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July 23, 2019

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Annie B.July 22, 2019

I am so glad to see this monument. My great grandmother lost two. One shortly after they started from Council Bluffs and one who was born crossing and only lived a few days. She carried the second one for two days until they reached the Strawberry River. There she let them bury the child because others were buried there and the baby wouldn’t be alone.

Helga SilskiJuly 22, 2019

I love the sweet young voice and innocence, there is purity that so often lacks from adult performers. Even the dress is part of the performance, here again Claire beautiful but simple and it does not detract from her song that she shares with us. Perfect rendition, so uplifting and sweet. THANK YOU

JohnJuly 22, 2019

you truly live up to your name, "bright" you light the world with your God given talent thank You

Judy HaddadJuly 22, 2019

My husband & I read the book & saw how the Beans overcame the adversity & completed their mission for the Church. They weren’t released for 25 years & were heartsick to leave when they were released. We are so disappointed here in Ontario, Canada that this movie will not be shown here. There are so many Saints who would love to see this movie.

SeagullSuzJuly 22, 2019

...okay fine! hiw about some information about the children 8-11...what will the boys be doing without Cub Scours...and the activity Day girls..apparently the Faith in God Program will be discontinued...when will we hear about the replacement?...


We own a Photo Equipment sales and Photography business (42 years) All our children went to college except for one son. He chose not to attend college. He had a job(s) While in High School and before he left on his mission and when he was soon to return from his Mission,one of the businessmen wrote him and offered him his job back in a print shop, When he returned, he reluctantly took the job but also worked in Insurance sales. My son soon realized his best opportunity was at the Print shop and focused on that.....Long story short, he now owns Quality Printing. He and his wife and 2 children are doing well and he did not have to go to college to make his way. We advised him along the way when he sought out our advice and experience. But he's a self made man and doing well.

Monty Brown AlvordJuly 22, 2019

Your grandfather is my great uncle. As a young girl I lived close to them in Calif. Visited with Aunt Zina and Uncle Hugh and family quite often. My father Lamont Brown, loved and respected him so much. He was going to marry me and my to be husband but something came up and it didn't happen. I always felt so badly about that. I have much history about him if you are interested. Email me if you would like to. It was wonderful to read your beautiful story!

Heidi WolfJuly 22, 2019

Thanks for sharing these great ideas. I loved your mom. She was a wonderful person.

AllenJuly 22, 2019

Most, if not all representative assemblies in this country have procedures in place that allow the citizens to recall elected officials who are not doing their duties or who are not in keeping with community standards. The citizens of this community and others with similar situations ought to be petitioning for recall elections for each offending politician. If they allow these people to continue in office, they are inviting other abuses of power, since the underlying ideals of the offenders will not change.

Carol Grass WinklerJuly 22, 2019

And after days like that, she still took time to do my husband's shirts! Keith had the privilege two summers of his Eastern States missionary experience of serving as the voice of King Lamoni at the Hill Cumorah pageant. The summer of 1955 in the first year of our marriage, we drove to Palmyra and he told me of the Beans, who had by then been released. This was before the days of "wash 'n wear", and the missionaries still had to have white shirts done up for the public appearances. Since his days were filled with assignments on the construction crew and his evenings were taken for performances, dear Sister Bean took over having his white shirts washed, ironed, and ready for him daily. Though I never met her, she has always been an inspiration.

Cheryl BurtonJuly 22, 2019

As I have several children who are on different paths than how they were raised, I have learned there are 7 things that we can do. First and foremost is to LOVE THEM UNCONDITIONALLY. Even if we don't mention anything about their inactivity they can feel the negative energy that comes from withholding our love. Which brings us to the second big one which is DO NOT BE JUDGMENTAL. We are all on our journey back to our Heavenly Parents and need to honor Their gift to us of having agency, to be authors of our own actions. This includes ourselves! Do not waste time and precious energy beating ourselves up as to what we did or did not do in the past. This is not only counterproductive (unless we need to repent of any wrongdoing) and will deplete our energy for being able to be there for those who need us.One of my favorite mantras: Regret looks back. Fear looks forward. Faith looks up. #3 and 4 are the obvious PRAY sincerely and FAST with real intent. #5 Bless their names as we put them on TEMPLE PRAYER ROLLS. #6 Consistently send them positive, encouraging and LOVING THOUGHTS throughout the day. Their true self, their spirit will feel those affirmations and positive energy. And #7 (which is symbolic of completeness and spiritual perfection) ask for the ATONEMENT of JESUS CHRIST to bless our hurting heart to be comforted, even healed so we don't stand in the way of them coming back to Him. I find a divine connection when I use this 7th step and actually surrender my pain and their choice of journey back to Him. Then I can "give it a rest" and feel His rest as He rested on the 7th day of Creation. As I reflect the past years I can stand back and see the holes in my heart have allowed space for His Love and Light to enter in for growth and sanctification.

Marsha NewmanJuly 22, 2019

Can’t wait to see it! Historical films are a superb way for our generation to “virtually “ experience the heroism and effort that our ancestors shouldered daily To push God’s work forward. They set the disciple bar high! May we follow worthily in their footsteps.

Ruth JamiesonJuly 21, 2019

What a wonderful story of faith! Can't wait to see the movie and read the book!

Ann-Marie JensenJuly 21, 2019

Thanks for the best lesson I've ever received about Paul and his missionary work!

Mark MathesonJuly 21, 2019

Great analogy, Mr. Turner. Thank you for sharing it. Very few things in life do we test Before we buy.

CodyJuly 20, 2019

Gentle parents - I so get this! If music is the chosen path for your son, there are great tools to give him practical preparation and give you peace of mind about it. Is your family aware of the Commercial Music Program at South Plains College in Levelland, TX? I can’t say enough good about this amazing program! Top-notch instruction & mentoring in musicianship development, recorded and live-sound technical skills, music industry & entertainment business skills, and lots of performance opportunities. SPC is a public community college - personalized instruction, reasonable tuition, degree granting, transferable credit to 4 yr “U” if that ever becomes his desire. My high school aged daughters have been taking a live band performance class @ SPC over the last year & I am simply amazed at the program. Diverse music offerings - rock, jazz, blue grass, experimental, country, inspirational, and hybrids of all! If your son wants to explore the world of professional music, he would be hard-pressed to find a more supportive, professional environment in which to do so.

TimJuly 20, 2019

I too am shocked at the number of members who have bought into socialism. They seriously need to look into what they are siding with because, as Roxylynne so aptly says, everything about current left wing socialism goes against virtually everything the gospel stands for. At its worst, socialism/communism the very plan we once rejected in favour of free agency on this earth.

Jen McDonaldJuly 20, 2019

Thank you for the wonderful story of Brother Johnson and the birth of the church in Ghana. My son is currently serving a mission in West Africa and I have shared this story with him. The people of Africa are thirsting for the Gospel and so receptive to the missionaries. I appreciate the time and thought you put into your very interesting and thought-provoking podcast each week.

DENNIS BOTTJuly 19, 2019

I served a mission in the Southwest British Mission [1965 - 1968] where President Brown was a frequent visitor...on one occasion I was present during a mission wide meeting where President Brown spoke to we missionaries...during that meeting he gave this Currant Bush parable and I can testify of the power that is contained therein...I also was privileged to be personally interviewed by President Brown as he toured the mission when we were congregated in zone conferences and that was a very humbling experience...his gaze seemed to penetrate my very heart and his unconditional love for the Lord President Brown told the Currant Bush parable he made eye contact with each missionary as if to say "take my testimony to heart because the Lord will cut you down in order to cause fruitful growth, it may be painful but remember the Lord IS the Gardener here".

stevie mckennaJuly 19, 2019

Thank you for this very insightful read. Paul is a very interesting character and such a talented missionary. You brought this out beautifully.

Elliot MorrisJuly 19, 2019

"Open borders" is an incendiary phrase. It is used by those who fear liberalized immigration to demonize any and all who suggest that current restrictions on immigration are detrimental to our national well-being. There are many who favor unrestricted or less restricted migration. Some of them are socialists. Some are not (the Cato Institute being one. Hardly a Socialist organization). There are socialists, however, who ardently oppose immigration (the Chinese, for example). In other words, immigration is a policy issue every nation faces and is not determined by economic ideology (capitalism v. socialism). Many free market economists and thinkers favor the free flow of labor accross national borders. It is dangerous, I believe, to marry words like "Socialsim" and "Open Borders" as this tends to impede intelligent discourse concerning what immigration policy is best for the country. To put it another way, free market, liberty loving folks like myself, who believe in a more liberal immigration policy do not very much like being lumped in with Socialists.

Bill LawlerJuly 19, 2019

Love Issac’s comments and insights. I hadn’t thought of any of those three principles but now I will. Thank you Prof Calvert!

Chip WhitmerJuly 19, 2019

Ether 12:41 -- "And now, I would commend you to seek this Jesus of whom the prophets and apostles have written..." (Moroni editorializing.) This suggests pretty strongly that Moroni was familiar with New Testament writings. How he would have received those writings is open for speculation.

Jan KingJuly 19, 2019

I agree with Paul would have been nice to have had more information. What was the inside performance to have been??

Juli RileyJuly 19, 2019

I am so excited for this movie to finally come out! I've read the book a few times and loved reading about the great heart of these people. I'm so excited to see it in film.

McKay TurnerJuly 19, 2019

Every time someone told me "you need to take a car for a test drive" thing, I tell them they’re using the wrong analogy. It’s more like building a new house. You’ve never lived in it, but together you carefully pick and choose how you want it to look, how you build it, how it’s furnished. And once it’s built, you need to work on, and maintain the house. Then you can make changes to it over time. Add new rooms, new levels, new appliances, repaint it, keep it fresh etc

Ann-MarieJuly 19, 2019

Great book. Fantastic people.

Judy IrvingJuly 19, 2019

GREAT summary I can't name sources, but remember a talk at a BYU at Devotional in which the speaker said the suffering of the unrepentant doesn't expiate for their sins. We can't pay back the law, only Christ's atonement does. I'd love to get sources on that because it does make sense. Per force we suffer because we're outside of the only power that can relieve us -until we use the atonement to be cleansed - but our suffering doesn't pay back the Law of Justice, only Christ does that. After the suffering evidently the holdouts do reconcile to the atonement before receiving a kingdom of glory, but the suffering is a result of rejecting the power of the atonement up to that point.

Dennis MckayJuly 18, 2019

Wow!! Simply amazing. The words and meaning of the song, The music and scenery and Clair's incredible presentation are all such a perfect combination. Love it!! Thank you!!

Maggie BannachJuly 18, 2019

The PTSD that comes with abuse is not just a matter of forgive, suck it up or act maturely. It is not vendictiveness or revenge. It is overwhelming uncontrollable emotions that threaten to shame or embarrass you. They are so powerful the crying & anxiety won't stop. This isn't about being mature enough to put your child first on their day. It's about being able to get through the day without spending the entire event hiding in the bathroom.

Kareen T ChristenJuly 18, 2019

This was an interesting story that was similar to one my Father in Law told about his experience in the Army during World War ll. He was also up for a promotion from Major to Colonel and was passed over because, "He is a Mormon". This was a big disappointment but he later retired as a Major and went on to be a successful business man. He was one of the founders of SOS Temporary Services in Salt Lake City. His name was Russell Christen.

SuzieJuly 18, 2019

There are some things that a spouse may feel, but absolutely should not say...such as “Wow, you are sure getting fat.” I would never want to say something that hurts my spouse, even if there was truth to it. When I was younger, I said unkind things that were true, but often did so because I was upset. There came a point where I didn’t have it in me to fight anymore...and I started just being respectful and more agreeable. That escalated to where we both have become kinder to each other. We enjoy every day together, and we both feel loved. We must obey the Savior when he says, “Cease to find fault.” I do not even allow myself to THINK a negative thought about my spouse. I concentrate on his many positive traits, and we both are blessed.

Joni HiltonJuly 18, 2019

Thank you so much for this extremely generous praise. I will live on that compliment for a very long time! How grateful I am that you took time to write words that made my day!

Merlyn de la MelenaJuly 18, 2019

Exquisite! I’ll listen to her any time you include her in the Meridian.

Sue C.July 18, 2019

I love this Claire. Thanks for sharing your talents with us. It made my day.

SusanJuly 18, 2019

Our experience is that when one person keeps has feelings that don't get expressed, the other person can sense it, and could possibly interpret it negatively: He's not he mad? Did I do something wrong? Doesn't she think I can handle what she's going to say?

Joel Robin MarksJuly 18, 2019

Hugh B Brown strikes again!!

N. Larry JackJuly 18, 2019

Enjoyed your article. If you are interested I have a Great personal story about your Grandfather, Hugh B Brown

Larry WimmerJuly 18, 2019

Thank you, Marilyn. Yes, your grandfather was a great man; a very special man among the many with whom he served. I am also grateful to have known him. As tender and loving as any leader I have known. In addition, he has an extraordinary and beautiful granddaughter - Marilyn. From your past HT and always your friend.

Sarah HomerJuly 18, 2019

Aunt Marilyn, I too am grateful for the examples of faith that are found within our family. I cherish every moment with you and I know that Grandpa Brown continues to reach out to his family on the earth and help bring them the peace of heaven. Thank you for writing this article; it was just what I needed to read this morning!

Ben JonesJuly 18, 2019

The Church has been noticed for its members being good citizens of whatever country they are citizens of. In particular, Saints in East Germany were able to get a Temple before the Berlin Wall came down by virtue of their honoring their commitments to return from visiting temples in Western Europe. When the Tabernacle Choir visits other countries, it sings the national anthems and some pieces in the languages of those countries out of respect to them. They still get much applause for singing Battle Hymn of the Republic wherever they go.

JaneJuly 18, 2019

Thank you for sharing this powerful story of Pres. Brown's. It is one of my favorites. What a lesson for him and for us. It is a treasure!

Michael Shea, MDJuly 18, 2019

It is nothing less than astonishing to me that anyone with even a primitive education and cognitive ability above the 3rd grade level could countenance such a pernicious and blatantly evil ideology. There are certainly more dullards in this country than I ever imagined.

Kenneth W VickersJuly 18, 2019

I was bothered by the author worrying about what people in the congregation who may not be American born. I love my country, the Founding Fathers are my heros. I respected the customs of the people of Turkey when I was stationed there in the US Air Force. I also love to the Stars and Stripes waving in the breeze, in front of chapels as well as on Temple grounds, to me, it is a banner of freedom. I would recommend both author and those posting comments, to read "The Covenant, One Nation Under God" by Timothy Ballard. I consider myself a patriot. When I took the oath to defend the Constitution of The United gates of America, when I enlisted in the Air Force, it is a life time commitment to me. I also would suggest reading the history of the Star Spangled Banner, how the flag was held upright by true patriots, and as they were dying another would take his place. I apprecIate Jim Merrell's comments.

KC DayJuly 18, 2019

There is a great divide in America today. It's between those who reject change and those who insist change is needed. We have a President who is doing everything possible to further widen that gap. Nothing he says or does is remotely true to the Gospel Jesus preached, including the Sermon on the Mount. Until we elect a President with the wisdom and compassion of King Benjamin, this divide will widen, until we are once again fighting each other in the streets. Trump exemplifies everything that is wrong with Capitialists. He worships money and power. There are so many scandals associated with him, all of them sordid and examples of violating the 10 Commandments. No wonder that some people who reject his ideology are also rejecting his version of Capitialism and wish to steer our government into becoming more responsive to the needs of the less fortunate among us. They look to Socialism and Communism as examples of government that is socially responsive and responsible because they are the exact opposite of our current Administration. It is the fear that Trump will turn us into a facist state, or a twisted Theocracy devoid of Gospel principles, that is motivating their words and actions. And left unchecked, that's exactly where we are heading. We need a new version of Capitialism, one that rewards those who acheive, but also requires those individuals to pay fair taxes to assure everyone in this country has access to shelter, food and health.

RuthAnnJuly 18, 2019

I love this message so much! And me and my wrinkles needed to hear it! Thanks so much

Sandra LucusJuly 18, 2019

Marilyn ...thank you for your great example throughout our friendship. You have been an inspiration to all who know and love you. I have always admired your ability to love and serve all those you come in to contact with. Your grandparents, family and friends are so blessed to be apart of your circle of love.

Ruth JamiesonJuly 18, 2019

So beautiful! Just what I needed this morning. Thanks Claire, love your sweet voice and testimony.


Thank you for sharing your story. This is so important to love with all we have. That's the way people will be touched and know of our genuine concern and hope and love for them. I love that you felt the love not only from your grandparents, but from aunts and uncles and cousins.

CW2SADJuly 18, 2019

I'm the bulletin specialist for my ward and learned something interesting after that particular Sunday. I put in the bulletin, under the information for the hymn, "Please, if possible, stand for our national anthem." The bishop informed me afterwards that the presiding leader at the meeting decides if standing is to be done or not. I'd never heard that before... BTW: Our ward stood.

Kevin D KrauseJuly 18, 2019

I know socialism is bad. I'm not promoting it in any way, but Capitalism has its week points too. I feel like the Socialism movement is picking up pace because so many are unhappy with the current state of things, and they are desperately seeking something new.

HelenJuly 18, 2019

Thank you for this! None of my grandchildren have the Gospel in their lives. I will increase my prayers on their behalves.

CW2SADJuly 18, 2019

Perspective. Changing a person's perspective can change their life. You work in each article to assist us in changing our perspective and I so appreciate it. Admittedly, you're one of the reasons I don't write; I could never wield words the way you do... Thank you. I need you. Your community needs you. Your Church needs you. The world needs about 8 billion more of you.

vickieJuly 18, 2019

yes I do understand this message...its a great story. I was the best girl tennis player on the team at my school. I played hard because I loved it. I was just playing and having so much fun doing it that I hadn't realized I made number one on the team. boys were trying to play me and I beat one that did. well, I was proud. my father told me not knowing my circumstances that we had moved and he could no longer come this late at my high school to pick me up so he told me I had to quit. plus my grades weren't all that good so I had to quit. I am sure my tennis coach freaked out because here he had someone who beat out everyone. well, that brought me down. I had to quit and I did. the only blessing from this was...I didn't have to play in front of crowds of people. I hated playing in front of anyone because I played for me because I enjoyed it so much. many times in my life I reached the top only to find that this was all I was expected to do; to see that yes I can do well and that was all I needed at that time.

KarenJuly 18, 2019

W.O.W. Beahtifly powerful.

Leslie HillmanJuly 18, 2019

Thank you so much for this heartwarming article! I too had active Latter-day Saint grandparents who prayed daily for my brother and me, and I’m sure also for my half brother and sister. My father was active on and off after my parents split up. My full brother and I went to church with our mother and were baptized at ages 9 and 10. My father was estranged from his family but I made contact with them as an adult. What a wonderful reception! And the spontaneous family reunions as I visited aunts and uncles and cousins! I sadly never met my grandparents, as they had died when I was 14. I love to do temple work, and my brother is a temple worker! We each have children who also attend the temple!

K. Chin - Modesto, CAJuly 18, 2019

So many times I’ve heard these words, “All I can do is pray that....” I have come to learn that the word “all” should be changed to “EVERYTHING!” Prayer IS the BEST and MOST powerful action we can ALWAYS take. This story reminds me of everything good and hopeful we can do to help our families and ourselves. Many, MANY, thanks for sharing it!

Janneke BaasJuly 18, 2019

How I recognize your experience. Only: I had no grandfather to teach me about the Church, to pray for me and guide me. My parents were against any form of religion. As a child of 4, in kindergarten I first heard the story of the birth of Jesus. Since then I have been searching for a church and a religion. It was a long and hard road. But this feelings you describe, that you knew there must be a God who is personal, I recognise. A little girl with a touch of heaven is not easily discouraged.......

Alexander ForsythJuly 17, 2019

How did Saint Paul know what to write to the Corinthian Church? Did he receive "revelation" from Heaven? There is a simple explanation: open the New Testament and read 1Corinthians chapter One verse eleven: "For it hath been declared unto me of you, my brethren,by them which are of the house of Chloe, that there are contentions among you." Today, the First Presidency, and the Quorum of the Twelve get reports from Stake and Mission Presidents, and others, as to the needs of a Global Church. I am not a Church Member; only an "Investigator" - however, it is obvious that a parallel situation exists in this 21st Century, as it did in the 1st Century.

Barbara O'BrienJuly 17, 2019

In conclusion, please be assured that senior Church leaders who preside over the divinely appointed purposes of the Church receive divine assistance. This guidance comes from the Spirit and sometimes directly from the Savior. Both kinds of spiritual guidance are given. I am grateful to have received such assistance. ~ Quentin L Cook ; General Conference 2018 ; Prepare to meet God

Charles DefranchiJuly 17, 2019

Because our Church is being faced with a wide variety of attacks through Social Media and other means, I highly recommend the reading or viewing of "Stand for Ever," by ElderLawrence E. Corbridge, dellivered at BYU on January 22, 2019 (see

RoxylynneJuly 17, 2019

I'm not sure how we overcome the rampant ignorance of people who think socialism in any form is going to offer anything but bondage, pain and suffering. The most discouraging is to see young lds people, students at our own universities spout views that are the antithesis of the gospel.

Denise CottrellJuly 17, 2019

Thank you Eileen for sharing this tender story. I purchased your book and read it and have shared you message with family and friends. The Savior is always close and aware of us, our happiness and our heartaches and trials. Your book will (and has) touched many. Our special time together in Europe is a memory never to be forgotten. Love to you and your family. Denise and Dave Cottrell

Samantha from TennesseeJuly 17, 2019

My youngest was a cryer from the git-go. If she was unhappy she wanted to make everyone miserable. To make matters worse, when she got wound up, she could imitate a siren. EVERYONE at church knew whose baby was crying! We finally got through infanthood ...only to be stymied to know what MIGHT bring on the flood. It came down to ‘letting’ her stay in her room until the flow would stop. Bingo! It’s no fun crying by yourself (unlike crying and getting what or nearly what you want—attention)! Forward to HER last baby. I got used to the calls about her crying baby (minus the siren), and finally told her as long as he was fed, dry, and painless (that’s another story) she’ have to put up with it until he was older. Then her older sister came to visit. she took one look at the now toddler crying and said, “Oh, so he’s your ‘mini-me’!” Later, after sister had left, my crier asked, “Was I THAT bad?” Oh, Baby, you’re learning fast.....

AndrewJuly 17, 2019

When are we actually going to see the text of the June 1978 revelation.?

Paul HJuly 17, 2019

Great scriptural examples. In Acts 10, two things have beeen left out: 1) The Spirit told Peter the men inquiring after him had been sent and it was OK for Peter to go with them back to Cornelius's house, and 2) After Peter preached the Gospel to them and the Holy Ghost bore witness of the truth of it, Peter baptized them and continued to teach them; it wasn't preach, then leave but rather baptize and build the Kingdom of God using the time that required. Studying Acts is also fascinating to see why Peter was in the area. The Lord knows who, what, why and how to help us with our issues AND He actually does so---it isn't just theory that He has the power to do so.

ChuckJuly 17, 2019

To see the truth of this article, go to the Internet and look at sites about : "Stars of the ____s---where are they now?" You will find pictures of people thought beautiful, handsome, sexy, several years ago---and they look like ordinary people now, growing older, just like us. Thanks for this--hope it helps those who need it.

DL AndersonJuly 17, 2019

All I would add is that men, too, are obsessed with self-image (physical beauty) as much as women appear to be. Please be aware brethren that all these points apply as much to you as it does to we sisters.

Paul WheelerJuly 17, 2019

No mention was made of why so many men had white shirts and ties. Was this a special "Mormon Night on Broadway" event? Was it near the temple and a meeting was taking place when the black out occurred? I cannot imagine why that many people in white shirts and ties just happened to be there in one group.

Haze KompelienJuly 17, 2019

As a mother, grandmother, and Labor & Delivery nurse, this is so funny, so accurate!

Carol AnnJuly 17, 2019

Having seen this spectacular production in past years and feeling the great Spirit that attended it, I have to say, "This is a very SAD day!"

KentJuly 17, 2019

Daris, I look forward to the Wednesday edition of Meridian for the simple reason i know your column will be there. i never took a family vacation with my parents or with my own children with a telephone - and now i feel blessed for the lack of experience.

LoraJuly 17, 2019

I come from the future: revenge is near. It's called EARLY MORNING SEMINARY. That's when you get to wake the kids up! Also, there is a lovely phase in childhood between 5 and 10 when children are adorable and you just know you are the best mother on earth. But remember these years, because no matter how much your teens challenge you, they are still easier than infants and toddlers. For one thing, they are self-cleaning. They can dress themselves, feed themselves, and you don't have to bring them with you to the store. After they are grown, they may have children just like themselves! (That's a lot of fun, too!) But beware: they may want you to babysit.

LoraJuly 17, 2019

Aging has been a blessing to me. My own mother got old at a young age. She spent 20 years completely bedridden and died at the age of 60 of a massive heart attack. She never got to be my age. Any time I am tempted to moan about my body, I can hear her saying to me, "Did you get out of bed on your own? You are having a good day." As far as looks, I have noticed that the most beautiful women are serving in the temple with lights in their eyes that shine from the soul. Smiling is a free, instant and painless face lift. Letting go of competing with others for the Fairest of Them All is such a relief! All young women are more beautiful than they realize, and the love of God makes all of us, at every age, so beautiful! I wish I'd known this sooner!

Milton H.July 17, 2019

We must remember that God established our free land--first and foremost, among its many virtues, as a place where the true gospel of Jesus Christ and His Church could be restored. (This is recognized by latter-day saints, wherever they may live.) So our National Anthem is most appropriate for inclusion in our hymn book, WITHOUT any qualms.

Ruth annJuly 16, 2019

Beautiful, simply beautiful.

Jose GomisJuly 16, 2019

Thank you for beautiful stories; And I to can testify of the Holy Ghost which teaches me over and over and the blessing that the Holy Ghost has been to me in fortifying my testimony. I have seen all the miracles that Jesus did; done my men of the priesthood but none are as important as the gift of the Holy Ghost as we look for more ways to make ourselves better, then that the conformation of the Holy Ghost. All those daily Miracles that keep us strong, believing in those miracles that happen to us personally including and knowing that Heavenly Father and Jesus gave us a name to go through vail to come to is earth and to return through vail also with same. Learn of all the miracles is good but more importantly love the one that you can create with the Holy Ghost by following it's directions. Remembering that we must be asking for them. Then doing them! Little by little the voice become clearer and clearer and more pointed as to what we should do by doing what it asks.

vickieJuly 16, 2019

what a beautiful and precious story this is. I felt sadness for Julene and her family. I have also seen things happen just like this to other people. they seem to be in a very good place in life here on earth and then suddenly something out of the blue happens and it changes everything. maybe its like they have such a wonderful spirit that their test is something drastic but doesn't last forever and they go home. God bless her family.

KenJuly 16, 2019

Ben is right, it's not a choice, but that's because choice is not the right word. No one really thinks anyone was offered a choice to have SSA or not. It is the attraction they feel, which is real, but somehow based on a part of our nature, maybe more or less of one hormone or another, and a part of our nurture, what happened in our environment. I can give lots of examples or explanations of how childhood brains interpret situations to support one idea or another. No one will ever be able to establish how every little life experience may contribute to how we view those of the same or opposite sex. It's dishonest to claim people are not inclusive, intolerant or hateful just because they want a person to get help for what they are experiencing, rather than feed a lie that it's all nature.

J. JamisonJuly 16, 2019

My experience/advice: If you offer scripture in attempt to "tone down" inflammation or your view during discussions becomes inflamed - leave any "political" discussion alone with individual

Jo AnnJuly 16, 2019

Vocal Point always does amazing performances.

BenJuly 16, 2019

Same sex attraction (SSA) is not a choice. Nobody chose to experience SSA. You can of course choose to act out or stay true to the covenants you made. As somebody who is suffering (yes I suffer) from SSA I know that for whatever reason I experience SSA it is how Heavenly Father wants me to be. I'm not less a man because of my SSA. If I choose to seek counseling in hope to possibly overcome SSA it will be my own decision. Nobody has the right to tell me " No, you can't do this." And if I choose to live with SSA and by doing so miss some blessings during my mortal time it will also be my decision. As long as I stand true to my covenants I will eventually lose no blessings whatsoever. For a Latter-day member it is especially challenging to do not feel alienated or lost in the eyes of Heavenly Father. I have to learn every day that my Father in Heaven loves me regardless from what I might suffer. THAT is true inclusion!

Robyn GreenJuly 16, 2019

Right on Paul H

Stephen DoneJuly 16, 2019

Thank you, thank you, thank you for writing this. I've been fighting for my right and my children's right to ethical therapy to address unwanted same-sex attractions in Utah and I've been feeling so alone. So incredibly tired of being told I was "lying to myself" and that I "hadn't really changed". I literally sobbed when I read this article. Maybe sometime soon the Deseret News will have the courage to publish something similar.

Margaret DaBellJuly 16, 2019

Thank you, Eileen, for sharing Julene’s experience and the blessings she has given to your family.

MelanieJuly 16, 2019

Love this ❤️

roxanneJuly 16, 2019

well done. thank you

Celeste McclainJuly 16, 2019

This article is a great one! I’ve said before that I’m a new convert and I’m learning everything anew and fresh! Learning this history of Joseph Smith is amazing and makes me appreciate and love him all the more! The great works he had ahead of him, the ridicule and persecution that awaited him and his unmovable faith in the Lord is so inspiring! I Too knew nothing of that governor of that time, that Ford fellow.... see I forgot his first name (joking)! However, I knew Joseph Smith name before my conversion! It’s amazing what you learn just by reading articles in the Meridian! I’m so elated and proud to be apart of this Church, of Jesus Christ LDS! One of the best decisions of my life! God is always here with us! I’m learning so much, not only through my teachings, but reading articles like these helps to strengthen my faith! Thank You for your article, it was enlightening!

Charles DefranchiJuly 16, 2019

Just reading this brought tears to my eyes. How can one complain about our own miseries when seeing a family going through such a challenge and yet be such an example of faith and long-suffering?! There was no miraculous healing and recovery for Julie, but the miracle is in the healing of the souls of all who will read this story.

Celeste McclainJuly 16, 2019

I am just floored! I love your story, and it has helped me put things in perspective! Heavenly Father is so amazing and will never forsake us! I truly believe he never left your daughter, your Angel or your family, not once! I’m so sorry for your loss, but I’m grateful for your testimony and faith! I have to admit, it has made my faith stronger! I have to look at ALL the miracles around me and learn to appreciate them all and Thank God for them all! Thank you for your Angel’s story!

Gill RutterJuly 16, 2019

As a non American member, I do find it inappropriate seeing flags (of any nationality)actually in chapels, on the stand and more especially, on Temple grounds. I guess it is all about cultural differences, but I personally feel uncomfortable with the idea. Church property should be neutral territory.

Janice Kapp PerryJuly 15, 2019

I am so honored that my song was meaningful during your great trial. Thank you for the copy of your book Which I read with great interest and heartbreak. Bless you for your great faith. Love, Janice

Becky EdwardsJuly 15, 2019

I love this story and have shared it quite a few times! I'm speaking at BYU-Idaho Education Week in a few weeks. May I have your permission to share the story there, as well as the picture at the beginning of the article?

Carol AnnJuly 15, 2019

Hmmm! And, I thought there was just one congresswoman who spoke out and disliked this country so much from Minnesota! Sounds to me like the good, sensible people of Minnesota and elsewhere need to start making their voices heard in the town halls of this state and be move vocal and stand up for the flag, the Pledge of Allegiance, and this country and its principles and values before "those" people with their noise and publicity are the majority voice! God bless America!

Gerald G FullerJuly 15, 2019

You asked, "But again, isn’t it wrong and even dangerous to affirm “conquer we must,” even if we add the qualification “when our cause it is just”? " How did you understand that notion? Did you understand it to me "we must go forth conquering and to conquer"? I have never so understood it. I have always taken it to mean that when our cause is just, and there is no other way to fulfill what is right without conquering and enemy who would prevent our just cause, we will not be made to fail Notice that lately we seem to have endless wars, wars which never seem to "conquer" the opposition? Could it be that we have lost the justness of our cause?

PamJuly 15, 2019

There are hymns that I think we should include (Amazing Grace) and some I don’t care for but are in the hymn book because the lyricists were prominent Church members; not all hymns are created equal. Does it harm anyone to acknowledge our patriotism? God gave us this country as a gift and it was sanctified by the shedding of blood. We are rearing our children to love their home country and when we have nonmembers visiting I think they should hear music that they recognize and love. One of my sons said he cringed every time “Praise to the Man” was sung when he was a missionary in the South, nonmember visitors didn’t get it. I also wish we had more music by classic composers like Mendelssohn and Handel. That would be inspiring and beautiful.

Annette SladeJuly 15, 2019

Love Celeste's testimony !!

Susan ImigJuly 15, 2019

Thank you for posting this! We had heard about kids singing outside Carnegie Hall while watching ‘The Blackout’ on Fox, but did not realize it had anything to do with the Church! The young interviewer tried to get a small group of the kids to sing as they wandered over to her interview spot, but they did not take her up on the offer. How nice to know that this choir was able to bring the light of the Gospel to a dark city.

Paul HJuly 15, 2019

One might want to read again the Articles of Faith if singing a national anthem celebrating the founding of the nation in which you are singing makes you uncomfortable. Being too sensitive is not healthy.

Sam HobbsJuly 15, 2019

If I may humbly make a request to those seeking to invite members to return: please do not pretend that the past was anything other than it was. Along with this newfound transparency, I often hear statements like "that was never doctrine, it was always just policy" or "the church never tried to cover this up," or "that was just the opinion of [X], it was never taught as revelation." For many topics, those statements are simply not true. We can say that X was "just policy" in hindsight, but members (and leaders) at the time would not have treated it as such. We can look backwards and find cherry-pick instances where the church did describe Y in an Improvement Era article in the 70s or an authority mentioned Z in a conference talk in the 80s; but that doesn't change the reality that Y was rarely discussed, and that its near universal omission from most correlated material was obviously intentional. I knew a lot of things from my parents growing up, from BYU publications, or FARMS/FAIR essays here and there. But even then, I've increasingly discovered over time that I was mistaken about more than I could have imagined. Thomas Marsh did not leave the church over milk strippings. Church leaders did not end polygamy in 1890. Some individuals were, in fact, excommunicated for taking stands against the church's racism (and those individuals' beliefs would today align with the church's official stance).

Melissa MarkhamJuly 15, 2019

Thank you for this beautiful testimony of faith and the Atonement. We so often hear stories about people having the faith to be healed (and they are wonderful!) but not always about sustaining faith when our prayers are not answered in the way we hoped. I, too, experienced a trial that I said I would never be thankful for. But prayers and soul searching have helped my husband and I to recognize the blessings that have come from our experience. Thank you again for your story.

Meredith R JackJuly 15, 2019

This is a beautiful story of Faith and Courage. I highly recommend the book!

Jan KingJuly 15, 2019

Sister Wilcox, thank you so much for writing and sharing Julene's tender and touching story. I'm glad you are able to recognize and be comforted by the miracles your family has, and will likely continue to experience. Sometimes the miracles we are blessed with are revealed to us in time.

AllisonJuly 15, 2019

From the current Seminary manual: Invite a student to read John 16:7 aloud. Ask the class to follow along, looking for whom Jesus promised to send after He was gone. Whom did Jesus promise would come after He departed? (Jesus would send the Comforter, or the Holy Ghost.) Explain that the word expedient, as used in verse 7, means beneficial or profitable. Point out that “the Holy Ghost did not operate in the fulness among the Jews during the years of Jesus’ mortal sojourn (John 7:39; 16:7)” (Bible Dictionary, “Holy Ghost”). To help the class understand why the Holy Ghost did not operate in its fulness, read aloud the following statement by Elder Bruce R. McConkie of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles: Elder Bruce R. McConkie “As long as Jesus was with the disciples in person, there was not the full need for them to have the constant companionship of the Spirit that there would be after Jesus left” (Doctrinal New Testament Commentary, 3 vols. [1965–73], 753).

Karen EvansJuly 15, 2019

My eyes are leaking so much that I can barely write this. What a beautiful story. Her legacy will live on and on. She will continue to touch lives as her story is told over and over. God bless her mother for following the spiritual prompting to share her life.

Michael Shea, MDJuly 15, 2019

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands; one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. If that’s offensive to you. leave. In fact, if you’re concerned that someone might be offended by that pledge, leave. And that means YOU, even if you’re one of the bureaucrats. No one needs you, and the pledge says nothing about allegiance to bureaucrats. Bureaucrats are a necessary evil at best. Our allegiance that we pledge is to the UNITED STATES, to the flag that symbolizes our unity as a society, and to the republican political order as it was conceived and executed by our forefathers and sustained by those who were martyrs for that cause. If that isn’t what you want, leave. Some of us have had just about all the nonsense from you that we can tolerate. It matters not at all if you don’t agree with every policy or every procedure, but if that is the case, and you would rather not leave, at least try keeping your mouth(s) shut for a change and stay out of the newspaper. You’re disturbing the peace. I join with those blowing back.

Mary Kay McGowanJuly 15, 2019

This beautiful young woman was clearly an Angel and her story helps me understand suffering better. I am grateful this was shared. Thank you so much.

Steven K. SsenyonjoJuly 15, 2019

A story worthy reading and pondering. As such faithful and dedicated members pass on, we think of their exemplified life based on their faith and testimony then we think of our worthiness, the atonement, the plan of salvation and determine to work better as Saints for our own salvation.

Jan KingJuly 15, 2019

Thank you for continuing to publish these excellent articles by Ted Gibbons! I had not read them before and am benefiting immensely!!

Merry MillerJuly 15, 2019

What a miracles story. I will pass this on to many of my friends. God bless your daughter and thank you God by taking her so she did not have to suffer anymore and now she is in your care and keeping. Bless the family and for allowing us to read your story.

John HendricksJuly 15, 2019

Hi, just a suggestion. I notice many times when you post photos there are no blurbs below the photos to identify who is who. It would be nice to see who the article is about.

Dr. AnonymousJuly 15, 2019

No one is required to recite the pledge if they individually choose not to do so. In my elementary school, there was a girl whose religious affiliation suggested that she not participate. She simply stood quietly during the pledge, and didn't receive any negative feedback for nor participating.

Jim MerrellJuly 15, 2019

For those who might be uncomfortable with patriotic music in church they obviously haven't read their Book of Mormon or Doctrine and Covenants lately. Nephi prophesied about this promised land of freedom and liberty and how when we are righteous we will prosper in this land. In the Doctrine and Covenants it teaches us the U.S. Constitution was inspired and directed by God and for "All nations". If I were in another country and they sang their national music on their national holiday, I would not feel threatened or harmed in any way. It is clear that this author is very articulate and as such are well read. Perhaps they would consider reading books about the American Covenant by Tim Ballard which gives references time and again of the God's hand in the formation of and sustaining of this country. I agree that we would do better to find ways to sustain this country by living righteously than just singing hymns in church about patriotism, at the same time I think rather than criticize the practice, we would be better served in discovering why we do it.

MarilynJuly 15, 2019

NICELY expressed! For those of us who have loved ones who sacrificed their own lives our attachments & memories find comfort in that sacrifice acknowledged in anthem. God does mend MY every flaw, and He can mend even a nation, to become even greater.

LexaGraemeJuly 15, 2019

Cute. How often would we get better results if we just approached things from a different angle.

TimJuly 15, 2019

While the UK national anthem is listed in the hymn book, I do not recall ever singing it in church as I was growing up, and certainly not during regular Sunday meetings. Nor do I ever recall hearing the Mareseilleise sung in church when I was on my mission in France. I'd be curious to know whether the national anthem gets played in other countries. And yes, it does make me uncomfortable to be in a Sacrament meeting to have the American national anthem sung. And I get some very odd looks when I refuse to stand up for it or to sing the words. Not sure this article really addresses the issue raised in the title.

BeckyJuly 15, 2019

What a beautiful story of hope. No matter the trials we go through, our Savior is ever aware of us and with us. Thank you for sharing this story

Sally MaddocksJuly 15, 2019

Thank you so much for sharing this. Very moving and for me a wonderful way to start my morning listening to the beautiful voices.

Robert HaleJuly 15, 2019

Thanks for sharing that rich experience !

Christine SchwartzJuly 15, 2019

Ah, this week's episode gave me so many tears of joy. Thank you! From South Africa

DarrelJuly 14, 2019

There is only one set of 12 apostles at one time on the earth, so the ones that Jesus called in the Book of Mormon were called disciples.

Anne JacksJuly 13, 2019

Totally agree with Julie Davis!

Jan KingJuly 13, 2019

Beautifully done.......covers all the bases!!

StacyJuly 13, 2019

Fantastic article. Regarding one of the comments, it is complete nonsense to not refer to Heavenly Mother because she's too sacred. Read the Gospel Topics Essay on Heavenly Mother. No prophet, apostle, or General Authority has claimed we shouldn't talk about Her. It was one CES teacher once and thus the urban myth began that She's too sacred to discuss. Can you imagine anyone saying we shouldn't talk about Heavenly Father because He's too sacred. Does anyone actually think that God is not married to His equal? My kids are sometimes rude to me, but I love them and forgive them because I'm their mother. Heavenly Mother is infinitely more loving, knowing and powerful. It's insulting to expect any less from Her. She doesn't need to be protected--She's a GOD! Did you ever consider that maybe the reason we don't know more about Her is because people have just accepted what little revelation there is about Her? Revelation doesn't magically pour out on people's heads. Leaders and members have to ask in order to get answers. Also, most women I know in the church do not want to be put on a pedestal or be told they're superior. They want to be treated with respect and equality. Infantilizing Heavenly Mother and women into beings that need to be protected is exactly what is driving many women from the church.

Wally GoddardJuly 12, 2019

The theme of this article doesn't seem to agree with the revered research by John Gottman. See his book, The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work.

Patricia RanousJuly 12, 2019

Celeste Mcclain expressed my feelings as an adult convert way more eloquently than I every could. Not a new me - but a better and happier me. Thank you, Celeste!

LauraJuly 12, 2019

Thanks for your words Celeste! That was almost as fun to read as the article. I appreciate the encouragement to be free to be yourself at the same time as being a faithful believer. They are compatible!

William R. WalkerJuly 12, 2019

Mariah; Your article was very interesting. You are a great writer. Also, I LOVED the comment from Celeste. Keep up the good work. William R. Walker

SharlaJuly 12, 2019

So very good. I see that this is so important in marriage. Our problems in communicating are destroying our 52 year marriage. Through the years I have been grateful for all you have taught, thank you.

ChrisJuly 12, 2019

Celeste McClain, so well said!!

Susan MuirJuly 12, 2019

Celeste, what a wonderful testimony. I love it.

Julie DavisJuly 12, 2019

If he says he does not want to be married to you. Believe him. Set him free to find someone else and set yourself free before you waste 25 years with someone who does not love you. It will hurt, but it will hurt less when you have 25 years to spend with someone who does love you.

Helen CondonJuly 12, 2019

Afraid I AM "super-white". Nothing I can do about it but it thrills my soul to know we are now actually in the minority. At least I'm an English woman who doesn't drink tea! :-)

AnonJuly 12, 2019

This story did not sit completely well with me. I do believe that prayers can influence good outcomes. This is scriptural. Think: Alma's prayers for his son that were granted. I also believe that all prayers are subject to the will and timing of God. Many people with great faith will pray and pray, and those prayers will not be answered in this life. Had this story not had the positive outcome that it did, it likely would not be a story.

Celeste McclainJuly 12, 2019

I watch, Stranger Things, but haven’t seen season 3! I can’t wait! However, I have to say that before I converted, I had those same ideas about Mormons. It’s called misinformation! I wish the world could get to know this Mormon! I’m sure I would shatter all of that misinformed data. I’m Black, most definitely not “superwhite”, I’m very Spiritual and I Love Heavenly Father and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, but I’m not “super religious”! People often make jokes, or statements about people, places and things they don’t understand. It’s all very human so we shouldn’t be surprised! Let them keep speaking about Mormons on they’re very popular shows, great advertisement if you ask me, if it were me I’d want to know who these Mormons are and I’d find out. I mean to be honest I did and that is why my life is so much better now and have such more meaning and why my journey with Jesus Christ is so profound! Im no saint, not at all, and far from it... However I wish to be, joyful, happy, longing to be free! I’m a Mormon convert and I’m learning that even though I’m a convert, who I am will never change, but how I’ve lived my life has changed drastically and all for the better. I’m still a intensely passionate black woman, who loves everything and all things, I’m a writer, a poet, a cook, a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a daughter, a sister, a niece and a friend. I’m still the woman who loves and listens to Jazz and R&B. I also love classical music and country and everything 80’s! I Love history, literature and art, non of that has changed. The only thing that has changed with me being a Mormon is the positive structure and strong foundation of Loving Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ in my life, which makes me a better person. The things that has changed is that, I don’t drink liquor anymore, which was killing me, I don’t smoke anymore which was killing me, I don’t engage in nonsense and devilment anymore which would have killed me! So in saying all this, Being a Mormon doesn’t make you something your not. It just makes you a better you! This is my opinion and this is heartfelt! If anyone has a problem with it too bad! This is who I am! I am a Mormon and I’m so blessed that the Church Of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints Came into my life and brought me so much closer to my God!

Mark MathesonJuly 12, 2019

I have not talked to anyone that has seen it, that hasn't enthusiastically liked it. So much better than the current Spiderman movie. John Groberg is a real hero, not a comic book creation. Please support films with great morals and messages or there won't be anymore to see in the future. Tell your friends, no, take your friends.

July 12, 2019

Let us now how you relate to this myth and whether it has affected your marriage.... Richard and Linda Eyre

Denton L. KimballJuly 11, 2019

If anyone is offended by the pledge of allegiance to this country, then, as someone already stated, they should return to the country from which they came. A citizen here cannot have allegiance to another country. If they do, they cannot and should not be trusted to stand up for this country when it becomes necessary. I certainly would not want such people as my neighbors.

Julie Fink/BrantleyJuly 11, 2019

I am not LDS but have read similar accounts and died myself back in '76

Laurie LewisJuly 11, 2019

Thank you so much, Jennie, for your thoughtful and lovely review of "Secrets Never Die." I'm honored that you enjoyed it. And thank you for all the times you've shined a light on colleagues' books, and for helping readers find them.

Rod LowJuly 11, 2019

I couldn't agree more. A number of years ago in some discarded records, I found a story about my 3rd great grandmother, Jacobina Well Osborn Patten Willamson. This discovery prompted me to get involved in writing stories of my ancestors. I now have stories of my ancestors and my wife's ancestor back several generations. This has led to great love and apparition for all my ancestors, but a special love for the grandmothers I never knew.

Wally GoddardJuly 11, 2019

Kandace, yes, it is great to offer ourselves and others hopeful statements. We should lift and encourage each other. I love your statement that we are enough with God and because of Him. For those without religious faith, another statement might be developed like: I have valuable talents that make a difference as I serve. I always think it is better to use a true statement than a faulty one. Blessings.

JulieJuly 11, 2019

Nice article, but it's important to remember that sometimes it is not God's will to heal us. Although our faith is enough for physical healing to take place, we do need to accept His will in these matters. I know the author is not implying this, but some would say that if we are not healed of our illnesses, it's because we don't have enough faith. Elder Oaks gave a beautiful talk on healing entitled, "He Heals the Heavy Laden".

HalJuly 11, 2019

I am grateful for the "little" miracles I witness nearly every day of my life. We have a neighbor who has been reclusive for many years. We began praying for this dear sister a few months ago and, almost immediate, an occasion arose for us to ask her to go for a walk with us. She opened up and talked to us for over an hour - more than we had spoke to each other in the past 10+ years. Last week, we prayed for guidance on how to contact a non-member who had recently moved into our neighborhood and made it a significant part of our fast last Sunday. Following our Sunday meetings, we discovered this neighbor's daughter was having a birthday the following Wednesday which gave us an opportunity to visit and meet the entire family. We were graciously welcomed in, had a wonderful introduction to the entire family, and opened up opportunities for future visits. There are miracles all around us every day - we just have to open our eyes, our ears, and our hearts to recognize them for what they are.

Charles DefranchiJuly 11, 2019

When I got married 27 years ago to my wife - quite a pretty young woman - I made sure we'd get a professional photographer to take wedding pictures. The pictures turned out to be very nice. However, my wife always resists my showing those pictures to family and friends. There are some mysteries in couples relationships that may never get resolved in this life. Maybe more testimonials from our female Latter-Day Saint readers would help...

Seagull SuzJuly 11, 2019

OMG...yes, your last comment...BE MORE DELIBERATE!... Have you ever had a group of kids...a diverse group...LDS and other Christian or Jewish or Muslim kids?...ask them a question about any social issue...most likely the LDS kids will not have a clue how to answer...teach your kids about the world around them...BE DELIBERATE!...those kids need to be street smart as well as BOM smart!!!

Andrew ChildsJuly 10, 2019

What Boanerges Rubalcava said. My thoughts exactly.

Oscar MuñozJuly 10, 2019

“Prophecy is but history in reverse—a divine disclosure of future events.“ Ezra Taft Benson Jan 1974 Nephi saw Washington and his struggles: 1 Nephi 11 17 And I beheld that their mother Gentiles were gathered together upon the waters, and upon the land also, to battle against them. 18 And I beheld that the power of God was with them, and also that the wrath of God was upon all those that were gathered together against them to battle. 19 And I, Nephi, beheld that the Gentiles that had gone out of captivity were delivered by the power of God out of the hands of all other nations.

Nihla Wilcox JuddJuly 10, 2019

Loved your insights. Thanks for sharing.

Jay GoldthwaiteJuly 10, 2019

I also refer to the amazing talk by Lawrence Corbridge at BYU. He was asked by church leaders to study many Anti-Mormon writings, and he was powerfully affected by them. He talks in detail about the experience. But he also explains why he was able to get through all that material without losing his testimony, his faith, his conversion. He teaches a fact that the "anti's" poke at the branches of our doctrine rather than at the heart. Or perhaps better said, at the secondary questions that arise from the history of the church among imperfect members (all of us) rather than the primary questions. Find the answers to the primary questions through sincere and prayerful study and willingness to change if true - as is officially recommended to investigators. Here's the link:

Samantha, Lebanon, TNJuly 10, 2019

I should have said, 'most of the parents we saw in the office' seemed as if they did not want to take responsibility for their children' almost as if they were afraid of them!

J JamisonJuly 10, 2019

I was baptized in Minneapolis - St.Louis Park is a suburb of Mpls. - the Mission Home was(?) in Burnsville, another suburb

Samantha, Lebanon, TNJuly 10, 2019

I worked as a registered nurse in a pediatric office for almost 20 years. Parents could always call for advice about their child's health. At first, we nurses could give advice on what to do before making an appointment. That was well received for many years before my time and for a minimum of five or so years after. Gradually we saw resistance to common sense remedies for things which our parents would NEVER have made an appointment. By the time I retired, the majority of parents were resistant to suggestion for even the simplest thing, such as removing a splinter. And horror of horrors -- inserting a suppository rectally for an older infant with constipation!! Parents would calI and complain about their child not taking their medication (I always wanted to ask 'Who's the adult in your house?').I came to the conclusion long before I retired that today's parents don't want to take responsibility for anything -- not even their children!

Gary LawrenceJuly 10, 2019

Very good. Thanks.

Anne StricklandJuly 10, 2019

I'm from NZ and very much interested in doing this tour. How do I get in please.

Lisa CroftJuly 10, 2019

God’s laws don’t change, but the application of those laws do. If it were not so, we would all being eating Kosher. It is important to understand the distinction. Those who are steeped in the culture of the Church, instead of its Doctrines will struggle with change.

John C PearceJuly 10, 2019

This is a great movie that should be seen by every Latter-day Saint and anybody who wants to have a beautiful emotional experience. I was fortunate enough to organised a private screening of this on June 29th with over a hundred in attendance. Everyone that I spoke to after said that they really enjoyed the movie and said they would love to see other inspiring movies in the future. In other churches the leaders encourage their members to attend christian themed movies. My wish is that members will support this and other well made movies without "being commanded in all things".

Jenny SvendsenJuly 10, 2019

Good article, well written! If I may, let me just make this observation...members may leave the church because they are not anchored in faith and knowledge of God our Eternal Father, His son Jesus christ our Saviour, the holy Ghost who reveals truths to us and testifies of Christ. I just read a talk given by Lawrence Corbridge at BYU (look it up on youtube), absolutely amazing, and brings to light why we need to be anchored in the above, that is all that matters.

Charlotte SinclaireJuly 10, 2019

Regarding the city council who voted to forego the Pledge of Allegiance at their meetings: The councilwoman who was pushing for the pledge to be eliminated said it might "scare" people away. Well, if they're going to be scared away by a strong country that offers liberty and justice for all, they certainly were misguided when they came to the U.S. All those council members who voted for this change should be voted OUT. As should many other groups, organizations, and people across the country -- and especially those who run our schools -- who have chosen not to include the Pledge of Allegiance as part of their daily routine. It's bad enough that "God" has already been removed from so many aspects of American life. But this is kind of the last straw because it is against both God and country. Our country is a gift to us from God. It is the great place it is (despite its problems) and we have what we have (the ability and right to solve those problems) because of God's blessings and protections. The folks who push for these kinds of disrespectful and ungrateful initiatives are, brick by brick, dismantling God's protection over our country and making us vulnerable to the same problems experienced in the less prosperous, less tolerant, less happy, and less secure countries in the world -- the same countries from which our foreign visitors and new citizens are fleeing. I believe think these visitors and new citizens would be thrilled to hear such a Pledge of Allegiance, counting it as confirmation that they have truly come to a better place. It is a shame, then, that our own citizens simply take it all for granted. Taking something for granted is like daring it to disappear -- to disintegrate bit by bit when we aren't looking. With initiatives like this one, we should not be surprised to turn around someday and realize that the God-given blessings and protections we have as a country have disappeared. Who or what will we pledge allegiance to then?

Bob PowelsonJuly 10, 2019

Why should we be tolerant of Islam when it is intolerant of Christians? Tolerance works both ways.

Ed DeusenberryJuly 10, 2019

Seems to me all elected officials need to remember who they work for. They are there to represent we the people. And if you can’t/won’t do that, you need to step down.

