if you hadn't done so already, which they had already advised previously, and to wear masks in public or large gatherings, even if you have been vaccinated. With this extremely contagious delta variant, that's just common sense, so what are people upset about? I don't particularly like wearing a mask, but it sure beats getting COVID.

James ThomasAugust 16, 2021

What a great commentary about following the Brethren even when we do not always understand the why behind some of the direction. I am so grateful for the wonderful gift of living prophets and Apostles. The Lord knows better than I do what lies ahead and therefore is perfectly qualified to lead me according to what is best. When I follow the prophet I follow the Lord.

Susan NielsonAugust 16, 2021

Thank you Brother Boyce, Those are pertinent points, that we as a church have to exist within our host societies, and the Lord is not choosing this hill to die on. I have to say I felt super uncomfortable yesterday wearing a mask at church, with all the feelings swirling around my head of hating masks, not trusting corrupt government leaders, not wanting to appear as “virtue signaling” better than others. But I do want to follow the prophet. I do believe he is directed by God. So I put the stupid thing on. And I appreciate your calm, rational treatment of the facts, and your offering of new thoughts I had not considered.

Ronald BarnesAugust 16, 2021

I did not start wearing a mask until it became mandatory. I resisted the vaccine at first because of the many negative things I had heard about it. When I learned that the prophet and the apostles got the shot, I decided that they would know if it is as dangerous as I had heard. So, I got it. I still believe that the issue is more political than it is medical. We have been told that a prophet is entitled to his own opinion on any subject that the Lord has not revealed the truth concerning. We have also been told that the Lord will never allow His prophet to lead us astray. I accept that the prophet can, at times, express what is just his own opinion. However, whenever the church issues a statement signed by all three members of the First Presidency, I take notice. If we believe that these three men, especially the president, are prophets, seers, and revelators, then we need to heed what they say. No matter what the controversy may be, when they speak as a group, the controversy is over.

Kenny MazzantiAugust 16, 2021

As a missionary in Norway from 1966 to 1968, we passed out a pamphlet entitled, "A Church for all The World". President Nelson leads that church for all of the world and must consider, with the Lord's direction, all of the places the Church must further the work of Salvation. We must also individually live our religion. That includes Article of faith 12 which says, “We believe in being subject to kings, presidents, rulers, and magistrates, in obeying, honoring, and sustaining the law.” Recommending vaccination does not interfere with my personal agency. I still have my choice on the matter. But, it does further the work of the Lord by respecting all the various governments worldwide. The work will roll forth to every nation, kindred, tongue and people with or without us.

Blaine D WilcoxAugust 16, 2021

Powerful true message Duane! Thanks! Smile :-)

Barbara B.August 16, 2021

Thank you for this. It has helped me remember a lot of what I had forgotten. The Lord is in charge and is guiding us through our prophet. I sustain him, his counselors and the Quorum of the 12 at each conference, it's past time I remember that and what it means to ",sustain". Again, thank you for this article.

SmilyAugust 16, 2021

I am reminded of a story where a man is stranded on his roof in a flood and prays for God to save him. God sends multiple ways of help his way including a boat and a helicopter. He refuses because he’s waiting for God to save him. When he drowns, he asks God why his prayer wasn’t answered. God explains that he sent him help (boat and helicopter, etc.) Are we taking advantage of the lifesaving methods God has inspired men with? The leaders in the church have reaffirmed that these are the methods that will save lives. If you go back and listen, this isn’t the first time they’ve mentioned that masks will save lives, etc. they also set the example earlier in the year by publicly getting their vaccinations. (Follow the Prophet) I am so excited about the mRNA technology in the vaccines. They have been working on it for years and it is said the technology could lead to even a vaccine for MS eventually. A disease which I have. God inspires men and directs them in our lives whether they belong to our church or not. Look at all of the technology we’ve been given to better our lives. Do you think it was just invented by chance? Then the masks. What a simple thing to save lives. Take charge of your own life and grab onto these methods that the Lord has provided us with. I just got my third booster shot two days ago since I am immunocompromised. I am so thankful to God for providing these ways for me to choose to grab hold of in order to save my own life and the lives of those around me.

MistyAugust 16, 2021

Thank you for the additional hindsight and perspective to consider. The Lord’s work has always been about the bigger eternal picture than the thoughts and mindset of the individual(s). I’ll continue to pray for my own confirmation one way or another.

MerriwynAugust 16, 2021

I am surprised that anyone was worried by that announcement. We prayed as a people for quick development of vaccines and were rewarded with miracles. It would be churlish not to accept the miracles that the Lord has granted us.

Charles McClellandAugust 16, 2021

Excellent, timely article that I hope will be read by those who are struggling with this decision by the General Authorities.

BIHAugust 16, 2021

I am absolutely at a loss to see how President Nelson and the rest of the First Presidency asking Church members to get vaccinated, wear masks, and socially distance is a BAD thing! This is to assist in curtailing the spread of a deadly virus and its variants all over the world. Why on earth would a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints protest this? This seems like insanity to me to be against protecting our family, neighbors, and the nation/world at large. And the cry of "personal freedom" is a strawman when it comes to a worldwide health crisis. Do we claim "personal freedom" when it comes to speed limits, seat belts, etc.?

KathleenAugust 15, 2021

They would be my support, as well! Kind of sad, yet realistically funny.

Elizabeth Colyer GoodwinAugust 15, 2021

I’m pretty sure that this article was written in response to my sister, as the female apostate quoted on Facebook. If the words quoted in the article weren’t written by her, I will be shocked. I’ve been grieving and wondering if there will ever be anything that I can say, when she is ready, to turn her heart back to the Savior. Thank you, Maurine, for giving me eyes to see how that could be done. I loved your inspired, Christ-centered thoughts on the matter.

Gloy JorgensenAugust 15, 2021

A most touching and loving story. We all have to let people go at some point and the loss is always difficult regardless of the age or manner of death.

Harold RustAugust 15, 2021

I have learned that before we judge another person’s willingness to help, we should recognize almost every member would want to help and they will eagerly be ready to help if…… they understand the need is genuine, they have resources or ability to help, and that by helping they are committed long term for more than they can handle.

Nicole ClementAugust 14, 2021

Thank you so much for this article. I have that destructive voice in my head too, all the time; and I didn't really realize where it was coming from. I always feel guilty for not doing enough, even though in reality I am doing a lot and doing the best I can do. This was a very enlightening article. Thank you for helping me understand this new viewpoint.

Mark MathesonAugust 14, 2021

Jen will do wonders at Care For Life. Follow and support her exploits there.

Mark DonaldsonAugust 14, 2021

Thank you for taking what is sometimes a very hard topic to understand (Light) and wording it with such clarity that it can be easily understood!

Sandy MAugust 13, 2021

This is wonderful .. thank you so much

Richard JukesAugust 13, 2021

Wonderful article! Thank you for sharing your experiences and insights.

Matthew HawsAugust 13, 2021

Thanks for this article. Sometimes I feel that we in the church don't give enough attention to this doctrine/idea/concept. Light has a far greater impact on us and the universe around us than we think.

DonAugust 13, 2021

When you cheat on your wife, you should have no expectation that she will do anything other than demand you move out, dump you, divorce you, request a cancellation of sealing, etc. Anything else is on her terms. YOU ARE THE ADULTERER. You can't whine your way out of the situation you behaved your way into.

ReaderAugust 13, 2021

Wow! This is amazing! I was thrilled in studying D&C 88 this week and how the Light of Christ is the glue/power behind all things in the universe, big and small, and your insights open up new vistas for me. Thank you for pondering and sharing.

Trinity OlsenAugust 13, 2021

Thank you so much for being inspired to write this article! I have been trying to explain to a son of mine how science and truth and light are an integral part of Heavenly Father’s being and that we have access to that same power and knowledge. I have prayed for a way to explain these truths to him. Your article has hit the nail on the head for me and answered my prayer. I’m going to share this with my son and pray that he is receptive to the message in your words.

Colleen HarrisonAugust 13, 2021

Thank you for this beautiful article. It was a great blessing to read it.

@WalkinghandinhandwithgodAugust 13, 2021

Thank you for this! I have so much compassion for betrayers, they really are victims in their own right, but it is on them to grow in the ways they have failed to develop over the years. Yes growing hurts, yes, it means learning not to rely on others for validation and a sense of self, yes it means increasing your level of tolerance for discomfort and vulnerability, it means becoming less selfish and more caring, it means relying on the Lord to help you deal with your hurts, to see her anger for what it is—pain and fear, and to be able to offer compassion, comfort, reassurance, and love unfeigned.

Isaac C "Ike" FergusonAugust 13, 2021

Wow!!! Brother Franklin's treatise on light was both insightful and compelling. Thank you for sharing your intellectual understanding of light scientifically, and the applying it so neatly doctrinally and in practicality. A great piece I shall keep as a reminder of light and truth, which comes by "hardening not your heart" and having a willing mind. Bless you for your insights.

NolaAugust 13, 2021

Thank you for this enlightening article.

Kathy Sutton (Please do not print my name for the comment)August 12, 2021

I am disappointed that you did not mention the use of sign language. Many of us who are deaf cannot depend on hearing aids to understand what s being said.

MaureenAugust 12, 2021

I had a deaf sister in one of the wards that I lived in and anytime that I gave a talk in church I would always print out a copy of it and give it to her so that she could read it and get an idea of the content that I would be using in my talk. She told me that she was very appreciative that I would do that for her, and that I was the only one that did that for her.

CoreyAugust 12, 2021

Excellent article, well written and explained. I think I'm no different than most active, faithful members/Christians, if you were to ask I would tell you that I keep the commandments but I struggle with total obedience or what the scriptures refer to as 'obedience in all things'. There is a verse in the Doctrine and Covenants that has always been interesting to me, it say's referring to the Lord communicating to Joseph Smith, 'and gave unto him commandments which inspired him', every time I read that I think to myself, am I inspired by the commandments ? I think we also tend to categorize things, at least I do, we label some things commandments and some things rules and place more emphasis on one than the other. We also label things as inspired or coming from God and those things that come from man and again give importance or priority to one over the other. Certainly the commandments are of supreme importance because of their eternal significance but I think to become like the Savior we have to be humble and obedient even in the small things and that's a challenge at least for me because like you mention or infer we don't like to be told what to do.

No nameAugust 12, 2021

Mask wearing completely deletes ability to have a conversation for hard of hearing. We have to read your lips. It is a struggle to attend church meetings now.

Maryann TaylorAugust 12, 2021

This article is also a reminder to keep all medications, including those in purses out of the reach of children.

Maryann TaylorAugust 11, 2021

I absolutely agree that none of us should be labeling others as selfish for deciding not to get the vaccine. There is a LOT of conflicting information out there regarding EVERYTHING about COVID, and also the vaccine. I just read that it was recently discovered that the reported number of people with the disease in Florida alone was inflated by almost 13,000 above the actual number! I decided for myself to receive the vaccine as soon as I could because of President Nelson's encouragement and example. However, I do NOT in any way judge or condemn those who choose not to get it. The disease is bad enough without adding spiritual warfare. AND---we need to put things into perspective by remembering we are much more statistically likely to die from many other things.

Maryann TaylorAugust 11, 2021

I wonder if the visit was the result of the Priesthood blessing. I have a strong testimony of Priesthood blessings and perhaps sending Amber to comfort her friend was the best way to fulfill it. This is such a very heartbreaking story, but I am glad your family has the gospel and faith in Heavenly Father to sustain you.

Maryann TaylorAugust 11, 2021

I had to chuckle when you mentioned your frustration at the places in our scriptures where we are informed that the writer cannot tell us all he knows or saw. I want to know! I trust the Lord to reveal the sealed portion of the Book of Mormon when we are ready to receive it, but I can't help longing for it now. I want to read Adam's record in the Plates of Brass and everything else we don't yet have. Ok--I KNOW--Patience! I just keep hoping that if we spend more time studying what we DO have, the Lord will reveal the rest.

Maryann TaylorAugust 11, 2021

I appreciate your comment about avoiding competition between the sexes. I am also tired of television and movies that promote enmity between men and women. It has become very popular to portray women as tough and rude, and men as dumb and weak. I think it would be great for husbands and wives to discuss ways they can communicate to their children, by example and word, the importance of unity and cooperation between the sexes.

Maryann TaylorAugust 11, 2021

I have extremely poor hearing and, although hearing aids help, I still have a hard time hearing in Relief Society. I finally stopped attending and leave after Sacrament Meeting. It is just too frustrating. I know that many leaders and teachers don't want to use microphones, but that would be one simple way of helping people with this problem. I know there are many other members who feel the same way I do. It seems ironic to teach lessons about serving and meeting the needs of others, while at the same time ignoring the hard of hearing.

Scot ProctorAugust 11, 2021

LaRae F KerrAugust 11, 2021

Tell me about the painting accompanying this article. How can I buy a copy of it?

Debbi M.August 11, 2021

“to be more appreciative of what other human beings can do and more patient with what they cannot do” So profound! What wisdom is in this sentence...I only pray I can incorporate this into my daily routine as I struggle to be patient with erring children and grandchildren that I love so dearly. We all have our own journey through this life.

carolyn nicolaysenAugust 11, 2021

The Church's self-reliance program includes several classes meant to help people care for their own needs no matter what their circumstances. I have facilitated the personal finance and starting and growing your own business classes and they are great. The church also offers a class on finding a job, getting an education and emotional resiliance and they have piloted one for teens as well. I too wish they would talk more about emergencies and preparing specifically for them, but since they aren't I guess that is our job to share what we know.

carolyn nicolaysenAugust 11, 2021

Jill, What a challenge. Can you eat freeze dried or dehydrated? I don't usually recommend storing those except for some ingredients because you need so much water to reconstitute. In your case it may be an answer. You can freeze many foods like eggs, which few understand.

Monte MortensenAugust 11, 2021

Becky, as always you express yourself in such openness and truth. These experiences were so heartrending and yet I have observed how your beautiful faith has grown and sustained you and those in your path. You are a blessing to so many.

Diane CowleyAugust 11, 2021

Excellent article. I have to wonder if part of the reason for so much anxiety and depression is the dissonance between what the world teaches and what our spirits know is true. Internally, is there a war being waged? I seem to feel it all the time.

Diane JonesAugust 11, 2021

I like these suggestions, but one important suggestion is lacking, I feel. The importance of teaching daughters of their connection to God, who loves them, and to continually---every day, do the little things that exercise those spiritual connections and attributes. That strength will help them become that woman they want to become.

SharonAugust 11, 2021

This is the best article on women! I want to shout it from the rooftops! Good job!

christina archibaldAugust 10, 2021

I cant imagine how difficult these years were for your family. Thank you for sharing and God bless all of you for enduring to the eventual 'new way of living' through unimaginable loss.

Helen CondonAugust 10, 2021

Timely for me! I was up past my working-well bedtime last night holding and comforting my youngest daughter, more aged 31, who struggles with acute anxiety and depression and has developed thought habits of low self-esteem. She, too, finds no purpose in the Church that could, if she chose, fill her loneliness with loving friends. She still believes in Christ but has not yet claimed His redeeming power. Holding her, loving her is so easy. Watching and waiting for her to choose her own path, essential to her salvation as it is, is excruciating.

CatAugust 10, 2021

It is getting more & more extremely common ( & damaging to the children) It the MOTHERS that are degrading the worthy, noble, righteous, loving Father’s. From cradle to adulthood….. a women should refer to being “ valued more than rubies” In all her actions, words & deeds. When raising a family “ it’s NOT about her wants, her ideas, her control “

rexAugust 10, 2021

While I haven't had children stay from the Gospel, I have had family members and other loved ones who have sought a different path. As I ponder that, I have a glimps of what our Father in Heaven must have experienced in the pre-existence with 1/3 of his children decided to take a different path. He did not "change the rules" in order to keep everyone, but allowed his children to use their agency to make a decision that had the most eternal consequences of any decision we could ever make.

Scot ProctorAugust 9, 2021

The bottom portion of the article is from Becky's adopted daughter Jolanta's point of view.

DO'LearyAugust 9, 2021

Becky, as I read, it sounded like Amber was your daughter and yet you didn't know about her said you were 12 years old when Amber died. I'm confused, if you were married, etc. This must be a typo.

Chip WhitmerAugust 9, 2021

Can we learn to apply the model of Helaman and the people of Ammon, from Alma 53:13-15 and 56:6-8? In this story a minority of the population had taken upon themselves a moral obligation that put them at odds with the prevailing cultural norms. Helaman recognized the moral dilemma in which they found themselves, and went to great lengths to accommodate their moral obligation -- even accepting the increased risk to society brought on by allowing them to fulfill their commitment. Can we accept that many people today have made a similar moral commitment: that they will not participate in any way with the totalitarian and authoritarian schemes that are consuming our society? And like Helaman, can we find a way to honor and accommodate that commitment, regardless of whether we happen to agree with it ourselves?

Debbi M.August 9, 2021

Amazing and heart-rending story! I am amazed at the author’s strength and resiliency. Life can be so difficult and hard to understand in its seeming unfairness. Thank you for sharing your experiences. It gave me a renewed appreciation and love for suffering brothers and sisters, as well as how H.F. intercedes.

Jake D.August 9, 2021

This article is so real. I'm struggling with my own crisis and it's so nice to hear such a candid example of a messy life and how God is still involved in horrendous circumstances. Thank you for sharing.

Mary HAugust 8, 2021

People can believe anything they wish. But behaving irresponsibly towards the health of others is selfish. If you do not want to vaccinate I am okay with that. But stay home. Stop assuming you are welcome unmasked in' public. You are not. I am not responsible to provide your herd immunity I personally believe the US should ship all our vaccine to countries that would desperately love it. The opportunities to get it in the US are closed.

WandaAugust 8, 2021

I am all for personal freedom. For anyone who wishes medical treatment for covid who is not vaccinated, please just stay home and treat yourself. My medical skills, my choice. I am tired. If you do not wish to be vaccinated, fine. But please die at home if you get sick. You do not have the right to put me at risk anymore.

HenryAugust 8, 2021

Part of the problem is that many of the unvaccinated seem to have bought wholeheartedly into what some of us consider nutcase conspiracy theories. I was told recently by one that they know that over 5,000 people have died from the vaccine. I honestly did not know how to answer that. I refuse to accept that all the media in the US except their obscure website are hiding the truth from us, lying to us to convince us to risk our lives by being vaccinated. So is it wrong to ask these people to stay away. They are welcome to choose liberty and possible death for themselves, but not for me. They are welcome to isolate mask free at home, but not in church or restaurants or on planes with me. My life, my choice.

FrancineAugust 8, 2021

It is not just a voice in our heads. Too often I have heard these false teachings directed at the members in lessons and from local leaders, far too often bishops. And, if I may say so, directed more at the women than the men. I feel some men exercise unrighteous dominion toward the women in an attempt to control them, to shape them into Stepford wives. I realize much has changed in recent years, but the church this woman left is the same one I still live in. People judging others and trying to control them. Thank you Maurine for this important piece. Add in the truths about how spiritual gifts were prepared by God to help us to overcome our weaknesses and it would be perfect, meaning complete

Maryann TaylorAugust 8, 2021

The question is no longer "Is there going to be an emergency I need to prepare for?" The question is: "When an emergency strikes, will I be ready?" We tend to picture some looming disaster in the future, but those disasters continue to occur NOW. People in economic straits are using their food storage NOW. People who have been displaced by fires need financial resources NOW. Tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, wind storms, fires, and economic problems will continue to occur. Our Prophets have warned us for many years to be ready. If we think the government is going to swoop in and solve our problems we are going to be woefully disappointed.

Anja Walter-RisAugust 8, 2021

That´s a wonderful article! I really enjoyed it! Just was missing the song "That´s Life" as it describes to me very offhand the Up and Down of entrepreneurial life (if you don´t have the system in place yet that you need to have a real company... as Michael E Gerber teaches in his E-Myth books / trainings). I would love to re-publish your article (in English or maybe even in German, translated by me, if you agree) on my blog. Best wishes, Anja (PS, we currently have trouble with a Wordpress plugin, so my worpress website/blog is currently offline unfortunately, but we will be online soon again... as I said "That´s Life" got to be in there... ;-)).

Ed GayhartAugust 7, 2021

Let’s be real. A decision to get a vaccine is a personal one. Why would someone with natural acquired immunity want to get a vaccine and why would someone be adamant that he do so. Live and let live and mind your own business.

Merle RumseyAugust 7, 2021

I really enjoyed reading this. When we visited the John Adams home in Quincy, Emma Smith's Book of Mormon, was in the library of their home.. Joseph had given it to Adam's grandson

Sasha KwapinskiAugust 7, 2021

The guilt tripping, the feeling that you are inherently "worthless" or just a miserable sinner, or that everything we do is just "filthy rags," this is the very teaching that I encountered among Fundamentalist Protestants. It is NOT the gospel of the Latter-day Saints! This kind of teaching was a major factor that alienated me and turned me away from religion altogether during my late teens. It was not until several years later that I came to learn of the Restored Gospel, and came to have a clear, helpful understanding of humility, grace, and forgiveness, and of our eternal worth.

William ToftAugust 6, 2021

I am determined to do as much work for our dead as possible before the next lockdown occurs.

SuzetteAugust 6, 2021

As close family members share strongly their views against my views on all this, I simple Respond, “my body my choice. Please respect my religious views, my political views and I will 100% respect yours. That usually end the conversation.

Alan FlemingAugust 6, 2021

I often say to myself "You are a failure". Then I have to remind myself "Failure is an event, not a person". It is then I realize and say within myself "I can always do better" which is true and a driving force to improve. But the most important change occurs along with this thought when I accept that each experience (good and bad) is but a small step in my progression. Joseph Smith made many errors along the way but as I learn about his life I see his progression from a young boy to a young man to a prophet of God. He felt he had failed and wondered about his standing before God. In answer to his prayer seeking forgiveness, he learned that God is forgiving when we humbly confess and recognize our weaknesses and failings. It is like any parent, God is loving and wants us to try again, and again. He would be saddened if we choose to give in.

Judy JohnsonAugust 6, 2021

I have a dear friend who I was privileged to mentor as she learned the Gospel and joined the church. On numerous occasions when she was doubting and wanting to back away, I was prompted to say, "Whose voice are you listening to?" It is so "black and white" and so logical that it has kept her grounded and moving continually forward. Both of our testimonies have grown as we have learned to distinguish the difference and recognize the correct voice to follow. Thank you for your insight!

Haze KompelienAugust 6, 2021

I love helping people. It brings me joy. But I really loved your article. Thoughts I hadn't considered before. ~Exit strategy. ~A ‘train the trainer’ model is key to continuation without dependence. ~The cause of the cause? ~A family systems approach? ~Project based or people based? I need to take off my cape and step back, to make better judgements in my helping efforts.

DavidAugust 6, 2021

I haven’t decided yet if I will be vaccinated or not. The condemnation pretty much comes from one side. You want to wear a mask…knock yourself out, there will be no condemnation from me. Took the vaccine…great…still no condemnation. Believe that the government has been forthright with Covid information…that’s your right and you’ll not be condemned by me. I’m not offered the same courtesy if I believe differently.

AEatonAugust 6, 2021

Very well written and great points. I pray we can all learn how to disagree with civility on this and other difficult issues.

KateAugust 6, 2021

I agree wholeheartedly with your message, and I think that we LDS need to recognize how much of our LDS culture comes not from the revelations of the Restoration, but from the Calvinist protestantism that most of the early saints had grown up with. The sense of shame and never being good enough is part of the false teachings that the Restoration was meant to wipe away--but we've clung to them. We need to think this through. Many LDS are basically evangelical Christians, albeit with a Mormon-ish slant. Even (dare I say it?!) there are talks given in GC that reflect more of "conservative Christian" mindset than restoration theology. Once we understand that our Heavenly Parents LOVE every. single. one. of. us and want nothing more that each of us return to be with Them forever, and that that goal is Their work and Their glory--well, then the vengeful god of Luther and Calvin and all the rest will fade and we will see clearly the amazing beauty of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

ChrisAugust 6, 2021

Thank you for a wonderful and insightful article. The root cause of almost any addiction, as well as much of our pain, distress, and anxiety in this life is the story we continually tell ourselves..."I'm not good enough." And yet the core message of the gospel of Jesus Christ is the we are MORE than good enough. We are literal children of a God who loves us without condition...we cannot earn His love and we cannot do anything to cause Him to love us less. There are really only two God and love people. Everything we do in our gospel living, whether it's attending church, fulfilling callings, temple attendance, tithing...everything...should be done as a result of living commandment #1 or #2. The gospel is not a to-do list. It's not onerous or heavy or difficult. It's light, joy, and peace. If we are willing to really live it as it's intended it will in fact make life much easier, not more difficult.

Nina HawkinsAugust 6, 2021

Thank you so much for your article. It's to bad that those of a different opinion are labeled as "reckless, selfish...." . There is more to it for those that choose not to get vaccinated or choose to wait a little longer. No one wants to hear an opposing view. So hysteria seems to be taking charge and freedom of speech is labeled as conspiracy if you don't agree with "their" narrative.

GaleAugust 6, 2021

I have never met anyone who has left the Church who hasn't misunderstood how God and the atonement work in our lives. As a Jewish convert, I've repeatedly given firesides about Christ's invitation to be perfect. Note He didn't elaborate on what that actually means, because His audience already knew that to be perfect (whole, complete) means to have the seven attributes of God: Love, Justice, Mercy, Kingship, Priesthood, Prophecy, and endurance to the end. This has nothing to do with the lists we use to beat ourselves up with. At the end of the day we only need to ask ourselves a few questions. Today, was I loving, was I fair, was I merciful, am I close to the Spirit, am I keeping my covenants. Try that, and you'll find it's much gentler to the soul than engaging in damaging self-talk or allowing Satan to beat us down.

Doris WilliamsAugust 6, 2021

Oh, thank you Maureen for pulling together all these wonderful thoughts and words of encouragement for those thinking of leaving the church because of feelings of guilt and discouragement over sins and weaknesses. I would ask these dear folks to picture our Savior in the garden of Gethsemane, suffering unrelenting, unforgiving pain causing extrusion of blood from every pore as he willingly paid the price exacted by justice for OUR sins so we wouldn't have to suffer for them at the day of judgment. Doesn't this sound like a Father who loves us without measure? In return, all He wants us to do is to accept Him as our Savior and to keep trying to follow the path He has laid out for us. He knew we will make mistakes, countless mistakes. He will forgive us as often as we ask Him to. All we have to do is ASK and keep trying to do a little better and if we forgive those who have hurt, disappointed or offended us. He is there to strengthen us to be able to bear the burdens we have in this second estate and promises us joy in this life and greater joy in the life to come. I pray for all who would give up this church with its history of the appearance of the Father and the Son to Joseph, the priesthood restored by John the Baptist and Peter, James and John, the appearance of Elijah, Moses and Elias who restored the priesthood keys of sealing, gathering of Israel and the blessings of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The world has nothing to offer in exchange for these priceless blessings and the promise of living with our loved ones, free from death and suffering, forever.

PamelaAugust 6, 2021

Thank you for writing this Maurine. It is a timely article! I loved your insights and have printed the article for myself and will re-read and study it to further assimilate your words of comfort and reassurance. With much appreciation!!

Dave CrosbyAugust 6, 2021

Recommend reading Givens "All Things New". Wonderful read and answer to many questions. Very thought provoking.

Sara GrovesAugust 6, 2021

Amazing truths to be learned as I have read this article! Powerful message. I wish Eberle would take time to read this wonderful message of truth and hope! Thank you, Maurice, thank you!

Marsha WhiteAugust 6, 2021

This is a great article. I have been thinking of late "what would the country/world be like if a campaign for applying religion in our lives would be equal to that of the campaign for the COVID vaccine? Can you imagine all of the Atheist's or Agnostic's or the I don't believe in God people, who would be infuriated to have "religion shoved down their throats" If you put it in those terms, one can see how people are feeling like their liberty to be free thinkers, doers and self governing rights are being bullied away from them. Teach people correct principles and let them govern themselves. Speak truth about what is in a product and let people decide if it is something they want to take into their own bodies. God lets us choose so why do we feel likes it's our responsibility to take others choices from them?

GeneseeAugust 6, 2021

Thank you for this message! I have a son who is always hard on himself and I am going to share this with him and other family members. It is what we all need to hear often!

Susan ChristiansenAugust 6, 2021

In my 20s I used to make long checklist of goals and things that I felt were important for me to do. I would check off daily things like reading my scriptures and praying and going to the temple often and writing in my journal and having family family home evening and family prayer and scriptures and on and on. After years of doing this I was surprised that I found lost the spirit of the Lord in my life. I thought doing these would help me to have his spirit to be with me. I pondered this for months and couldn’t understand why. One day as I was reading an Ensign article it spoke about our Saviors atonement. It said that our dependence needs to be on Jesus Christ not on our own abilities or the natural man. This article pierced my heart deeply and I realized that I had been depending on myself for salvation and not turning to him in all humility and trusting in Him and His ability to save me. That started me on my journey to turn to Him and and to cling to Him on my journey back to my Heavenly Father. Great article- thank you. I pray we all may be perfected through Him as He leads us along - keeping our focus on the glory of God and His merciful and loving plan

David GAugust 6, 2021

Wow, some great thoughts on the subject. This should be given at Conference.

joAnne RiveraAugust 6, 2021

Thank you. This is such a beautiful article/response to people who feel like this. I have learned these truths myself on my journey through life, and I have never stopped learning because it really is a process of becoming and experiencing. It is so true that the discouraging voice within our head is our own, or Satan’s. God is good, all-loving, omniscient, and omnipotent. He also can be omnipresent in our lives, if we are willing and able to receive Him. And there’s the key. Our own thoughts and feelings, and interpretations can discourage us and even cause us to reject the hand that reaches out for us. This is where clinging to the iron rod - Jesus Christ - the Word of God, the true principles and doctrine revealed to us—can help us. Pure intelligence and understanding of truth, not the committee of critics in our head, can help us to stay in the safety of The arms of Jesus. Again, thank you for such a well expressed article, telling the truth like it is, and dispelling fables and foibles.

JeanAugust 6, 2021

Thank-you so much, Maurine — so very much.

Dean in Saratoga Springs, UTAugust 6, 2021

Thank you for these inspiring thoughts. Keeping the atonement foremost in our thoughts is of immeasurable comfort. I love the thought that Scot had that the Lord is not angry with him. Our God is not an angry God.

Lori Finlay HamiltonAugust 6, 2021

WOW, thank you Maurine for your powerful testimony of truth!! I'm saddened by so many that are hearing Satan's lies lower that our Savior's welcome invitation to "Come Unto Him". Years ago as I was in a curriculum studying male and female character traits, we discussed competition, or "I'm not good enough" that plaques women so often. As you know, it is Satan voice. While I was preparing our home to host a baby shower for a young new mom, I was stressed that the rugs on the floor were not perfect. My dear wise friend said "alright Lucy"! It stopped me right in my tracks. I was letting Lucifer dictate my worth by how clean my home was. I remembered that what the dear sisters needed was me and my warmth and welcome heart, NOT a clean house. Ever since that day, when I hear the nasty tone on my shoulder I tell Lucy (Lucifer's sister;) to stop! Being aware of the voice has changed me. And of course, being more in tune, pondering on His attributes daily has supported in quieting that voice! thank you agin for your powerful discourse to support us remembering who we really are!!

Lark GalleyAugust 6, 2021

Maurine, So well written. I am saddened to see many friends who leave the church so they can finally feel free when in reality it is the gospel that sets us free. I do not feel repressed or less than because of it. I am filled with hope that God loves me and wants me to return to Him. He is my anchor in this uncertain world.

MaryAugust 6, 2021

Why can't he just say "it really hurts me when you say things like that about mom"?

KarinaAugust 6, 2021

Thanks for this perspective, Maurine. I too have heard friends describe it as a relief to leave the church, only to end up in a full-blown identity crisis, seeking anything they can find to fill the void that was once their relationship with Father in Heaven. I also think if a person believes the church and the gospel are all about shaming, they don’t understand or have a relationship with Christ, and I feel for them, because my relationship with Christ brings me much joy and peace, not shame and a feeling of worthlessness.

Charles McClellandAugust 6, 2021

Thank you, Maurine, for this insightful and comforting message.

Robert D StarlingAugust 6, 2021

The real "relief" we should feel is to learn that we are NOT "sinners in the hand of an angry God" - an error that was taught to the Christian world in the days before Joseph Smith. The Restoration teaches us that while we are indeed sinners, God is a loving father who is constantly cheering us on, and who gave his Only Begotten Son that we might not perish but have eternal life. To leave a church who teaches that is to abandon hope and turn to the despair of the world. Not a good choice.

ShaunaAugust 4, 2021

Thank you--this was helpful.. I look to the Lord for guidance on how to help others, as I do in all things. Love studying the Doctrine and Covenants on the law of consecration etc.. But sometimes it's hard to know how to channel all that goodwill and good intentions that so many have--at least short term

SoniaAugust 4, 2021

Love this. Thank you.

Jill WilliamsAugust 4, 2021

I am on two very restrictive medical diets, due to kidney disease. I have been freezing my food because I am allowed only fresh or frozen, except for fruit.I cannot use any kind of prepared items. I am concerned, of course, when we have no electricity...what will I do then ? What should people like us do to prepare? I bought can goods for years and then had to throw them out and buy again stuff that I couldn't consume. HELP ME!!!

Julie ArcherAugust 4, 2021

Thank you for revealing terminology and concepts that shed light on this “spotlight humanitarian” trend. I have tried to form discussions concerning this, but always fell short of educating and came across more as judging. You present a constructive understanding of the difference and effects of leadership vs self proclaimed super heroism.

Helen CondonAugust 4, 2021

Such a timely reminder to get us back to worshipping in His houses, multiplied in number across the earth to enable this glorious work to resume. Thank you.

H NorthAugust 4, 2021

"Think self-reliance not emergency preparation." This is fine, as long as one is NOT thinking of the LDS Church's Self-Reliance program, which is simply the new name for its welfare program, and has very little to do with emergency preparedness. This re-wording has cased a lot of confusion among members.

win broadhurstAugust 3, 2021

What happened to the remaining four. Articles in the series of 12?

Hans SchippersAugust 3, 2021

How incredibly sad that no one in the ward even offered to help. Complacency seemed to have taken over and the good folks of the word were "carefully led down to hell". It looks like progress was made with the roof but how about the rest? Flooring? Paint? New windows? Insulation? Heating, etc? God bless you for stepping up with your own funds.

Boanerges RubalcavaAugust 3, 2021

I found this article, both good, fair, and at the same time not so good and unfair. It is commendable the efforts this man have done in the benefit of "Larry", and it is fair to call our attention to the fact that we are feeling fine just to take our fast offering to the Bishop but not thinking further how we can help other people in greater needs than ours. On the other hand it is wrong to point out the finger against people not knowing what those people either are just "thinking" or actually doing something but not saying anything about it. This brings to my mind a great lesson I received many years ago while living in what I thought was the wealthiest ward in the Church: Chevy Chase ward in Bethesda Maryland. I had arrived there in 1971 with a scholarship of $12,500/year withy wife and 4 children, to do my post doctoral training in National Institutes of Health, coming from Mexico City where I used to be until my moving the Bishop of a ward surrounded by a very poor neighborhood. because I my calling I was at 33 years old a High Priest, and began to meet with that group in the Priesthood meeting in the ward, and I had at my side (for unknown reason we always seated in the same place every Sunday), behind and everywhere millionaires. One Sunday the group leader asked us that the Bishop needed a wheelchair for a lady in great need. I, the poor in the group, did not have a wheelchair and I did not know anybody with a wheelchair, so I erased from my mind the whole thing; but could not help but observe my millionaire at my left side, to take a yellow card from his shirt pocket and wrote "wheelchair". The following Sunday by coincidence (?) I was in the Bishop's office when somebody knock at the door; I opened it and there was my fellow millionaire at my left side every Sunday with a wheelchair; he asked, "where do I put it?" left the chair and left. I couldn't help but to think in the young rich man when he asked the Lord: "what shall I do to inherit eternal life?" We all know this teaching that ends with these words from the Lord: "How hardly shall they that have riches to enter into the Kingdom of God! For it is easier for a camel to go through a needle's eye, than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God". I believe that almost if not everybody in this world know this scripture and have said internally: "poor the rich men, they will not make it, that's good I am poor (or not rich)". We can see the "rich" and "poor" are relative terms, although for sure they could be absolute also. In my case I was poor in Bethesda, but I was rich from the place I came from, but at that moment I knew that I was "the rich man" the Lord was talking about. During the week I never thought about the lady in need, but the millionaire did it. The cynics and the skeptic people would say "what is a wheelchair for a millionaire" but they would miss the point. and the lesson that I learned that day coming from that "rich" man J. W. Marriott the founder of Marriott Corporation. My point is that there are many people in this world and in this Church that this lesson is well learned, and they are trying hard to "reach Zion", and it is difficult for anybody to know who and where they are.

Larry RookhuyzenAugust 3, 2021

Yes--Proof of Heaven and Embraced by the Light are two of my favorite NDE books

Lisa Bolin HawkindAugust 3, 2021

Amen, Wally.

JuliannAugust 3, 2021

This should be published in the Liahona. There is so much in the Gospel about taking care of the poor and needy. We make covenants to sacrifice and consecrate in order to establish Zion. But I’m afraid we are more concerned with cruises and cabins and creating our own mansions here on earth and taking care of our own creature comforts to even consider others lack. It is understandable, with all the government “welfare”, to question how so many fall between the cracks. However, we aren’t commanded to judge the situation, we are commanded to “think of others like unto yourself” and to Care. I felt my own need to improve and thank Brother Goddard for his example.

Harry JonesAugust 3, 2021

I appreciate this article and believe we (I) are far from Zion but trying to head in the correct direction. Two observations: 1. Temple work with and for the disadvantaged is humbling and blesses those that serve as well as the congregation as a whole. 2. I find that when we compare what we have to what we see others need and then desire for them to have what we have, our minds and hearts are softened and enlightened.

David G.August 3, 2021

I hope the supreme court upholds religious rights. The teacher in question would rather tear down the institution, rather than go find a more suitable secular position.

GTOAugust 2, 2021

I especially liked Proof of Heaven by Eben Alexander MD. He is a neurosurgeon who suffered a brain infection that rendered him brain dead. His account of his experiences in heaven is stunning.

Jen SchowAugust 2, 2021

I have never found wearing the garment to be a burden. I wouldn't know how to not wear them! But a word of caution. There are many, especially in the younger generation, who find them burdensome at times. Our judgement might push them further away. I was waiting for my husband at the temple one evening. I noticed several women with, what felt to me, dresses too short for garments. I was quickly called to repentance by the Spirit. I knew that Heavenly Father was pleased that they were worthy to enter the temple and He was happy they were there. I'm thankful that garment styles have been updated, an evidence that our leaders do seek to listen and act. I pray that those who struggle with garments will find a way to incorporate them into their lives in a joyful manner.

Jo Ann OkelberryAugust 2, 2021

Thank you for sharing this very positive story.

Vivian M AdamsAugust 2, 2021

I loved this article and the research that went into it. I wrote saying so, but my comment was attached to the article on Eliza Graham which is a story I was very familiar with. And though I appreciated reading about Eliza Graham, I want to note particularly that this article on the American Elite visiting Nauvoo touched me. It reminded me how much I love the Prophet Joseph Smith. Thank you for all that went into it.

Vivian M AdamsAugust 2, 2021

Thank you for a really wonderful article. Wonderful research.

CarolAugust 2, 2021

Cheers for Appleton and the Fox Valley, I lived in a southern part of the Fox Valley, Batavia, Il!!! They are to be applauded for honoring the commandment to love our neighbors as ourselves. And congratulations to all the immigrants who face very hard challenges in learning a new culture and a new religion too! It will all be worth it!!!

James R. BrownAugust 2, 2021

Very well written and insightful about the character of the prophet and why he was both loved and hated at that momentous time of his life.

MomofawarriorAugust 2, 2021

I agree that it's damaging to label as addicts all young people who have problems with pornography. One of my sons was labeled a sex addict by a therapist, which was too harsh in my opinion. He was already beating hiself up emotionally & that just added another layer of rejection.

DavidAugust 2, 2021

I have been reading about NDE's since the 70's. When you could bearly find anything on the subject. In 1997 I had an OBE which testified of the truth of the afterlife.

EmilyAugust 1, 2021

Thank you for this timely lesson.

Charles DefranchiAugust 1, 2021

One characteristic of the Adversary is to claim that all he wants is a "little improvement" to the current situation. But like the camel who is begging his master to get his nose in the tent during a sandstorm: first the nose, then the eyes, then the head, then the front legs, then the whole body, till the nomad gets kicked out of the tent.

Barbara BohanAugust 1, 2021

I love this! BEAUTIFUL!

David RoquemoreAugust 1, 2021

I have often replied to those who would say that modesty is "being a prude" with the idea of modesty being an understanding, a respect, for the power a person's body has. You know when you see a person waving around a gun and proclaiming, "Lookee here at my gun! Ain't it cool?", that person is not somebody who respects that weapon. Same with modesty: showing off shows no respect, or enjoyment, of one's body.

Still StrivingJuly 31, 2021

Definitions would have been helpful: "Princess Culture" = the "Disney-style" princess characters - more recently showing greater self-efficacy (e.g., Mulan, Moana, etc.). "Toxic Masculinity" = strict presumptions of male dominance in relationships, as opposed to shared and complementary roles. With these in mind, the author (Coyne) elsewhere advised parents to use the princess characters as teaching tools, to “focus on the humanity behind each princess, not just their appearance." Seems important and meaningful.

Kristen OpenshawJuly 31, 2021

Agree, agree, agree with the COMMENTS, not the article. Good grief, BYU.

Lorraine QuillonJuly 31, 2021

Thank you for publishing this interesting piece. What a delightful insight into a complex interaction!

Cary HolmquistJuly 30, 2021

Hilarious! In most of the rest of the world, we promote 24th of July as Pioneer Day, as we do in Montana and Alberta. So this is mostly a Utah problem.... But the cartoon does bring up the consciousness that all our ancestors are worthy of big celebrations! We owe them just about everything!

Marilyn ThomsenJuly 30, 2021

In the last days, when the power of the destroyer in increasing, we need all the help we can get. The promises made to those who are true and faith filled are powerful. I remember the beautiful sisters in Guatemala whose faith shone in their faces as they wore garments when it was both hot and humid too. (Sorry Arizona you just don't know how bad it can get.) Thanks for talking about not casting off our faith and covenants when things get less pleasant.

Jo Ann OkelberryJuly 30, 2021

I so enjoyed reading this article. Thank you so much for all the information.

Allison TullisJuly 30, 2021

On my first time back to the temple since reopening, I took a family name that I had meant to do long before Covid but had kept putting off. I was so happy to finally do her work and had felt so guilty they she had to wait so long. While I was receiving the new name, I felt her presence so strongly and heard the words, “thank you!” I could feel her happiness that she was finally receiving her endowment which took away my guilt and caused me such happiness, too!

Anne PrattJuly 30, 2021

Today's podcast was extra special. Thanks for your research and inspiring us with it.

Maryann TaylorJuly 30, 2021

We are so blessed to have an addiction and recovery program in our church. Run, don't walk, and get the details from your Bishop. It is a loving, encouraging program that will help both you and your wife.

Maryann TaylorJuly 30, 2021

I think Rebecca is a wonderful example for all of us as a reminder that we need to bear our testimonies of the Book of Mormon. If you don't have a testimony yet, read it with a sincere heart, pray about it, and you will know that it is true. Read the promise in Moroni 10:4&5 before you begin. Once you have that witness and continue to read it, the critical comments that will continue to be aimed at the church will not shake you. You will not be deceived.

Amanda FreebairnJuly 30, 2021

Thank you for all the kind comments. I’m glad my experiences have resonated with so many of you.

Maryann TaylorJuly 30, 2021

You are like an oasis in the midst of a world that is oh-so-serious and negative. Thank you for making my day happier!

Erik HansenJuly 30, 2021

From all his own words and from descriptions given by many I feel that I know how Joseph was, and know his unique personality of confidence in the Lord. When I finally meet him (if my life can be straight enough to stand with him in paradise) I hope the time will be first after my own father. (I'm sure many, many others feel the same way.)

Kristen FJuly 30, 2021

Thank you for sharing this wonderful story of a strong, courageous young woman. What a great example to the young women of today to stand strong in the gospel of Jesus Christ. I am grateful for my pioneer ancestors and their sacrifice and strength. Such a great example of standing for truth no matter what the consequence.

Richard JukesJuly 30, 2021

Thank you, Maurine, for preparing and posting this wonderful article. We always appreciate the things you've taught us and continue to exemplify.

JenniferJuly 30, 2021

I followed the counsel of our Prophet, consulted with my health care professional, and got the vaccine. I got my 13 year old vaccinated, as well. I have my fingers crossed that my 10 year old won't get sick (I'm not afraid of him dying but I am concerned about long COVID in kids) and trusting that people in his life will make decisions to keep him, and others who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons like Earl upthread, safe. I pray that this trust is not misplaced.

KathleenJuly 29, 2021

Thank you for helping me feel like a warrior in the Lord's army. What a wonderful badge to show we're with the Lord.

KathleenJuly 29, 2021

I did not read the NY Times article, but I concur with your comments or response. Well put. It bothers me when worldly means and ways are used to express spiritual questions/complaints.

Rochelle HaleJuly 29, 2021

Thank you for your article. I was surprised by the comments in the NY Times. Sadly, I think it was another excuse for some members to make their voices heard, which may result in negative views of the church, and certainly a lack of understanding of something very sacred. Years ago a young woman phoned into a syndicated radio program to talk about her upcoming temple marriage. Her parents would be excluded because they weren't members. She then proceeded to ask questions of the host. Why didn't she go to her bishop or relief society president with her questions, or even call the temple??!! When we put our faith and commitment first, then the wearing of sacred temple garments becomes easier. We should be looking for reasons why and how we show our obedience rather than justifying all of the reasons we can't.

Jo Ann OkelberryJuly 29, 2021

Thank you for writing this. I treasure my garments because they do remind me of my covenants and of my blessings. We have a wide variety of fabrics, and I found some that I like better than others. If women have concerns, they should write their concerns to the temple garment division and express their concerns and suggestions.

PaulineJuly 29, 2021

I received a triple bonus by reading and watching the links! Very helpful and insightful. I’ve had a lot of time in the expectations trap..painful learning to deal with my own emotions. How does this relate to Nonviolent Communication; rewards and “consequences” could be manipulative as well.

Elder Calvin GarvinJuly 29, 2021

As an MLS Missionary look forward to Part 2.

SeekingtohearHimdailyandcourageouslyactJuly 29, 2021

Thank you for so eloquently expressing my feelings. Thank you for sharing the thoughts of Many of us who happily wear our garments everyday despite the worlds ever changing views on modesty, body image, beauty, and fashion trends. We are grateful for our own personal revelation and testimony of the sacred and powerful blessings that are tied to our obedience to the covenants we made.

KristenJuly 29, 2021

I didn't read the article you are referencing here, but I agree with all of your sentiments about wearing the holy garment. It is not always convenient, but it is always a blessing to have that added layer of spiritual protection and a constant reminder of my love for God and His love for me.

Rita in TexasJuly 29, 2021

I've worn the garments since 1985, when I first went to the Chicago Temple. I was a 23 year old convert in 1976, when I was baptized, and it took a while for me to be able to go. But the covenants I made then have been the source of massive blessings for me and for my family, most of whom are either not active or not members. My wearing the 'magic underwear' (as my uncle insisted on calling it) has been a constant reminder of my duties and opportunities, a source of protection against evil, and a sign of my membership in the Church of the Firstborn. Southcentral Texas, where I live, gets really hot as well as humid, but I've been blessed to feel comfortable most of the time. My choices have been influenced in good ways because of my first choice to follow my Savior. I wouldn't change a thing.

Robert D StarlingJuly 29, 2021

Good thoughts. Perhaps after answering someone's question, the best "no pressure" response might be, "Thanks for asking. I'd be happy to answer any other questions you might have. Just let me know." Then wait. Tip: Since none of us knows the answer to every question, we should all become familiar with some good resources for answers. Among these are the Church's Gospel Topics website,,,, etc.

Lee HillJuly 29, 2021

Wonderful article! I never thought of myself in this way. I always regretted not having had the opportunity to serve in the military and this has helped to assuage those feeling of regret. In fact, I remember an incident some 44 years ago when my missionary companion and I spoke with an older gentleman who castigated us for being missionaries instead of serving in the military at that time in our lives. I remember my companion being inspired to reply, "We preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and, if everyone listened to and applied our message in their lives, there would be no need for ANYONE to serve in the military." What an inspired perspective!

Diane IrwinJuly 29, 2021

Amen and Amen!! This is so well written, and is a great rebuttal to last week's article. I like the way you explained the WHY of wearing garments, as well as the part about sacrifice. I often long to wear sleeveless tops and dresses in the summer (not tank tops) and then I remember the WHY!

PaulineJuly 29, 2021

Thoughtful article and much appreciated!

VeraJean SchowJuly 29, 2021

Thank you, so much, for adding this important information.

Patricia ByrneJuly 29, 2021

Excellent article. Thank you for expressing MY feelings so well.

Margery HuntJuly 29, 2021

Thank you. I felt your article was informational, specific and edifying. I personally feel safer by wearing the temple garments because of the covenants made to me by a loving God. Even when it is hot, I would feel more uncomfortable not wearing them because they are a gift.

BeckyJuly 29, 2021

I LOVE this article so much! I hope it reaches the masses. It really is beautiful. Thank you!

Clarissa SmithJuly 29, 2021

Thank you for sharing.

Marla SmakaJuly 29, 2021

Well said. My daughter and I have had several conversations about the article regarding wearing of garments. I am in complete agreement that wearing the garment has never been a burden, and I also agree that I prefer some styles over others.

Kay RookhuyzenJuly 29, 2021

Your thoughts and feelings mirror mine very well. I made a promise just as you did. Very well put!

Julie archerJuly 29, 2021

The garment is also a type of the garment we wore in Heaven. Hugh Nibley said we had to remove our garment, we loved so much, in order to come to earth. And the most agonizing thing we will face if, we don’t make it back, is not being able to wear it again. All of the powers and truth we obtained through our tutelage in the pre- existence is housed in that garment. Since our earthly garment is a type, we actually draw upon our heavenly garments powers while wearing it, if we are keeping our covenants. Keeping our covenants unlocks the door to it. This understanding has made the garment a privilege to wear instead of a burden. This is why Isaiah councils us to “awake and put on thy beautiful garment.”

KellieJuly 28, 2021

I took my three daughters, 8, 13, and 16 to the movie premiere and we all loved it!

Patricia S PerryJuly 28, 2021

Love the article!

CarolJuly 28, 2021

Thank you for your stories they always make me laugh!! And everyone needs a good laugh.

CathyJuly 28, 2021

I look forward to every week to reading your stories every week.. Am never disappointed!

MartaJuly 28, 2021

Let him know you will leave him if he is unwilling to grow up. Betrayal in a marriage is not some easily rectified error. He will need to act in trustworthy ways for the rest of his life. And boo hoo. He is not getting access to sex. It is not his decision. He is on probation, with the loss of his eternal family at stake. Sex is not just a physical release. It is sharing your eternal soul with another. Why would his wife wish to share her soul with this man at this time.

Karell BinghamJuly 28, 2021

Dress to honor God

Ellen BaggaleyJuly 27, 2021

I have eight good sons. I do not like the term “toxic masculinity”. I also do not want my daughters to be “progressive”. I don’t care for the words used in this article.

Maryann TaylorJuly 27, 2021

If we consistently study the scriptures and the words of living Prophets, pray every day, and sincerely strive to live to have the Holy Ghost with us we will not be deceived. If we stop reading and praying we will begin to lose the spirit of discernment and it will be easy for us to be confused.

vickieJuly 27, 2021

I DONT KNOW about this princess sounds more like a scientific test or children ...which it is....but im scepticle about these so called different cultures....esp when they have to do with gender.

ScottHJuly 27, 2021

In modern parlance, the word "masculinity" is almost never used without the modifier "toxic." While the intent may be to squelch harmful behaviors and attitudes, the unfortunate side effect is that all forms of masculinity are maligned. Boys are growing up in a culture that constantly tells them that they are bad because of their sex. Latter-day Saints should be at the forefront of rejecting harmful anti-masculine messages rather than parroting the world's 'toxic' terminology.

Harold RustJuly 27, 2021

Thanks for the video! Great reminder of why it required faith to settle in Salt Lake and how that faith has been rewarded.

Wayne FrancomJuly 26, 2021

This article was well worth the read. It is inspiring to know the thoughts and feelings of some of the refugees from Nauvoo. Having just recently been there I can only imagine the restraint and resilience of the early "Saints". It is interesting to note the so called "Trail of Tears" has now been renamed "The Trail of Hope" again defining the possibilities that lay ahead.

ElissaJuly 26, 2021

Great reminders. I think citing references would be helpful here. I was especially wondering about this one: "Over 90% of the survivors of lightning strikes end up divorcing because of the mental problems caused by brain injuries when electricity passes through the body." I'm interested in seeing the source for this claim. A brief Google search brought up this dissertation:

Maryann TaylorJuly 26, 2021

It sounds as if this husband is unaware that trust must be earned and that takes time. After hurting her so deeply, rushing her to trust him again indicates he is not willing to pay the price to regain her trust. His impatience also suggests that he doesn't really understand how much he hurt her by betraying her trust in the first place. Sounds like some good counseling needs to take place.

Maryann TaylorJuly 26, 2021

Thank you so much for mentioning the power of hymns in our lives. Other than renewing my Sacrament covenants, the hymns are often my greatest spiritual nourishment in our meeting. I often recognize new meanings in phrases that I have simply sung without thinking about what I was singing. The enlightenment never ends!

Doris WilliamsJuly 26, 2021

Thank you Nicholeen for sharing your experiences with us. What an example you are. We have all gained valuable insights from your remarkable interactions with your foster children. Loved the confirming value of hugs you shared.

Anne PrattJuly 26, 2021

What a sweet and inspiring story. Thanks for sharing it.

Pau8l ChappellJuly 25, 2021

I lost a grandmother (dad's) and an uncle (mom's brother) before I was born. While my dad's mother has people who've written about her, no one had done so prior to my efforts for my uncle. My uncle Emil lives on because of my efforts to interview people years ago, who are now dead. Personal history is mighty important for future generations so that people know them as people, not just a name or dates.

JakeJuly 25, 2021

Wonderful article! Thank you! I have thought this way for a long time but finally made the decision to go for it. I am not condemning anyone for their choices but my interpretation for me is that I should not eat meat. If anyone has health concerns watch the movie forks over knives. There are a lot of plant based movies. Many are sensational and over the top. Forks over knives is science based and very well done. It looks like the science shows that the lord was right a long time ago.

Richard JukesJuly 24, 2021

Thank you for sharing these poignant memories of some of our dear ancestors. My heart always goes out to them with gratitude for the sacrifices from which my family has inherited so many inspiring examples of faith and follow-through!

Vivian M AdamsJuly 24, 2021

This was beautifully done. So worth reading.

Christine BJuly 24, 2021

I have found that just the pure and sincere “act” of pulling out your scriptures and opening them up for even just a very few minutes each day will bring blessings. Just opening them. There are times when our life can just be spinning with business or we may be so tired for months but I think even during those hectic months a simple minute or two can help propel us forward and keep or start a sacred habit that will get easier because we have made the initial most difficult step of at least starting.

Cynthia SavageJuly 24, 2021

Incredible recount of the great exodus from Nauvoo with countless examples of faith and courage in every footstep. Very humbling. Thank you for sharing.

Harold RustJuly 24, 2021

One of my ancestors I most look forward to meeting on the other side is a 3rd great grandfather, Isaac Goodwin, who lost his wife during the storm when the ship was aiming for Valpariso. His wife was buried on Robinson Crusoe Island and he and his six children traveled on to California without her. Isaac had to "farm out" his children for months at a time while doing masonry work in 1847 through 1850 but eventually brought most of them with him to San Bernardino in 1853 and then moved again to Utah in 1857. Each of those major disruptions came when he had settled and was doing very well financially; he chose each time to respond to what he knew the Lord required of him. He even succeeded in acquiring some gold in "Mormon Island" near Sutter's Fort, but still moved on instead of dedicating more time to acquiring the easy pickings in those earlier years of the gold rush.

Claudette RaylJuly 24, 2021

My great-great-great grandfather Daniel Stark was a passenger on the Ship Brooklyn, too. His son, John Daniel Stark, my great-great grandfather, was only about 1 year old at the time of the voyage. Thank you for adding some details of this historic voyage for my family history.

BruceJuly 23, 2021

Very good advise; thank you for this.

tfJuly 23, 2021

The most obvious thing that needs trust is to participate in marital intimacy again, but believe it or not, withholding is the chief way to drive him away. Maybe someone who has been through it can give better advise, I'm surprised that mine is the first comment.

Linda PatalonJuly 23, 2021

These podcasts bring me back from the brink every time I listen to one. You are truly doing the Lord's work. May God continue to bless you to open the scriptures to me and strenghthen my faith. Holiness to the Lord.

DuaneJuly 23, 2021

I’ve known of Eliza Jane Graham because John Pack is my ancestor and know if the divorce. However, I just recently heard this story. She was a brave woman - the kind of woman it took to be a pioneer. John should have respected her.

DTJuly 22, 2021

Why hasn't this girl been a heroine in the Church long before this? Shameful to concentrate on the men, and ignore the very brave women. It's about time. Long past.

Tom WoodJuly 22, 2021

Beautiful lesson and a beautiful tribute to your friend. Your lesson has reminded and encouraged me to try and provide some service to a relative in a very difficult situation. It might be very uncomfortable and require me to reach out in a delicate manner, but your lesson has inspired me to do it. Thanks for not only a wonderful lesson, but for the encouragement to attempt service for a needy soul.

James ScottJuly 22, 2021

Moses’ priesthood lineage has always interested me. As you point out Abraham received the priesthood from Melchizedek Moses’ line came thru Jethro, Caleb, Elijah, Jeremy, Gad, Esaias. But, Esaias received it under the hand of God. While Esaias lived in Abraham’s day and was blessed by him, his priesthood didn’t come thru the fathers but from God. Who was Esaias, what did he do, who were his people, what positions did he hold that he should have the singular relationship with God?. Or, Maybe the recorder erred? I’ve always wondered about this person.

brian stubbsJuly 22, 2021

Amazing young lady. It is good for us to know of these lesser-known heroes, as I'm sure many more exist than we are aware of. Bless Eliza Graham and her posterity forever! I'm looking forward to meeting her, and I'm sure she has been well received and honored by the early saints in yonder spheres, where we might hope for something comparable if we do / live comparably.

Andrew KJuly 22, 2021

The story of the trial was dramatized in a great stage play available on DVD called "Hancock County". I highly recommend it.

kateJuly 22, 2021

Excellent story--it's always wonderful to learn more of the story! Not only was she a woman of principle, she made what I'm sure was a socially difficult decision to divorce an abusive husband and move on with her life. Thank you for sharing Eliza's story.

NicoleJuly 22, 2021

If you’re in UT, watch out! The largest district in the state is teaching CRT and pushing these “social emotional programs” on our children. Give. Cox is bought and paid for by the teachers unions. They’ve given him at least $75,000. He is their puppet and does their bidding.

HALJuly 22, 2021

Great article, thank you! I was seriously hurt a few months ago and counting my blessings helped me to keep my spirits up and heal in record time.

LindaJuly 21, 2021

This is truly an eye-opener! I'm thankful I live in a conservative city within a conservative state. So far, we don't have liberal leaning leaders trying to teach CRT or any of that other nonsense. Be careful, parents! Make sure you know what your child is being taught, etc.

PatriciaJuly 21, 2021

My favorite stories are the ones that bring tears to my eyes. This was one such story, as have been many of his before. I am so glad you will be publishing his stories in the future. Know that I appreciate Meridian Magazine for its honest and faithful pleasure. I hardly jokingly repeat my ancestry to others as being a descendant of Job. Now, in actuality, wouldn't that be just dandy!

Cary HolmquistJuly 21, 2021

Thanks for sharing these experiences of ‘putting flesh on bones’ family history. It is very heartwarming and inspiring.

Terry ManningJuly 21, 2021

Do not ignore those prompting. People with the answers you need die. Then you have to shift through endless documents trying to locate a piece of information you just could have asked for.