JulieJuly 10, 2019

I totally agree with Ms. Auclair. If someone is offended by The Pledge, just leave the room when it’s being said & then come back in! It’s getting to the point where being in the majority means nothing.

John H. BurgonJuly 9, 2019

When the wording in the temple ceremony changed along with Pres. Nelson changes in standard policies many wondered how truth could change? Truth has not changed, the doctrine of Christ, faith, repentance, baptism, gift of the Holy Ghost and enduring to the end are still the same. The purpose of the endowment, to receive the necessary names, signs and token to be able to return to God’s presence, is still the same. Polices will and should change to fit the times we live in. Doctrine will remain but may be added upon.

Marianne RimmaschJuly 9, 2019

I know Jana and Brtynee, you can’t be around there family without knowing the amazing amount of courage and faith they have. Thank you for the story. Beautiful ❤️❤️

Sue CJuly 9, 2019

Your points are so important. Thanks for this video! Well done!

MaryannJuly 9, 2019

Once again we see that our founding fathers truly did worship the "Great God, our King." I am so grateful for their perseverance and sacrifices. How I wish we had more political leaders today following their pattern of faith and obedience. Articles like this spark greater patriotism and remind us that our Heavenly Father is still in charge. We have a great obligation to live the gospel with all of hearts with a spirit of thanksgiving, and also to retain our promises of freedom and prosperity.

CynthiaJuly 9, 2019

Thank you for a wonderful, thought provoking article! Yes, God doesn't change, BUT three thoughts came to mind as I read this article: 1. First, He DOES reveal things line upon line and precept by precept ... and should we suppose that because He "has spoken one word, (he) cannot speak another"? 2. The world changes, and Satan's tactics change - while the principles of the Gospel will never change, we may (probably) need to apply - or speak about - them differently. 3. I sometimes visualize myself - in my understanding of the Gospel - like a 2-year old feeling like having a tantrum when I'm faced with a new instruction / direction (whether from a leader or from the Holy Ghost) ... I've finally learned that the more "quickly I obey", the happier and more blessed I am. Father does know best, and I'm positive Mother does, too.

Kim HulbertJuly 9, 2019

London is overrated and the crowds are huge this time of the year. This tour looks spectacular. Would totally give up London (having been there 3 times) to do this tour.

Bob. SpielJuly 9, 2019

Such great insights, Janet. Thank you. C.S. Lewis once said, "We read to know we are not alone." It seems history has this power..if we will let see our condition is not unique unto itself. Each generation is faced with challenges that appear daunting, and even insurmountable -- yet God's work and will continues and His children overcome as our better angels are employed!. How valuable it is for our children to learn this simple lesson. Thanks, again, for the reminder!

Richard HillsJuly 9, 2019

Your excellent article is well written and thought out but doesn't deal with an essential question. Why do changes in church teachings, liturgy, policies, and culture sometimes make Latter-day Saints feel uncomfortable? For me, I see myself accepting changes with shallow explanations pretty much mindlessly. I see me rationalizing without end, never admitting that I've ever been wrong, never considering that I might be wrong and never wondering what my priorities should be. And I'm uncomfortable wondering what's next?

Boanerges RubalcavaJuly 9, 2019

I tend to agree almost completely with this article, however, I must emphasize that due to the fact that the author tries hard to be 'inclusive" for women, this makes the article at the end to be very "sexist". I will explain myself: There are different aspects in our Church that show very clearly that the Church never has been sexist, although many members have been. The author used our Heavenly Mother to try us to change the way we have been treating Her in the past: With a veneration and respect beyond the understanding of the author. First, we seldom refer to Her, because Heavenly Father seldom refers to Her either; nevertheless, we as a Church is likely the only one that has come with this concept of a Heavenly Mother; this shows very clearly that we are different than any other church in the history of the world, and Second the reason we seldom talk about Her is because He, our God wants Her to be sacred and He only revelas Her to few prophets and for special reasons. That's also the way that He is teaching us to treat women in Church, as our sacred companions, the mother of our children and because of this untouchable for the evils of the world. The late Apostle Mervin Ashton once told me when we were discussing feminism: "I never understand why women wanted to be equal since they always have been superior.". This is the way we think of women in the Church, and if some of the members do not understand it, it is very important for articles like this to illuminate them, but be careful do not go all the way to the other side trying to be "politically correct" and change to the manner of the world. Of course we must embrace change, and in this church I have learned this better than in any other place on earth. However, we must remain with Heavenly Father (obviously this englobes HER, but I do not want and I will not do that, to trivialize HER) in the changes we want to make following the prophet when those changes come, that I believe will be changes in procedures but very likely never in the doctrine.

Neil DevereauxJuly 9, 2019

From an eternal perspective and trying to comprehend a God that is omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent means that there are infinite numbers of choices which God can make and in turn reveal to us. Just because God chooses to reveal and put into practice specific aspects of His divine plan for us as to how His kingdom on earth will be administered at a given time, doesn't mean that those are the only choices He has. Any combination of the infinite number of choices which God has at His disposal can be revealed to His prophets so that His church can be administered according to His will and in order to fit the circumstances of an ever changing world. Why should we be surprised when God allows us to know that He has many ways to deal with the volatility of His children. His Plan of Salvation and Happiness has many facets that we may not be aware of at any point in time but they are always at His disposal. When Nephi received a revelation to incorporate two different records for the same period of time in his writings, he didn't know why but God knew He would have to deal with Joseph Smith's bad decision hundreds of years in the future. We are in good hands and God knows what He is doing. Pres. Nelson has told us to prepare for many more aspects of the restoration that have not yet been revealed. God does not change. He just uses different choices from the infinite ones he can select from. I hope we can stay faithful as we see His divine plan unfold.

CarolineJuly 9, 2019

As Sister Joy D. Jones said “If the pull of the world is stronger than the faith and trust we have in the Savior, then the pull of the world will prevail every time “. Since Adam and Eve, literally, this has been the sad story of mankind. Faith in Christ, loving Him with our whole souls, always remembering Him,following Him as He and our prophets have always invited us to do, is the whole purpose of our existence. The “anguish” of President Nelson’s heart is when we decline His invitation. “Retention” has always been a problem. The cycles in the Book of Mormon and throughout history are evidence of how His children are so prone to wander and why He weeps. Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ is the anchor and the answer to every question, to every doubt, and fills us with joy through all the pulls of the world.

Don HoffmanJuly 9, 2019

Doctrine and policy are very different matters.

Charles DefranchiJuly 9, 2019

Dear Brother Frogley, Thank you very much for this very inspiring message -- indeed, so many similitudes with the current Temple Endowment ceremony! The very fact that reading this feels sweet to my soul does not tell me only about the value of your writings but about the fact that, despite my sinful nature, there is something in me that continues yearning for the gift of eternal salvation. I do occasionally catch sight of you at the Paris Temple Visitors' Center, working alongside my good friends Jacques and Danielle Meunier, but look forward to having a chat with you one of these days.

Steven K. SsenyonjoJuly 9, 2019

An inspiring article which has reminded me of our role and relationship in this mortal life with God. Moses had such a calling from God in this life. All us Saints in this life we have a duty or calling to fulfill before God, that is, serving God through serving others.

Laurie OgdenJuly 8, 2019

Mr M. and Mr. Elliot ... and so there wasn't at the time of the Reverend Roger Williams, but if he was seeking that true prophet, keys, church and authority of Jesus Christ, surely he has found it now <3 for it is here <3 in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Doug WrightJuly 8, 2019

I know this amazing family well, their father is the branch president in my branch in rural south Alabama. You can tell the entire family puts the lord first like Whitney mentioned. Can’t wsit to see the twins.?

Kandace A. McClureJuly 8, 2019

Uplifting article, thank you. Only other comment, "I am enough" is not meant to be boastful but more of an encouraging, hopeful statement; a way some people are able to lift themselves up and get a better footing in a world constantly disparaging their efforts. You can't breathe unless your nose is above water. We are enough, with God and because of Him. I understand your point, but for people with little or no faith (or religious beliefs), trying to create a positive mental attitude about yourself to overcome adversity is never laughable.You have to start somewhere.

Tamra KriserJuly 8, 2019

As the mother of Whitney and Heidi, I am also aware of the years of prior prayers and fasting for the blessing of Whitney in finding her eternal companion. These were blessings we all desired for her to have, and yet, for reasons and timing the Lord only knew, they were years she needed to faithfully wait. I thought Elder Dale G. Renlund did a great job in expressing and explaining this in his talk, "Abound with Blessings," this past April. His whole talk was dedicated to this subject--the need for our faith, prayers, and actions, but also the trust in the timing of our Heavenly Father. Even though there had been many prior prayers and fasting, Heidi's heart was moved with deep desires for her sister to receive this blessing, and she earnestly sought these blessings for her. Were all the prior prayers and faith in vain? Certainly not, but only added upon as the Lord's timing neared and Heidi was moved upon and then acted to help bring about this blessing and miracle for her sister.

Bob SpielJuly 8, 2019

Such a great reminder, Maurine! Thank you! Along with Tim Ballard's book, another great source is Seven Miracles that Saved America by Chris and Ted Stewart. It has stories in it that are breathtaking, and demonstrates that God is intimately involved in the forming of America, and the preservation of it's freedoms, so it can be a beacon to bless the whole world. I highly recommend it.

Marlon WaiteJuly 8, 2019

Great insight, and another wonderful article. As a seminary teacher, I want to incorporate this concept into many of my lessons. Thanks for being a worthy messenger with a most worthwhile message!

NanetteJuly 8, 2019

I am so grateful you share your beautiful insights with us! I have learned so much from your books and articles over the years! Thank you!

FranzJuly 8, 2019

I agree that we have so much pressure to look young and perfect forever and this creates issues of self confidence, there is also trauma in some cases that might have started the issue. However, as a therapist myself I don’t quite see the point in ignoring the issue and just focus on the other qualities of the partner. In a relationship, mutual attraction is not an option, but a pillar. This means that despite being imperfect, and not beautiful, we find something in the other person that draws us to them physically too. Maybe their quirky expression or the way they touch their hair. But it all counts. When a person becomes upset for a sincere compliment, I would suggest going to the root and ask them, how do you feel when I say this? In a therapy setting, I would go down to the root issue, the moment when she started to develop such a negative image of her body that no one can compliment her looks. It’s very unhealthy. It talks about feeling you are not enough. It could have started when a relative made a compliment she found creepy at age eight. It could be that a school friend called her names because of her body. It could be her mum comparing her to the sibling. Whatever it is, the root can be identified and there are psychotherapy techniques that will enable the client to move on from old beliefs that are hindering her. I had a session last week with a 47 y.o. Man. Since he was a child he has suffered from social anxiety. One of the aspects of it was that hand he was young he was teased a lot at school, and once his dad teased him because at age five he gave a kiss on the cheek to his best friend, who was a girl. His parents teased his for months about it. He felt very uncomfortable and confused and side then he failed making meaningful connections with women until in his 40s. He always waits for women to start because he is terrified of being teased again just like the little boy he still has inside. So, while it is good to give compliments about a spectrum of qualities, it is indeed fundamental for any person who can’t take a compliment, to get some help and be able to accept, enjoy and celebrate his or her human body. The human body is beautiful even with scars, disease and imperfections because it has been created after the image of God. It is not superficial to appreciate the body of our partner. We are wired to find it attractive and to enjoy the warmth, acceptance and comfort of another human being close to us. As a columnist of this magazine myself, maybe I should submit an article about the damage we do with our words when we talk to young children about their body in unhealthy ways. One of them is to make them believe that it is sinful to have a nice body, or to look at it. In appropriate settings it is perfectly fine indeed.

SueJuly 7, 2019

This is one of the most helpful articles I've read about marriage. Very practical and helpful advice. Hal's comment was a powerful reinforcement of the principles you taught. Thanks.

Russell Rich CannonJuly 7, 2019 I grew up attending Ensign Stake Conference in the Assembly Hall and often saw my Great Uncle John Taylor’s watch on display in the old Temple Square Information Bureau. Even if the watch did not stop a ball, the fact that John Taylor’s life was spared was a miracle. I loved the photo essay.

Mark MathesonJuly 7, 2019

May God bless Sierra Leone. They have had so many ups and downs. Ebola - now Literacy. May this be the start of a long string of ups for this sweet people.

Deb LeggeJuly 7, 2019

Your articles through the years have had such an impact on my life! You are such an insightful person. I’ve quoted you in Relief Society and Sunday School lessons and when I’ve spoken in church. Your gift of putting words together is so inspired, how you will be missed! I can’t wait to meet you someday. God bless you for your willingness to share your journey with all of us through these many years.

Neva BordenJuly 7, 2019

Heidi & Whitney's Grandparents went on a mission to Siberia with a prayer in their hearts that their older daughter would find the right man for her, marry and move forward with her life. This happened..... Therefore, my husband and I went on a mission to the SL Inner City with a prayer in our hearts that our older son would find the right woman for him, marry and move forward with his life. This also happened.... Heidi knew these stories. She knew the service part of these prayers. President Monson often said, "When we are on the Lord's errand, we are entitled to the Lord's blessings." Thanks be to God.

Mark MathesonJuly 7, 2019

Thank you for your insights. It provoked some of my best personal Gospel study I have had during my current dry spell.Thank you for being a spiritual catalyst.

SarahJuly 6, 2019

My husband's birthday is on the 4th of July, mine is on the 17th of September (Constitution Day). We honeymooned in Washington DC. My children always say that their parents were a match made in... the USA! It may sound silly, but I think this is part of the seed of our family culture. My children all have a genuine interest in US History and a true love for country. My son in particular is known for his flag-bearing wherever and whenever he can!

Barbara PainterJuly 6, 2019

These two men were not Jesus apostles but were followers.

RanaeJuly 6, 2019

As a wife who doesn't want compliments about my body, I think Geoff answered this fairly well. In my case, rejecting these types of comments was not really about insecurity or body shame as much as wanting reassurance that I was actually seen and known by the person who has the best opportunity to reflect back to me who I really am. I want to know that my "other half" sees my talents, my struggles, my strength, my vulnerability, and that these things are precious and lovable. When comments are about superficial things like body shape or beauty, I don't feel like he is seeing me at all. I don't want to hear that I am okay in a competition of looks, when I know that aging is inevitable and there will always be someone who can outshine me. I want to know that what he sees and loves is deeper than appearances. When that need is met, the compliments about my body and looks are icing on the cake, and I enjoy them also.

Gordon J HensleyJuly 5, 2019

The Lord told Joseph Smith that he raised up these righteous men (and women) to be the foundation of our country. Who are we to question His judgement? I think He knew there were slaveholders among them, but he needed them to frame our constitution, and to set the stage for the future extinction of the universal historical practice of legal slavery.

Teresa FlegalJuly 5, 2019

I never heard the whole story. What a miracle. Heidi, what a great sister to pray so hard for WHITNEY. Loved hearing this story.

Lina HatchJuly 5, 2019

Thank you for including this beautiful story of my two nieces. What a sweet surprise to read it in Meridian! Heidi is also now wed. Blessings to Heidi, Whitney & Mark!

Jan KingJuly 5, 2019

Further evidence that Heavenly Father delights in the details of our lives.

Name WithheldJuly 5, 2019

I’ve been praying for this to happen with my daughter now for over 10 years. She is 32 and remains single. I do not understand the Lord’s timing or how this will all work out. When you pray for righteous things to happen for your family, and they don’t, it is hard. I continue to hold onto my faith and fast for her. I’m happy for this family.

Diana ChaseJuly 5, 2019

Wonderful story!! So happy for them. But, what about all those other single sisters that have been praying, fasting and waiting for their answers or blessings about marriage? Why is the Lord so silent for these righteous sisters? I know, everyone has their own journey and plan but, sometimes you have to wonder why?

bob powelsonJuly 5, 2019

The time has come for the LDS to stop being semi--pacifist and apologetic about our faith and conduct. Most are unhappy teens who need to be brought up very short.

AlexanderJuly 5, 2019

The romantic part of me says: "marvellous!" However, I know RM who are still waiting for a spouse.

Sue C.July 5, 2019

Maybe we should also disrespect the First President of the UNITED STATES, George Washington, as well. Maybe we should split off from the whole southern section of the Eastern seaboard because they owned slaves hundreds of years ago. I love this country,good bad and indifferent. I love Betsy Ross for hand stitching a flag for the Revolutionary War--that gave us all the freedoms we enjoy today. I love that we have the history of the War Between the States so hopefully we don't have to resort to it again. And if we want to learn from the past we better study it and cherish it and honor it. The best way not to have slavery happen again and to make sure everyone is respected is to start with ourselves. Respect Betsy Ross for what she did. Respect George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, because even though they owned slaves that was not all they did. They gave their all to this nation. We can have the blessings and freedoms we have today because of such great men. I love the RED, WHITE, and BLUE. I love that is has flown in this nation since1776. And with all the ups and downs we have faced as a nation. It still flies. It flies in my yard and in my neighbor's yard. It flies on churches and synagogs. It flies at markets and at schools. It stands for something grand and great and bigger than any one of us or any race or any creed.

MaggieJuly 5, 2019

all so true !! What is really awesome is when we as a parent are aware of this! You are the best! Thank for coming back to sharing with us !!

LexaGraemeJuly 5, 2019

Very good. We as a family have learned how important storytelling is. My children’s Sacrament Meeting talks follow this, and people will come up to them weeks later and tell them what they said is still remembered. My husband and I do this with our own talks and class discussions. But it goes further than just How-to-Give-a-Good-Sacrament-Meeting-Talk. Effective storytelling is needed to tell our *own* stories. Telling stories of those who came before us gives the family roots. It can give inspiration. It can hold families together. It could honestly be looked upon as a Life Skill.

LoraJuly 5, 2019

Islam has got a PR problem. I know of no other religion that has in its holy book that it's necessary to loot and kill non-believers. Thomas Jefferson bought a Koran because the Barbary pirates said that it was the will of Allah that they attack our ships. Jefferson couldn't believe it. He read the book--and there it was! The first person to try to reform Islam was the grandson of Mohammed. He was killed. We would all like to believe that Islam is a religion of peace, but it has never been so. Islam started as a religion of conquest. Now we see "no go" areas in Europe and the US where law enforcement is not permitted to enter. In San Bernardino a Christmas party was shot up by Muslims. The neighbors saw suspicious activity but didn't want to look Islamophobic so they didn't say anything. If people feel nervous when Muslims pray, we have had many reasons for doing so. We don't see Buddhists, Hindus, Catholics, or Amish people blowing things up. Until Muslims face that reality, they are still going to be looked upon with suspicion.

Esmeralda AmosJuly 5, 2019

Loved this story!!!

LoraJuly 5, 2019

I can understand thinking that the Confederate flag is a symbol of white supremacy. I cannot understand thinking that the Betsy Ross flag is a symbol of white supremacy. It represents the 13 original colonies who broke free from the British empire. If the Betsy Ross flag is offensive, tell that to James Armistead, Peter Salem, Prince Whipple, and Oliver Cromwell, who fought under that flag. They are named by William Nell in his books Services of Colored Americans in the Wars of 1776 and 1812 (1852) and Colored Patriots of the American Revolution 1855. Young Americans used to know about them until Woodrow Wilson (D) took them out of the history books.

CraigJuly 5, 2019

This is only going to get worse. As the country becomes more secular, less tolerant of religion, and as the demographics of Utah change with mass immigration, members of the church are going to find themselves targeted more often. We're not at another Hauns mill yet, but that's not out of the realm of possibility one day.

Doris WilliamsJuly 5, 2019

Thank you so much for sharing this story with us, Michaela. It's just a fact that miracle after miracle occurs when we are trying to follow the Savior. It's so wonderful to share in Whitney and Mark's joy in the gospel and their growing family and Heidi just has to glow, for having played such an important part in their union. I wish the best for their whole family.

LawrenceJuly 5, 2019


Renate MartinJuly 5, 2019

This is a beautiful spiritual story. And also proof miracles still do happen.

Don HoffmanJuly 5, 2019

We need to include tolerance for Christian behavior while we're at it.

PopsJuly 5, 2019

I was listening to a debate on the subject of how one can determine what is morally correct. One participant was religious, and took the position that reliance on the Bible is necessary. The other, an atheist, argued that morals can be arrived at through reason. The religious man asked how the atheist could possibly find his way through the myriad ideas, bad and good, that arise from the intellect, and choose the best. The atheist's response was that he personally relied on the still, small voice.

JulesJuly 5, 2019

It's a great story and I'm glad it worked out for them. But I think we need to be careful about implying that because she prayed so well, that God granted her wish. I literally fasted and prayed for years to meet someone and it was still many more years before I found my husband. And I have friends who are returned missionaries and are very righteous and pray really hard and specifically amstill haven't found someone to get married to. Marriage is not a blessing given to people when they are righteous enough or when they pray hard enough or deserve it enough because it's they've worked hard enough. The concept of prosperity gospel (aka that if you are righteous enough, only good things will happen to you) is something in our church culture rhetoric that needs to go away. Righteous people don't always get what they pray for, and sometimes have things not work out for them all neat and tidy.

Rodney SmithJuly 5, 2019

James is right about Madison opposing chaplains. I discuss the issue at some length in my book. He feared that chaplains would be selected from majority religions and paid for with general tax dollars. He also opposed having a religion department at the University of Virginia. He preferred a wonderful solution -- let all religions have property near the university where they could establish "institutes" (his term) that would have regular access to the university. In today's world where chaplains have been drawn from most faiths, I am not sure how he would stand on the issue -- remember, establishment meant non-preference and equality for all religions. Remember, as well, that his history was one of bloodshed, imprisonment, and persecution of minority religions when one religion was given special preference by the government. His view actually squares very nicely with the 134th section (I wrote an article on this for the BYU Law Review).

TRAILHEADJuly 5, 2019

Wonderful! Love hearing the quotes of Washington showing he was so close to God in commanding the troops in laying the groundwork for freedom and liberty for all

Jeremy R FarnsworthJuly 5, 2019

Diana, I really enjoyed talking with you today. Our meeting seemed random, but considering that I went through this event this week I doubt it happenstance. My house burned down Saturday, and my family lost everything. After a sleepless night, I kept getting phone calls requesting interviews for the news. I did not want to talk to anyone. I asked God what he wanted me to do, and I received an answer that changed me, and my entire outlook on this event. I learned that what happened, though tragic, was not about me. There are way more people involved in ways I cannot begin to imagine. I was told to not rob people of their blessings and to let them serve. Finally, I was told to stop being afraid and to let my light shine so that other's may see His work. There have been so many miracles, and each day brings more.

vickieJuly 4, 2019

YES IT IS DIFFICULT to remember to not say Mormon church or im a Mormon....but I do realize its important because as scripture dictates that Christ said to be called by His latter day saint is fine with me....and saying I belong to the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints.....most people know what that anyway....

David H BaileyJuly 4, 2019

This article is only part of the story. There is another historical matter of great significance. It is the mission of Joan of Arc who in 1428-9 succeeded in breaking the back of English power in France and enabling the removal of English dominion within 20 years of her death on the pyre. Except for her assumed impossible success, France would have been overrun if the English managed to capture the bridge over the Loire River protected by the city of Orleans. That she prevented that capture enabled France to survive as a nation. The success of our independence according to two historians I researched, wrote that except for the role of France, independence would have likely failed. France provided 63 ships, 22,000 sailors, and 12 soldiers to that battle. Her true story (I like Mark Twain's book) is tragically missing in American history and among Christian writers. Yes, Mark Twain spent 12 years researching English and French records and 2 years writing. Of her Winston Churchill wrote that she had no equal in 1000 years. Other historians and writers say she has no equal in all recorded history. It is an intensely spiritual experience and one of direct involvement of Heavenly messengers. .

Tom ShawJuly 4, 2019

It is remarkable that at this point in history, my nation, the British, were engaged in a major war against Napoleon, which was prioritised. This drew away most of our military power from the Americas & along with the incompetency of our generals allowed the fledgling Revolutionary army to led by an inspired leader to.triumph. The Lords hand was there as it was many years later when a defeated British Army was miraculously snatched from Dunkirk to fight on & form a foundation for the Allied armies that eventually defeated an evil tyranny. Not to forget a small RAF force that was later able to defeat the larger Luftwaffe. I think that both of our nations, as remnants of ancient Israel, are watched over by the Lord , but we must hearken to the warnings by ancient prophets, that we will lose his protection if we turn from Him as many are doing today.

RobJuly 4, 2019

Hi Kate, Does the desire to return to a time of white supremacy include black people who wear MAGA hats?

Patricia CarrJuly 4, 2019

This is such a beautiful reminder of how we should be living our lives today. We definitely need the divine he!I of God to get this country back to what God established it to ve.

David AJuly 4, 2019

Stop buying all Nike Products! Boycotts are effective, but they'd rather listen to a silly, has-been wanna-be NFL player. Boycotts Nike!

KateJuly 4, 2019

I think that Nike made the right decision. The Betsy Ross flag, as lovely as it is, is a favored symbol used by white supremacists, harking back as it does to a time when black people were slaves and women were legally chattel--a world the supremacists would dearly love to recreate. I would not want to wear shoes with that symbol, and I'm guessing that the target demographic of the shoes would not either. Its only value would be to help the rest of us spot those sympathetic to white privilege, much like a MAGA hat does.

KateJuly 4, 2019

There is so much to be said about this topic. Yes, follow the prophets, but be sure that you obtain your own assurance from the Lord regarding their counsel. Brigham Young worried aloud on several occasions that the saints would just give their agency away to the church leaders and not confirm counsel themselves. It is our responsibility to make conscious choices, confirmed by the Holy Ghost. Also it is very important to remember that the prophetic counsel we should heed is that coming from the prophets alive today, not those from years ago. Things change. As an example, one of the other commentators referred to the Equal Rights Amendment--while the Church opposed it in the 1970s, it had been supported by the Church when it was originally proposed in the early 20th century. Something obviously changed. Were it to be re-introduced today, it is possible that we would get different counsel than in the 70s (or not). What Pres. Kimball said in the 70s is interesting (and sounds so much like him! ), but we should not assume that Pres. Nelson would say the same nearly 50 years later.

Carol AnnJuly 4, 2019

I am now a fan of Arizona Governor Doug Ducey (R). Finally, someone on the right side of history speaks out boldly and loudly! ONE person on the left should not have that much power to compel and change Nike's decision making!

EstherJuly 4, 2019

Beautiful reminder. Much appreciated today. A day when my life is simple and can be reflective on our founding fathers and mothers. Their resilience and devotion to covenant with God and have faith in all might to keep moving forward.

Mary LindeJuly 4, 2019

Thank you for this beautiful lesson. I was truly touched by the Spirit. You have a wonderful way of writing that opens the heart to the message written within.

Pat Elliott, Sr.July 4, 2019

There are many examples of how spiritual & physical intervention has helped the outcome of battles in wars and the one mentioned in the text is a very good example. There are a number of scriptures that is an affirmation of this and the creation of the United States of America, D&C 101:79-80, being an excellent example. There are a number of things that happened during WW II during battles, the Battle of Midway and what happened there, are excellent examples as how Heavenly Father helped this nation against a brutal, aggressor nation of Japan and there are other significant happenings during that brutal war that helped the U.S., and allies, win the effort.

RachaelJuly 4, 2019

I appreciate your great insights and knowledge. Thank you for sharing with all of us!

ClaireJuly 4, 2019

This is such an informative article! My thoughts exactly, although I’d never to phrase at as eloquently as you.

Larry SteimleJuly 4, 2019

What is our responsibility in protecting this great gift we have been given? First to be informed, to appreciate, then to teach our children and show them the way. God bless America.

KateJuly 3, 2019

I realized this when my oldest was a toddler and would be the perfect child at the babysitter’s and have a complete meltdown by the time we got home. After a few months of this, I realized that he’d been keeping it together (he was 2!) for several hours and knew that now that he was with momma, he could let all those scary emotions out. Honestly, my husband does it too! It helped so much when I realized what was going on—I’m happy they trust me to be that safe harbor.

Esmeralda AmosJuly 3, 2019

Thank you for your words of wisdom. This information ( The crumbles) may equally apply to adults!

HalJuly 3, 2019

Thank your for this article. I found this out the hard way. My first marriage was to a divorcee' who condescended to marry me because she saw me as "a diamond in the rough." (i.e. "project"). I was determined to be the best husband possible and sacrificed to accommodate her every desire. However, I never quite measured up to her expectations. Her disappointment in me gradually turned to frustration and finally to the point where she despised me and I couldn't do anything right. As mentioned in the article, over the years, I HAD changed to meet her expectations. Unfortunately, it was like getting a puppy that is, at first, adored for what it is. But then it digs up the yard, so you have it declawed; it barks all the time, so you have it debarked; it sheds on the carpet, so you have it shaved; you get tired of cleaning up after it, so you banish it to a 4 x 8 foot dog run. You still have a dog, but it is a sad, lonely, neurotic animal that is no fun for anyone (especially the dog). That's the way I felt - I had changed to meet my wife's expectations but, in doing so, was "no longer the man I used to be." The man my wife fell in love with had become someone else and she didn't like it. Looking back, it was inevitable that we divorced. I later met a wonderful woman who took me for who I was and our love has grown and flourished for many years now. Perhaps I needed my first marriage to appreciate just how well I am treated by my current wife.

Jo Ann OkelberryJuly 3, 2019

This article I should have read when my children were small. Thank you for these wonderful insights. We all need a safe place to vent.

Cary HolmquistJuly 3, 2019

Thank you for writing this and sharing your insights. I will make sure my wife reads this as she is the safe harbor for the three of our kids who crumble only with her. She does not complain about it, really, but it does wear her out sometimes, as you can imagine. My role is limited, since they won’t confide in me that much.... But your insight will be helpful!

HalJuly 3, 2019

Loved this article! It reminds me of a story I read in the Ensign years ago. A father of a Downs Syndrome son was sitting next to his then 5-year-old with feelings of concern regarding the future of his boy. Out of the blue, the boy looked up and said with perfect clarity, "Dad, I'm okay." Sometimes we're blessed with small, tender mercies to calm our fears and help us to soldier on.

ChuckJuly 3, 2019

In the fall of 1984, I was assigned to the U.S. Air Force band of Europe. We toured the countries of western Europe to participate in festivities marking their 40th anniversary of liberation from the Nazis who had turned Europe into a charnel house. As part of this, I went into many cemeteries to sound Taps in honor of American war dead. When surrounded many times by white crosses and occasional Stars of David, I reflected how none of those good men wanted to die, but they fought Nazi-led troops, were killed, and buried in Europe. I am so grateful that God knows these men, by name, knows of their bravery and sacrifice, and will, indeed, honor them as His children for their commitment to freedom for me, and for you.

ConnieJuly 3, 2019

I feel for people in states like Arizona whose systems are being stretched to the breaking point by refugees. I’m a public school teacher and I understand how hard it can be to meet the needs of students in the large classroom, especially when many are suffering trauma. People in those states deserve the support of the rest of us in dealing with the current refugee crisis. And that’s what it is, a refugee crisis. Because of a failure of the governments in those Central American countries to protect and support their people, partly As a result of previous US support of corrupt regimes, human beings are doing anything they can to ensure their children have a safer and better life. In the midst of this crisis we’ve reduced aid to those Central American countries, assuring that more people will flee. They will flee just as many of the our ancestors fled. Nobody asked the current citizens of this great land (Native Americans) whether they would accept boatloads of refugees from Europe. We just showed up, stinking and starving and carrying disease. Now, as descendants of those Who fled Europe to escape its oppression and poverty, and who have completely taken over this land, we owe it to the descendants of those Europe colonized, some help. Or, putting history aside, we owe it to our fellow human beings to give them succor. I am confused by those who say the Savior, a man sentenced to death by the government of the day for being a subversive, for doing such things as overturning the tables of moneychangers in the temple and healing on the Sabbath, and questioning the morals of those in power, would say that He would support not helping these people. Whether the money comes for their assistance through private donations, or through taxes, doesn’t matter. Taxes are monies levied for what we’ve decided to do as a group, even if we don’t have 100% agreement. Unless we want this crisis to continue, and states on the southern border to continue to be overburdened , and children to continue to die, and families to continue to be separated, we must intervene. We must intervene at both the source of the problem and the source of its effects: in central America and at the border. Government is best positioned to do this. Most people I know have put their money where their mouth is when it comes to helping refugees. It isn’t enough. Now government has to step in. If government is unwilling, we must challenge it until it changes.

Dr. AnonymousJuly 3, 2019

Henry D Moyle, a counselor to President McKay, visited my mission and stated from the pulpit that none of us would ever rist to greater heights that we did on our missions. Thankfully, that particular statement proved to be untrue in my case!

Nihla Wilco JuddJuly 3, 2019

My mother was born and died a Canadian, and yet she was the most patriotic American I knew. We never missed a July 4th Parade or a fireworks display. She played the Star Spangled Banner, the Battle Hymn of the Republic and God Bless America on our old upright piano in our living room. Old Glory was flown in our yard. Whenever a flag passed by or was in close proximity, she was the first to stand, the first to have her hand over her heart, and she saw to it that her four children were next to do so. Fearing that she would not be able to pass the citizenship test, she never tried, but remained a red blooded American to her last day. God bless my mom for her patriotic example, and God bless America!

James HarveyJuly 3, 2019

Except he leaves out the fact that Madison opposed installing chaplains in both the military and in Congress

Don HoffmanJuly 3, 2019

I love this perspective.

July 3, 2019

Words of our prophets. The Constitution and free republic granted by heaven through the instrumentality of inspired and courageous framers and founders carries the responsibility to uphold the principles they were willing to sacrifice for. Thank you for sharing.

Michael Shea, MDJuly 2, 2019

A great story of enlightenment. Thank you.

Mrs. Barbara LittlefieldJuly 2, 2019

My husband (lifelong Church member) and newly baptised me (Nov 2018) watched it together...we were both in tears several times! A very powerful representation of the best human qualities brought out by faithful adherence to the covenants of the Mormon faith, and the awe and beauty of the South Pacific in landscape, song, and culture.

EvelingJuly 2, 2019

Thanks for all the info!. I'm hispanic and will definitely share some of the interesting details you provide on this amazing podcast on sunday school...

Jo AnnJuly 2, 2019

I am going to post one of these a day on Facebook and also send them to my children and grandchildren. I think a lot of members of the Church do not know what our prophets have taught us about the Constitution and the men and women who developed this country.

Jo AnnJuly 2, 2019

This was so interesting to read. Thank you for this timely information.

Rachel KummerJuly 2, 2019

This is one of my favorite songs, and is even in my wedding video! I love the message of it so much. Is the sheet music available anywhere?

Boanerges RubalcavaJuly 2, 2019

What President Nelson did was to call attention to the scriptures; we read in 3Nephi 27:8 "And how it be my church save it be called in my name? For if a church be called in Moses' name then it be Moses' church; or if it be called in the name of a man then it be the church of a man; but if it be called in my name then it is my church, if it so be that they built upon my gospel." I'd recommend to everybody to read the complete 27 chapter in 3 Nephi. For me this was very clear since my early years as member of the true Church of Christ on earth, I've always thought that we were neglecting the scriptures and logic when we accepted they called us "mormons", and worse when we accepted to call the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, the "mormon church". I am glad this has been corrected by the prophet.

karell BinghamJuly 2, 2019

This is the perfect time for everyone to welcome the name of Christ into our Church's title again. So many in our times are moving away from anything that mentions Him for fear of being brought somehow to shame for being exclusionary.

Joyce MeserveyJuly 2, 2019

Beautiful. Love this song. Love this time of year. The 4th of July is my favorite holiday. Love the songs we sing and they still bring tears to my eyes & gives me goosebumps. Thankful to the Veterans past, present & future that make the freedoms we enjoy possible. I love AMERICA!

Rochelle HaleJuly 2, 2019

Where else can you go and spend so little? $500 per month is a bargain, especially when you factor in other expenses besides housing. Back before there was a standard monthly cost and allocation of funds, missionaries managed their finances themselves. Initially my mission cost was $120 per month, but due to inflation I could easily get by for half that for a good part of my mission. Friends supplemented what I did not have, and after I got home I was able to return excess funds in my account to help other missionaries.

Justin MastersJuly 2, 2019

My wife and I had to drive a bit to see this movie (surprising, as a local theater usually shows LDS oriented movies), and it was hard to find a pair of seats at a respectable distance from the screen. The movie was refreshing and emotionally exhausting, as you went through each trial as portrayed in the movie, and saw the faith of those who endured them. It's not hard to see how each of our lives are similarly tried, and with faith can overcome all and eventually rise victorious. I applaud the inclusion of the dialogue at the end, that explains the lives of the main characters. It was handled in love and respect, even towards those who opposed the faith, but served God in their own ways. I loved the portrayal of Pres. Monson by Russell Dixon... from the opening "referee" scene where it was his eyes and eyebrows that did the "talking" to the goat herding, to the inspiration in the barber's chair.

Justin MastersJuly 2, 2019

Thank you for posting a wonderful essay and tribute to James Madison that outlines the upbringing and guiding influence that shaped the law to which we most dearly hold fast to. And thank you for outlining John Witherspoon's influence as well. Both men among many who prepared this land for freedoms that are a guiding light for the world today.

Newell HarwardJuly 2, 2019

Thank you for those very inspirational quotes. I am so grateful to all who have sacrificed so much for our liberty I am saddened to witness a rapid decline in patriotism and a move toward socialism.

A. BinghamJuly 2, 2019

Elder Patrick Kearon's recent piece "Of Rights and Responsibilities: The Social Ecosystem of Religious Freedom" given at the Religious Freedom Annual Review" provides additional insights on key ingredients of a properly functioning pluralistic society. The rule of law is especially critical when people fail to take responsibility to ensure their own rights AND also HEED the rights of others. We live in such a society today.

Mary Jane McCayJuly 1, 2019

You knocked it out of the ball park the movie was wonderful and I feel it was as good as the first Other Side of Heaven movie.

Paul HJuly 1, 2019

If not knowing a lot about Church history is your reason to fail to share the Restored Gospel and in your mind it is a valid reason, what does that say for all the thousands of young missionaries throughout the world? I think you missed my point, which wasn't about some fear in sharing the Gospel, but a personal fear in being willing to learn about the Church and by attachment, the Gospel. "Ignorance is bliss" is one way of saying it. For me, the more I learn the greater my testimony grows and is sustained that it is indeed true. Not all learning is from history books, either. Fast Meeting is an example of such learning. New converts are some of the better individuals for sharing the Gospel because they have come into a new spiritual light and understanding and their knowledge of the Church is small, yet their experience is fresh and life changing. They have enthusiasm for sharing it.

Douglas E NadybalJuly 1, 2019

That might be another myth, that you have to know a lot about Church history to share the gospel.

Jenny VisentinJuly 1, 2019 This is where is talks about concealer.

DanielJuly 1, 2019

I'm a little concerned about the second paragraph of this article portraying all husbands having gotten "much their sexual learning [..] from questionable sources like pornography." This seems like a very presumptuous and stereotypical comment, that paints and unhealthy picture of men's sexuality that sows mistrust. How can it be healthy for women to enter into a relationship with this prejudice toward a potential spouse?

KateJuly 1, 2019

No, H North and the other commenter, children were not endowed. However, garments were essentially union suits (they were basically normal underwear with markings added), because to the Victorian mores of the time it seemed much more appropriate to show women with children in their underwear rather than women alone. It was also considered perfectly fine to sew your own temple garments up until mid-century and my MIL, who worked for years at JC Penney in Provo, said she remembers when temple garments were sold at Penney's. When Rose Marie Reid redesigned women's garments and the Church took over all production, everything changed. You could still buy "union suit" garments at least into the 1970s, and of course the garments worn in the temple itself had to be long-sleeved and -legged until then as well. Thankfully, times change!

William BakerJuly 1, 2019

This is an important topic for latter-day saints. We need never doubt the prophets, and the nearer we come to Christ, the more we will agree with prophetic declarations and understand the "why" behind those declarations.

Paul HJuly 1, 2019

Along this same line of hesitancy, is a fear of learning about Church history. "People are afraid they might learn something about their religion" is a phrase I used to tell my teenage children. "Never fear a study of the Restored Gospel will weaken or destroy your Testimony" was my follow-up statement. But learn from a true source, not some internet site that specializes in anti-LDS thought. The Joseph Smith Papers are an excellent source for those with inquiring minds that want to learn in detail about the subject. There is nothing that is worthy of fearing or from which you need turn away in the Church's history, even though no member is perfect.

JacobJuly 1, 2019

If he’s anything like me( me and most men) he’s compartmentalizing. His time with the kids, he’s in dad mode you don’t exist. When he’s with you, he’s in husband mode, believe it or not, the kids kinda don’t exist In those moments. (This is also HOW men are able to cheat) Men take in a lot, but we drop wats unnecessary to tend to the necessary that’s just how we are wired. If we tried to combine all task, we’d NEVR get anything accomplished. See women would rush to blend the two ASAP( like you’re actively doing) not realizing it’s NOT ABOUT YOU (again wat you’re doing) and it would all crash and burn. This is why step-families have hatred because some idiot didn’t consider the clashes of combing total strangers into one household.

Nadine AndertonJuly 1, 2019

When rhe Equal Rights Amendment was very controversial in Church circles, I was very conflicted. In the late '60s I was a divorced mother of two young children. My former husband only paid me child support when his current wife's ex-husband paid the support he owed her, which evidently was not regularly. It had been difficult for me to find a job at all, in Utah, because single women were not considered to be a good risk because they might get married and leave the work force. Even in California, I kept having to justify my minimum-wage job because I was "taking a job away from a man who had to support his family." WHAT? I had a need to support MY family! So the equal protection of some rights was important to me. However, knowing that I was out of sync with the Prophet and other leaders of the Church was troubling to me. After much prayer, I finally felt that although I had the agency to support the amendment, I was out of step with God's revealed word. I believed that asking questions was a good thing to do as long as the purpose was was to get answers by personal revelation. That answer for me was that I should continue to pray to understand why the amendment was not supported by God and his prophets and that I should wholeheartedly follow their leadership. I am thankful for my agency to make my own choices, but I know that I when my initial instincts lead me in a different path from prophetic leadership, I had better pray until my feelings are in line with God's revealed word. We will not be led astray!

MichaelJune 30, 2019

An interesting question is raised. Why did people hate Mormons enough to want to kill them? I think understanding the answer could be useful, if the time ever returns when we suffer physical persecution. Family legend tells of an ancestor who was supposedly a Danite during the conflict in Missouri and how he fought back against the mobs. I know this history is controversial but if it is true that some members of the church were fighting back, plundering property and burning and shooting at other people, whether guilty or innocent of mob activity, that could snowball into extreme anger and violence. . It is best to follow the Savior's advice to turn the other cheek, which probably was the more common response, even though it cost people their farms and homes and sometimes their lives. I think the part of the story of being kind and generous, even to our enemies, is the most notable part of this story.

MaryannJune 30, 2019

I am sick to death of the obsessive saturation in our country over the issues of LGBTQXYZ "rights." Is is really about "rights?" The real issue is that there are some who are issuing demands that attempt to force my acceptance of a sinful lifestyle. If we do not accept, and even support, the immorality of practicing homosexuality, the next step is to try and shame us. If someone won't bake your wedding cake, there are plenty of other bakers who will. Get over it.

MaryannJune 30, 2019

I was about to comment on this article, but I couldn't say it any better than Charles Kraut. I hope everyone will take the time to read his wise and well thought out comment. I will say that I am especially concerned about the fact that the government stole the funds from Social Security and are unable to replace them. How can we dole out money to illegal aliens when we can't even take care of our own people?! This is going to become increasingly serious as we see more and more "baby-boomers" coming of age to receive the funds they paid into social security for many years. For some, this is their only source of income.

MaryannJune 30, 2019

Thanks so much for this! You have given me additional inspiration for my preparations to teach this lesson next Sunday!

Samuel AtumaJune 30, 2019

Wonderful thoughts on listening. I enjoyed reading every word. I took to heart what you had to say about listening for acceptance above agreement. One word 'amazing'

Ann SiggardJune 30, 2019

I own a book entitled, "The Fate of the Persecutors of the Prophet Joseph Smith" which details many gruesome maladies of this mob after they were acquitted in a court of law in Illinois. It;s accounts sound very much like the account mentioned here.

Mark MathesonJune 30, 2019

A wonderful, up-lifting movie. It had dramatic tension and heart-rending plot-lines that moistened my eyes often and strengthened my faith. Tell your friends to see it!

JaneJune 30, 2019

Are we going to try to build Zion without making room for our LGBT brothers and sisters? I don't think we can. It seems to me that there needs to be a little more humility on both sides of this issue, and more willing to see other perspectives. The article sort of approached this, but not really. Being part of a society which seeks the inclusion and well-being of all of us makes it imperative that we begin to see that our gay brothers and sisters who desire marriage and family are just simply being human, and that these desires are honorable. To my mind, there are plenty of reasons (and benefits) to make room for them and their families in our public life. You don't have to agree with gay marriage to simply treat them with respect, and make sure that they not be discriminated against.

Marie CJune 30, 2019

I saw it at its first showing on Friday morning at 10:45 at the AMC in Times Square. There were ten of us. Words can't describe its power. Please see it. You won't be disappointed.

Cheryl Roderick-LittleJune 30, 2019

Thank you for sharing your insights to these beautiful teachings m! I currently serve in Primary and I look forward through reading your lessons. Your tremendous preparation is a blessing to me.

Sandy ReddishJune 30, 2019

This is just beautiful thanks for sharing! There is something very special about being up at night with a little one....unforetunetly , none of my kids have been good sleepers and I was bleary eyed and desperate by baby number 5. When one of my good friends noticed I wasn't looking so hot and shared her secret (she has seven kids)... So long story short look up Woombies. They are special jammies to help babies sleep and are divine....worth every penny. Also I would try to sleep when he sleeps. You will recover better and get stronger faster if you do it. Get a nice thick eye mask for daytime sleep....

Luis LoayzaJune 29, 2019

Being myself in the shoes of this father, how inspirational I find this article. The world really needs more transitional family characters. Thanks.

Ruth JamiesonJune 29, 2019

Such an excellent movie!! Sitting on the edge of seat at times biting my nails and crying at others. This is an action packed movie full of faith and overcoming differences of other faiths! Loved it!!

Sue BringhurstJune 29, 2019

Michael Grant, what makes you assume those who push for immigration reform and humanity haven't opened their pocketbooks and/or homes. You should do some research on this particular author and her ilk before passing judgement. They are adoptive mothers, founders and leaders of humanitarian organizations, active with their Congress, etc. They have personally been to the our southern border, Cox Bazaar, Afghanistan and other places. Seriously.

Sue BringhurstJune 29, 2019

To all of you who still adhere that they are lawbreakers. This "law" is equivalent to speeding and driving on an expired license or registration. Cast the first stone?

VeronikaJune 29, 2019

"Some days we can feel nearly crushed by mourning and feelings of helplessness over laws and policies that inflict suffering on God’s most vulnerable children." I relate to this very much. The need to resist unjust laws is more relevant now than ever. We've got to raise our voices for compassion. Thank you for such an insightful piece.

Sue BringhurstJune 29, 2019

With the world in turmoil and so many peoples displaced, how can we as the most rich and well off turn our backs and site law? Germany and France have done so much. I hang my head in shame as I read the comments above. Where is the Christ in our Christianity? What have I done? Do I stand condemned? I pledge to do more than just lip service. Thank you for stirring me to action.

June 29, 2019

It is not required by law to detain asylum seekers who have passed a credibly fear interview. In fact, it goes against every compassionate, humanitarian, and merciful instinct. The law does not require that an asylum seeker wait in another country for the court decision on their asylum petition. The law REQUIRES that anyone asking for asylum do it on US soil or at a Port of Entry (all of which have been metered so it's impossible to come through there without starving to death first). The worst of the humanitarian crisis at the border is caused by current policy, NOT by law. The vast majority of those coming to our border right now are asylum seekers.

JoanJune 29, 2019

Thank you for this very thoughtful piece. As Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. wrote in Letter from Birmingham Jail: "There are two types of laws: just and unjust. I would be the first to advocate obeying just laws. One has not only a legal but a moral responsibility to obey just laws. Conversely, one has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws. I would agree with St. Augustine that "an unjust law is no law at all." Now, what is the difference between the two? How does one determine whether a law is just or unjust? A just law is a man made code that squares with the moral law or the law of God. An unjust law is a code that is out of harmony with the moral law. To put it in the terms of St. Thomas Aquinas: An unjust law is a human law that is not rooted in eternal law and natural law. Any law that uplifts human personality is just. Any law that degrades human personality is unjust."

JanJune 29, 2019

Saw it last night, the theater was nearly empty... but those there sat though the credits and we spoke to each other as we left... "wasn't it amazing, can you believe it?" Well worth the time and effort to go. We laughed and cried and cried, then laughed some more. Couldn't believe the faith of the Groberg family and helped me to love them without meeting them. You understand immediately why President Monson wanted it made... he played such a big part in the story.

Donna DeusenberryJune 29, 2019

Thanks to recliner seats we were able to see it yesterday at the earliest showing. It took on even greater significance because we’d recently re-viewed the first part/first movie about Elder Grohberg’s mission as a youth! The Spirit was strong from the opening scene! Take lots of Kleenex!!! It’s sweet manna from start to finish!!

JudiJune 28, 2019

what's with the woman's sole of her foot?

Rita McNeilJune 28, 2019

I saw it last night in Hillsboro, Oregon. I was so disappointed to see that there were only 5 people attending. I thought the movie was very good--professionally done, excellent acting (all the characters were so believable), satisfying as entertainment, and, of course, the story was just amazing. I loved the real-life photos shown at the end, and the short bio of the family. Excellent movie-making. Thank you to all involved.

Gayle WJune 28, 2019

Two years ago I was visiting Carthage Jail. Among the group of tourists in our group was a woman whose ancestor was a member of the mob that murdered Hyrum and Joseph. She is a member of the church, and she told us how bad she felt because of what her ancestor did. It was important for her to visit that place.

CubbyJune 28, 2019

Two thoughts. One is that having access to a car at home is a privilege. Senior missionaries pay extra, too. Maybe paying extra would help missionaries not have the sense of entitlement. The other thought is that if the person is willing, the Lord will provide, I know he will. Start that mission with an act of faith, find a job, work hard, and pray. The Lord will provide!

AnonymousJune 28, 2019

So true! After being married for several years and a widow for another several, I had a marriage proposal. “I didn’t need anyone.” How glad I am that I accepted that proposal! Truly, trading my independence for interdependence has been WONDERFUL!

Gaye BreillattJune 28, 2019

Well worth the money. Changes so many lives including the missionary and his or her family!!!!!

A. BinghamJune 28, 2019

Charles Kraut your comments are interesting. I am not sure that forced compassion in the form of taxation to support ongoing illegal immigration activities is getting us to a higher place. It is quite a pickle that our legislative department has gotten the US into. It is our responsibility as citizens to speak out to our elected representatives on the unacceptablity of the current situation. Sponsorship that is enforced appears to be the best way forward and ensures a fairness, accountability, and an ethical standard by which all parties can be judged. Great post.

A. WildeJune 28, 2019

Before the Church "standardized" the monthly cost for missionaries our serving the Lord we had a young man leave from our ward to serve in Japan. The family's monthly contribution was well in excess of $1,000/ month. This monthly increase is really quite reasonable.

Arlene S PearsonJune 28, 2019

It was an amazing, emotional movie.

Laurel H DraperJune 28, 2019

I saw this movie last night, and I believe it is just what Pres. Monson, Elder Groberg and Mitch Davis envisioned and desired it to be. It is a magnificently filmed and directed motion picture; its story taking place against the backdrop of a gorgeous island nation in the Pacific. It has heart and an ample serving of the Spirit...some of which you'll undoubtedly take home. It is a feast for the eyes, and with its incredible added measure of the almost unbelievable true story, this movie will fill your heart and soul with the faith promoting examples of the incredible lengths some dedicated servants of the Lord will serve Him, and to share His gospel. I left this movie wanting to do, and be better. I couldn't recommend it more! And see it this weekend, so it can be seen by greater numbers, with wider distribution!

Mary Ann McConkieJune 28, 2019

Thank you for assembling this beautiful photo essay. I had thought several times throughout the day (the 27th): "this is the anniversary of the the Martyrdom". But those fleeting thoughts were enlarged to a profound gratitude after viewing the pictures and the quotes. Well done.

Sasha KwapinskiJune 27, 2019

Just saw it today. It opened today (the 27th) in my area.

Richard JukesJune 27, 2019

Very moving essay, Scott. You really captured many of the feelings Marie and I had when we were there. Thank you.

Bryant RidgwayJune 27, 2019

The author makes some great points....however, we here in Arizona are really stressed making this work for the people that are traveling through Mexico into the U.S. Our schools are being flooded with kids that cost a tremendous amount of money to feed and educate. Our social welfare system is bursting at its seams. There is an lawful way to enter the U.S.... it should be followed. I have traveled all 7 continents and used my passport to gain legal entry into each country. Even Mexico requires entry visa and if you are staying for a long time, a passport.

Ken McGowanJune 27, 2019

I totally agree with Charles K. The government is deciding the rate of tax and how it is spent. To allow anyone who wants to come to America come and then have access to financial subsides without the support of the elected is stealing from one group (the American) to give to another (illegal entries). Let’s face it, the Treasury is not inexhaustible and without some manner of control and continued increase in taxes the Treasury will at some point be empty and everyone reduced to poverty. The writer seems to be advocating a particular political viewpoint which is dangerous. Ancient Rome was overcome and destroyed by “illegal” entries and in some way there is a modern parrallel.

ScottHJune 27, 2019

"How is there room to treat other people with hate when people are seriously suffering in this world?" This goes back to the old adage, "Hurt people hurt people." This is not an excuse; just an explanation. We tend to hurt others when we are hurting inside. When we act out of fear rather than out of love we can hurt others, even while it looks to us like we are prudently protecting. At least in my case, I often don't even realize that I am insisting on holding onto hurt rather than giving it to the Savior, who has already paid that price and has carried that burden.

Richard ClingerJune 27, 2019

It's interesting to note that our hymnal number 27 is "Praise To The Man". Easy to remember the date of June 27, 1844 --the Prophet's martyrdom.

Pamela SmithJune 27, 2019

"This is why socialism is evil. It employs evil means, confiscation and intimidation, to accomplish what are often seen as noble goals — namely, helping one's fellow man. Helping one's fellow man in need by reaching into one's own pockets to do so is laudable and praiseworthy. Helping one's fellow man through coercion and reaching into another's pockets is evil and worthy of condemnation. Tragically, most teachings, from the church on down, support government use of one person to serve the purposes of another; the advocates cringe from calling it such and prefer to call it charity or duty." Walter E. Williams from "Concealing Evil."

D.L. AndersonJune 27, 2019

While I cannot condone what the old man had done (who would???), such misery in this life - & from a son - regardless of how the son was treated or who the "Brother Brooks" (for so he IS) was as criminal as whatever else this man had done. I'm glad to see that the saints of that time and place were kind.

karell BinghamJune 27, 2019

June 27th is always a sad day for me as I remember the murder of the Prophet Joseph!

rebkotJune 27, 2019

I have an uneasy worry that innocent people from South America are being used for political purposes by activists from our country encouraging them to come to this country, not because it is good for the immigrant, but because it furthers the agenda of the activists. This is such a confusing issue - one way I try to determine which view to take is to look around the room at who is supporting a certain view: Am I in bed with Hollywood elites, abortion advocates, Constitution haters and anti-religion folks? I may be in the wrong room.

Alexander ForsythJune 27, 2019

How many of this murderous mob were wounded, or killed, by returning fire form Prophet Joseph and his faithful band?

BrynnJune 27, 2019

It is entirely possible that the daughter in this story lacked respect and kindness. However, as someone who is a caretaker for an elderly mother, I want to share another possible perspective. A few years ago that daughter might have been me. If I tried to fill out forms at the doctor’s office without asking for my mother’s input (even though I knew the answers) she would view it as an assault upon her independence—as if I didn’t consider her really there. I, too, would sometimes need to loudly ask her the questions since even with hearing aids she struggles to hear with the background noise of doctor’s offices. I admit that I would not have asked that specific question out loud. But what if I had? A few years ago my mother had a short-term reaction to a post-surgery medication she had been on that caused her to feel depressed and hopeless. If she had said she felt hopeless most of the time, I would have ached for her as I did every single day during that time, but I would not have reacted in the doctor’s office since I already was well aware of that side effect and knew there was nothing we could do until she recovered from that reaction. Those in the doctor’s office would not have seen all of the other moments when I tried to patiently encourage, uplift and support her day after day. I was, and still am, dedicated to my mother who I love dearly. At the same time, being a caretaker in such a situation is emotionally draining for many reasons. There were times back then when I found myself struggling with feelings of hopelessness. Those who observed me with my mother in several challenging situations where things might have appeared one way didn’t know the entire story. Offering compassion and support instead of judgment is another form of respect—and when I received that compassion as I struggled to do the best I was able in caring for my mom, it was a much needed tender mercy. We have to be very careful when we judge others not really knowing the full story.

CJJune 27, 2019

So far no comments have covered the topic of abuse. Lies in a marriage are abusive. Trust is shattered and trauma occurs. Lies are a betrayal of sorts. Until this wife realizes she and her marriage are being abused, and whether she wants to continue living in this situation, or is able to remove herself from it in time, it will be a miserable marriage for her and any children that are or are to come in that union. So many women do not understand the complexities of an abusive relationship and choose to remain married out of covenant with God when the spouse has chosen to leave that covenant. Even a civil marriage between two non-Christians is a covenant of sorts. It is an agreement at least between themselves. God is not ok with abuse. However, He allows us the choice and if we choose to leave for the safety of our emotional and physical health, the Lord is faithful to assist as needed. I hope this woman can get into some abuse counseling and help her realize just where her situation is. There may be more going on with her husband behind the scenes than she knows about--he won't be the one to reveal it to her because he lies. She could be in danger from a number of issues. He is the one with the problem and makes the choice to remain. She also has a choice whether she wants to live her life wrapped around his behaviors.

Claudia H. SmithJune 27, 2019

Very interesting article. I hope you find more.

June 26, 2019

No , these ads are for”UnionSuits” or, regular long underwear! Children were not endowed, but they did wear long underwear , everyone did!! I

Elsa FigueroaJune 26, 2019

This is an excellent article. We parents are so afraid of letting our children make mistakes and we try shield them from the natural consequences that come. I think it was an excellent written article and something that most of us need to implemen to be better parents to some or our very entitled children of this generation. We need to allow our children to do hard things to learn and grow!!!! The Lord really is our greatest example of how to be the best parent!!

Becky OttesonJune 26, 2019

I have a friend with chronic sinus problems, are you sharing the doctor who treated you?

Charles KrautJune 26, 2019

I struggle to understand the connection between your scriptural quotations and related discussion and the issue of "compassionate" immigration. The United States is now a welfare state, and millions of hard-working Americans are forced to pay high taxes literally at the point of a gun. What do they get for surrendering their hard-earned money? They receive the hatred and bile of the recipients of their money, the funds they might have used to improve their home, send their children to college, make charitable contributions, and so on. America under our Constitution has a government tasked with one specific purpose; to protect the freedoms of every citizen. There was a time when immigrants flooded our shores seeking freedom from oppression and the opportunity to work hard and make a life for themselves and their families. In many cases today that is no longer true. Millions of people come here to have "anchor babies" that will enable whole families to circumvent our laws and come here to receive benefits the taxpayers must pay for. America may be "the world's only remaining superpower" but we are not and were never intended to be the world's sugar daddy. Our immigration laws are largely ignored today as millions of illegal immigrants stream across our southern border, are processed and allowed into the country, and quickly disappear, never showing up for their court hearing that will determine whether they will stay or be deported. Where is the compassion there? It is essential that line-jumpers not be given preferential treatment over those who use legal and appropriate means to enter the United States. All immigrants must be subjected to appropriate tests, for infectious diseases, for subversive proclivities, and more. If our government did not do this it would fail in its purpose - and that is exactly what is happening today. Let me give you an example of exactly how things should be done. If an individual or a corporation wants to sponsor an illegal immigrant, that person, group, or corporation should be required to post a bond for each immigrant. Since the average cost of an illegal immigrant to the taxpayers is $72,000, that should be the amount of the bond. Once the bond is paid, the sponsor becomes responsible for the conduct of that thoroughly vetted immigrant individual. It's a very simple system, and it works. I know it works because that was the official policy of the United States back in the 1970s. I returned to the United States as a serving member of the United States Army. I had met and married my German wife in Europe. When I returned to the US the Immigration officials had me and my bride sign a statement promising that under no circumstances would my wife - my legal immigrant wife - ever seek, accept, or receive any form of welfare from any level of government in the United States. I agreed to be responsible for her conduct and to provide for her for the rest of her life. Simple, appropriate, and legally sound. Americans need to wake up and realize that we have exhausted our financial resources as a nation. It's been a long time since LBJ raised the issue of "guns or butter." He went ahead with both, building the military for the Vietnam War and massively enlarging the welfare state through his Great Society programs. America has been on the road to bankruptcy ever since. I don't merely mean financial bankruptcy; the welfare state has helped to bring about our moral bankruptcy as well. As Christians our obligation is to serve and bless our neighbors. Having met those needs as we feel inspired to do, we are free to expend our personal resources on behalf of those "huddled masses yearning to breathe free," as the Progressive Emma Lazarus declared. Welfare must be individual and personal. We are not compassionate when we give away someone else's money. The sponsorship system works, and it is vastly superior in its faithfulness to scripture than anything that will ever come from government. Let's look toward real, personal solutions that will bless us for our individual efforts instead of government-imposed programs that impoverish us as a nation and drag us toward economic collapse. Did Jesus ever say that we needed a government program to serve others? Is salvation to be obtained at the cost of our freedom?

A. SeleneJune 26, 2019

One of the key points about Christ's earthly ministry is that He did not violate established law. In fact, the story of "pay unto Caesar" suggests that we owe duties both to God and earthly rulers/laws. See also Article of Faith 12. Notably, in the incident where He saved the adulteress from stoning, He did not challenge the correctness of the law (which would have been odd, in any event, since it was His law) or the fact that she had violated the law and her marriage vows, but instead provided her an opportunity to repent. Obviously Christ's First Coming was a mission of showing mercy; but too often members forget that God is also just, which means that he will enforce his laws. As for changing immigration laws, we will have to agree to disagree. I don't see anything merciful or loving about allowing millions of immigrants into the country with the concomitant depression of wages and increase in housing costs (you do remember the supply/demand curve from your economics classes?), increased crime (including identity theft), and increased public expenditures on law enforcement, welfare, etc., bringing with them the dysfunctions that caused them to leave their native countries in the first place. Unless you don't care about the people that are already here...?

Michael GrantJune 26, 2019

All those who wish to support non-legal immigrants can always open their pocketbooks and generously support those same people in their own countries to help them improve their country for the better. At the same time those same people do not have the right to force others to open their pocketbooks through the law and support a law they do not believe in. Remember, every country has their laws for LEGAL immigration and their laws punishing those who ILLEGALLY enter their countries. Sadly those who support ILLEGAL immigration never want to pay for and support those entering illegally, they always want everyone else to assume that expense. If you want to support those poor (or otherwise) souls NOT living in the United States, open your pocketbooks and voluntarily send them YOUR money; and then convince others to voluntarily do the same. REMEMBER, Heavenly Father gave you your free agency to CHOOSE, he did not force any of HIS laws on you, and you must do the same with others.

Alece ReynoldsJune 26, 2019

Of course we can challenge laws we don't like. But, until those legal laws are changed, we should try to follow them, just as our 12th Article of Faith encourages us to do. Ignoring constitutionally enacted laws only brings chaos!

Kay RookhuyzenJune 26, 2019

Another home run in both comedy and narrative! Loved the article!

Jim PetersonJune 26, 2019

Nice job illuminating this important truth. I have used your explanation of watching the "pendulum swinging" motion of the steering wheel many times. Keep using your gifts to bless the kingdom.

Shep KuesterJune 26, 2019

To challenge a law is not breaking it. Challenging means we are advocating a change to the law. Immigration made this country what it is. Illegal immigration may be our undoing. Illegal immigration is just that, illegal. Anyone doing this, for any reason, is breaking the law. If you break the law, you voluntarily disqualify yourself from being a legal resident. That leaves legal immigration, which I agree needs to be addressed. For several decades now, the Legislative branch has abdicated their responsibilities of writing and modifying laws. They abdicated to the Judicial Branch. Doing the tough job of rewriting or even eliminating hot topic laws ruins their chance of reelection and acquiring more power, so Congress lets the courts do it instead. Their inaction set the stage for the current situation going on at our southern border. The problem is not new, it's been going on a long time, just getting massive attention now. People, including children, have been dying on the border for decades. It's big news now because the flow has become a flood. The blame for this sits at the foot of a Congress that has failed for decades to act. As members of the Church, it is our civic duty to meet with other concerned citizens, put together points that would create a fair, compassionate, and workable immigration law and policy that will keep our country safe from criminals and terrorists, and speed up the process for asylum and economic immigration that is within reason and beneficial to our country, and those who wish to become citizens here. We take these points to our representatives, not just in one state, but every state. Congress will only listen to a massive movement. We are bound to obey the law. We are also bound to demand changes if those laws are unjust. To do that, we must speak up, and form cooperation within our communities, not to protest, but to put forth the points of a better law.

Alece ReynoldsJune 26, 2019

This is the best podcast you have done so far. The words are stunningly beautiful. The remarks about the two angels described in the JST translation of these scriptures fully resonated with me because they reminded me of the visual I have of the two Cheribrim found on the top of the Mercy Seat on the Ark of the Covenants found in both the Tabernacle and in the Holy of Holies of the Temple of Solomon -- also placed on each end of the seat -- just as these two angels placed themselves on each end of the stone slab in the seplecure on which the body of Christ was laid, and facing each other while standing as witnesses of the mercy of the Savior in forgiving his spiritual children of their sins -- which mercy could only be obtained through the death and resurrection of the Lord. The language expressed in these scriptures, which mentioned the shining garments of the angels, was also wonderful to hear as I had once had a beautiful experience in the Preston, England Temple while acting as proxy for an Iniatory ordinance, in which the woman who was receiving her clothing ordinance exclaimed in my ears and mind, "Oh, my shinning garment" as that ordinance was authorized for her. Beyond that, as I read your comments about the possible identiy of those two angels, the spirit confirmed, at least for me, that your possible identification of these two angels was correct. Thank- you for making such a profound moment possible for me!

David DurfeeJune 26, 2019

Regarding the very difficult issues of immigration and compassion, I realized something significant recently about the parable of the Good Samaritan. We focus on what the Samaritan did - he took the wounded man to an inn and paid the innkeeper to take care of him before he went on his way. Wonderful. But there is something very interesting that he did NOT do. He did NOT take the wounded man home with him to be nursed back to health in his own home by his own family. He would have CERTAINLY done that if the wounded man had been his son or his brother or his father, wouldn't he? He would not have simply dropped his wounded son off with an innkeeper. He would have taken him home! I think that the United States should do everything possible to make conditions in the home countries of these people more livable. Stick and carrot approaches with their governments - to fight corruption and gangs. Urge companies to move there and provide jobs. Etc., etc. But I do NOT believe that the answer is to bring all these people -- which would eventually be in the hundreds of millions -- home with us. That is misplaced compassion and that will be obvious when there are eventually so many of these people here that there will be 10 families living in your backyard in tents and you will be responsible for all of their medical, education and other needs. The parable of the Good Samaritan does not teach that. The Savior does not expect them. Urge our government to work to make conditions better in their own countries -- where they really want to be anyway.

karell BinghamJune 26, 2019

These are example of the Greek word for love: Agape. It is a love so powerful that you would be willing to give your life for your friends. It is the love of God. In his final words, Jesus pleaded for his apostles to love another. They missed it, they were too concerned that he said he must leave them. I truly believe that he used the word "agape". A new commandment. Agape. Just like Christ. Agape.

JimJune 26, 2019

Do we get to pick and choose which laws to obey and which laws we don't have to obey? I don't believe so. If we do pick and choose which laws to obey our not to obey, then we will be living in a lawless society. If we disagree with a law, then work to change it, but until it is changed, we should obey it.

Lisa CroftJune 26, 2019

So much in this to unwrap, but let me, as a lawyer, just add one thing about the event when Jesus “rescued” the woman who was ACCUSED of adulterous behavior. The law required two witnesses in order to condemn a woman for adultery. Christ asked for those accusers. Of course, it had to be someone who had. It participated in that crime. There were none to be had. I suspect the woman was more abused than a willing participant and Christ demanded that part of the law to be satisfied. He did not disregard the law. First, you have to understand the law, before you attempt to apply it or even change it. When we disregard the law, we reward the criminal elements of our communities and allow further abuse to take place. Don’t be deceived to think that by disregard our immigration laws are somehow compassionate. It is NOT!! (I, too am a lawyer.)

Larry SteimleJune 26, 2019

Exactly what are you trying to say?

Charles McClellandJune 26, 2019

Very timely message! We must all do our part to encourage creation and enforcement of laws and government policies that are in sync with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

H NorthJune 26, 2019

We have no responsibility to obey unjust laws. A large majority of the laws in America today are in direct conflict with the US Constitution, a holy document.

H NorthJune 26, 2019

Are those children wearing garments in those ads? Were children receiving their endowments 100 years ago?

Bob PowelsonJune 25, 2019

Colin is right on. Religious tights come first.

Herman the GermanJune 25, 2019

My son was 5 and 1/2 when he came in with a piece of paper covered with scrawls. "What's this?" "A birthday card for Jesus." Suddenly the scrawls changed into stick figures, and I was what he was trying to depict. In the first panel were Mary and Joseph and the animals kneeling before the manger. In the second panel was the tomb, with a rock rolled in front of it. In the third panel was the tomb with the rock rolled away. He had the life of Christ on a piece of paper. Then a gentle voice said, "For me? Why, thank you!" It was impressed on me that if He sees every sparrow that falls, then he appreciates a little boy drawing him a birthday card. I looked at the paper later, and all I could see were scrawls.

VardellJune 25, 2019

This can be a very confusing topic, and cannot be understood without a clear definition of the words "saved" and of "hell". Those early Mormons should not have been surprised at a revelation that sounded like universalism. The book of Mormon teaches: "Wherefore, he has given a law; and where there is no law given there is no punishment; and where there is no punishment there is no condemnation; and where there is no condemnation the mercies of the Holy One of Israel have claim upon them, because of the atonement; for they are delivered by the power of him. For the atonement satisfieth the demands of his justice upon all those who have not the law given to them, that they are delivered from that awful monster, death and hell, and the devil, and the lake of fire and brimstone" (2 Nephi. 9:25, emphasis added). King Benjamin taught the same principle: "For behold, and also his blood atoneth for the sins of those who have fallen by the transgression of Adam, who have died not knowing the will of God concerning them, or who have ignorantly sinned" (Mosiah 3:11, emphasis added). Mormon taught it: "For behold that all little children are alive in Christ, and also all they that are without the law. For the power of redemption cometh on all them that have no law; wherefore, he that is not condemned, or he that is under no condemnation, cannot repent; and unto such baptism availeth nothing— . . . for repentance is unto them that are under condemnation and under the curse of a broken law" (Moroni 8:22, emphasis added). So indisputably those who pass mortality unexposed to the law of the gospel are "delivered" by the Atonement and grace of Christ and have part in the first resurrection. But keep in mind that the first resurrection involves a morning and afternoon, and includes those of a Celestial and a Terrestrial glory. So these scriptures do not mean that ignorance is a free pass to exaltation. Notice that nowhere in these verses is the word "saved" which almost always means Gods Kingdom - exaltation. Josephs vision of the degrees of glory says that these who die ignorant of the gospel will be in the terrestrial kingdom. "these are they who are of the terrestrial… these are they who died without law." D&C 76:72 Of course there are personal exceptions and D&C 137:7 seems to be an exception to D&C 76:72. Do you have another explanation of how to reconcile these two apparently conflicting scriptures?

Mike DenosJune 25, 2019

Thank you for the article from United Families. I know this organization has been working to strengthen families for several decades and as such is labeled by many and has seen pushback. This call to awareness and lovingly speaking out is needed for all faith groups. The family must remain the core of humanity. Our Heavenly Father expects us to be a vanguard.

Phillip C. SmithJune 25, 2019

A wise and thoughtful piece. Thank you

ColinJune 25, 2019

OK, you've identified the "elephant in the room". A situation that is obvious to almost any thinking individual. I expected to see a thought or suggestion to address the "elephant" but was disappointed. I'm looking for answers as well but found none here. Therefore, I offer this. The 1st amendment to the US Constitution guarantees the free exercise of religion in that the congress (and I believe it infers that no lesser state or federal body) “shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;”. It is my reasoned conclusion that the issues in the first amendment were so fundamental to a free people and to the authors of the Constitution that it was the first principle that they could all agree on. For that reason it is found first. The present social clamor for the “rights” of the LGBTQ community are subordinate to the principles authored by our founders. The United States is a democratic republic. This means that the majority of opinion have control over the government and its laws but cannot violate the inalienable rights of the individual as expressed in the Constitution. Freedom of religion is an inalienable right. Sexual mores or inclinations are not. No person would advocate that the LGBTQ community not have a right to have a cake or flower arrangement to celebrate their events. There are others that will offer them. It does mean that those with deeply held religious values cannot be FORCED to share their talents or participate in any way with an activity that violates their conscience or religious values to provide such a service. To pass, or attempt to enforce, such a law directly contradicts the Prime Directive (US Constitution, 1st Amendment). There. I’ve just slain the elephant. Will some else please remove the carcass from the room.

Charles DefranchiJune 25, 2019

KATE: The tyranny of political correctness has stricken again! I lived long enough to hear the kind of horror stories you mentionned into my own family. This includes one of my Great-Grand-Mothers witnessing the suicide of her desperate sister through drowning into the ocean. But we are only talking here about an epidemic in this generation - including among far too many Latter-Day Saints - that consists in choosing to end one's marriage rather than going the extra-mile in sticking to covenants through thick and through thin.

Gary S EdmondsJune 24, 2019

My teenage son was awakened one night by a bright light in his room. He saw a beautiful figure standing by his bed who said nothing but showed him the prints of the nails in his hands. Our son took his hand and felt the warmth, but the figure then left him.

Kathryn AdamsJune 24, 2019

Dear Darla bless you my friend , I am so sorry for what you are going through! I know the Lord loves you as so many do ! You have touched many lives for the good. I'm adding my prayers and faith for healing and comfort! I so enjoyed meeting you, and appreciate the article you did after we met in Charlotte and it has been an instrument in sharing light and love ! May the Lord continue to hold you in His loving arms, love,Kathryn Adams

Elouise LambJune 24, 2019

Thanks for sharing your beautiful story of becoming a new mother. Your words remind me of my experiences of bringing each of my four children into the world. The hardest times of my life yet the sweetest and most meaningful times that I wouldn’t trade for anything. God bless you and your precious little family!

Paralee EckmanJune 24, 2019

I love the way you write, and describe what each of us mothers have felt. I am now 84 years old, and the mother of 9 children -- the oldest of which I, now a widow, live with. He will be 63 years old this summer, and if you enjoy these days, wait until they grow up, have children of their own, and become a grandparent themselves! My oldest is now a Patriarch, and has given me such joy. I also have some beloved children, who have chosen a path that at this time doesn't include being active in our Church. But our prayers will never cease. Thanks for your beautifully written story. You'll have many more stories in the future yet to be written, as you live your own life!

Sharon SeiterJune 24, 2019

Thank you both for the outstanding contribution you are making! I look forward to these insightful podcasts each week. Would you please advise me of the reference for the following quote? I would like to look it up. An early Christian asked Peter, “Shall those be wholly deprived of the kingdom of heaven who died before Christ’s coming?”

jwJune 24, 2019

Beautifully written!! You tell a story that we mothers all relate to, and describe our multitude of feelings so well. Congratulations.

Susan C.June 24, 2019

In the same vein of "touch" meaning "hold me not," and in the light of the cute "grandma experience" cited above, I have always felt that touch/hold me not meant "detain me not"...for I have a schedule to keep. Maybe he, also, would rather not have parted at that time from someone he had such a close relationship with, but he had always kept "being about his Father's business" at the forefront. I have no doubt that Mary understood this. The scriptures are typically the "cliff notes," and someday we will know the full account of all that took place between them in that moment.

AlissaJune 24, 2019

I laughed, I cried, I smiled, and boy oh boy did I relate as I read this article. I could not have put my own experience becoming a mother in better words.

Helmut A. WorleJune 24, 2019

One cannot avoid the observation, however, that "neglect of the cross," if such there is in our theology and worship, is an aspect of our religion that was actively fostered and promoted by early church leaders of the restoration. After all, the cross had been and still is the symbol of non-LDS christianity for 1800 years before Joseph Smith. It was a well-calculated and intentioned move that led us away from the cross. The question then is, were they too successful and overshot the goal? Is a correction necessary now?

Luana WellsJune 24, 2019

Two suggestions. After holiday family dinners sit around the table, before you even clear the table, start,"Remember the time......?" The fun memories and laughter flow. Second, write your memories. Take 2pieces of notebook paper for every year you've lived. Label page 1 with the date you were born. On page 3, write the year, and age, on page 5, "2 years" and so on. The year you started school write the grade. Using 2 pages per year allows room for seasons. After you get your "frame" finished, you can start writing your personal or family's history as you remember random incidents. "When I was 10 we ....." or I graduated in 1998", or "i was in 5th grade when I ...." You have three ways to help you rememb events and places. As family members are added, include something about them each year. I share what I've written with our grown children at our reunion last year. They were amazed by things they had forgotten and enjoyed reading the stories. Now, when we talk to our grown children, I take quick notes about the grand children's activities and add those to this year's story. I used this same format to write my parents and grandparents stories. It's a simple format that works! Using loose-leaf paper allows adding room to write as necessary.

JoyceJune 24, 2019

Enjoy it all now. Time goes so fast he will be 45 years old in no time at all. This is the best time.

Cathy & Dave TapeyJune 24, 2019

I am at a loss for words. Dave and I have found memories of our time in Spain with you. I have always enjoyed your many articles and taken strength from your Faith. May Heavenly Father and His Son continue to comfort and bless. Much Love from us both.

Joy LundbergJune 24, 2019

I loved reading this article. What a beautiful baby! What a beautiful mother. What a blessed daddy. Thanks for sharing on such an intimate level. Mothers everywhere can relate.

LoraJune 24, 2019

It seems to me that the husband is in a no-win situation. If he tells her the truth, she will get angry and start yelling at him. If he tells her a lie, she will be angry about the lie. She doesn't say that her husband is an alcoholic. She only says that he doesn't think it's "healthy". Is she really concerned about his health? Or is she treating alcohol as if it were a sin, which for him it isn't. Put it another way: a wife who thinks that eating ice cream isn't healthy, but she keeps doing it. Her husband asks her if she ate ice cream. She can admit the truth and face the consequences or she can lie. What if the husband simply stopped asking? It's hard to love a Daddy/Watchdog, and it's hard for the husband to love a Mommy/Watchdog. A lot of people use "health" as an excuse to make others' lives miserable. She knew when she married him that he was not LDS and that he enjoyed alcohol. A lot of people enjoy going out for a beer with their buddies and it isn't a problem as long as he isn't driving drunk. I suspect that what she's really trying to do is make him live an LDS lifestyle. That's not what he signed up for. Accepting one another is part of having a successful marriage. Is this really worth all the contention?

Sandra Baird PattonJune 24, 2019

He's beautiful! Now, at 77, I still remember the 3 a.m. feedings. It's a magical time of night.

KathleenJune 24, 2019

I read about this study about 6 years or so ago and used it as the basis of a lesson in Relief Society. I asked the Sisters to go through the list and share some of their family narratives. It was very interesting to hear some of the answers. It is important to tell and write down our stories so our children know these experiences. Thanks for reminding me of this lesson, it's time to review this DYK list!

J COLLINS MEEKJune 24, 2019

Dear Mariah, This is my 4 am response to your 3 am mother thoughts and poignant feelings. I'm so grateful that you are able to share in such a heartfelt way. I am a learning specialist, and a man, so, as I tell my clients: we men can intellectually understand what the drama of motherhood is all about, but because we don't have wombs (and fulsome mother feelings) there is no way in which we will ever be able to really fully "get it." No way. Thank you, Mariah, for helping to move us partway on this impossible journey. - Doc Meek, Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada, June 24, 2019

Jo Ann OkelberryJune 23, 2019

Every word of this is true. Thank you for this article.

Wendy H.June 23, 2019

Cute---as always. But "ablum" misspelled on purpose or just a typical typo.

Debbi McCrackenJune 23, 2019

I can only echo all the beautiful words penned to you. You have inspired me and touched me greatly. Truly you are accomplishing your mission! May you continue seeing tender mercies and feel the peace you need. much love

KateJune 23, 2019

Charles DeFranchi - the reason our great-grandparents didn't divorce was because for a woman at that time, divorce was a one-way ticket to poverty and social ostracism for herself and her children. Women put up with a great deal to avoid that fate, including, but not limited to, physical and sexual abuse (which was perfectly legal, btw) and adultery and other damaging behaviors by their husbands. Now that a woman can support herself (and her children), the balance of power has shifted, and women expect more from marriage than their great-grandmothers did. As they--and their husbands--should. And Sarah, yes he is lying to her. However, he is under no covenant to not drink alcohol, and he has his agency to do so if he chooses and there is nothing wrong with that. Repeat: there is NOTHING wrong with drinking alcohol if you haven't made a covenant not to. I assume he is not coming home drunk (she wouldn't need to ask if that were the case), so it seems that she might be exercising a bit of unrighteous dominion here--trying to shame him into not drinking. He's pushing back by giving her the answer she's demanding--which is a lie--but this sounds like it could be game playing to me. She says "he's ashamed of drinking because he knows it's not a healthy behavior" but it would be interesting to ask him if that's his actual opinion, or her projection of what his opinion should be. Most people I know who drink in a normal (not to excess) fashion do not think of drinking as an unhealthy behavior at all.

JessicaJune 23, 2019

I rarely, if ever, comment on articles, but I want to echo the thoughts of many others and thank you for your rich insights and vulnerability over the years. I have loved your articles and admire so much your strength and faith. My mother-in-law passed away in 2015 from colon cancer that had metastasized to the liver. She attempted treatment for a while before also deciding that she wanted to be able to enjoy some of her last time and use it as a gift to tie up her loose ends. I wish you continued peace and love as you continue your journey. Praying for you and your loved ones.

JacobJune 22, 2019

Seems like they need to establish ways to communicate without it escalating. He may think lying is the better option and leads to better outcomes for himself and even for their relationship. To coax him into telling the truth, they need to establish times and ways in which they can both feel safe to speak their truths to each other without super negative repercussions.

Joseph A OttJune 22, 2019

My 6 year old daughter saw Jesus at the door of her closet in the night time. She described what he looked like: A big man with a white robe and had lots of lights around him. She could not relay what He talked to her about, but it was like just something that seemed perfectly normal. She knew that it was Jesus.

Debra McCrackenJune 22, 2019

I sit here a week after a car accident with a cast and oxygen trying to be positive about my own small miseries. this really touched me!

Eva Mae HahnJune 22, 2019

Only a seasoned genealogist would do that. It is funny tho.

MarenJune 22, 2019

I hear in this woman’s continual discomfort and questioning a desire to establish a healthy boundary for her marital relationship. It also appears that she may need assistance in establishing said boundary. It is a normal and healthy expectation for a spouse to function without the use of a chemical substance. My hope is that she will gain confidence to create a healthy boundary for herself regardless of her spouse’s choice and begin to assert independent of this dysfunction.

SarahJune 21, 2019

Bryan and Dave, he's lying to her. That's the issue. She ain't trying to stop him drinking. But sure ..keeping the peace is more important than trust/ lying/ deception !! He just needs to tell the truth when she asks. End of issue, but he won't.

BryanJune 21, 2019

I agree 100% with Dave's comment. Instead of trying to force him to accept your way of life, love him anyway for his good qualities. Perhaps then he will change because he wants to, not because he is forced to to keep the peace. Remember, someone else one time wanted to force good behavior and save all of us. How'd that work out for him?

DaveJune 21, 2019

I'm wondering why this woman feels like she needs to "check up" on her husband's drinking. She knows he drinks. He's ashamed of it and already knows he shouldn't be doing it. Bringing it up obviously bothers her husband so much that he deflects the question by lying. So what useful thing does it accomplish to bring it up? She could end all of this contention by simply not bringing it up. How many more years will it take for her to figure out that what she is doing isn't working?


A couple of days ago, I attended the sealing of a young man to his parents after more than twenty years of being less active in the Church. More interestingly, his father had come home drunk year after year and had a tendency to spend his earnings gambling. Many people were pressing his wife, an active Latter-Day Saint to leave him. Instead, she stayed with him and waiting patiently for his conversion. They are well into their 70's now and you would not imagine a more beautiful old couple. They both attend the Temple regularly, serve faithfully in various assignments, and contribute to playing a good influence on their kids and grandkids. Too many couples nowadays call it quits as soon as something unpleasant about each-other arises. What about the power of grace and the atonement, long-suffering, unconditional love, being a light and not a judge, and remaining together for better or for worse till death doth us part? Talk to your Grandparents or Great-Grand-Parents about that and they will tell you that marriage has never been easy, but they'd never consider divorce as a solution unless being faced with extreme circumstances.


According to recent changes in communicating the official name of the Church, the title should have read:"Apostle Thanks Kuwait for Formally Recognizing The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints"

Sally SmithJune 21, 2019

As a grandmother it is my responsibility to teach my grandchildren what religious freedom is, how to stand for it,and how to fight to preserve it. Mist important to be a voice that speaks out against secularism Thank you printing this article

Cindy WilliamsJune 20, 2019

I consider my Dad to have been 98% perfect while upon this earth. He probably wasn't, but he was to me, especially in hindsight. Whatever my Beloved Daddy promised me, he delivered. He always kept his word. He was my Protector, my Hero, my Best Friend. When circumstances outside his control prevented delivery on those promises, he told me ahead of time. I knew I could always trust him. Because of trusting my earthly Father as I grew up, I came to have such a strong testimony and faith in my Heavenly Father. Daddy set the example for me as a tiny little child, long before I would grow in the knowledge of Heavenly things, and ultimately pointed me in The Way.

LisaJune 20, 2019

Absolutely wonderful. My day has been changed.

DianeJune 20, 2019

This was a great reminder for caregivers of all types. I have been the main caregiver to my totally paralyzed (from a car accident) daughter for over 15 years. I have learned so much and the Lord has truly blessed us both. After all, I get to work in my own comfortable home, caring for my best friend. It isn’t easy, but it is worth it.

JCJune 20, 2019

As a caregiver of my Husband for the past 5+ years, I needed this advice. It is a challenge to work full-time and support us financially, take care of the house & yard, help the kids and the grandkids, have a church calling, plus get my ministering visits and not feel overwhelmed with life. We do need a care-givers "rest" day--to take the day off and not feel guilty. Thanks so much for the article!

KateJune 20, 2019

There were 13 witnesses. Let us not forget Sister Whitmer and Joseph Smith. I went on a Church history tour last year and was humbled by the research that has been done since I last visited these sites many years ago. The number of regular people outside this select group of 13 who saw God the Father, Jesus Christ or angels or other Heavenly manifestations is astounding. This work was not done in a corner. And its foundation was not laid by people credulously following reports told by others. People saw for themselves. They experienced themselves. And then devoted their lives to making a reality what they had been shown was the will of God. We are fortunate to live in the time when so many of their early efforts in preaching the Gospel and building temples are beginning to really pay off. There is still much to be done, but the shape of Zion is becoming clearer. It really will sweep the earth and every one of God's children will be affected by its reach.

Mary Lou CollinsJune 20, 2019

Thanks so much for your time and effort in this great undertaking to teach us all you know about our Lord and Savior. This week's lesson has been the most difficult for me. I know it must have been difficult for you to write it as much as it has been for me to read it. So glad we are moving on to the resurrection next week. Thank you both, dearly, for all you do to help bring us closer to our Savior and all He has done for us. Best wishes...

HalJune 20, 2019

I run into this all the time. We once had to take my (then) 9-year-old son to a medical facility after-hours because he had something stuck in his esophagus. He wasn't chocking, but he was in distress and we needed to get him somewhere quickly. As instructed on my insurance card, I called the after-hours number to find the closest facility. I got a recording that the office was closed and to call back the next business day (this was on a Friday afternoon a little after 5:00). In frustration, I hustled our son to the nearest insta-care facility a few miles from our home. The bill was a little over $200 for the visit and the claim was denied by our insurance company because the facility was "out of network." I appealed with the argument that I had followed the after-hours instructions to find an in-network facility and that it was the insurance company's fault that they did not provide the needed information. The claim was still denied. I decided right then that, the next time I had a similar issue, I would simply call 911 and the insurance company could foot the several thousand dollar bill for emergency transport and an emergency room visit. No wonder our premiums are so high.

David Newbold, PhDJune 20, 2019

Three Types of Healthcare Providers During my lifetime and perhaps more keenly aware of, in my professional career of practicing psychology for 40 years, I have observed three main types of healthcare providers, meaning physicians, nurses, on down to lab technicians and aids of all kinds. My own mental health professions are also part of these groups or divisions. First, are those that do not do a particularly good job of adequately diagnosing illnesses or disorders. They often do a less impressive job of treating those maladies which they are called upon to heal. I have been most fortunate in my lifetime to have only been personally handled a limited number of times by these individuals, and I have quickly discontinued my interaction with them. Plumbing might be a more suitable career for some of these people. Second, are the providers that are adequate, and sometimes highly skilled with the science or art of diagnosis. They are often useful and experienced in treating illness and curing diseases in patients. But their skills and ability are limited; they are only capable of identifying and healing illness. I turn away from these providers in short order. I have not liked them much. Third, are those caregivers who are just what the word implies, they are actual caregivers. They possess the ability to identify disease correctly and with a high degree of accuracy. They are skilled in the treatments that they apply. But they have the capacity to treat people. Skills and intelligence are highly crucial in healthcare professions. True healers possess compassion and do not hesitate to provide their patients with an abundance of kindness and caring. Again, they treat people, not just illness. These are the providers that I seek out, and I am grateful for their skills and their compassion. During the lengthy illness, spinal cord cancer, that my late wife, Lorene, experienced we most certainly encountered all three types of these providers. I was saddened by the poor quality of care that occurred in some situations. I could not understand having excellent skills and not an ounce of bedside manner. But I relished the attention and care given by those who knew how to treat people. Those providers had a positive impact on my wife’s dealing with her pain and death. They were also able to treat me as well; they reminded me of what is truly most important in life; to love and care.

CarolJune 20, 2019

Thank you for admitting your problem and how you got "cured". The filling your empty house with good stuff and then staying totally away from any hint of porn forever is the best analogy I have heard when trying to change your life what ever problem someone has.

Ann-MarieJune 20, 2019

Thanks for publishing this much-needed article.

SandyJune 20, 2019

I loved reading this. It is such a faith booster!!!

Harold RustJune 20, 2019

A great description of a process and its consequences. Many parallels with other actions such as willing to change, willing to try something new, willing to love an enemy, and willing to speak out for the truth. All are steps of vulnerability which, if pursued with faith and with confidence, can move us ahead much further than we were.

Claradene StewartJune 20, 2019

Thank you for your article. The perspective you are teaching us is most refreshing. My own father died of prostate CA in 1995. It was hard to see him suffer, but he was valiant to the end. He was in a coma for two weeks which occurred right at the time of the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995. I flew to OKC the day after this tragic event and helped take care of my dad for two weeks until he passed. There were about 8 bodies in the mortuary from that bombing. Our family had lots to learn during this time and we watched how a whole city came together to start working to overcome this terrible event. We miss our dad a lot, but feel his presence sometimes. My mother lived another 18 years before she passed on. She just missed Dad so much and just got to go with minimal disease process.

Barbara SmithJune 19, 2019

Thank you for sharing your journey with us, all of it. I know my life is better for learning from your experiences and perspective.

Jen LarsenJune 19, 2019

Great Article and perspective! I think perhaps you've hit the nail on the head. Maybe those who are afraid of death and disease and want to cure/heal it are those who aren't right with God yet. Maybe the thought (even subconsciously) of coming face to face with their mighty maker is scarier than death or disease and so they look for mortal fixes/answers/cure to prevent that from happening. Perhaps I'm wrong, but I know that when I haven't been "right" with my lord, the thought of seeing him face to face and being in his presence terrifies me. But likewise, when I have been right with him, there's nothing I want more than to be enveloped in his arms. Get right with the Lord so that your burdens may be light. Thank you so much for all your words of wisdom. I pray for you and your family to have the strength to face what is ahead. Much love and appreciate for you!

Ken LongmoreJune 19, 2019

An excellent article on whatis expected of us who are on the Lord’s errand. I might only add the parable of the Goats and the Sheep as presented by the Savior in Matthew chapter 25 as perhaps the most critical of all expectations. We can discover that brother England touches on all of these things in his article if we study it out and ponder it deeply. “If ye have done it unto the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.”

Carol AnnJune 19, 2019

I, too, had a father such as yours. He also was a mighty oak in the forest of life who influenced thousands of people for good through his high Church callings and his law profession! He was a wonderful Father to me and lovingly guided me in the growing-up years. However, he had a devastating stroke at age 82 and lived five more years before he died. I met my test by caring for him and my invalid mother along with rearing a young family along with the help of my dear husband. All of that has defined my life as well.

Carol AnnJune 19, 2019

Very timely post, Carolyn. Thanks for your knowledge!

JulieJune 19, 2019

Elder McConkie told us in his last conference talk, that while on the cross, the Savior felt all the pains and agonies of Gethsemane a second time.

DonJune 19, 2019

This makes me wonder if the difference in outcome are related primarily to parental style/behavior, or if how the child perceives the parental involvement is equally (or even more) important. Of our 4 children, the one with the worst outcome is the one who perceives that we were trying to "control" them - the other three were fine with our default level of involvement.

Ole OlsenJune 19, 2019

Excellent article. I've been assigned a Sacrament meeting talk on the 30th about how to accept and move past failure. This story is perfect. Thank you. and say Hi to your Dad for me.

Joel Robin MarksJune 19, 2019

How true it is that ' Sin is the true enemy' and death is a 'welcome respite.' May God always bless us with the truth.

Haze KompelienJune 19, 2019

President Holland's quote, "As a reminder of those days, Jesus has chosen, even in a resurrected, otherwise perfected body, to retain for the benefit of His disciples the wounds in His hands and in His feet and in His side—signs, if you will, that painful things happen even to the pure and the perfect; signs, if you will, that pain in this world is not evidence that God doesn’t love you; signs, if you will, that problems pass and happiness can be ours." just touched my heart. I had never before thought of why Jesus kept the marks of His suffering. Great article, all should read and share.

AnnekeJune 19, 2019

Well said, and a good reminder. We should remember this perspective!

Vicki CraycraftJune 19, 2019

What a sweet story, thank you for sharing. Greg is a beautiful person. I am proud to see the man he grew up to be. What a blessing you two will be to each other.

JaneJune 18, 2019

Sharee - VidAngel believed that what they were doing was completely within legal limits, citing the Family Home Movie Act of 2005 which "allows the creation of technology that can edit a DVD or transmitted movie on the fly (during playback) and thus present a censored version of that movie."

Laura Israelsen KebkerJune 18, 2019

So well said Michaela. Thank you for sharing this great illustration of such an important principle.

Scot Facer ProctorJune 18, 2019

I love this story and I love the man you married. He is such a wonderful son-in-law. How blessed we all are to have him in our family. And I'm so grateful you chose to be vulnerable. Love you. --Dad.

Geoff SteurerJune 18, 2019

I love this article! Thank you for using such a powerful illustration of this important principle!

HalJune 18, 2019

Great story and a wonderful analogy on how our testimonies are built line upon line, precept upon precept, stone upon stone and having the faith that our questions and failings will all be answered and turned into strengths if we just stay in the Good Ship Zion and keep on rowing.

Chuck McClureJune 18, 2019

Thank you for your wonderful article! I wouldn't normally read something like this but I was drawn to it! I love the way you tied you dating experience back to the Savior. And, being somewhat of a romantic, I loved the wedding picture and your story. Being open to the Savior is so important. Thank you again!

John R CarpenterJune 18, 2019

People fail to understand and parents fail to teach their children, that anything posted to the internet or "on-line" could and likely will be used against them in some manner in the future. Often when it is most embarrassing or inconvenient.

CarolineJune 18, 2019

I love this, especially the phrase "trembling trust." Thank you for sharing these stories.

ShareeJune 18, 2019

It is unfortunate that Hollywood chooses to make films with objectionable content. However, companies like VidAngel need to contract with the studios to do their editing out of the objectionable portions. They apparently did not do this, so the studios were within their rights to sue and the judge was right to award the settlement to the plaintiffs. Moral of this story: don't meddle with other people's property without their permission.

Maralyn DotsonJune 18, 2019

Wow! I can’t breathe! Thanks for making vulnerability so celestial and righteous! Thanks for sharing your beautiful self with us. I love you for that!

RebeccaJune 18, 2019

I thank you for a well written article which explains so much to this two year convert to The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints. Yes I have received my Patriarchal Blessing but have not read it recently; but will pull it out to read again. To me receiving my blessing was the next step after baptism. I received encouragement and hope as I am the only member of my family. I can’t wait for Part Two Of this article to be published. Again, thank you for blessing my heart the encouragement you gave me today.

CherylJune 17, 2019

Thank you for having the courage to be authentic. People listen when people like you tell their truth. Bless you. Life isn’t easy for anyone even you❤️ I’m sending this to my husband and only pray he reads it because he doesn’t believe he has a problem. So sad

Margaret E. BatesJune 17, 2019

I was 14 when I attended the public open house for the opening in 1964 where Pres. Oaks was at age 12. I grew up in San Francisco, eventually taking out my endowments there in 1986, and finally, sealed there to my spouse, Stephen in 1999. My Oakland temple memories run deep, and I have had spiritual experiences there that defy public discourse because of their sacred nature.

AneteJune 17, 2019

Thank you for making the New Testament come to life as you share your knowledge with us. A group of us in our Ward get together once a week and talk about the "Come Follow Me" lesson. We each listen to or read your podcast and gain much knowledge. We also appreciate all the articles and information given us in your magazine. Thank you for sharing your talents with us.

Neal ChristensenJune 17, 2019

I have long thought that the reason the Lord directed the early missionary effort be in England was because he knew these experienced tradesmen, especially hard rock miners, would be needed to assist in the physical building of Zion, particularly the construction of temples.

JonathanJune 16, 2019

About 10 years ago I finally began to really study the scriptures, rather than commentaries and lesson manuals. Brother England here demonstrates one of the most exciting lessons I have learned: to look up the definitions of important scriptural words - in the dictionaries of the prophets who wrote them. The 21st century dictionary is of very little, or no value in understanding the Standard Works, though it’s great for General Conference, etc. Happily, the 1828 Webster's American Dictionary of the English Language is free online to show us what Joseph Smith meant in the Doctrine and Covenants and Pearl of Great Price. It also serves for the Book of Mormon - although an expensive unabridged Oxford may be better. For the Old and New Testaments, I use, and click on the HEBREW or GREEK button to see a verse in the original language, then click on the Strong's Concordance number for the word I want to see. E.g. meek, repent, holy, sanctify. When verse of scripture seems obscure, this is generally the simplest and most productive step to understanding. It's quick, cheap, and easy - and often dramatically clarifies the scripture's meaning.

AlitsaJune 16, 2019

After 60 years, I will be meeting my biological father next month. I will not call him my father, dad, or any such thing. He never showed an interest in me and does not warrant the honorable titles. Apparently, he fathered others before committing to a marriage and family. The were shocked to learn of me and even more shocked to learn of at least two others. At first, he said he didn't believe my birth mother but soon after changed his story. I know his other illegitimate daughter is thrilled to finally learn who he is and that is the reason I pursued my research. Finally contacting my estranged birth mother who sent a registered letter with nothing but his misspelled name. My birth mother gave me up for adoption to her mother and stepfather so we were raised, legally, as sisters. Part of the reason for the estrangement is because I won't call her my mother nor my other sister my aunt. (Not to mention my other sister's illegitimate child who everyone wants me to call my cousin.) They aren't. They are my sisters, the girl that was given up for adoption across the country is simply that, and I am entitled to my family name. Even the birth certificate I have has no mention of my biological parents. My adopted parents are listed as the birth parents. In my twenties, I also had a child and gave it up for adoption specifying an LDS family. My upbringing was belittling and violent. I was a convert to the church and, oh, what I would have given to have been raised LDS. He had been adopted by members over 500 miles away. When he was 17 someone gave him my phone number and we had a disappointing conversation. I knew both sides of the adoption story and thought I had made the better choice by not aborting and giving him a "good" family. He didn't want to believe the circumstances of his birth and, through puffs of cigarette smoke, was blaming me for all of his troubles. I hope he has matured and made better choices. SO! Who knows how this will turn out next month. I am curious to see faces that may be similar to mine; to learn about the relationship my birth parents had. no matter how brief; to learn of medical backgrounds, etc. But he will simply be a man I met and not promoted to Father. That belongs to my daddy. The man who raised me and loved me even though I was not his own and had no blood connection. The ones who hurt, abandoned, abused, belittled, judged, and/or controlled were blood. I feel sorry for them. They have missed out on a lot of good things and either were or are very unhappy.

NancyJune 16, 2019

How to say ‘thank you’ for all that your articles have meant to me over the years… Darla, you have served as a much-appreciated spiritual mentor as I wend my way through the twists and turns of my own mortal journey. Though Heavenly Father has not yet delivered me from my physical and psychological trials, His spiritual strengthening is enabling me to bear them and learn from them. Your Christ/Atonement/gospel-centered insight, borne from your own personal struggles, has always resonated with me and has served as an invaluable tool in the divine arsenal that has been prepared for my spiritual support. I hope that in the life beyond this life I will have the privilege of thanking you in person for illuminating my path with the Savior’s light. As you finish your mortal assignment, may you be bolstered by a keen and constant awareness of His and His Father’s abiding love for you.

AnaJune 16, 2019

Love that you write the podcast and add talks to share and I can look it at in Spanish for some of my friends out of the states and for my Spanish branch in Des Moines Iowa.

Becky BigelowJune 16, 2019

my sweet Darla, I think I was about 3 years old when you first knocked on our door. And you became an important part of our family, and than into my own family. The times we spent talking, and just knowing you were there, it filled my heart. You have been my greatest example, my mentor, and sometimes my second mom, and I love you so deeply. But once again your love for the Lord, your testimony, and the peace you share from your heart, and the grace that is you.I will continue to pray for the peace you feel, and the love you feel by the comfort of Heavenly Fathers hands. And always for Doug and your family

MaryannJune 16, 2019

When LDS Family Services was still placing babies for adoption, I worked for them as a volunteer. I met with the expectant girls during the months before their babies were due, encouraging them and helping them to explore their options. One time the LDS social worker allowed me to be the one to place the baby in the arms of the adoptive parents for the very first time. That was quite a thrill! I remember one time when an adoptive couple came to the office to get their baby--I was astounded at how much the baby looked like the adoptive mother. These children really are meant to be with these families---they just come by a different route!

MaryannJune 16, 2019

I hope we aren't in danger of putting disagreements on a pedestal here! After 49 years of marriage, my husband and I agree on most things that are truly important to us---the gospel, our political affiliations, and many other issues. We find a lot of joy in the things we have in common, especially our sense of humor. While we occasionally just have to "agree to disagree", we usually have a peaceful relationship. Neither one of us is a "doormat," and we both speak our minds about how we feel. It IS possible to have a peaceful and mostly agreeable relationship without any sense of boredom. I don't think I would want to stay in a relationship where my husband and I were disagreeing all the time.

D.Kendall, June 16 2019, AZJune 16, 2019

- I was introduced to Sarah Hinze by my niece some years ago, and she gave me a copy of her book, WE LIVED IN HEAVEN. I have not had such an experience myself, but do believe those in tune can surely have thee experiences.

WonderingJune 16, 2019

I followed that Attention Seeking vs. Attachment Seeking reference, but in the reference they appear to be synonymous with respect to the behavior in question. The point seemed to be that the care-giver should interpret the attention-seeking behavior as attachment-seeking, and that that mindset will help the care-giver, not the one engaging in attention-seeking behavior. I wish the author could provide advice on how someone stuck in the attention-seeker's life story can better walk in that story and be less obnoxious to those around them.

Loretta (Lorry) Clayton BensonJune 15, 2019

All of us at Hillcrest those first three years, respected and admired Principal Jensen. I remember so well you and my sister Terri in junior high school together, and how much she admired you.

Harold RustJune 14, 2019

A powerfully touching reflection of what some fathers have been and what all of us fathers pray we can be. Thanks for reminding us of the goodness in Fathers.

anonymousJune 14, 2019

"just saying": This is very much a situation where the role can be reversed. 'nuff said. The answers herein may be helpful.

Suzie SabinJune 14, 2019

Wow, how blessed you were to have such a father. I felt a twinge of sadness, as I thought about the dysfunctional family I grew up in. We 6 children never got hugs or encouragement, and we were extremely poor., growing up in a shack with only one bedroom. The unfinished attic was lined with beds, some of us having to share a bed. Our overwhelmed mother often would hit us, while yanking our hair, yelling that she hated us and wished we had never been born. We grew up unloved, unwanted, depressed, and not wanting to live. I was 19 when the Lord answered my prayer: “What church should I join?” Within three months, the Spirit had guided me to Germany, where I was introduced to the church. After reading only a few chapters of the Book of Mormon, I knew it was true. Since joining the church, and over the years, the Lord has helped me overcome the ignorance, anger, and despair I once knew. The Gospel has taught me to forgive my parents, to understand them, and to love them dearly. The church had become my parents, where I was nurtured and loved. I have been healed. I love knowing how it was growing up for you in a loving, gospel-centered family. Thank you for the light you share at Meridian Magazine.

Kathryn LeviJune 14, 2019

Please can I get a list of the 43 faith Scriptures Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and the hard work that you put into the podcast - I have enjoyed reading and listening to your wise words of counsel. God Bless you both.

JimJune 14, 2019

Brother and Sister Proctor, I’ve been reading and listening for a long time to Meridian Magazine and your knowledge filled and insightful podcasts. I even decades ago bought a large book by you. It had wonderful large photos of early church history. May I make a suggestion? I listen to a lot of podcasts during tasks that are pure repetition that happily allow me to concentrate on subjects that fascinate me - including yours. If someone reads to me my mind wanders - even if the subject is wonderful and the reading is filled with new insights. The podcasts that keep my focus are “discussions” instead of “readings.” May I humbly suggest you use your knowledge and skills to cover the material you’ve so painstakingly prepared to simply discuss it on air. There are a few times when this seems to happen in your podcasts with a telling of an anecdote and I’m all ears at those moments - but those moments are the exceptions. Thank you for the fine service you render to us listeners and readers.

James DooleyJune 14, 2019

Well done, Scot & Maurin e!

NicoleJune 14, 2019

Thank you for the article. Thinking of my own farther and his bad choices that affected my mother, five siblings and me and his own excommunication twice from our faith, who is now an endowed member. I find it’s still difficult to believe my father and even believe his worthiness because we have been lied to so much in our lives. There was never an apology to my mother who he was unfaithful to or my siblings and me and that’s where I have a hard time overcoming feelings I know I should let go. I love my dad and I felt like I have forgiven him but it’s clear as I’m writing this I still have forgiveness to give and this article helped me look deeper into what I need to be doing. Thanks again

HalJune 14, 2019

Great article! I pray daily that our daughters will learn to develop the mutual love and affection for their future husbands as my wife and I have for each other. I pray that all people in the world can understand that men and women are to compliment and complete each other - not compete against each other.

Bradley AndersonJune 14, 2019

The article published by Mark Mathews on September 14, 2017, GETHSEMANE: HOW A PRECIOUS TRUTH WAS LOST AND FOUND in Meridian is especially insightful on this topic. There seems to be little doubt that the insertion of the passage at a later date, was actually a re-insertion of what was found in texts earlier than the 3rd century.

CW2SADJune 14, 2019

I’m wondering if Jesus “bled from every pore” to allow room for whatever coursed through the veins of Adam and Eve before they partook of the apple. This would explain why, when Jesus’ side was pierced, the report was “water and vinegar” was seen.