Joyce B.July 21, 2021

This article was so amazing! I am very grateful for wonderful brothers and sisters who teach me eternal truths I would not have gleaned from studying them myself. It is a profound concept that I will not only apply myself, but teach my family as well!

Elmer GuevarraJuly 21, 2021

Another A-1 article You are one of my favorites here in Meridian Magazine. I am always on the lookout for your contribution. Thank you, Mr. Daris Howard

LexaGraemeJuly 21, 2021

Goodness. Thank you for another excellent story.

James ScottJuly 20, 2021

Bones of history fleshed out! Your essay has the flavor of an adventure novel or a movie noir. Congratulations and here’s hoping you find and feel the Spirit of Elijah from your family.

Dennis HorneJuly 19, 2021

I recommend everyone with interest in Latter-day Saint scripture, doctrine, and history, obtain and read this superb book.

JenniferJuly 19, 2021

I deeply appreciate the insights shared in this article. They are gratifying in their metaphorical and literal natures.

Lee HillJuly 18, 2021

Thank you, Lynn. This was very powerful. I will be looking for more / different ways to share the scriptures with my children who are still struggling to "get it."

HalJuly 18, 2021

Thank you for this article. My dad was not very forthcoming about his childhood or his war experiences (he was both a WW2 and Korean War veteran). Most of what I found out about my dad came from his younger brother who was a tremendous story teller. I'm trying to go through my own life experiences to see what I can pass on to my grandchildren.

Maryann TaylorJuly 17, 2021

I appreciate the suggestions given here to make scripture study more enjoyable. I have learned that if I try to read when I am tired that it is hard to enjoy what I read. I also find if I SLOW DOWN it helps me to understand a beautiful insight I would have missed if I was just reading quickly to finish a chapter. It is a wonderful experience to sit quietly and ponder a single verse that has special meaning for you personally. I LOVE the scriptures and I find that the more I read them, the more I love and appreciate them.

James William Hollister IIJuly 16, 2021

The world needs a little more self-less than self-ish, I think.

WeezieJuly 15, 2021

Wow! That was amazing. I really needed this. I know what I should be doing but what I’ve been doing isn’t working great. These are wonderful ideas I plan on sharing with my kids. Thanks for such great new ways to study and receive the light the Lord intends us to have.

Kay RookhuyzenJuly 15, 2021

This article was fantastic! I stumbled on my best way to read the scrips accidentally. One day I decided to listen WHILE I read along. It changed my thoughts and feelings about scripture study! It keeps me focused so much better.

Steve DoneganJuly 15, 2021

Ever since reading Elder Bruce R. McConkie’s works on teaching I’ve been hooked on apperceptions. Your tying in the terra cotta warriors to scripture study was a wonderful example. Thank you for sharing.

BTJuly 15, 2021

I read this article with great interest because there was a time when I didn't love the scriptures. Over time as I have learned how to better study scriptures, my love for them has grown and continues to grow. Now what I struggle with, am embarrassed to admit, and would love to see an article about is, "What if I don't love the temple?" I do feel the spirit and a peace in the temple that is not found anywhere else, but I don't feel as much love for the temple as I feel I should. When friends talk about how much they love going to the temple, I feel like I'm missing something that they get.

BrigitteJuly 15, 2021

Thank you for this article. This is timely for me as someone who has ADHD and have felt strongly lately that I've been failing because I'm not doing it "right". I can't help but wonder how many would feel more secure in their faith if they didn't feel like they had to do a "one size fits all" study. Thank you again- this was an answer to prayer.

C. NielsenJuly 15, 2021

Thanks for the insights! You might want to add that temple learning is another approach to gospel understanding that can open the scriptures.

Diana TJuly 14, 2021

Thank you so much for this beautiful article! We will be studying and discussing this for FHE.

Ruth JamiesonJuly 14, 2021

So sad. I hope they feel the Saviors love at this tender time. So hard to lose loved ones.

David DurfeeJuly 14, 2021

Interestingly, I was also in the USSR in 1984. Moscow, Leningrad, Kiev and Minsk. I was with a couple of other LDS attorneys. We brought in with us a few bibles and BofMs, in Russian, that we had picked up in New York. We had a marvelous experience in a Baptist Church on a Sunday in Minsk, including a soul rending and powerful hymn by the Church's choir that we were sure had been rehearsed just for us and that brought us to tears. We learned from the pastor after the meeting that they were not able to buy bibles. So we returned to our hotel, wrote our testimonies in Russian in the bibles and the BofMs that we had brought with us the best that we could (1 semester of Russian in night school at ASU before our trip was immensely helpful), and one of our number took them all to the church the next day. The pastor was overwhelmed. It was one of the best experiences of my life.

PattieJuly 14, 2021

It is truly a blessing to have our Nana’s live close and be a part of our lives. I too respect and honor my GM (she always wanted to be called) and know she and my mother are watching out for my family on the other side.

Julie CookJuly 14, 2021

What an inspiring article. Isaiah 61:1-3 has always been my favorite scripture. The description of His mission always lifts me....yet I had never even pondered how in my efforts to become more Christlike, I might give beauty from ashes! These words touched me, inspired and lifted me. Thank you for this profound insight!

JuliJuly 14, 2021

I liked this article. It answers alot of questions about the different markets and how supply and demand work in a free market society. Thanks for writing it.

PaulineJuly 13, 2021

When a nation cannot control its economy it has no sovereignty because of global free trade policies run by international banking cartels. This was the whole point of Hamilton banking. We need Glass Steagall to separate investment and commercial banking as well as a fixed exchange rate. We have no medical freedom either.

Ruth JamiesonJuly 13, 2021

Can't wait! I loved Once I was a Beehive!

Mandi MilesJuly 13, 2021

So inspiring! I love your response to your sister-in-law, “just trying my darndest to be a good Disciple of Christ.”

LewisJuly 12, 2021

What a sweet story. In a real way we are all lost and damaged souls. Having someone to hang on to in our darkest hours is perhaps the greatest blessing. How wonderful that these two could help each other. They are examples to all of us - no matter the demons we must fight in our own lives, we can help others as they slay their own.

L VelardJuly 12, 2021

I believe that "give to Ceasar what is Ceasar's" is a close meaning to the gospel of politics, and therefore, shouldn't be exempt from taxation. While "give to God what is God's" is a Gospel of Spiritual salvation categories to religion which gives from Ceasar tax exemptions. Is this debatable and start to marvel at what is in Mark 17:12?

Bradley J. KramerJuly 12, 2021

Nope. Sorry. All of my relatives and recent ancestors lived in Cincinnati.

Jo Ellen NymanJuly 12, 2021

I too lost a son to suicide some years ago. I have always had a strong knowledge of the plan, and have had wonderful spiritual experiences as a result. But grief was long and hard regardless. The worst pain I have ever experienced in my life was constant. I had priesthood blessings, continued to serve and never lost my testimony. But one thing I realized I had not done for many years after was to ask Him to carry that pain for me. After finally tenderly surrendering this sorrow, I truly learned of the Savior's healing power. He CAN carry our sorrows. His healing power is real.

Corey DinsdaleJuly 11, 2021

Many years ago while teaching Elders Quorum and I don't remember the topic but one of the elders just kind of thinking out loud said, "I just wish we could get like an occasional report card or something so I could know how I am doing", the room went silent and there were a lot of nods in agreement, finally another one of the elders spoke up and said " we do get one, it's called a Temple Recommend". I thought about that remark and thought it was a good response but as the years went by and I got older had more experience in life and in the church and got somewhat wiser and more knowledgeable with doctrine and people I realized a Temple Recommend is a good start but there is more to it. My father gave a talk when I was a teenager that I have never forgotten one part of and it comes right from section 76, those who inherit the Celestial Kingdom are those who are "valiant" in their testimony of Jesus, plain and simple, no if, ands or buts, no middle of the road. I believe in mercy and I believe Our Father in Heaven and our Savior do and will extend mercy but I think to many rely solely on that and not on trying to be valiant.

Rochelle HaleJuly 10, 2021

Bro. Kramer, By any chance do you have relatives or ancestors by the names of Marcus Kramer, Henrietta (Marks) Kramer, Joseph Kramer, or Cecile Kramer from NY and possibly Chicago?

Erik HansenJuly 10, 2021

People wonder by saying, "should I love myself first or my fellow man?" If one is full of love they are one with the Father and they are then one with the Son. If you are one with them you are full of love for yourself and your fellow man. I don't think you can't separate these things or split real Christlike love (which is what we must have) to pieces.

BarbaraJuly 9, 2021

How quick you are to dismiss our responsibilities to our brothers and sisters in North Korea. Attach the word "benighted" to their country and we no longer bear responsibility toward them. Isn't labeling always the way we refuse to accept our responsibilities? Have you considered dubbing the film Witnesses in Korean, posting it on the internet and seeing how far it will travel?

Maryann TaylorJuly 9, 2021

One of the most important ways we can strengthen our nation is to get involved in the schools. In the midst of false ideas our children are being indoctrinated with in our schools, a friend of mine is running for a place on the school board. As members of the church our influence MUST be felt.

PaulineJuly 9, 2021

Love this! Great idea which I’m putting to use right now! Thanks Joni

Haze KompelienJuly 9, 2021

"Last, I want you to try an experiment...find a private bathroom with a mirror. Look at your reflection, see the real you inside, and ask, “How can I help?”" I love this part. So many of us love others and dislike ourselves. So many of us forgive others with mercy and continue to judge ourselves harshly. Self-acceptance and self-love is not the same as selfishness or being self-centered. It is necessary for happiness and fulfillment. Thank you.

Paul MouritsenJuly 8, 2021

One way to preach the gospel to remote peoples is through family history. For example, Familysearch is sending teams of interviewers into remote African villages and interviewing tribal leaders to capture extensive oral genealogies and meke them available on line and in print. Perhaps the spirit of Elijah will stir the hearts of these people and their descendants to join the church and seek the blessings of the temple. Here is a really inspiring presentation from the recent RootsTech Connect conference:

Toni VanWormerJuly 8, 2021

Your 4 magic words have really opened doors for me as the Just Serve community volunteer. When I say it to any non-profit organization they can't believe their ears! They are all overwhelmed and need all kinds of help so when someone says those magic words they can't believe thier ears. I loved your article. It was perfectly said. I really liked the application to prayer too. Hugs, from Evansville IN

CDJuly 8, 2021

This is such great advice! Thanks Joni, I love your insights and articles!

Mark DonaldsonJuly 8, 2021

We are taught in the scriptures that God knows all things past, present, and future. This means that he has a crystal clear vision of what the future holds for every person that comes to earth. This being true, then it is pre-supposed that even before we are born into mortality, God already knows when we will die. It is my belief that children who die before becoming accountable are exalted...because God knew in the pre-earth life that the child had already reached a level of perfection in the spirit world that qualified that child for the Celestial Kingdom. The age that child would die was known by God before the child was born. Some will argue and say that it's not fair that a child who dies before becoming accountable is exalted while the rest of us have to be tested by living long lives. I have even heard it said that little children who die before becoming accountable will have to be tested at a later date. That's all hogwash! God knew when each of us would die. There is never a child that dies before becoming accountable that didn't already prove themselves worthy of the Celestial Kingdom in the pre-earth life. With God's foreknowledge every child is born exactly into the right place at the right time. If the child dies before the age of accountability you can rest assured that God already knew the day and the time.

Mark J. StoddardJuly 8, 2021

Accurate history. Well written and definitely factual. Add to that, at the debate before July 4, 1776, the northern states were thrilled with Jefferson's language condemning King George for the slave trade. Interesting denunciation in that they profited from the slave trade with their ships in the infamous triangle. But rather than this condemning them, it should inspire everyone that these were men of principle willing to sacrifice the shilling for the abolition of slavery. The only reason that denunciation of King George's slave trade was taken out is that was the price of the slave states in the south agreeing to participate in the rebellion and sign on to the Declaration of Independence. Ben Franklin started the first abolition society and John Adams was a fiery opponent of slavery. It was a bitter pill to swallow but they figured it was best to create the First nation in the world that would then freely, by the voice of the people, abolish slavery. And, as this article so expertly shows, they did just that. One other point. Russian Tsar Alexander II was anxious to abolish slavery in Russia (called serfdom or being a serf -- a gentler word than slave). He was inspired by the American Revolution of 1776 and used that to abolish serfdom in 1861, freeing more than 23 million people. (Those white serfs would have found the notion of "white privilege" bizarre. Slavery and repression of any sort is evil.) It should also be noted that the first European slave traders were the beneficiaries of the existing slave trade among African tribes. Wrong is wrong no matter where. For thousands of years across the world people have been enslaved by each other regardless of race. America has blessed the world a 1,000 times over and a 1,000 times more than any damage it has done -- real or imagined.

Jim WinebrennerJuly 8, 2021

Thank you!! Finally, an article that tells the truth of the matter, instead of pandering to those suffering the confusions and delusions of the CRT scheme toward communism. We need more people with, and more articles encouraging this understanding of truth.

JaneJuly 7, 2021

This article was very informative! I would like to add that I was literally panicked to have my children AFTER age 35 because of all the “statistics” that show decline in fertility and rise in birth defects after age 35. I think the emphasis on these “statistics” is another unspoken factor for women having fewer babies. My mother had 3 healthy babies after age 37 and her mother had a healthy baby at age 47! I would have liked to have other children but I was too scared by the “after age 35” statistics. If you look back in history women commonly bore children from age 20-45; resulting in large families. If couples could only realize what a joy parenting really is in the long run, I believe many couples would be willing to have more children due to the deep satisfaction and meaning they bring to life in all the stages!

Maryann TaylorJuly 7, 2021

This beautiful article really touched my heart and and makes me want to reflect the light of the Savior in my life. One day years ago Elder Dallin Oaks visited my ward and I had the opportunity to speak with him briefly as he came up the aisle. After he had passed by, I felt I had spoken to the Savior. We all truly can reflect the love and light of Jesus Christ to others as we seek to have the Holy Ghost with us and also to keep love in our hearts.

Helen CondonJuly 7, 2021

At last! A glimpse of possibility into my own, largely self-thwarted, dreams of being “called to serve”.

Doug WhitingJuly 7, 2021

I respectfully disagree that we have a duty to preach the Gospel in areas where that would be a violation of the law. For example, I understand that Church members in several Muslim countries place their membership at risk if they violate the law by attempting to share the message with their friends -- even if their friends are not Muslims. In the long run, our requirement to abide by the law will be more likely to allow for us to begin to send in missionaries after the course of time, as we have already experienced in a number of countries.

craigJuly 6, 2021

I'm skeptical of the claim that women are having fewer children than they would like. This is because actions speak louder than words. If they wanted more children, really wanted them, they would have them. No one is stopping them. I feel like the data in such studies is much like the data in religious surveys when a person answers that they attend church at least once a month when, in fact, they only attend twice a year. Perhaps they feel guilty in not having more children and say they want more even if they have no intention of having them. Much like the person who lies about church attendance does so out of feeling guilty that they are not there on Sunday, even if they have no intention of going. I honestly don't see this as much of a problem. I believe that this is a natural self correction. The decline will plateau and human society will adjust.

RebeccaJuly 6, 2021

This beautiful sister exudes goodness in the "before" pictures as well as the "after". It's sad, even tragic, that she felt she was "polluted" and unfit for the Spirit when she was heavy. As many of us know who carry this particular "thorn in the flesh", keeping weight off is much more difficult than losing it. I hope that if she gains weight or doesn't follow her eating plan with perfection, she knows she is still beloved and precious. Although caring for our mortal tabernacles is good, I believe it is an earthly doctrine that encourages us to feel unworthy unless we meet a certain standard. Surely there are many, many worse acts than eating cheeseburgers.

Stephanie BillingsleyJuly 6, 2021

Yep! Well said. It would be wonderful if everyone felt the same PEACE, HOPE, and JOY some of us find in our SAVIOR and REDEEMER, JESUS the CHRIST. I have long been blessed with this and never doubt that I will inherit Celestial glory, because I am confident in His ability to take me HOME. So excited! The testimony of Jesus - both ours of Him and HIS of US will be of utmost importance. We all - in and out of The Church - need more of this teaching. We need to be more excited about JESUS and His role in His work! Thank you.

ColinJuly 6, 2021

I appreciate the sentiments, and I love my country too. But hope mixed with facing reality is always a good combination. Saying there are systemic problems—which there clearly are—is not slam on the Constitution, which is inspired by God and a model for the whole world. The Constitution isn't the only system at work in our country. And as we've seen in the past year, the Constitution itself is not all-powerful. It depends on the integrity of the people who have sworn to defend it, in state governments as well as federal. I keep hoping that when the Constitution is hanging by a thread, members of the Church will be protecting it instead of swinging at it with scimitars.

Steve DoneganJuly 6, 2021

While in the US Army I attended a class taught by an Army chaplain. When I walked in I saw he’d written on the board: KISS OFF. He explained it stood for: Keep It Simple Silly Or Face Frustration. When I or others around me get bogged down in doctrine or culture, I remember that chaplain and the simplifying message on the board.

David and CarolineJuly 6, 2021

Just bought it! It’d better be good ;)

LexaGraemeJuly 6, 2021

Clarification. The “Constitutional Convention” met in 1787. The Constitution was ratified by enough states to make it the law of the land in 1789.

ANJuly 6, 2021

What is your role in the future of USA, and your answer is to be the cheer squad. Had the insurection succeeded in January, America would no longer be a democracy, and most of the readers here voted for trump knowing he would not accept the result unless he won.Do you accept responsibility? I would think part of your role would be to acknowledge that was wrong and make sure that never happens again.

J. Britt FranklinJuly 5, 2021

Wonderful story! Amazing family. Hope we will hear ongoing mission reports. Love and best wishes to the family.

JD BasileJuly 5, 2021

Such an inspiring story! Hard work pays off!! Congrats Janice!

PjalJuly 5, 2021

Her feelings are mostly due to her husband’s insensitivity by his still present admiration of his ex-wife. I am not a jealous person, but I would think much less of my husband because of his callousness.

Tammy TaylorJuly 4, 2021

Thank you for a rational article about this topic. I also agree with many of the previous comments. Talking about race seems to be the wrong place to focus our attention. Let’s move on. Let’s work together to improve life for everyone in this country. I agree that the continued poverty for many blacks is concerning, but There are also many who seem to have broken this cycle. I feel that the biggest factor in the poverty cycle is the terrible education systems in inner city districts. This is more of a political problem than race as one party has run those cities for years. There must be change in the policies of elected officials and there must be choice through vouchers and charter schools available for these families. Competition is the quickest way to make change in these horrible schools. I like he idea of enterprise zones in inner cities to help with the economies and employment for those who live in those areas. There are many ways to begin to help those who are stuck in these areas. Shouting, and shaming and trying to throw out our country’s history and traditions is not going to get us there. Respect and love for everyone are the answers

Corey DinsdaleJuly 4, 2021

Everybody should read the following books, 'Sex Scandal: The Drive to Abolish Male and Female' and 'The Economic Theory of Sex: Industrialism, Feminism and the Disintegration of the Family'. We need to be informed and understand the basis and foundation of what's being taught in order to fight it and counter it.

Linda ChristieJuly 3, 2021

Congratulations to a former Sooner from Norman, OK! I knew you and your family as you were growing up. Who knew you would turn out some really poignant and beautiful music about the Prophet Joseph, Emma, and the Savior. The rest of us LDS Sooners are really proud of you! Keep the faith, and keep sharing the truth! God bless you and your group! (And say hello to your mom and dad! I know they are proud of you!)

ChuckJuly 3, 2021

To answer the question in this articles' title, absolutely yes---but that doesn't mean you must be best buddies with someone who betrayed you. Our Savior commanded us to forgive everyone, but that principle is for us, not the other person; it's so WE can become a better person in a miserable situation. The other person is the responsibility of our Lord, not us.

LynnJuly 3, 2021

Bravo! Thank you for such a positive and uplifting essay!

Maryann TaylorJuly 2, 2021

Kenny's comments reflect the feelings of so many of us, probably millions. He asks some valuable questions at the end of his comment which deserve our consideration. I would add that as long as people keep pointing the finger and accusing people of racism simply because they are white, racism will remain alive.

Maryann TaylorJuly 2, 2021

I don't think the REAL issue here is about over-rating beauty or being jealous of the first wife. This woman is suffering because she is starving for physical affection from her husband, and also a real need for his verbal feedback that she is desirable and beautiful to him. The fact that her husband refers to his first wife's beauty "with a twinkle in his eye" would be a dagger to any wife's heart! If this woman felt truly loved by her husband, I think the conflict would be resolved. I see a lot of pain here, and hope this couple gets some good counselling because they need help to communicate their needs and suffering so that they can help one another.

SarahJuly 2, 2021

The twinkle in the eye... That's the problem. Get rid of that, and you will feel closer to him. Not sure how!?!

Vivian M AdamsJuly 2, 2021

Thank you for this important and inspired article. Thank you for the beauty of your heart and soul.

Robert D StarlingJuly 2, 2021

Thank you, Sister Linford, for this stirring reminder of what the 4th of July celebrates. I read it with tears in my eyes. Perhaps we have to spend some time in other countries to really appreciate what it means to live underneath the Stars and Stripes. I'm from Georgia, and some of my ancestors fought against the Union at places like Gettysburg and Bull Run. They believed (rightly or wrongly) that they were fighting for the states' rights guaranteed in the Constitution. Thankfully the Union was preserved, and America has flourished. Some of Lincoln's words at Gettysburg still challenge us to determine if "that nation, or any nation so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure." We know that these latter days are "perilous times" and that there is much we must endure before the Savior returns. Hopefully we can stand for righteousness until He comes. God bless the USA!

Erik HansenJuly 2, 2021

According to the Book of Mormon, time and time again through it's pages, secret combinations in their greatest power and degree fight to destroy liberty. In this country the secret combinations are hitting the Constitution and the people at every level. They change the minds of the people over generations. Ultimately the only cure is and has been the preaching and adherence of Jesus Christ's principles. They are not received well in this Country even among "Christians". Only those principles will protect the liberty of the people.

Nancy AbbottJuly 2, 2021

This is a wonderful article. I totally agree with your sentiments. I love our nation..... warts and all! I’m so grateful that we , through revelation, know the final chapter for our nation. Much darkness will come, but then the glorious light of the millennial day! God bless America!

rydamyJuly 2, 2021

t is important for her husband to also seek medical evaluation of his health. Not only is sexual dysfunction a possible indicator of other significant health problems, but it can often be treated and improved. In addition there are adaptive ways be close, and these can help him meaningfully show care and affection for her. Just suggesting.

rydamyJuly 2, 2021

It is important for her husband to also seek medical evaluation of his health. Not only is sexual dysfunction a possible indicator of other significant health problems, but it can often be treated and improved. In addition there are adaptive ways be close, and these can help him meaningfully show care and affection for her. Just suggesting.

Mark DonaldsonJuly 2, 2021

Thank you for this wonderful reminder! God Bless America!

BeraJuly 2, 2021

Very inspiring article. Thank you for sharing this with us.

David ShafferJuly 2, 2021

Amen! And, thank you.

Taylor StonelyJuly 2, 2021

What a stirring reminder of the fragility of our freedom! Your story about your daughter standing and reciting the Star Spangled Banner brought tears to my eyes! Thank you for sharing!

BrianJuly 1, 2021

Is there a particular reason this article seems to presuppose that the betrayer is a man?

James ScottJuly 1, 2021

I’ve always taken interest in the Lord’s Prayer where in Matthew 6:9 the Lord uses the locational plea: WHICH, while in 3 Nephi 13:9 the Lord uses the personal WHO. Does this change mean He felt the Nephites were closer than the Jews or maybe Matthew’s translators erred in their work. I like the personal Who as I feel closer to the Lord in that use and that I’m actual conversing with The Father.

Larry HuntJuly 1, 2021

The Nashville tribute band. One of my favorite bands of all time!

Carol AnnJuly 1, 2021

What a cool "behind the scenes look" at this media production team for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I will watch General Conference with new appreciation from now on because of the dedication of these very special and inspired people. Thanks for sharing!

Barbara BrewerJuly 1, 2021

This article must have been written especially for me!

James scottJune 30, 2021

It’s really easy to stop investigation when we find info that buttresses our own opinions.

Maryann TaylorJune 30, 2021

Is anyone else out there sick to death of this subject???? Seems to me the more we talk about it, the worse it gets. How about if we just start from today--the present, right NOW. Be kind and get on with it.

Maryann TaylorJune 30, 2021

This is Satan's very transparent attempt to normalize and to promote sin. It is a weapon he has wielded from his deadly arsenal since time began--the deceptive belief that: "Everyone is doing it." One of the ways Satan promotes sin is to keep our focus on it as much as possible. He also tries to make us believe that we are being "compassionate" when we accept sin. We are being saturated with references to homosexual behavior in books, television programs, radio, magazines, and in the news more and more frequently. Even some Latter-day Saints are preoccupied with the subject. It is WAY past time to change our focus.

LexaGraemeJune 30, 2021

That sounds about right. Poor Sally.

James HarveyJune 30, 2021

Chinese in Mexico were expelled, Crimean Tatars were expropriated by Stalin, Roma people are hated throughout Europe, and xenophobia pervades in South Africa. Even MLK Jr's inspiration Walter Rauschenbusch despised Eastern European immigrants as reducing good "Teutonic stock" in America. Racism cannot be reduced to a question of ideology, but how political power is exercised, and that is missing from the analysis,

Marti ScottJune 30, 2021

I didn't get an e-mail about the Jordan River Temple reopening.

Kara A DunkelJune 30, 2021

Thoroughly enjoy your insights ❤️

Debra MackJune 29, 2021

What a great nugget of wisdom. Thank you Bro Marsh

Aeryn S.June 29, 2021

While I appreciate the authors' attempt to be fair and balanced, the fact remains that CRT is a poisonous ideology that even many blacks and other minorities find abhorrent (for instance, the Chinese American Citizens Alliance Greater New York who recently did a press release denouncing CRT as racist, J. Kenneth Blackwell (former mayor of Cincinnati) who condemned CRT in his essay: Critical Race Theory Cynically Undermines Racial Harmony; Jon McWhorter (who says, “You are not a racist to criticize CRT,” and who is a vocal opponent of CRT being taught in school); Shelby Steele (who says, “. . . Critical Race Theory . . . has no other meaning than . . . to once again accuse whites of racism.”); and many other minorities who have spoken vocally against CRT). Every American should read Dr. Carol Swain’s essay at 1776 Unites titled Critical Race Theory’s Toxic, Destructive Impact on America. Yes, we should be able to have thoughtful, civil discussions about race and our history, and explore positive ways to elevate all of God’s children. But it can’t be done through CRT. Ironical, many of our black brothers and sisters are silenced if they speak out against CRT. If we truly want to start positive dialogues, I suggest becoming more aware of conservative and libertarian black thinkers, activists, speakers, and writers, including the wonderful Walter E. Williams, whom we recently lost, Thomas Sowell, Shelby Steele, Jon McWhorter, and Carol Swain, among others.

Cameron DyckJune 29, 2021

Personally I wold think that the 3 most important relationships are: self, family, and God. It is impossible to have a positive relationship with spouse/children/family and God without having a positive relationship with your self.

Marie CrollJune 29, 2021

I, too, would love to have this concert available on line. I hope you will make it possible.

Ed GayhartJune 28, 2021

No, we really don’t need to talk about race. CRT was hatched to divide and conquer. Are there bad people? Sure are - of all colors. Are people hated and mistreated. Have been throughout history. CRT wants to put everyone in their proper box and then teach them to resent each other - nothing more. We are individual children of Heavenly Parents - not a color.

Debi-Ann Ward CaseJune 28, 2021

Kenny Mazzanti brings up valid points. I have often wondered if black people in our country are even aware that they are not the only ones who suffered the debilitating effects of slavery. The Jews were slaves to the Egyptian pharaohs for approximately two hundred years. They were slaves/captives in Babylonia for about seventy years, and then they were under brutal Roman rule. This is in addition to the various slaveries mentioned by Mr. Mazzanti.

Sasha KwapinskiJune 28, 2021

People of different minorities and constituencies have a legitimate need to "see themselves" represented in our nation's history. As the article points out. this can be done without disregarding and discounting the overall main themes and trends. Members of the LDS community (one a many religious "minorities" in the US) see themselves represented in this manner when we learn about (for example) the Mormon Battalion, the voyage of the Brooklyn, or the early LDS settlement of San Bernardino.

ShaunaJune 28, 2021

cogent, thought provoking and insightful. Thank you for a measured and helpful analysis. well done and wonderfully even handed

EveJune 28, 2021

Very thought provoking. Thank you!

Michael EdwardsJune 28, 2021

the truth is out ther. fox mulder

Haze KompelienJune 28, 2021

I'm a 69 yr old White woman who, in her youth, didn't think she was racist at all. Gradually, over the years, I have been lovingly educated by dear Black friends on many aspects of their day-to-day lives that I was completely ignorant about. Simple things like little girls wishing for a doll that looked like them to complex things like having to give "The Talk" to your Black children about how to act in public to keep yourself safe. I am learning. I must also highly recommend the article the author provided a link to called "Being Black in America is Exhausting". Please do read it and your eyes will be opened to how different the lives of our Black sisters and brothers can be.

Susan NielsonJune 28, 2021

I’m so relieved to read a rational, thoughtful discussion about race, after so many months of shouting, shaming and hatred. I realize that I have much to learn but it has been so difficult to know where to turn for calm, reasoned knowledge. I truly want to know what I should do, and what I can do to show love to all around me. Thank you for your instructions; they are so much appreciated.

Kenny MazzantiJune 28, 2021

Let us also remember that the enslavement of African peoples was done in great degree by their own people who sold them off to Muslim slave traders. Slavery was not unique to the American colonies, but was a worldwide occurrence. When Spanish and Portuguese explorers conquered aboriginal people on the north and south American continents, they enslaved them by the thousands, and the Catholic Church forced "Christianity" upon them as slaves building their missions. The Spanish settlers enslaved native Americans, native Americans enslaved the Spanish, the Mexicans and each other. Native Americas commonly enslaved women and children when warring with other bands. At the time of the Civil War, there were more non-African slaves in north America than there were African slaves in the United States. So, why is it that your focus is exclusively on African slaves when many more people of various ethnicities were victimized by slavery? What makes you so special that we all need to dredge up the horrors of the past? Why is it that we cannot focus on a future without division? Why is it that we cannot see a future simply as God's children one and all?