Bradley KramerJune 14, 2019

An amazing tribute with a profound point--fathers (and mothers) can do much in simple, often nondramatic ways to reveal to us the goodness of God.

KathieJune 13, 2019

Your beautifully expressed a article is so helpful to me as I proceed on the same journey. Thank you for putting your thoughts into words to help others. I am having chemo injections now and wonder if I will lose my hair. You look adorable in the bright pink hat in your photo. I would appreciate it very much if you would tell me where you bought it so that I might purchase one like it. Thank you and God bless you and your husband and family.

Gerald G FullerJune 13, 2019

Candace, as I understand the "adjustment" of the Our Father, whether by Pope Francis or by Joseph Smith, it does not deprive me of my agency (responsibility and privilege) to choose to refuse the temptation. Rather it emphasized that God neither causes us to be tempted nor forces us to reject the temptation.

MeganJune 13, 2019

As someone with a difficult father-daughter relationship, I can attest that forgiveness is real, but it can take many years, perhaps even a lifetime. Boundaries are essential as we work toward reconciliation. As long as we are earnestly striving to have a soft heart, we need not feel guilty if the process of forgiveness takes time.

DeAnn FergusonJune 13, 2019

Yes, Interesting isn't it that Joseph's antagonists or succeeding attackers of the Church are no longer in existence or are long forgotten

HalJune 13, 2019

Thank you for this article. While in my early teens, my own father left my mother to marry a woman many years his junior. To add insult to injury, he moved out of our house on Christmas Eve. I was angry because I struggled during my teenage years and desperately needed my father in my life. That said, I maintained an uneasy relationship with him and I was finally able to forgive and reconcile with him while in my early twenties. I am grateful for the law of forgiveness because it took away the rancor and hurt in my heart. My father an I enjoyed a good relationship until he passed away. Knowing what I know now, I would have regretted not having forgiven my father because I would have lost out on all the wonderful times we had in the ensuing years. I now have an adult son who severed our relationship over ten years ago as a result of a silly argument. I have repeatedly apologized and reached out to him but - so far - to no avail. I long for the day when we, too, can be reconciled and perhaps rebuild the loving relationship we once had just as I did with my father.

SheriJune 13, 2019

As someone who just recently found her birth mother, (in the past week) I couldn't agree more with this article. I am in the family I'm supposed to be in. I have 4 1/2 siblings that have always known about me, and wanted to meet me. I've fought the feeling for the past few years about needing to look, and couldn't have been more excited about how things are working out. I'm so grateful to my birth mother for making the decision that she did, and for my parents who wanted me so much and have given me a perfect life.

Gunnella MurphyJune 12, 2019

Darla, I am just one of the many who have been lifted, encouraged, and blessed by your gift to share what is in your heart through your many inspired articles here in Meridian Magazine. Thank you for sharing so openly, and taking us on this journey with you. It is an invitation for each of us to reflect deeply and to consider the growth needed in our own lives. Thank you for all you continue to teach me.

LoraJune 12, 2019

I have a friend whose marriage is without disagreement. Her daughter once told her that it was a disadvantage to her in her marriage because she didn't know how to have a disagreement with her husband! She'd never seen one! I said, "Send her to my house. I'll show her." I have a son who said, "Thank you for showing me how to have disagreements in marriage. It's really helped." He'd seen us disagree for years. We don't call each other names. We don't bring up past disagreements. When I'm feeling especially inspired instead of frustrated, I just burst into prayer. Right there. Praying in the middle of a disagreement automatically softens voices and invites the Spirit to help. There have been times when I've gotten very upset, and that's when I get quiet. My husband is aware that "the silent treatment" is actually better than my saying what I'm thinking at that moment. I'd rather not have to apologize for saying the wrong thing when I'm up on my high horse. If I had the unrealistic expectation that a truly eternal marriage would be between two people who never disagree, are never thoughtless, and never hurt each other's feelings, we wouldn't have lasted 43 years.

Ron B.June 12, 2019

As the parent of one natural child and three adopted children, our attitude has always been that the more people in our children's lives who love them, the happier we are. Two of my children found their birth mothers. One through a miraculous connection and the other through DNA. One was underwhelming but the other was a reunion beyond description. We were reduced to tears at the mother's expression of pent-up emotions when our child reached out to his birth mother after 31 years. Our children know who we are and we are not threatened by the expressions of love between birth bonds and meeting new siblings. I'm sure the Lord would see it no differently.

K. Chin, Modesto, CAJune 12, 2019

I am deeply touched by the immense courage and strong faith EVERYONE in this story has shown! The Savior is, indeed, our perfect brightness of hope. Through all of the challenging, heart-wrenching, devastating experiences we face in is only through Jesus Christ, and His gift of the Atonement to each of us (if we accept and apply it) that there is ANY chance of happiness. In submitting ourselves to our Savior, we have EVERTHING to gain and NOTHING to lose; but we often don’t realize this until, through exercising our faith in Him, we courageously take a couple of steps into the unknown. I believe MANY more lives will be blessed by hearing this story. Thanks to ALL who have been willing to share it!!

Jo Ann OkelberryJune 12, 2019

We adopted a baby girl in 1967. She was of mixed race and certainly stood out in our family. We loved her so much, and she loved us and her six natural-born siblings. She died 10 years ago, and we have grieved so much as has not only her siblings but her aunts, uncles, cousins, and so many more. She was a delight in our lives. She never wanted to find her birth parents because she always said that we were her "birth" parents. I have read of so many people who found their birth parents only to have a very unhappy relationship. People sometimes don't want to be reminded of the child that gave up for adoption.

HalJune 12, 2019

Thank you for printing this article. The statistics I've read are that less than 1% of abortions are performed to save the life of the mother. Perhaps a few more are to terminate a pregnancy resulting from rape or incest. Even in the case of rape, some wonderful human beings came into this life as the result of an unselfish mother choosing to bear the child of a rapist rather than destroy that precious and productive life. The rest are for "convenience" and to avoid taking responsibility for one's own actions.

Dr. Stan and Cristie GardnerJune 12, 2019

Dearest Darla, Sending you love and prayers for peace and joy in this part of your earthly journey. We have enjoyed working with you so very much and you are in our prayers. We love your vision and your faith.

David C HillJune 12, 2019

Last summer my wife organized our personal version of "Relative Race." Each family had different sites in Utah County and Salt Lake County to locate and had an activity for each stopping point. Eight location had a family connection. We even had a trophy for the family that completed their assignment first. The families learned a little bit more about their ancestors and had a great time in the process.

ChuckJune 12, 2019

You're right---I'm a father, grandfather, and great-grandfather of both young women and young men, and boy! are they different. All are quite precious, and I need each of them. In fact, a daughter is driving me to a temple recommend interview tonight because a son at the last minute couldn't take me. With all these great people, though, it's no wonder my hair is so grey!

Pete PrattJune 12, 2019

That's great story and I'm very glad it worked out the way it did. My wife and I adopted a brand new baby at birth. When he reached adulthood he tracked down his birth mom, who promptly tried to take control of his life. It took a couple years for her to accept that his life was formed by his adoptive parents and he would not change to conform with her desires. Now they have an arms length relationship that is a burden to him. He says he wishes he had not pursued this.

Bob PowelsonJune 12, 2019

Nice story. My wife and I had a girl first then three boys in a row (four in six years). She was the oldest of 5 followed by four boys. A rather unruly bunch but protective of others. It was a rather exciting time. When the boys were teens we received a wonderful message from the school. The boys were bragging about how tough their mother was. Girls are prettier but much harder to care for.

Ray H GarrisonJune 12, 2019

For those of us who also have suffered a lifetime of chronic sinus infections, would you be willing to share the name and contact information for the Good Doctor you treated you?

Kay RookhuyzenJune 12, 2019

I simply LOVE your writing style and laughed out loud at your narrative! Keep writing!

VardellJune 12, 2019

Excellent article! I especially like this line, "I cannot fix myself. I cannot try a do-it-yourself program that will go the distance. I cannot transform myself to be like him." So true! Despite our LDS culture of perfecting ourselves - of doing more and being more - the scriptures teach that we are not capable of improving ourselves to a point of deserving redemption. All the self perfecting is only of value as it increases our faith in Christ enough to believe that he can forgive us and change us. Our works are only of value if they lead us to broken-heartedly plead for his mercy. Alma is the poster child for this truth. He was very wicked, had barely enough faith to plead, "Jesus thou son of God, have mercy on me." Having done NO good works, but with that tiny mustard seed of faith, he was forgiven, born again, redeemed, even changed to a state of righteousness!" (Mosiah 27:24-26) Only AFTER being redeemed was Alma able to be transformed and to do the great works.

Sandy DildineJune 12, 2019

Thank you for your story. I have one of those strong, protective sons. If we just could have that perspective while they are still young!

Marla SmakaJune 12, 2019

I am writing with great respect. I would like to take a view point 180 degrees opposite to the general tone and theme of this article. The author never mentioned how the feelings of the adoptive family feel about their adopted child seeking out the birth family. I along with my four siblings am adopted. My brother sought his birth family. I cannot describe the absolute tearing this caused the fabric of our family. We were sealed in the Mesa, Arizona, Temple. I thought we were now the children of our adopted parents (for those who have participated in the ordinances of the Temple, recall those sacred words). My brother sought his birth parents and found them, and also found he had biological birth siblings. He called one of his birth siblings in my presence his "real sister." I am not an adolescent or twenty-something. I am a grandmother of 13. I wish the trend to glorify the reunion of birth parents would stop. By the way, I saw a survey that said that 90% of adoptees who sought and found their birth families said if they had it to do over again, they would not.

Lori SmithJune 12, 2019

I just found my birth mother we talked this lady Sunday not meeting in person till September halve to build up the courage

JoyceJune 12, 2019

A word of warning for those seeking to dig into their past. My sister-in-law was 15 years old when she paired up with a 20 year old college student. Needless to say they produced a child. The drama in the family was stressing for the siblings who kept better morals, the devastated parents, etc. The infant was placed up for adoption. Fast forward 18 plus years and the offspring wanted to locate his birth parents. Grandparents were contacted to locate their daughter -- stirred up memories of times left in the past. Daughter secretly meets up with the young man over the years. Doesn't tell her parents nor siblings. Until the young man finally get married and his biological mother and her husband are invited to the wedding. Biological grandmother is not. Siblings are told of the upcoming wedding and the drama that daughter had brought upon the family is relived again. Things left in the past were stirred up once again. Spouses of the siblings were told of the wayward daughter and they were new trauma victims as they learned that their spouses had kept this family secret from them for decades. What other secrets were kept from the spouses? What an emotional mess! Biological grandmother now widowed was calling her son for months asking if they 'did the right thing' to have their 15 year old daughter put the child up for adoption as if he hadn't been traumatized enough in high school during his sister's pregnancy. Now he was having to relive the mess that sister's poor life choices had brought upon his family and his own time in high school that should have been pleasant years but were clouded by his sister's actions. He now had to explain to his wife that he had kept this secret from her for all the years of their marriage and wife was upset wondering if there weren't more secrets to be dropped upon her some day. Raking up on the past --- there is a reason that people say -- let the past stay in the past. Before the adopted person goes stirring up the past -- ask yourself if the birth situation that compelled you to be adopted might not cause others biological parents, their siblings, the biological grandparents, etc to relieve painful emotions that they had to deal with and have put in their past. It isn't just the adoptee who is involved. Your decision, just like your birth mother's acts that got her in a family way, will impact many others. The biological mother's acts caused drama in the family -- are you willing to risk stirring up trauma of things left in the past by those who dealt with the biological mother's pregnancy? The infant was hopefully raised in a good adoptive home -- be content with that unless you know that the biological family is not going to be traumatized again at your re-appearance. My neighbors adopted 2 infant boys weeks apart -- both of their mothers were drug addicts and are probably dead. My friends adopted two children -- their son's biological mother was a drug addicted. The daughter tracked down her birth mother -- the adoptive dad told me he was saddened that he had raised the daughter was there for her through medical school -- financially and emotionally was there of HIS daughter. As an adult she wanted to re-connect with her biological family -- dad being a dad -- said if his daughter wanted to find her birth parents he was good with that but deep down he was sad. Dad's do these things for their children --- hiding his true personal heart break because of the desires of his daughter. Daughter was giddy as could be to meet her biological mother --- but for his friendship with me, dad suffered silently that daughter didn't see him and his wife as her true full family. How many other adoptive parents conceal their personal heart break of an adoptive child looking for their biological parents? How many biological aunts, uncles, grandparents lives will be sent into turmoil once again from the reappearance of a child long ago placed into a NEW home with NEW parents? Think before your search causes trauma to others -- biological mother did not think what her actions would do to others.

RussellJune 12, 2019

At 63 looking back as a father this articul is spot-on, my girls were taken to another country for 9 years, I did all I could to comunicate with them but not being there certainly had a negative effect on them, my 35 year old still struggles with the effects quite badly, the next also has her struggles, eventualy I managed to get them back and raised my youngest from 13, we were fortunate to be able to develop a loving trusting relationship with her and she is as happy and well adjusted as most. I would like to know how to reverse the negative affects, it is very hard to watch your daughter continually choose self defeating behaviors and see also the ripple effect into the next generation, she has1 boy 4 girls and they have no Father.

DebbieJune 11, 2019

Thank you for all you have shared with us over the years. We pray that every day of your life will be the very best.

Michael BullJune 11, 2019

Last Saturday, mysterious symptoms I was experiencing were finally diagnosed as cancer in my liver, which is also not operable. I am still in hospital going through test after test. My heart is broken for my wife and the fact that my plan that I would ever by at her side and we would grow much older together, will no longer occur as I’d hoped. I feel I have launched my children on a journey that will be painful for them. I wish I could take this cup from them, yet I cannot - we are so very close as a family. Your words were a great comfort to me and my wife. Our experiences of support from the holy ghost and family members are very similar. Thank you so much for sharing.

GavidaaeJune 11, 2019

Was there any differentiation between legal and illegal immigrants? I don't know anyone that has a problem with legal immigration. We take more immigrants by far than any country in the world. The problem is people who don't follow the law. That is a documented financial burden for generations. Maybe it's supposed to offer us comfort that children will do better in school so they can be successful enough to pay the amount of money required by our government through taxes to support the cost.

JustinJune 11, 2019

I have enjoyed your many pearls of wisdom over the years. Know that you have blessed the lives of many directly, and those who have been the recipients of uplifting behavior of those who were changed. In other words, you are a big rock in the pond with ripples that have spread outward in ways that cannot be measured. And there are blessings in store for you in this life and in the life to come! Be well, and may you have the strength and humility to rely on the Lord in the coming days.

Rita MillerJune 11, 2019

What a difficult journey you're on! In addition to looking for resources to help you deal with this, another idea I had was to work on separating the children from each other. Separate activities, like individual play dates or community outings, will keep them from agitating each other so much, and help them work on their one-on-one skills with adults and other children. Being together as a family is good, but when it's only one adult doing all the parenting, having other 'parents' (actual or otherwise) for each of the children will give them a larger base to work from, and help diffuse their energy away from you.

CubbyJune 11, 2019

My sister is much the same position of caring for autistic grandchildren. She has one advantage, she is a school counselor. She found a discipline book called 123 Magic and implemented the strategies. It is amazing. I was a special needs teacher and had, over the course of years of experience learned the same strategies. They work. I now do some lecturing internationally and teach others bits of this. My psychologist friend who invites me also agrees it works, and now the teachers I work with do also. You can google it. Used editions are cheap. Side note, my sister also follows your advice and gets help, a lot of it.

BarbaraJune 11, 2019

This is great. Please make some more recordings.

MikeyJune 11, 2019

Darla -- i am cheering with/for you. I am in year #6 of the pancreatic cancer adventure.

Charlene DanielsJune 11, 2019

So sorry to hear of this part of your journey. I have so enjoyed your writings over the years and want to thank you for your testimony and for strengthening mine. My prayers are with you and your family at this time.

Janice Cline SommerJune 11, 2019

Dear Darla, your words have touched me more than I can express. Although I didn't get to have a lot of contact with you, you influenced my life for such good and I've often wondered how you were doing. I know that you have courageously faced physical challenges for many years with great faith. Thank you for your sharing from your heart. I've face physical challenges for many years as well. This has filled me with such hope and peace. You are such a light and I'm sure have influenced far more than you know. My prayers are with you as you are going through this tender time of preparation to return home.

MarkJune 11, 2019

This is great advice for couple's that live in the world. How about the couple's who live in the world but not of it? My loving and eternal companion and I come from bad marriages. I prayed that some day the Lord would guide me to somebody who put more emphasis on our reward on the other side. He led me to her! Since we look upon life with spiritual eyes, we don't have disagreements. I don't think I could love anybody else as much as I love her. The road to the tree of life is very narrow and the reward is joy and happiness. I know most of the things you are talking about here are of worldly situations. I think the bigger thing to consider when disagreeing is, "What would Jesus do?"

CandaceJune 11, 2019

The Lord neither leads us into temptation nor will he prevent it. Temptation is a the tool we use as we learn to overcome the natural man. This change removes the individuals responsibility to freely choose not to allow themselves to fall into temptation. It negates the principle of agency and the atonement.

Lora KinderJune 11, 2019

Darla, I have been so inspired by your writing, and this article rings very true for me. I had a similar experience while waiting for brain surgery on a tumor. I had no guarantees that I would live through it, or that I would be the same afterward. I experienced the peace that you describe, and wanted to be sure that my last words to everyone were words of love. As it turned out, it wasn't my time (yet), but we all have that day coming. We've spent our lives preparing to return to God. I like what you said about not fighting cancer. We seem to treat death as if it were some kind of defeat instead of an inevitable return to our heavenly home. I hope that we will still be blessed by your insights in the future, but if not, please know that your writings have been an incredible blessing.

Markus GappmaierJune 10, 2019

Dear Darla, thank you very much for your powerful testimony of most precious tender and loving mercies of the Lord which you have experienced during the recent days amidst very challenging experiences. You surely have been gifted with very vauable insights and the wonderful strength to let them govern this special phase of your life. I pray you, and your kind husband, will continue to feel the perfect strength of our Father's divine arm until returning into his presence, whenever this will be according to his reliable wisdom. I feel very blessed by knowing you! P.S.: Thank you for the beautiful pictures!

John ReilJune 10, 2019

My dad landed on Juno. I miss him a lot.

Jane BirchJune 10, 2019

Beautiful and tender, Darla! Thanks for taking some of your precious time to share these tender teachings with us. Our prayers are with you! Thanks for the example of bowing to, "Thy will be done." You are surely in God's arms.

LorieJune 10, 2019

If 41 countries were involved then the number of schools or students in each country were limited. If you only collected data on 7,000 US students, that is not a representation. The issue with immigrant students is not only what the grades are. The real issue is resources are limited when there is an influx of students without an equal number of households paying into the system with taxes. Overcrowded classrooms, limited supplies, out of date books, overworked teachers all add up. I live in an area that has always had a large number of immigrant students coming in. My high school student is using a sociology book that was printed in 1980 with over 40 kids in a classroom. That is a problem

KristineJune 10, 2019

I try to read whatever you share. You have unique insights that are so helpful. Love.

JenniferJune 10, 2019

My husband and I have really enjoyed your podcast this year in helping us study the Come, Follow Me curriculum. I listened to this one alone when he was out of town and I came back to reread the transcript--it was so powerful. I plan to share it and discuss with him to help us strengthen our marriage as we approach our 25th anniversary this month. What beautiful counsel that can be widely applied by many married couples, not just newlyweds. I definitely think you should make it into a booklet of advice for bride and groom!

KathyJune 10, 2019

Very tender. Thank you for sharing very personal thoughts.

KathleenJune 10, 2019

My late husband's boss told us Cancer was the 'Gracious Disease' because it gives us time to spend with family, sort through things and more. You have set an incredible example of handling this curveball in a most gracious way. We love and appreciate your honesty, your example and your faith. Thank you for sharing it all with us! Keep the Faith, the Best is yet to come!

Lissette BakeJune 10, 2019

Three months ago , I suffered a stroke and I just have not been able to voice my thoughts and emotions, UNTIL NOW, through you, Darla. THANK YOU FOR YOUR BEAUTIFUL, POSITIVE THOUGHTS! I WILL TRY HARDER! I WILL GO FORWARD! THANK YOU AND BLESS YOU FOR TEACHING ME/US! ¡MUCHAS GRACIAS!

June AdamsJune 10, 2019

Darla, I add my sentiments to the others who have commented. I have printed your messages many times & they will continue to inspire me when I need your wise & consoling words. Thank you for sharing this chapter of your life & all the blessings you're receiving through these tremendous challenges. I will keep this message, too, & share it with others because I know that your faith will continue to inspire all of us as we all go through life's difficulties, hopefully with the same wisdom & grace that shines through you. My prayers are lovingly with you all the way.

Joy LundbergJune 10, 2019

To our dear Darla, We are so sad to read this news about your declining health. We want you to be here on earth longer! Much longer. But we know Who is in charge and we trust Him to take good care of you along this journey. We love you and we love your talents. Your writing is superior and always touches our souls. You have blessed the lives of so many through your books and articles. You have certainly blessed ours. You are in our prayers, dear friend. We love you! Joy and Gary

Jorge HernandezJune 10, 2019

Thank very much for sharing your miracle experience. I am sorry your difficulty and health struggles but then the impossible for the men was posible for our Mighty Lord.

June 10, 2019

Darla, Thank you for sharing your insights with all of us as you go through this journey. Your grace and dignity are to be admired. You remind me of others who have said, Well, why not me? You are truly one of the great and noble ones. We love you. Russ and Daria Evans

Kerri DavenportJune 10, 2019

Thank you for writing and sharing your spritual experience with us readers for so many years. I was thrilled when I heard Elder Holland quote you in October 2017 because your insights have been helpful to me and I'm sure to so many others. Thank you for continuing to share when life is hard. You are a beautiful soul!

KathrynJune 10, 2019

Darla, there are no words to express my thanks. You have inspired me in the past with your articles, but to have all my own beliefs confirmed is going to help me when it is my turn. I feel that time is coming soon. My daughter beat a very aggressive cancer earlier this year. Your attitude is like hers, but unfortunately it wasn't enough to make her leave her church and come back to the truth. But knowing the absolute truth of your words is so comforting. God's timing is not our timing and His ways are not ours. But, oh, the love, it overshadows everything Thank you and be kind to yourself because it's working.

Laura ClaytonJune 10, 2019

I've heard that Elder Neal A. Maxwell wrote about the Atonement of Jesus Christ was, somehow, performed for each one of us one by one. (I haven't had a chance to search for it, but I'd dearly like to find it!) Elder Merrill J. Bateman, however, taught: "For many years I thought of the Savior's experience in the garden and on the cross as places where a large mass of sin was heaped upon Him. Through the words of Alma, Abinadi, Isaiah, and other prophets, however, my view has changed. Instead of an impersonal mass of sin, there was a long line of people, as Jesus felt, 'our infirmities,' bore our griefs, carried our sorrows and was bruised for our iniquities. The atonement was an intimate, personal experience in which Jesus came to know how to help each of us." (Ensign, Nov. 2005)

Karen RawlingsJune 10, 2019

Darla, my husband and I have been lifted and inspired by your beautiful messages through the years. Your faith and testimony are an inspiration and a light to many people. Thank you for your openness in sharing this phase of your journey here on Earth. We pray for you and your family, that you may have continued peace and love.

SebJune 10, 2019

Highly interesting study. However while the study showed that in countries with a higher number of immigrant students the archievment gap between native and immigrant students is lowest, one question remains: Does a higher number of immigrant students correlate with statistically better or worse test results and achievements when compared to students in low immigrant countries? Or in other words: Do students in high immigrant countries have higher or lower grades compared to their counterparts in low immigrants countries? And another question is: What role does the origin of the immigrant students play?

ShirleyJune 10, 2019

I. Was diagnosed with the exact same cancer in early March...colon to liver. I have been taking chemo . Your message hit me right where it was needed I have been struggling to find the peace you speak of. And that is His will not mine be done. Thank you for sharing your story.

MarlundJune 10, 2019

Luana, I agree with your point and final statement...but you should know that stars are actually suns that are light sources just as our own sun is our physical light source. Every star you can see in the night sky with your unaided natural eyes is in our galaxy (the Milky Way). And the Milky Way contains innumerable worlds that orbit those stars. You may enjoy reviewing D&C 88:6-13 for the connection of physical and spiritual light.

Donna BatemanJune 10, 2019

This was the PERFECT complement to what the Lord has been teaching me about my own healing and the healing of my family. Thank you for adding your witness and thereby strengthening mine.

Rick ChapmanJune 10, 2019

You have been an amazing teacher and testifier of important things over the years. Your articles and books have helped our family and others we have shared with on numerous occasions. Your faith and willingness to share your experiences and insights learned, have been a blessing to us and no doubt countless others. Our thoughts and prayers and gratitude are with you always. Thank you! We know Father will bless you in the days ahead.

Cynthia CarlsonJune 10, 2019

Beautiful article with lovely thoughts! You have shared so much of yourself with us, your readers, all these years. May the Lord continue to bless you daily and hourly.

Eileen SalyardsJune 10, 2019

Thank you so very much for sharing. God bless.

CarolineJune 10, 2019

This is precious. Thank you ,dear sister , for joyfully sharing your own lessons of what is real and good and eternal.

ColinJune 10, 2019

Darla, I've been inspired many times by your honest and insightful articles here over the years. May God bless you with comfort through the end (and then beginning) of your journey—and the reunion with your son.

Corina BurnerJune 10, 2019

Words cannot express my gratitude Darla, for you sharing your experience. Having received a diagnosis recently of thyroid cancer, and awaiting the time when I undergo radiation treatment; your testimony and encouraging message was exactly what I needed to hear in a time when my heart was filled with doubts and fears. It was but another tender mercy from the Lord to let me know He was very much aware of what was going on in my life. Thank you again for sharing. You'll be in my prayers.

Debra WoodsJune 10, 2019

Thank you so much for sharing Darla! I can see why you consider it a blessing to have advance notice. It is a gift to us to see into the mind, that could be our own, of someone who knows the end of the mortality phase of life is just ahead. To take time to write your thoughts and feelings to us is so appreciated. We all know we will die someday, but usually ignore that reality, as if we can, by the ignoring, evaporate the truth. The sweet blessings you are experiencing, amidst the weakness, fatigue and pain, are an inspiration for what is possible whenever we submit our will to God. May your transition be just that much more peaceful, and the reunion on the other side that awaits you just that much more delightful because of the preparations you are making now. Thank you for your years of writing and sharing your journey with us to help make our journey more meaningful!

JoyceJune 10, 2019

Darla, I have been learning from your journey in this life as you have recorded it on Meridian magazine all these years. Thank you for sharing this part also. You are a strong valiant daughter of God. I will keep you in my prayers.

Pauline SmithJune 10, 2019

Darla, I have read your articles from various sources since the 1980s and they have always given me hope and courage to go on. You have been one of my special angels! I’m so sorry to hear this news, but I want you to know I love you and I will be praying for you! Maybe we’ll meet somewhere, sometime in a future day. Thank you for being you and sharing your wisdom. My heart to yours!

HalJune 10, 2019

We do not often eat fast-food fan but I've always preferred Wendy's and Chick-Fil-A over other franchises. Not only is the food better, but I like supporting companies that support family values. We adopted two older children through the foster care program and, while not without challenges, our adopted children have brought incredible joy into our lives. We support any entity that promotes adoption over abortion. Conversely, we also decided we could do without Netflix because of their support of abortion. We are not "boycotting" per se, we just choose to divert our resources from a company who does not share our values to those that do.

June 10, 2019

I have been a fan of yours since you were a writer for the little women's magazine many years ago.

Cynthia DeckerJune 10, 2019

I feel God's grace and love from Him to you and then to me. Thank you.

DJJune 10, 2019

Loved this article (as I have many in the past) and you. Thanks for the courage to share this experience and testimony with us.

Cynthia DeckerJune 10, 2019

I feel God's grace and love from him to you and then to me. Thank you.

KathyJune 10, 2019

No words can express how your words touched my heart. The expressed Faith you have says it all...I thank you! I pray for continued growth and happiness in your cancer journey. Much Love, Kathy

LaDawn JacobJune 10, 2019

Thank you Darla for this tender and thoughtful expression of your journey, not just this episode but countless others that you have freely shared. You cannot know how many hearts have been lifted and burdens made lighter by your writings along with your precious sister Arlene. Thank you for teaching through example serenity and joyful submission because of your trust in and personal knowledge of our Redeemer. With gratitude and love, LaDawn Jacob

Karen HallJune 10, 2019

Dear Darla, Thank you for sharing your heartfelt thoughts! What a frustrating experience to go all those months and not have any answers and then finally to get an answer with no treatment to provide the healing one would understandably desire. I felt peace as you asked how much time would be enough for you to say goodbye and likewise, how much time would be enough for your family to feel that they had enough time to let you go? It is a powerful reminder to make the most of each moment we have. Your tender expressions of love and gratitude touched my soul deeply. I was brought to tears as you described the Spirit bathing you and your husband and enabling you to communicate heart to heart on a level you rarely had achieved before. That was so so beautiful! We all long for such a gift and it is truly a journey of learning to communicate in that way, and it takes lots of practice. However, it is truly a gift from the Lord through the Spirit to have our eyes and hearts opened to have true understanding. Through the years, I have loved reading your experiences and the things you have learned in your relationships. Thank you for sharing that your prayers for healing have been answered! Thank you for being vulnerable and giving us hope that we may also be blessed with the Spirit to enable us to receive the gifts of unity in our communication and healing in our relationships, according to the Lord’s timing. Thank you for sharing the gifts you are receiving at such a difficult time. Thank you for all the things you have shared with us through the years to help us turn to the Lord in our journeys, especially during the hard times when we long for His comfort and peace that passeth all understanding. I, too, love it when my critic is silenced and I can envision and feel that I am a little lamb being tenderly held and encircled in the arms of my Savior's love. My prayers are with you and your family.

Vicky Jo SmithJune 10, 2019

This was such a sweet read. Thank you for sharing!

Marla SmakaJune 10, 2019

I do not have adequate words, so with much love I will say thank you and may God bless you.

CynthiaJune 10, 2019

Darla, Your insight and spirituality has blessed me over the years. I'd read an article that touched me to my soul and time after time I'd look at the top and find your name there! I'm grateful you shared in this article how you are partnering with the Lord on this part of your journey. I've learned myself that submitting to God and letting him in while accepting the finality of a loved one's life can be one of the sweetest and most beautiful experiences we can have. I am touched to see you living this and sharing the beauties of it with us. God be with you and thank you.

CatJune 10, 2019

Darla has always been on my "must read" list when it comes to Meridian articles! She always has such a beautiful way of putting this mortal journey into proper perspective.

Deanna SasserJune 10, 2019

I have had many friends that have passed on because of cancer. I am grateful for Darla’s comments. I felt her Spirit and it is the spirit that is needed at this time. I have always loved her stories and comments in the Meridian Magazine. I will miss her. Her article was comforting and healing to all those who read it. Thank you Darla. I know the Lord will continue to bless you and your husband.

Janene BaadsgaardJune 10, 2019

Oh Darla, Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom with me today. I have great love and respect for you and the beautiful desires of your heart. God bless you my sweet friend.

Karyn HughesJune 10, 2019

Oh Darla, I'm so sorry to hear about this. I met you at a homeschool conference years and years ago. We chatted and had a heart to heart talk. I've loved you ever since. I thrive on your wisdom. I'm a better person because of you. Thank you for everything you've given me and to the world. My prayers are with you as you complete your journey here. I know how blessed and sacred that time is. Bless you dear sister!

Jo ZsemberyJune 10, 2019

Please Darla, take the time to write or dictate letters to your loved ones. And audios of your voice- even reading a patriarchal blessing are wonderful for those who grieve or never knew you this side of veil. We have some of those things as we had time also. Such precious gems!!

C ShieldsJune 10, 2019

Having lost 2 extended family members in the 2017 Santa Rosa CA Tubbs fire, I attest your conclusion after the experience of your day of fear: that 'nothing else really matters', when it comes to the preservation of the life. Tangible goods can be replaced, but love ones cannot.

Ann CapelJune 10, 2019

Thank you for sharing these precious thoughts with us. They are just what I needed You are wonderful!

Natasha PalaganoJune 10, 2019

I have read many of your articles. They are wonderful. Thank you for sharing these thoughts about your journey. I wish you the power of God, his perfect grace, and the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ. Peace to you forever.

Laura BreymanJune 10, 2019

Thank you Sister Isaacson . We add our prayers to your and your families. Thank you for years of wisdom.

Christine BJune 10, 2019

Thank you for sharing your insights and thoughts on your experiences right now. I appreciate your words and I’m so glad you are feeling love and peace at the moment. I pray that these feelings will continue and sustain you in the journey ahead. Much love.

Erika PechacekJune 10, 2019

My son and I came early and enjoyed the atmosphere and excitement before President Nelson's arrival. Hearing the prophet was a spiritual feast. My son enjoyed the medical information that Pres. Nelson shared and how much it benefits people today. Pres. Uchtdorf and his wife shared experiences from the post- war time in Germany. This brought back experiences of my own. All the talks were very comforting and spiritual to me and emphasized the importance of our scriptures. The book of Mormon, if carefully read, is so important for us to understand how the Lord deals with His people and that Joseph Smith is a true prophet. I wish that all people would listen to the prophet and make decisions for themselves and others accordingly.

Ann-Marie JensenJune 10, 2019

Thank you for sharing your encouraging insights and the sweet lessons you're learning. This morning I studied President Nelson's April 2012 talk where he states, "To return to God through the gateway we call death is a joy for those who love Him and are prepared to meet Him." I wish you continued joy.

Kathie CraneJune 10, 2019

Darla we have learned so much from you through our visits at Kitchen Kneads and through your articles. Thank you for your thoughts on what is important in this life. They express our thoughts completely. Thank you for being our good friend. Love Joe and Kathie Crane

Pat PaulsonJune 10, 2019

Enjoyed this article very much. May God continue to bless your journey. You have given me a more comforting way to look at death. Thank you.

C ShieldsJune 10, 2019

Poignantly insightful. Thank you for reminding us how to live EVERY day of our lives, even withOUT a knowing 'end' in place....

Kathie CraneJune 10, 2019

A beautiful article about the important things in life.

Suzy LloydJune 10, 2019

Dear Darla, You have long been one of my favorite Meridian writers and I was SO sorry to read of your struggle. However, as usual, your faith and ability to spiritually cut to the chase, have lifted my spirit. I am grateful for your example and will pray for your journey and comfort. Bless you and your family, Suzy Lloyd

KathyJune 10, 2019

Thank you for your articles and insights. Thank you for sharing your feelings and testimony. My husband and I traveled this same journey a few months ago. It is a cherished, sacred time. You will be in my prayers.

Claradene StewartJune 10, 2019

I have enjoyed reading your stories and articles for these many years. I appreciate your insight into your struggles at this time in your life. I appreciate the fact that you do not blame God, and understand that you have done your best job taking care of your body and soul. C'est la vie, as they say in France where I am serving a senior couple mission and know very little French! May Heavenly Father and the atonement ofJesus Christ continue to sustain you and your husband and family.

JackJune 9, 2019

I think it’s a jump to conclude that fruits, vegetables and grains are herbs. Webster defines herbs very specifically as soft stem plants that die to the root annually. When Webster claims it comprehends all plants, he means the “whole plant”. Herbs are plants. He didn’t mean fruit trees (which are plants). Trees are not herbs! Vines are not herbs! Grains are not herbs. So when Webster says plants he means the whole plants which are used for culinary purposes. Grasses are a good example of an herb.

Daniel BakerJune 9, 2019

I have enjoyed much interfaith contact - many events, many opportunities, shaking hands with ministers, rabbis, muslims, even a national leader, having interesting respectful conversations and being told some amazing respectful things. We do not need to give up our own doctrine or belief to grow to understand and respect another. It's better than going forever according to some rumors unfounded.

Patricia BennettoJune 9, 2019

You have once again blessed me Thank you! This is getting printed so I can read it over and over and over

Diane C TadjeJune 9, 2019

Where can I find elder bednar's words about the enduring power of the atonement from podcast number 23?

TammyJune 8, 2019

Absolutely beautiful! The veil is so thin. What a blessing that Heavenly Father allows us to have these sacred experiences.

JoyceJune 8, 2019

My daughter in law thought her family was done after they had 5 children. But then she dreamed of a little boys who said he would be part of her family and his name was Caleb. Her husband agreed they should have one more child. Caleb is now 2 years-old.

PamJune 8, 2019

There are support groups on Facebook. ABA is amazing with autistic children. There are several providers. Try getting DSPD services that offer respite and help with other needs.

Patrick collinsJune 7, 2019

My Lord Jesus will always lead me and my family to the light of his love his words save our souls and his cross is the symbol of his saving sacrifice for us who truly love and adore his holy name.amen Lord jesus.

CarolynJune 7, 2019

Kari. where can I find that report. My dad landed on Utah beach.

Anne PrattJune 7, 2019

So Beautiful Maurine. Thanks for sharing!

Don HoffmanJune 7, 2019

Faith in the power of The Atonement of Jesus Christ has always been our source of strength to overcome temptation, as noted in Alma 7:11

Ali NeriJune 7, 2019

What a beautiful mission of our dear Prophet Joseph Smith!! What is "JD" and "HC" in reference to?

Geoff SteurerJune 7, 2019

This is such a beautiful story and a perfect illustration of God's goodness!

LaRita Call EvansJune 7, 2019

My father was at Normandy. I am so grateful that he survived. I am sure that the Lord was with those great men, as they stopped the Nazis. None of us knew what was happening, it was all a secret. I was 14 years old.

Richard JukesJune 7, 2019

Thank you, Maureen, for this article. It does this memory day justice and inspiration.

RS Ormond (Capt USAF Ret)June 7, 2019

Did he write a book about this?

Ann-Marie JensenJune 7, 2019

Thank you for making this available to us! What a perfect example he provides of being in tune with the Spirit. Quite the lesson for us that he received revelation about The Book of Mormon while getting ready for a deadly beach landing.

Tacy MuzzyJune 7, 2019

Thank you, Jonathan, for the recommendation!! We signed up. I like to support any efforts to offer alternatives to the increasingly questionable content available today.

Susan AnneveldtJune 7, 2019

I used to be in the same ward as Hugh Nibley and have great memories of walking to Church with him on some Sundays, or chatting with him in his little downstairs study/visitors room at his house. As I have a great interest in history, especially that of WWII, we talked about that too. He once told me about how he had been a "snoop" (his term) in the war, because he could understand the necessary languages and dialects. Great man!

Kayleen HunsakerJune 6, 2019

Thank you SO much for this article! [and all those that you write] I find that you speak directly to my soul and I am always able to understand in such a wonderfully simple way those things that I can DO to help myself...after reading your precious words!

pamela Morgan roderJune 6, 2019

Nibley is a hero of mine! Now even more so. Thank you for posting this!

Nihla Wilcox JuddJune 6, 2019

I will be reading this article again and again. Thank you for teaching correct principles and eternal truths. The one scripture you chose to quote has been a favorite of mine for as long as I can remember. I loved it the first time I read it. It resonates deeply with me. Thank you for reminding me of truthful solutions.

Margaret DrysdaleJune 6, 2019

In England, I have been watching on TV today the commemoration events of this important anniversary. They were all marked by humility from high and low, with great gratitude to those who fought and fell on that day, with speeches by many who were there and are now in their 90s and over a century. The speeches by the Queen and President Trump were touching and all the programmes so moving they brought me to tears, especially the ones from the immaculate War Cemeteries in the area President Nibley saw action. Surely this faithful man had divine protection. Our country is indebted to the USA for it's help and support in the later years of the War. Afterwards I remember having to take a jar to school to bring home drinking chocolate powder from a huge container, a real treat in those deprived days. Food and clothing was rationed for years after the war ended. When Princess Elizabeth married in 1947, many sent their clothing coupons for her trousseau.

Melvin HillerJune 6, 2019

I do not understand if Weatherspoon is for or against abortion. article is confusing

KariJune 6, 2019

I just read an old report of the landing of 4 divisions on Utah Beach on D-Day, the report being well researched and written 1960. What a bloody and horrendous day for so many men who died or were wounded. I am so grateful to them for their sacrifice. I think very few know of these accounts. It was a difficult day, to say the very least. We should all know about it.

Glen BlakleyJune 6, 2019

I read Sergeant Hugh Nibley...It was a great read. I have read hundreds of books on WW II form all sides, but Hugh Nibley's book is one of my favorite. When I was a student at BYU, I live across the street from him. I find all of his books very interesting. He always felt like he was just an observer. He felt our roll on earth is to repent and forgive. He was one of the smartest men I ever me tor heard speak.

Kent BrooksbyJune 6, 2019

I read the book years ago, and one thought of his has stuck with me. During the war, he often thought, What becomes of me matters very little; all that matters is what I become.

Kenny MazzantiJune 6, 2019

I have wondered about the reasons for the cataclysmic events that occurred on the American continents upon the Saviors crucifixion. In Jerusalem there followed three hours of darkness. In the Americas it was three days. In Jerusalem there was a quake. In the Americas the rocks were broken up, the whole face of the land was changed, cities were burned, buried in the ocean or crushed by mountains. Not to mention the myriads of people killed as a result. Granted that many of the people in the Americas were wicked, as there has been in all ages and in all places, but in Jerusalem the people actually cried out for the Saviors crucifixion, he was illegally tried, scourged, and crucified, and we have no record of mass extinction or destruction. The people in the Americas, as we call it, had nothing to do with the events in Jerusalem, and yet there is little comparison to the destructive events on these two different continents? Fortunately, I know that the Lord knows why this had to happen as it did, and I trust Him absolutely. But, does anyone have thoughts on why the great difference?

Sharon PhilpotJune 6, 2019

I've always loved Hugh Nibley, no even more so. Thank you for posting this. I'll share with our ward, and guess I'll have to buy the book!

Luana WellsJune 6, 2019

It has always been interesting to me that they refer to themselves as "Stars ". Stars only reflect, they do not give off true light. I choose to follow the Light of the World!

kathryn amesJune 6, 2019

Have read this marvelous book. What an astounding first-hand report of WWII from a faithful saint and scholar!

Dr Mike CriddleJune 6, 2019

Hugh is an American Hero and is also very honest about his wartime experiences. What is not mentioned in the story above is that Hugh was assigned to Army Intelligence( OB group) and took part in much of the planning of D Day for almost a year. He mentions elsewhere that it was that huge Storm that actually saved the invasion because German intelligence had the original date and were fully expecting the landing to occur. When the storm came in so powerfully,not only did it delay the invasion, but it also blew many of the ships out of position and changed the order enough to substantially confuse the Germans. In the end the Miracle of D-Day was very much in the storm along with all the planning, but without the Storm it is likely we would have not succeeded at Normandy. Nibley acknowledges that God was fully in charge and that the wisdom and planning of men is insufficient; IMO Quite profound.

Carol AnnJune 6, 2019

All these Hollywood "people" along with super athletes who think they have political sway, actually end up turning me against any of them who think they can tell me how to think and feel.I will not support or watch their movies nor sports events! Thank heavens for the courage of some people who still stand up for what is moral and right in protecting these precious unborn babies and protecting and respecting our American flag and conservative values!

HalJune 6, 2019

Thank you for this article. Our own experience is with a reclusive neighbor who has rebuffed our overtures of friendship for over ten years. Recently, however, circumstances have provided opportunities for our family to provide subtle service to this beloved child of God. Those small acts of loving service has soften hearts and opened avenues for conversations with our neighbor that seemed impossible even a few short months ago. We are looking forward to building a wonderful relationship with our "new" old neighbor.

SuzieJune 6, 2019

To all who embrace the killing of unborn babies: Your arguments are clever. Satan couldn’t have worded your arguments any better.

Thomas (Tom) NibleyJune 6, 2019

Hugh Nibley, after his WWII experiences was no fan of warfare. He did comment on how truly noble and heroic many of the men he fought with were, and the fact that warfare allowed that nobility to shine forth. He saw war itself as the result of a few very self-centered individuals who happened to be able to gain power and authority attempting to gain greater gain, power and authority for themselves at the expense of anyone who tried to stop them. He saw the real warfare that we need to fight as the struggle in our hearts to rule over any selfishness and pride that would lead us away from 'thinking of our brethren like unto ourselves and being familiar with all and free with our substance that they may be rich like unto us' (paraphrased from Jacob 2:17) Today (June 6) we rightly commemorate those who sacrificed more than I can comprehend so that we can live in freedom. But Hugh Nibley would be among the first to remind us that all their sacrifice would have been fruitless had it not been for Him who made the greatest sacrifice of all; And the Messiah cometh in the fulness of time, that he may redeem the children of men from the fall. And because that they are redeemed from the fall they have become free forever, knowing good from evil; to act for themselves and not to be acted upon, save it be by the punishment of the law at the great and last day, according to the commandments which God hath given. Wherefore, men are free according to the flesh; and all things are given them which are expedient unto man. And they are free to choose liberty and eternal life, through the great Mediator of all men....{2 Ne. 2:26-27) Brethren and Sisters let us all fight the good fight to become One in Him.

Pit Bull FanJune 5, 2019

PIt Bulls are the most protective dogs toward children, called the Nanny Dog in Britain. We had one, lived up to his billing. Very loyal and protective. Get your own pit bull and if your dad's dog bites your children, ie, the pit bull's children, he will attack your father's dog. end of problem

JenniferJune 5, 2019

My former husband's mental illness destroyed our marriage. Even 40 years later I am still trying to recover. My best wishes to you. It would help if Church leaders actually recognized the real effects of the kind of serious mental illnesses that cause people to lose touch with reality. Their goto response in my life was to blame the wife, then excommunicated the husband. When it all happened again in the second and third marriages, they used him as an object lesson in talks about the slippery slope of sin. May God forgive them. Me, I just pray for a separate section in Heaven where no priesthood leaders are ever allowed to enter. Maybe there I will have peace.

PaulJune 5, 2019

Ron, your suggestions are very appropriate to the situation and they give due consideration to the possible issues that can arise. But I do think you've missed one point. The letter is from the mom of the kids, but Grandpa is her husband's father. There isn't much mention of Dad in the story so I have to wonder where he is in this whole mess. What does he think about his father's position? Your response is to the Mom although perhaps you are implying that it is to both of them. In general my experience has been that when there is a family issue with a grandparent it is much better if that issue is carried by the parent who is the child of that grandparent, rather than by the parent who is the in-law to the grandparent. It seems much easier for a grandparent to dismiss or minimize a message from the in-law as opposed to the one who is their own child. Of course, it can also be very powerful if both parents jointly and simultaneously confront grandpa.I just think in this scenario it's likely to be more productive if the son takes the lead in this discussion. If Dad is somehow not very concerned about this danger to his children, then I don't think there's going to be much progress in dealing with Grandpa until this underlying problem is resolved. I guess what my question boils down to is whether Mom and Dad are firmly singing from the same page on this topic.

Lincoln HydeJune 5, 2019

Excellent. As Scoutmaster, my place in the hike was last - exactly for the reasons described (not including enemy attacks).

W Jay GoldthwaiteJune 5, 2019

Our now going on 46 years of marriage with 9 children and 34 grandchildren with a few more to come started out with merely friendship. Neither of us had even a hint of romantic feelings. And that continued not weeks, but months. She was not at all my type from the standpoint of who I would be attracted to enough to date, and I was to her in the same category. But, in our case, because of our assignments in church, and her need for occasional rides, and finally with the two of us trying a summer business together during our college years as friends, I gradually began to have the very feelings the man spoke about in this article. All those qualities we should also become familiar with besides attraction turned me around, and caused me to see her in a different light. She became more and more attractive to me as time passed, while I was still merely a friend to her. Prayerfully, I was able to retain our friendship as if I had no deeper feelings until after a few weeks passed, and our church put on a summer outing in the pines. I asked her to come with me to fellowship a girl who was overweight and had few friends, and she finally consented. That day, for the first time I changed my hair from the old fashioned comb back style to a new over the side style. I bought a pair of more in the fashion pants and shirt. I then made it a point without being obvious to spend time with her by enticing her to do what I knew she would want. She consented to go on a hike. We still never held hands at that point, nor was she inclined (she still did not know that I was inclined). I managed the hike skilfully and at one point told her I would like to rest for a while and enjoy the weather, scenery, clouds and blue sky, birds, etc. While she and I were resting about six feet apart, she started staring at me unbeknown to me. I finally looked over and saw tears in her eyes. It was then that she had an amazing change of heart. Suddenly I was the best of all the young men she wished would take her out. The rest of the day went well. On the way home, she made it a point to sit next to me rather than at the passenger door the way we came. And she put her head on my shoulder. Though there is more to the story, we have been in love ever since, and have a wonderful life together. We have had struggles, but have always worked them out as most good marriages require. So the advice on this article is right on. Spend time with a good friend, and expand your time with those you think you would rather be with. That's what we did. And over time we found that no one else compared to the relationship we had together.

Keith WilsonJune 5, 2019

Jan, Some great and practical insights about the law and the intent of it all in our parenting strategies. Thanks for sharing with all of us. Keith Wilson, Provo

Kay RookhuyzenJune 5, 2019

Another lesson well told! I love your articles!!

Rita MillerJune 5, 2019

What a hope-filled way of looking at our jobs here in mortality. Our dispensation is the last one--the last wagon. Our job is to make sure everyone reaches Home, picking up the stragglers, encouraging the weak and weary, watching for attacks and fending them off so the rest of the 'train' can continue. Most of what we do is one-on-one, quietly done, and unheralded by a dismissive world that refuses to see the good. But we, everyone of us, are important to the work. Our Wagon Master is still leading the way, sending us help and provisions, and encouraging us to hold on, that the end is not far away and we'll be there before we know it.

DavidDJune 5, 2019

There are living cells or "life" in the hair that I leave on the floor in the barber shop, but I don't think that such "life" should be given full human rights. If the wording changes to "potential for human life," then sperm and eggs have the potential for human life even before they are joined together -- why arbitrarily limit the protection of sperm and eggs to the moment that they link up?

Doris CrockettJune 5, 2019

This was beautiful and enlightening. We can never give up......

Judi GedckeJune 5, 2019

I've always loved this story, first given by President J. Reuben Clark, Jr., first given at a 1947 General Conference address titled "To Them Of The Last Wagon." I think a reference to his article would be in order. There is a small book published with that title as well.

Neal ChristensenJune 5, 2019

How many children have been mauled(some fatally) by a "sweet dog that wouldn't hurt a fly". Too many people place their pets on a higher plane than their fellow human beings. Sounds like an ultimatum is the proper response to this situation..."leave the dog or stay home".

LexaGraemeJune 5, 2019

Oh, this is good. Thank you for writing this, and giving me something to chew on. I’m absolutely the Last Wagon in many situations; reading this and remembering it can help. Thank you.

Charles NickelJune 5, 2019

J. Reuben Clarke, Jr. wrote a book with the title "To Them of the Last Wagon," following the same explanations your father gave. Your father may have been familiar with the book. Whether he was or not, he gave excellent perspective on your role, and one we can emulate under similar circumstances.

Gordon J HensleyJune 5, 2019

If too many people choose the "natural immunity" route, there will come a time when we will experience the heartache of high childhood mortality again. And we will have brought it upon ourselves. Before vaccines, life was brutal and short. As late as the 1950's children were still getting polio and spending their short lives in iron lungs. Do we really want to bring that back? Adversity brings growth and strength, but there's no need to become a martyr.

Gordon J HensleyJune 4, 2019

My brother was married at 17, and for this reason he and his wife were living in our parents home with the rest of our eight-member nuclear family. One night, about six month's into my sister-in-law's pregnancy, I received a visitation from my unborn nephew. I was sitting on the floor in front of the TV, and I felt a strong presence behind me looking over my left shoulder. I turned around, but I did not see anyone. But I still felt very strongly the presence of a boy, and I knew he was here to see his future home and the family he was coming to live with. I wrote this experience down in my journal, but I never told anybody in my family about it. I think this is the first time I have ever related it in a public forum. It happened about 40 years ago, but I still remember it clearly. I never told my nephew about it either, having lost contact with him after he and his mother moved away a few years later.

Julie MajorJune 4, 2019

The core issue surrounding abortion is, do we really believe in the sanctity of life? Do we believe that life begins at conception or when a child exits the womb? For me, the answer is obvious. God has given almost all women the incredible blessing of being host to the creation of another human being. Someone who is completely distinct and different than the mother from the time of conception. It is a miracle!! So if we really believe that life begins at conception, are we willing to stand against abortion? For the last few years, I have participated with an organization called 40 Days for Life, that through love and prayers is working to stop abortion. They don't scream and they're not extreme, they have faith in God that hearts will change through prayer. As a result, they have been able to save thousands of babies from abortion, and at the same time have helped the mothers to feel peace . Unfortunately, in Utah at least, very few LDS women actually participate to try to stop abortion. I understand that they are busy with many good humanitarian and service projects. But as I've asked sisters in my wards to join me, only a couple have been willing to get involved. I hope and pray that more of us will recognize the importance of standing with our Christian brothers and sisters to try to stop this evil practice.

Emily BlodgettJune 4, 2019

Thank you for posting!!!

Dave HallJune 4, 2019

While I admire these pro-life activists, they have to be truly dreaming to think that Roe v Wade will be overturned anytime before the Second Coming. There is no way that either Roberts or Kavanaugh will vote for overturning this. Such a vote would unleash a literal war. Get a grip on reality. Even if the Supreme Court would re-consider this decision, which they're not going to do, the best they could hope for would be a 6-3 decision to uphold Roe v Wade.

CubbyJune 4, 2019

I agree with John. I feast on the richness that Brother England has acquired through a lifetime of study. We cannot all study as he has, but we all can feast at his banquet as we understand each of us has our own particular assignment and all can share.

CubbyJune 4, 2019

I, too, had experiences, but never heard of others having the same. I am glad the stories of mother’s are being told. It is time!

DavidDJune 4, 2019

There are some of us who are very tired. Tired of the extremists on both sides of the issue, NOT TALKING WITH one another but SCREAMING PAST one another for the last 50 years. Uncompromising pro-abortionists yell that it's a zygote/blastocyst/embryo/fetus and it at NO time has any human rights. Uncompromising anti-abortionists yell back that it's a pre-born human and at ALL times has full human rights. Right or wrong, a lot of us are just plain tired of the screaming, uncompromising extremists.