Carolyn MadsonJune 27, 2021

Thank you for this beautiful essay of photographs Scott. It is especially touching today, being June 27th. These photos bring back wonderful memories of feeling the Spirit there at Carthage with you and Maurine several years ago during the last day of our Church History Tour with you. You continue to inspire! .Carolyn and Scott Madson

Lorraine DayJune 27, 2021

Fabulous! You’ve straitened a confused subject for me. FAITH is a huge word for me and you have broken it down to a simple understanding. Thank you!!! I would love my own personal copy of your words.

MikeJune 27, 2021

The next big false flag hoax could easily be an alien invasion. We have proven to be easily duped and it's another great excuse to confine us to our houses, destroy the economy, and take away our liberty.

PaeaJune 27, 2021

Great conversion story....thank you for sharing it!!!

Doris WilliamsJune 27, 2021

Oh, thank you Scot for putting this up's a blessed reminder, coloring our study in Come Follow Me and the D&C. You have done so many inspiring photo essays....especially about Nauvoo. They are a blessing to all of us. Thank you so much.

Diane KriloffJune 27, 2021

What a powerful presentation! Thank you Elder Johnson for sharing your story. It was remarkably inspiring!

Joshua HarmonJune 26, 2021

Thanks for this article! As Latter-Day Saints, in addition to possessing canonized scripture affirming the existence of children of God begotten on worlds without number, our faith was built on the testimonies of credible witnesses of “marvelous” experiences that transcend our current scientific knowledge. We should stay humble and open about experiences with which we may not have first-hand knowledge, which are nevertheless true for those who experienced them. Articles of Faith 9 and 13 celebrate a hope for new and true light and knowledge. I’m excited to belong to a faith that isn't afraid to admit we don’t know everything about the universe. I'd love to see more articles on this topic from a Latter-Day perspective.

Maryann TaylorJune 26, 2021

Yes, it is true that there is very little revealed about our Heavenly Mother. Maybe that should tell us something.

Maryann TaylorJune 26, 2021

If there are people from other planets close enough for us to encounter pictures of them in space, why aren't they coming for a visit? Isn't that the first thing we would do if we found a planet with people like ourselves? Because of all the false "sightings," I am hesitant to take this very seriously. I am a lot more interested in improving life right here on earth.

Maryann TaylorJune 26, 2021

If our wayward children are adults who received a genuine testimony by the power of the Holy Ghost, how can "being deceived" be an excuse? The scriptures repeatedly teach us how to avoid deception. We also cannot claim being offended as an excuse for falling away. No one leaves the church because they were offended. They leave because they have not built a strong testimony of Jesus Christ. The power of a strong testimony overcomes any offense. I continue to have great hopes, prayers, and tears for those who have wandered away from the path. However, the answer to that problem is most often repentance. The Doctrine & Covenants speaks of those who will inherit the Terrestrial Kingdom as those "who were blinded by the craftiness of men" (D&C 76:75). We all experience good and evil influences every day. We all have the light of Christ. We are here to learn to choose the light. Only the Lord can judge each of us, but let's not make the mistake of accepting any doctrine that replaces genuine repentance with the excuse of "being deceived."

BarbaraJune 26, 2021

How exciting! I was driving into town one evening when I looked up and thought I saw an airplane (I was close to our local airport) when it suddenly took off faster than a shooting star and disappeared. I was and still am a UFO believer and figure why you pointed out "worlds without number".

BenJune 26, 2021

Thank you for publishing this well-written piece about this phenomenon. To me, it's a head scratcher that other LDS-centric publications don't seem to have an interest in the topic of UAPs and how it fits into a theological discussion. This need not be a paradigm-shattering topic to discuss.

BriaJune 26, 2021

“If men do not comprehend the character of God, they do not comprehend themselves..." If the veil were rent today, and the great God who holds the world in its orbit, and who upholds all worlds and all things by His power, was to make Himself visible, - I say, if you were to see Him today, you would see Him like a man in form - like yourself in all the person, image, and very form as a man.” ― Joseph Smith So let me get this straight woman dont matter much in the LDS church? According to the Prophet who restored the gospel to the earth he said to “If men do not comprehend the character of God, they do not comprehend themselves..." I believe Heavenly Mother should not be ignored but embraced, I know it would break my heart if my children ignored my existence.

MaryaJune 25, 2021

I'm always impressed by the thoughtfulness and wisdom in Geoff's responses. I'm glad this boy has a loving, non judgmental mother that recognizes a bishop wouldn't know what to do in this matter. It sounds like the dad won't be much help.

Gerald G. FullerJune 25, 2021

I don't understand how his attraction to those characters became identified as sexual attraction. Did I miss something?

TJJune 25, 2021

Dried or freeze dried food might be the only food storage that works for us. I am single and live in an apartment. I have no place to garden and found I would not eat canned vegetables except corn and green beans. So, instead of pretending I was going to eat that can of carrots or spinach, I purchased some freeze dried vegetables that I can add to my canned soups in the event of a prolonged emergency. But for health, I use frozen or fresh vegetables for my regular vegetable consumption. That way I am covered but do not waste money on canned goods I found I would not eat, no matter what.

GinaJune 25, 2021

As someone who was once this angry wife, may I tell you what I did one time when the anger I felt toward the other woman and toward the way my husband's mother was treating me overcame me. I thought of the people they cared about most. I contacted his children and told them the truth about their mother. Not something I am proud of, but something that can happen to you. You must remove yourself and your marriage to another place. Get off social media. Forever, because the anger can last decades. And anyone can go on to your Facebook page and post the details for all to read. I know because I did. This is anger that may not die for decades.

Theodore BrandleyJune 25, 2021

Hello Warren, It is true that God has created “worlds without number (Moses 1:23), and the inhabitants thereof are begotten sons and daughters unto God (D&C 76:24). However, “there are no angels who minister to this earth but those who do belong or have belonged to it.” (D&C 130:5) Therefore, assuming the craft are real technology designed and controlled by intelligent beings, they are most likely translated beings of the cities of Enoch and Melchizedek. It was a “chariot of fire” that was observed in the translation of Elijah into heaven (2 Kings 2:11).

HalJune 25, 2021

Interesting article until it mentioned that former Senator Harry Reid was trying to get information released. Mr. Reid has zero credibility in my book. He deliberately lied in the 2012 election cycle when he claimed Mitt Romney had not paid any income taxes for the prior decade. Mr. Reid was challenged on this claim when Mr. Romney released his tax records showing that he had, indeed, paid his taxes. When pressed about continuing to defend a statement that is not true (after the election), Reid responded, "Romney didn't win, did he?"

RaLee HallJune 25, 2021

Thank you for your story. It was beautiful.

Gayle WalkerJune 25, 2021

Thank you so very much for these beautiful pictures and information of these brethren's last days. Words cannot express my feelings for Joseph and Hyrum. I know they were and are God's prophets, seers and revelators for the Final Dispensation of Times.. I appreciate your love for them and learned much from your piece.

Mary WilsonJune 25, 2021

I love this cartoon. I love Donny Osmond. Can I still buy a copy of the magazine?

Ronald BarnesJune 25, 2021

I live under a flight path and have seen all kinds of aircraft at different altitudes. I have seen UFOs on two occasions. The second time I was with others. To us they appeared to be a precession of small, red lights that seemed to appear, travel a distance, and then to disappear. The first time I was alone. I saw what appeared to be a large craft no more than a few hundred feet in the air. There were four long, horizonal lights on its side. It was banking to the right and I did not see wings or a tail. It was moving much slower than an airplane, darker than the night sky and totally silent. I believe that earthly governments have technologies far more advanced that the populace realizes. It could be that these crafts are scouts sent by the Ten Tribes or the City of Enoch. I actually have more radical ideas than those. Of course, I don’t know and can only speculate.

ShaunaJune 25, 2021

I would just add that agency is paramount. Sometimes I think we teach that wayward children will return no matter what. How can that be? I do not doubt the Savior's ability, mission, and purpose to "save," but surely we cannot be "saved" against our will. Clearly there are things we don't yet understand, and I appreciate adding in premortal choices, but we are also told that even though we can repent in the next life, that it is easier to do so now--in the body; "that this life is the time to prepare to meet God," and that the personality traits, characteristics, desires, habits, priorities etc., that we have developed in this life, will be with us on the other side. The prophet Amulek taught, “That same spirit which doth possess your bodies at the time that ye go out of this life, that same spirit will have power to possess your body in that eternal world” (Alma 34:34). As a result, when persons leave this life and go on to the next, “they who are righteous shall be righteous still” (2 Ne. 9:16), and “whatever principle of intelligence we attain unto in this life … will rise with us in the resurrection” (D&C 130:18). I know that the Lord is the perfect judge and that we will all agree that his judgments are just. But agency must be accounted for

LexaGraemeJune 24, 2021


Laurel Lee PedersenJune 24, 2021

I love the way our missionaries are learning to teach the gospel. We live in the Willamette Valley of Oregon and most of the people our missionaries are teaching are coming from social media. They are doing service activities in the community and helping with ward activities, etc., as well. It's a joy to have evening devotionals with them, as well as prepare food for them several days a week. Thanks again, Diana, for these beautiful insights to these D&C sections.

WendyJune 24, 2021

I have enjoyed reading your articles on our parental God,. Was wondering how the polygamy paradigm fits into this.

LaurieJune 24, 2021

I found this article so helpful. Thank you. Rethinking is always spoke of, but you gave great examples snd, the bottom line is, we know we, n and of ourselves fo not have al the answers; that’s wher effort is appreciated to listen, ponder, pray snd exercise faith by action! Sincere thanks.

Carlos RoundyJune 24, 2021

If Christ and his atonement happened , than everything in existence has meaning, on the other hand, if Christ and the atonement did not happen, then everything will just be ashes. Thanks for the wonderful article.

Michael SheaJune 24, 2021

Thank you. I suppose it can reasonably be said that the ignorant have no difficulty justifying themselves to the ignorant.

Rodney L RiversJune 24, 2021

Thank you for sharing this thoroughly enjoyable and enlightening article. I will peruse the other mentioned articles on the subject of evidences on the authenticity of biblical characters.

JarediteStoresJune 24, 2021

Will these books eventually be sold at Deseret Bookstore? And, available on Bookshelf Plus?

Harold RustJune 24, 2021

As always, thanks for an inspiring insight. Your article let me to reflect on a related perspective. The more I study this parallel relationship, the closer I come to getting a feel of why prophets and recipients of heavenly insight simply cannot convey the full message of that visit to the spiritual realm. Just as a child could become enthralled with a graphic design made by using imaginary numbers and yet be limited in describing just how the math works to others, so too are prophets limited in conveying the full dimension of what they have been shown.They can use earthly examples to help us obtain some insight and guidance, but only as we become familiar with the spiritual dimension will we begin to "see the light" ....and gain the wherewithal to apply imaginary numbers to create our own graphic designs.

AnnaJune 23, 2021

As I struggle emotionally with the loss of two adult children within five months, it has been too easy to languish in sadness and self-doubt. Thank you for helping me today as i try to re-frame my feelings and memories.

Joseph L.June 23, 2021

You make some wonderful points in this article. Thank you so much. I have chose a different path for my food storage. We rotate a 3 month supply pantry and have an additional 9 months of dehydrated beans/grains and some freeze dried meals. You mention that this is not wise, because where will the water come from? If I have water to drink, then I have water to cook with. If I have no water to drink, then I won't live long. I think an important aspect of being prepared is knowing how to procure and make water safe to use. I don't think having beans, rice and other dehyrdated and freeze dried meals is a bad thing. For some of us, it makes food storage easier.

HallJune 23, 2021

Loved this story! Goes to show you should listen to the whole story before forming an opinion that will make you look foolish.

Haze KompelienJune 23, 2021

Looking forward to column #9. Hope it will be out soon. Very interesting series.

CarolJune 23, 2021

Please don't ever stop writing your column - you make my day!!!

JKJune 23, 2021

Thank you for this timely article. I agree that food storage needs to be well rounded. It is something I've struggled with for years, but after living in the mid-west for three decades I now live in an area that not a year goes by when a major disaster hits of some kind. Food storage is essential in those times. Now that Northern Utah finally recognizes they can indeed be struck by a large earthquake at anytime, I hope they are taking food prep more seriously. People keep thinking they need food storage for natural disasters, but unemployment is a huge problem right now and having food on hand is huge to get you through.

Angie MannJune 23, 2021

I can’t love this enough. It’s such a peaceful feeling when you realize you’ve just read the answer to a prayer you’ve had. Thank you.

Mary JaneJune 22, 2021

Thank you so much...I needed to read this and hear this counsel today. It is so easy for us to feel burdened by our challenges in every day life. These are great reminders to keep the faith and move forward, remembering the Lord is always with us, loves us and will consecrate our afflictions for our gain....

Steve DoneganJune 22, 2021

Thank you for plain speech about a difficult and complicated topic.

Cary HolmquistJune 22, 2021

Really branching out there, kiddo.

P. WintersJune 22, 2021

This is an enlightening article. I can use many things that were mentioned. However, in number four, the word "from" is used twice. This makes the sentence lose its meaning.

Charles DEFRANCHIJune 22, 2021

Ha dear Wally! I do have a testimony that you belong to the people the Lord placed on my path to provide me with the light and guidance I needed, especially to make it through my own challenges. A few days ago, I found two old films from the time I did not have a digital camera. I got them developed and got to see our lives when our three kids were small, along with their lovely mother. This gave me another perspective on the challenges I am going through now with teens and current marital issues. The perspective was indeed that I was immensely blessed through this marriage and family, no matter what my issues today may be.

Neil CJune 22, 2021

Labelling a person without seeking to understand the core problem is guaranteed to prevent forgiveness, healing and even strengthening the marriage which can happen when the core problem is understood and addressed. The Saviour message of hope to the adulteress makes clear that even adultery can be fully recovered from. The adultress wasn't immediately forgiven as she needed to take part in the process of repentance. To "go and sin no more" was the start. Those who participate in an act of betrayal are able to fully repent and gain forgiveness of self and by the affected wife/husband. Those who are affected by the betrayal can also be healed - provided the reasons for the betrayal are understood. Adam was commanded to "cleave unto Eve" i.e.: to sever any and every relationship, hobby, interest, work - anything that would prevent him from being completely united with Eve. Of course, we can have all of those things, so long as Eve remained the priority. Adultery can be added to that list. To not forgive places us in the same company as those seeking to stone the Adulteress. That in no way diminishes the anger, hurt and devastation that is experienced! When the core (non-sexual) basis of the betrayal is understood, it can be addressed. Affairs are often a crisis of identity, a desire for an alternate reality in which the 'betrayer' can reimagine and reinvent themselves. Unfulfilled expectations, unspoken resentments, and unmet longings, feeling important, feeling desired, all play a part. Affairs are not about the other person, they are about being a new you, an escape from being the person you have become or the situation you are in. It is not about leaving the person you are with (Abusive relationships excluded). Sex is usually the medium, but it is not what is being sought. The commandment to love others wasn't conditional. The very real feelings of being hurt, betrayed and devastated will take time to heal, but they can heal. Here again, the Saviour showed us the way to forgive, when he asked Heavenly Father to, "Forgive them for they no not what they do". In a similar way, those that commit adultery, don't fully realise what they are seeking as it is an emotional course of action.

Neil CJune 21, 2021

There are few topics more raw and devastating than infidelity. There is a clip on YouTube by Esther Perel that I would recommend viewing where infidelity is addressed, recognising and addressing the reasons for infidelity without excusing it. Most importantly, on how to heal from it and how a marriage can actually become stronger despite it.

Maryann TaylorJune 21, 2021

The author here is giving great advice. I would take it one step further--You may need to move. I know that is extreme, but it is probably very painful for your husband to still have these people in living in your area, and having the wife at your work is going to be a long term reminder of what happened.

LBJune 21, 2021

I'm the same way--going back to hiding in my basement during game six of the 1998 Finals as a twenty-something! I just get too emotionally involved and it's painful even though I tell myself every time--whether it's the Jazz or my Aggies (and even BYU)--this outcome doesn't matter in the eternal scheme of things, not one bit. But oh, how we love our sports teams and want for them to succeed! I've learned to adapt and even pivot as I've gotten older. Still emotionally attached caring about the outcome BUT instead of watching the games anymore (waiting until the final buzzer to check the score to put off that agitation), I spend those game nights doing something that matters more of an eternal nature: I focus on serving other people by indexing for FamilySearch. It's something I love just as much as (at times more than) I love the Jazz or Aggies but brings me more peace, joy and satisfaction, I think. :)

JoJune 21, 2021

Perhaps the impression you give is not accurate, but you sound rather selfish. I think you do owe it to this wronged woman to humbly put up with her anger toward you. You deserve it. She did not deserve what you did to her. Be flippant about it and all the women who know you will not trust you.

KateJune 20, 2021

Please, all of you commenters that are recycling the tired old saw that "Heavenly Mother is just too sacred to speak of", please just STOP. That is condescending and insulting, not just to our Heavenly Mother (who is a powerful God, co-equal with our Father in Heaven, and certainly plenty strong enough to withstand such nonsense), but also to women in general. We do not need to be protected; we are capable, intelligent beings. Kindly stop the Victorian practice of treating us like children. It does not reflect well on those who do so. Also, thank you, Br. Eyre, for such an insightful article! I very much appreciate your thoughtfulness on this important topic.

EJune 20, 2021

Beautiful article. Thank you for publishing this, it's a breath of fresh air.

Corey D.June 20, 2021

I have not seen the movie but will probably order it and share it with my family, in particular because one of my children and their spouse has stepped away from the church, the spouse has lots of struggles with lots of things, personal, family and church. Church wise this individual struggles with church history one of those being about blacks. My second comment, I came home from my mission in the spring of 1978 and went to work for a bricklayer/contractor, one of the brick layers was a man named Howard Kennedy who was black. On the day the church made public the announcement one of the guys came around to the side of the house where I and a couple others were working and excitedly said the church had just made the announcement that blacks could receive the priesthood at which point one of the other brick layers said "well that will make Howard's mom happy", I said " why is that" and he replied that Howard's mom was a member of the church. Many years later I went to visit an old neighbor who was in the hospital, as I entered the room there was his wife and an elderly black woman who was introduced to me as a Mrs. Kennedy, I said "nice to meet you" and then said I had worked with a Howard Kennedy some years before and did she know him. She said Howard was her son. I came to learn she was one of the first, maybe the first, don't remember all the details, but one of the first blacks to join the church in the Ogden/Northern Utah area. She has since passed away I believe but certainly her story/conversion should be part of the black history in the church.

Corey D.June 20, 2021

One Sunday in Priesthood meeting, pre-pandemic, the discussion was on the Proclamation on the Family, one of the brothers said, " when I first read that I thought to myself, this is common sense, doesn't everybody think this way" and then he said "hasn't that turned out to be prophetic". Sex, sexuality and everything that goes along with it is one area were Satan has done a masterful job of deceiving people. We are a society driven by technology and science and that technology provides instant and enormous amounts of information and opinion, too many, including members of the church get caught up in that and get persuaded by the information and opinions especially if there is PhD that follows the name. Too many view the church as a societal organization or a democratic institution where things are put to the vote and change based on the majority vote or society's acceptance or none acceptance of something. There are some truths that are eternal and unchanging.

MelbaJune 19, 2021

I loved the courage and decency of Jack Anderson. I never met him but admired his work. Also, my father had a personal story about him from an experience of seeing him in Ogden, Utah on leave from the military during World War II. You are lucky he was your father. A great and a good man.

KellieJune 19, 2021

I believe you are seriously underestimating the anger and hatred this woman has for you and rightfully so. Your behavior was disgraceful. You might consider some serious remorse and acknowledgement of the wrongfulness of your behavior and the long-lasting damage it has done to her life. This is something that may haunt the rest of your life. There will be other people whom she tells, or her husband does, or her sister or mother or best friend. Someday it will probably get back to your family, your friends, your children. The cost has just begun to be paid. I wish you the best, but have you considered moving across country where you can start afresh?

JowoJune 19, 2021

Jack Anderson was a household name when I was growing up. It’s nice to hear it mentioned again.

Q. Wayne ThorntonJune 19, 2021

I would just add a clear difference between sexual preference and one’s race: sexual proclivity is a choice and race is determined by DNA. Sure, a person may be born with same sex attraction just as one may be predisposed towards alcoholism. However, the person of color had/has no power to choose that component of their being. As with all impulses, we have our agency and are responsible for the choices we make.

Iesus SimbalJune 19, 2021

Just as men reject Charity so do they reject the true language, being without the Spirit of kindness, and unwilling to treat others by the same Law God has ordained. Men do not hear true Prophets, for they speak in a Language that adapts to the ear which hears it. Many will say, 'Lord, Lord', having no mercy for those they have stepped upon. Matthew 25 makes clear what will happen to these many.

MarciaJune 18, 2021

YOU started the problem, you need to end it. GET ANOTHER JOB! Seeing you on a daily basis will keep her from being able to deal with her husband. Seeing you will never stop being a daily constant reminder of his betrayal. no matter if you can't find another job or one as good a your current one... that is the price you pay for what you have done. GET ANOTHER JOB! You are torturing her with her having to see you on a daily basis. She did nothing wrong, YOU did...part of your restitution in your repentance process is to not make it worse for her even if it inconviences you. GET ANOTHER JOB! It's the least you can do to begin making amends so she can begin to heal. I cannot stress this enough! GET ANOTHER JOB! Show that you are really sorrowful for your terrible actions that is causing her world to have shattered! Take responsibility for what damage you have caused! GET ANOTHER JOB!

K. B. HardingJune 18, 2021

He a fascinating man and I was honored to have gotten to know him. I buy every copy of his book, "Peace, War, and Politics : An Eyewitness Account" whenever I find one on Ebay.

BonnieJune 18, 2021

I believe! I am raising my grandson and he once asked, "Why are there so many angels around the temple?' It was in Manti during the week of the pageant. As we talked about the angels and what they were doing, I asked him what he knew about angels. He said, "The ones dressed in white surround me when the ones dressed in black are near by." And before I could ask him any more about it, he ran off to play with the dog. Tears of gratitude and love still fill my eyes.

Boanerges RubalcavaJune 18, 2021

There are many people in this world that can say that Jack Anderson was their friend, because, for sure he had may friends. Jack was my dear friend, and he was because I always knew that he loved me. I met him when I was living close to his home in Bethesda Maryland during the Nixon years; we were members of the Chevy Chase ward, and I being the younger, and the newcomer I needed friends in this new environment when with my family came to work in National Institutes of Health. On top of that, I was a foreigner, like many of my coworkers in NIH, and soon they, my coworkers found out that I was behaving differently like if I was already adapted sooner than them. What was the reason? Of course, the church and many of the people in the ward, but among them was Jack who always gave his unconditional friendship with a great deal of love. He always told me that I was very special, and I felt special due to this great loving man. We had many great discussions in the Presidential campaign with McGovern and Nixon, and he was very respectful, but at the same time gave the reasons the president must be surrounded by good people. About the Vietnam war, he told me that those young men fighting the draft to avoid to be in the war, although he was sympathetic with them, he said that for sure that they had all the right to fight against that, but that there were laws and tribunals and the Constitution, and he said that if he would be one of them, he would fight with all his strength in the legal ways, but that if at the end he would not win the legal battle, he would go to Vietnam. He helped many in many ways, and the way it put it when he told me that the family that was living in his farm he had in some place nearby, actually, they were helping him taking care of the place, when the real thing is that they did not have any other place to live. I love Jack and Olivia, they were wonderful people, mainly because they loved people. I will never forget them. I will see you soon my dearest Jack.

Marilyn GoodworthJune 18, 2021

Thank you. Now I know why I read his columns regularly and learned.

Sarah HinzeJune 18, 2021

Years ago I had the great privilege to talk to Jack Anderson concerning my books and my mission as a writer. He gave me invaluable advice that became the core of my mission statement. He was a great man who took time for someone like me who was a budding writer and a bit of a dreamer. Thank you so much Jack for your kindness and wise counsel!

Jim HarrisJune 18, 2021

Sister Hilton, thank you for your insights. I am fairly well versed in Church history and doctrine and usually am prepared to answer a question if needed. The challenge I sometimes encounter is the attitude of the questioner. If the question is asked in a condescending or snide way, I will not say anything because I wish to avoid contention (see 3 Nephi 11:28-30 and Doctrine and Covenants 10:63). The problem with doing nothing is that I leave other class members vulnerable who may have lingering doubts. A second issue with some questioners is that once you answer one question it opens a litany of subsequent questions, some which cannot be easily answered. I wish I could find a way for them to ponder on the one answer they were given and seek the confirmation of the Spirit. In a sense they are “Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth” (2 Timothy 3:7). For me, our goal is for each of us to become a better disciple of Jesus Christ. I want to do what I can to help myself and others to become better disciples of the Savior. One challenge for me is to find a better way to deal with those who ask questions in a less than pleasant way. As the Savior said, “And whosoever doth not bear his cross, and come after me, cannot be my disciple. Wherefore, settle this in your hearts, that ye will do the things which I shall teach, and command you” (JST 14:27-28). It is refreshing when the questioner is in a good spirit and the people providing assistance are all in the right spirit, and all "are edified and rejoice together" (doctrine and Covenants 50:21-22).

Daniel BakerJune 18, 2021

What a pleasant reflection. Way back before I became aware that there is more to religious significance than simple "being saved", I enjoyed his reasoned writing. Way back before good balanced discussion was destroyed by writing of simple divisive statements in memes. I cannot remember a single writing of his, I only remember that they were very reasoned and made me think through issues; whatever position he had, the reason was clear. Interesting that he could elaborate on both sides of an issue. We need more like that again. He joined the likes of Jim French and Lloyd Cooney - remember them???

Mtutuzeli NyokaJune 18, 2021

Thank you Tanya for your touching recollections of your dad. We salute our fathers for the many sacrifices they make for us their children.

Diane MortensenJune 18, 2021

What a loving tribute to your father. I didn't know him, but as a result of your article, I want to.

Harold RustJune 18, 2021

I remember attending a Church fireside in the Washington area when Jack was the speaker. Ten minutes into the intended start time and Jack was still not there. I was sitting on the side front aisle when suddenly the side door opened and Jack came in and sat beside me. He mumbled something like "They certainly didn't give good directions to this chapel!" He was not in a happy mood. However, when he went up to speak after being introduced, no one else there in the meeting would have guessed he was upset or angry; he just moved on into a very uplifting talk that inspired all those who were there.

Kathy ThatcherJune 18, 2021

I’d like to know how the story ends with Sheila. I loved the mother and Timmy and the young man but am not too crazy about the self concerned Sheila.

Ken BergJune 18, 2021

Pres. Nixon and the Vietnam War are indelible memories from my teenage and young man years. I would have been drafted if I hadn't gone on my mission. Watergate and the beginning of the Vietnam pull-out happened during my mission. And Jack's column, I think, was published by the Deseret News, because I remember seeing it in that paper. Thanks, Tanya, for sharing those personal insights about your Dad.

KIM BOSLERJune 17, 2021

Beautiful article. I hope you never underestimate the power of the service of your gifts you so willingly share, Lynne. You've touched thousands of souls through your music and writings when some might just idle away their time or say, "someday." How I love your music and your voice! And the way you can write and stir our souls. Thank you for being humble too. What a beautiful woman you are in every way. Love, Kim Woolf Bosler

Linda WillisJune 17, 2021

All of your articles are excellent! This one reminds all of us that the only way to live the gospel is to venture out of our comfort zones consistently. Living it is the natural outcome of loving it and takes more energy and faith.. Great analogy on the differences clams make.

David DurfeeJune 17, 2021

To Susan - the fullness of God's DOCTRINE -- that is, truth -- cannot change. Of course. But how and when God reveals the completeness of His doctrine -- all truth -- is totally at His discretion. I think we err when we put limits on what God may or may not reveal down the road. Ask Bruce McConkie if he was surprised and humbled by any particular revelation given to President Kimball in 1968.

Diane L AndersonJune 17, 2021

Excellent article. Indeed, loving and living the Gospel go hand in hand. Thanks for the reminder!

Janet DoiJune 17, 2021

This sounds like a fantastic patriotic concert for all of us to see. I would love to be there, but I live near Austin, TX. No way for us to be able to see such a great event to give meaning to the coming Independence Day celebrations that, thankfully we can still celebrate at present. May I suggest some kind of filming or video being made of the concert for those of us who live far from Draper, Utah to join in this festivity. I would be willing to pay for such a film or video, and I am sure others would too. I am not sure if in some places, July 4th parades will even be seen during these times in which we live today. Thank you for reading my comment, and I hope someone will be able to grant my wish.

GTOJune 17, 2021

Someone who reads these wonderful accounts will have a child who was NOT saved by angels and was killed, wounded, or passed away from some infirmity. I heard a phrase once, "Some He warns, some He comforts." God is ALWAYS with us in some way, in His wisdom. Sometimes He rescues us and sometimes He comforts us after a devastating loss. By using the Holy Spirit, we must discern what His gift to us was.

Christine B.June 17, 2021

Beautiful insight. As I listen to and read general conference messages, my mind fills with inspiration and insight but I find myself reflecting, “but now what … how will I actually move forward and implement these things.” I agree with your message that the application of these things is where we will find satisfaction.

SherryJune 17, 2021

My grandson was playing on the window ledge in his second story bedroom when the screen gave way. He was 4 at the time and told me the white birdies caught him just before he landed on the concrete driveway, a fall of about 20 feet. Not being raised with religion, he didn’t know what angels are.

Seeker of TruthJune 16, 2021

There is a music video called "So Many Sisters", that came out the end of March this year. You can find it on YouTube. It was written to celebrate all women of the church around the time of Mother's Day. One of the writers, I happen to know very well, felt a great impression to add a line about "Heavenly Mother". It is a beautiful insight, I believe, into part of the nature of our Heavenly Mother. However, until we as a church and society stop the sick and twisted use of God's name in vain, and the utter mockery of our Savior and Father in Heaven, we can be sure that further light and knowledge, of our Heavenly Mother will be restricted among the masses, and left to only those ready to receive who can be trusted. She is too special, too beautiful and too sacred...she is the living edifice of our Sacred temples.

HalJune 16, 2021

Thank you for this article. I am also concerned with the number of people using these new, false definitions of "Bravery" and "Courage" to hide a myriad of self-destructive behaviors. I know several young people who are embracing non-traditional lifestyles (that, incidentally, benefit no-one but themselves) who are using their "brave" declarations as an excuse to avoid responsibility. In many cases I'm aware of, these people who so bravely declare their "true selves" fail to mention that they are also declaring their freedom from responsibility. Many have dropped out of school, are chronically unemployed, and are using their new labels for themselves to justify their actions and portray themselves as "victims" of prejudice. They're not kidding anyone but themselves.

Maryann TaylorJune 16, 2021

This story has softened a lot of hearts today, including my own. Thank you so much for the insightful reminder to replace judging others with an increased awareness of how we can help.

Maryann TaylorJune 16, 2021

Our scriptures can take on a whole new meaning when we focus specifically on applying them in marriage. For example: " not weary in well-doing, for ye are laying the foundation of a great work. And out of small things proceedeth that which is great." ( D&C 64:33) How might our marriages be strengthened if we read the scriptures for a whole month with the entire focus being only on how to use those teachings in our marriage? "Small things" can be little love notes, unexpected texts of love to a spouse at work, sincere compliments, greeting your spouse with a hug and smile, expressing gratitude--the list is as endless as your imagination. I have found these "small things" truly DO bring about "that which is great" in marriage.

Alfredo VegaJune 16, 2021

This is a beautiful story. I lived in Chile at that time, so I met the Bolivar family and was deeply moved by the fact that doctor Nelson (now president Nelson) had been an instrument in restoring brother Bolivar's health. My family and I were also blessed by the missionary service from elder Lebaron and his companion.

JillJune 16, 2021

Really interesting discussion. I recognised a lot of the topics that occured in my marriage. I wonder what your take is on reclaiming sexuality after becoming widowed? It is difficult to be a single adult again after being married for nearly a quarter of a century!

SusanJune 15, 2021

To David Durfee---The DOCTRINE of the gospel will never change. The PROGRAMS for how the doctrine is implemented do change as appropriate, and when the Lord reveals it so. Listen to what the prophets are saying, and you will find that it is not doctrine that is changing, but rather the policy by which the gospel for all mankind is to be implemented.

CubbyJune 15, 2021

What a beautiful, wonderful story. The Lord was sure in charge on that on!

Maryann TaylorJune 15, 2021

I know that forgiving others is required by our Savior, and the sooner we can do so, the sooner we will experience relief. However, to counsel a woman has been sexually abused by her father to ask him for HIS forgiveness for her hard feelings toward him is extreme, to say the least. Sexual abuse can take years, even a lifetime, for healing. Complete forgiveness is also often a process that takes time, depending on the seriousness of the abuse. A letter to him to let him know she had forgiven him would have sufficed, but to ask HIS forgiveness for the time she needed and deserved to work through this nightmare? NO!

HalJune 15, 2021

Thank you for this article. I have been saying the same thing for years. Furthermore, in our current society we seem to be confusing sex for love. I've heard many people struggling to maintain their sexual purity (both hetero and homo sexual) say something to the effect of " I'm being persecuted because I love someone." We should all understand that love and sex are mutually exclusive. While it is true that intimacy can and should be a sacred expression of love between husband and wife, it more common to love someone deeply and never have sex with them. On the opposite end of the spectrum, it is possible to have sex with someone and have no feelings of affection whatsoever. God's plan is, indeed, the plan of happiness. Again, having sex with someone does not necessarily imply love for that person. Keeping God's commandments regarding sexual purity will bring greater joy to His children than disregarding those laws.

Richard EyreJune 15, 2021

Thank you all (including those who commented to me directly and privately at the link provided at the end of the article. Please go back to the first of the article and read the "AUTHOR'S CLARIFICATION" that I added a few hours after this article was published. I want to be sure everyone knows unequivocally that I know that Christ is the God of this world and our advocate with the Father...and I don't want anything I say to detract or distract from that!

MichelleJune 15, 2021

Why could there not be only One Mother in Heaven? Adam and Eve alone, during their life time, populated this earth with thousands of children and this was done with earthly limitations. Why then, could it not be possible for our Heavenly Parents, (just the 2 of them), who have no Earthly limitations, to create trillions upon trillions of spirit children to populate this earth. Also, look at Noah and his small family who entered the Ark and were saved from the destruction of the flood. How did such a small group of people re- populate the earth? And again they had limitations given them by the earth... I think it's possible to have One Heavenly Father and One Heavenly Mother who created every human spirit that has ever lived and ever will live on this earth. Food for thought....

Gerald J LeBaronJune 15, 2021

I love this family so much. What an incredible blessing to have been in Chile and meet them. They are Chilean Pioneers. My heart is continually tied to them as to many others in the beautiful nation of Chile

Gerald J LeBaronJune 15, 2021

From my missionary journal, June 18th, 1979: Tonight, we had a beautiful Family Home Evening with a remarkable family that we have been teaching. They are all progressing towards baptism, and I have every confidence that they will become a very strong family in the Lord's kingdom. For our FHE treat, Sister (Eleanora del Carmen) Bolivar (Riquelme) made a superb cake. Very delicious! (It seems to me that all the many Chilean women that I have met are fabulous cooks!) We played some fun games, laughed, sang songs, and cracked some excellent jokes. (I'm still learning about humor in the Spanish language) I feel that we have labored particularly hard with this family, because they have been a very devoted Christian family in the Catholic faith. The Spirit has been working with them miraculously. In a very short time, they have read much of the Book of Mormon, and received a witness of its truth. Despite some lingering anxiousness, if all goes well, they will be baptized Sunday (June 24th, 1979) as a family. I feel that the adversary does not want them to be baptized, because they will become such strong members of the church. Brother Bolivar and Silvana wanted to be baptized almost from the moment we began teaching them. Corina and her mother were at first a bit more hesitant for baptism. In fact Corina had been giving serious consideration to becoming a nun in the Catholic church. June 24th: A most beautiful baptismal service. The Bolivar family along with Sister Maria Soledad Calderon were all baptized members of "La Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Ultimos dias." What joy! What a blessing! I of myself take no credit. It is the Spirit and the prayers of the family that allowed them to arrive at this point. It was the testimony gained through intently reading the Book of Mormon. Two days earlier I had pled with Corina and her mother that they prayerfully consider being baptized with Silvana and her father. They agreed to do so. At the waters of baptism, there were some emotional moments, but they all got there, and it was wonderful to see all of the family dressed in white. This is a grand day on earth and in heaven!

PaulineJune 15, 2021

I have read two near-death accounts from women who saw Heavenly Mother and in one case, her heavenly mother. Beautiful descriptions beyond measure! One said she could gaze upon the heavenly scene forever. Maybe we need to be present in this sphere and not longing to go home.

PaulineJune 15, 2021

Good for you!

Carlos RoundyJune 15, 2021

I believe that Eve is the great prototype of the heavenly mother. Joseph Smith saw Adam and Eve in open vision. Joseph always referred to Eve as glorious Eve. She is a resurrected glorified daughter of God, just like our heavenly mother.

Boanerges RubalcavaJune 15, 2021

The question raised by your granddaughter are valid, and I appreciated your answers. However, I felt that as a sign of our times, in some way, we are trying to be "politically correct" in many aspects, and this is one of them. I do not like to be politically correct, and I do not like The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints to be either. However, I am nobody to correct the trends, but at the same time I am somebody with some intelligence to have opinions. For instance the author left aside the answer that apparently had been around and is that Our Heavenly Father has our Heavenly Mother is such respect, as we must have our own wife, that He simply doesn't want She to be exposed to the evils of this world. This is, of course, a kind of "protection" given by Him to Her, and that, is NOW "NOT politically correct"; nevertheless, I strongly believe that this could be the real answer, together with the one that the mysteries of God have been revealed step by step. The Apostle Paul speaks of "mysteries" among the important one Christ himself, who came to be known only in the Meridian of Times, and not to all men. In the same way that mystery of our Heavenly Mother would come step by step until we (although not all) would know Her. Meanwhile, we will continue to be poisoned with "politically correctness", "wokeness", "Critical Race Theory" the non-accepted "binary gender" the eradication of our own culture, the hate of the USA Republic-Free Market, Religion itself, of course the no use for "family" and many other stupidities, that of course, there is no time (our time) for the great majority of people in this world and even in the Church to simple discuss Her existence and I for one, do not like to hear anybody (who are nobodies) to speak disrespectfully not only about Her, but in the way we often hear about Our Dear Heavenly Father and Christ.

DaveJune 15, 2021

While understanding the Eternal nature of the family and the reality of Heavenly Parents is crucial to the Gospel Plan, I wonder whether the discussion of Heavenly Mother's role is productive, or whether it's a diversion - like 'looking beyond the mark' or speculating about answers to questions that we don't need answers to, and when we do need answers, they will be given to the Prophet. When I was much younger I thought a lot about 'the signs of the times' or the location of the Lost Ten Tribes. Now, many years later, I have come to realize that when I next come face-to-face with Diety will be on that not-too-distant day when I die - the signs won't have mattered, and studying them will have been a mere academic exercise. My time would have been better spent focussing on relationships and learning to love God and my neighbor as fully as I should. I don't think my Heavenly Parents will care whether I said 'brothers and sisters' or 'sisters and brothers,' but They will care how I kept the commandments and how I treated other people. They will care if I 'always remember Him' and 'always have His Spirit' to be with me. Let that be my focus.

HrothiusJune 15, 2021

To LexaGraeme: The territory of Wyoming enacted women’s suffrage in December 1869, but because of the timing of elections, women in Utah were the first to actually go to the polls, having received that right two months later in February 1870. So it depends on how you state the facts as to whether Wyoming or Utah was the first to allow women to vote. This article is not incorrect. It is important to note that Utah women had their right to vote taken away in 1877 by the Edmunds-Tucker Act, which was passed by Congress and disincorporated the church, changed marriage and inheritance laws and revoked all Utah women’s voting rights. www [dot] washingtonpost [dot] com [/] outlook [/] 2020 [/] 02 [/] 14 [/] utah-women-had-right-vote-long-before-others-and-then-had-it-taken-away/

Judy PetersonJune 15, 2021

This is a very thoughtful article and it has generated some useful pondering and consideration. Thank you. While we know very little about our Mother in Heaven, there may be some erroneous assumptions in these comments. There are numerous spiritual as well as secular reasons why men have been sealed to more than one woman, none of which suggest that specific relationship will be eternal. In a change from previous policy we now seal deceased ancestors to all spouses. I suggest we view sealings in a broader spiritual context in order to understand this principle. Deceased wives may be sealed to multiple husbands. We know that isn’t an eternal model, so there must be something else about the value and purpose of the sealing ordinance. The Proclamation on the Family defines marriage as between “one man, one woman.” While that can be construed to fit a man with multiple families, we have no reason to do so since we have been given all the requirements for celestial marriage that apply to everyone. The truth is we don’t really know. And that’s the point. Just my thoughts.

J. Bayard MyersJune 15, 2021

I loved this article and the comments it has generated. I believe that our Heavenly Mother is "hiding in plain sight"! She (they) is (are) revealed to us via the gift of the Holy Ghost! Think of one of the Holy Ghost's main roles: that of a witness of both the Father and the Son. Only a wife and a mother knows for sure who the father of her son is, and of course, a mother is uniquely qualified to identify her own son. If there were ever a perfect representative of the Divine Feminine, she is the Holy Ghost! (And there may be more than one: even the word "feminine" contains the number "9", an important number in history.)

Maryann TaylorJune 15, 2021

I attended a class on the subject of repentance at BYU education week years ago. The teacher stated that his class would be one of the least attended, and this article beautifully explains why. Repentance is often associated ONLY with deep shame, humiliation, failures and hopelessness. I appreciate the reminders in this article that Repentance is FIRST about our relationship with our loving Savior, and trusting that He will enable us through His own power and grace to repent and become more like Him.

David DurfeeJune 15, 2021

In the Church, we know that things will never change -- until they do. And arguing that something won't change is just as creepy as arguing that it will. I think the best bet is to follow with all our heart a living Prophet and what he says today and not give in to a desire to speculate about what he may or may not say tomorrow.

Randall M SmithJune 15, 2021

I am very intrigued with the idea of multiple Mothers-In-Heaven. The Dispensation of the Fulness of Times is the dispensation in which all things (all gospel principles) will be restored. Polygamy is no doubt the most controversial principle to be part of this dispensation. It seems to have done more harm than good in gathering Israel. But Heavenly Father insisted that it be part of this dispensation, albeit temporarily. I feel it was needed to teach us about the fulness of exaltation - our own ability to create and populate worlds without end. When God authorized polygamy at various times throughout history, it was for the purpose of raising righteous seed unto Him. Likewise, I believe that polygamy is necessary to birth innumerable spirit children to 'fill the measure of creation', worlds without end.

Camille CornabyJune 15, 2021

I really appreciate all that you have expressed. I know there is an ongoing restoration and that we will shortly learn so much more. I have also learned much my own self on this subject. I have been given insight, revelation, and at least four of my priesthood blessings mention Heavenly Mother and her role in my life. This knowledge is very sacred to me. I know there is much we can know if we ask in faith and are willing to receive.

Harold RustJune 15, 2021

This series of articles is particularly uplifting by raising important questions, offering possible explanations, emphasizing those few fundamental truths we do know, and then reminding us of what we probably will not know or comprehend while still in a mortal state. We have a natural desire to describe all heavenly relationships in terms and interconnections we experience here on earth; however, there will certainly be a fourth dimension--and maybe a fifth and a sixth--that will seem very natural then but is completely invisible to us now in this state. Somewhat akin to imaginary numbers which really are "real".....but only when viewed from that additional dimension. All in all, a very rewarding series dealing with sacred gifts within the doctrine of Christ's restored Church.

Joan HayesJune 15, 2021

The questions surrounding "Mother in Heaven" have perplexed me for many years. One conclusion I reached, and satisfies me, is we don't talk much about "Mother in Heaven" because there are Many. We know in the Celestial Kingdom, Polygamy will be practiced. Why would God ask us to practice a principle that He does not live? Therefore, we don't simply have a Mother in Heaven, but many Mother's in Heaven! However, this has led to a further question, is there one Mother in Heaven for each world, or many Mothers for each world? I love the scriptures, but they can cause many thoughtful years of questions that have no answers. It's simply about Fatih and Obedience.

Been ThereJune 15, 2021

With what little that we know of this story, it appears that the wife is so wrapped up with her thoughts and feelings that she may be totally unaware of HIS thoughts and feelings. She needs to get to the point that they can both share thoughts and feelings and needs and feel as if the other heard them. Then they can work on meeting their shared needs. She may need a therapist to help her sort out and examine her thoughts, but it would be a worthwhile journey for her.

Pete Pasquali IVJune 15, 2021

My guess is that she actually has much to do with the heavenly realm and not so much this one. I also suppose that Heavenly Father hasn't spoken about her very much to us because we already take his name in vain - and he doesn't want his children disrespecting our Heavenly mother in that fashion.

John R CarpenterJune 15, 2021

“If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him. “But let him ask in faith, nothing wavering. For he that wavereth is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed.” James 1:5–6 Like the Pharisees of old, men argued that faith must be like case law. One ruling influences other judgements until case by case conforms to the wishes of men. Modern Pharisees ought to “render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.” Mark 12

ShaunaJune 15, 2021

Thank you for this sound analysis. Race and sexuality cannot be conflated. I guess it would be instructive for all of us to ask "Am I listening to what the prophet says in revealing the Lord's will, or am I just waiting for the Lord to change His will via His prophet?" We live in a society that has become dangerously enamored of controlling things through "crowds," crowd funding, viral posts etc and seem to expect that the Lord can be controlled the same way. As President Nelson says, we need to learn how to 'hear HIm," and stop listening so closely to the voices of the world.

Trinity OlsenJune 15, 2021

Doesn’t it stand to reason that since we, should we attain the highest glory of the celestial kingdom and become gods and goddesses of our own world, would also be expected to live the celestial law of plural marriage? And would it not also stand to reason that if we are created in the image of our godly parents, one woman alone would have a difficult time populating said world in a timely manner being the only woman? It would literally take forever. God would not give us an eternal law if He himself were not living it. So while we may all have the same Heavenly Father, we do not all share the same Heavenly Mother. Yes, thousands upon thousands of us do, but not all of us. My Heavenly Mother is more than likely not the same as yours. One woman would not be appearing to us all as our shared Father does.

LexaGraemeJune 15, 2021

Three things. First, Utah was not the first state or territory in the United States to give women the vote; Wyoming was. Second, Another theory. Maybe there is more than one Heavenly Mother. Third, “day” is *not* capitalized in “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints”. There is/was a church with “Day” capitalized—it was an offshoot sect informally known as the Strangites. Thank you for the article; I add my bits in the hope that it will help future articles.

MaureenJune 15, 2021

As always, your thoughtful, thought-provoking insights are appreciated and enjoyed (our family used the Joy School curriculum through two generations, too). I couldn't help wanting to add to the flip side of polygamy, too, though. It should be remembered that during the time of the restoration, unaccompanied or unattached women were very limited in their social and economic opportunities. There were apparently more converts among women than men, so the practice of polygamy was often practical as much as spiritual and benefited many. Of course, there were abuses and uncomfortable realities, too, but it certainly wasn't a net negative overall, we can hope.

RexJune 15, 2021

As I have pondered the question of a Heavenly Mother, I have come to the distinct possibility that while we all have a Heavenly Mother, we may not all have the same Heavenly Mother. This would easily explain why she/they have not revealed themselves. My belief in this scenario is the fact that men can be sealed to more than one woman (e.g., President Nelson and President Oaks).

Mark DonaldsonJune 15, 2021

Though polygamy is often a sore and controversial topic, I have wondered if couples have the freedom to choose whether or not they will live in monogamist or polygamist relationships in eternity. My wife and I have already made the decision that if given the choice, we would choose monogamy. However, if sanctioned by God, certainly there would be no judgement placed on a couple for making the choice to live in eternity in a polygamist relationship. That being the possible case, could it be that there is more than one Mother in Heaven? Nothing wrong with this thought, as it could explain the reason for a singular Mother's name not having been revealed. The full truth and understanding of this topic will be revealed during the Millennium. I enjoyed this article very much! Particularly the possible definition of churches as those who are family oriented versus those who are not. Insightful!

vickieJune 15, 2021

when i think deeply about my Heavenly Mother, i realize a few things. since she is in heaven with Her Husband our Father...she is part of the Godhead. i remember being told that when we die and when the Savior comes back and those of us who are resurected shall be part of the Godhead with our husbands. so to me our Heavenly Mother is part of the God head but as far as what he job is i dont know because we havent been taught and God has chosen for us not to know everything yet...

Camille McCauslandJune 15, 2021

Thank you so much for this insightful and thoughtful article! Your granddaughter is very blessed to have a grandfather who is willing to take the time to ponder such a deep question and give such a measured and thought-filled response. Your answer to her has blessed us all.

Lexie StatonJune 15, 2021

Thank you for that wonderful story. It helps me to remember that even when it feels like Heavenly Father isn't aware of what is going on with us personally, He always is. This is a great story of faith and how it can affect generations.

Jim WinebrennerJune 14, 2021

Truly great article!! Thank you for publishing this!! We deeply, desperately need more people like Ben Shapiro and Candace Owens. We seriously, desperately need people in the Church (of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) to stand up like them, and make a clear difference in no uncertain terms.

Jim WinebrennerJune 14, 2021

While I understand the apparent superiority of always taking a loving, gentle approach, I cannot understand how to deal with people such as Becerra, that refuse truth, common sense, logic, or any other basis for actual reasoning. Obvious even in the exchange provided in the article (Thank you very much for the article, by the way!), is the fact that he has not even the slightest willingness to reason through it in the first place. He simply evades the questions about the text that he has ostensibly written himself. Even if he did not write it himself, there's clearly no need to review anything prior to answering the intelligent questions posed by the Senator James Lankford. While we are commanded to respect the position, it is surely impossible to respect a lot of the individuals that hold those positions today. It's high time that we all stand up and say, "NO MORE!!! Take back common sense and truth; throw out the lies and ludicrous stupidity!!!" We cannot just keep thinking that anything so idiotic as this surely cannot continue. It WILL continue until we stop it.

Patty BrightJune 14, 2021

Thank you for sharing Mjones. I get what you are saying.

MjonesJune 14, 2021

I have endured many difficult things in my life including making the decision to remove my 2 year old daughter from life support and then hold her while she took her last breath and that wasn’t even the most difficult thing I have done. While this article does a good job of discussing solutions for normal anxiety it lacks understanding of pathological anxiety. Of all the challenges I have dealt with in my life the anxiety and panic attacks that hit me after the death of my daughter have been the worst. Even though I have battled depression for most of my life, I never understood how someone could consider suicide until I had chronic panic attacks. The hardest thing about anxiety is the way it comes on you for no reason leaving you feeling totally out of control in addition to the feelings of panic. My attacks would wake me from a sound sleep. What people need to understand is that’s these severe anxiety issues are largely from physical causes just like most diseases. If we put koolaid in our cars we wouldn’t expect them to work well. Considering how much more complex the brain and human biology are than a motor we shouldn’t be surprised when children raised on a processed food diet don’t have properly functioning brains. The human mind and spirit are indomitable by nature. If we give our children a healthy unprocessed diet along with a loving spiritual home anxiety would largely be a nonissue. Changing my diet was key to my own recovery from chronic anxiety.

John R CarpenterJune 14, 2021

Good article! I found the FamilySearch wiki article on Reunions helpful also. See:

Julie archerJune 14, 2021

This is wonderful refreshing truth. Thank you for writing this article.

Tanya NeiderJune 14, 2021

Thank you, Marilynne. I love the analogy and the simple, yet direct counsel.

MaureenJune 14, 2021

Is it recorded anywhere what is supposed to have happened to the stone box and flat-bottomed boulder cover where the plates and other items were held? Surely by now these have been located. Will there be a trail and marker to this location, as well?

Rawlen RawlinsJune 14, 2021

An important truth that needs to be exposed is there is no such thing as race. Biologically we are all the same race; the Human race. Race as discussed here is strictly a social construction. In Ibram Kendi’s book “How to be an Antiracist” he acknowledges this but then goes on to say that that biology doesn’t matter. It does matter! There is no race so the term should be dropped. The CRT is built on totally false premise. What it is about is the social structure of our society. We must not stick our heads in the sand, our society has prejudice and unfair policies. What needs to be done is remove the term race and replace it with correct term bigotry no matter what their skin color. If our skin color was all the same this battle would still rage on because the “the natural human” wants rule over others. CRT should be replaced with Critical Bigotry Theory, CBT and stop claiming there is a some innate difference between all of us. We are all the same, the human race, God’s children trying to all get along.

Ronald BarnesJune 14, 2021

Perfect timing. This coming Saturday will be my mother’s family reunion. This has been happening for about 50 years. Only two of her sisters survive from her generation. All of my siblings will all be there this year from up to 2,000 miles away. As a surprise to them, I have compiled what I can remember from our father’s war stories and have assembled them into a booklet. Each of them will get a copy.

BertieJune 14, 2021

It doesn't change the fact that there are places where racism happens and goes unchecked. These aren't subtle, benign, and ambiguous like "Where are you from?" Or "What's that you're eating?" But are instead specific and persistent moments like the ones detailed in the NBC article from members of this community. How would you respond if your children were at the recieving end of those experiences? Shut down whatever harmful "ideologies" you see running contrary to belief, but don't ignore the legitimate hurt and actual racism that is occurring, and if you don’t like how they proposed to address those instances of racism, that's fine. But let's talk about other ways.

Walden BarneyJune 13, 2021

Hello - I make this comment hoping that perhaps bro. Daniel C. Peterson will run across it, and might take note. Some time back, I read somewhere that that at present there are now more Spanish speaking members of the church than English speaking members. If this is true, and knowing that a substantial portion of those Spanish speaking members are, as we currently understand things, also descendants of the Book of Mormon peoples, I would like to admonish brother Peterson and the others involved in this project to consider also working on making a version of this movie (and any future ones as well) available in Spanish! I have numerous friends from Mexico and other parts of the Hispanic/latin american world who I would dearly love to be able to share this with, but all I can do is comment to them about it; most of them aren't fluent in English, and at present are therefore unable to truly experience this for themselves! We need a version done in Spanish voice! I hope you will consider doing this! Thanks for considering it.... Walden Barney (currently residing in the Salt Lake City area)

Tora Sue KniselyJune 13, 2021

I find it offensive to remove the word Mother in reference to those who have the ability to give birth.It is an offence to ALL mothers by not using the word Mother. Can men give birth? Their plumbing is different from women's for good reason.

Blake GarsideJune 13, 2021

Along with the Rawson's (Richard and Carol) we saw the Witnesses in our local Harkings theatre here in Gilbert this week. We joined many in the theatre clapping at the conclusion. Very well done Dan !! The actors did a great job, especially with Joseph Smith. My favorite part of the movie is at the end when Martin Harris said, "It is enough" after receiving confirmation he was loved by the Lord." NOW, what's next? You can't stop now, bring us more light and truth!!

TMJune 13, 2021

No, nothing like this is being implemented at BYU-Idaho.

Bera SautuJune 12, 2021

What an Inspiring story of courage!

Viola Joyce MilesJune 12, 2021

As a mother who could not "give Birth" to my four adopted children, I have found this change in wording very offensive.... Joyce

George WingJune 12, 2021

I certainly appreciated your efforts in helping us understand the blessings and energy needed for repentance to be practiced for our personal relief. One of the "R"s was titled "Recite" or confess to our Heavently Father and to those who have been affected. . . From my former days as serving as a "judge in Israel", I recalled that one of the more challenging of the necessities of repenting was the encouragement to confess (recite) our sins to those we have wronged. One particular challenging admonishment was to a young man who committed adultery with a member of his extended family. His wife knew nothing of this encounter. You can only imagine the ramifications that might occur with the acknowledgement of this sin and the expectation that "reciting" the sin to ones most offended by this transgression would not be done without trepidation. I have often reflected on the counsel I gave to this repented sinner and occasionally wonder why I don’t hear more about the requirement to confess (recite) our sins to those we have affected. By making other people aware of our weaknesses we can add their assistance in helping us understand how to be on guard and avoid temptation.

Dave MyersJune 12, 2021

I appreciate the fact that this article identifies specific policies and procedures that are undesirable or potentially harmful. That is fair and helpful. But it also falls into the trap of generalizing and using labels to discredit an entire movement that has elements that are also fair and helpful. Labels like Marxist, Woke, Socialist, Cancel Culture, Critical Race Theory, etc. carry such bias that they can lead to book burning or throwing the baby out with the bath water. I think we're better off sticking to ideas for discussion instead of name-calling. For example, my American History class textbooks (many years ago) were written by and are mainly from the perspective of the winners (white northern European men) - nothing from the perspective of Native Americans or slaves or Chinese railroad workers or southern European explorers, etc., and very little about women. That's just plain incomplete. Let's start with things both sides can agree on, avoid the labels, and try to have a fair, constructive and productive conversation. Let's set an example for our children that we're trying to educate. Give them a chance to be better than we were. They might surprise us with the world they create.

Pamela SmithJune 12, 2021

Many people, even in the Church, confuse the concept of Critical Race Theory (CRT) with basic efforts to decrease racism in our society. They are two very different things. CRT, in reality, promotes racism. CRT teaches that whites are biologically flawed toward racism, cannot be redeemed, and are responsible for all injustice throughout the world. CRT is an attempt to create MORE divisions in society rather than unite all God’s children. BYU is NOT “implementing CRT” but is examining their own long-held policies to be certain they are fair to all students.

Raymond Takashi SwensonJune 11, 2021

No disrespect to Paul H, but Moroni's promise is conditional.on the reader actually reading the Book of Mormon, and wanting to know whether it is true or not. Understanding the reality of things the witnesses attested to can motivate people to get on the path so they qualify themselves to hear the still small voice of the Holy Ghost. Including to know that Moroni, the prophet who made that promise, is a real resurrected being who was seen by the Three Witnesses.

Stephanie GJune 11, 2021

This is beyond sense and compassion for all people. What amazes me is that this can happen without the vote of the people, what does democracy mean these days!!

ShirleyJune 11, 2021

1. CRT is trying fix long-standing problems in society but is going about it all wrong, and of course, has its own Marxist agenda. They originally pitted class against class but today it's race against race. 2. Ample documented evidence exists to prove white people have indeed been the oppressors and minorities are still the oppressed. Both sides are now the pawns of Extremist groups at both ends of the spectrum. Visit You don't need to be a member to take the 21-Day Civil Rights Challenge. Also, see for oppression of Asian and Pacific Islander groups. 3. People are still being "marginalized," even if some of us prefer different terminology. Just ask the LGBTQ+ community, who finally made themselves more visible. 4. If we're going to use less-common words in Comments, let's make sure we're using the correct version of two or more that only sound the same. 5. California has already mandated that CRT now be taught in even the youngest school grades. So "fireworks" are pending if parents truly want to fight it. They'd probably all move to Utah, except that you don't want any of us there!

Robert D StarlingJune 11, 2021

Thank you Maureen VERY much for this excellent "call to arms", and the resource links that you provide. This is a "Captain Moroni" moment in our society, and we must be willing to get out of our comfort zone and enter the fray as Hanna has done. We must hoist our own Title of Liberty in our communities ... "And it came to pass that he rent his coat; and he took a piece thereof, and wrote upon it—In memory of our God, our religion, and freedom, and our peace, our wives, AND OUR CHILDREN —and he fastened it upon the end of a pole. This is the only way to defeat the "secret combinations" of the Adversary.

Alece ReynoldsJune 11, 2021

This kind of fight needs to be fought at BYU where CRT is being implemented -- under the direction of the President of the University and the rest of the administration. CRT has NO place in the Lord's university! Since it is being implemented there; I wouldn't be surprised if it isn't also being implemented at BYU Idaho and BYU Hawaii!