Jan KingJune 4, 2019

Nola, did not Jesus ask to "have this cup pass....."? Asking to be excused from this very heavy responsibility? And then, "not my will, but thine".

Susan SandbergJune 4, 2019

After my oldest son and his wife were married, I had a very vivid dream in which I was sitting on a stone wall in a meadow. I looked up and two little boys approached me--one maybe 5 years old, holding the other's hand, 3 or so, and leading him to me. The older had dark hair and eyes, the younger was fair with blue eyes. I instantly knew who they were, and I was filled with joy. The older said "Hi Nana!", and then they turned and ran away. They are here now--and both 100% the same as in my dream. Their parents were so amazed when I described both these precious boys years before we saw them!

TylerJune 4, 2019

Lehi in Arabia is a terrific movie. 12 criteria had to fit the bill for this location to be bountiful. It's amazing how each of those criteria were laid out by nephi in the b.o.m. It's also amazing that as their family were traveling southward in the wilderness, Lehi named a lot of sites (according to semitic tradition, the patriarch would often name new locations). Lehi named valleys and rivers. But interestingly enough they came to a place that WAS called Nahom (lehi didn't name it). Ishmael died and was burried there. There's actually a place NHM or Nehem in the exact location they were traveling that was a burial site, I think the term even meant a place of mourning. From that point, nephi and his family traveled due east (until they arrived in (most likely) this site mentioned in this article). At the time of the publication of the book of mormon, there was a serious criticism that the arabian penninsula was just a giant desert with no trees. Preposterous that they'd find trees to build a boat, honey, fruity, etc. Amazingly, look on google maps satellite view and you'll see how the penninsula really is a wasteland (EXCEPT for this ONE small patch of bountiful). My takeaway from all this is that if we are humble, and seek the Lord's hand, he will direct us to our own promised lands. We may have to go through a good amount of desert, but the only way to survive spiritually in a coming day will be to have the companionship of the holy ghost as a constant companion. Also, I judge laman and lemuel a lot less harshly after seeing how far they traveled. Early on in their travels when they hadn't even gone very far relatively speaking, they had to return to get the plates on a 20 day round trip journey. That couldn't have been easy. Love this find.

John KJune 4, 2019

This is nonsense, abortions are at a 40 year low. Roe v Wade gave women control over their own bodies, this isn’t Saudi Arabia or Iran, women should be able to make their own choices. It is misogynistic to limit their freedom.

Alece ReynoldsJune 4, 2019

Our daughter saw three of her four children before they were born. She has since seen the son in the exact moment at which she saw him in vision. The two daughters are still not old enough for her to see them in life as she saw them in her visions.

Jan KingJune 3, 2019

I have been enjoying these republished articles very much but I'm a bit surprised that prayers of gratitude are not mentioned. I once read "if tomorrow we only have what we thanked God for today, what would we have?" Every day there are new hardships and challenges for our brothers and sisters around the world with natural and man-made tragedies which I feel compelled to pray about, for healing, comfort and service.

John E. KammeyerJune 3, 2019

I was there in 1977, when they were new, so I don't of course remember them as dank or slumping. Of course, coming from the Pacific North West, my understanding of "dank" could be different. I had a pretty good time there, and was kind of sorry to get thrown out into the lone-and-dreary-world. I remember heading up the hill, with my group, every Thursday at sunrise, to the Provo Temple. Wonderful!

Sarah HinzeJune 3, 2019

Thank you for your comment on your personal adoption. Announcing dreams are also prevalent when it comes to adoption. I have several stories of adoption in my book The Announcing Dream. In some cases the circumstances surrounding how to find the adopted child are given in the dream. It is miraculous. If possible, I would love to have your story for my new book. [email protected]

Charles l. GarnerJune 3, 2019

I enjoyed the information. What would the value of the 1851 Danish B of M be ? Thanks , Charlie

Lydia GibbonsJune 3, 2019

Reply to Boanerges Rubalcava: I completely agree with you. I am Ted's wife and we have discussed this very thing many times (before he passed away). Our prayers are not vain if we truly yearn for blessings and answers, as we pray, even if they are repetitious as you said.

Sue Ellen WinmillJune 3, 2019

My husband and I were in the process of deciding whether or not to adopt, as we could not have children by birth. I was ready and filled o ut my paperwork, but my husband had some misgivings about parts of the application process, and we put it on hold for a while Then one day he had this special experience: our future son spoke to him (I don't know if he saw him or not) and said something like this: "Please finish the application, I am going to be your son, you need to get ready." (He died 13 years ago, so I couldn't ask him!) We subsequently finished the application and then a couple of years later we moved from west Los Angeles to Pleasant Grove, Utah, transferring our paperwork to the LDS Social Services in Salt Lake City. We waited two more years for the letter saying we could expect a phone call in the near future. Then my husband got the phone call (he worked in Salt Lake) and finally got hold of me at BYU where I was attending Women's Conference. I hurried and went to the car, stopping at home to get the baby clothes we had for him (they don't provide those!) and drove to the LDS Social Services office where I met my husband. The moment he was placed in our arms, I received a witness that he was our son, and that has been confirmed many times over these past 43 years. We were able to get a beautiful daughter six years after that, and I received a similar witness that she was truly meant to be in our family.

JohnJune 3, 2019

I am so happy to see another article by Brother England! Thank you very much. His articles have been a great help to me with my old testament gospel doctrine lessons. I hope to hear from again.

RobJune 3, 2019

I'm responding to the question about the writings of Josephus. After listening to the podcast I went to Amazon and ordered the complete "translated" version for less than $20. It looks like fascinating reading.

Cynthia AbbottJune 3, 2019

I had this experience with our grandson. We had two sons, and for six years off and on I had recurring dreams of a dark-haired, dark eyed boy. I saw him at various age, usually in infancy. Our boys were blonde and blue-eyed though on my husband's side there seemed to be possibly some Native american dna. I kept thinking I was dreaming about a child I would have. I started the dreams in my mid 30's and into my first year of being 40, so I began think I was going to have a "change of life" baby. In the dream I was always about to leave the child and would go into a panic suddenly remembering him. I would continue to panic in my dreams as I did not have formula, food or diapers! Sadly, our oldest son had a teenage romance that resulted in the birth of a child, a son. The mother was (or looked) part Indian or Hispanic, and as soon as I found out she was pregnant, I knew this was to be the child of my dreams. Her family did not want to support her in this, and we did. Before the baby, a dark-eyed, dark-haired, even somewhat dark-skinned boy, was two, his mother ran off to another state and left him with us. We helped our son, who was a devoted young father, get permanent full custody. We have raised him since then, since birth really. There is no doubt the Lord was preparing me for this amazing child who has blessed our lives.

JemezblueJune 3, 2019

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for this article!!! I am so glad to know about this book and how many times visions of unborn children really happen to others. It has also happened to me. I am a single woman and past menopause, but, I too, have had these experiences. I have know for years that a angel son is out there and that a angel daughter is out there somewhere, too, helping me. Just a few weeks ago, my son to be helped me find a name. I did not choose his name, HE did! Whether I will be blessed to have children at an old age in this life, have them through adoption, or if I will have them in the next, I know they are there, watching and helping me, and they are mine to raise when the time comes!

Boanerges RubalcavaJune 3, 2019

I agree that we should not "say prayers" bu to earnestly pray to Heavenly father knowing that He is listening. There are repetitions in our prayers and VAIN repetitions. This is not the same. Repetitions are right if you know you are asking for the same thing or for the same persons every day to Him, and He is there and He is listening. Repetition in itself is not wrong, is not "saying prayers", it is simply we have the same desires for the same people (our children for instance) and even "the missionaries" or for that purpose, the Prophet and all the Apostles and our Bishop, etc. I have been making these repetitions for years, and I will continue because I still love those I am praying for. The "vain" repetitions are wrong even if they are not repetitions when they are simply "vain", meaning we are not conversing with HIM. I have pondered about my repetitions, and prayed about them and feel that they are right if they are not vain. Every day of course may come something else that needs to be addressed and it is added to the daily repetitions that come in the order that my children were born.

AnonymousJune 3, 2019

My heart is full of Thanksgiving, not just for this very timely article, but for Scot and Maurine and every writer you employ for the sakes of your readers. Today, this article comes when I’ve been struggling with how to put my heart into adequate words to express myself as a child to my Father, as well as to try and explain this principle to a loved one regularly using repetitive language in family prayers. Everyday, bar none, I open Meridian to find a minimum of one, but most days, at least two and often SEVERAL articles pertaining directly to current issues and concerns in my heart and/or in the lives of my loved ones. I’ve expressed on multiple occasions to my husband and/or close friends, my amazement at how intimately Heavenly Father knows me and how intricately He arranges things in such organized order that exactly the counsel from EXACTLY the source who understands MY heart, is right in front of my face when I open Meridian Magazine! This article on prayer is one example in a multitude!! Scot and Maurine, I have grown not only to love your spirits, your oneness in purpose and your oneness as a team, in marriage and in business, but especially your oneness with our Maker and the Father of us all. My gratitude lacks for words to truly express the continual thanks I have and attempt to express to Heavenly Father for you, each and collectively. I pray you’ll both be granted long and prosperous lives as you continue this beautiful mission, touching untold lives such as mine!

LeisaJune 3, 2019

This also happens with non-biological children. I had the vision of a child that was to come to us through adoption...I thought he was going to be our child through IVF treatments that we were going through, so when those failed, it made me very confused. When I met our son for the first time, I finally understood that the little boy sitting on someone else's lap was the boy destined to be ours!

HalJune 3, 2019

Thank you for this beautiful and moving article. In addition to spiritual experiences involving our biological children, we have had similar experiences with our adopted children that convinced us that, although they were brought into this world by another mother, these precious spirits were meant to be a part of our family.

Phyllis LopezJune 3, 2019

That's beautiful!

A thoughtJune 2, 2019

@DonHoffman There have been multiple studies that have shown absolutely no link between autism and the MMR vaccine. Business Insider just published an article about it in the last couple of months:

Don HoffmanJune 2, 2019

Have we ever felt unwilling to do a good thing, yet went and did? I think the parable says it's OK to be at first unwilling, and then walk the walk, rather than talk the talk and fade. Jesus did not want to drink of the bitter cup, as we very often do not wish to do, BUT He did walk the walk, and set the example for us all.

Don HoffmanJune 2, 2019

it's a big business, and more is not better, especially for babies. Seventeen vaccinations before 2yrs old? Talk to some of my friends with autistic children due to the MMR vaccine. Learn the truth that the CDC in Atlanta tried to cover up, but one of their top scientists became a whistler blower and showed it was all about money. Vaccinations surely have their place, but wisdom is required from the general public, because in Government and Big Pharma it is not to be found.

Patricia BennettoJune 2, 2019

Again, I thank you. You are both such a blessing in my life. Are the works of Josephus published?

Kathryn VarnerJune 2, 2019

Joseph Smith has been quoted as saying that we should never kill an animal unless we face “starvation.” This is in church history when he comes across two rattlesnakes crossing the embarras. The Holy Spirit also speaks strongly that I have no desire to draw the blood or take the life of.... anyone. If ordinary people were to kill their own meals they would immediately feel the despair and sadness and even trauma and grief. We are not meant to kill, unless we have to. #veganISlove. It’s really selfish to find reasons to kill others when it’s not for need: it’s truthfully killing for pleasure. Spiritual people have abstained from meat in many cultures becuase it draws you closer to God, and if you can’t give up your meat for 30 days than you are suffering from addiction to it.

MarcJune 2, 2019

Not being a follower of history all that closely, this article was extremely informative and very uplifting. I had no idea. Thank you very much.

JaneJune 2, 2019 Thank you for your question, Kathleen. Thanks to Google, I quickly and easily found this on the Church's website. Very interesting.

DianeJune 2, 2019

Thank you for sharing these thoughts. Very good article.

DianeJune 2, 2019

Great article! Thank you.

DanJune 1, 2019

Your article Isaac hit the nail on the head for me, especially the last section. I've been pondering lately what it means to feast upon the word of God and though I read the scriptures daily, I can't say that I feast upon them. But an analysis of where my heart is makes perfect sense. Thank you for your insightful words.

Marcia AndersonJune 1, 2019

My husband and I so look forward to each podcast every week! We love listening together/. Thank you!!

Lynn JohnsonJune 1, 2019

Excellent collection, most faith-building. Many I had seen, but several were new to me and I read them with joy. Pres. Nelson has said trials are ahead, and like Greg I am determined to listen more closely.

Iclea MegreJune 1, 2019

Thank you so much for this article, specially the last part about treasuring us the worst of the Lord, those words comforted and inspired me.

M EcclesJune 1, 2019

I can't see the article on my iPad. I'd very much like to read it...can you help? Regards, Melanie

Holly DudleyJune 1, 2019

I also would like to know the reference re the 24 temples.

RandyMay 31, 2019

When I met my wife, 47 years ago, it was like we've known each other all our lives. Which was not possible, considering that I grew up in Georgia and she was from New Jersey. We met while I was stationed at Ft Monmouth, NJ in 1971. When we met all we did was talk about the Church and what we wanted out of life. We talked all night long, until she had to go home. She was not a member of the Church and so we spent a lot of time talking about it. She was in a holding pattern in her church while looking for the one that taught what she believed. We met in March and got married in December, then 8 months later she was baptized. Shortly after we were married, I was sent to Vietnam in 1972 and then to Korea, 6 months later, where she was able to join me. Our first child was born in a Korean hospital. I was attracted by her spirit and that we felt like we had known each other all out lives. I believe that in the pre-existence, we knew each other and promised that we would, somehow find each other. And with the help of the Lord, we did.

AlexMay 31, 2019

Romantic attraction (love), is a relatively new concept. There are still many societies that practice arranged marriages. I believe that any two people who wish to make a marriage work can. Now how easy it is will depend on a number of factors and that is what the dating period is for, to reduce some of those major factors that would derail a marriage. (for example, Its hard enough to raise kids as it is, but knowing that both parents are of the same religious beliefs may reduce some of those difficulties.) That is, Love, is a choice. You should look for someone that you are comfortable with. As long as you are not repulsed by the person's looks, then you can (and likely will) learn to love the way they look. In any case, looks change. I would think that the old saying of "they have a great personality" might be a better gauge of long term marriage potential than "love at first sight".

Steven SwarthoutMay 31, 2019

For what it is worth, I know of several people who, on first meeting were unattractive, but with further appreciation of their personalities became very attractive...and vice versa. Beauty is skin deep, but ugly goes clear to the bone.

NolaMay 31, 2019

You are downplaying the importance of physical attraction, but it's important enough that it needs to be there. If there is not physical attraction, he is not going to really want her sexually. She deserves to be with someone really wants her and not just someone who loves the person she is. Yes, physical attraction is important. It help us to weed out who might be a good match and who is not going to be a good match. It's great to give it a little time and see if it develops, but if there is no physical attraction, don't do that to her or to yourself.

Monte MortensenMay 30, 2019

What a perfect story of loving each other. Those children at Rising Star are angels! You write beautifully Becky! You have reminded me to be ever mindful of others who might be struggling or in despair. It is so easy to be self absorbed and ignore who are around.

DarrelMay 30, 2019

How much of the land was changed at the death Jesus Christ? Was the land more green then?

ShawnMay 30, 2019

There's this list too: The Rockies are clearly what he had in mind!

Jorge HernandezMay 30, 2019

No questions, Joseph Smith was a true Prophet of God to continue giving revelation to his servant. So follow up the Prophets no doubt. Thank you for this insight. JH .

Kay HansenMay 30, 2019

Becky, I loved this story! I know the Lord has been instrumental (or at the helm all along) in all the miracles that are a part of Rising Star’s legacy. Hearts can be changed and it is so sweet that in this case it was the sincerity of little children enthusiastically singing a simple song that made the difference.

LORNA BOOTMay 30, 2019

There is always a new nugget of insight in Peterson’s articles. Love them!

OumieMay 30, 2019

Love this! Very insightful, thank you

pamela Morgan roderMay 30, 2019

Thank you Daniel Peterson for your usual insights into Palestine and the Middle East in general. Yes RS a special place, a consecrated place that will one day receive its glory and... more rain. To be there is to feel deep down inside, its true worth to us, the children of Israel- who love to read and study the words of those of whom you wrote about Thank you so much.

Paul JMay 30, 2019

If you read the minutes from the Council of Fifty you will understand why Brigham Young didn’t make any big announcements about going to the Salt Lake Valley but let Texas, Wisconsin, Oregon and California be topics of speculation even though he knew exactly where they were going.

Greg AndrewMay 30, 2019

Thanks Brother Marsh for the gathering of so many testimonies of the Prophet Joseph Smith's prophetic insights on going to the Rocky Mountains. Makes me want to pay better attention to President Nelson's words!!

LexaGraemeMay 30, 2019

Thank you for this. I look forward to reading more of Dr Peterson.

UFIMay 30, 2019

RSVP at [email protected]

AndrewMay 30, 2019

Thank you. The best collection of Firsthand accounts concerning Joseph’s prophecies of this Valley. We usually hear only one. Particularly enjoyed Anson Call’s recordings.

Gary LindnerMay 30, 2019

Wonderful article! Glad I noticed your name and remembered your many insightful comments during Sunday School. I will have to try and follow you (though I am too old to figure out what that means). We miss you guys! Say Hi to Michael and keep up the good work.

AndrewMay 30, 2019

I watched this episode so long ago and it greatly impacted me. I was beautiful. It made me cry. THANK YOU for following the spirit and permeating that one episode with inspired music and the spirit. Can’t wait to watch these clips and rewatch the episode with my family.

oscarMay 30, 2019

you have twisted the word of wisdom to fit your vegan beleifs. 1) you claim that it says "avoid flesh of animals". it does not. its says the opposite "flesh also of beasts and the fowls of the air, i the lord have ordained for the use of man with thanksgiving 2) you claim that god has made it possible for man to obtain nutrients from animals in TIMES OF NEED. again it doesnt say that. all it says is that meat is for man however it should be used sparingly. sparingly does not mean "in times of need". eating meat just once per day could be considered using it sparingly. 3) you say that we can easily obtain all the nutrients we need from plants without killing animals. but the word of wisdom doesnt say that. like i already pointed out it says the flesh of beast and fowls of the air is ordained for the use of man. you cant eat the flesh of beast or fowl of the air without first killing the animal

KathleenMay 29, 2019

Where is the prophecy/writing or teaching from Joseph Smith about the complex of 24 temples? I would like to read more about it.

Bonnie MMay 29, 2019

Marilynne, another great article! Thank you! I'm passing it on to our family.

TessMay 29, 2019

It is indeed tragic that we have so little faith in the immune system that God built. One wonders how we can be so selective in choosing which "arm of flesh" to believe. In China, with reported 100% vaccine rates, these same break outs described as crisis, are happening. The same in Montreal. Over and over it is seen. The down sides of vaccines are seen through the vaccine injury being identified, and even compensated for in spite of the immunity (pun intended) that has been bestowed upon vaccine companies. The GlaxoSmithKline in-house reports from Italy were a tipping point for me. When international court rulings allow us a glimpse at the known fatalities, disabilities and additional side effects of vaccines, I beg to differ that the measles is our biggest foe. I chose to stay in the church but I cannot understand how members reconcile this deep dependence on medical understanding while claiming to believe in the word of the Lord. Lean not unto thine own understanding, right?

HalMay 29, 2019

As an avid history buff, I loved these photos! They show that in spite of the horrors of war righteous people can make a tremendous difference. They remind me of the scripture in Alma 50:23. In the midst of a horrific war, ".... there never was a happier time among the people of Nephi, since the days of Nephi, than in the days of Moroni, yea, even at this time..."

Alisi FiliagaMay 29, 2019

Thank you again and can't wait to hear again from you next week!

ElizabethMay 29, 2019

Persuasion is powerful. It's how we're encouraged to share the Gospel as well. If we had a 95% vaccine rate, we would be disease free. What a wonderful state of affairs that would be. The money that could be saved, the lives of everyone improved. Vaccines are a modern day medical miracle.

Becki TeerlinkMay 29, 2019

Interesting and so insightful. Ideas that can easily be used immediately. I look forward to more articles.

Kay RiceMay 29, 2019

Awesome. I remember that time.

VardellMay 29, 2019

Great article, thank you. Your emphasis on prayer is very important, but the scriptures also tell us that abiding in love is a result of our redemption, of gaining a remission of sins and being born again. Lehi said, "the Lord hath redeemed my soul from hell; I have beheld his glory and I am encircled about continually in the arms of his love." Imagine being encircled continually in the arms of his love! Lehi said it was because he was redeemed. Alma and the people of King Benjamin said the same thing; they talk of being forgiven, born of God, and redeemed. They too feel the exquisite joy and love of God and man. This remission of sins and being born again - being redeemed is the key to abiding in Christ's love. Mormon reiterated this in Moroni 8:26 "The remission of sins bringeth meekness and lowliness of heart and because of meekness and lowliness of heart cometh the visitation of the Holy Ghost which comforter filleth with hope and perfect love."

Ken MazzantiMay 29, 2019

Every time liberals, socialists, communists boycott Chic-fil-A it just takes longer for me to get my lunch. Those who support freedom and religious liberty patronize this wonderful company and every minute I wait is so worth it!

Rochelle HaleMay 29, 2019

A year or so ago a lovely young-ish couple moved into our ward. One of the first things I did was ask if they had children (because they looked old enough to have several). I knew (from my own experience) that it was not the right question, and I ended up immediately sharing my own difficulties and that I didn't mean to offend or upset them. During my own years of struggle, which finally resulted in one child, I actually enjoyed babysitting or having the neighbor children come over for crafts and cookies. I delighted in sewing baby clothes for friends or giving the best gift I could at baby showers. Church was mostly a haven, except for the dreaded questions, and that many friends were having their families and leaving me and my husband behind. Even today, well beyond and not possible child-bearing, I still sometimes feel the hurt. This may seem odd, but it mostly comes when another sister has miscarried. It isn't that I don't empathize and feel great sorrow for her loss; it's that at least she knew she could get pregnant.

JackMay 29, 2019

This reminds me that we are both challenged and promised to be able to "stand" in holy places. The examples of retrofitting our temples seems in part to say that we need to build flexibility into the way we make our way through life's challenges. These spiritual go-to's you describe allow us to bend with the wind and not break. Thanks for the thoughtful visual.

Jorge HernandezMay 29, 2019

I appreciate this publication, Larry has been one of my favorite writer. He had the special gift of knowledge; eventhough He pass away, our feelings of love is at the high. I am sure that now Hi still continue teaching the Godspell of our Redeemer to the others spirits.

Faith RalphsMay 28, 2019

This story brought tears to my eyes. I've been to Rising Star as a volunteer and can picture those precious little ones. I just wish I could kiss their cheeks through the computer screen. Becky is an example of the kind of woman I want to be--never forgetting the poor.

MargaretMay 28, 2019

Thank you, for your words, it is what I have needed at this time.

StefanieMay 28, 2019

I agree with Nora, Jesus Christ ALWAYS wanted to do the will of the Father. And Father NEVER asked Satan to go, he wanted to volunteer with his selfish plan.

GTOMay 28, 2019

"Views, incidentally, that were vindicated by the Supreme Court..." I'm not a leftist, but this statement is not true. The Supreme Court found that the state of Colorado had prosecuted Phillips with an unfair bias. It's not the same thing as vidicating his beliefs.

stevie mckennaMay 28, 2019

Good article. However this applies to everyone not just our children. It applies to us.

Marian EsterhotlMay 28, 2019

Years ago my non-member fellow faculty member turned on TV and accidentally chose "Mormon" Conference. Her own parents had come from Germany and this touched her.

Bob PowelsonMay 28, 2019

Pres. Monson had the gift of Charity - the pure love of Christ.

Mellisa HancockMay 28, 2019

Thank you for sharing your journey. I have a 13 YO daughter that is currently experiencing some similar health issues that are yet to be diagnosed. As her mom it is so difficult to watch her remove herself from social situations that she once thrived in, not being able to eat and to see her so terribly ill. We often speak about her journey and how she is learning to be more prayerful, faithful and patient by leaning on her Savior and Heavenly Father to get her through this trial. I pray for your life to be blessed with continued understanding, hope and faith.

Bryan HurtadoMay 28, 2019

Pres Conforte used to call me "Super Uomo", Superman, every time we met. I love him. He's the kind that recharges your batteries with just a word, a touch or a gesture. He's no pushover, he's a tough guy. There's a reason he was a career military leader. Used to say that the United States was strong because it was "united", and that we can learn a lesson from that. I served with him in the Padova mission in the cities of Ancona, La Spezia, Livorno, Forli, Rimini and Pesaro 90-91. He and Sister Conforte are among those people with some of the strongest testimonies I've ever known. Italians have had so much adversity, it's hard to believe what it takes to join the church there. So proud of them for getting a temple. Well deserved! Tanti auguri a voi!

Robert StarlingMay 27, 2019

In regard to the question of how one chooses a church, C.S. Lewis suggested that when a person accepts Christ and becomes a "mere Christian", it is as though he or she enters a large hall filled with people. There are many doors leading off the main hall, representing different churches (I believe there are many more than 175, perhaps more like 3,400). Lewis says "And above all you must be asking which door is the true one; not which one pleases you best by its paint and paneling.” He says the “mere” Christian must ask of a “door” he might plan to enter; “Are these doctrines true? Is holiness here? Does my conscience move me towards this?” Then finally he adds, “When you have reached your own room, be kind to those who have chosen different doors.

Robert StarlingMay 27, 2019

To Geoffrey: Since both Catholics and Latter-day Saints believe that baptism is essential for salvation, the biggest difference between the two churches is the answer to the question, who has the authority to act for God in performing a baptism that He will accept as valid? Catholics believe that priesthood authority comes through an unbroken line from Peter to the Popes. Latter-day Saints believe the priesthood of God was taken from the earth because of apostasy, and restored by resurrected heavenly messengers (including Peter) in modern times (1829) in accordance with prophecy. That is the practical difference. The existence of an "unbroken line" of priesthood authority is inconsistent with history. (There were once three popes who all excommunicated each other.) The truth of the restoration of the priesthood in 1829 can only be determined in the heart of each individual by spiritual means (James 1:5).

DeniseMay 27, 2019

What a wonderful man and teacher Brother Gibbons was. He is missed. Thank you for sharing his words of wisdom with us. This has also painted a picture in my mind I won't soon forget. Thanks.

Larry TolpiMay 27, 2019

Please provide Cedar City and Las Vegas temple phone numbers and temple representative to coordinate visits from Saint George.

May 27, 2019

What are the phone numbers for the Cedar City and Las Vegas temples and who is the temple-contact person to discuss group visits from Saint George?

BrendaMay 27, 2019

I've heard this story before, still makes me cry. Love our neighbor like the Savior loves us!!

DeborahMay 27, 2019

I am sitting here crying about how much I wished that everyone would be like this to all around us whether member's or not. What a powerful testimony President Monson gave with just this one example of how a ward pulled together to help the least of one of their future members who had suffered so much. Thank you for sharing this.

KathyMay 27, 2019

I love the articulateness, stated here, of how our church differs from the rest of the churches of the world. This article is carefully crafted in reason and logic. It is easy for anyone, who sincerely wants to know the differences, to follow the progression from the original church moving forward. I'll bet your firesides are powerful and spirit-filled! Thank you

Joel Robin MarksMay 27, 2019

President Monson again. In this 'It's a wonderful life' true story, it is Bishop Monson. There is no duplicate of that apostle. Praise to the man who epitomizes the Savior's spiritual service. May Almighty God bless his memorable memorial memory.

Romney BiddulphMay 27, 2019

The Restored Church of Jesus Christ believes in the Christianity of the New Testament era. Catholics and Protestants believe in Fourth Century Creedal Christianity. Here are the beliefs of Christians of the New Testament era: 1. Baptism by immersion by the father (who has the authority) of the family 2. Lay, married clergy 1st Timothy 3:2 3. Baptism by proxy for deceased ancestors 1 Corinthians 15:29 4. God and Jesus organized the world, rather than creatio ex nihilo. 5. Belief in a tripartite anthropomorphic Godhead, as witnessed by the Apostle Stephen. Acts 7: 55-56 6. Belief in theosis (that faithful Christians can acquire god-like attributes). All early Christian leaders believed in theosis. 7. Belief in God’s Plan of Salvation, given by Jesus Christ to the Apostles during the 40 days after His Resurrection. (Sophia Jesu Christi) 8. Belief in sacred esoteric ordinances which allow faithful Christians to ascend to the highest heaven. Cyril, Bishop of Jerusalem, administered these ordinances until 350 AD. (Catechetical Lectures 20 and 23). 9. Belief in Eternal Marriage, as recorded in the Book of the Apostle Philip. 70:20 Which is the true Christianity? New Testament Era or Creedal?

Mark E. PitzkeMay 27, 2019

This story sounds so much like something President Monson would do. He was ever so good at helping others!

Ross JensenMay 27, 2019

"Mein brudder, mein brudder" is the title underwhich I have previously read this account. It is so heart-tugging. Thank you again for publishing it.

Geoffrey TurnerMay 27, 2019

Sorry, but this is simply a re-hash of LDS justification, it doesn't answer the question asked by the elderly Catholics - How does this Church differ from ours? If I was the one asking this question (and, as a sympathetic investigator, I think I could well be), I would want to know how the end results of all the history quoted differs without all the verbiage in the article. Both Churches believe in Christ and that he is the way to salvation; both Churches have a leader through whom they receive guidance; both celebrate the Sacrament and, on the ground, members of both Churches do all they can for their neighbours. So what is the practical difference that flows from what the article describes? Are Catholics not "saved"? Does the Pope not receive guidance from God? i assure you, this is a genuine enquiry.

Jacob HessMay 27, 2019

I would love to hear more about you, RaNae. I'm sorry you feel "elderly people are less valued members" grandfather changed my life. Older people are our anchors in the storm - and provide the mentoring all the rest of us need! Please don't walk away...we need you! And A. Bingham - I want to interview you too! RaNae and A. Bingham, can you contact me at so I can ask you more?

Jacob HessMay 27, 2019

No one's "pretending everything is fine" Amber. There is so much to be done! That depends on having an honest, discerning conversation about things as they are, however. I'm simply arguing here some significant limitations to Jana leading the way, in that regard - and pointing out ways her overly accusing analysis might fuel the very problem she is (genuinely, I think) concerned about. There ARE ways to discuss all the challenges she describes without so much suspicion, accusation, and fault-finding - and in ways that build faith. Let's do THAT! Special thanks to these three individuals who remind us in their comments what is most important when it comes to knowing the truth: James Done: The majority of us will instead have to rely on the eternal principle written by the Great Moroni in the last part of his record, preserved for us in the Book of Mormon. Those with a sincere heart and real intent, having faith in Jesus Christ, can have the truth of all things revealed to us by asking and then acting. I will continue living my life in such a manner and encourage any others seeking truth to do the same. It works. Pattie Skousen: I do question, but I take it to the Lord and I feel the Holy Ghost whisper to me that what is happening is what He wants. Chris: In my experience I think finding truth in this life is greatly helped by the Holy Ghosts assistance's. Without that help and experience at finding truth your ability to evaluate it is greatly hindered.

Aussie SmithMay 27, 2019

Thank you so much. I'm going to share this with each of my married children and also with unmarried prior to their big day. Thank you so much for sharing, you are influencing our family.

Jacob HessMay 27, 2019

Dear Jane - it's true I take issue with parts of Jana's worldview. But that's not why I wrote this (many dear friends of mine share Jana's worldview). Rather than another perspective in the conversation, however, Jana has clearly and explicitly presented her views critical of the Church as empirically-based, scientific, and factual (aka, *more*than just another view). When such a serious claim is made publicly, it seems fair that it be open to public scrutiny too. Would you disagree? It sounds like you agree with many of Jana's arguments - even to the point of seeing them, in your words as "just facts." It's precisely this language that I've pushed back on here. Thus, I would say it's not a fact that "women have no power" in the Church - nor is it a fact that "gay people face a hostile environment." Those are both arguments about which we should be able to disagree and explore different perspectives (at least that's *my* perspective!) But as is clear around us, that kind of open conversation is not happening. And that's why I'm trying to fight for this kind of open civic space where, yes, we can learn together how to grow in love and peace as a people (I agree there is so much more to learn there!). I believe that space to disagree is pre-requisite to getting there. Thanks for being open to sharing your concern.

LizaMay 27, 2019

I’ve watched Aladdin twice now, both times in the Imax and it was a visual treat. I don’t understand the bad reviews when this version is far superior to the original. I am glad for the Bollywood feel, the multicultural cast and the visual effects. My only complaint is that all these musicals use overuse auto tune. Will smith’s Genie was a nice surprise and very enjoyable.

DLMay 26, 2019

My heart aches for you. I too have been in a long marriage (38 years) with a husband who has mental health issues. I pray for your heart to have peace and joy and healing. My prayers are with you.

Michael HogganMay 25, 2019

Her husband is in desparate need of professional treatment and, most likely, extensive psychiatric hospitalization. His actions have gone too far and are indicative of an underlying problem. I say this as a pschizoaffective. I don't know if the VA covers dishonorable discharges, but I'd bet the farm that his mental illness was a factor in his discharge.

Carol BogaskiMay 25, 2019

They did say that the Cedar City and Las Vegas Temples will be where the St. George saints need to attend during the renovation, Larry Tolpi.

Karen YamamotoMay 25, 2019

Thank you for all of your podcasts. I have often wondered why the throng of people were so jubilant to welcome Jesus but a few days later cried to have him crucified. Why such a drastic change. I am loving Come Follow Me. It is increasing my faith and love for my Savior. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and understanding.

Pam McMurtryMay 25, 2019

So Moroni’s trumpet may be a shofar? I like that ❤️

Adrienne Cohen May 25,2019May 25, 2019

I had a lump in my throat reading this incredibly beautiful story. Thank you for letting me relive this extraordinary day. And thank you for you, Becky.

WS JosephMay 25, 2019

Sister Taylor: Very effective guide lines, they are familiar and such good reminder for each of us. No matter how much we may know or don't know, these guide lines are constant reminders to help us through. Thank you and Blessings to you for the great article.

Alisi FiliagaMay 25, 2019

Appreciate the message and video with the story I can relate and at time I too wonder. This story could happen to anyone, something similar and is this short life, we must move forward with a grateful heart. Even if it was someone else's poor and sad choice.

KMay 24, 2019

Great article thanks abton

Becky DouglasMay 24, 2019

Phil-wonderful to hear from you after so many years! I'm so sorry to learn of your ALS diagnosis. Write me at [email protected] and let's see if our families can meet together. In the meantime, we're praying for you. Becky

Richard BowermanMay 24, 2019

As a young man, I wanted to serve in Brazil, because that was the highest baptizing country in the world. Instead, I was called to the lowest baptizing mission in the world, France Paris. It was humbling, to say the least. But for me it turned out to be the absolute best place I could ever have been called to--I grew so much during those two years, because I had to rely on the Lord each and every day. I am so thankful for an inspired call.

Richard BowermanMay 24, 2019

Thanks for this informative article. Since I was baptized on September 21, it was particularly meaningful to me!

Addie SimperMay 24, 2019

Music from the mouths of sweet babes brought light to darkened hearts and inspired social change. My heart melted when I read Becky's account of this experience, inwardly cheering for each of the champions that played a part in this miracle. Modern day heroes giving voice to the plight of those who have long been ostracized and deemed untouchable. Hearts can change. This story lets us know a new day is on its way for those afflicted with leprosy. Becky is an angel on earth bringing true hope, healing, education and a voice to those that have suffered far too long.

Kathleen CurtisMay 24, 2019

Why be such a naysayer?? Aladdin was absolutely delightful if just a little overly loud in our theater. Yes-we enjoyed the1992 version- this is simply a different experience and doesn’t need to be compared with the animated version. Will Smith is terrific in his role! Mena M did a great job in singing - it’s not opera and his light touch made him in his role even more believable. Whether we needed a new “girl-power” ballad or not, Speechless is going to be the new Frozen song-of-the-year. Well sung. Moral lessons? Enjoy the movie and DISCUSS the moral dilemmas at home!!

margaret K HackingMay 24, 2019

Because other people have free agency and he can't take it away from them. That is the plan

LauraMay 24, 2019

Thank you for this clarifying lens! When we use our material blessings as wise stewards to serve and bless others, it can eliminate pride and guilt. I am ready to make this paradigm shift, thank you for the clarity thus article provides.

Kenneth NoelMay 24, 2019

Look at Job! Carefully read the story. Job was good. The disasters befell him because he was GOOD. His problems were an example to us. He was tried and tested Because he was good. They demonstrated his goodness in front of observers on both sides of the veil, effectively refuting Satan's accusation of favoritism against God and of mercenary greed against Job.

DebbieMay 24, 2019

MAKE a person become pro-vaccine. Wouldn't encourage be a better choice of words? Shock value works both ways. Look a look at the damage done by vaccinations might encourage pro-vaccines to change to anti- vaccine.

George ThompsonMay 24, 2019

Get him to play the computer game TETRUS. it will help him sort his feeling out. It is most helpfull right after a trama event but it can't hurt at a later time.

Ed JesseeMay 24, 2019

Great of my very favorites!

Lynn AdairMay 23, 2019

I completely agree with the other comments but am not as well spoken. I am against most vaccines. I had the measles as a child and I'm Fine!! I have read that a measles vaccine wears off about 5-6 years later and getting measles as a teenager is much more dangerous. My friends who have had the flu vaccine, usually get the flu. I haven't had one for decades and guess what! I haven't had the flu. Sorry BYU, you are incorrect!

Toni PorterMay 23, 2019

Outbreaks of an "eradicated" disease cannot be attributed to those within that community who have not been vaccinated, but to those who come into that community who have or carry the disease. If we are to be transparent and educated about vaccines, let's be honest about who can transmit them to others. One cannot become a carrier simply because he/she is unvaccinated. Let's be realistic about who is bringing the diseases into an area which has been "eradicated of the disease," and focus on making changes in, perhaps, our porous border and immigration practices.The worst offenders in the vax/don't vax argument are the very lucrative pharmaceutical companies who should be using some of their profits to develop safer vaccines. They are the beneficiaries as they sell problematic vaccines in ever-increasing numbers, due to requirements forced upon citizens. I'm not an anti-vaxer, but I smell something fishy in the cozy arrangement between government and big pharma.

Tess WardleMay 23, 2019

I still think anyone who does not vaccinate in today's world is so ill informed. However, no one is denying them the right to choose not to vaccinate. They just reap the consequences of their actions. Yes, there are the rare people who have a reaction.... Talk to the relative suffering from the effects of polio as a child. If one chooses not to vaccinate they deserve to be excluded from school during an outbreak as they are unnecessarily exposing others that may be immune suppressed. It just seems like such a step backward. I have never understood the mentality not to vaccinate. At least in our country you have that right. Go to China or some place where you don't have those choices!

ObserverMay 23, 2019

I think it was President Monson (if I remember correctly) who said the biggest the Lord uses on where to send a missionary is based on who his/her Mission President will be.

Sandra CusterMay 23, 2019


Kathie L MCARTHURMay 23, 2019

Thank you for your tender thoughts Vickey!! So glad you were able to have the opportunity to teach again.

Kathleen K MihokMay 23, 2019

I had the measles and complications. I got encephalitis. Very few children who get the measles end up with complications. I am still opposed to vaccinations. Allow parents to vaccinate for one disease at a time at a slower rate. The government has taken that right way from the parents. Guess what I am protected for the rest of my life while vaccinated children are not. The vaccine Co. and news media are using scare tactics as usual.

CarolineMay 23, 2019

I love reading Becky's articles to my children around the breakfast table. This one pulled at the heart strings just like the rest. Also, great reminder to incorporate more spiritual music into the home!

Larry TolpiMay 23, 2019

It would be helpful to add a statement identifying other nearby LDS temples that could accomodate additional temple patrons during the St. George temple-renovation period (include each temple-contact name and phone number).

HalMay 23, 2019

Thank you for this powerful article. I remember having some same-gender attractions and confusion about my identity as a boy in the 1960's. Guess what? As the article stated, along with 85% of other children with similar issues, I - grew - out - of - it. By the time I was 15 I realized that I was male and that was that. I'm in my 60's now, I have been happily married with four children and have never questioned that I am and always have been, male. Unfortunately, I have a close family member who had the same issues as I did as a boy, but "society" encouraged him to "celebrate" and "embrace" his confused feelings. He is now an adult and struggling with his place in society. We are doing our children a grave disservice by encouraging such behavior.

Duke WilliamsMay 23, 2019

My wife and I are serving as CES missionaries at a noted Ivy League university (aka rampant secularism). The millennials attending our institute classes (over half of the YSAs) certainly don't fit the Reiss descriptions. They have totally impressed us with the strength of their testimonies and conversion. Yes, they have questions/doubts, but we haven't seen any more of that than we remember going through at the same stage of our lives.

Lynette MillsMay 23, 2019

I raised my kids in calif but now live in Utah. When my daughter put in her papers I didn’t ask her where she wanted to go, I asked her where she didn’t want to go. She answered quickly ... Temple Square! She thought it wasn’t really a mission. So of course that where she was called. And also of course, she loved it and when she was done labeled it the best mission in the church. Serving the Lord has a way of making a person grateful and happy no matter where they are. And I’m sure she had some excellent leaders who cared for her and taught her well. I love the missionary program.

Phil HarrisonMay 23, 2019

Becky, I'm so proud of you and what you have accomplished in India. Thank you so much for telling this story, documenting the beginning of deliverance from stigma for these people. You probably haven't heard, but I was diagnosed a year and a half ago with ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease). I will probably be gone within a year from now. There have been many family members, Ward members, neighbors, and healthcare workers who have supported and taken care of me. While there is no stigma attached to ALS, perhaps I can still appreciate some of what these lovely people in India feel in gratitude for your efforts. God bless you and John in all your efforts. With love, Phil.

LeilaniMay 23, 2019


J JamisonMay 23, 2019

See John Pratt for his analysis of calendars, dates, names, etc

SarahMay 23, 2019

I have spent my life living in places that are in missions that do not sound like they would get a lot of huge cheers of excitement when the call was read. I have often thought over the years how grateful I am for the missionaries who serve where I live-- they are very much needed and are such a blessing to God's precious children who may happen to live in a "flyover" location. Thank you for writing this!

Becky DouglasMay 23, 2019

Mary, thank you so much for including Rising Star Outreach on your account. That it so thoughtful of you! I know it seems like just pennies, but pennies add up! It reminds me of the old adage of the power of small things to create meaningful change in the world. All in all, it's a pretty painless way for people to help us. Each month we get a check from Amazon that helps us to reach out to a few more people. So thanks again for taking the time to name us in, thus becoming a sender of those wonderful pennies! And thanks to all of you who have taken the time to share your own insights and thoughts. I love learning from my readers! Becky

Barry HMay 23, 2019

Another great story, Daris! Thanks for sharing.

FOR CHOICEMay 23, 2019

I am sorry for those that have had lasting problems from diseases, however this does NOT give anyone the right to demand that everyone conform. We were given our agency for a reason. I do know there are other ways to help fight diseases that aren't vaccines and THEY WORK. We STILL NEED THE CHOICE. Please also look at the folks that did get the measles recently? Many HAD been vaccinated I have an autoimmune disease that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy, and it’s not easy to live with. The comparison of disease results being compared to autoimmune diseases isn’t fair, as some of the autoimmune diseases are costly and have many lasting effects, too. Father in Heaven created our bodies to heal...and fight infections/diseases... IF we do our part, too. Please don’t use this to divide the United States (or our church) any more than it already is.

NolaMay 23, 2019

I think it is a far stretch of the imagination to think that this parable is about Jesus and Satan. There is no indication in the scriptures that Jesus ever hesitated or said that he didn't want to go and do the Father's work. From the beginning he said, "Here am I, send me." Why would he turn it on the Pharisees and hypocrites if it wasn't about them? This is opinion presented as fact.

Mary JurgaitisMay 23, 2019


Jette HalladayMay 23, 2019

Thanks for this article. This was new information for me. It’s adds another significant layer to God’s weaving and patterns. And the gathering is taking place on both sides of the veil.

AnnaMay 23, 2019

To understand the importance of using vaccines for preventable diseases, i suggest : --spending time in under-developed nations, or at leat studying in-depth their health problems; --studying causes of death pre-vaccine by doing serious family history research; --reviewing literature on infant mortality and disability related to preventable diseases (such as infants born blind becuase mothers were exposed to rebella in the first tri-mester. Most of the objections are based on fear of "big pharma," intrusiveness into paental decision-making, poor and out-dated, incomplete research, and anecdotal social media stories that do not reflect all of the associated facts. When faced with millenia of information and real, documented case studies, the objections pale in significance.

Janene ZimmermanMay 23, 2019

You hit this spot on! Missionary life is one amazing yet difficult ride! The leadership of each mission is so critical for each missionary serving. The growth that comes from serving the Lord full time cannot come from any other experience.

Ed BrownMay 22, 2019

Well written. Thank you.

Roxanne dupliseaMay 22, 2019

thanks for the info on flax seed.

Mary JurgaitisMay 22, 2019

I use Anything that my order contributes goes to Rising Star. And now, whenever I type in Amazon in my address bar, it reminds me to use So beautiful to have read this article!

Shaunna YanezMay 22, 2019

What a great letter to all of us. Thank you for sharing. This really painted a realistic picture in my mind; something I will remember.

ShariMay 22, 2019

Kate, I understand what you’re saying and agree that underlying problems need to be treated and addressed. I took this article to be a about the pain of anxiety and resulting behaviors. During the the anxiety attack is not an effective time to deal with the underlying issue. The brain is too flooded to process the cause but once they calm down they will be better able to do so. I wish I had learned these anxiety techniques in my early years to have helped myself and later to have helped my daughter. Thankfully, good counseling has helped us both to do better at controlling our anxiety attacks and not letting them take control of our behavior. This article is a good supplement and reminder.

Chelsea KernMay 22, 2019

This was such an amazing and beautiful story that truly brought tears to my eyes! Each one of us has felt ostricized in our own way and we continue to talk about the increase of depression, suicide, and other mental illnesses within our communities. It is time that put this concept into play and recognize how important it is to simply be kind.

Ronnie BootheMay 22, 2019

While serving a Senior Mission among the Native American People in Arizona we lived in an old trailer . It had a propane Stove and heating. We had a CO/Smoke Detector but it was near the bedroom , far from the stove. The stove(we did not know at the time) was slowly leaking. after 2 years it got so bad the alarm went off on the detector. By this time I suffered CO2 poisoning as I was cooking all morning that day. I believe I still suffer from the effects ,but am alive. My heart goes out to this family.

MaryMay 22, 2019

Years ago, there were 3 of us girls who were best friends. A new girl moved into our small farming community who was our same age. Two of us included her in our group, but the 3rd girl felt threatened since she had always been #1! After a few weeks, the newcomer's mother invited the three of us to her home and talked with us about friendship. She invited us to sing together the song, "Angry Words, Oh Let Them Never." We left her home with new perspectives and the four of us became great friends.

Karen RawlingsMay 22, 2019

That is such a beautiful story. Music has such a power to touch people's hearts. I would love to see the additional lyrics that were written for these children.

Hilarie OliverMay 22, 2019

As a facilitator for a self-help program Recovery, I can add that by learning to self-talk before an anxiety fueled flare gets too intense, there is a way to abort it and calm oneself down. This can take only seconds and is a cognitive-behavioral internal process that a teenager could learn and use.

Raymond Kent BakerMay 22, 2019

What a wonderfully written account. This is inspiring. Thank you. I wish that we could hear the song that was sung.

DonnieMay 22, 2019

This happened to my daughter when she was in 8th grade. One of the offenders was a church friend from 1st/2nd grade and the other was a non-member. We were shocked and confused by the exclusion and name calling, as was the church friends parents. We advised our daughter not to sink to their level, to be polite and to move on. A few years later, the church friend brought the non-member to girls camp. Our daughter was fearful that her camp experience would be ruined. Again, we gave the same advise and reminded our daughter that camp was "her turf" and that the non-member friend would be the one in unfamiliar surroundings. Leaders were made aware of the situation and camp went off smoothly for all of the girls. Flash forward to senior year of high school, the non-member girl praised our daughter for her "adult" behavior and apologized for her behavior towards our daughter. Now they are all adults, with families of their own. They mended the fences and have kept in contact. It was really rough in the beginning and middle, but in the end, it worked out.

AngelaMay 22, 2019

This makes much more sense! Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

Mike M.May 22, 2019

George Washington has rightly been called the "one indispensable man" in the founding of the United States of America. He was raised up and protected by God. During the French and Indian War, as a 23 year old officer, he was with a group of soldiers lead by British general Braddock when they were ambushed and surrounded by about 600 Indians. The leader of the Indians told his braves to aim their guns at all the officers who were on horses. Washington, being a little over 6 feet tall and about a foot taller than the other officers was the easiest target. However, he was not shot. His cloak had four bullet holes, and his hat had one. He had two horses shot out from under him. Most of the other officers were killed. After he was president he traveled to the Ohio Territory where the battle occurred. Hearing of Washington's visit, the chief of the Indians went to meet Washington. Washington's personal physician was with him and recorded what the chief said. The chief said that when he saw that his braves were unable to hit Washington, he knew that the Great Spirit was protecting him and that he would be a great leader of his people. During the Revolutionary War, when it was customary for generals to be behind the troops in battle, he would stand in front of his troops as bullets whizzed by him and cannon balls exploded around him. His junior officers frantically urged him to move back. He was never wounded in the war. When enlistments were up every December, he was able to inspire most of his ill-fed and unpaid men dressed in rags to remain and fight. The war would not have been won without Washington. When Madison and others were trying to convince the representatives of the colonies to meet at what we call the Constitutional Convention, most of the representatives were fearful that the result would be a too powerful federal government. Madison repeatedly tried to convince Washington to attend, but he refused, fearing he would be part of a huge failure. After Washington finally agreed to attend, the representatives agreed to attend because they knew that Washington ... who had been begged by his junior officers to take control of the government which failed to provide for the troops during the war, but who had refused to do so ...would not allow a too powerful federal government to be established. He was elected to preside over the convention. Without Washington, the Constitution would not have been written. Americans would not have the freedoms they enjoy without George Washington. At one time these truths about Washington and other Founding Fathers were taught in the text books in our public schools. For the last several decades, text books and teachers have brainwashed most students to believe that socialism is what's best for people.

JoeyMay 22, 2019

Thank you so much for this. You may have missed that the war on George Washington actually started years ago when the wokescolds succeeded in having the plaque marking his pew removed from the church where he worshipped in Virginia. Also the pew of Robert E. Lee.

Jorge HernandezMay 21, 2019

Beautiful story, miracles can happen when we activate our faith and do what ever suppose to do. This is one of example of love to show to our less or inactive members of our Church that we often signaled as "leprosy ". Thank for sharing this article.

SueAnn BullockMay 21, 2019

I have followed this brave and inspired woman and those who work with her for years. So many are blessed by the work of the “Outreach” program. May we each do a little more in this regard! Thank you for this article!

Lee GrobergMay 21, 2019

Once again, Becky Douglas tugs at the heart strings with true events which should touch the lives of humankind. Her efforts with the leprosy-affected are admirable and I only hope that I can be a better person for having personally witnessed the looks in the faces of these precious children - from leprosy-affected families.

A. BinghamMay 21, 2019

Has there been any mention of support for the congregations and churches that were similarly attacked in India?

FrancineMay 21, 2019

I am an adult woman in my mid 60s and still have friends who are unkind. I finally just decided to cut them out of my life. I do not have to suffer through their endless one upmanship and attempting to denigrate my life. While it would be nice if a frank conversation would help, I have seen these people operate. They use gossip and out right lies to try to convince others to shun you. A friend once said, "Life is junior high." Best advice. Drop them and never look back.

CarmelitaMay 21, 2019

I hurt my lower back last week. I moved 2 big humongous flower pots with the aid of a hand truck. I washed my car pristinely. The next morning, I could hardly get out of bed. I went for a walk with my friend with little pain. I went to church with little pain. However, I felt the pain getting worst. I asked for a blessing from my ministering brothers. The blessing was to get professional advice. I did. Although I am in pain, I still do my chores. The promise of Heavenly Father for the Comforter to comfort us gives me relief not even noticing my pain. Thank you for sharing your experience. God loves us all.

JohnnyMay 21, 2019


LewisMay 21, 2019

another beautiful article! She has a real gift!!

BrettMay 21, 2019

Love this story! Kindness changes lives. This is a wonderful reminder to me to be a little more aware of what is around me.

Amy S., South Jordan UTMay 21, 2019

BRILLIANT! Thank you to those involved this tremendous outreach effort. Such a wonderful example of Christlike healing (both of those affected by leprosy, and those fearful of it).

AleniMay 21, 2019

This is very touching...thank you for sharing and thank you for all you do in India to help those children of Heavenly Father. May God bless you.

PattieMay 21, 2019

Thanks Sister Judd, what a beautiful miracle you received and I appreciate how you listened to the promptings of the Spirit to further in your heal process. Giving service is the best medicine we can get and it brings us closer to our Savior.

D.L. AndersonMay 21, 2019

I'm not a parent, but have had this situation much - both as a child and an adult. We get bored "with the same old friends". My mom's advice was, "Well, if they don't want you around, find new friends." Just because you play together DOESN'T mean your "friends". It just means you're coveniently located to each other and the opportunity oganically emerged (setting aside the possiblity of forced "play dates" set up by helicopter parents in the past). Kids do fine without us interfering and "making" children be friends; or setting up "play dates". Tell your daughter - if she feels ostracized or made fun of - that she doesn't have to be friends with these girls OR continue to play with them. But indeed, if there IS bullying, make the parents of those kids aware and help your child to find new people to play with or new hobbies to develop on their own.

TawnaMay 21, 2019

I've felt before the power of the hymns to soften hearts (my own included!), and also what the simple faith and love of a child can do, as well. Thank you for sharing this. I am so glad that those hearts were touched; hopefully that feeling was repeated many times in their lives. What a tender miracle.