Jenee LindnerJune 11, 2021

Maurine, Great article and timely. I am adding myself to the mix from Fairfax in an Opinion piece that was published yesterday in the Sun Gazette News. Please feel free to use it here in comments or as a separate article (adjust as necessary). I called it - The Hand That Rocks the Cradle Rules the World. They called it “Parents are the Final Arbiters of Education, no Matter What Leaders of FCPS (Fairfax County Public Schools) Might Believe” Pg 6. The Hand that Rocks the Cradle Rules the World In the response to the Opinion piece on “Marxist Propaganda has no place in FCPS” by Ed Wenzel on May 27, the author received a rebuttal on June 3 called “Telling Our Whole History Benefits Everyone” by Tom Carrier. Some points I agreed with, especially teaching the whole story, but some I did not. I could not help but notice that in the excitement surrounding educating our children, there was no mention of the role of parents, grandparents or other significant people in their young lives. Who is really in charge of their education? Parents! A wise theologian Jeffrey Holland said this recently: We must not pull away from our children. We must keep trying, keep reaching, keep praying, keep listening. We must keep them “within the clasp of our arms.” Parents need to be involved instead of after the fact. This new racial curriculum has been served on a platter without them knowing what it is really until their children started coming home with assignments or a school administrator announced it. This has been dumped on them in the name of equity. What happened to equality? I am confused. Concrete examples are much better than slogan’s or catch phrases. Banning classics, introducing concepts before they are maturely ready, only offering one viewpoint, concerns me. And I will go so far to say, the way it has been introduced is a Marxist approach. (They do not believe in the family structure. Running it by parents is not in their vernacular). And yes, I agree, as the rebuttal spoke, bless the children. As we teach the next generation life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, be mindful of the parents. I personally believe the greatest role in all the world is to be a mother because we are raising the next generation. My world for many years was to get my kids to school every day and to all their activities, homework support, doctor appointments, etc., they needed. I was the chief chauffeur. With a MA in Education from Stanford University to teach history, this was not what I planned for. I remember traffic, task accomplishments and arriving from point A to point B. My (now, grown) kids see it differently. I was surprised to realize their favorite memories were riding around in the car with me. They remember the journey of going and seeing the world outside in the safety of our car window. No distractions. Living, discussing, and teaching about life lessons was discussed in that moving fortress. Both my husband and I had them listen to books on tape, explained to them “my generation’s music”(my husband was good at that as a trivia Rock and Roll king!) and a hundred other things. I implore the school board to have conversations with people like me before you decide exactly what needs to be done in such a consequential manner. I am all in for the conversation. Do not dictate to me how to teach race theory to my kids. You say you are an expert, but so am I. I am living it. We just celebrated the 100th anniversary of the passage of the Women’s Right to Vote. The 19th Amendment would not have been ratified if a Tennessee State Representative, the youngest at 24, named Henry Burn, had not changed his vote in favor of ratification. He was asked why? He stated he received a letter from his widowed mother, one of the most capable women he knew, was in favor. So, he voted. As he said, “Remember your mother.”

Loran BloodJune 11, 2021

One quibble: no one is presently being "marginalized," and no one has, as a group, for generations. Secondly, please stop using the Left's ideologically weighted meta-language and vocabulary. There is no such thing as a "person of color" as a discreet demographic group. The term is a tautology, like "water of liquid." All of us are "people of color" to one degree or the other. Its also bad English, but politicized language has little need of such conventions.

TraceyJune 11, 2021

Your first paragraph. Unfortunately while people weren't looking, warning shots were indeed fired across the bow. Those who did so, were called "crazy conspiracy theorists" and all sorts of other names and labels meant to shut them up. This happens both outside and often within and by The Church. When I read about "secret combinations" in one of our most important books of scripture, I wonder how this can happen. I am dumbfounded by it. Thank you for a very well written article on one of the most serious issues of these latter days.

James ScottJune 11, 2021

When competent and favorite instructors are being replaced because the school is heading in a new direction it is a sign of the accumulation of power by proletariat wanna bees. An examination of the NEA need to be concluded and their power curtailed by the state legislatures. Let’s reclaim the schools!

Vicki CrumJune 11, 2021

This insanity is being pushed, of course, by Satan. We know this, but there are far too many people willing to go along with it. And those people who play into Satan's hands are liberals aka Democrats. You would never find a conservative or a Republican agreeing with this insidious nonsense. Who you vote for matters. Sadly, the Democrat Party does NOT reflect our Christian values in any way, shape or form. Actions speak louder than words in this, as in everything else. Liberals work for Satan, period.

PaulineJune 11, 2021

If Jacobs baby was vaccinated, aluminum may be causing seizures. TRS removes it. Toxin Removal System by Coseva is extremely easy to use. A drop a day for a small baby.

Kathy SandersJune 11, 2021

Thank you Maurine for bringing this great article to us. I appreciate warriors like you in the fight for truth, families, and moral society. Thanks for the links at the bottom. I'm excited to have them. I've been feeling I really need to get involved with the school board and these links will be a great help to do that.

Shep KuesterJune 11, 2021

Silencing opposition and discussion violates the Constitution. Open honest discussions about differences, about similarities, and helping each other to succeed is what this country needs. CRT not only shuts down discussion, it instills fear of expressing an opinion. Evaluating each other based on skin color will not fix anything. Evaluating each other on character, as espoused by Dr. King, will bring us to a better society. Many students in inner city schools are failing. If we put more effort into fixing that, we would be on a better path. Education is liberating. A good education leads to better jobs, stable families, and gives the gift of critical comparative thinking. CRT is specifically designed to eliminate all that, instead instilling a Marxist hive mind attitude.

Karen BellistonJune 11, 2021

Thank you for publicizing this governmental change. (Yes, it is ridiculous.) We need to fight this type of action taken by the Left and stand up for what is right.

Allison TullisJune 11, 2021

This just makes me sick to my stomach. The devil is definitely at work here trying to destroy the family but we can’t let him.

Doris WilliamsJune 11, 2021

Geoff's article each week is one that I look forward to. I am simply blown away by his compassionate mountain of knowledge and his insightful, kind way of offering it. Just wish he could be duplicated somehow into thousands to help all the suffering brothers and sisters who profit from his advice and the help he gives us all just to read about it.

JuliannJune 11, 2021

Very good counsel, thank you. I am tactile and love to touch things to feel texture or just discover how an object feels. One day I automatically reached up to feel a friends beard. My son quickly chastised me, “ Mom, you didn’t ask permission. You don’t touch someone without permission”. He was right. I had not meant to be inappropriate, but I was.

CASJune 11, 2021

When I first read this account, my first thought was, "Now they are trying to throw common sense out the window!" This whole notion of dissolving the words Mother, Father, Family, etc. is a leftist movement. It lines right up there with taking, "In God we Trust!" out. We must fight back from this "woke" ideology that is, frankly, insane!

Dana WelchJune 11, 2021

We are not drowning in knowledge, Futurist Alvin Toffler wrote, " We are drowning in information but starved for knowledge." Information has a shelflife. Applied knowledge begets wisdom. Knowledge may be cross-collateralized. Knowledge has permanent value, to one degree or another. Moreover, present knowledge may be transcended.

LincolnJune 11, 2021

I have met Ms Smith once or twice, and I am generally familiar with her professional accomplishments. She is a national treasure. Texas should thank it’s lucky Lone Star that she moved there — and just in time, too. I do not know where she gets the energy to accomplish her daily tasks, but I thank her and her family for making it all possible.

CASJune 11, 2021

I hope this is one of MANY articles on the extreme dangers of implementing CRT (Critical Race Theory) in our schools, businesses, and society. This is wholly a movement to divide and pit one race against the other and divide families. It's Marxist in fact! The more articles we can have like this one to educate people the better!

ShayJune 11, 2021

What a wonderful article and model for so many of us parents who are simply aghast at what is happening in our schools. Thank you for these resources at the end.

StephanieJune 11, 2021

Amazing. Hannah was a person who was in the right place at the right time. Please keep up the good fight the country depends on men and women like Hannah.

Paul HJune 11, 2021

"We care if there were witnesses" because we live in a secular world where proofs are critical to resolving important questions. Regarding the Book of Mormon, the strongest witness we can have, however, is from God. The Lord said in the Doctrine and Covenants that the Book of Mormon is true. (See D & C 17:6.) The Book of Mormon itself invites the reader to ask God if it is true. (See Moroni 10:4.) I have never heard a single person testify that they knew the Book of Mormon was true because of their reading of the written accounts from either the Three Witnesses or the Eight Witnesses, as important as their written testimonies are, because a greater witness no one can have than from God. (See D & C 6:23.) Church History is fascinating; it perks interest for certain, both positive and unfortunately also negative at times, but the strongest witness is from God through the Holy Ghost. That is the rock of revelation that is unique to the Restoration and sets it distinctly apart from secular scholarship.

ChrisJune 10, 2021

Don't miss the point of the article...repentance is about relationship with the Savior...a way of life and an attitude of self awareness, introspection, honesty, and humility. We're asked to "become a new creature" become as a little child, and to experience a change of heart. It's not a four step one-and-done's a life long process to develop a real partnership with Jesus. Great article!

Kenny MazzantiJune 10, 2021

My wife and I have had a very "successful" 52 years of marriage. We share all of the blessings and benefits of that relationship. We don't have any separate bank accounts, vehicles or home ownership. Our names are both on everything we own. We have equal access to everything. However, I do not want to be "equally yoked" with her. That analogy is troubling to me. I really don't want my dear wife to have to shoulder some of the burdens, problems, troubles and difficulties of mortality that I may be able to spare her of bearing if it is at all possible. I have capabilities that she simply does not have just like I do not have the motherly nurturing capabilities that she uniquely possesses in our relationship. Her artistic talents are something I envy because mine are absent. I can cook but she creates. I have tried to be a good dad, but that does not make me a good mom. The jobs are different. God created men and women for a reason. We are different. We are not the same. I do not want to be equally burdened with her. I want to carry as much of the "load" as possible so that she does not have to. I believe that is a reflection of how much I cherish her. So, this whole modernistic approach of men and women being the same is a falsehood that undermines the true elevated nature of men and women, and their role in life and marriage, not only now, but in the eternities. So, I am not going to concern myself with Heavenly Mother(s), her/their job descriptions or how they fit into the big picture. When I am "promoted" from mortality to the spirit world and eventually to a resurrected being one day, they can let me know what I need to know about her/them in that stage of my progression. In the mean time, I will continue to enjoy mortality with my beloved wife.

CASJune 10, 2021

Thank you, Carolyn! This information is timely and helpful...ONLY if we heed it and prepare!

CASJune 10, 2021

We have seen the film, "Witnesses!" It was indeed wonderful and very moving! We loved the choice of actors, especially Joseph Smith and Martin Harris. They were outstanding and very believable, especially Joseph. This is no glossed-over account! Its profound message has stayed with me for days! It follows Church History quite accurately. The photography is gorgeous! Thanks to all who made this film possible. We, as members of the Church, need to support this film! I have spread the word to all my family and friends!

Mary Ann KershisnikJune 10, 2021

I loved the beautiful movie, and appreciate your fine work!

Nina EJune 10, 2021

Cheering you on Chelsea!! Grateful for your courage to stand up for this fight.

Starlyn PetersonJune 10, 2021

I appreciated the many insightful thoughts expressed in this article. I find it difficult to know correct boundaries in discussing Her openly. I look to our leaders' examples and since they have not frequently spoken outwardly about our Heavenly Mother, I feel it is wise to follow that pattern. If and when that pattern changes I will excitedly go along with it. But for now, it does not stop me from thinking about Her and acknowledging in my mind that She is as constantly aware of me--loving, guiding, and helping me--as my Heavenly Father is. I am only comfortable praying directly to God, our Eternal Father. I address Him in prayer as my Heavenly Father. I feel strongly that we need to carefully and intentionally follow the pattern of prayer established by our Savior by praying only and directly to our Father alone, both in the verbal words we choose to address Him by, and in our thought processes while we are praying. If Heavenly Father wanted it otherwise I believe He would have included our Mother in Joseph Smith's First Vision. She knows of our prayers without a doubt. Those are just my personal feelings. Thank you so much for your thoughts!

Reuben DietzJune 10, 2021

I’m listening and received a direct answer from the spirit…

Newell HarwardJune 10, 2021

We saw the film. Very well done. I plan to see it again. So much packed in an hour or so. Need to see several times to fully appreciate its significance. Thank you for making these historical events available for the public.

Timothy D. JohnsonJune 10, 2021

This good sister is right. The prophets have spoken and the words of the Lord will be fulfilled. Do everything that you can to prepare. Even if you can only affordto buy a few extra cans of food each time you go to the store. Do all this you can as quickly as you can. I have purposely kept canned good for years to see how long they would last in the Phoenix area when kept in temperatures realistic for an average house with air conditioning. I am using canned chicken and beef stored since 2010 and upon opening it, it looks brand new and tastes perfect. Canned chili does very well also with an eight year plus life. Canned potatoes and corn last for several years also. But do not worry about long term items at this time. Work on your three month supply of things that you use on a daily basis. The Lord is being very merciful to His children who heed His voice by shortening the days for the elects sake. Do not forget you longer term storage once you have that three months supply built up. Food first then every other needful thing as mentioned in the above article. Do not let anyone deceive you by saying to concentrate on the spiritual first, that food storage is temporal. In D&C 29:34, the Lord states the He has never given a command that is temporal. Again, fellow Saints, do not delay in obedience to this commandment! You want to be among the wise virgins as illustrated in the Lord's parable.

Mary ScannellJune 10, 2021

Really loving this series! I will say that it makes absolutely no sense to only be "allowed" to pray to one heavenly parent. This is not directed at the author, just stating the obvious. At least, it really feels like it should be obvious. I like the idea of addressing our prayers to "God in Heaven" or something along those lines to take in both of our Heavenly Parents.

Duane BoyceJune 10, 2021

The film is both cinematically and spiritually stupendous. It is a highly significant and impressive accomplishment, and everyone who sees it will love it. I believe "Witnesses" is a genuine "must-see" for all Latter-day Saints and I fervently hope that many others will see it as well. Don't miss it!

DianeJune 10, 2021

LOVE this! It is so true! Thank you.

tfJune 10, 2021

I suspect, after the last vacation together, a jealous ex-wife said "no more", if you see him and your (blank step mother again) you're out of here. (Home, support, me). and he made a choice.

Jim WinebrennerJune 9, 2021

People need simply to stop pretending that living beings have "gender" in the first place. Sex is the word to refer to your being either male or female, every individual is either one or the other, and certainly not as a result of their own choice. There is no such thing as a "trans" woman or a "trans" man. There are only men and women, in spite of the tragically unfortunate fact that some men and women like to pretend they are the other. Everyone needs to stop patronizing the confusion.

Jim WinebrennerJune 9, 2021

Thank you very much for such an insightful article, and perspective on several points. One of the points I personally appreciate in particular is the point (you implied without stating directly) you cannot achieve a better balance by indulging the opposite extreme for a time. I speak of course, in reference to the idea of focusing on Heavenly Mother to make up for lost time of focus on Her. When mortal beings discover that they've been indulging an extreme, they too often want to attempt a balance by indulging the opposite extreme. Of course, it may turn out all right in the end, if, like a pendulum, they gradually stop being quite as extreme in either direction until they finally settle in the middle with the actual, proper balance. It would make more sense though, simply to focus immediately and always on the actual balance, or in other words to stop swinging from extreme to extreme and instead follow the divine guidance, "Be still."

Valiant JonesJune 9, 2021

The rest of the class would not have come to Trevor's aid if he had not allowed you to share part of his story. For me, the key lesson here is the value in being vulnerable enough to share our personal challenges. That openness blesses others others with empathy, kindness, and understanding. Everyone benefits.

H NorthJune 9, 2021

One cannot claim to worship God and yet, promote what God condemns and calls an abomination. “If God doesn’t judge America, he owes Sodom and Gomorrah an apology.” – Ruth (Bell) Graham, the wife of Rev. Billy Graham

DeniseJune 9, 2021

This touched my heart, and I shed tears. Another poignant reminder of the importance to not judge. Perhaps this will encourage us all, not only not to be so quick to judge, but to seek the spirit to guide us as we look for opportunities to gently inquire and possibly help our wounded and struggling brother and sisters. Thank you for sharing.

JulieJune 9, 2021

I have often thought that what we refer to as the "steps" of repentance should be more accurately called the "fruits" of repentance.

Charles McClellandJune 9, 2021

Thanks, Daris, for this touching story about how we need to be less judgmental. I will try to be more empathic today.

Becky DouglasJune 9, 2021

Dear Doris, thanks for pointing out the typo in our address. The correct address is A special thanks for your willingness to help!

Arlo H JuddJune 9, 2021

"God moves in Mysterious Ways, His Wonders to Perform'' From your picture, I would guess that Chandler is now married to a beautiful lady.. Sometimes we don't know when our ancestors or familyon Paradise, are hoping the spirits of our loved ones would return to be with them..

Gary StrobleJune 8, 2021

Nice article, but it is mischaracterized as breaking news. Repentance and the Atonement are not new.

Lee ArscottJune 8, 2021

We have a very similar situation in our family. I love this estranged family member deeply. To not have this person active in our family circle leaves a tremendous gaping hole. We pray every day for this person to have a softening of the heart and the courage to reach out to our family again. And of course, we pray for his protection. We love and miss this family member dearly

Erik HansenJune 8, 2021

I like "repugnant". I'm anxiously awaiting the day I can say to myself, "I now find any type of sin repugnant no matter how much I loved it." - and then say that to The Lord. What a joyous day that will be! Currently I just seek to have “...virtue garnish my thoughts unceasingly.” And that’s hard enough!

Erik HansenJune 8, 2021

How long before our country experiences such things? When the times of the Gentiles are fulfilled. Our leadership is currently not turning out too well. The majority of our Christians in our leading nation are losing their Christianity. The work of missionaries is slow to convert Evangelicals who are the majority. Violence is on the lips of the Christians. D. & C. 49: 30-33 That "overflowing scourge... desolating sickness" is coming in some form as this Nation, that leads the world, becomes crippled Christians. Much of it is about the worship of politics and men who want power just like in the BOM. Then we are done AND WE WILL HAVE TO START PRACTICALLY FROM SCRATCH TO BUILD THE CITIES OF ZION. Christ Himself is the only power to create a safe society. Are we worthy yet? Or do we need to become sicker first?

David and CarolineJune 8, 2021

We do agree with this article. The only R of repentance we really need to know is that it is REDEMPTIVE!

Wayne LarsenJune 8, 2021

Beautiful story. Thanks for sharing.

GJune 8, 2021

Thank you for sharing this beautiful, miraculous story which is so close to your heart. Praise God for the healing that He so liberally gives to us!

Jean ShifrinJune 8, 2021

Wow, thanks Becky for sharing this information. I knew Covid would be devastating for India, but you really put the situation into perspective - especially how it affects the leprosy colonies.This is not news we will get from regular media. The work that you and others at RSO are doing to help the people in the colonies is incredible. Thanks for sharing this story and for all you and RSO are doing. I'm going to hit 'Donate' now...

Gerrit SmithJune 8, 2021

A very touching story of God's tender mercies. The rest of the story...what about Chandler and his medical problem? How is he doing?

Marie AndersonJune 8, 2021

Oh my Scot….we are cousins! It's that whole 6 degrees of separation thing, that in the church is like two! The story you related about your grandfather and swimming in the Gulf of Mexico really touched me. Imagine my surprise and delight when you mentioned your grandmother’s name…Martha Holbrook. I am a direct descendant of Joseph Holbrook from his first wife Nancy and their first child Sara Lucretia….and, if I am following the genealogy correctly, your grandmother was josephs granddaughter from his third wife Caroline Frances Angell. I have been pouring over Joseph’s journal and aligning it with what we are reading in D&C so he has been ever present in my mind of late. I have been a listener of your podcasts since the New Testament series and I very much enjoy yours and Maureens insights and thoughts and stories. I wish I could join one of your tours….I think it would be a tremendous experience. Thank you for all that you do and share! Sincerely Marie Anderson williamsburg va

Boanerge RubalcavaJune 8, 2021

This article is very good dealing with the great importance of our Lord Jesus Christ in our lives. However, I 'd like to call your attention to the 4th Article of Faith of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints that dealing with the first principles and ordinances of the Church summarizes it as follows: 1. Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, 2. Repentance, 3. Baptism (meaning forgiveness thru the atonement of the Lord) and 4, The Gift of the Holy Ghost. The author, I think trying to emphasize the atonement, deals with the way that many people use to help themselves with the second principle, repentance, using the 4 Rs: 1. Recognize 2. Remorse, 3. Resolution to NOT repeat the same wrongdoing, and 4. Restitution (as far as it is possible) or with some other variants but with the same meaning, that the author tried to dismiss with 67 additional Rs. As I said many people use these Rs o maybe 100 others to help themselves to really repent, but it is important to note that FAITH in the Lord Jesus comes first, then a true and complete repentance in order to be forgiven of the wrongdoing through the atonement of the Lord to be ready to have the companionship of the Holy Ghost. This can happen many times in our lives, as a matter of fact we have this opportunity to exercise (after baptism) the whole circle (Faith, Repentance, Forgiveness and the Holy Ghost) at least once a week by partaking of the bread and water. I believe that all of us do these circle trying to convert it in a spiral to gain more and more faith every week until we achieve the goal to have a "perfect faith in the Holy One of Israel". As I said, repeating the mention that the author did from Elder Christofferson's, of using the 4 Rs, is a way for many to help with the wonderful principle of repentance; but we have to repeat that repentance is not an easy principle to comply with, and using this or any other method to help ourselves is valid if the person is trying the many Rs the author is (wrongly) adding, but that must have the same meaning than the one expressed above, when that person has real intent. Remember that the Lord himself told the woman caught in sin, "go and SIN NO MORE"; He knew that she needed to repent (sin no more, i.e. [R]esolution) for the atonement to take effect in her life to be forgiven and later on receive the companionship of the Holy Ghost. To dismiss this way of achieving Repentance is NOT fair for those who are truly trying to repent, and to add 67 Rs without really taking seriously that the person(s) is sincere in his desire to receive forgiveness I think is tremendously incorrect.

LewisJune 8, 2021

It is to my mind another sign of the times in which we live. I think Moroni truly saw our day, and described the tumult and turmoil we are experiencing. It calls upon all of us to give and serve. I am grateful for all you are doing and the example you are setting, and hope it inspires each of us to find ways to help our brothers and sisters, wherever they may be.

Nikki SlavenJune 8, 2021

Thank you, Carolyn, for your very insightful article about the role that vitamin D can and should play in our lives! We could conclude that vitamin D is essential to life and health. Perhaps you covered this aspect of vitamin D, but if not, here is something else very important to know. This comes from a government site, but many alternative health sites concur. ABSTRACT: Evidence from observational studies is accumulating, suggesting that the majority of deaths due to SARS-CoV-2 infections are statistically attributable to vitamin D insufficiency and could potentially be prevented by vitamin D supplementation [...]. (

GTOJune 8, 2021

I bawled all the way through this and can't stop. I learned long ago to wear waterproof makeup. It served me well today. What a precious, positive outcome. Thank you for sharing this miraculous journey.

Mandy KimballJune 8, 2021

Laura- what an amazing (and horrific) journey to go on! Such a blessing to receive those dreams and understand how the Lord knows you, your family, and your every situation. Even to the tiny detail of losing the blood results! Thank you for sharing this with us. Truly amazing!

Kay RookhuyzenJune 8, 2021

We viewed this movie just last night and I give it 5 stars. It was moving, it was well-acted, cinematography was outstanding! Obviously the topic was special to me and I know these were true.

Amanda PerkinsJune 8, 2021

Thank you Proctors! We loved meeting you, and felt there are no coincidences in us filming just at that time when you were on your morning walk! Naomi's guitar teacher is always asking her what she wants to learn next, and at times I've made suggestions. Naomi came to me, and said how the Anne LeBlanc cover of JJ Heller's Your Hands was what she wanted to learn. It spoke to her, and When I heard JJ Heller have a beautiful harmony added, I asked Christian Covers Official if they would like to do another sister/missionary duet (Josh Sales had filmed The Affleck Family singing I'm Trying To Be Like Jesus with their missionary). Then my son got to return to Cote d'Ivoire so her friend Jacob from RUCC stepped in beautifully! Check out all the other uplifting songs Christian Covers Official has produced and subscribe! We are very grateful to them, and all the other helpers in making this video happen!

Doris WilliamsJune 8, 2021

When you click on the Rising Star outreach in this article (to donate), the site can't be reached and I think it is because there is a comma instead of a period in their website. I will type their name in with Google as I want to help. It's just agonizing to know of their intense suffering.

Janie BrayJune 8, 2021

Oh my goodness. Such a miracle. Tears as I was reading this. Thanks for sharing. In spite of the challenges in our lives, this story proves that our Heavenly Father loves us and is aware of us

C. WeissJune 8, 2021

I went last night with my wife and teenage daughter. Everyone was affected by the strength of the story. It was very well done. The acting was strong, but not over the top as in some church based films. It really shows some of the struggles of the 3 witnesses and what they were confronted with in the infancy stage of the Church. I truly respect and honor their testimonies and the integrity with which they kept their covenant to be witnesses. It inspires me to strive to stand as a better witness myself. Beautifully shot and directed.

GeneseeJune 8, 2021

My husband and I saw Witnesses and loved it! The movie had me teary many times! I am sorry to hear about the reviews on rotten tomatoes and the no doubt false ratings. I am not one to go off of other peoples ratings of movies. I review them for myself. Thank you for making Witnesses! I learned a few things I didn’t know!

Steve DoneganJune 8, 2021

I’ve always said I am too lazy. Working towards repentance takes too much effort. So what do I do? Just not sin...

Patty BrightJune 7, 2021

Thank you for sharing this marvelous true story.

Meridene LindseyJune 7, 2021

Incredible movie—Transported us to the time & place & people in a very moving experience. Not to be missed ! You will leave the theater understanding & having compassion for these incredible men & their wives & will be inspired by their faith & courage.

JordynJune 7, 2021

This is absolutely beautiful! It brought me to tears. I need to read more stories like this as they boost my faith and inspire. I truly believe there are more miracles taking place around us than we even remotely realize, and if we share them when prompted, we will be filling our world with even more light, faith, joy and peace.

PeggyJune 7, 2021

Thank you for sharing your beautiful, tender mercies and healing. We don't always get healing, but it is wonderful when some do. The Lord loves us all, and has different plans for each of His children.

MimiJune 7, 2021

I appreciated reading your article and am glad you want to start a dialogue about this issue. I think just realizing we all need to do better when it comes to race is a start. I think it is important to acknowledge their pain. (Mourn with and comfort) Self reflection in ways that oneself may be prejudice, for example, do I automatically dismiss their anger, do I think about what it would be like to walk in their shoes? Read and study black history. I remember listening to a black professor speak about how negro spiritual music came from the sadness in their souls but also expressed their hope in the resurrection. Throughout history increased racism seems to go in cycles. For example, even though I didn't vote for Obama, when he was elected, I felt like it sent a message to the world that race wasn't an issue in our nation. It gave many minorities hope to be able to serve in higher positions. Unfortunately, we have had a setback and more people feel comfortable with expressing racist sentiments. For me it has been a wake up call. I worry that too many members feel they are the chosen ones and look down on minorities. My mother in-law acknowledged that while growing up in the 50s it was just understood that blacks were second class and that is the way it was. She knows that is wrong now. We even see racism in the Book of Mormon. I think it is part of the natural man that we will always have to fight. Critical Race theory is just that, a theory, and I believe it should be studied in higher education. As a school teacher I have never been urged to discuss theories with my students. We need to stop making excuses and follow Christ's teachings to love one another. It should be that simple.

Kent LarsonJune 7, 2021

Daniel, you need to read Galatians 4:16

Becky DouglasJune 7, 2021

Dear Laura, Thank you for sharing this beautiful story with us! I'm so happy for your whole family for the tender mercies granted by God for both Chandler and Canyon. Thanks for sharing your family's picture. So beautiful! Becky Douglas

Douglas ThompsonJune 7, 2021

Unfortunately, there are people out there that are truly negative. You can find them in all industries (I'm in hospitality) and I have found that what they post says MUCH more about themselves than about the item they are reviewing. Keys for discerning folk would be if the review is balanced. One can ALWAYS find good/bad in anything. Another key would be timing - as you said, it's not likely that a number of people independently "Dis" you at the same time (I've had reviews of 1 out of 10 but they can't back up allegations and I can legally prove reasons why they are 86'd from my establishment). These "very bad" reviews usually come from folk looking for a free stay - and you can find them here and there among numerous reviews with a "10" rating and other balanced reviews listing real problems that can be addressed - compliments - and additional suggestions which they feel may be beneficial to the business (these reviews are usually in the 6-9 range). While I have not yet seen "Witnesses", I now have it on my radar for a viewing in the near future. Don't let the haters get you down.

Kay YeamanJune 7, 2021

Enjoyed your article, but the general premise is wrong right off the bat. You and I might be interested in unity and reconciliation, but the proponents of CRT are not. Just a cursory glance shows that CRT is about anger, bitterness and revenge. Even supporters of Martin Luther King are derided. CRT can only further the divide and bring about more hatred and mistrust - not less. The fact the BYU professors couldn't add there names for fear of retribution tells us all we need to know. How red do the flags need to be? Call me simple minded, but wouldn't encouraging an environment of acceptance and mutual respect be much more positive?

Earlene McDonaldJune 7, 2021

I cried my way through this story. Our son had a similar experience and it was like reliving it. If this disease doesn't strike before age 8 it occurs between 12 and 14. Our youngest son was 13 and had several symptoms. It too was a nightmare until that final test eliminated adrenoleukodystrophy. We too were so blessed to have priesthoood blessings and a path opening up to find what was causing his problems. He is in his 40's now, excelling at a good job and is the father of two wonderful children. Jesus is so good and so generous with his blessings!

DianeJune 7, 2021

Wow, just wow! What a beautiful story of God’s love and grace! Of course, not everyone is healed, but we know our loving Father is aware of each of us.

Sherry BrownJune 7, 2021

We saw the movie on Saturday. It was well worth the 2 hour drive to the nearest movie theater. I'd go see it again tomorrow...

DarylJune 7, 2021

Any parent in this situation should humbly search their own soul to see if there is something they might have done to trigger this alienation. What seems inexplicable may not be. The parable notwithstanding, there is rarely only one side to such a story. I was that niece whom an uncle turned to for end-of-life care and estate management. The hardest part was dealing with the pain of the broken relationship between father and son. Apologies all around are a good beginning.

Patricia L HatchJune 7, 2021

Whoa! What a story. I am so happy that your son was healed.

Doris WilliamsJune 7, 2021

Oh my goodness, Laura. Your story was so difficult to read, but I had your assurance that things would turn out, so I continued. Just how you got through this time in your life when so MANY things were going on at once is a confirmation of the strength you received from the Savior, and the true miracle of healing of Canyon and Chandler are a real upper for all who were aware of your struggle. Your husband, Derek (sounds like an amazing father) and you have been greatly blessed. I rejoice in your well-being and I'm grateful too, for all those who supported you along the way. Thank you so much for sharing.

Victoria KrommenhoekJune 7, 2021

Not only is the author a wonderful writer, but a light to so many of us as to how to handle the wilderness we are in. Her strength, perseverance, and faith in her Savior is a wonderful example to us all.

Adrian MartinJune 7, 2021

As a grandfather to 2 autistic grandsons, I rejoice in the miracle the doctors said not to expect. I hope Chandler regains full health. What an inspiring experience it has been to learn of your trials and tribulations and the miracle wrought by our Saviour!!

Charles McClureJune 7, 2021

Thank you for sharing your beautiful story! What an incredible experience and blessing this is for all who read it!

Frank MerrillJune 7, 2021

Thank you for your report. I look forward to viewing the film when it becomes available in my area. With regard to your observations about what people post in various online forums, I'll add that I do not choose to visit social media systems because I learned several years ago that such places are not my friend, do not provide useful content to me, and do not uplift my spirit. That said, I will continue to defend a person's right to visit and participate in social media should they choose to exercise their agency to do so but it is similarly my right to choose to avoid it.

David ShafferJune 7, 2021

"In God’s universe, there are no coincidences." Amen!

Jennifer MackleyJune 7, 2021

@Steve Donegan Thank you for commenting on the sentence regarding Wilford's revelation about who could help him complete the proxy ordinances for his ancestors. It is difficult to provide the complete story in a short article, and this is a very brief overview of four decades that led up to Wilford's service in the St. George Temple. To ease the mind of any reader about whether or not Wilford, as President of the St. George Temple, was acting with the approval of and under the direction of Brigham Young, as President of the Church, I would like to add another quote from Wilford Woodruff's March 1, 1877 journal: "I have never taken this Course without consulting President Young. When this thing was manifest to me I said to some of the sisters that I would like to have them Come on my Birthday and make me a present by getting Endowments for some of my dead, and as a testimony to me all were willing. When I saw the magnitude of this I spoke to President Young about it." Thank you again for your comment and the opportunity to clarify that sentence in the article!

K. ScottJune 6, 2021

Can we as Saints of God start a new trend in how we write and read The Things of God? For far too long the Truths and Principles in Scriptures are minimalized and full glory neglected by using the "world's" Rules of Grammar. Can we not seek to change how we write (my suggestion): The Law of Christ The Gospel The Holy Temple The Lord..... If it is a key PRINICPLE Truth, Person Place Ought we not to finally give those things people and Places the same attention regard and consideration we do to The names of historical Figures, Countries States and Cities ??? We should be writing The Holy Priesthood not in lower case EVER ! The Lord needs the 'T' in the to be Capitalized - for us Jesus Christ is Principle unique and there is ONE of Him. Can we not give Him The due respect and holy consideration by actually use initial Caps?? Please give this some thought and prayer. Our Scriptures given are printed by people trained in the world's schools - following the world's grammar traditions. We in The Church have learned The Mysteries of Godliness in The Restored Church- finding that 'Religion' is the philosophies of men mingled with Scriptures. Can we not now -- elevate our consideration of TRUTH and never ever again refer The LDS Faith or Church as a 'Religion' ?? It is not a philosophy of man (and certainly not of Satan) mingled with portions of The HOLY Scriptures !!! Ergo can we not use this same effort of justified honor and name our Church as The True Faith or The True Church or The Lord's True Church. I hope this conveys in part- my thoughts and desires that we start Treating that which is Eternal and Holy and Beautiful with the regard in our printing and writing - that would please both The Father; His Beloved Son; and open a pathway for The Holy Ghost to act in His Holy Position to plant Truth inside us and apply The Powers of The Infinite Eternal Atonement and The Godhead into our lives. Thank you for your patience and consideration of my suggestion yours truly p.s. Try using your pencil or post-it and insert notes to show the following: 2 Nephi 26:1 1 And after Christ shall have arisen from The Dead He shall show Himself unto you, my children, and my beloved brethren; ((all of us)) and The Words which He Shall Speak unto You of Christ Shall Be The Law ^ which Ye Shall Do. We Need to SEE "The Law of Christ" come into our minds each time we see such references. And each and every time that we see the word GOSPEL we would be well served to read in our mind "The Law of Christ" /// PLUS /// we call the Priesthood of Christ the Melchizedek Priesthood but in our minds we need to hear the resounding beauty of "The Holy Priesthood After The Order of The Son" Dear ones, we have The Fullness set before us can we not aspire to live unto that Fullness in preparation for The Savior's Return - so we can be a part of His Work and Glory in the body as well as in the realm of The Spirits

JuliannJune 6, 2021

Paul Wuthrich portrays Joseph Smith better than anyone has ever done. His demeanor, his focus, his facial and body expressions , and the sincerity in his eyes, all truly bring Joseph Smith to life. I hope he has future opportunities to portray Br. Joseph. The Paul who portrays the Senior David Whitmer is also to be commended.

LKTJune 5, 2021

There are no showings anywhere in Missouri. As a group of senior missionaries , we’d love to see it come to the Liberty, or Kansas City area!

A. MannJune 5, 2021

What a fascinating deep dive into the personal relationships of the early church leaders/members. It’s good to have these as an example for today, as I see some division ripping through our Lord’s church.

Maryann TaylorJune 4, 2021

Pray that his heart will be softened toward you. I did this and the results were amazing. The family member actually reached out to me to make restitution for his coldness, and it was clear the Holy Ghost had pleaded my cause with him. Sadly, this is not always the result because people have their agency to choose. However, it is certainly worth the effort to try.

Erica BentonJune 4, 2021

Try using a burner phone to call. He won’t recognize the number. This worked for me once when a different family member worked to sabotage a relationship and we were able to reestablish communication after talking it out and hearing what was going on in their half of the relationship. There is injustice and hurt in this old world, sometimes lies cannot be undone no matter how illogical. I’d give it a try. Then what I do repeatedly is sending all of the love and goodness I feel thwarted in giving out into the universe in some symbolic form. Create an image and send it out with all the love and kindness and compassion in your heart. It honors your heart and instead of staying inside you causing pain, just extend it out with open arms and a heart that can still love. Easier said than done,but it helps me. I do this repeatedly, once was not enough for me. Best wishes to the writer of the letter.

CASJune 4, 2021

Thank you for this beautiful review. I wasn't sure I wanted to see this film when it was first advertised. However, after studying "Come, Follow Me" and especially the YouTube "Follow Him" Doctrine & Covenants series with Hank Smith and John Bytheway this year and learning more about these early leaders during this period of time, I most assuredly will be going to see this film. Thank you again!

Betty Lou MannJune 4, 2021

Thank you for a good chuckle before facing my day of, "old age." Accurate description of the aging process. Never the less, life is good and I thank Heavenly Father for each day.

John Charles PearceJune 4, 2021

My LatterDay Movie Club hosted this movie last night to a large socially distant audiance in a private screening ahead of the public release today. In my opinion "Witnesses is the best movie ever made about the history of the founding events of the church. The acting was superb. I was very impressed with Paul Wuthrich portrayal of Joseph Smith as well all the great support of all the cast members. It was at times raw and displayed the humanness of Joseph and the three witnesses. I think it captured the loneliness that Joseph felt before the witnesses were shown the plates. I highly recommend this movie for all Latter-day Saints and their friends.

JulieJune 4, 2021

Go see him in person and find out why he is turning his back on you. Express to him face to face your love for him and all you have done to try to be a good father to him. Stop and LIsten to him and what he tells you. You may find out you have not been the father you think you have been or you may be able to clear up misconceptions on his part. Never let your child go without giving it your all.

essayJune 4, 2021

Unfortunately, the film is not showing in my area, but I'll be among the first when it's available for purchase.

James ScottJune 4, 2021

These acts of casting bread upon the water are the true test of faith and hope.may the spirit find ways to bless these lives.

Kathleen N JonesJune 4, 2021

I also had an adult child "disown" me for over 10 years! I was grateful when I sent notes telling her I was sorry for what it was I had offended her with and I loved her dearly. Nothing more, nothing less and I prayed for her and that Heavenly Father would do what need be done. I always kept the faith that I knew one day she would return and kept praying and never once when speaking of my family ever exclude her. Then just a little less than 5 years ago, I received a message to contact her. I did. As she answered the phone, we both said at the same time I love you. As I said I have missed you so much, she returned with I have too. Now we keep in touch and what the problem was that began all this is "erased" as if it never happened. I truly thank the Lord for the faith He gave me. In fact I had my other 2 children also walk away from me (due to divorce), but I knew in my heart I had taught them all I could and put my faith in the Lord even though many told me they would never return I knew they would and it wasn't very long that now they have all returned. Please keep the faith. The Lord will take care.

Allison DunlapJune 4, 2021

My heart goes out to this man as his experience mirrors my own. I too was shunned by two daughters nearly 7 years ago in a divorce situation. Your words of wisdom to him still apply to me. It has been a grieving process but the best thing I finally did was place the burden at the Lord's feet and ask Him to carry it for me. This gave me the ability to carry on and have a happy life and disposition. I do have faith that the Lord can repair the splintered branches of our family tree and I am comforted by His promise that all losses will be made up if we stay faithful to him. Nothing about these situations are fair, but with strength from God, we can endure infuriating unfairness.

Robert D. BellJune 4, 2021

Thank you very much for this “right on” article and counsel to ensure that our loving arms stay wide open until an estranged child returns to a loving father.

PattieJune 3, 2021

I was the worried gardener always wanting/wishing perfection from my children. It wasn’t until I listened to General Conference talk after General Conference talk year after year and finally gave it all to the Lord. Love of children and plants are basically the same. Some grow in good soil and others don’t grow as well. They are still nourished. Love this valuable lesson.

Masked MikeJune 3, 2021

Get a dog. Seriously, they are more reliable and less trouble than most men. After acquiring this companion, take the dog walking where other people do the same. Use common interest in pets to expand your social circle. You might meet some one who is great for you. Or do something else that forces you to meet new people.

Robin PrestonJune 3, 2021

Very insightful. I appreciate the remeinders that coming to Christ is a continual life long search. Discouragement is really waiting in line to tear us down. Thank you for your thoughts. By the way, I thought it was interesting that you used the term "taking pride" following President Benson's quote. Perhaps the term "taking courage" would have been more apropo...?

TiredJune 3, 2021

It's good to laugh at your self some times. I'm not sure if this wants to make me laugh or cry right now though as I am living this with my mother and myself and it is hard plus having a painful autoimmune disorder and still raising my last and helping raise 2 grands because their parents are on the autism spectrum.

Jennifer MackleyJune 2, 2021

@Marie H. I am not a descendant of Wilford Woodruff. My best connection is my 3rd great grandfather Theodore Turley who served as one of Wilford Woodruff's mission companions in England in 1840.

Jennifer MackleyJune 2, 2021

Thank you @Steve Donegan for your comment. You are absolutely correct in pointing out that "only the president of the Church can set down prophecy for the Church." That sentence could be misconstrued out of context. The entry in his journal for March 1, 1877 includes this explanation: "I have never taken this Course without consulting President Young. When this thing was manifest to me I said to some of the sisters that I would like to have them Come on my Birth day and make me a present by getting Endowments for some of my dead, and as a testimony to me all were willing. When I saw the magnitude of this I spoke to President Young about it." Brigham Young, as President of the Church, and Wilford Woodruff, as President of the St. George Temple, worked together almost every day to record the temple ceremonies and refine the temple practices from January to April 1877. There is much more of the story to share!

JAMES P FOLEYJune 2, 2021

The miracle of turning water into wine could possibly be Jesus’ greatest scientific miracle. In healing the sick, the body just re-organizes / re-orders itself. In raising the dead, the lifeless body is simply brought back to life. In killing the fig tree, it’s the opposite... no great scientific changes have occurred. But consider Cana: It is estimated there are from 800 to 1,000 different organic chemical compounds in wine. And yet, water consists of no organic compounds and just one inorganic compound: two-parts hydrogen to one-part oxygen. The scientific miracle, then, was “Just how did that plain ol’ inorganic water become 800-1000 organic compounds?" That’s pretty neat!

Steve DoneganJune 2, 2021

Simply perfect. Well written. Oh the gems we find when we look with spiritual eyes...

Andrew J. CurrieJune 2, 2021

He didn't purify the water. If that is all He did, it would still have been water--one hydrogen molecule and two oxygen molecules--pure, but merely water nonetheless. What Christ did was change the very nature of the liquid. He did not merely make the water into wine, but into the best wine at the feast! He promises to replace our 'stony hearts' with hearts of flesh--hearts like His. Through His Atonement our very natures will be changed into something unlike what we are today.

Z CoxJune 2, 2021

Hilarious! Getting old is not as fun as it used to be!

James ScottJune 2, 2021

The JST certainly adds an important element of explanation to a rather cryptic group of verses. Furthermore, the listing oft the Savior’s assistance and relations with women is illuminating. Every human is a child of God.

Harold RustJune 2, 2021

Thanks for sharing these wonderful insights. In a monetary world, these well-honed truths so carefully organized would be worth millions or billions; instead, they are worth the full value of a soul.

Doris WilliamsJune 2, 2021

So hilarious! And a nice break from all the news of the day. Thank you for sharing this story!

Helen CondonJune 2, 2021

Thank you but the illustration of my style being turned from water into wine by my Savior. It truly is His work and His glory.

Diane StonehockerJune 2, 2021

With all due respect to Brother Howard, including in your daily offerings humorously-meant articles that reinforce all of the negative stereotypes of aging is not helpful to anyone. Fear of aging is the primary factor that feeds ageism in our world along with all of the devastation that it causes. Please seek out articles that promote positive aging just as your other articles promote positive gospel living. Thank you.

RitaJune 2, 2021

My grandmother lived a very long time, and her biggest complaint at her 100th birthday was not being able to hear or see the party we held for her. Losing her senses of sight and hearing left her unable to participate in daily life, and, at her death 5 years later, she was so grateful to be finally leaving to rejoin her husband. Grandpa had passed 40 years before. Old age is not for the weak, but for those strong enough to endure heartache, loss and physical/mental decline after a lifetime of work. At 68 myself, I am beginning to understand.

Blake GarsideJune 1, 2021

Jennifer, I can't thank you enough for this incredible and insightful look into HOW Temple doctrine developed and is realized for us today. Some of this information I knew about but so much that I didn't. I NOW have a great love and a greater appreciation for Wilford Woodruff's immense work for the dead and for us living today. As was the pattern in the early days of the Restoration, the NEED came about by INQUIRING of the Lord, PONDERING with FAITH then the Revelation was given. As we are pushed out of our Comfort Zones we are thankfully thrust into Growth Zones. For there is little comfort in growth zones and very little growth in comfort zones !! Looking forward to your Parts 2 & 3 for further light and knowledge.

RebeccaJune 1, 2021

We don't condone killing of toddlers or teenagers or elderly people who are inconvenient, or expensive. Why are babies different?

Steve DoneganJune 1, 2021

I’m concerned about this sentence, “ It is noteworthy that this revelation came to Wilford – one of the apostles – rather than Brigham Young, who was the Prophet and President of the Church.” The statement could remove from the mind of a reader the earlier statement that this was done with Brigham Young’s approval. The Bible Dictionary definition of “prophet” includes the idea that all of us can be prophets, but ... Only the president of the Church can set down prophecy for the Church. I would hate for someone to misconstrue the one sentence to believe Woodruff could set policy.

Marie HJune 1, 2021

How interesting. Is the author also a descendant of the Prophet Wilford Woodruff.

Harold RustJune 1, 2021

A most revealing historical account that connects each phase of restoring the Lord's way of uniting families through all generations. This story should be told more frequently by families to their children and by ward members to each other. A very unifying message regarding the fundamental purpose of life: prepare of to live eternally with our Father in Heaven. Thank you.

Beth CampbellJune 1, 2021

When I first read the heading, I thought that "more honest" was a ridiculous term. You are either honest or not. You know a half lie is still a lie. But as I listened to the podcast I realized that we all live in the grey area and that it's important to evaluate and make changes until we can honestly say we are less grey and walking towards a bright white.

Ronald BarnesJune 1, 2021

I have been a temple worker for 24 years. During that time, I have witnessed several adjustments to the ordinances and to temple procedures. I recently informed our Temple President that I will not be returning when our temple reopens. My wife’s health is declining and I felt inspired that I need to stay home with her. Not only do I encourage members to attend the temple, I also encourage them to become temple workers themselves..

Michael ColleyJune 1, 2021

Looking forward to reading more about this servant of God. Very inspiring.

David ShafferJune 1, 2021

Beautiful. And thought provoking. Thank you.

David Earl PerryMay 31, 2021

Frances and I believe, Lynne, that your gift from Heavenly Father is a blessing to us all. Thank you. May we all strive to have the image of purest love on our countenances.

Pattie SMay 31, 2021

I love love these stories. They are so inspiring.

Kerry FarrMay 31, 2021

A few years ago I was very anxious and depressed. One of my sons started sending me a joke every morning. At first I thought it was dumb, After a few days, I chuckled just a little. Pretty soon I was allowing myself to laugh out loud! A lot of things helped me, but this was one of the best

KathleenMay 30, 2021

Good summary of the past year+, and conclusions. We reap the benefits and peace of what we feed and how we choose to serve.

Jo Ann OkelberryMay 30, 2021

I was so interested reading about your Grandfather Facer in Texas. My father-in-law served in the Central States Mission from 1912-1914 or 15. He was also in the Houston area and especially Galveston. His name was David Cleveland Okelberry. I wonder if they knew each other.

Kari BurrMay 30, 2021

My husband and I enjoy your podcasts weekly. This one was particularly poignant, as we are all working on that purity of heart, bringing Zion into our personal realm. It's not easy! Elder Maxwell's talk was worth listening to, and I'd also especially love to find Pres. Oaks' talk, which was not easy--can you help me? Thank you for your insights. They always bless us immensely. So glad you followed that inspiration to put Meridian Magazine many years ago!!!

Mary Ann TaylorMay 30, 2021

A grandson just expressed interest in Buddhism, and I recently heard a lecture that helped me explain the concepts you used above. And my stake is just south of the area where the two missionaries were killed in Texas. The interconnectedness of everything always amazes me.

JeanMay 30, 2021

You need to move on from hoping he will change and bring your life peace and joy. You've listed many reasons that this relationship is not healthy for you or your family. It seems like you are choosing misery and a companion. I hope you find the strength to be happy and single. Appreciate that you've invested years and keep the good memories, but move on towards creating new and healthy memories for your future without the pain he brings into your life. You can do this!

RoMay 30, 2021

I have been pondering on this very principle--that to love is to suffer; But love is also the catalyst to joy. Perhaps one of the most defining attributes of Divinity is the ability to absorb pain with those who suffer. I am in awe with how our Heavenly Parents must anguish with each of their children!

Bonnie CaldwellMay 30, 2021

It would be good to get the Palestinian perspective from someone like Saher Qumsiyeh, who teaches at BYU-I. Her book, Peace for a Palestinian, is an excellent read. We met her, as I’m sure you have as well, when we visited the Jerusalem center and also attended the Bethlehem “twig”.

Kenneth Stevens, MDMay 29, 2021

The word "galaxy" comes from "galacto" which means "milk". The Greek origin is "galaxias". Milky way Galaxy uses "milky" twice.

Mark DonaldsonMay 29, 2021

As members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, we of all people should recognize the turmoil caused by those who hate Jews and Israel as a sign that we are truly living in the latter times. We know the Savior will one day return and set his foot again on the Mount of Olives and ultimately recognize the Jews (Judah) as a chosen people...along with the other tribes of Israel. When I place my support for Israel and the Jewish people, I believe that I am standing up for a people who have been bullied and picked on unjustly for centuries. Last, I also hold that if I support the political party in America that supports Israel and the Jews, then I belong to the right party.

Ann-Marie JensenMay 28, 2021

Thank you for sharing your personal knowledge on this topic. I especially appreciate your quoting of Hamas’ charter.

Erik HansenMay 28, 2021

I'll say plainly and simply, "Good Job Brother Hess". From my experience this article is plain and correct and it was nice to meet your friend and see his accomplishment.

Jacque BrownMay 28, 2021

I enjoyed this article so much! It filled in the blanks of my knowledge of Brother Cowdery. My love for him has grown from our study of the Doctrine and Covenants this year, and this article really served to increase my knowledge in a way that brings me joy.

Blake GarsideMay 28, 2021

Thank you Maurine for your article. For 2 weeks, I trained in Migdal Haemek for an Israeli company where I worked and got to know my fellow associates in a very personal way. Their concerns and fears became my own for those 2 weeks and they even got to know all about my LDS faith, I was adopted into their culture especially when they found out my first name was Heber a real Jewish bibical name. I become pretty emotional when I hear Washington lawmakers use hate speech against God's chosen people and I see the faces of those I came to love and respect. I take comfort in Isaiah's words, Isaiah 49:13-17 THANK YOU MAURINE !!! . . .

Maryann TaylorMay 28, 2021

The mistake commonly made regarding our Heavenly Mother is the same mistake we make regarding the roles of men and women on earth. Their roles are NOT the same. Yes, they are one in purpose and their goals are identical. However, male and female roles are both very sacred, but different. Our Heavenly Mother is very engaged in bringing forth Spirit Children and preparing them for earth. I am sure she is also involved in MANY other sacred creative works as well. I have absolutely no doubt that she loves us and looks forward to our return (which to her is less than a day's length in time). However, we have been counseled by our leaders that we do not pray to her. The scriptures and our living prophets could not be any more consistently clear in their counsel that we pray ONLY to our Heavenly FATHER in the name of Jesus Christ. This clear pattern of prayer was repeatedly given to us by our Savior.

Maryann TaylorMay 28, 2021

I think there is a great lesson in this account. Don't enter into serious relationships with people that you are not compatible with. You may be actually shutting the door on the opportunity to find someone that you can truly love. I hope this woman can end the relationship and find someone she can find happiness with.

Michael Shea, MDMay 28, 2021

Having studied and practiced Buddhism (Theravada) as a lay person for years before returning to the Church, I firmly believe that the doctrine of non-attachment is not understood and not properly taught by many Western practitioners. In fact, Buddhists believe very strongly in love, compassion, empathy, and so on, and if one has those characteristics, grief is almost inevitable. The doctrine of non-attachment is more akin to the teaching of Paul, “Not that I speak in respect of want: for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content. I know both how to be abased, and I know how to abound: every where and in all things I am instructed both to be full and to be hungry, both to abound and to suffer need.” (Phillippians 4:11-12, etc.)

Laura KellerMay 28, 2021

Thank you for being brave enough to speak truth and share your knowledge, experiences, and insight into this sad situation.

Barry HMay 28, 2021

Thank you, Maurine, for your clear and sensible defense of Israel, Jews, and peaceful Palestinians from your perspective of much experience and many friends in the area. I have forwarded it on to others.

Karell BinghamMay 28, 2021

Some say that God rules the earth, and Satan rules the waters. This is ludicrous. God rules the world, the whole world, even the very dust of the earth and all the oceans and seas. Every drop of water is under his authority.

PjalMay 28, 2021

I think that tbe best option for both of you is to just be friends. Also, from someone who learned the hard way, if in doubt, don't.

Karell BinghamMay 28, 2021

I fear that President Nelson is right: "There are emissaries of Lucifer implanted among the people!" Is it just me or are there more emissaries than usual lately?

Teri K JohnstonMay 27, 2021

Excellent- thank you!

Maryann TaylorMay 27, 2021

The decision to no longer perform marriages for time only in our temples makes so much sense to me. I never could understand why it was done because our temples are places for eternal covenants.

Maryann TaylorMay 27, 2021

I closed my facebook account several months ago and have significantly limited my listening to, or viewing of, news or political programs. I am enjoying listening to more music, and I am feeling so much more peace. It is wonderful to be free from the constant drama in news and the clashing, raging opinions that change from one day to the next.

TamraMay 27, 2021

Thanks for sharing the numerous great things that many charity related organizations are doing to help so many people throughout the world. I might also add that a local charity organization, Hearts Knit Together provides many donated items to Domestic Abuse Shelters here in Utah.

Chuck SanfordMay 27, 2021

A few years ago, I held this calling in my stake: Addiction Recovery and Healing. I met some wonderful people in my class. Addiction to many physical and emotional things is the reality for many people. I am so very grateful to my Lord for helping people to endure and overcome these addictions, if they truly want to. For those who haven't reached that point yet, please turn to our Savior and keep at it. I so appreciate this account by this great guy, about him and his wife.

KerryMay 27, 2021

More likely the candy bar was named after the galaxy

PollyMay 27, 2021

Doing good. How are we furthering the New World Order agenda through COVID and vaccines? This is very ambiguous to me because it seems like a guise of humanitarianism. Through the COVID trauma they have made much progress in mind control. Are we upholding secret combinations? Why didn’t we donate life saving drugs like Ivermectin or hydroxcloroquine?

Richard SkousenMay 27, 2021

A delightful story! Thanks for sharing.

Marchia MariaMay 26, 2021

Pro Choice not Pro Abortion - an intended choice of words no doubt. All anti abortion legislation should insure that all avenues have been made available to women to receive assistance from youth to adulthood, education, medical and financial, to insure all pregnancies are cared for both mother and baby, and that all babies might come to full term should be the goal.

Jo Ann OkelberryMay 26, 2021

This is a very powerful story. It makes me even more appreciative and grateful for the Atonement of Jesus Christ and to know that we have Heavenly Parents who love us and care for us and rooting for us.

RealityMay 26, 2021

Only in America is this a political issue. In the rest of the first world it is between a woma n and her doctor. And it is so much more complex than you mako out, but it is good that you are not throwing stones or calling people baby killers. For example 70% of abortions in America are to women who are living below the poverty line, which means they can't afford birth control. 40% are morning after pill. There are about 600,000 abortions in America a year, but there are 248 million abortions in third world. When republicans are in power they cut funding to family planning services (aid) in third world countries. When democrats are in the fund this aid for birth control, which saves 48 million abortions a year. The best way to reduce abortions is by providing sex education, and affordable birth control. There are countries that have one third the rate Americas. They have universal healthcare, which provides free birth control. So America could reduce its number of Abortions from 600,000 to 200,000 a year with universal healthcare, and respect for and support of women.

JAMES P FOLEYMay 26, 2021

Another source is Donald Q. Cannon, "Latter-day Visions of the Savior," in Hearken, O Ye People: 1984 Sperry Symposium, Sandy, UT: Randall Book Co., 1984, pp119-131, where 22 people are named.

John B HewlettMay 26, 2021

Karl , you are such a blessing to the Kingdom. Thank you for sharing the miracles of Kirtland for the past 5 decades with members and others alike. It is a MOST significant part of the RESTORATION, and truthfulness of the RESTORED GOSPEL. Thank you

Frank MerrillMay 26, 2021

Our interpretation of GEM is "Give Everyone more." When our youngest son was about 9 years old he started a lemonade stand alongside a popular walking and biking trail in our area. He intentionally mixed the lemonade a little bit stronger than usual for extra flavor and froze a batch of mixed lemonade to make ice for the next day so the resulting lemonade wouldn't get watered down. He made a big sign that said something like "Best Mix on the Trail!" and sold his lemonade for 25 cents for a larger-than-normal 10 oz. cup. He also had a large rubbish bin nearby with a "recycle your cup here" sign. He kept a big transparent plastic jar on his table, "salted" with various coins and a few bills, that read "tip jar." As you might have guessed, his business was very popular, and he made more from tips than lemonade.

MaryMay 25, 2021

I love that as members of the LDS church we view life and the ability to create life as sacred. I do however wish that we as a community would take it a step further and be active in helping prevent abortions. There are things such as sex education, health care, and the reduction of poverty- all which reduce abortions. I feel like we have the understanding part down, maybe now we can get the action.

Deborah SummersMay 25, 2021

Great podcast ... enjoyed it very much.

Peter F SchlegelMay 25, 2021

Apparently the folks responding to this have NOT read the bill completely through- do not understand the constitution or both. It would totally destroy any bit of states rights we have left. Maybe read the articles of confederation and the amendments to the constitution. Too bad no of this is taught in a civics or govt class these days

D.L. AndersonMay 25, 2021

I firmly believe that its many of the Gary Wilsons in mortality who are more capable at times to get a point across because they are perceived as folks without any agenda but the truth of a subject/cause. I'm quite sure Gary received that embrace, enjoyed that parade, and indeed is being filled in on the things he missed out on in mortality

Kevin TheriotMay 25, 2021

Jacob, Thanks for posting this, and thank you for your excellent work as well! BFF Kevin Theriot PhD

Karell BinghamMay 25, 2021

I agree with what you have written, it was wonderful. I also might add that Adam (and all of us) were created in the image of God. Not only physically, but with the indication that we should live our lives that we indeed might grow into becoming the express image of (a) God, just like the Father and Mother!

Geoff SteurerMay 25, 2021

Thank you, Jacob, for this powerful and much-needed tribute for Gary. His work has had a huge influence on my thinking as well.

Helen CondonMay 25, 2021

As you may recall, I have lost 2 children to cancer. As I continue my journey towards becoming a Grief Life Coach I see so much material here. Thank you.

Kathleen N JonesMay 25, 2021

Thank you for acknowledgment that Oneness Relationships can be obtained in certain earthly marriages. I find I believe I had such a marriage. Many expressed how my husband and I were such a couple that truly expressed all aspects of teamwork and work separately equally together. The love and mutual respect and regard for one another was amazing. He now has gone ahead and I am still here learning, yet I feel his presence when needed. Yes, we do have heavenly parents. My question is why are we seeking more knowledge of them just now?

Sally SmithMay 24, 2021

An article to deeply reflect upon and to gain knew insight about eternal life. Thank you

AnnaMay 24, 2021

Thank you for articulating the major lesson we are to learn in this life-- to love even when it hurts. When I saw the article this morning, I, didn't know that by the time I read it, my firstborn would have left this life, our second child to die in five months. Grief is the price of having loved. May we live well and abide in faith until those tears are dried and hearts are healed. .