Shalay GoldMay 21, 2019

This story was so powerful. I have seen what the power of music and most importantly LOVE can do in another's life. It only takes one person to make a difference for others around to change. Thanks so much for the great reminder of this simple yet so powerful principle.

JoeMay 21, 2019

A while ago my boy had a situation where he felt bullied by one kid in our ward. It happened mostly at school . At first , I felt like it was just “kids” but then I thought to better stop it from getting worse so I called my neighbor and told him what his son was doing. He took it well. He then talk to his son and now both boys are good friends again. The key here is communication.Don’t feel afraid to talk to your neighbors about their daughters and solve the problem before it gets more complicated. If they take it wrong, then is their fault. As parents we have the responsibility to correct our children. If they are the bullies they need to stop.

JaneMay 21, 2019

What a beautiful story. Becky Douglas is an extraordinary person who has done remarkable work in India. Bravo, Becky and thank you.

AubreyMay 21, 2019

Such a beautiful story and is a good reminder to treat others with kindness and love. Thank you for sharing!

Laurie WhiteMay 21, 2019

Thank you for this deeply touching article. I have new resolve to "walk with" and "talk with" those who need a hand.

J COLLINS MEEKMay 21, 2019

Yes, walk our talk. What a great message! Bravo to all that made this history-making event in India happen: turning our hearts to the lonely, the rejected, the isolated, the stigmatized. - J Collins Meek, Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada, May 21, 2019

JuliaMay 21, 2019

Our daughter had something similar happen to her between 7th & 8th grade. In our ward, she was included in a group of about 6 LDS friends, and they all got along pretty well. A new girl moved into our ward, and all of a sudden, our daughter began to be excluded from activities that the other girls would have. Then, they would talk about how much fun the activities were in front of my daughter at youth activities. Our daughter came home from many of those in tears. They never offered any reason for the exclusion. Our daughter was crushed. We just encouraged her to make new friends. She made a new best friend, a non-member girl with our same values, that turned out to be a huge blessing in her life. Even today, I'm a bit miffed about the way those LDS "friends" excluded her in junior high school, but my daughter has long forgiven them for it. Encourage your daughter to look for someone else who needs a friend, and become that friend for them.

LarraineMay 21, 2019

This brought tears to my eyes, and self reflections, as well. I can do better. I can be better about giving a kind word and smiling at those I don't know. Thank you so much for sharing. I love this Primary song, and it melts my heart each time I hear it.

Judith NielsonMay 21, 2019

What a beautiful example of Christ like you have created with Rising Star Outreach. From beginning with a small group of faithful women with a dream, you have changed the world! Thanks for sharing this wonderful story.

Roberta HarrisMay 21, 2019

Another touching and profound article written by Becky Douglas!! Thank you Becky for the reminder to reach out within our own communities. As you have said...if those prominent men in India could actually shake the hands of leprosy affected fellow human beings...everyone of us can do the matter the condition of the ones we should be helping. Becky...your articles are always so beautifully written...thank you!

H NorthMay 21, 2019

The "Southern Poverty Law Center" has nothing to do with the South, with poverty, or with law--it's entire title is a fake deception. The SPLC is itself the worst of all hate groups.

Richard GarrisonMay 21, 2019

What a wonderful event and touching "result"! Thanks for all the great work your Outreach does!

MCMay 21, 2019

Those are good suggestions. It is probably inaccurate to say that these are “friends.” Friends are generally kind and inclusive. It can help clarify the situation if you don’t confuse things by labeling them as friends as friends don’t act in unfriendly ways.

Charles DefranchiMay 21, 2019

Being myself a BYU Alumni with six years of experience of the "Y," I see a potential problem in communicating the identity of those who report violations of the University's Honor Code. First, one cannot guarantee that they will be safe from any attempt to retaliate. Second, many of them will no longer do any reporting for fear of retaliation. Please reconsider this aspect of the new policy.

Mary Jane McCAYMay 20, 2019

THE OTHER SIDE OF HEAVEN is my all time favorite movie and I am so excited for the sequel of that movie, you are truly talented and inspired artists. I would like to offer a suggestion, I have been very impressed by the Kendrick brothers movies also they are able to capture true emotion and teach great religious principles and their goals are similar to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It would be great if our Church and the Kendrick Brother could join together to make a mighty force for good. Thank you for your desire to teach gospel principles in the theater. We have the power to change peoples hearts for good.

Cy WelchMay 20, 2019

Isn't it wonderful how simple it to get blessings, simply 'Feed His Sheep' just as the scriptures say. This proves we love him, and he just won't let us get ahead of him, so he blesses us over and over again as we simply love our fellow travelers in this great life's quest we are all on.

AngiMay 20, 2019

My sweet son lives in Diamond Valley! With my Aunt. I love that place! Thank you for sharing your beautiful story! You are a blessing to many!

Kay RookhuyzenMay 20, 2019

Josh Lucas played the father, not the boy. The movie was wonderful! Well worth seeing! I saw it twice!

Romney BiddulphMay 20, 2019

All Missions should purchase CO/Smoke detectors with a 10 year battery life. They give an audible signal at the end of their life and must be replaced. You can't expect young missionaries to check the batteries in their CO and smoke detectors without fail each month. It helps to have senior missionaries to make apartment inspections, but that's not universal.

AllenMay 20, 2019

As a convert to the Church during the 1960's and a member of the "Vietnam Generation" I have gone through and watched other people go through all of the same conflicts that Sister Reiss claims to be unique to Millennials. It may be that the culture in California caused these questions to come up earlier than in Cincinnati, but most people do end up asking the same questions of life and of themselves. They also end up taking pretty much the same courses to resolve those questions. Many of the people I knew in my early years in the Church are good and faithful members today. Many others have left the Church. Some of the people I taught during my mission are loyal members. Others left the Church even before I returned home. It comes down to testimony. Those who take the time and put in the effort to develop one are unshakable. Those who don't bother or who make a half hearted effort are then forced to struggle with faith for the rest of their time in the Church and are likely to end up on the outside.

DianeMay 20, 2019

Thank you for sharing such an awesome experience.

Jason AllredMay 20, 2019

Shouldn't the study also compare these results with generational differences that exist completely independent of the Church? For example, if you ask people who have no connection with the Church what there attitude is about "conforming," you may likely see similar generational differences. It would also be difficult to determine what views people from an older generation held when they were younger. It may be that if you asked Baby Boomer a few generations ago about their attitude about "conforming" how would that compare with people of that age now?

VardellMay 20, 2019

I wonder if we LDS confuse repentance with sanctification. Sanctification is a very lengthy process of becoming perfect, and can only happen after we have repented and been redeemed (been forgiven and changed by Christ). Repentance, as it's used in the scriptures, is a broken-hearted recognition of (as King Benjamin put it), "our worthless and fallen state." Repentance is recognizing the immense gap between our natural man and the righteousness of God. Repentance is asking Christ to forgive us and change us. Consider these accounts of repentance: Alma, Enos, Lamoni's father, and the Lamanites in Helaman 5. Alma was wicked, confronted by an angel and shown his hellish status. He spent 3 days in a coma, then immediately announced, "I have repented of my sins, and have been redeemed..." (Mos. 27:24). If Alma could claim that he had repented of all his sins in only 3 days, then repentance is not an eternal self-perfecting process.

LaurieMay 20, 2019

Thank you for sharing your beautiful experiences.

SusanMay 20, 2019

I never, ever thought of doing what I should be doing, or working towards a goal as repenting. It was only,I shouldn’t have done this; now I’m sorry. It’s going to take a minute to really assimilate that idea.

Mary JMay 20, 2019

I'm sure others may feel the way I do about the title you use for this contest, but I didn't see any comments about it. In light of the fact that our prophet has told us to use the proper name of the church, perhaps the title for this contest needs changing. Not to worry about members not knowing what this refers to. All members who are listening to the prophet know.

JaneMay 19, 2019

I am a 5th generation faithful member. My conclusion of these reviews is that the author doesn't like the world view of Jana Riess, therefore her research conclusions are not valid. This polarization in the US and in the church -the idea that only your own "side" is right, and that the other "side" is so unproductive and pernicious. I've read Jana's work over the years and find her to be a very thoughtful and faithful member. She often points out things we as a church should consider. I have not read her book, but I will start with the assumption that her research is valid because of the obvious things I see with my own eyes in the church. Yes, many young people are faithful. But many are leaving (so many in my own family and in my area). Rather than discount the answers she offers, we should consider that she has a point. In my own family, the main reasons people left are because of gender inequality, the way gay people are treated in the church, inconsistencies in church history, and the judgmental attitudes in congregations. If we are honest, these are valid concerns. In our church, women have no power, and gay people face a hostile environment. Many important questions remain unanswered or even addressed. We seem to like to point out each other's supposed failures at living the gospel. These are just facts. Rather than condemn the research, we should take a look at what is happening, and what we can do to be more inclusive. The exclusion policy was wrong, and I'm glad it has been corrected. The recent temple changes were good, and from what I know came about because of surveys the church undertook to understand the issue. A very good and positive development. We can sustain the prophets, which I do, but still realize they can and will make mistakes. They are not infallible - (as President Oaks pointed out in the news conference after President Nelson was called.) We are a church that believes that many great and important things are yet to be revealed. Changes are inevitable. Until we know more about the thorny issues, we can do better as a people in recognizing our faults and making our congregations more inclusive.

L.B.V.May 19, 2019

Thank you Maurine for the most beautiful "how to" marriage advice letter I have ever read. My daughter gets married in the Logan temple in four weeks. I am sharing your words with her in the hopes that right from the start, she can build a happy marriage. I am also copying it for myself (been married 23 years) to reevaluate my own marriage. I can't thank you enough for including this advice in your podcast. Heaven sent. Bless you for all the good you do through your magazine and podcast.

Carola A StraussMay 18, 2019

My grandmother Anna Maria Theresia Lormess Fischer was converted to the Gospel of Jesus Christ by her Catholic Priest who had suddenly died. He appeared to her at dawn pointing to a book he held in his hands. It was the Book of Mormon...and then he was gone. My grandmother did not know he'd died that week and searched for the book until she finally found it laying by a trash can in Breslau, Germany after WWI. She read it and was converted. She found the missionaries, they did not find her. Her story is shared on my FamilySearch's Memories page. That is how our family became members of our church. Through angels that have passed.

Kathleen WoodburyMay 18, 2019

Thank you for this wonderful article. My dad served part of his mission in Lancashire, and my mom has a couple of ancestors who were baptized in Downham during the time spoken of in this article. The mother died soon after and her dying wish (according to family stories) was that her daughter could come to America to join the Saints. Their relatives are the ones I believe my mom and dad have been teaching on the other side of the veil and that's why I have been finding so many of them for temple work.

Mary Ann KershisnikMay 18, 2019

This is so inspiring and I know from personal experience that angels do help us. Thank you for reminding us. I love Annie Henrie's painting!

MaureenMay 18, 2019

Great ideas for married couples, young or old. One practical thing that is often not mentioned is determining early the division of labor between a husband and wife. Not knowing what "your job is", even if shared, can lead to later bad habits developing and general chaos or misunderstanding and resentment. Talk early and often!

DarlaGMay 18, 2019

Thank you so very much for this analysis, Dr. Hess. I have long been bothered by Reiss' writings & interpretations of our mutual faith. I first read her "Mormons for Dummies," thinking it might be a good pass along for curious friends, but instead of finding faithful explantations & descriptions of our doctrine & practices (even if they needed to be laced with the humor inherent in the a Dummies series, which I have always appreciated), I found things that sounded more like a "jack" Mormon's view, "Sure, they tell us to do X, but most of us do Y & just pretend about the other stuff." Really disturbing, and nothing I wanted to pass along as a good, if humorous, look at my faith. After the November 2015 handbook controversy, I yet again stumbled upon her writings, where she was calling for a sort of "war" on the church for a policy with which she vehemently disagreed. Every time since, it has been the same. Progressive beliefs first, faith & church much later. Having recently heard her on the Leading Saints podcast discussing the publication of her work, I felt it was no different, for very much the reasons laid out in this article: the lense through which all is seen is "progressivism," not faith. The explainations, the questions, are grievance based. She feels oppression & disenfranchisement are adequate descriptives because they describe her feelings. I feel she is writing her own narrative, not taking into account the other possible, counter narratives. Bias r'us. P.S.- TopCat- you're funny! Lol

Roxanne ThayneMay 18, 2019

You are so right. But the thing I have learned is that you have to slow down enough to see, smell, and be grateful for those flowers. You have done that with the gratitude you are showing for your testimony of the temple, Christ's atonement, priesthood blessings, prayer, scriptures, service, and determination. I appreciate being taught by you!

Chrystine H ReynoldsMay 18, 2019

Scot and Maurine - another wonderful lesson. Thank-you so much; and especially - thank-you for that 11 year-old's reply to your question. I can't think of a better answer to that question. Jim and I would also love a copy of your scripture list! Keep up all your great work and stay safe in the Holy Land!

Chrystine H ReynoldsMay 17, 2019

Yes, absolutely make that booklet, only make it for grooms as well as brides!

Susan FerrinMay 17, 2019

My husband and I just saw the movie and loved it. I disagree that the main plot is whether or not CJ will find the right man for her. For me, the main theme was that Bailey's job is to watch over CJ as she lives her life. The theme for CJ is whether she will she have the courage to follow her dream of being a singer/song writer. Regardless, we thought it was a good movie and recommend it to all. PS. If you don't have a dog and don't want a dog, don't take your kids to see this.

Nicholeen PeckMay 17, 2019

Well said Gary! That is exactly what I was trying to illustrate. It is all about empowering the child to desire to be a victor not a victim.

Darla GaylorMay 17, 2019

I do find it rather sad and fascinating that those who decry "judgers," seem to have no compunctions about judging others themselves. The focus Reiss has on "all" of the judgement found within the church fails to acknowledge her own writings, which are rife with judgement. The internet peanut gallery, as it were, is one massive sea of judgment, and only a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of those commenting on other's actions, behaviors, fashion choices, etc. are members of our faith. Could it be that judging others is a failing of humanity as a whole, and no more or no less prevellant in our church than in a as a whole? I know, ideally, it would be less so, but, well, are we not all sinners in need of grace?

Darlene YoungMay 17, 2019

Thank you. This is interesting and insightful and exciting! You're doing great work.

Beth TMay 17, 2019

Oh!!! Thank you so much for bringing so many quotes and stories together to confirm my thoughts on pleading for help and stepping up my efforts to do all our Father is asking me to do.

David PerryMay 17, 2019

Lynne, thank you for the reminder that Alma's seed-planting exercise can and indeed should be repeated regularly.

JulianneMay 17, 2019

If you were to produce a booklet, even though this letter was to your daughter, it should be produced as advice to both the husband and wife. I think, culturally/historically, the expectation of making a marriage work has been placed on the woman. It should be an equal expectation.

Cary HolmquistMay 17, 2019

THanks, Sis. Pratt, for pulling all these inspiring and sweetly touching examples together into you message of hope and faith and love. Who would remain unmotivated after learning of the Father’s great love for us and providing us with His angels—our own family gone ahead of—to aid and guide us? As we DO missionary work, temple work/family history and nurture our families and friends, the angels will be there.

JemezblueMay 17, 2019

I know this is true. I am working on my Master's Thesis in U.S. West History at my university and I am researching history in a local community. I cannot tell how many times I have received confirmation that I am doing the Lord's work! THEY KNOW AND THEY ARE HELPING! I get confirmation on the names in history and the places that are familiar to people on the other side. Work of this sort, for the gathering of Israel is so important that you WILL receive help! AND THEY LOVE YOU FOR DOING IT!

Jorge HernandezMay 17, 2019

This is so beautiful and spiritual teaching lesson. Thanks to Meridian Magazine for it publication. I will like to share with others but this page only allow me witn emails, no texting, no messenger, can you help me please?

AnonymousMay 17, 2019

In addition to Kenny's comment, there may be laborers who were sick, injured, or otherwise incapable of laboring all day long, given circumstances beyond their control. It's possible that not many of the laborers who came late had just been partying and shirking responsibilities.

Cary HolmquistMay 17, 2019

Very cleverly amusing. I LIKE that Nephi guy and his inspired testimony to be the “go-to guy” to “get things done!”

Vardell TaylorMay 17, 2019

This is an important principle that Brother Goddard is teaching here. Our self centered culture is not what is seen in the scriptural accounts of those who are forgiven, born again, and redeemed. Consider the stories of Alma, Enos, the people of King Benjamin, Lamoni and his father, and the woman in Luke 7, etc. All of these examples clearly portray a completely broken-hearted dejection immediately prior to being forgiven and born of God. The broken heart is not a contrived humility, but is a recognition of what King Benjamin called "an awareness of our worthless and fallen state." Only by recognizing this and appealing to Christ for mercy are we born again and redeemed.

DeniseMay 17, 2019

Thank you for this. It is a beautiful piece and I know it to be true. There have been angels around me my entire life. I thank the Lord for this knowledge. This is a wonderful reminder of that.

DJCMay 17, 2019

Vickie, your comment is pretty insensitive since this is an article about infertility. I'm happy for you that you could bring babies into the world so easily, but this article is for those of us who CAN'T. Hearing your story does nothing positive for those going through infertility.

TomMay 17, 2019

Organized religious institutions were never meant to be the end but only the foundation and invitation to develop a personal relationship with God and fellowmen. See the religious institution for its good and overlook its faults. That is how God sees each of us so may we do likewise with others as well as expect others to view us the same way. Religion is simple not tortuous and contradictory. A personal and vital relationship with God is the key to success in this ever changing world. Anything else falls short of the measure of our creation. Religion only helps us find God who provides salvation.

Teri NineMay 17, 2019

Excellent point that Kenny Mazzanti makes! I had never thought of that. I love this parable, just as I love the others Jesus taught. They have so many lessons within each one that we can learn from.

Philip BakerMay 17, 2019

PS my friend John Grinceri was with Elder Benson and other Church leaders when Italy was re-dedicated . John & Vicki attended the Rome Temple dedication with their son Joel and our daughter Stacey, who have been married 21 years :)

Philip BakerMay 17, 2019

one of my very best friends in Perth Western Australia is John Grinceri - John served a mission in Italy as a 19 year old then was called to open the Padova Mission near Venice . 10 years later as a 29 year old with wife Vicki and toddler children, they served for 3 years then coming home to later serve as a Bishop, then AA/70 then Perth Temple President and now a Patriarch. He still plays a good game of tennis with me and other friends every Friday morning :) The family remain great Kingdom builders and wonderful Saints. PHIL BAKER

Mark MinerMay 17, 2019

What a wonderful, real-life metaphor of planting the seed and continuing to experiment upon the Word. While simple on the surface, there are so many deeper, eternal, and nuanced lessons for me. Thank you so much, Lynne!

Christine PMay 16, 2019

Thank you so much for sharing and being vulnerable. I got that kind of news 11 months ago and it was exactly as you describe. I was amazed & humbled as I was led to grow more spiritually and in my testimony through a deeper understanding of the Atonement, along with a wonderful new Ward, Bishop, RS Pres and friends. Heavenly Father has blessed me beyond what I had any idea could come out of this time.

Jan KingMay 16, 2019

Thank you for this detailed article. It's very gratifying to know how my monthly contributions are being used!

Kristine HaycockMay 16, 2019

Oh my goodness, I don't even know where to begin...or end. All I want to say is this was exactly what I needed to hear for my marriage of 2 years, its great advice for all ages and stages of marriage. I live on your every word each week to study and ponder about the come follow me lesson of the week. Thank you two so very much for the time you take doing these podcasts and for giving us the script to boot!

GaryMay 16, 2019

Interesting how some interpret successes. Helping people with anxiety (myself included) to cope and find positive outcomes is not to make a parent look good. It's to help the person who's coping with anxiety realize that they can have control over a situation that previously left them feeling completely powerless. This makes them a victor and not a victim of their circumstances.

LizMay 16, 2019

Wonderful article. Thank you so much.

KateMay 16, 2019

Well this may work when anxiety is merely a behavioral problem--regular garden-variety anxiety (first day or school, giving a talk, etc). It will help mom feel better when the child "controls" their anxiety. Mom is a success! But my experience tells me that the child may well grow up to be the 20-something with serious problems (depression...) because all they really learned was how to make mom feel successful, not what the actual problem was and how to solve THAT (not to mention some resentment against mom for not being interested in the real problem, only in the behavior). Well-behaved children often have pretty spectacular mid-life crises.

Kenny MazzantiMay 16, 2019

On its face, the laborers who came in to the fields late in the day are blessed with the same pay as those who toiled all day long. Is that fair? Consider that in a hand to mouth existence as portrayed, those who labored all the day also had the security of knowing they would earn enough to buy bread to feed their families that evening while those who stood on the streets hoping for work had the despair as the day went on that they would have nothing to bring their families that evening. Working all the day long in the Gospel gives us peace and security throughout our lives that we will be rewarded by the Lord according to our labor. I have had the security found only in the restored gospel my entire life, and feel sorrow for those that do not have the blessings of the Gospel throughout their lives as I have had.

Lynn Clark CallisterMay 16, 2019

Thanks for sharing your profound insights that touched my heart

Joy LundbergMay 16, 2019

Thank you, Lynne, for writing this inspiring article. It is so true. Bless you for reaching deep in your journey and encouraging us to do the same as we face our bleak seasons. Bulbs of faith always do bloom, eventually.

ConnieMay 16, 2019

What a beautiful commentary! Very relatable - brought back lots of memories, and some tears. Thank you!

Barbie S LittlefieldMay 16, 2019

HA! I thought I was the only one to garden with tough love! I used to joke about threatening my plants when they were not doing well!!!

Barbara Strandt LittlefieldMay 16, 2019

Thank you for this article and sharing the perception of hope in the eternal resurrection of life in nature. Our local newspaper The Washington Post had a garden writer long ago named Henry Mitchell. I remember reading that he died while planting daffodils and thinking that was the way to go...sowing beauty not yet visible. If planting bulbs in fall is not an act of faith, I don't know what is!

Chris EpsonMay 15, 2019

It's important to remember that this is a parable...a story...that follows parables about lost sheep and a lost coin. But now the Savior teaches us about a lost person. A lost soul. There are so many deep lessons to be learned from this parable. We all are, or have been, the younger son in some way. We definitely must "come to ourselves" at some point in our lives to accept Jesus's gift of atonement and grace. We always have opportunity to be the be forgiving and accepting and welcoming and loving. To leave the past behind, and just be grateful for today. And we are so very often the older brother...a little self righteous, jealous, judgemental, and angry. For a wonderful in depth study of the parable, read "The Return of the Prodigal Son" by Henri J. M. Nouwen. Once again, there is much more depth to this story than we usually think, as we skim over it in Sunday school and our personal study.

ViolaMay 15, 2019

RaNae, before you leave the church, will you try two things? Every day, pray sincerely and read the Book of Mormon. Do this for just one week. That’s all I ask. Thank you.

JerryMay 15, 2019

I agree with Penny....just another Korihor in a very long list of them preaching a biased agenda of secularism, sad but true.

Matthew GlosengerMay 15, 2019

This “research” is pretty faulty from the start. I have read both parts of this article critique and all mentions of impropriety were cherry picked to support her own positions. She never accounts for personal choice. It was always someone else’s fault these people left the church. Any kind of validation of these points collectively is dangerous But the real story should be “why is the Church membership becoming mainstream by accepting the victim mentality that the world so easily accepts” Equally concerning in the information provided is that, though she admits to getting some parts wrong, she doesn’t seem willing to change it. No matter what faith you are, if you understand personal accountability, you will see her presentation of “The Next Mormons” as a faulty depiction of reality

Maurine McLeanMay 15, 2019

What a neat article, Carolyn! I enjoyed every word and what good advice for us all. We don't need to see new places to have a great rest! All best to you!

Minda LubbenMay 15, 2019

Maurine, yes you should make a little pamphlet of your letter to your daughter. It will be an ideal gift to those who are about to get married on their wedding shower. I really enjoy listening to your podcast on Come Follow Me. I am learning a lot from you and Scot. Thank you so much. More power to all what you do in bringing the gospel to light.

KentMay 15, 2019

I look forward all week o Daris' column. He reminds me that in a world where nothing in public life makes any sense at all, there is still kindness and humor to be found in a private life.

Phillip C. Smith, Ph.D.May 15, 2019

It really comes down to whether or not a person not only accepts Jesus Christ as the God and Savior of this world, but also accepts the desirability and reality of His living prophets like Russell M Nelson, those authorized and thus truly inspired to represent to the world what the Lord would like for us at this time. Prophets are not chosen to reflect what the world wants but what the Lord wants. Jana should remember thus the counsel given in Jacob 4:10 to “seek not to counsel the Lord, but to take counsel from his hand.” through his living prophets.

Karen SmithsonMay 15, 2019

What resounding TRUTH! It has made my heart sing with joy. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Ramsey WarnerMay 15, 2019

"Large data sets have also been long appreciated among scientists as introducing even greater risk for confirmation bias." Can you provide a reference for this? So you are saying that less data is good? Large data sets help to eliminate outliers or at least make them average out. Jana Reiss conducted a survey. Surveys are inherently representative of those surveyed. We can't conclude anything about them except they represent the way the respondents responded at the time they were surveyed. Can the wording of the question affect the response? Of course. She's just reporting what the responses were to the questions asked. I am not sure what your article is arguing? All data collection and the conclusions following are impure. It's merely an attempt to explain observed phenomena. The comments stating that we all just need to pray and read the scriptures more is akin to saying that if we were all more "churchy" then we'd be churchier people and churchier people are the best!!!

Joel MarksMay 15, 2019

If one compares oneself to the labors and efforts of Paul the vaunted Apostle, as Joseph Smith intimated, we come short'of the glory of God.' May it be so that we all strive to 'follow Christ' as Paul sacrificed his life for the kingdom of the Messiah.

Rebecca AndersonMay 15, 2019

Maybe I missed it, but I didn't see any caution about using essential oils. It's not a one size fits all recipe.

ReyLainMay 15, 2019

My vote is a big YES! A booklet to give to newlyweds would be ideal. I was thinking as I listened, "how can I get this message to the newlyweds in my life?" Your example of love and growth in your marriage can inspire us all. p.s. I am so grateful for the transcript!!!

CubbyMay 15, 2019

My grandma had a Hoya vine that would not produce flowers, to her great disappointment. Then one year she’d had it, “If you do not flower this very year, I am pulling you out.” She declared. Time passed and I went to visit. I stepped into her porch and sniffed. It was such a lovely smell. Her hoya was not only in bloom, but the most fragrant and delightful blooms, too. That is the year I learned flowers do talk.

A. BinghamMay 15, 2019

Brilliant analysis Dr. Hess. I encourage you or some other enterprising social scientist to examine closely, "the other side of the story". Those individuals (such as myself), who, have, after years of professional indoctrination, have simply walked away from the prevailing worldview that espouses a distinctly progressive narrative of gender, sexuality, and generally deconstructionist approach to religion. Indeed secularists such as Camille Paglia, and, psychologist /Catholic Jordan Peterson and others are also calling out the hypocrisy of this bankrupt line of inquiry. I too, a born in the covenant PhD social scientist, cried foul, and after nearly 4 decades, walked away, and return to my original faith community. I currently rejoice in the promises and covenants available to all in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. A. Bingham, PhD

DouglasMay 15, 2019

I feel badly for this man. I detect not an ounce of awareness on the part of the woman of the reality that all men suffer from the cumulative effects of visual temptation. Her definition and expectation is that a godly man is a perfect one. How much more productive this marital conversation would have been if she had not made it about her and her marriage but about helping him sort through what got him there and how he felt for having indulged. The response was equally immature.

Michael HogganMay 15, 2019

I read your linked book about relationships. It was very interesting. I think part of the problem is that more and more people have some attribute that is on the list of true icebreakers that you mentioned. (I.e. an addiction, a disability that makes it very difficult to find employment...etc). In my opinion, society has done a crappy job of preparing people to be married in the first place. This is particularly true for kids from broken homes.

Gordon J HensleyMay 15, 2019

The first commandment given to all life, including man and animals, was to multiply and replenish the Earth. When we progress to the point where we start to populate our own Celestial homes, I wonder how the non-gender-conforming couples who were exalted will produce spirit children. Adopting orphans?

Paul HMay 14, 2019

This reminds me of another author many years ago named Fawn Brodie, who the critics all quickly accepted as the best and highest source to expose and solve "the Mormon Problem" as she did her best to appear as an insider with facts no one else was privy to in her writing. It didn't take Hugh Nibley long to expose some of her errors, but many years went by until the critics read her book about one of the founding fathers (I think it was about Thomas Jefferson) and then they discovered she was no expert at all but more of a quack out doing a hatchet job. In this current book apparently the author is once again an acclaimed expert because for one thing she says the brethren are all white, aged men that just don't get it, a popular theme in the world of anti-LDS folks. Denigrating the Prophets is tantamount to apostasy and making that public and pushing such an agenda is dangerous ground upon which to walk if one wants to keep their membership in the Church. I was past 35 when I married so I am familiar with many struggles of singles and had many friends who married in their 30's as well. They have since been bishops, senior missionaries, high counselors, etc. besides having successful careers, families, and remaining true to the faith of their childhood and youth. There is no need to think those who have left the fold will have much positive to say as to why they did or what they think of the Church. That they are inactive pretty much says how they feel about things. And the "progressive agenda" will never be the norm in the Lord's Kingdom. It reminds me of the Children of Israel in the wilderness murmuring that it "would have been better to have died in Egypt." So no surprises, really.

Barbara SanfordMay 14, 2019

Disagree that self-esteem is anathema to serving and loving others, rather it increases empathy and realization of needs and means to love others. It is not only adaptive to fill your own cup but necessary in order to fill another's. Self-esteem is about our perceived "worth" and our perception of other's "worth" emanates from this perception. Therfore, it is more likely that we love those we perceive as "of great worth" as the scriptures state.

Dave MelansonMay 14, 2019

Certainly, we should avoid being self-centered and pursue humility. But I would also recall that our Young Women Values include both Divine Nature and Individual Worth. President Harold B. Lee (quoting Sir John Frederick William Herschel) said “Self-respect—that corner-stone of all virtue.” And, “. . . when one does not have that love for himself . . . other consequences can be expected to follow. He ceases to love life. Or if he marries, he has lost his love for his wife and children—no love of home or respect for the country in which he lives, and eventually he has lost his love of God. Rebellion in the land, disorder and the lack of love in the family, children disobedient to parents, loss of contact with God, all because that person has lost all respect for himself.” Elder Russell M. Nelson (speaking to his daughters) “My dear ones, in order to experience true joy in the morning, or at any time, at least three factors are needed. You need to feel good about the people with whom you live and work—your companions in life. You must feel good about yourself—not in any sense of conceit, but simply a proper esteem for yourself, well deserved. And possibly most important, you must feel good about your relation to God and sincerely love him.”

Sasha KwapinskiMay 14, 2019

The only "quibble" I may have with this article is that there actually are some (not all, but some) religious traditions which definitely do engage in degrading and belittling of one's self, even in some cases openly advocating self-hatred, or the refusal to entertain any good thoughts about one's self.(Continually thinking of one's self as "totally depraved," a"miserable sinner," "by nature evil," etc.) I ran right into this type of religious teaching some decades ago, before becoming LDS.

Harold StuartMay 14, 2019

The Church exists to help us become like God. It would appear that Jana wants the Church to become more like her.

JenniferMay 14, 2019

Marcela, I understand what you're say but I think the point of the article is to point out where the "oxygen" comes from.

AleceMay 14, 2019

I fail to understand why anyone would consider Jana Riess to be a credible expert on the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I consider her, and her thought processes about the faith, to be similar to those of John Dehlen and Kate Kelly. At the very least she is a wolf in sheep's clothing like Peggy Fletcher Stack, who continuously writes snarky articles in the Salt Lake Tribune, hoping to generate page upon page of anti-Mormon comments. I would not read Jana's book if you paid me to do so. I'd rather spend my time reading something faith promoting!

John v. kMay 14, 2019

What one person might describe as art, e.g., in the first half of the last century many deemed jazz music to be inferior, now it is held in esteem. In a marriage situation, one partner does not control the others taste in media, clothes, etc. If ones partner enjoys something the other doesn’t, it’s okay. My father collected postage stamps, which was of no interest to my mother. I’ve been to a number of places, in Riyadh, one might consider BYU dances to be trashy. It is just a matter of perspective about an undefinable standard.

GTOMay 14, 2019

You discuss the mindset that Jana took into her research and that colors her conclusions. It's very interesting to look at hers compared to mine. I'm a convert from Judaism. I've lived in various cultures here and around the world that are majority Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Jewish, Moslem, Evangelical Christina, Buddhist, Hindu. The culture of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints compares very favorably to all of these other religious-majority cultures, as far as I can see -- in every category, from judgmentalism, the number of rules, etc. It would serve our hyper-critics to have the same kind of broad experience I have enjoyed.

RonMay 14, 2019

I have been contemplating this very subject lately and have come to many of the same conclusions! Thank you so much for this well-written and concise article that has helped me and will undoubtedly help countless others. There is such an emphasis today on "you", "yourself", "loving yourself" and "you time", etc., often times the results of which are contrary to gospel teachings.

Douglas E NadybalMay 14, 2019

While it is quite possible this new earth shaking report was a not so disguised attack on the LDS Church, I really think the unintended victims might actually turn out to be (gasp) the "Millenniums" themselves. I admit, I am so old I don't know much about them. What I learned about them here is that they walk away from contracts, prefer disobedience and non conformity over the opposites (which is really odd because if everyone was a non conformist they would be conformists), they hate old people (most prophets are old), are hyper aware of race and gender to the point it is a crime to have one. All this is much ado about nothing, yet another case of " I can't leave the Church alone now that I have left it" derangement syndrome. 5% more or less Mormons in the world, makes no the outcome.

RaNaeMay 14, 2019

I appreciate this critique of Riess's research. However, as a life long member who at my advanced stage of life, having been a single, divorced female, I certainly find credibility in Riess's writing. Further, now as a retired PhD professor and family therapist, i am appalled by the closed mindedness of the majority Republicans in the church. Politics certainly prevail from my point of view. I am on the fringes of leaving the church. I certainly am in the minority but I am also aware of my own behavior and I truly don't fit even though I've remained a relatively "good LDS" member. There's more to the story. I'm questioning the truth as I continue my research & studies of civilizations and mankind, religion. Many church members, especially older, don't appear to be critical thinkers. They remain steadfast to FOX news or simply are uninformed. I choose not to have visiting or home ministry. I can't trust folks who are not informed thinkers. While I've been very independent most of my life, it is sad and depressing to not have community. I continue as a music person in the church, but keep less active as elderly people are less valued members. Sometimes, it depends on the ward, one's age, family. Lots to unravel as we continue our evolutionary growth.

R. GibbonsMay 14, 2019

Very interesting, thank you. I am reminded of an article in a women’s magazine in the early 1980’s about HIV. It had a questionnaire at the end that they wanted readers to respond and submit. One question- Now after reading about the HIV virus, will you be changing your behavior? What a poorly written question! I would answer no to this and appear to be stupid. But my current behaviors were not putting me at risk! It’s all in how a question is asked.

JOHNMay 14, 2019

There is interest and sadness to see surveys taken to help the church and the brethren adjust their rules, regulations, and doctrines to maintain membership. Perhaps they believe if the brethren see the survey, they will study it and determine ways to become more popular, so members will be strengthened and ex members will return. Those who have worked, sought, and fought for their testimonies know this method is like the tail wagging the dog.

DianeMay 14, 2019

I loved this! Very thought-provoking.

Renaissance NerdMay 14, 2019

With my own kids I like the term self-respect, which is, I believe, entirely compatible with humility and selflessness.

Sandra PattonMay 14, 2019

Thank you for a beautiful video telling it "like it is". I'm crying.

Pennie KnottMay 14, 2019

The korihor's of this world are alive and well. It doesn't seem that she did any analysis of the Savior and His atonement. That true testimony is grounded in Him. Her work is based on a worldly outlook. Too bad she and the News Tribune will fail.

Justin MastersMay 14, 2019

I think it is wholly appropriate to recognize that a tension exists within the church and in our personal beliefs and interpretation, however, in reviewing the outcomes of testing this tension within ourselves, we find a greater degree of growth if we give the same level of sincere effort and work to test those facets that lead to the greatest tension within our lives. In other words, one should not accept a narrative based on the experiences of others, but should test it for ourselves. Doing otherwise is an injustice to resolving the tension.that we have set for ourselves, and for lack of a better word, is "lazy". It takes work, effort, self introspection and yes, even calling upon our Heavenly Father or God for answers. This book appears to be a self-validation to the internal struggle being felt by the author towards the acceptance of a vehicle (and the leadership within) in place upon the earth by which Heavenly Father (or God) would choose to promote its interpretation of His direction and counsel. At some point there is "acceptance" and faith, with a worn and tested set of personal struggles and answers, or there is acceptance of an outside influence that we accept without the appropriate effort within ourselves. Yes, that sounds like a "my way or the highway" type of interpretation, but in reality it is a challenge to "come and see", test things out in your mind and life, and give communication with our Heavenly Father (or God) a chance. He WILL give an answer with our extension of sufficient humility and sincere effort - a test that should be acceptable to all who profess a faith in God - inside or outside the church. One must also be intellectually honest in accepting that no organization is filled with perfect people, and establishing the foundations of belief in God cannot rest solely upon those imperfect people, but should be built upon a divine and perfect source.

Marcela StaceyMay 14, 2019

Putting the oxygen mask on yourself before assisting fellow travelers is not selfish - it is responsible. You can’t help others if your oxygen is lacking. It’s what you do with your oxygen supply that matters. So many LDS women already feel like they don’t measure up to all that is required of them, please let’s nit guilt trip them into thinking that taking care of their “oxygen” is another reason to feel not good enough. It’s a fine balance we are trying to find already. The Lord looketh on the heart. It’s Him whom we serve as we serve others. It’s a fine balance. Keep the oxygen mask on for the purpose of serving others.

ChristineMay 14, 2019

Like a child from a 6th Generation Wealthy family, the "old" latter day saints vs the "new latter day saints" show us that those who have lost faith or never gained it were some who rode off other people's testimonies and never fully adopted or adapted to practices that are meant to provide a solid foundation and lasting conversion. A 6th generation wealthy man for example would never see the value of saving a lost soul (a less active person) because that person should already "know" they should be at church. I have heard it so many times that those Born in the Covenant do not understand the problems and social ills that go on today. They do not know the protection they have received as a result of being Born in the Covenant just as a wealthy person does not understand that they must generate some cash flow themselves no matter how small. The bank is just not going to do it for you no matter how big your savings account is, living off that interest can turn out to be a disaster rather than a blessing.

DanielMay 14, 2019

I think Jana is providing a great service in helping all of us to better understand this new so called generation 'the millenniums'. Likewise Jacob is exposing many of the flaws in her interpretation of those findings. As one who lived and experienced the 'nonconformist generation' I can tell you that many, if not most, of our generation can not relate to them in this new Information Age that has formulated their entire life. I suppose human behavior has not really changed much since the days of Adam but they are living in a paradigm shift that perhaps equals the invitation of the Guttenberg press. Will they change Spiritually as we know it? I doubt it. But they may well change Religious practices as we know it. We need to meet them where they are, open our hearts and understand them better. They are our children.

SueMay 13, 2019

How bravely you acted. I am moved by your quick thinking and willingness to put your own life at risk to stop the gunmen.

T. LarsenMay 13, 2019

While I find your thoughtful analysis very interesting, what I appreciate most is your modeling for us of fair and constructive engagement with viewpoints that can seem unfair and threatening. It is a modern adaptation of the way the Savior dealt with many who challenged him, and a good example for us to follow. Well done.

Diane CowleyMay 13, 2019

I found Jana's conclusions very interesting but out of sync with what I am seeing. I volunteer at an LDS temple and we have seen a HUGE increase in youth and young adult attendance in the last 5 years. Huge increase and they are coming by themselves without leaders or parents. Many millennials may be disenfranchised, but large numbers are finding a deeper meaning in their relationships with the Savior by praying daily and searching the scriptures so that they can be lead by the spirit. Interestingly, every "once was a Mormon" I have spoken with, has admitted to me that they did not pray and they did not read their scriptures to seek the spirit. Very telling. Don't blame it on the church. The Lord is very specific about communication.

Jo Ann OkelberryMay 13, 2019

This article should be required reading for all members of our governing bodies.

Newell FranksMay 13, 2019

In Joseph Smith's day the word stripling had a particular meaning when applied to young men. A boy became a stripling at age 12. Also interesting and never talked about is that the young men did not go off to basic training, they went irectly to war. They also took their own weapons with them... and they already knew how to use those weapons...

ChrisMay 13, 2019

I appreciate the depth of thought you have taken in evaluating this study. There is so much manipulation of data and the phrasing used to obtain it, most people accept the results as truth. In my experience I think finding truth in this life is greatly helped by the Holy Ghosts assistances. Without that help and experience at finding truth your ability to evaluate it is greatly hindered

Top catMay 13, 2019

I wonder if this woman is any relation to the wife of Thomas B Marsh?

RexMay 13, 2019

Did the Younger son repent? We know that he recognized his wrong doing and he expressed sorrow. While he was given the robes, shoes and ring by his father, a number of Apostles have stated that the prodigal son had squandered his inheritance and would not be placed before the older son. I am trying to square the article with the many statements of apostles and prophets that seem to indicate otherwise to what the article contains.

Debi-Ann Ward CaseMay 13, 2019

I am choked with emotion at the bravery of these two young men. I am sorry for the death of Castillo, but grateful no one else died. I hope all heal well and quickly. There is no telling how many lives these two young men saved. I pray that every one will recover well from this cowardly act.

ronald b. kirkMay 13, 2019

I wonder what kind of statistics would have resulted from a survey similar to the one cited had it been given to the populace during the time preceding the "Great Flood" when Noah was the prophet of the dispensation?

LorraineQMay 13, 2019

I once became acquainted with an individual who helped produce the 2002 exposé. Initially, I was excited about her seeming interest in the gospel and naively trusted her to be sincerely. Let’s just say she turned out not to be so much as she was fishing for inside perspective which was later turned to a negative purpose. I am now very guarded about sharing my deepest feelings about the gospel. Once bitten, twice shy.

J. RogersMay 13, 2019

What comes to mind, as suggested by Bro. Givens (I believe) in a recent BYU documentary, is what Martin Harris did on his return from New York. He essentially pledged his wealth and reputation on the work Joseph was engaged in. He must have been convinced. Many of us have that same testimony.

Alan WildMay 13, 2019

We aren't really losing that many, its just that those who leave do so very vocally. Actually, it is other denominations that are losing members rapidly according to this non-LDS web site:

KayMay 13, 2019

I serve weekly in one of the local LDS Temples and I must say that regardless of what the this film, social media or any "study" may lead you to believe, our Temple sessions and other service opportunities found in the Temple are packed to overflowing with Millenials every day. It's really quite wonderful to see and experience the devotion and committment they seem to have for the beautiful experience, peace and blessings found by attending the Temple regularly! I feel that those millenials leaving the church, are in fact a very small minority even though the media seems to want to present it otherwise.

Pattie SkousenMay 13, 2019

Thank you for your in depth analysis. I am one of those "baby boomers" and I do question, but I take it to the Lord and I feel the Holy Ghost whisper to me that what is happening is what He wants. What vendetta does Jana Riess have against the church? Is she against all religions or just against ours? She must get some joy or popularity from her "discovery." What is her motive? It has been said from prophets that some will try to persuade us to follow them and not the prophet.

Phillip C. Smith, Ph.D.May 13, 2019

Jana Reiss may be unaware of, or paid no attention to, the very wise advice on the evaluation of a religion given by the late Krister Stendhal, Lutheran Bishop of Sweden and formerly Dean of the Harvard University Divinity School. Stendhal said that the best, most accurate sources about a given religion are the faithful, believing leaders and members of that religion, with the living prophet as the most important source. There is every reason to believe as well that the most important, accurate and not particularly happy reviewer of this book, if He were still living in mortality, would be the Lord Jesus Christ himself. Following his "Bread of Life" discourse (John 6) many did indeed leave him then as is also true today. When he asked his apostles if they would join these deserters, Peter said, as educated, intelligent, faithful members today would say also, "Lord, to whom shall we go? thou hast the words of eternal life.

Deanna SasserMay 13, 2019

This was amazing! It gave me chills! I watched and listened with my two year old grandson and he loved it as much as I did! Thanks for sharing this!

AmberMay 13, 2019

The book presents uncomfortable truths. Simply closing your eyes to them or disliking them doesnt make them untrue. How about instead of burying our heads in the sand and pretending everything is fine, we acknowledge the problems and do something about it?

Neal ChristensenMay 13, 2019

You must remember that the Salt Lake Tribune was established specifically to tear down the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and that remains its mission. Anything they write about The Church must be viewed in that light.

Gail GrovesMay 13, 2019

Thank You, Sister Perry, for all you have done to musically enrich all of us through the years! May the Lord continue to bless you for your selfless service and know of our love for you!

John PetersenMay 13, 2019

Excellent! Thanks for this very thorough discussion of criticism. I look forward to part two.

Walter E. "Pete" MoakMay 13, 2019

The Word of God has power because of his righteousness, His Love, and his mercy by which all elements willingly honor him. See D&C 29:36. Those whom God trusts with His priesthood power, in righteousness, can speak in His name and have the same effect. "Whether by mine own voice or the voice of my servants, it is the same." D&C 1:38.

James A DoneMay 13, 2019

Thank you, Doctor Hess. Yours is a textbook approach, probably shared with all new graduate students, when considering interpretations of a large and complex study of human behavior. I wish we were all able to approach life's questions with these points in mind. The majority of us will instead have to rely on the eternal principle written by the Great Moroni in the last part of his record, preserved for us in the Book of Mormon. Those with a sincere heart and real intent, having faith in Jesus Christ, can have the truth of all things revealed to us by asking and then acting. I will continue living my life in such a manner and encourage any others seeking truth to do the same. It works.

Gene SchaerrMay 13, 2019


Bradley KramerMay 13, 2019

Thank you for this article. As baby boomer who grew up in Reiss's home ward in Cincinnati, I can say that virtually all of the questions, concerns, and issues Millennials are portrayed as having with the Church now, we had then. After all, we were not sheep. We were the "nonconformist generation, the people whose mottos were "Don't trust anyone over 30" and "Question Authority." The difference therefore between us and these "next Mormons" is that we have been addressing these questions, concerns, and issues for a long time and have either found answers within the Church or have not and have left it long ago. As a result, I find this study reflecting more on the ages of the people involved rather than the Age in which they live, and I am optimistic that Millennials will be thoughtful, faithful, purposeful, individually committed members of the Church just as many of us "old folks" have tried to be.

McClellan RobinMay 13, 2019

Merchants of doubt take half truths and make truth. Intellectuals can’t get through the complexities without explaining or justifying their biased beliefs.

JohnMay 13, 2019

Well done, great work on this, I had similar thoughts, so thank you for so concisely appraising this, looking forward to your Part II. I also wonder if Jana's research was international, what percentage US respondents compared to rest of the world. Something I've noticed on our travels and meeting LDS overseas are their nuanced interpretations of gospel covenant living. I listened to Terryl Givens in London once suggest UK LDS are "living in the past with 1970's Bruce R McKonkie - devote 'Mormon Doctrin'e perspectives"... comparable to 'Saints' and their views elsewhere in the world.

CarolMay 12, 2019

Thanks for standing up for good. Hope your injuries heal quickly!

CarolMay 12, 2019

And why is that so hard for us to believe?

Keith RamseyMay 11, 2019

I have taken an active role in an annual Community of Faith Through Music event that has been held in our area for 18 years. At the end of the evening of shared music we have often sung one of two songs, 'How Great Thou Art', and 'Grwat is Thy Faithfulness'. I have learn to enjoy the music and lyrics of this second song and would hope you would consider including it in the upcoming new addition. Thank you, Keith Ramsey Burley 9th Ward, Burley Idaho Stake

KimberlyMay 11, 2019

It is a hard day for me, I am single and past the age of having children. When I was younger and my mother was alive, her not being a member and not coming to church with me I gave her the gift. Then after she died some times the gift is a flower you can plant so I take it and plant it on her grave. Also my branch I attend don't understand they are all married and have children and I try to explain how hard it is and they all say you will be a mother you could marry someone with children or we are all mothers. I just don't say anything anymore.

Pat ProffitMay 11, 2019

That is the most amazing insight and advice that I've read in a long time. I'll forward on to my 8 daughters and daughters-in-law and my 2 grand daughters who just became mothers!! I love being a mother with its immediate reward, problems, sorrows, and also the long-range rewards that are "opening the windows of heaven and pouring out more blessings than I can contain"

Ralph C HancockMay 11, 2019

Maurine Proctor, exemplary mother, Latter-day Saint, and editor of the great force for good, Meridian Magazine, here blesses us with a beautiful and powerful tribute to motherhood, the kind that could only be expressed in a true mother's voice, and that of a mother of mothers. Anyone seeking an answer to the question of the meaning of life should pause long and reverently on Maurine's words. Now, being a father has a fair amount of beauty and hardship in common with being a mother -- but c'mon now, we men are mostly skipping over the surface of things without our connection with womanhood and motherhood. There is nothing more important we can do as husbands and fathers than to support mothering, and to learn from wives and mothers about what it all means. We provide, we care, we help to nurture, hopefully we provide structure and needed authority, but the depths of care and love we must learn through our wife and and the mother of our children. (Only then do we begin to appreciate our own mothers.) And being a grandfather is wonderful, but the sweetest part is surely being married to a grandmother who is filled with love and dedicated wisdom. Maurine won't mind, I'm sure, if I dedicate this post to my Julie, who has taught me for 43+ years what love and bravery and resilience really are.

Ralph C HancockMay 11, 2019

ScottH - please slow down and note that I'm not discussing Haidt's argument, but the use Arthur Brooks makes of it.

Tina SMay 11, 2019

Maurine, this was a beautiful letter and testimony of Celestial living and loving. I felt the love and respect that i see you and Scott have for one another. Thank you for sharing this with all of us.

MarenMay 11, 2019

When someone shows who they are, believe them!

DJMay 11, 2019

Lovely article, even re-sharing one of your stories from No Success Can Compensate for CHILDREN in the Homes. Now my girls are mothers, I've tried to find your little booklet to purchase and share with them, but can't find it online. Have you thought about reprinting it? (I'm not ready to part with my copy yet ;-) ! ).

M NashMay 10, 2019

Great read!

AnnMay 10, 2019

Some facts verses fiction: When your husband says that they are his kids and “he won’t choose between me and them,” he is choosing absolutely choosing them. Parents “owe” adult children nothing. Any individual who will not stand up to the poor behavior towards another person is part of the problem. They share the guilt of poor behavior. When your step-son says that “this isn’t my home because I’m just married to his dad,” he needs to go back to law school. A spouse has much more claim against her husband than any adult child has against their father. And no spouse should choose adult children over their spouse… When you say this man “has been the love of your life since you were teenagers,” you are living an adolescent fantasy. This is not mature thinking. It is the fallacy of high school proms and first kisses. You need to take a very careful look at your husband’s lack of protection and seriously ask yourself if anyone is the love of this man’s life. Please get more counseling than available in this column. You need to be preparing your exit strategy and get yourself where you can be physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually safe.

Terry McCullyMay 10, 2019

If your spouse really loves you She would not put you in a spot to have to choose.

Cary HolmquistMay 10, 2019

And so, it boggles my puny mind, considering these concepts that are universal in nature. To consider further that the God of this universe bothers with us puny mortals and all our minuscule experiences...well that boggles the mind also. Why should we be any part of His attention. And yet He has told us that we are His children and so are of paramount importance to Him and He constantly blesses us with so much. Our gratitude for this probably seems so minute in comparison to what it should be. This is just the beginning of a discussion of galactic proportions....

Joe AlvaradoMay 10, 2019

Couple of months ago I went to my favorite library (The BYU. Library) for knowledge as I used to do when I was attending BYU, and came across the book titled : “Translating the Anthon manuscript “ by Stan and Polly Johnson. Very interesting book. Basically , it shows how Stan translated the manuscript with the knowledge he has of ancient American tribes. The result: the transcript talks about the jaredites leaving Jerusalén and crossing the ocean... If you have time, take a look at it

J. Wanless SouthwickMay 10, 2019

Despite the imperfections, can we learn to love as God loves? "This is my commandment, That ye love one another, as I have loved you." John 15:12

Denise ChristensenMay 10, 2019

Maurine...such a beautiful article! What a great Mother’s Day tribute!

Joy LundbergMay 10, 2019

Great article, so much wisdom. What a beautiful baby boy! So adorable. I love the mural. So peaceful and inviting. Not only are you a brave mama, but you are a talented one as well. I love the mural! He's going to want to climb those mountains.What a blessed baby to have you for his mama.

JMay 10, 2019

I love the sweet message and the video, thanks for sharing

Linda Starr WinansMay 10, 2019

MARVELOUS!!!.....Especially in light of the fact that we wished Mariah well when she was in the delivery room. ( A group of us were traveling on the bus through Israel with the Proctors at the time.) What tender thoughts, Maurine. What a profound thought: "Forget any idea that motherhood is an invitation to be somebody else besides who you are and that your highest goal is to completely erase yourself in sacrifice." So many blessings to count and be grateful for. I loved the mural, too. Thanks for sharing! God bless all!

Leilani CookMay 10, 2019

Beautiful words, stunning mural, and a baby's face that melts the heart. Thank you for this amazing article. Thank you for being a brave mama. And, thank you for sharing your delicious Benjamin with us.

PattyMay 10, 2019


DeniseMay 10, 2019

I have been in this situation. My Husband is on the Autism Scale (high functioning), and working through this situation has been a literal hell. He can't understand why I would be upset. There are some times when Christ like love is the ONLY thing that will save a marriage. Very difficult.

EmilieMay 10, 2019

Beautiful! Happy Mother's Day!

Concerned ReaderMay 10, 2019

Of additional note: If he wants "to change his stance on media" to include "basically dressed up porn," they have further "trust" and couples issues to address. I hope they won't focus only on issues of deception, but will include the damage that significant changes in these particular standards will have on their relationship over time.

Romney BiddulphMay 10, 2019

The genesis of Temple ordinances and practices can be viewed on this YouTube video: (Look for the Emperor Constantine video).

Chris EpsonMay 9, 2019

Great article. Thank you. If anyone would like to experience the truth of this, you can attend an Addiction Recovery Program 12 step meeting. The steps are considered the workbook of the atonement, and the guiding principle is that we cannot change ourselves...only the Savior can change us. He asks for only two things...a broken heart and a contrite spirit. In other words, give it all to him and then live a life of gratitude by doing our best to follow his commandments, love Him, and love and serve others. There is nothing we can do to cause Him to love us less...He loves us. Period. Life is just easier and much more fulfilling when we just accept it and appreciate it.

Mary Ann KershisnikMay 9, 2019

I know Shauna Robins and she deserves a loving tribute like this!!

Alice GreenMay 9, 2019

Are these products available for purchase in Canada in Canadian dollars?

Mari CarrollMay 9, 2019

I am curious about the optoon to plastic lunch containers. We tried getting the kind that is microwave safe for warming lunches. Also zip lock baggies for sandwiches and airtight storage. Thank you for the headsup.

KjcoMay 9, 2019

The ying & yang balance referenced only works when it's not a 5-2 ratio. That makes for an awfully lopsided, bumpy & precarious wheel on which to ride.

Susan CombsMay 9, 2019

We belong to a church where some men and women measure a woman by her marriage status or her fertility. They then make comments in their talks, in a meeting which is supposed to be devoted to the teachings of the savior. It is no wonder that single and childless women stay home! Celebrate your mom at home and teach only the gospel at Church!

Bradley AndersonMay 9, 2019

Prior to serving his mission in the 1940s, my father received his patriarchal blessing. Arriving in the mission home in SLC, he discovered that missionaries who had not received a patriarchal blessing would receive one from the Patriarch of the Church (a calling that no longer exists). He had heard that if another patriarch gave a blessing, it would be exactly the same as the first, so he got in line with the missionaries go to see the Patriarch. When his turn came, he sat in the chair, the Patriarch placed hands on his head and then hesitated. "You have already received a patriarchal blessing, haven't you?" he stated more than asked. Dad told us that he could not have been more impressed than if the blessing had been a duplicate.

PaulaMay 9, 2019

Perhaps the Saviour was also allowed to communicate with his Heavenly Mother during mortality as He was with His Father. Either way, His lessons on love have outlasted all the foolishness spoken in 2,000 years.

KendraMay 9, 2019

Shall I share what not to do? Do not go on your husband's Facebook page and tell his friends and family how he failed you by not wishing you a Happy Mother's Day and then invite everyone's opinion as to who is correct. This was the tactic of a woman in my ward whose well-known husband has not had anyone post on his page in the year since. And yes, they are still together, but she is much younger and very pretty so I guess men will tolerate any humiliation if the wife is attractive enough.Happy Mother's Day to all the sane women I know. Your children need you. So do your husbands.

Connie HarrisMay 9, 2019

VERY great article! I've despised M-Day for 50 years, but this gives a wonderful perspective in many scenarios.... Thanks!

ScottHMay 9, 2019

I appreciate Dr. Hancock's discussion of our society's current cultural morass. His observation that liberal thought can be as repressive as conservative approaches is noteworthy. But Dr. Hancock seems to misrepresent Dr. Haidt's moral foundations theory in order to use it as a cudgel for beating up on liberals. Johnathan Haidt himself, at least as I understand his thinking, does not suggest that liberals that hew mainly to care and fairness are inferior to conservatives that embrace these factors plus loyalty, authority, and sanctity. Rather, he paints the two views as complementary and necessary for balance; as yin and yang. One view promotes the virtues of change while the other advocates the value of stability. Each needs the other to prevent going too far, since fully realizing either goal would lead to worse horrors than they seek to solve. Moreover, Haidt calls for people of all persuasions to get outside of their ideological "teams" and focus on common threats, since humans are quite good at addressing common problems (that are recognized as such) but are not so good at finding common ground. The "I'm right and you're wrong" approach taken in this article and in so many other facets of our culture leads us to mainly focus on that which divides us instead of that which unites us. Contempt for differing viewpoints may help us feel secure in our principles, but at the cost of blessing God's children as we otherwise might. Like it or not, we live in a pluralistic society. Most walk the broad roads and few travel the narrow path to eternal life. Disciples of Christ are tasked with holding firmly to God's commandments while simultaneously working to bless as many of God's children in as many ways as possible. Easy? No. But nobody ever said it would be.

Charles KrautMay 9, 2019

This is a very important article. It defines one of the most critical issues of our time, and cuts to the heart of what our "society" is really all about. The ramifications of settling for two of the five criteria is what we have experienced ever since the Sexual Revolution began and well-meaning, nominally Christian parents, teachers, leaders, and others began acknowledging and then defending their and others' children's right to choose. Absent the moral component, we are no better than animals. As Americans, we were meant to be self-governing under our Constitution. That document was inspired by the Declaration of Independence, which proclaims the supremacy of natural rights. Our foolish pursuit of human rights in place of natural rights is rapidly destroying our society and civilization itself. Thank you for sharing this article. I would not have wanted to miss it.

LisaMay 9, 2019

Loved the way you turned the problem upside down. I attended an LDS conference once where the speaker, a veterinarian, told about calling a staff member aside when she was being viciously berated by a client. He privately told her to add $20 to the woman's bill for services, then after the woman left, he handed the staff member $20 and told her to use it to take herself to dinner. I must say, I have adopted that tactic myself with clients who were out of control. Three hours extra charged whenever someone went on a rant. It completely changed my ability to tolerate the verbal abuse. (And let go of fantasies about keying their car door.) I personally hate Mother's Day. Too sentimental by far. I feel sugar shock coming on during the talks in church. I don't want a flower just for being a woman. Thus day is for morhers, not women in general, despite what Sheri Dew said. I hate the comparisons between mothers and daughter-in-laws about who the man owes the most to, his mother or the mother of his children. I find it appalling when the daughter-in-law displays her newly gifted jewelry and has her husband hand his mother another photo of the grandchildren as her Mother's Day gift. Amazing how people can be so blind. Obviously, they did not read enough Jane Austen when they were young or they lack the ability to read the faces of everyone else in the room. Making vomit gestures during the meeting is probably a bridge too far so I will skip church on that day. I will indulge myself with chocolates because I know I am worth it, as a daughter of two heavenly parents, one a mother, one a father, and two earthly parents, one male, one female, all honored and loved.

Julie DunfordMay 9, 2019

Bravo!!! This is the most intelligent and true article I have ever seen on this subject! Well done! Thank you for bringing this to light and articulating it so well!

NancyMay 9, 2019

Brilliant analysis!

Old GuyMay 9, 2019

Does this man understand that it is HIS FAULT that he and his wife will not be together on their anniversary? Does he understand that at this point she really doesn't care how he feels? At this point all he should do is send her a note thanking her for her attempt to reconcile with what has happened and then let her respond when she is ready.

Shirley GriffinMay 9, 2019

You're so wise, Joni. Mother's Day should be a time when we celebrate Motherhood, the opportunity to nurture others and appreciate those who nurture us. I love what you say about the Savior and his references to nurturing like a mother. I wish we knew more about His mother and grandmother.

retired shrinkMay 9, 2019

I am a clinical psychologist. I find that scheduling sex for certain days makes a positive difference with some of my couples. There is one study that suggested scheduling sex made it more likely for a woman to have an orgasm. "DrJ"

Charles DefranchiMay 9, 2019

President Nelson recently stressed how imortant it is to use the right words when referring to Church language. For example saying "Latter-Day Saints" instead of "Mormons," or "Church of Jesus-Christ ..." instead of "LDS Church," etc. So why borrow the word "Gay" from the LGBT community, when it often means engaging into a sexual relation with someone of the same sex? It would have been more appropriate for a Church-sponsored Educational Institution to refer to what General Authorities call "Same-Sex Attraction."

Priscilla OwenMay 9, 2019

O, well done....What a thoroughly enjoyable read. I am an unelectable too.

VerleneMay 9, 2019

This BEAUTIFUL song brought tears to my eyes while listening to these men sing, praising their Mothers.!!! Such beautiful voices and music !!!

Julie ParkMay 8, 2019

I have emailed requesting the list of scriptures as well and haven't received it yet, love your podcast, have learned so much. Thank you for sharing with us

CorrynMay 8, 2019


SallyMay 8, 2019

Simply Beautiful...the men, the music, the Mothers!!! Thank you!!!❤️

Jorge HernandezMay 7, 2019

Thank you very much for your very interesting Temple inf. With all the details, may The Lord bless you

J. JamisonMay 7, 2019

What a message for today! Sadly, some voices sowing "hate, anger, etc." might be those of family

JoeMay 7, 2019

Thank you President Nelson! The old policy was exclusionary and insulting to my wife and I who were converts and the only members of our respective families. I don't regret avoiding the disappointment, resentment and hard feelings this would have caused towards us and the Church from parents and grandparents. Even more shameful was how a small minority of hard-line church members and leaders treated us for our decision to marry with our families present. Thankfully most of our LDS friends understood our situation as did the Lord.

Lisa ReisingMay 7, 2019

I received quite a few powerful insights from this article - another great one from Brother Frogley! I so appreciate his willingness to share how he synthesizes the truths of the Gospel. Thank you!

RichMay 7, 2019

Mother’s Day has been an extremely difficult holiday for me and my wife for the past several years. It is still difficult to read stories like this, partially because of the heartbreak but also because many members will still see and praise the “success” of adopting children. The people in this story would be just as important and wonderful if they had chosen not to have children. My wife and I have not pursued any treatment or adoption paths because we have decided not to have children. Even without children, there is a lot of life to live. Last year I had people actually get offended because I didn’t want a Father’s Day gift at church. I’m not a father. I’m not going to be a father. Please don’t give me a gift. I’m not a veteran, so nobody gives me free meals on Veterans Day. I’m not a father, so I don’t want a gift on father’s day, regardless of the giver’s reasoning behind it. Anyway, long story short: everyone is valuable, regardless of their fertility. The sooner we learn to celebrate that, the better for the many people who currently feel overlooked.

Andre MostertMay 7, 2019

My wife Terttu Tuulikki Aunola and I were married in England as she was working there at the time (1960). Under English law we had to not only be married by an LDS Branch President, we had to repeat the vows before an English magistrate. LDS rules at that time insisted we would need to wait a year for a temple sealing, however since neither one of us was an English native (she was a Finn and had previously gone through the Temple as I had) and I was in the US military London Temple authorities made the decision that we could be sealed later the same day. I am most pleased of this newest decision. What a joy it will be for those having nonmember family and friends.

VickiMay 7, 2019

Intolerance in the name of Tolerance is wrong. The way to demonstrate tolerance of others whether it is religion, race, ethnicity or political party is to demonstrate respect and allow all people the opportunity to voice their beliefs whether or not we agree. Any American, anywhere is entitled to these rights and should not feel marginalized because they hold a public office. As people we should demonstrate our commitment to this basic value by encouraging all to stand firm for your beliefs. It is when we impose our own definition of Tolerance and Acceptance with very narrow boundaries that we negate the very principle of Tolerance. Those who are critical of the Governors posting as a demonstration of intolerance do not understand the meaning or spirit of the Constitution and should have no credibility with the rest of us.

helen leonMay 7, 2019

wonderful article, 4 years ago we established a Freedom of Religion Commission in orlando and have had 4 Summits so far with up to 600 people attending. Our steering group has all the major religions and an atheist and we have gone from being sceptical to being friends and realizing how much we all have in common.

B MowerMay 7, 2019

I love how the parables have so many layers and depths of meaning. Thank you once again for all you do to add understanding to the scriptures.

A. RoldánMay 7, 2019

Would it be possible to get a copy of the PowerPoint presentation? It would be useful forma a Young single adultos presentation

ChuckMay 7, 2019

I, too, question the time and place of his announcement. It appears to not have been about the substance of his announcement, but was about him. Read the Book of Mormon. Read how pride was the recurring downfall of individuals, families, and civilizations. False pride, of any type, is quite destructive. Examples of this, from the past, and from today, are before us.

Christian Vanoi MinerMay 6, 2019

I'm very proud of you, Governor Ducey. You are helping this generation see the importance of religious freedom. We live in a land that is promised freedom. The Lord set apart this place for the free. I am an Arizonan. I voted for you because of this very reason. Thank you for keeping your promises.

MichaelMay 6, 2019

A thrice divorced friend said: "It is better to be wishing you were married than to be wishing you were not." Although you have suffered much, there is hope for healing. And gratitude that you did not let yourself get roped into another terrible relationship.God bless you and my prayers are with you.

YanniMay 6, 2019

I believe this is a wonderful change for people whose close family were being excluded. I know it would have been wonderful to have any close relatives share my day with me. I do have to ask, is the bishop the one who determines if this is authorized or is it at the discretion of the couple to determine if relatives are close enough? And does the bishop have input into the type and place of the civil ceremony, say one conducted by a minister of another faith who is the bride's grandfather but the ceremony held in the bride's parents home. In other words, are there restrictions and who determines them?

Don FreemanMay 6, 2019

Good for you governor!

Bob PowelsonMay 6, 2019

It is long past time when Christians of whatever kind should be hesitant about mentioning their faith and belief. Freedom of Religion, not Freedom from Religion is the test. Any who do not like can simply shut up and go away.

ViolaMay 6, 2019

There are a lot of safe, cheap cleaners that can be made with ingredients from the grocery store. Check into those before buying expensive natural products.

RobertMay 6, 2019

God Bless you, Governor! If more public figures would stand up to this attack Satan is waging on Christians, we would soon see them disappear in the night. Every time a government (local or national) caves in to the left's unreasonable and unconstitutional demands they grow a little stronger. Law suits should not be permitted against clearly detailed Constitutional rights as detailed in the Constitution. Courts should reject them as "having no standing". Freedom of speech and freedom of religion is paramount to the success of any Democracy.

BEV TAYLORMay 6, 2019

I have a very dear friend who is 65, never married & Mother's Day is soooooo difficult for her, she cannot even attend church that day. Even though Mother's day gifts are given to all sisters over age 18, she still feels nothing :(

William ToftMay 6, 2019

Hmmm. I didn't see any Angel Moroni statues atop any of these 3 temples. Is that an accidental omission or is the pattern for these new "small" temples?

Lawrence BarryMay 6, 2019

Wonderful explanation of the role of temples in Heavenly Father’s plan for His children. Would it be possible to get a copy of the PowerPoint presentation?

Alisi I FiliagaMay 6, 2019

I listen to ALL Podcast from American Samoa US Territory. I look forward to the next one. I also record every Podcast, but not too successful at times. I like to listen to the recorded ones because internet flaky and I listen often when driving or other chores while listening. I try to share often from my FB page. Please help by making Podcast available for download. I teach Sunday School I use some approaches, stories from your Podcast in my lesson at time. But all done with the spirit to direct my class and self to more creative ways as I try not to be too boring. So I use the music you share and other tips. I have had good outcome personally and with my calling. Sorry lengthy but keep up the good work. Make it shareable so I could share often too.

Julia WoodallMay 5, 2019

I love listening to your podcasts. I learn so much each week that increases my understanding of the weekly lesson. May I please get a list of your Faith scriptures? Thank you.

Dan M BellMay 5, 2019

Fascinating. I just love reading and learning new scholarship regarding the Book of Mormon that becomes another brick in my firm foundation. Thank you.

Susan ThomasMay 5, 2019

I love your podcasts! Can I please get the list of 43 scriptures on faith??

Carolyn ThelerMay 5, 2019

I really enjoy your podcasts - thank you. I would also like the list of 43 Faith scriptures. I would also like the reference for the quote by Brother Matthews and his discussion with Elder McConkie and the correct translation from this quote in your podcast “A more correct translation of this verse is: He that is without THIS sin among you...” Thank you so much.

CathyMay 5, 2019

I hope you are still sharing your list of scriptures to memorize as I would like to add these to my own list also. Thanks

wandaMay 5, 2019

I feel for anyone who has a struggle of any kind. My issue is how does a person become a Valedictorian of a school who doesn't know how to stay on the main topic, This was a graduation for a lot of students. It was not only about him.

Lindsay KaelbererMay 5, 2019

I am really enjoying your podcasts and the lesson helps for "Come Follow Me!" Thank you for the insights. I would love a list of your 43 Faith scriptures. Thank you!

smerrellMay 5, 2019

Thank you for this wonderful story and the important principle you taught. I am interested in hearing more about your time at Osher Shlomo synagogue. When were you there? How long did you study there?

Rochelle HaleMay 5, 2019

God bless your family, and God bless that, through your own pain, you are helping so many others. I went through 5 years of infertility struggles, tests, surgeries, etc. with no specific answers. I was an early candidate for IVF, but it was very expensive in those days, and for several reasons adoption was not a viable option. Finally, we were blessed with one son, but empty arms and hearts take many forms. Thank you again for helping others who long to be mothers.

Kevin MarlerMay 5, 2019

Scot, First off, I enjoy these podcasts as part of my preparation for teaching Gospel Doctrine! I have a question about this statement: I was teaching this story about 7 years ago and we had among our group a family with young children. I asked this question “What was the Savior doing?” to this whole seasoned group of Saints. No one ventured an answer. But, from my right, a young 11-year-old boy, named Jonathan Hyatt, raised his hand. “Yes, Jonathan?” “Wasn’t he saying, “I am He who gave the law. It was my finger that carved the law in the stone tablets on the mount.” I said, “You are exactly right Jonathan!” Again, what an answer! Did he actually write that? is this an undertone? I was always under the impression that he was writing the names of the accused as per tradition.... she being accused without the man...... no man, no witnesses kind of thing..? Thanks!

Robyn JensenMay 4, 2019

I was glad that my eldest daughter was sent to Germany instead of Russia. I was very concerned when my youngest daughter, who has Reynaud's Syndrome and is very sensitive to cold, was called to the Lansing Michigan mission. She was excited to go, and told me it would be her "test" to keep warm. She passed. However, she did marry a man from Tucson AZ and lives in Phoenix.

E, Hunter HaleMay 4, 2019

This is turning out to be a great year for Mormon Cinema OUT OF LIBERTY coming as well as the sequel to THE OTHER SIDE OF HEAVEN and T.C.'s THE FIGHTING PREACHER. Now let us hope the Church members will support these efforts in large numbers.

Doris CrockettMay 4, 2019

Please add me to your list of the 43 scriptures

ColleenMay 4, 2019

Take the authors advice THEN send her on a cruise ALONE with a sister or friend every year UNTIL she is ready to have you go on that vacation with her. Do it, don’t complain about it, don’t equal expense your own vacay, just do it.

JanetMay 4, 2019

This article helped me as I was grieving for the lost parts of my motherhood that were taken with the loss of a husband and father. There is still a brightness of hope even beyond the grave and these pains will be overcome in time and with help from our Savior.

JemezblueMay 3, 2019

As a single woman who has never been married or in a relationship, Mother's Day is very hard, especially during my 30s and 40s. Now that I am in my 50s and any chance of having my own children behind me, I really work hard on being grateful for what I do have. Those who have an eternal mate need to be grateful because that very hard chore of finding someone has been done. I am still looking. However, I have moved on with my life, I have returned to school and working with a small local community to help them with history and genealogy. Life is beautiful! Look for it! Life is good! Be Grateful! Be Busy! And have fun with what you do have, because there is someone that does not have what you do. (and yes, I still get mad and storm around the house, but that's okay and I go on.)

ViolaMay 3, 2019

I appreciate the comment mentioning the single woman who had never married despite her efforts, but who remained chaste and true to her covenants. As one of these women, i can affirm that being single and true to covenants receives no positive affirmation from anyone but general conference talks. Everyone does need love in their lives, but some of us have to wait, or show love to others in other ways. The church doesn’t justify living together for singles in the church, so why is it okay for gays to marry against church doctrine? We need to accept and love all God’s children, no matter what, but this kind of thing gives me the idea that the doctrine has changed. I am really confused, especially with Deseret Book sponsoring a talk about being gay in the church. If acting on gay impulses is a sin, then publicly proclaiming that we have that inclination seems to be contrary to the desire to do God’s will. Should people proclaim their pornography problems, or that they cheat on taxes? Would they get the same response? I’m not trying to judge, just trying to understand the point of such a public proclamation and why it is helpful.

Angie BlatterMay 3, 2019

Could I still get a copy of the 43 verses to memorize? Thank you. I enjoy your podcasts very much.

Jennifer JohnsonMay 3, 2019

Beautiful article!

TaylorMay 3, 2019

I can't imagine the same reaction in the crowd if someone had indicated they are defined by their sexuality such as infidelity, pedophilia, or other sexual sins. A sexual behavior is not an "identity". Love of course is important, but not to the point of putting sins on a billboard. Love is not encouraging sins, forcing others to publicly congratulate those immersed in them, or clapping when someone announced behavior that is opposed to God. The whole idea of "coming out" is an attempt to gain support for opposition to God. We need to love one another, but we do not love the sins. We should love others, but not at the exact moment they are announcing sins, that would be foolish, unless they are announcing they are turning from those sins.

ShareeMay 3, 2019

Mothers Day can be a sad time not only for those who have had infertility problems or have lost babies, but also for those for whom celebrating their mother is painful, due to their treatment at the hands of an abusive mother.

Charles DefranchiMay 3, 2019

I admire the courage, faith and determination of this beautiful young couple. I am sure they will be able to help and comfort many who could not be otherwise. In the end, I like what Elder Holland once said: "this world is filled with thorns, thistles, briars and noxious weeds," but we are still being promised joy, partly in this world, and certainly in the here-after.

LaurenMay 3, 2019

I am trying to find the direct quote and reference from Elder Mckonkie for the part in the podcast about the more correct translation of the verse about sin among you. This quote from your podcast: “A more correct translation of this verse is: He that is without THIS sin among you...” Do you have the reference you could share with me? Thank you so much. I love your podcast and listen every week :)

Linda WelchMay 2, 2019

I too would love a copy of the faith scriptures. I enjoy you podcast. Thank you for your insights.

John GardinerMay 2, 2019

I used to get tired of people, mostly men who feel they need to "come out of the closet." Most of us could care less. Keep it to yourself and your close friends and family. I wonder if he was encouraged by some activist(s) to stir things up?? I hope we don't get periodic updates about him in the future. We've got enough celebrity wannabes in our Society...

JenniferMay 2, 2019

Thanks for sharing this intimate journey. I believe trusting in Heavenly Father to guide us in our medical decisions is so important. Fear can often keep us from doing what is best for our health. I waited too long to treat my Crohn's appropriately and have scarring that I may not have experienced had I followed my doctor's advice sooner. Praying for a cure some day!

RobertMay 2, 2019

Dear anonymous May 2, 2019: Don’t remain anonymous! There are wonderful men’s cancer survivor help groups available. These groups assist and share with attendees in a discreet way how to overcome the loss of what used to be natural pleasurable life before the prostatectomy. I myself underwent the same surgery (prostatectomy) ten years ago last month. Soon after recovery from the operation, my oncologist invited me to an appointment with a representative of ErecAid System, one of several makers of vacuum assist appliances, that with practice and patience, can return much of the pleasure to a man’s sexual experiences with his wife. My wife and I have used this system for nearly ten years. Though not as spontaneous, with patience and practice, you can both yet provide satisfactory and enjoyable memories in your later years.

Camille ParkerMay 2, 2019

Thank you to everyone who is reading this post! I am the one who this article is about and have felt very strongly that this is a story I need to share. There is a link to my blog in there if you would personally like to contact me. I would love to hear from you and offer any words of encouragement!

KarenMay 2, 2019

Thank you for sharing the process of sustaining faith through a long term challenge. I appreciate addressing the real discouragement and fears we all battle in our trials, and it is especially hard when it’s a long term trial or a trial of a lifetime!

CoreyMay 2, 2019

I, too, am very uncomfortable about this. So much of the discussion on this issue (even from the church) seems to start with the assumption that this is an innate characteristic, such as race. And there is no scientific proof for that. But once you assume that this is an innate characteristic, it clearly does become “discrimination” to not accept, normalize and, yes, marry those born this way. And I worry that this is the slippery slope people seem to be on.

Beatriz GarciaMay 2, 2019

I would like to have a copy of the 43 verses to memorize.

Grace Dupute TagwireyiMay 2, 2019

thank you for sharing. this gives me hope.He always keeps his promises.

Wendy SorensenMay 2, 2019

I would love the 43 faith scriptures!

L. Eileen BrinkerhoffMay 2, 2019

I would have thought that he might have added that "As a son of God I believe in being moral, chaste, and living the kind of life that will always allow me to be a member in good standing. That I can return to my God and be welcomed home.

Elise R.May 2, 2019

I am a Primary Teacher with a recently-diagnosed autism child in my Sunbeam class. We have three teachers for a class of 5 (one teacher is there only every-other week). We have great support from our Primary Presidency and Bishopric, but I feel like there are no good resources available on how to meet the needs of all the children in our class. One of us focuses on (I’ll call him Matt), and the other teaches the lesson, but the best we can hope for is to keep Matt in the room with us and prevent him from hitting and hurting other children, climbing out the window or running out the door! We don’t want to take him out, because we feel he’ll just run with that (literally!) every week. And he will be missing out on class. But keeping him in the room is hurting the other Sunbeams (also literally!) One boy last week actually turned his chair around quietly and faced the wall, he was so disturbed by the constant running, yelling and hitting from our autism Sunbeam. He stayed that way for most of class, after being hit by Matt with a wooden puzzle base. And the other children were anxious and upset. This is a typical week, and we are at a loss as to how we can meet all their needs when Matt is there. It’s COMPLETELY disruptive and none of our Sunbeams’ needs are being met, including Matt. We refuse to have the parents stay in class - we feel strongly that they need to have a break and enjoy church, and are doing our best to let them know we love their son and it’s ok to leave him with us. We need some good, solid help on how to make this work for all the children. We need some tools / resources. This article is the only useful one I’ve found, and I’ve really searched! I’ve found nothing useful / actionable that is specific to teaching an autism child in a structured class environment at church. Ideas?? Anyone??

EdMay 2, 2019

I am so proud of Brother Easton. To live in an enviroment for fours years where to many are UNCOMFORTABLE. It reminds me of someone else who may have been uncomfortable in His enviroment, Jesus Christ. There was a time in the Church when members were very uncomfortable with Catholics. Today, President Nelson and The Pope hug each other. Change is in the wind!

Sharon ShogrinMay 2, 2019

This is the best one yet! I loved listening to it. Keep up the good work and sharing it with us as we learn. Thank you!

Sharolyn BlumeMay 2, 2019

Being gay is not a sin. There is not just one "gay lifestyle." There are many members of the church who are attracted to people of the same sex. Some stay on the covenant path. For some that proves too difficult. Could they be stronger? Should they have more faith? Shouldn't we all? A moment comes to mind when the Savior said, "Let he who is without sin first throw a stone..." But if we hope to encourage our LGBTQ members to find a way to remain true to their covenants, we need to love and support them. I recommend the books "That We May Be One" and "In Quiet Desperation" to those who want to better understand our brothers and sisters who are gay. Matt, I hope you will continue to encounter members and leaders who will cheer you on just as your fellow students did. God bless you!

Kathleen CurtisMay 2, 2019

Excellent article. Thanks for framing the importance of our personal perspective so well. And live the quotes!

Glen GideonMay 2, 2019

I would love a copy of your list of 43 scriptures. I listen to your podcasts every week I learn so much from them. Thank you

TerryMay 2, 2019

I was diagnosed with an IBD called Ulcerative Colitis about a year ago with pretty much the same symptoms as Chrons and I know the pain, anxiety and embarrassment the symptoms can cause. Luckily the Doctors found the right medications to bring me into remission and I am thankful for that. Kudos to this young lady and the good man who will be by her side through this for the rest of her life. I too have a wife that stands with me in this. And nothing means more to me. Those with IBD may look quite normal and go about our business everyday...but every day we suffer. Keeping faith that the Lord will help us through the trial brings great comfort.

RoxAnne ChristleyMay 2, 2019

This was amazing Jodi! Thank you!

anonymousMay 2, 2019

After Prostate cancer, my husband is impotent and does not feel the pleasure of sex he once had. I do not know how to give him pleasure since this. After 47 years of marriage, I am insecure about approaching him so I don't. I know this is terrible but somehow I just don't know what to do! It is effecting our relationship due to lack of intimacy. What can I do to help him have a satisfying experience? HELP!!!

Ellen Hingst - May 2, 2019May 2, 2019

The clarion call from President Kimball, who said "Don't put off having your children" even if in school - with a spouse in graduate school, clinical psychology - how could I even think of bearing children, clinical directors counseled against getting married, much less children. I took it to the Lord, simply, in prayer. As I was driving home one night, all five of my children showed up in the car - each one with the looks (I saw in my mind so clearly) and personality - expressing to me that indeed, they are my children! How grateful I am for that experience that continues to strengthen me. I have gone on to have similar experiences with some of my grandchildren - how remarkable it is that we can have experiences and joy with those who we have contracts with and are strengthened by covenant relationships! Thank you for the article!

CW2SADMay 2, 2019

I’ve been concerned a lot lately about being okay-with-being-down. I do see a counselor, but between visits feel like I’m wasting their time. Thank you for once again listening to the Spirit and pouring wise, comforting words upon us who read everything you write.

EvelynMay 2, 2019

Thank you for helping to make this subject easier to understand. Agreeing with it in principle - on paper - so to speak, is one thing. Experiences along the lines of Amaleki's is another :) The quote from President Hugh B. Brown especially resonated with me: “Let us remember . . . that each of us is being tested, just as the finest cars and planes are tested before they are put into service. They are tested for weaknesses; they are tested for flaws....."

Janet HodnettMay 1, 2019

Could we get a copy of your list? We memorize scriptures as a family. Thank you!

AllisonMay 1, 2019

Your story gave me much comfort and courage in our family’s situation. Thank you!

vickieMay 1, 2019

I connect to this story as I have chronic IBS. I had this as a little girl and remember things that happened. it subsided for awhile then came back full force. these are autoimmune illnesses or diseases. hopefully one day there will be a cure. there are many more out there and different kinds of these autoimmune diseases. im old now and it ravages my body again and I am like a child who went going out to eat have to make sure where the bathroom is. it does curtail what I do. however, I understand the pain and realize that my Father in heaven knows and the Savior suffered for me. I have other illnesses as well and know that the Savior was right there for me.

Heidi WillMay 1, 2019

Thank you so very much for sharing! I loved reading this!

Ashley RohrerMay 1, 2019

Wow! Thank you for sharing! My 15 yo DD was diagnosed with this awful disease a year ago. I am so grateful I stumbled upon this to give her some hope and so she is reminded that her Savior is near. <3

Linda LundbergMay 1, 2019

Love your podcasts. PleSe send me the 43 fairh scriptures.

DebbieMay 1, 2019

We too would love your Faith Scriptures. Thanks for being such an inspiration!

Ella D HughesMay 1, 2019

I too shed a tear. I can feel for you as I have horrible pain at times in my feet and can't sleep. I know the Lord is with me and keeps me going and am blessed.

Jill Dowding-WalkerMay 1, 2019

I did not get married until I was 37. Several times before that I had suffered deep depression episodes. During some of those episodes, I seriously considered ending my life. Through those trials I often dreamed of a young child with wavy blonde hair, dressed in dungarees, running around a field, laughing as I chased. I always felt comforted by this recurring dream. The same dream sporadically over almost 2 decades of my life. When we married, we hoped to have a child, but as I had also had hormonal issues, thought that may not happen. My husband said it didn't matter; that I was enough for him, if that was how it was meant to be. After almost 3 years of marriage, even when I was alone in the house, I felt like someone was in the next room, or just behind me. After 5 weeks of this, when in spiritual receptivity, I felt prompted to buy a pregnancy testing kit. 8 months later, our beautiful, healthy, daughter was born. One summer day when she was 2½ we were playing on the village green in front of our cottage. She had blonde wavy hair, was wearing dungarees, laughing and running ahead of me chasing her. Suddenly I stopped in my tracks recognising, "This is the dream! It was her!" I had a spiritual witness to my soul that she had been telling me since my early 20s that this day would come. We were sealed as a family when she was 7.

Mike M.May 1, 2019

In 1638 Roger Williams founded the First Baptist Church in America. Many years later he wrote: "There is no regularly constituted church on earth, nor any person qualified to administer any church ordinances; nor can there be until new apostles are sent by the Great Head of the Church for whose coming I am seeking."

Brian EMay 1, 2019

Thank you for sharing her dream of the Savior. This article brought tears to my heart

DCMay 1, 2019

This makes me so uncomfortable. I don't think it was appropriate for him to do that there. It goes against The Proclamation on the Family, which I believe is a truly inspired document and should be made scripture. I have gay relatives and friends who I dearly love and have great relationships with, but the gay lifestyle is not God's way, even if people are born that way. This is doctrinal. In this context, proclaiming that you're gay and proud of it really isn't something to be cheered and applauded. Pride has always been and continues to be a killer of civilizations. Gay pride is definitely part of this. This makes me even more wary of BYU, which in some ways seems to be becoming increasingly like the world and society and our increasingly permissive culture at large, as are many Church members. The ways of the world are not the ways of God. This whole thing is more evidence to me that the great sifting is happening at an ever-increasing rate.

Patrick Elliott, Sr.May 1, 2019

Roger Williams, a founder of Rhode Island, circa 1603-1683, and a Christian minister, stated that there was not a true voice of Heavenly Father, or Jesus Christ, on the earth at his time, meaning not a true prophet with the keys and authority to do God's work on the earth.

JudyMay 1, 2019

I love the depth of understanding of this parable. I first learned this interpretation from the scholarly work of John Welch, a BYU scholar and professor.

DonnaMay 1, 2019

I’m so touched by her courage and renewal as she’s moved through her life—what a tough thing! On the surface, no one can see—but those are go love her know. Grateful for her sweet attitude and patient persistence.

hollandparkMay 1, 2019

Really appreciate this. Thanks for sharing your story and dream Camille.

LaRee MadsenApril 30, 2019

Your teachings are inspiring, thank you. Please add me to the list receiving the Faith Scriptures to memorize.

Philip A HarrisonApril 30, 2019

I'd like to recommend another book on recovery from pornography addiction. It is my own book, based on my own recovery from this terrible addiction. It is called Clean Hands, Pure Heart – Overcoming Addiction to Pornography through the Redeeming Power of Jesus Christ. It is based on the principles of the 12 Steps as understood to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Many approaches can give us understanding, but the power to change a person's heart comes through Jesus Christ and His Atonement. In this book I tell how gaining a personal relationship with Jesus has changed my heart and replaced torment was peace and a clear conscience.

Danna SkoyApril 30, 2019

What a beautiful and powerful moment for thousands of members. I'm so enormously proud of that young man. He truly is testifying of the love of God for all of us. Great example and inspiration for generations to come...he's making the world a better place for EVERYONE. God speed!

FloApril 30, 2019

Please add me to the list of those who would like the list of scriptures you are sending out.

Margaret StuartApril 30, 2019

would I also be able to get the list of scripture please. I enjoy listening to these podcast, I listen make notes, then go and study them. Thank you for all that you do.

Catlin Solome' BassettApril 30, 2019

Can I get your 43 faith scriptures? I love listening and learning from your words.

J. JamisonApril 30, 2019

I am being slightly facetious when asking this question: Why did I think of the article about the valedictorian reading this? Me: There is a conundrum...On the one hand, then on the other. I was born and raised in Hollywood, an identical twin. My sister loved tea parties and dolls, I was a tomboy. VERY grateful being born when I was (I am 60) - no assumptions made about either of us, as people make today. The question regarding "born like that?" I wouldn't answer, but only say I know many backgrounds that have led to choices on both sides. I love the Family Proclamation because it tells what Heavenly Father wants for His children. I also believe in percentages - not all (100%) relationships will fall into that category. The ONLY problem I had with the valedictorian was the "marriage".

EdApril 30, 2019

"There are no homosexual members of the Church. We are not defined by sexual attraction. We are not defined by sexual behavior. We are sons and daughters of God and all of us have different challenges in the flesh." - Elder David A. Bednar How quick we forget what the brethren teach.

JBApril 30, 2019

I question the appropriateness of making that type of announcement at graduation. Families with kids would be present. To me, that topic is is a deeply personal matter. Using graduation as a platform to politicize the event (and lecture the audience) seems like bad judgment. . But maybe I'm missing something. Can someone can explain how the tell all fits in with the Thirteenth Article of Faith? Is it something virtuous, lovely, or of good report or praise worthy that we should seek after? Does labeling oneself as LBGTQ provide an advantage in the eternities?. In his General Conference talk, “Where will this lead?” Elder Oaks said it "is also important in choosing how we label or think of ourselves. Most important, each of us is a child of God with a potential destiny of eternal life. Every other label, even including occupation, race, physical characteristics, or honors, is temporary or trivial in eternal terms. Don’t choose to label yourselves or think of yourselves in terms that put a limit on a goal for which you might strive."

Boanerges RubalcavaApril 30, 2019

I am a proud son off God, and am trying to follow the commandments given for us through His son our Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore I will try with all my heart to follow Him complying with them. For instance I will try to keep the sabbath day holy, I will try to not have any other god before Him, I will not make an graven image and not bow down to them, I will not take His name in vain, I will honor my father and y mother, I will not kill any person, I will not commit adultery, I will not steal I will not bear false testimony, I will not covet. Hopefully this young man will do the same. I will also will follow His admonition of after being blessed by Him, to multiply and replenish the earth. I will also follow His prophet on earth in all the counsel he would give me. In few words I will Love my God with all my hearth and with all my soul and with all my strength and I will love my neighbor as I love myself, and for this I will try to be the best man I can be, attending the Temple and being married there for time and eternity to have an eternal family in Their presence as King and Queen with my wife. I feel love for this young man and hope that he and I will reach the greatest blessing on earth by follow His Son in every thing during our lives.

Pam RoderApril 30, 2019

Thank you for writing this much needed article! You managed to say important things that I needed to read/hear (in my brain)! Such a struggle and how did you say it...follow the one who is!.... I can do my best to follow because clearly, we need Him more than every to overcome the darkness that does visit more than I like! Thank you, thank you.

D HansenApril 30, 2019

I was at the graduation and frankly quite shocked at the response of those in attendance when this guy announced his sexual preference it was whooping and hollering and thunderous applause. I am with most of the those here that have made comments in questioning the time and place of his announcement. I don't think the response would have been the same if a unmarried woman stood and said she had been single for 20 years through no choice of her own but had chosen to remain true to her moral values. My point is was his talk about encouraging others to go out and be an example to the world or was it more about him seeking affirmation and pats on the back for his bravery at the expense of others in attendance? After his talk they awarded a post humorous degree to the widow of a student that had fought cancer courageously and with dignity but had succombed before he could the receive his degree. The response was polite but nothing like what the other fellow received. What a contrast! Do we have our priorities mixed up? I think we do...

Julie DavisApril 30, 2019

A man of God is the protector of his family and those in need. A man of God is the guardian of the ways of honor and courage. A man of God will not put his own desires above what is right. Above all, a man of God, is always motivated by his utmost duty.

Carolyn MietusApril 30, 2019

Somehow I missed the offer of the scriptures to memorize. How can I get them? Thank you so much.

vickieApril 30, 2019

I can only imagine how hard this must be to anyone discovering that they are indeed gay. I have a son who is gay. he was different when he was a little guy. as he got older it showed more. he didn't know it. he told me later that he realized something was different when he was 11yrs old. he was always good. he went on a mission as he wanted to. he had never done anything wrong. then at 33yrs old he comes out and tells us he is getting married to another man. I thought I would take it hard and his father would as well. I realized that he couldn't live without love in his life. I thought my husband would be so upset but instead he looked at me and said ...he is my son .and I love him very much. I realized at that moment so did I. I love him beyond anything else. I know that all we can do is pray and ask God for understanding. I cannot judge another because I am not in his shoes. also, I began to think how my son showed signs when he was little so there must be something biological about this. until we know any more than we do, what we do need to do is LOVE ONE ANOTHER. so to me LOVE transcends all things in God. I love my son and now his partner.

M C DobbsApril 30, 2019

Thank you for sharing these beautiful lessons. I too feel I am no longer studying alone. Each week I look forward to feasting on the word because of the insights you share. I am beginning to find greater meaning in my personal reading time as I see repeated themes you first introduced to me. Please include me in your email of scriptures for memorization. This is my goal for 2019 and I enjoy seeing what others are memorizing.

Julie A. IsmaelApril 30, 2019

I hope you do an article in Reliv, because it has been an answer to prayer and has totally changed my life for the better.

Michael Shea, MDApril 30, 2019

How profoundly I need this! I need to be reminded it daily, maybe more than daily. It’s a very difficult concept to understand and master. There are so many pitfalls, some of which you mentioned. Thank you.

Rhonda WilliamsApril 30, 2019

May I get a copy of the 43 Faith Scriptures referred to in your podcast?

Kate ChaneyApril 30, 2019

I am thankful that tough conversations are being had. For too long, this under represented portion of our congregations have had to hide.

DTApril 30, 2019

Thank you for addressing a very important topic. To the reader who wrote in, may I recommend she google The Julie Rowe Show. Julie has many podcasts. There is 1 on abuse, and many other helpful topics. Listening to her podcasts has gone very far in healing me, besides (of course) the gospel and healing power of Jesus Christ's atonement. I also recommend the current Sunday School study - Come, Follow Me. It is powerful and healing to all, even to us who did not experience love and kindness from those who we trusted.

Win BroadhurstApril 30, 2019

May I also have a copy of your Faith Scriptures please? Thanks so much for all you do!!

BrianApril 30, 2019

Another excellent resource for members of the church struggling with a pornography addiction is the book Power Over Pornography. Relying upon a gospel-centered application of cognitive behavior therapy, it is a new and innovative approach that works. It tends to be easier to implement than others as well.

Charles DefranchiApril 30, 2019

Dear Wally, how grateful I am to count you among my friends and be inspire and guided over so many years for such simple and powerful advice. Maybe we all need to come to Christ, but you have been one who, better than most, showed me how to get there. Once again, I will be a better individual for what you wrote in this article. Blessings as you say when ended messages.

BEV TAYLORApril 30, 2019

Seriously it was approved by BYU ahead of time WITH THE GAY COMMENT? or did he just add that to his approved speech? Did anyone check with BYU on it or just take his word? I'm asking because there wasn't ANYTHING in DESERET NEWS on it ?

Coy JonesApril 29, 2019

May I request a copy of the 43 Faith Scriptures? I enjoy listening to the podcasts. I learn so much. Your comments about the scriptures are inspiring. Thank you for all your hard work.

Anne JefferiesApril 29, 2019

I would like a copy of your list of scriptures. We have listened to each podcast as they come online. We have told our eight children and many others. We have loved Meridian Magazine since it began. Thank you for your many efforts on our behalf. We feel richly blessed by your many efforts.

Daniel DonnellyApril 29, 2019

I retired from my job because of severe asthma. As a result I have spent a large portion of my income for medication but have found nothing that works as well as a drop of Peppermint oil to quickly relieve an attack.

Linda SmithApril 29, 2019

How about talk about oils more generically for those of us who use DoTerra? Or maybe help by including what is in the blends Young Living makes?

Martha ClantonApril 29, 2019

Thank you so much for sharing this with us, Carolyn. It has helped to answer a question I was wrestling with.

LaRae KerrApril 29, 2019

I already use Young Living Essential oils and would like to join your private wellness group on facebook. How do I go about that?

Wade DoyleApril 29, 2019

We would like the list of scriptures. We are really enjoying your podcasts! We tell everyone about them!

Helen OlstenApril 29, 2019

I always enjoy “the small and simple things” ideas as well as letting someone know they have been appreciated. It seems to me many people wait for the “eulogy” before appreciation is expressed.

Gail ReinhardtApril 28, 2019

We too would love to have a copy of your list of 43 Faith Scriptures to memorize if it is not too late. We love your podcasts.

Krystal BoyackApril 28, 2019

Powerful insights. You teach me so much!!! I would dearly appreciate your list of 43 scriptures. Thank you so much.

The HuntsApril 28, 2019

We would love to have a copy of your list of 43 Faith Scriptures to memorize if it is not too late to request one. We love your podcasts!

RitaApril 28, 2019

One of the scriptures used was 1 Timothy 6: 1-2 Let as many servants as are under the yoke count their own masters worthy of all honor, that the name of God and his doctrine be not blasphemed. And they that have believing masters, let them not despise them, because they are brethren; but rather do them service, because they are faithful and beloved, partakers of the benefit. The "servants" were, for the most part, either indentured (and would be released after their indenture was fulfilled), or captives taken in war (who could buy their freedom after a few years service.) The scripture did not address the generational, legalized slavery we had here in the US, and elsewhere in the West. Christian preachers would justify slavery by twisting Paul's words, while conveniently ignoring the words, "For all are alike unto God, both bond and free."

Meridian's Come, Follow Me Podcast (All Episodes) | Meridian MagazineApril 28, 2019

[…] Come, Follow Me Podcast #17, “I am the Good Shepherd”, John 7-10 […]

C ShieldsApril 28, 2019

The veil between the pre-existence was thin for me, too – with each of my 4 pregnancies including communication prior to their incarnation. One, was prophesied to my new husband before either of us knew I was carrying a child. This was exciting news, as we were anxious to start our young family! The next one let me know her name (Jessica) and that she wasn’t going to stay, because she needed to be on the other side helping me with the child who was yet to come. I miscarried her shortly thereafter. With the third one, I was told the gender and name he was to be called here in mortality (Newell), which interpreted, means ‘solidity’ (something I often needed, along with Jessica’s help, in order to deal with his special needs!). Like the newel post that anchors the stairwell, he taught me how to stand strong while we dealt with the particular challenges his existence proffered. With my last one, the Spirit came over me one day, showing me a child who was anxiously awaiting his body – a blonde haired little boy. My sweet little caboose was born 9 months later. I am so grateful for these connections to eternity - witnessing the divinity this stewardship invokes. <3

KathleenApril 27, 2019

Through my tears I say thank you for being a true teacher. "To teach is to touch a life forever."

Janie AxelsonApril 27, 2019

I enjoyed this article very much! I work at a facility who have many people of one particular faith that has the mindset that Marsha Newman talked about, “they will be toast”. I try to explain that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ loves us all so much and that all the righteous will have the opportunity to be taught, but this message does not compute. I can’t say enough how grateful I am for the Restored gospel of Jesus Christ!

Earl ChantrillApril 27, 2019

Wonderful insights, cousin. I think much in this article can be of worth to me and my family.

ChuckApril 27, 2019

Thanks for your kind-hearted, professional reply to this woman. My daughter experienced some physical abuse, and a lot of verbal/emotional abuse, for years. She ended that wretched marriage several years ago, and is now dating a good (also kind-hearted) man, a school teacher who is good for her and her two sweet daughters. I really appreciate what this guy is doing for them. I hope this lady incorporates your advice into her life.

K. Chin, Modesto, CAApril 27, 2019

Teachers have SO many pressures to comply with administrative dictates—and I’m not criticizing these dictates. I don’t believe very many teachers choose this profession because they dream of fulfilling administrative paperwork requirements. No, it has been my experience that teachers choose their profession more as a calling—hoping to make a difference in the lives of their students. Your article should give hope to teachers feeling overwhelmed—even bogged down—that they make a HUGE difference in the lives of some students. Also, as all of us have been students, your article is a great reminder of the importance to COMMUNICATE our thanks to those who have helped us on our life’s path.

carol Anne DeAdderApril 27, 2019

When my son was married in the Manti temple, I had a quick glimpse of three children standing at the altar. The third child who looked to be two years old, was running around the altar while the other two appeared to be girls, standing straight and reverently. Within six years, my son and his wife had three children, two girls and a busy little boy. Just as I had seen on his wedding day. These three children have been strong in the gospel all their lives.

Karen BukerApril 27, 2019

Of my ten children I only had an experience like this with one of them. That was my 9th child and the night before she was born I was aware of a beautiful young woman with long brown hair and a calm peaceful spirit standing by my bed. She said, “My name is Amy Jo” and then she left. I told my husband and he said, Then that’s her name. My 10th child, also a daughter, was born on Christmas Day and weighed 11 pounds 9 ounces. I had lost her twin at about 3 months but continued to carry her. The due date was in late October and the Dr. assumed I had conceived her after the miscarriage. She told me when she was very young that she had told the people she wanted to be born on Christmas and they told her that would be hard on me. She said she asked them if I would be okay and they told her I would. I don’t think she remembers that now but she definitely remembered it then.

Susan D'AndreaApril 27, 2019

After our third son was born, he would often look at a lamp or light and smile. I always thought he was remembering Jesus, whose "brightness and glory defy all description" (Joseph Smith 's description from the first vision). At our son's blessing some in the circle said that our baby looked up at the lights on the ceiling and smiled during his blessing. They also thought he was remembering Jesus.

coraApril 27, 2019

Geoff, thank you for your compassionate, insightful and informative answer. And, thank you Meridian for addressing the difficult topics. Our daughter was in an emotionally and verbally abusive marriage. She is struggling to heal, find her self-worth, and not let fear and distrust rule her life. Emotional and verbal abuse are forms of domestic violence. Often the perpetrator has a narcissistic personality and they are able to make the victim look the 'crazy one'. I wish that bishops and stake presidents were more educated and informed to spot this type of abuse and unrighteous dominion.

Patrick Elliott, Sr.April 27, 2019

A good article; however, as in almost all articles on the American War Between the States and Lincoln's involvement, there is absolutely nothing mentioned concerning Mercantilism, the Henry Clay American System, the Morrill Tariff Acts and what all this did to the economy and living conditions of the South. In reviewing the quotes Lincoln made, he was not the great emancipator nor were his intentions on the Emancipation Proclamation intended for freeing the slaves as the U.S. kept slaves in bondage in a number of places such as Baton Rouge as their labor was needed. The full intent must be brought out on this issue.

Lori BenyoApril 27, 2019

I've had numerous experiences like this. After our third child (2 boys and a girl) my husband felt our family was complete. I didn't so I prayed to ask the Lord how many children we should have. My patriarchal blessing said "there are choice spirits being reserved to come through your loins" so I wanted to make sure we weren't missing anyone. As I prayed I heard a distinct clear voice in my mind state " you will have (another) boy and two girls. It took me several years to talk my husband into that many children but he couldn't deny it was revelation when he saw that we did indeed have another boy and two girls. On another instance my 2nd child who was 4 at the time was sitting at the breakfast table when he announced he'd had a dream that he was an angel watching me. "Mommy you were doing very bad stuff like drinking beers and smoking cigarettes, but then you decided to be good and follow Jesus". I was pretty shocked to hear this. After high school I had gotten into a very bad relationship and was pulled down a negative path. It was a very dark time in my life and certainly not a memory I had shared with my small children. I realized that in spite of my struggles I had angels watching over me... My future children.

SuzanneApril 26, 2019

What a profound example of wise and loving parenting! Thank you so much for sharing this outstanding article.

Velia Coleman, CMHC, RNApril 26, 2019

Great article and I'd like to add an important comment about your tendency to get involved with other 'unhealthy' men. You've probably been conditioned to tolerate and accept demeaning treatment from abusive men. Seek a counselor or Psychologist specializing in deep psyche damage that can assist you in identifying and respecting your 'gut responses' to their first abusive or maybe sarcastic remarks. These are red flags about the person's abusive nature. Too easily, many people dismiss or minimize their uncomfortable or negative feelings around an unhealthy person to 'keep the boat from rocking'. Too many excuses we give ourselves for not respecting our responses. That is the Spirit warning you! Take care and God bless.

Gail StephensonApril 26, 2019

Waiting on the Lord is a principle of action!

Old GuyApril 26, 2019

My wife is an LCSW who specializes in working with abuse victims, so we talk on the topic a lot. I have to say this was a beautiful reply to the letter. Absolutely beautiful. The reason that verbal abuse is so absolutely damaging is because we eventually believe what is being said and inferred about us. The children's book "The Secret Garden" says it best: when you hear something about yourself enough times you start to believe it. We can heal from the physical abuse, but the person who heals from verbal abuse is far and few between. I am retirement age, but I am still fighting to overcome verbal abuse of my childhood that has left me with a lifetime of self-doubt and self-hatred. (When I was a child, therapy was looked at as "bad" and a crutch only a "weak boy" would seek.) The person who wrote this letter could very possibly benefit from time spent with a therapist to help her shift through the verbal abuse and recognize the lies so she can rid herself of them. God bless her!

W TaggApril 26, 2019

I also believe that new born babies remember their pre earth-life. I remember once holding my fussy little grandson,less than five months old.. I couldn't calm him down until out of the blue I asked him. " Do you remember Jesus. Immediately he stopped crying and looked up at me. I just kept talking to him about Jesus and Heavenly Father and he stayed perfectly calm the whole time. That was a long time ago and he is now a faithful returned missionary.

AnonymousApril 26, 2019

Truly I wish I had had this back in 1970. I married at 19 and had no idea about sexually intimacy, in fact, I went to the library after the honeymoon and check out of the special behind the desk section books about sex so I could participate. Thanks for opening this subject up. I have always believed it was a great gift given to us.

HalApril 26, 2019

I had similar experience to those expressed in the article and comments. When our youngest son was born, I felt my mother's presence in the delivery room. She had passed away unexpectedly five months earlier. I think these types of experiences are not limited to biological children. A dear friend of mine was showing The House of The Lord film strip to his family back in the 1980's. When the sealing room in the Salt Lake Temple showed on the screen, his then 5-year-old adopted son piped up and said "I know where that is; that's where you and mom got married." My friend looked dumbfounded at his son and asked, "How did you know that?" The boy pointed at the screen and said, "I was standing right over there." I love these tender mercies and glimpses into the eternities that bolster my testimony and give me hope for the future.

Susan HilbigApril 26, 2019

Our dear friend and sister in the Gospel passed away recently after a long struggle, during which she continued to teach and exemplify all she taught in classes and writings. She will be dearly missed. Thank you for publishing another of her wonderful messages.

Mary JurgaitisApril 26, 2019

I have known that I had experiences with ALL 6 of my children. I loved pondering on those experiences as a result of reading this article. The most important experience was seeing my children standing together and saying "NOOO, mom and dad! You can't be a ZPG advocate. You promised us." After we got married, we had determined that we weren't going to have any children. Then the missionaries knocked on our door. As our family grew and has grown to this point (now 15 grandchildren, we figured that our children sent the missionaries who taught us the plan of salvation (happiness). After we were baptized, we knew they had banded together to make that happen.