BeccaMay 24, 2021

What a beautifully written and passionate article. Thank you for enlightenment!

Dave RMay 24, 2021

"God, the Father of us all, uses the men of the earth, especially good men, to accomplish his purposes. It has been true in the past, it is true today, it will be true in the future." - Elder Ezra Taft Benson, General Conference April 1972 Elder Ezra Taft Benson "Civic Standards for the Faithful Saints", Ensign, July 1972, p. 59 where he quoted Elder Orson F. Whitney from a conference address delivered in 1928: "Perhaps the Lord needs such men on the outside of His Church to help it along. They are among its auxiliaries, and can do more good for the cause where the Lord has placed them, than anywhere else. . . . Hence, some are drawn into the fold and receive a testimony of the truth; while others remain unconverted, . . . the beauties and glories of the gospel being veiled temporarily from their view, for a wise purpose. The Lord will open their eyes in his own due time. God is using more than one people for the accomplishment of His great and marvelous work. The Latter-day Saints cannot do it all. It is too arduous for any one people . . . We have no quarrel with the Gentiles. They are our partners in a certain sense." (Conference Report, April 1928, p. 59.)

Helen CondonMay 24, 2021

Thank you for shining a light on a most remarkable man. I didn't even know he existed until today. I should tell you my own daughter left the Church when she was 18 & ended her life as a practicing pagan when she died from cancer 3 years ago. After her passing, one of her friends came to me & said she had dreamt of Larissa & wanted to give me the message that she understood me, now. So Gary understands you, now. :-)

LauraMay 24, 2021

Carolyn, Thank you for this excellent reminder, of something I’ve known but had trouble with “making myself” drink enough water. I wanted to share a recent simple discovery that has made it very easy for me to drink more than enough water. This is to drink warm water, not just room temperature. I heat the water up in the morning, put it in insulated containers (with a straw) so it stays warm all day. It’s amazing how much my body loves and craves this. Everything in my body is functioning better, including my eye sight!

Herm OlsenMay 24, 2021

One of my favorite all-time songs - beautifully done! But PLEASE also read the book ‘Amazing Grace’ by Eric Metaxis. Thanks for your great talents!!

Joyce WoolfMay 24, 2021

Thank you for this article. I too had a sorrow-filled week. I learned of the sudden passing of my wonderful cousin, Dave Babbel, a tremendous professor and mission president, and of the passing of Lynn and Perry Carter’s grandson. My sister, Cheryl, introduced the gospel to Lynn when they were in high school. I’d been pondering the pain that comes with caring. I appreciate your insights.

JaneMay 24, 2021

Well said, Brother Hess. Thank you for your beautiful tribute to a well-deserved soul and for allowing the rest of us to "meet" Gary Wilson and his great work.

Ronald BarnesMay 24, 2021

I once had a conversation with a non-member friend about "the rapture". I told him that, when the time comes, there will be many Christians standing on the ground watching their non-Christians neighbors being taken up; and wondering why.

Barbara FallickMay 23, 2021

Love is the great equalizer in life. Whether rich or poor, from any country, in any circumstance, we can all choose to love.

RebeccaMay 23, 2021

"I’m an enormous mountain of good with a few bad pebbles." It takes a lot of self-confidence to state something like that.

AlexMay 23, 2021

My thought is she believes you are valuing something more than her or not listening to her enough. Perhaps you should work on understanding her instead of judging her. Ask her what she needs and fulfill those needs and hopefully she'll return to a loving person.

Sirpa GriersonMay 23, 2021

Thank you for this wonderful article. The center does hold and Christ is at the center. I was moved by your thoughts and grateful for your scholarship and commentary on this great and dreadful time that we are blessed to experience.

Pamela L RehderMay 22, 2021

Excellent article Mary, lest we forget or get lost in what we truly should be about.

CathrynMay 22, 2021

This study makes a case to never again enact lockdowns! I've often thought that many of the covid deaths that occurred in nursing homes could have been avoided with a family advocate and support for many patients. Already anxiety prone, alzheimer's & dementia patients were denied visits from loved ones, which likely caused greater anxiety, contributing to additional deaths. The Lord created us to need human connection spiritually, emotionallly, and physically. It is cruel to have kept loved ones apart this long time.

Greg HobbsMay 22, 2021

Thx you for your God inspired sermon on what it means to always remember Him. What a Supernal gift from a Loving Father.

Lana.WellsMay 22, 2021

Thank you so much for enlightening this person of little doctrinal knowledge.Tomorrow's Sacrament will be different. Now I truly have food for thought.

Dr. Trina Boice (Movie Review Mom)May 21, 2021

Yay! I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed it! It's one of those hidden gems on Netflix. Thanks for your comments!

Cap CresapMay 21, 2021

To remember someone you must know him or her first. To truly remember the Savior Alma 37:9 is a requirement. Strangely this scripture about knowing the Savior is never quoted or refered to except in the 4th article of faith.

Helen MeekMay 21, 2021

As my "remembering surges and wanes, I appreciate your article to ponder about my relationship with My Saviour. Thankyou

Loraine WhettenMay 21, 2021

In addition to Wendy Nelson, who would you invite to speak at UVU Campus? Just asking.

Maryann TaylorMay 21, 2021

I feel bad for this brother. He doesn't give us very much information, and it would be interesting to hear his wife's point of view. If she is truly unwilling to work on the marriage, I can't help but wonder why he chooses to stay. It seems like self-inflicted unhappiness for the rest of his life. Somewhere out there is a good single woman who would truly love him.

Maryann TaylorMay 21, 2021

YES! We are here to learn to love. There is an even higher law of love for our fellowman than "Love they neighbor as thyself." The highest law of love that Jesus gave to love one another is: "Love one another, AS I HAVE LOVED YOU."

RFMay 21, 2021

One of my favorite quotes related to this topic comes from a talk by C. Terry Warner. He said something like this..."Satan does not need to overpower us to win the war, he just needs to get us to adopt his way of fighting it."

LindaMay 21, 2021

CRT is being taught in schools almost everywhere, except in red states. Even then, it can creep in by liberals. Don't think it's not taught at BYU because it certainly is by some professors. Open your eyes, people!

Joanne KappMay 21, 2021

In the last few years, I have been more deeply yearning to "Remember Him" and to "Hear Him". I have struggled with that because I felt as though I wasn't finding the success I wanted. This article, Brother and Sister Frogley, gave me a completely different perspective. I thought to myself, "I can do that". Thank you.

Maryann TaylorMay 21, 2021

HA! Oh, how true! I need Him EVERY second!

Maryann TaylorMay 21, 2021

Thank you so much for your great courage and humility in being willing to share this with us! You are a beautiful example that the Lord has power to change every one of us and we should never give up. Thank you for reminding us that we are ALL of great worth--more than we can even fully comprehend in this life.

Maryann TaylorMay 21, 2021

Your words reflect the great yearning in my heart, and the hearts of many, to be more like our Savior and to reflect his light and love. It gives me great comfort when I am so aware of my own imperfections and weaknesses, to know that the Savior IS perfect and I can draw from HIS perfection and HIS great power and strength.

Maryann TaylorMay 21, 2021

I think the phrase "that in patience ye may possess your souls" is an interesting one to contemplate. To me, it also suggests that as we seek to follow our Savior, we must also be patient with ourselves and our weaknesses, while continuing to strive for improvement. I am comforted by the fact that the Sacrament prayer speaks of being "willing," not perfect: "..that they are willing to take upon them the name of thy son, and always remember him and keep his commandments which he has given them..." (D&C 20:77) As we repent and prepare to partake of the sacrament, it is encouraging to know that there is a different between worthiness to partake and absolute perfection.

Maryann TaylorMay 21, 2021

Sweet story---anyone who would be so patient with a cranky Grandma sounds like a real winner. I hope the future holds great things for them!

LauraMay 21, 2021

Thank you Scot and Maurine for this rich and encouraging discussion. I am so grateful for the archetypes that we have access to—of language, history and example—in our restored gospel tradition, that truly show us the Way to go. O Zion, dear Zion. My heart is inspired by your discussion to keep repenting and purifying myself, so I can be of some small service in the building of Zion right where I stand.

CJB againMay 21, 2021

I’m pondering the beautiful example of not having the heart to engage in the conversation because of your tender concern for your daughter.

Terry DickensMay 21, 2021

What a wonderful article. Likening our memories of our earthly father is most helpful in understanding a little better "remembering Him." Thank you for this thought provoking and powerful article.

Karell BinghamMay 21, 2021

I just love you two! I have thought lately that Zion is a Holy City filled with a holy people. The definition of holy is, "set apart for a sacred purpose." That seems to help me align my path: If am worthy to live in Zion, I am set apart for a sacred purpose: God's purpose. Now if I could just keep that in mind in my daily life! Thanks!

Karl FarnsworthMay 20, 2021

I think that I shall never see A poem lovely as a tree. A tree whose hungry mouth is pressed againgt the earth's sweet flowing breast ; A tree that looks at God all day And lifts her leafy arms to pray; A tree that may in summer wear A nest of robins in her hair; Upon whose bosom snow has lain; who intimately lives with rain. Poems are made by fools (men) like me, But only God can make a tree. (Joyce Kilmer)

EthelMay 20, 2021

Thank you so much for your testimony. God loves us no matter where we are or who we are. I wish you the best. It is great that you were brave enough and had the courage to share with us all. Only until you want in someone else's shoes do you really know what it is like... thank you

Wendy J BrownMay 20, 2021

Thank you for creating such a beautiful piece of music - and for making it able to be downloaded. A copy is now sitting on our piano - and the music is filling our hearts (on this snowy day in May!) - reminding me to keep an eternal perspective - and to try to reflect His image in my countenance. Thank you. Our lives are enriched by you, your gift and your sharing of this gift!

cdMay 20, 2021

Love her wisdom and example. Thank you for sharing!

Diane L AndersonMay 20, 2021

One of my first reads this morning was this wonderful article My heart resonated with the author and all she had experienced. Indeed, being in the midst of nature brings one into the presence of God feeling His joy, power and love. Thank you~

PaulineMay 20, 2021

So sad Martha, and Washington state passed it as mandatory; so sad.

Linda WetoverMay 20, 2021

What a lovely new hymn! I have long enjoyed your music, but this one really touches a chord deep in my heart. Thank you so much for sharing your gift to bless the lives of others!!

ChrisMay 19, 2021

I'm excited for this series of articles. I learned late in life that my belief in Heavenly Parents didn't change the way I lived my life until I finally had experiences with them. Experience changed my heart and changed me... This belief is the most basic and foundational of the restoration, but it seems that so many of us don't live our lives like we really believe it. We can't understand God, we can only experience Him...and we can know that "God is love". Most of the time that's good enough.

Alece ReynoldsMay 19, 2021

Amen, Martha. I have been appalled to learn about BYU administrators and professors — including the President of the University—adopting principles of CRT at the Lord’s University. CRT is Marxist and replaces class with race in order to divide populations and cause chaos.

tfMay 19, 2021

Somebody's just making this one up, right?

Louis MidgleyMay 19, 2021

Professor Peterson's careful attention to the work of R. Lanier (Lanny) Britsch makes certain that his comments are based on solid scholarship. Lanny is the leading expert on the Church of Jesus Christ in Hawaii. and also on the the places in the Pacific where there are Latter-day Saints, including also Australia and New Zealand.

APRIL FEARMay 19, 2021

Communist countries always want to get the children away from their parents as early as possible, because beliefs and behaviors are instilled during the first 5 years of life. If the government controls the child's beliefs, parental authority and religion can be stomped out.

ShaunaMay 19, 2021

Thank you for your courage in sharing your story. Agency is sacred to our Heavenly parents but so is accountability what an amazing dream/revelation you had.

Anna KeoghMay 19, 2021

Thank you, thank you for every sincere word you wrote that went right into my heart.

Chuck SanfordMay 19, 2021

I'm very glad this sister has turned her life around by becoming closer to her Heavenly Father. Sometimes church members in this situation don't change, and remain locked in destructive behavior cycles. I was a home teacher for three men incarcerated in a federal prison. Despite the efforts of our Heavenly Father (and my efforts), they did not change, although one guy was starting to change when he was transferred from prison in Texas to prison in California. I truly hope he repented and made the change.

PamelaMay 19, 2021

Loved this article!! She described the truths that we all need to come to understand in our life’s journey.

JRyMay 19, 2021

Thanks you for sharing your experiences. I kept thinking of what God tells us. That all these experiences shall be for your good. I am sure he will use your experiences and you can help many people. I have an aunt who went to prison. She could have helped others. Instead, she lives a very solitary life. How much better it is too help other people by sharing! Thank you.

Helen CondonMay 19, 2021

Fascinating! Scott and I knew a man named Clayton Kalaenuimanomano Woolley in Portland. He was my Bishop at the time and his youngest son was our Best Man. I wonder if he was related to the Woolley mentored in this story?

TraceyMay 18, 2021

Maryann Taylor-----I'm fairly sure she used her clothing to help drive home her point. I don't think it was a random choice from her closet. I took a class once on rhetorical techniques and I remember color usage as being one of them. It's been quite a while. We had to write essays on how color was used in visual presentations, movies, videos, music videos, commercials, etc. It's quite interesting to notice it and analyze what they are trying to say, non-verbally.

DaveyMay 18, 2021

Excellent article. We must fight against CRT, and idea that most likely came from the adversary given its potential to seriously harm our nation.

Vivian M AdamsMay 18, 2021

An amazing, well thought out piece of work. Thank you for your study and inspiration.

Tom SchumannMay 18, 2021

Critical Race Theory is a Marxist inspired doctrine, which has been deliberately injected into our society to set people against each other. The point is to lead to the societa division and chaos necessary for communist takeover to be successful, much as 'agrarian reform was successfully used in China.. Add to this the 1619 project, which teaches that the founding of this nation was based on slavery rather than on freedom, create in our youth loathing of rather than love of our country and its founding princess. These are both elements of the 'unrestricted warfare' launched against this country by those who seek its overthrow.

vickieMay 18, 2021

wow what a read. thank you. i have to share this that i have noticed. i have seen a sort of tribalism coming about where people who are of like cultures even and especially in America want to band together. instead of becoming American and united they want to separate themselves off from the rest of the population. when i speak of cultures i speak of many different cultures i see doing this. i remember going to germany as a child and to england as an adult. in germany the language separated us. in england the language was the same but the culture was different. in both cases the americans sent there for military duty banded together whether they were black or white or hispanic or anything else. as long as they were sent form america we were united. in america however, we are not united these days. we are so divided, each one fighting for their own culture declaring racism as their reason for doing so. i wish it werent so, but it is and its happening more and more.

Andrew R.May 18, 2021

I await the series with anticipation. However, the underlying belief appears to be that there is one Heavenly Father and one Heavenly Mother for planet Earth. Whilst this may very well be true, it does not have to be. How would it change things if there was more than one?

DMTMay 17, 2021

I love this true story! I love how this young woman felt the Spirit and went with it, instead of questioning and doubting, and putting off what turned out to be life changing opportunities. I love how an American family sponsored and helped this eager and enthusiastic young woman! Americans have so much more than most in the world. As 3 times ex-pats, we love getting to know people around the world. Thanks for this uplifting article!

DaveyMay 17, 2021

Very insightful article. CRT will only increase race-based contention between people. It is such a bad idea on so many levels that I am surprised that certain politicians think it is a good idea. I honestly think Satan is putting this idea into people's minds -> broad sweeping bad ideas that are viewed as 'good' usually come from the adversary.

SherriMay 17, 2021

This is fantastic! I love it so much! My granddaughter loved the first video and can’t wait to watch more!

StephanieMay 17, 2021

Great story. Very inspirational. Where is Irina today?

Martha GutierrezMay 17, 2021

This is such a good article but it’s contradictory to what BYU is adopting for their standards. I just read their CRT adoption policy and their desire for equity. It’s almost like a a double standard don’t you think? I’m a BYU alumni and I can’t understand what’s really happening with this CRT theory. We need to stand up for more Christ love and not conform to the theories of the world.

AyseMay 17, 2021

This is such an inspiring story at this time of history. With all the negative news, this one is not and a thrill to read. Thank you.

Helen CondonMay 17, 2021

So much “wisdom born of pain.” (Helen Reddy, “I Am Woman”)

ToriMay 17, 2021

Amen, Nicholeen. Thank you for pointing out the immediate harm this ideology has on our children and on our society.

Helen CondonMay 17, 2021

As I seem to pursue my own dreams of beginning a grief Coach these are the words I needed this morning, “if it was right, her Heavenly Father provide.” Thank you.

Pauline HarryMay 16, 2021

Wow Seattle! We live in Kent. Great hearing your story and jealous about the Jerusalem opportunity. Inspiring though and very happy for you and yours!

Maryann TaylorMay 15, 2021

This was so sweet and beautiful. I have to chuckle a bit--I wonder if she thought about the fact that she was wearing black and white?

MaryMay 15, 2021

Great article, thanks for sharing! I have so much respect for this woman.

Pauline Bennion HarryMay 14, 2021

We need to be "wise as serpents, harmless as doves."

Maryann TaylorMay 14, 2021

The fact that the husband admits he still has feelings for his old flame is the deal breaker here in establishing a relationship with her daughter, who is now an adult. This man needs to concentrate on his own wife and children. Period. Most likely this woman knew the man was married and she may try and use her daughter to get to him. NO WAY!

CCMay 14, 2021

Right on. Someone who pursues someone else's husband or wife will not give up easily, and so the responses to her have to be firm and strong and then block her phone numbers and emails.

RuthMay 14, 2021

This story really touched me. How amazing that such an awful day could turn out to be one of the best, with a shift in perspective. Also, I love that Becky had homeopathic medicines to help with the diarrhea!

Julie ArcherMay 14, 2021

Thank you for all of these inspiring articles! They have been incredibly thought provoking and are priceless wisdom treasure for our day.

Catherine GardnerMay 14, 2021

Alarm bells are screaming in my head at this request from an old fiancé. The advice given is absolutely spot on. This lady is not reconnecting for a passing nod and a wave. She has blatantly stated she wants to meet up and renew the relationship she had with your husband. Of course both he and she won't look the same but it only takes one determined person to wreck your marriage. If your husband cannot accept the past is the past then you have a fight on your hands.

Dennis the MenaceMay 13, 2021

Perhaps it would be helpful for those of us passing judgement on those who have or have not had the Covid shot to read and ponder Doctrine and Covenants Section 64 verse 9.

L. PetersonMay 13, 2021

Thank you for the wonderful article!

Linda WillisMay 13, 2021

It's unfortunate that Dr. Nelson was rejected for who she is rather than the content of her address. How ironic that a beautiful message on avoiding contention in our personal and public lives was not heard by those in need of it.

Nancy LundquistMay 13, 2021

I remember comments that while on earth it is not her mission to comfort, teach or be involved while here in our earth life. We are in a wicked world, to expose her to the vileness and evil would be wrong. Her mission is different, we are not to pray to her, she's for a different time and place, that's the way I understand it. Just think of the curse words used for God, Jesus and any holy figure. She's too holy for exposure in any way.

PatMay 13, 2021

Narrow minded people do not like anyone’s opinion except theirs. We can only get to know each other better if we listen to others. We DON’T have to always agree with them.

LindaMay 13, 2021

So the "left" is in favor of identification proving that a person has been vaccinated? Hmmm. What about voter i.d.? That's even more important a d they won't stand for it!!! Hypocrites.

Michele BaerMay 13, 2021

Very well written. The calm discussion to appreciate all sides of differing views is the path to bring succes and happiness. Thank you for expressing this so eloquently.

Maureen GaleMay 13, 2021

That is the most compelling, cohesive, and persuasive article I've read in a long time. Let's be for shedding full light on each argument (or better stated, point of view) and see where it leads. Jesus never shied away from letting His truths be known, even when it led to martyrdom. He only stopped lovingly persuading when he knew no hearts would be softened.

Elizabeth SmithMay 13, 2021

I'm a picky reader--former English teacher and editor. This is a powerful series. Four months after finishing it, I still find it helpful and hopeful. It fleshes out some scripture, is consistent with prophecy, is deftly written.

DanielleMay 13, 2021

I have enjoyed these articles so much and reread each of them several times. Becky and Jolanta are both truly extraordinary! (I look forward to learning more about Thomas n future articles too.) Thank you so much for sharing with us!

David DurfeeMay 13, 2021

Extraordinarily interesting. That same council would have probably excommunicated Emma Smith. It was a difficult and uncertain time for everyone, and no one was perfect.

Karell BinghamMay 13, 2021

Scott and Marine, you always inspire me, I would love to meet you some day! Here is one little thought that I have about kneeling across the altar. The altar symbolizes sacrifice. This perhaps indicates that those who are being sealed across the altar of sacrifice are to remember that they are expected to sacrifice for each other. AND when a sacrifice is made for the other, she or he needs to recognize that sacrifice with gratitude!

LewisMay 13, 2021

I continue to be incredibly impressed by Jolanta and her courage. To be taken from the life you have known and be uprooted, carried to a strange country with strange people must have been terrifying. She is an example to all of us. As are you, Becky. You didn’t have to do any of this, but you answered the promptings of the spirit. May God bless your life, as you have blessed the lives of so many.

Becky DouglasMay 13, 2021

Thank you for your kind words, Robert! Anyone with nine little ones is a hero of mine! I think I can personally vouch for how challenging that is, and also, for how rewarding that is! You have a good eye. Thomas, Jolanta's brother is, indeed, the second from the right in the picture. We've been focusing on Jolanta's experience in these past few articles. One more article on Jolanta, and then we will focus on Thomas's experience, which in many ways was the polar opposite. Just making sure that we never got bored . . ..

HarrietMay 13, 2021

This is a well thought out perspective. Thank you for writing it. I agree with the article, we need to come back to the time when ideas can be freely expressed. It is amazing what we can learn from one another when we are willing.

Frank MerrillMay 13, 2021

Perhaps my life is too simple. If someone whose opinion I don't wish to hear is speaking at an event, I don't attend the event. Should I decide to attend the event anyway, perhaps in the interest of widening my horizon, my reaction to that event is purely my own and I have no responsibility or prerogative to express my own reaction to anyone else. Continuing that simplicity and exercising my agency, I may decide to watch another film or television program in the event I do not choose to view or hear any more of the event I had been viewing, but exercising that agency does not authorize me to express my decision to anyone else.

John BerenyiMay 13, 2021

What a great article. I learned much from this. Thank you!

AnonymousMay 12, 2021

When your spouse takes joy in causing you pain then it's time to quit. Told my soon to be ex that he hurt my feelings and he laughed in my face. Video games and porn very much killed my marriage.

withheldMay 12, 2021

Jason is an amazing teacher. I have great memories of him teaching our small group of songwriters, at our local chapter of NSAI (Nashville Songwriters Assoc. International) , a couple of times. His work with Nashville Tribute has been a blessing in my life.

PatMay 12, 2021

It is always special for me to read of remarkedly good events as well as to read and feel the writers' emotions pertaining to stories like this one. By the same token, testimonies are always welcome to my mind. Knowledge of the gospel has given me the opportunity to smile, cry, wonder, as well as enjoy its truthfulness. Thank you for this example of strength and fortitude.

Timothy D JohnsonMay 12, 2021

When Brigham Young fist announced the food storage program, he said "seven years food storage". In my grandfather's time is was three years. In the 70's, one year good two years better. In the 90's, one year. Then in the early part of this century we were told to reduce it to three months but still keep working on the one year supply. Where else in the scriptures did God keep lowering the standards before He finally sent the "kaboom" down. I worry that He has given us reduced amounts out of patience. But patience only goes so far when so many members of the Church who have the means to obtain their food storage dismiss it as unimportant. One man argued that we need to concentrate of spiritual things rather than temporal things. But remember it says in the D&C that all His commandments are spiritual. In closing, Brigham Young also said "even if we do it half right we will have enough bread to feed ourselves and all the gentiles who come to us". Quotes from Brigham Young are from Discourses of Brigham Young

Linda WillisMay 12, 2021

This article is packed full of wisdom from on high and can be a game changer for many. I have read Wally's articles for years and everyone has been a winner. This one is a home run!

Allison TullisMay 12, 2021

I hapoen to work for Head Start as a preschool teacher. We are a high-quality preschool program, not a daycare. This has always been a misconception about Head Start. And to say it is a failure is not at all accurate. The good we do to help our families, as well as our children, is the definition of success, not failure. I would like to know where you came up with calling our program a failure.

Nancy Holley JolleyMay 12, 2021

My Great Grandfather was also part of the same Hunt Company. The sacrifices they made strengthen me today...I can do hard things! Grateful for those who kept journals and strengthen us.

DaniMay 12, 2021

First, thank you to those that are willing to give kind, loving care to those children whose parents do not have the option of having at least one parent able to stay home. I was blessed to be able to be a "stay at home mom" for a number of years. Instead of using these huge amounts of money to push children out of the home, why not use it to enable one parent the option to stay home and raise their children in a loving, caring environment. This makes future generations who are a positive influence for their communities and society in general. Selfishness and greed have become increasingly the norm and therefore encouraged behavior. It was truly irritating and disappointing that if I sent my children to daycare there was a tax break, however in choosing to be at home with my children there was no additional tax advantage. Yes, it was a struggle financially, but I was there. No one will love your children as much as you. A "basic income" would be more useful than pushing children out of their homes. Again I know all too well the struggle for single parent homes, and homes where both parents are forced to work, just to make ends meet-- sometimes even that is a terrible struggle. So again, I am so grateful to those loving souls who are truly CARING for the children who need them while parents are unable to be there. Thank you and so much gratitude. I pray we can come together and push for families to have the ability to care for and nurture their children. I pray for them and for those who willingly and compassionately step up to help those who sincerely need that extra help and support.

SebMay 12, 2021

Another contributor to the increased inflation has not been mentioned in the article: The printing of trillions of dollars. The FED has printed more than $10 trillion in the last twelve months. Guess how inflation is defined. It’s not an increase in consumer prices but an increase in the supply of money.

John R CarpenterMay 12, 2021

"Educate and arm yourself and your children with the truth. Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “There comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular, but he must take it because conscience tells him it is right.” It’s time to call out critical race theory for what it is, employ every means possible to end its use, and model the true rejection of racism by building “bonds of genuine friendship” through love and service to all." AMEN AND AMEN!

Gaye Jones WillisMay 12, 2021

Clark, thank you for this wonderful article. Mary was an amazing example to all and her posterity need the world. I hope you and your family are well.

StephaniMay 12, 2021

This movie was hilarious! My kids have watched it every day since we watched it as a family. My husband and I laughed through the whole thing. At the end, I appreciate that they weren't in your face about her being a lesbian. Just a brief mention of a potential girlfriend. Most kids won't even catch it. Mine certainly didn't.

David BarkdullMay 12, 2021

Br Hinkley, enjoyed your story. I come from a very similar heritage. My great great grandparents, Thomas and Ann Oakey were baptized by Wilfford Woodruff, emmigrated in 1856 and travelled with the Willie company. Their 11 year old daughter was the last to die in that company the night before they entered the valley. As yours is, their story too is humbling for all that they went through. Like you, in 2006, my father, brother and I honored their names by spending 4 days out on the trail hiking between the Ice Slough and Rock Creek Hollow on the days, 150 years later that they did. It was an amazing experience and mother nature did not disappoint us providing an ice cold snow filled night with straight line winds. Even though we camped in our tent, we had a gas heater and plenty of extra wool blankets and good food. Like yours, It was an experience we will always remember. I have also just finished my own book, 428 pages of my Oakey ancestors and their trip to Utah and Idaho and their lifes here. I was the logical lead for three stake treks in the past 12 years and know that stretch of the pioneer trail well. One year Jolene Alphin arranged for some of your Pace relatives, two sisters to Margerie (and their names slip me now) came to our stake and spoke to our youth about their family's experiences on the trail. They even brought a large visual display object for everyone to see. It was quite a memorable evening. Thank you for sharing your family's story. It is nice to read about others who share the same passion and convictions.

Maryann TaylorMay 12, 2021

Beautiful article about the depth of our Heavenly Father's love for each of us. The more messed up our lives are, the more He wants to help us! How sad when we withdraw from Him because of embarrassment or guilt. I have come to sense who my Heavenly Father is through the Holy Ghost as I read the scriptures and pray. I also feel His love reflected through the love and kindness of others. I feel his love when I ponder the beauties of nature and all that He has provided for us. Every breath I take is a gift from Him. He is constantly proclaiming His love for us every day if we have eyes to see and ears to hear.

Maryann TaylorMay 12, 2021

Great advice! As we learned in the pandemic, it doesn't take long for shelves to empty. We need to be prepared--especially with food and water. It is very comforting to know that in the event of a disaster, you will not go hungry or suffer from thirst. The Lord has given us counsel to prepare and we need to act.

Maryann TaylorMay 12, 2021

I realize some woman have no choice--they must work to support their families. I respect and admire them for the heavy burden they carry. However, those who do not really need to work are missing out on so much. It breaks my heart to think of so many little ones spending long hours every day away from home. NO ONE can love or care for children the way a mother can. When our children were growing up, we often were stretching to make ends meet, but I am so grateful I was able to care for my children at home. Looking back, it gives me peace and great satisfaction to know I was able to put my children first. I was the one to see them take their first steps and say their first words. I was the one who was there for them when they were afraid, sick, or just needing a mom's touch. What a blessing.

Maryann TaylorMay 12, 2021

My husband and I have been married almost 51 years. Yesterday he sent me a text: "I love thinking about you." Little things like this melt a woman's heart! I believe that continually expressing love and appreciation is a key to a happy marriage. I also loved the advice here in this article about having your notebook ready during prayer to write down inspiration for your marriage. This is in harmony with President Nelson's counsel. One of the great truths I have learned over the years is that it is not my job to "fix" my husband. My job is to love him, encourage him, and overlook his weaknesses.

Donald E.May 11, 2021

The First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles have received the COVID-19 vaccine. The church is spending sacred funds to help other nations afford the vaccine for their populations. The church encourages vaccinations per the Handbook: Vaccinations administered by competent medical professionals protect health and preserve life. Members of the Church are encouraged to safeguard themselves, their children, and their communities through vaccinat