Steve PerezApril 26, 2019

I had a similar experience with one of our eight children before her birth, where her name came to me during a prayer. The veil is thin for dad’s too.

Carolyn BarnardApril 26, 2019

Brother Howard, your articles are always inspiring. Thank you.

Janet WiseApril 26, 2019

I think it applies equally to older temple and family history consultants who have the beastly task of searching for evidence of marriages performed for their ancestors!


Verse 4 - not 3!

Dave JacksonApril 26, 2019

I agree completely. We benefit so much more from inclusion in every way. Unfortunately, many members are not able to bring themselves to do so. My wife is a non-member, and even within our family while they are 'nice' there are certain ways she has been excluded over the years from the 'clique'. It has been a sore spot in our marriage and has had negatively affected her view of the church generally. So sad!

Angelsings. (Genia Stephenson)April 26, 2019

Thank you for your spot-on, insightful & viable input, especially, that verbal/emotional abuse can be as debilitating & damaging (if not more so) than physical abuse. A portion of a person withers away & dies when they've experienced any type of abuse. Do not remain in an abusive relationship. There are resources for help. And, find a good therapist; do not suppress your feelings because that will cause more damage to your overall psychological & physical well-being. Like yourself enough to see your worth.

AnonApril 26, 2019

I do find this article an interesting read and always appreciate when less discussed historical facts are talked about. Some other things I wish people understood were the fact that not all slaves were from Africa. There were many white slaves. There were an abundance of African slaves only because some African tribes would conquer others and enslave/sell them. Also, while slavery was a definite element in the Civil War it wasn't the cause. Historians say a lot smaller of a cause then is currently taught. There were a lot of issues between the north and the south, there were a lot of stubborn people, so war was likely inevitable either way

Mike M.April 26, 2019

Early in his public life, Thomas Jefferson was one of the first statesmen anywhere to take action to end slavery. In 1778 he introduced a Virginia law prohibiting the importation of enslaved Africans. In 1784 he proposed a ban on slavery in the Northwest Territory, new lands ceded by the British in 1783.

Jacqueline FarnsworthApril 26, 2019

I believe these stories because of similar experiences with preborn children in my life. Couples should pray for inspiration in choosing how many children to bear because there may be prior commitments made that should be honored. Thank you for this testimony building article.

Beverly AndersonApril 26, 2019

Well-written, informative and inspiring. Thank you so much.

AnnekeApril 26, 2019

Thank you for this article! Yes, until you can find a measure of healing, the verbal abuse affects future relationships, and not in a good way. I hope this piece will encourage those who have suffered from verbal abuse to get the help/healing they need and find peace.

Bev TaylorApril 26, 2019

what was the "misreading" in the Bible?

CW2SADApril 26, 2019

Vaughn J. Featherstone said once, essentially, if you don't smell cigarette smoke and alcohol during your sacrament meeting, your reactivation program isn't working. I'm not readily accepted in my ward and, as always, am very appreciative of your written words. Thank you, Sis Hilton

Eunice RobertsonApril 26, 2019

When my daughter announced she was pregnant with her second child, that night I dreamed I was holding a baby in my arms. He was communicating telepathically with me, and he kept saying, "My name is Michael. Please don't forget. Throughout my daughter's pregnancy this child would keep visiting me, repeating his message. I got to know him, that he had boundless energy, was always laughing, would always run everywhere. When my daughter delivered her child, it wasn't him, but a little girl, and I told my daughter there was a little boy yet to come. In the 6 years until he finally came to earth, Michael kept visiting me, and the last dream I had of him, he appeared to be about 3 or 4 years old. When he was born, he looked so much like the child I had seen in my dreams. I warned my daughter of his energy, his intelligence, his laughter, and he is absolutely the same child of my dreams, and of course, his name had to be Michael, as he had told me before.

Ana BlakeApril 26, 2019

I am in my mid forties, the mother of 11 children who are so far on track to do all the things parents want, keep the commandments, serve missions, get educations, marry well, and begin to establish their own families. I TOTALLY get the ideas Richard eyre is talking about here about control, ownership, and independence. I have come to realize that the main (only?) thing we can control is which way we are oriented—toward God, or not. Everything seems to flow naturally from that. At times in my life I have felt like I was beating my head against a brick wall, trying to control my circumstances when it would have been better to relax and accept them instead. I suppose it has a lot to do with the fine line between faith and works, like knowing when to be still and know that he is God and when to work as if everything depended on you. Anyway, it is exciting to me to see what someone else seems to have come to similar conclusions.

Oscar MunozApril 25, 2019

You are welcome. 2 Nephi 10:2 was/is a witness given to me through the Holy Spirit “after all I could do” for him.

Gary LawrenceApril 25, 2019

Good info and insights, Rick. Thanks.

Roger HoffmanApril 25, 2019

This is a wonderful article. Definitely worth re-reading!

MelanieApril 25, 2019

Wow! Thank you for these amazing insights and depth of understanding!

ColinApril 25, 2019

That’s BURL Ives. I grew up on his music, like Little White Duck.”

kim hulbertApril 25, 2019

Best you've done since I started listening in January. I love the added insights in this presentation. You've taken us outside the box. Thank you

MarilynneApril 25, 2019

Oscar, Thanks for bringing this scripture to my attention. I wish I had used it in the article.

Douglas E NadybalApril 25, 2019

The word "either" does not appear in the verses you selected. It states "and". The "dichotomy" does not exist in the text.


How often do we go to the ever living God first instead of last? In whom do we put our trust? Is it in our education, our money, our wisdom? I once had a cat who was very attached to me. He choose me as his human. We were as bonded together as any animal and human could be in my view and one day in my office the cat "sox" was sleeping on my desk chair and I was sitting on the couch. A "new" noise occurred in our back yard. The first thing Sox did was to look to me., If I was alright with me it must be safe. I assured him that it as ok and he went back to sleep never looking outside to see what caused the noise. I have often looked at the event as a great lesson in my relationship with Him who is might to save and knows all the dangerous and safe noises in this lesson we call earth life.

Ultima Thule Looks Like: World of Imagination | Meridian MagazineApril 24, 2019

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Keith WilsonApril 24, 2019

Jeff, These are some really cogent thoughts about reason and revelation. thanks for bringing them together in such an uplifting way. Have you ever noticed that we often use D&C 8:2-3 to talk about revelation coming either through the heart or through the mind? After pondering this dichotomy, I wonder if the heart and mind often are almost coequals in the process of revelation. I am loving your articles. A fellow teacher, Keith

Oscar MunozApril 24, 2019

2 Nephi 10:2 “ For behold, the promises which we have obtained are promises unto us according to the flesh; wherefore, as it has been shown unto me that many of our children shall perish in the flesh because of unbelief, nevertheless, God will be merciful unto many; and our children shall be restored, that they may come to that which will give them the true knowledge of their Redeemer.” This scripture gives me hope for my “wandering child.”

Gary HansenApril 24, 2019

Very nice story of a teacher going above and beyond and changing the life of a student. Very simple and yet effective because of his sincerity. He was probably prompted to do what he did by the Holy Spirit.

SaraLynApril 24, 2019

What a beautiful photo- thank you! Only problem- I accessed it on my phone, thinking it would be emailed, but then I got it right away on my phone. I’m not sure how to use it on my phone. I tried to request it on my computer thereafter, but it isn’t working, perhaps because I already downloaded it once? It’s not a big deal, but if someone knows the solution to this, I’d love to know as it sure is a lovely picture! Thanks!

B. AllenApril 24, 2019

Bravo! So well written. And so on point. Thank you for this excellent article.

McClellan RobinApril 24, 2019

One of my favorite sayings came to mind as I read this. People don’t care how much you know till they know how much you care. Brother Howard you are a true disciple leader.

BonnieApril 23, 2019

Very beautiful and powerful. Thank you for sharing this article by the late brother Gibbons.

DavidApril 23, 2019

It’s nice to lnow about the open houses, but this one has been “sold out” almost since it was announced. Disappointing when one logs in to site as advertised only to learn it is full. Members in OKC tell us that tour group sizes have already been doubled too. Just FYI. I love the open houses.

E. TafsinApril 23, 2019

I agree with the mental health evaluation comment. The husband’s actions and feelings could very well be symptomatic of depression. We are just barely beginning to address depression as a viable disease entity that needs diagnosing and treatment just like diabetes, cancer and a host of other medical disorders. Such an individual under proper medical care can continue to have a healthy quality of life supported by loving family and friends.

DeeBApril 23, 2019

This article shares an ideal at best, but statistics are showing a higher prevalence of pornography use which warps prospective marriages in their expectations of eachother and the sexual experience.

AnonymousApril 23, 2019

This is a great article! I have benefitted so much from your books! You talk a lot about the "Good Girl Syndrome". I would love to see equal attention paid to what might be called the "Bad Girl/Boy Syndrome". Immorality is a plague that is affecting so many. If we are honest, I believe most of us are "wired wrong" by our constant exposure to worldly views of sexuality, and most people have probably had some encounter with immorality to one degree or another--whether in thought or deed. How do we "Rewire" sexually, the way God intended for us? How can we move into the "Sacred Intimacy" that Elder Jeffrey R Holland speaks of in "Souls, Symbols and Sacraments"?

Scott WApril 23, 2019

Eternal marriage in the new and everlasting covenant is a doctrine (D&C 132:19). Plural marriage is a practice based upon that doctrine.

TawnaApril 23, 2019

I love Gopi's example in loving young Surya. That example is something I want to remember. Thank you for sharing this, Becky, and thank you for posting such uplifting articles, Meridian!

HannahApril 23, 2019

What a beautiful reminder as a parent. Our whole goal is love as parents, we can't forget to internalize that and then react according to that love.

ToddApril 23, 2019

Thank you so much, thus is coming as our daughter has just become dating age. There are so many things for her to learn. This is excellent news to facilitate. Our son is not far behind By way of long term marriage issue in the same vein there is so much negativity around the topic of physical intimacy. I don't know how to get my wife to be open and willing to learn, beyond my trying to share or present resources. Therefore an affectionless marriage, because of certain views and stigmas

LewisApril 23, 2019

A touching and profound essay. What a gift she has!

AngieApril 23, 2019

Everyone needs love, and disobedient children are often craving it the most. You can discipline the action, but don't forget to love on that child even more. Thanks for your ongoing lessons and reminders, Becky.

Caroline OrdnerApril 23, 2019

I needed this today, thanks Becky!

Dianna BurkApril 23, 2019

Beautiful! Also good to know that even parents who are fumbling along in the dark can succeed!

DavidDApril 23, 2019

The first thing I would suggest to anyone in the Church talking about sex is to please, please, please NEVER use the term "procreative powers." The implication is that the main, and maybe the only, purpose of adult intimacy is or should be to spawn children, and any other purpose or design is secondary at best. And maybe even displeases God. Adult intimacy, practiced in a healthy manner, has everything to do with bonding and joy and only incidentally and extraordinarily infrequently does it have anything at all to do with procreation. Even for, and maybe especially for, young marrieds, these are "bonding powers."

Vivian RogersApril 23, 2019

I was so delighted to get right in under your new sign in. Thanks so much for making my early morning browsing so ...... what word could possibly fit - I guess joyous.

Mark MathesonApril 23, 2019

Becky tells profound stories so clearly and touchingly. May we take her stories and apply them in our teaching, leading, and parenting.

BeckyApril 23, 2019

Marci, you are too kind! Actually, the blessing was mine. The beautiful love given by two-year-olds is unmatchable. I carry it with me still today! And I might add, that you have been MY inspiration through the years! Thanks!

Gracia N. JonesApril 23, 2019

I have to thank you, Scott and Maurene for the wonderful picture I hope to download. I enjoy Meridian Magazine very much. Have for years. I can't imagine why people get so testy. You provide a wonderful service which I enjoy almost every day. Thank you!

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Aloha Scott and Maureen, you two are the dearest and my husband and I would also wait as long as needed for this inspired magazine/resource to be functioning & back to its’ usual self, Your tremendous labor of love and faith bring an increase of faith, understanding ,peace hope, and joy to countless numbers of us. Mahalo nui loa from our hearts and home to yours. We pray for your and all your staff and contributors regularly. With the warmest of aloha and the prayers for abundant blessings

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I wondered what was going on with the links, but I figured sometimes there are just glitches in sites and wasn't too worried that it wouldn't be fixed. Hard to understand people actually being mad about it.

MarciApril 22, 2019

The work Becky has done and is doing in India is simply amazing. She is an incredible woman with much wisdom. When my daughter moved into their ward with my 2 year old grandson, she found out that Becky was the nursery coordinator. My daughter's response was, "I have hit the motherlode! Becky will be teaching my son!!" I am absolutely certain that if Becky would have gone to that Friday night meeting, everyone would have come home with a notebook full of parenting tips. Not just of John and Becky's parenting advice, but she would have pulled everyone's great ideas from them! She is phenomenal.

D. McCrackenApril 22, 2019

It is such a blessing to see this happen, in a country where bloodshed and struggle and hatred have occurred, the Lord overcomes and establishes His House. The stone is surely rolling forth!

Katherine FagerstenApril 22, 2019

A true is through the Spirit that we can effectively patent our children. What an insightful article!

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Beautifully said Becky. Love your articles and love what you do. Thank you

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This article was absolutely fantastic. Just what I needed to hear as a parent and I’ll be sharing this with others as well!

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No sir and Ma'am. Thank you!

Tim MitchellApril 22, 2019

I got copies of Patti's books for my grandchildren for Easter. When I read those books, the Spirit bore witness of the truthfulness and reality of our Savior's mission, His atonement, and His love for me and each of us. Patti's videos are also wonderful. Other than the scriptures, I can't think of a more meaningful gift we could share with our children. Thank you, Patti.

Lee GrobergApril 22, 2019

Experience is often the best teacher. Becky tells it like it is and I have learned a good lesson from Gopi and the defiant young student. Thanks for sharing.

Cleve HorrocksApril 22, 2019

Ted was and is a great man! He was a friend to all, and an example of true Christ-like love. As a new member of his ward, he sought us out and invited us over to his home on several occasions. We were saddened to learn of his cancer, and doubly saddened when he moved. The Lord preserved him and called him to serve as a Stake Patriarch for the last few years of his life. Many have been blessed, not only by his writings, but by his life as well. A great teacher, a great example, a great friend. We would all do well to learn from his example. We pray for his family, knowing that they have been taught well. Lydia, thank you for sharing him with us all. Thank you for re-posting his wonderful articles.

Yvonne CottrellApril 22, 2019

We love Meridian! Keep up the good work!

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A wonderful essay! Parent or not it's well worth reading, especially for the sweet and powerful message and the invitation to apply the lesson.

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David PerryApril 21, 2019

"Blessed are the peacemakers." Simple. Profound. Lynne, you are a great peacemaker. I have seen that all of your life. You will be blessed.

Debra L TowsleyApril 21, 2019

Excellent article with great insights. Well done.

ConcernedApril 21, 2019

Has this husband had a mental health evaluation? From what little we know from this letter, I think he needs one. It might help him figure out what's going on.

LindaApril 20, 2019

Beautiful as always. Made me feel like I was there. It so touched my heart Thank you Proctors.

Daniel BakerApril 20, 2019

A very good read, very thoughtful.

Anne WoodardApril 20, 2019

A wonderful article—a great way to usher in Easter Sunday. Thought-provoking and uplifting insights into what Peter probably experienced. Thank you.

J ChadwickApril 20, 2019

Thank you for this information! I had no idea that this kind of healing approach existed. I'm excited to look into this!

MarkusApril 20, 2019

Thank you, dear Sis. Hilton, for discussing this important topic relating to the power of the atonement of Jesus Christ including the justice and grace of our God at this Easter Season, which is all about the good tidings founded on the divine sacrifice of our loving Savior. It is the main reason for the Gospel of Jesus Christ to be the Great Plan of Happiness. I appreciate your definition of the adversities in life (also interpreted as tests in your article), with these clear words: trial, hardship, learning, crash course, God’s work with us, blessing, something that brings us closer to God, reason to turn to God for understanding and help, opportunity to increasing in faith and grow into the people he wants us to become, tribulation, opportunity to bless others. I appreciate these defining words as they clearly suggest that these celestially designed “tests” (test as a non-scriptural word surely requiring a gospel-based definition) are not the same as the telestially designed, secular (pass/fail) tests we often encounter in life and sometimes confuse with life’s “tests” that are part of the divine Great Plan of Salvation. (I so love the wisdom of Elder Robbins who recently linked our divinely permitted mortal challenges with the promise of endless second chances to succeed). I am grateful for Pres. Nelson’s most recent characterization of Christ’s roles in our lives which helps me understand adversity as a divinely orchestrated headwind carrying me ever closer and closer to my Heavenly Father, a long as I desire to remain faithfully connected with my Savior: "But this feeling of being penalized is engendered by Satan. He tries to block us from looking to Jesus Christ, who stands with open arms, hoping and willing to heal, forgive, cleanse, strengthen, purify, and sanctify us." (April 2019, General Conference) Finally, this is really helpful, too: Your notion that we may be “testing” others in life clearly helps see that life’s “tests” do not resemble secular (pass/fail) tests. As “testing” others would mean that we were failing our tests as we are not really supposed to be doing so. Thus, this notion helps understand that life’s challenges are for our growth, and for our becoming, with endless second chances, even for our becoming less and less of a “test” for others, in the course of our mortal experience. Thank you, again, for this most important topic regarding our trust in life and Deity!

Lori SmithApril 19, 2019

This was truly wonderful to hear and feel the Savior in the scriptures shared! My heart is rejoicing now as " I think of His hands pierced "and feet bleeding for my sins. I feel the VICTORY in His perfect sacrifice for me a sinner who keeps trying. Thank you for loving and sharing your passion with me. Truly blessed from your depth of scriptures shared and ideas of our Savior' depth and reaching out for us lost sheep!

MARGUERITEApril 19, 2019


JMApril 18, 2019

Yes, I should have been more precise in writing that opening paragraph. March 26, 1830 is the date the Book of Mormon was published. The coming forth of the Book of Mormon is the sign the Savior gave that the gathering of Israel had begun. March 26, 2030 (just a few years from now) is the 200th anniversary of that event. My apologies for not making that more clear in the opening paragraph.

MartinApril 17, 2019

It is a very good article except for the very first paragraph. The first paragraph distracts the reader from the actual article. We are all reading this trying to figure out what you know about 2030 as the time when some mysterious prophecy will be fulfilled. When we reach the end, we realize you are actually talking about 1830 being when the fulfilling was begun. There is no information in the article at all about 1830.

CubbyApril 17, 2019

Warm greetings Ed and Troy. I think I know the answer. I am a retired English teacher and a neurolinquist. See if this makes sense, and I hope the author will read it and correct it for us, especially if I did not understand. Congrats, Ed, i am a couple of years behind you. March 26th, 2030, is not only the 200th anniversary of the publishing of the Book of Mormon, it is also the date of the fulfillment of one of the most important prophecies in world history. Both Enoch and the Savior foresaw this event, and declared it to be the sign of the beginning of the Lord’s work, to get the world ready for the Second Coming. I think our writer used an unspecified referential index. He would be clearer to use referential indexes. In other words he needed to specify what “it” refers to. Going to the end of the essay it becomes clearer, I think. And in 2030, we will get to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the fulfillment of that great sign—the Book of Mormon coming forth and covering the earth like a flood—which tells everyone that the prophesied latter-day gathering of Israel is underway. Let me try and see if it is clearer and I hope our author will correct any mistakes I made. March 26th, 2030, is not only the 200th anniversary of the publishing of the Book of Mormon, it, March 26, 1830, is also the date of the fulfillment of one of the most important prophecies in world history. Both Enoch and the Savior foresaw this event, the coming forth of the Book of Mormon, and declared the coming forth of the Book of Mormon to be the sign of the beginning of the Lord’s work, to get the world ready for the Second Coming.

TroyApril 17, 2019

Where do you get the date of March 26th?

Ed GowenApril 17, 2019

The 200th anniversary of the publishing of the Book of Mormon on March 26th, 2030, is undoubtedly a wonderful event to anticipate. I'm 73 now and will be just short of 84 if I last that long in mortality. I'm really curious why you believe the 200th anniversary will be the date on which the prophecy will be fulfilled. Also, it's not clear to which prophecy you refer. It seems to me that the prophecy concerning the start of the gathering was fulfilled back in 1830.

Gail BowmanApril 16, 2019

These things have been a part of our family traditions for many years and it has been a great blessing for us. I loved and felt validated seeing it in writing. Thank you so much. We now continue these traditions with our grandchildren. One thing not mentioned that we do and our children love is a re-enactment of the original Hebrew Passover. Everyone dresses as ancient Israelites and we eat the Passover with our hands using wooden bowls by candlelight. A strip of long red material blows in the wind on our outer doorway signifying of the blood on the door post. We sing hymns of the Savior and talk about the symbolism of each element of the Passover and how it applies to the Atonement of our Savior Jesu Christ. In the “Come Follow Me” program it says in Jesus’ day they “gathered together to remember the deliverance of the house of Israel from slavery...” as I read that this week I think I want to add to our tradition this year Our stories of “deliverance” by the Lord. I would like to hear each person who wants to to testify of a special way the Lord has “delivered” them from a trial or difficulty, a bad habit or temptation, or a very difficult circumstance. I believe that will add even more to the specialness of the evening as we remember what Christ/Jehovah has done for each of us specifically!

Sister Dana MaglebyApril 16, 2019

Heather, I loved this story for several reasons: it takes place in OUR mission (amazing we are in the same mission with Alexis, but we've never been close enough to see her), because you followed a prompting in the middle of the night and brought incredible blessings for your entire family, because Heavenly Father put the pieces together so Alexis could follow up with your missionary moment before she goes home, and because when I saw the picture of Jean she looked so much like your wonderful mother! Did you notice that, too?! We love it here in the SIM, and wish we could see Alexis before she goes home. We've heard awesome things about her! By the way, we were talking to a store clerk here who wanted to know when Donny was coming back to do a concert! He started asking me all about Donny and Marie, knowing more about them than we did! Sure love your family! Enjoy having your sweet daughter home.

MaryannApril 16, 2019

It is made very clear in the temple that the promises made are conditional upon obedience and ongoing repentance. While it is true that the Savior and our Heavenly Father never give up on us, there are no promises that all of our straying children will receive the blessings of the Celestial Kingdom. That is predicated upon worthiness. Receiving an inheritance in the Celestial Kingdom is not just getting to a place. It is received by becoming a true disciple of Jesus Christ--it is BEING a faithful person. It is interesting to note that we have been cautioned about making promises at funerals about what kingdom the deceased is qualified for. Only God can judge and make that determination, based on each individual, how much they understood in this life, and whether they were as faithful as they could be in their circumstances. As members of Christ's church, we should never give up hope, and continue to pray for and lovingly nourish those who have wandered away from the gospel and the church.

Buffie BarkdullApril 16, 2019

I could hear Ted’s powerful voice as I read this article. I am so grateful for the blessings of his writings and the example of his life that he left for us. A gentle giant has gone home.

David ChristiansenApril 16, 2019

"Come lay his books and papers by." He was a great teacher. His insights and testimony will be missed. He helped make me a better teacher.

HalApril 16, 2019

Thank you for this article. It reminded me of the many times I have seen someone who looks so familiar to me and yet we could not discover where we had met before. I am convinced that our pre-mortal associations sometimes manifest themselves in mortality. I am even more grateful to know that our mortal connections can continue in the life beyond and into eternity. Thanks again!

Charles DefranchiApril 16, 2019

President Kimball went to see a young Latter-Day Saint Inmate in jail. Instead of asking him what had brought him there and why he had committed such serious crimes as a Latter-Day Saint, he told the young man:"tell me about your mother." The next question was, "tell me about your father." No scolding, no lecturing. Maybe this good Sister could establish a fruitful dialogue with her mother in the same manner:"tell me about your parents, upbringing, etc." And maybe this would help to understand her over-controlling behavior.

Sally SmithApril 16, 2019

Dear Brother Goddard, Thank you for writing these words of wisdom about the gifts of God. It gave me a whole new way of thinking about my gifts and how to better serve with them. I am a caregiver now and my gift of compassion and understanding of their situation are used everyday. I used to live in Sherwood and have been to your talks and fireside. So grateful for your spirit and gifts of the spirit that you give so freely in your life.

LaurieApril 15, 2019

Thank you for sharing these insights.

Mike BringhurstApril 15, 2019

One of the reasons this gives me so much hope and comfort is that not only do my wife and I have some children that we are so concerned about in this regard, but also because I feel like I myself am a wayward child in so many ways. I am very sure that my parents, who are now in the 'world of spirits', find great comfort in this message as well.

Kathleen ChinApril 15, 2019

I am not a musician—although I do my best to TRY to not sing too off-key in the alto section of my ward choir. This said, some of the most sacred experiences I have had in my life have been through music! My heart thrills when I see and hear the soul-uplifting and soul-comforting music from the MANY talented, dedicated, and immensely HARDWORKING musicians and vocalists in our Church. Welcome Joseph Peeples! Thank you for your GREAT SERVICE (and THANK YOU to ALL of the organists on Temple Square, as well as ALL of the wonderful musicians, vocalists, directors...and EVERYONE involved....) Your service is a heaven-sent gift to not only the members of our church, but, truly, to all the world! K. Chin, Modesto, CA

DL AndersonApril 15, 2019

It is good to know (or remember?) that "salvation" means one of the 3 degrees of glory and not just the Celestial Kingdom. I'm not sure I saw it mentioned in the article, that is only why I mention it here. Regardless of that, it's good to know that we have those wonderful bonds to look forward to. I have no children, but experienced the reverse - saving my parents! However, I just did the ordinances. I'm sure both sets of parents continued to love and minister to their childrent when they arrived in the Post-Mortal realm. We're never alone in the work - regardless of how the adversary may make us feel.

Donna PendletonApril 15, 2019

Heather - This is beautiful - thank you for sharing! Our Heavenly Father knows and if we follow His promptings, great things will happen. Such a great reminder for us all! All the best for your daughter - please thank her for her service! Love to you and all your family!

richard martinApril 15, 2019

very cool. i served in Ireland '73-75 so this caught my eye very quick. Hopefully i can learn how to share on social media such as this.

HalApril 15, 2019

I loved this article! It reminds me of the many times I have been prompted to help someone or otherwise connect with someone in a way that led to a gospel-related discussion. I'll probably have to wait until I get to the other side to see the full effect of acting on those promptings, but I find joy in knowing that I acted on inspiration regardless of the outcome.

CeciliaApril 14, 2019

I saw this page only today but, still, I want to thank you for the research of the statements from all 17 prophets of this dispensation inviting us to the House of the Lord. So powerful and helpful to strenght those who need to be encouraged. Something I was looking for. Many, many thanks.

Cynthia WoodApril 14, 2019

Thank you Scott for sharing your insights with us! I enjoy everything that you wrote and you were podcast as well!

MikeApril 14, 2019

False assumptions- So true for us too. My wife said she didn't want to have children before we married and I didn't believe her. We delayed stopping contraceptives for a couple of years until she wanted a baby. Then we experienced a little brush with infertility for a few years. When she finally did get pregnant, she wanted the baby but didn't really want to be pregnant. So she totally ignored it. No prenatal care until late and no symptoms except an enlarging abdomen. When her mother finally made her go get checked out, she asked the doctor, can you just put me to sleep for these last few weeks and then wake me up when its all over and hand me the baby? No. Later, the baby was 2 weeks overdue and they were going to do a C-section the next day. We were talking about writing a book called: How to laugh your way through pregnancy- when her water broke. The next 6 hours were like going through a category 5 hurricane outdoors. Without going into details, she almost died but they managed to save mother and our feisty little girl. I claim the doctor didn't have to slap her on the rump to get her breathing, she slapped the doctor. My wife was in the hospital for a week and home flat on her back in bed for the rest of a month. Motherhood didn't really start until then. (Almost had the girl toilet trained.) Lucky we had a strong extended family support system. She was going to continue working from home programming computers for NASA but her career direction changed to programming children; first her own and then other people's children as a music teacher at a Methodist school that doesn't require a teaching degree. I laugh now when she expertly picks up a baby or child and gently quiets it. I think to myself, she really doesn't know what she is doing. Yet another false expectation, retroactive. I wish you the best and also really like your mountain painting in the nursery.

TJApril 14, 2019

Excellent information about what it takes to get a movie released internationally. I think it is important for us to know how things actually work so we can use the system as it exists to accomplish our goals.

KateApril 14, 2019

Start every interaction with agreement as to any advice she gives you and praise. Thank her for caring about the way look, then ignore the advice. "Oh Mom, I appreciate so much your love and care for me. You've always wanted only the best for me." Then speak of something else that she is interested in and give more praise.

MaryannApril 14, 2019

I think we sometimes forget that, since we are ALL descended from Adam & Eve, when all the temple work has been completed, we will ALL be sealed to one another--the entire human race--ONE FAMILY!

SusieApril 14, 2019

A book that has been recommended for people who have problems with controlling family is Boundaries by Henry Cloud.

Gordon J HensleyApril 13, 2019

When the Equal Rights Amendment was being promoted back in the 70's and 80's, we were ridiculed when we said that they were trying to force us to accept unisex bathrooms. I see nothing has changed.

Neal ChristensenApril 12, 2019

this is called "ripening for destruction."

Cat SteeleApril 12, 2019

My husband thinks Joseph Smith is not as uneducated as people around him thought he was and he with others compiled the Book of Mormon (from other sources) longer than what is proposed. I don't know how to answer him because I haven't yet found a rebuttal on these theories. Help?

RanaeApril 12, 2019

The author didn't answer the question "Is it okay for kids?" That depends on the kids. I would recommend watching it first if you have younger children, or those who are sensitive. The author didn't mention watching a disabled boy being kicked around by bullies, a bus fall from an overpass, the members of a board meeting being terrorized directly and behind a smoked glass wall, or a little boy getting lost in a crowd and not able to find his mom. Children are the primary characters in this movie, so unlike many other action movies, children are being directly targeted by the "bad guys". The rating is well-deserved.

Juliannah AshbyApril 12, 2019

I love the idea of doing something each day! Is anyone else having trouble with the pdf downloading???? I would love to get a copy.

S. GlavinicApril 12, 2019

This is a wonderful idea! Thank you. I particularly like the 'vigil', waiting for the resurrection. I also like the symbolism of the candle at the altar (the light of Christ) which is passed from person to person to person until it fills the whole room (symbolizing that we can pass the Light of Christ to those around us by the examples we set, and He can light us all).

Karlene DanceApril 12, 2019

Your ideas for Easter Week are so wonderful. I love putting Christ back into Easter and making this a Holy week. Thank you

Anna FeatherstoneApril 12, 2019

though I know when that day comes it will involve endurance and pain and exhaustion and sacrifice,.... How about that for another false paradigm??! We have more influence on our own birth process than we know sisters!! Xxx

Don BetoApril 11, 2019

I think Mitch Davis is completely on target and I appreciate his honest assessments. While I agree with the importance of having high production values and name stars, that in itself doesn't guarantee success. It's also the writing. How many turkeys have we all seen with a stellar cast and top-notch production values? Our stories has to be compelling and on par with the BEST of Hollywood, for the best writers are our competition. Without great writers, we will always be provincial.

CubbyApril 11, 2019

I have never had the privalege of going to my ancestrat home in Europe, but mt sister did on here mission. She brought me back a tea towel. There ob the tea towel was a girl with a chin like mine, a face much like mine. I couldn’t use it, I got a frame and hung it in the living room. It feels like a piece of my roots hanging on the wall. Glad you got to enjoy your “roots” vacation!

Corey J.April 11, 2019

The Prophet Joseph Smith spoke about what the name means, and I was waiting to see that here, and, unless I missed it, I am saddened that the author did not include it.

Marsha NewmanApril 11, 2019

Such a beautiful, clear and concise treatment of the spirits in Spirit Prison and the organization to teach them as one last compassionate act that members of the lord's church can do for brothers and sisters. All other Christian churches (as far as I know) teach that since "this life is the time for man to prepare to meet God" that millions, indeed billions, will be condemned to remain eternally as disembodied spirits. As one of my Christian friends put it, "They'll be toast!" The true Gospel of a loving Father and His Son will leave no one out who desires to live with God again! Thanks be to His Restored Church to correct false doctrine!

KentApril 11, 2019

Daris, you are one of my very favorite on-line columnists. You have a gift for describing the human condition in relatable and human terms. So "Snakes and Sunk Boats' becomes an instant classic here in the SE USofA. I don't prowl rivers looking for snakes but I do fish in a lake with sycamore trees and snakes crawl in those all the time. So I've seen my share of sunk boats and for that very reason. FUNNY stuff. BTW, advise your daughter the correct way to address a group of people in this corner of the country is NOT 'y'all' but rather 'all y'all'. The former is singular person in correct usage.

RhianApril 11, 2019

Beautifully taught. Thank you!

DJApril 11, 2019

I remember how fun it was to watch you with Johnny Carson on the Tonight Show, thinking "and she's a Latter-day Saint"!

Pattie SkousenApril 11, 2019

Thank you for your amazing work you have done on the first movie. I was so impressed I watched it many times and had my family watch it with me. I look forward to seeing your sequel and telling others about it. As you talked about the 4 missionaries who were handing out the Book of Mormon to those who were entering to see the movie--and those who scoffed at them--reminded me of Lehi's Dream and the Great and Spacious Building. I am truly grateful for your continued work on this important part of giving to the world a better perspective on our faith and the divine work that has been our charge to do. I will try to do my part.

Harold RustApril 11, 2019

There's an even deeper meaning to the paradigm you describe and that is the parallel between such a new experience to what it will feel like for us when we pass on to the other side. We may now think we know what paradise will feel like and, as members of the Church, we may be convinced we know all about the here-after. However, just like you and your updated reflections on child-bearing, we won't really know what heaven is like until we're there. And when that happens, let's pray we aren't disappointed.

Gina McDougallApril 11, 2019

Great article! I agree and have often wondered why the church, or those in a financial position to help, has not made more films/movies to share the gospel with the world. Instead they seem quite onboard when it comes to making short films for church education to help educate the Saints. How often have our leaders encouraged us to use social media to share the gospel? I agree with you. Cinema is the best way to share the gospel and at the same time provide wholesome, uplifting truths that the Holy Ghost can witness to the viewer. If President Thomas S Monson could see the benefits of using social media then why can't others. Unfortunately, it does require a lot of money to make excellent quality films. Interesting that Thomas S Monson has been pushing for the sequel from the other side of the veil. There must be a good reason for it. However, Is the church willing to provide a budget for LDS box office cinema? Would church members be willing to help fund these projects and how? I would love to see more of our films out there instead of the garbage that is filling the screens today. I know Darin Southam is wanting to make an epic big budget film about the Book of Mormon wars and the stripling worriors. That is one film I hope makes it to the big screen. I suppose it comes down to how important is it to get the truth out there, in all it's forms. It would be nice to set the record straight instead of sitting by while the world mocks, ridicules and disgraces the church. I wish you luck with your endeavours and look forward to seeing more LDS films. Kind regards, Gina Mac (Australia)

Beagle Lover in the SouthApril 11, 2019

Very interesting! Good inside look at how movies can influence people for the good and bring about the spread of gospel values and become an impetus for advancing faith in our world today.

KateApril 11, 2019

Loved this article. Thank you! I have always believed that one of the lessons we are here on earth to learn is that we are all family. We are all brothers and sisters. If everyone could understand that, how wonderful it would be! I am also adopted, and I find so many get too caught up in “finding” their family, and don’t see that the one they have is great! I feel blessed to have double ancestors, and the more I research, and the more I travel, the more I see we are all related, all one big family. Thank you!

Linda EApril 11, 2019

Who ever said running a business requires one to to do things according to some one else's ideals? Strip clubs offend me, should i require them to stop stripping so I can feel comfortable eating there? Or just choose to not visit their establishment and go some where they suits my views? Think about it :)

Karen GreenApril 10, 2019

Thank you for the information. I contacted both of my senators. I shudder to think of what will become of our nation if this passes.

SusanApril 10, 2019

What a brilliant insight into becoming a mother. With your mindfulness, you are becoming a better mother than you ever thought you could be.

KateApril 10, 2019

This describes my husband to a T. I do not share anything about my concerns or challenges anymore because he hears it as criticism of him, no matter how softly i approach the subject (and yes, I'm a dedicated student of Gottman!). I don't want him to take that guilt/shame on, so I deal with my life on my own. He cannot receive a compliment without turning it into a criticism--and this is a VERY accomplished, wonderful man who is often given awards by his peers (which he throws away). It is so sad--especially because the shame he lives in distances him from the people who love him. I know he would like things to be different, but it seems to be impossible for him not to go into defensive mode and keep us all at arms length. I've tried to encourage therapy, but he sees that as just someone else who would tell him what a failure he is. Argh. Should I be surprised that two of our children are studying to become therapists and another is married to a therapist?!!

DBApril 10, 2019

I'm so grateful that my father had the Christ-like grace to listen lovingly to the frustrations my mum would verbalise to him, without retaliation or putting up a mirror to her or making her feel less. He was a true leader who loved her, and told us children to love her despite the imperfections of her communication style. He was more concerned about focusing on the issue and the other person than on the way that came about.

Hap CluffApril 10, 2019

The word pronounced "mormon" in Arabic means “true believer” Mormons will be the bridge to reunite Arabs with world

WendyApril 10, 2019

Thank you. It is always good to have a list to refer to when my faith is weak.

Patty K.April 10, 2019

Imjetta, here is a quote from the article: "According to the National Violent Death Reporting System, a surveillance system run by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Utah and other states in the Rockies consistently have the highest suicide rates in the country aside from Alaska." Colorado is in the Rockies, is it not?

KathleenApril 9, 2019

Our plan of study this week was to extract the promises and blessings in the Conference talks. Thank you for the running start!

pennie knottApril 8, 2019

Something I just read recently-Polygamy is doctrine; not practicing it at this time is policy

Kelly LifferthApril 8, 2019

The author should look at byu’s citation index. It is a website and mobile app that covers general conference addresses back to 1942. Additionally, scriptures are indexed to these talks and to the Journal of Discourses already.

Rita MillerApril 8, 2019

That huge blue spike starting in 1985 is significant. That's the year Pres. Ezra Taft Benson became the prophet, following the death of Pres. Kimball. He started his tenure with a bang, declaring that the Book of Mormon would cover the earth 'like a flood'. He emphasized the Prophet Joseph Smith's declaration that "the Book of Mormon is the keystone of our religion." Is it any wonder that this particular book has been increasingly mentioned in Conference?

Pattie SkousenApril 8, 2019

What a nice way to present these promises made to us at Conference. It endears my heart to know that they are praying and for each one of us, not necessarily by name; but as a whole church. I am always over whelmed with the promises and blessings we receive each conference.

John PetersenApril 8, 2019

Excellent! Thanks for the explanation.

SteveApril 8, 2019

This is Great & exciting news. He looks to be a very humble & kind person. I look forward to hear him speak.

BrentApril 8, 2019

Thanks Scott for posting an overview of the thoughts and promises given us from general conference. A refreshing read this Monday morning.

Charles DefranchiApril 8, 2019

There is indeed a great need for courageous Latter-Day Saints being affected by same-sex attraction, who can testify that they can abide by gospel principles regardless. At any rate, whether gay or straight, we are all subject to temptation, especially when being single, or in a difficult marriage. The solution is always to lean on the Lord, trusting that great blessings await the faithful, here and in the here-after.

Alexander ForsythApril 8, 2019

Was polygamy a doctrine, or was it policy?

anonApril 7, 2019

I don't think there is such a defined line between policy and doctrine. I think it's more muddled than this article suggests. Some things that were once called doctrine and then changed, were either not doctrine, or doctrine that was changed. (For instance, for decades many prophets and apostles named and considered the Priesthood/Temple ban doctrine.) If doctrine changes from time to time, it doesn't bother me because the institutional church learns and grows just as individuals do. The doctrine should change according to further light and knowledge.

Cherida JonesApril 6, 2019

I would love to see how many times the word “promise” or “I promise you” is used. It seems to be increasing over the years.

Reed EbornApril 5, 2019

Great Work. I once started to make a list of all the illiteration in Neil A Maxwells’s talks. I didn’t have the knowledge that you have or I might have continued. I’m hoping somebody will do this someday. Each alliteration is like a min sermon and very memorable, which of course was his iintent. Just a thought.

Teresa TaylorApril 5, 2019

They were not all there in Manchester England April 1971. Copy, paste, and search link to read who was there.

Michael Shea, MDApril 5, 2019

Speaking of normalization, it might be worthwhile to normalize the number of references taken from a particular work according to the number of words or verses or chapters or pages in that work.

Jeremy ClarkApril 5, 2019

I would be very interested to see the trend line for How many times in church history that the words "second Coming" are spoken of. I feel like the trend would show more as we draw closer to this current year.

Joan G. SmithApril 5, 2019

This brings tears to my eyes. What an amazing miracle... and we know that more stories like this are coming. I am so happy for the members in Kuwait!

TCApril 5, 2019

Interesting! I wonder if the sheer number of talks would be better if normalized by how long they were an apostle. The apostles that passed at younger ages will by default have fewer total talks but perhaps would be closer to the top if represented as number of talks over time or something similar.

David ThomasApril 5, 2019

Excellent work, thank you for compiling and sharing the information.Do you follow Nathan Yau's "" site? He's an inspiration for visualizing data.

ScoutHApril 5, 2019

The leaders who feel guided to make a change may not always understand all of the reasoning behind the Spirit's guidance on the matter. Nor may we fully understand all of the Lord's purposes for any given policy change during this lifetime. Was the 1982 change to 18-month missions for elders a mistake for learning purposes, or were there other reasons we don't fully perceive? We must be careful not to conclude that a policy change always means that a mistake was made when the previous policy was developed.

bluewaterApril 5, 2019

I could give a 100,000 word comment to this! But I will instead just say thanks for this article and thanks for attempting to articulate something about those of us who have Anxiety---- and to attempt to educate others that all members of the Church are not Extroverts who are very needy for Attention like they are.....

Chad FranciscoApril 5, 2019

For those of you who would like to know more about the Book of Mormon characters that Joseph copied from the plates, I highly recommend "The 'Caractors' Document: New Light on an Early Transcription of the Book of Mormon Characters," Mormon Historical Studies, vol. 14, No. 1 -- by Michael Hubbard MacKay, Gerrit J. Dirkmaat, and Robin Scott Jenson, who are recognized LDS scholars with years of study of and/or direct involvement with the Joseph Smith Papers.

KaDeeApril 5, 2019

Beautiful! “...and all things denote there is a God; yea, even the earth, and all things that are upon the face of it, yea, and its motion, yea, and also all the planets which move in their regular form do witness that there is a Supreme Creator.” Alma 30:44

JeanApril 5, 2019

Thank you for this study. It's very interesting to see what scriptures were most used. In addition to the topics addressed, I would love a study done of the music performed by the Tabernacle Choir at General Conference. What hymns were most sung over the last 48 years would be very informative.

GrandpaApril 5, 2019

This is probably the best reply you have ever written for this column. A delicate but honest reply. My mother used to say that a discussion between marriage partners is all about how you present yourself, and this reply is as well-presented as my mother when she was determined to defuse a tense situation. As a man whose wife actively employed all ten of the negative communications techniques listed as questions in your reply through the first twenty years of our marriage, my natural instinct was to instantly side with the husband on this one. The only way I was able to teach my dear wife to use better communications techniques was to stop being a gentleman and talk to her how she talked to me. When she accused me of being a bully, I told her she'd been the bully for twenty years, so now it was my turn. It was rough for a few years, but we're getting there. If you want a man to open up and talk to you, especially about things like feelings, you have to occasionally make the conversation about something other than yourself. You have to understand that a man sharing his feelings or talking about your feelings is a very rare and should-be-treasured moment. My mother called it a sacred moment when Dad would do so, and she treated it as such. You have to listen to him with your mouth shut. Don't correct him -- he knows his feelings far better than anyone else. Saying something foolish like "I know how you feel" and "that's not what you think" tells your husband you're a liar or a fool, and trust is gone. Correcting him about his feelings is the very-same-thing as calling him a Lair, and that's also a conversation ender. He trusted you with his feelings, and then you belittled them. Trust is lost. Many men detest being analyzed or being forced to analyze the way many women like to analyze themselves and those around them. Forcing him to do is effectively a mental assault on the most private, sacred center of his being, and it's being forced on him by someone they are supposed to love and trust, and they will attack back to protect themselves. And then they will never trust you with their feelings again. Men are not women, and women aren't men. Men are NEVER going to talk about themselves or about their wife the way their wife wants them to. It just isn't in their make-up; God did not create men to do so. Forcing them to do so against their will only creates a fight and will destroy the very trust you think you are building by forcing him to do what you want. In his eyes you are an abuser. I go back to what my mother taught us: a discussion between marriage partners is all about how you present yourself, and my mother knew, because she could sweet talk any conversation she wanted out of my ever-macho Dad by respecting what he said, by not correcting him, by not belittling him for having the wrong feelings, and by showing gratitude that he trusted her enough to share it. And then she never betrayed that trust - she never repeated a word of it to anyone. He knew that she never shared a word that he didn't want shared. And by doing all this, Dad in turn WANTED to hear Mom's feelings, and then they could work on their feelings together. Mom knew that a wife hearing her husband's feelings is not a right -- it's a privilege she has to earn through trust and love and respect.

Ronald BarnesApril 5, 2019

When my brother was a bishop, he received a letter from the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve telling bishops how a certain situation should be handled. Two weeks later he received another letter from them saying that the previous one should be ignored. Another example is Plural Marriage. It is still a doctrine of the gospel, but the current policy is that we do not practice it.

Haze KompelienApril 5, 2019

I have always enjoyed seeing analysis of scriptures. It may not lead to deep spiritual changes, but it is fun. Sort of like studying the meanings of numbers used in scripture. May be uplifting sub-context to a verse but not its primary message. ( think 3, 12, 42, etc)

David DurfeeApril 5, 2019

Party loyalty almost always breeds confirmation bias. Party adherents tend to believe that their party does nothing wrong and the other party does nothing right. Bad conduct by a member of their party gets a hall pass, but the same conduct by a member of the other party gets shrill condemnation. And on and on and on. If you want to take a strong position either way on abortion, then fine. But the moment you hardwire yourself to the party that supports your position, you abrogate your responsibility and ability to be fair and rational in general. Register Independent!

LaurieApril 5, 2019

I think the “hope” is that Heavenly Father’s plan of salvation, to ultimately bring all his children who desire to be in his presence, will be a reality in their own life. That through the atonement of Jesus Christ, a way will be provided for all who follow Christ to receive the greatest blessings promised. When I hear stories from LGBT members, they don’t know what this path looks like. While some may hope for an acceptance of the lifestyle, that is often not what I personally hear about. From what I read and hear, it is variable for each person.Some, it appears, can have a lessening of their attractions, others find that they can find happiness in a traditional marriage, others find that while nothing physically changes, they feel the grace of God sustaining them from day to day, with the support of compassionate members who love and honor them as children of God. It is certainly a walk of faith as the path is not clear for anyone. However, I think the overarching principle is that a loving Heavenly Father, with his perfect combination of justice and mercy, can guide each child home. This is where faith in Jesus Christ, hope that we might be like Him, and being filled with charity (His pure love) come in for all of us.

JennApril 5, 2019

Thank you for the clarifying description of doctrine and of policy. Over the years I have struggled with the changes and reversals, while trying to keep the faith that the leaders are following Fathers direction. I know there is much I don't know. Your article has absolutely been an answer to my prayers!! Future changes will be easier to accept and I am grateful for this new understanding.

Val R.April 5, 2019

I have always thought it would be interesting to compile a list of "superlatives" from General Conference. For example, phrases like, "the most important...", or "the best...", or "the finest...". This would give us an overview of what subjects to which the brethren give topmost consideration.

Ed HaynesApril 5, 2019

Good work. Now track subjects of talks. Over the decades I have watched subjects change from Word of Wisdom, food storage, women not working outside the home to the Atonement, temple work for kindred dead and temple attendance. We have become a more spiritually mature church and have moved from temporal subjects to spiritual subjects. It would be nice to see how that perspective have shifted over the years.

Becky RapierApril 5, 2019

Wow! Very interesting.

Older and WiserApril 5, 2019

Parts of this article described me to a T! I never realized it was anxiety. I am in my 60s now, and have learned how to deal with my feelings when they crop up. I don’t feel as anxious anymore, either. I do remember moving to a new ward when I was in my 30s and spending Relief Society in the kitchen, listening but not attending, so I wouldn’t have to “stand up and introduce yourself.”

DJApril 5, 2019

Thanks for sharing your insight -- very interesting!

Rebecca Clark RicheyApril 5, 2019

So sad for Nebraska! Learning how to garden is a process. Who knew that growing zucchini would ever be hard? We moved to southern Virginia and it is taken me several years to learn the tricks of growing that amazing vegetable. Here there is fungus and bugs and lack of calcium in the ground that makes it very hard. I’m finally after many years learning how to overcome enough of those to get a crop or 3 of zucchini. (Like feeding the plant weekly w Calcium/tums etc) I learned that bush beans are the way to go because pole beans will be attacked by hordes of Japanese beetles! Gardening takes time and money and lots of experimentation in your area. Start now to learn What you can grow in your area

Ann M. HansenApril 5, 2019

This fascinating study clearly illustrates something which always saddens me: the lack of knowledge of and appreciation for the Old Testament and Pearl of Great Price on the part of so many members of the Church. These bodies of scriptures are an important part of our spiritual roots.

Charles DefranchiApril 5, 2019

Dear Scott, As the French say, "if you did not exist, someone would have to invent you! :-)." This is a great contribution to uplifting our spirits in relation to the General Conference. Many thanks!

TraceyApril 4, 2019

Such a beautiful story...both yours and the one your art portrays. How honored Christ must feel to see his passion story told in the medium of His own What a Gift. Thank you.

Gary CrosbyApril 4, 2019

Corrected typos: Excellent Mr. Charles Kraut. My sentiments exactly. Too bad others don't see the left for exactly who they are: progressives and socialists wrapped in the disguise of helping the poor, needy, and women's rights. These disguised will only destroy us a little at a time until destruction is imminent. We all can see the beginnings of this destruction. Wake up everyone. Stand up for our great country! I'm really surprised at the author's twisting of Dennis Prager's unequivocal stand against our destruction. She needs to listen and read more prior to taking a stand against his worthy good work. May I please repeat the words "Venezuela, Venezuela, Venezuela"? It's socialistic and progressive quaint beginnings destroyed a remarkable country right under our noses and in our back yard and yet no one seems to really care. Wake up!

Jerry GroverApril 4, 2019

The Caractors Document consists of primarily hieratic Egyptian, most glyphs fairly straightforward, with a minor amount of Demotic. The book Translation of the Caractors Document is available for free at various places on the internet.

Jerry D. Grover, Jr.April 4, 2019

After getting a copy of this book, I bought an entire box to give to my friends, it is an excellent Easter gift for anyone of Christian belief, or for anyone who likes rocks. I'm actually a geologist so found this art very fascinating. It is also very interactive with the website videos, if you have children. The "rockmation" moving videos are an artform by themselves. I can't speak highly enough of this book and its author.

Debra LaceyApril 4, 2019

The UN is evil!! It not only is trying to destroy the family unit, but wants to take away our Republuc's sovereignty and freedoms! It is also anti-Israel!! The United States should get out of the UN and kick it off our soil! The UN is like Rasputin was to Russia before the Comminist Revolution--EVIL PERSONIFIED!!

Ken HazelbakerApril 4, 2019

Patti, how truly wonderful! Even better than your song 'Soft Inside'. You are an amazing instrument in God's hands. How can we connect? We live in Cedar Hills now. Pls call me: Ken Hazelbaker. 916-201-9415

CubbyApril 4, 2019

So timely!

Chad FranciscoApril 4, 2019

If the characters Martin Harris showed to Anthon were Egyptian hieroglyphs, it would not have been hard for Anthon to recognize them, even though Anthon was not an Egyptologist. According to Harris, Anthon said that "they were Egyptian, Chaldaic, Assyriac, and Arabic." This leads me to think that the characters were not classic Egyptian hieroglyphs.

Chad FranciscoApril 4, 2019

I love Meridian Magazine. Question: How do we know that the "reformed Egyptian" was hieroglyphics? Wikipedia reports that the BoM uses "reformed Egyptian" in only one verse, Mormon 9:32, which says that "the characters which are called among us the reformed Egyptian, [were] handed down and altered by us, according to our manner of speech" and that "none other people knoweth our language."[4] ...that the book was written in "reformed Egyptian" because that language took less space and was easier to engrave on gold plates than Hebrew, and that there was also an evolution of the Hebrew after the people left Jerusalem.[5] LDS scholars note that other languages evolved from Egyptian through the centuries and have hypothesized that the term "reformed Egyptian" refers to a form of Egyptian writing similar to other modified Egyptian scripts such as hieratic, a priestly shorthand for hieroglyphics thousands of years old by the first millennium B.C., or early demotic, a derivative of hieratic, perhaps used in northern Egypt fifty years before the time that the Book of Mormon prophet-patriarch Lehi is said to have left Jerusalem for the Americas.[6--Hamblin, William J. (2007). "Reformed Egyptian" (PDF). FARMS Review. 19 (1). Retrieved 17 March 2017. From the pictures I have seen hieratic glyphs look easier to write/engrave than hieroglyphs, and demotic script looks even easier and much quicker than hieratic glyphs. So, how do we know that the "reformed Egyptian" was hieroglyphs?

Dallas D EricksonApril 4, 2019

I can not join with a party that favors the destruction of the unborn or that supports the rights of homosexuals to marry. Sure I need to love those that feel these things are negotiable but I don't think God will take that side so neither will I. I can not understand Christians who support a party that is in favor of killing God's creations at any stage of life.

TJApril 4, 2019

Happy for our LGBT members. Grateful for the change.

MaryannApril 4, 2019

I second Mike Griffith--right on!!!

Charles W KrautApril 4, 2019

Unity is indeed a wonderful thing. However, if we are unified on a course leading to destruction, what it to be gained from our unity? The Left is villified by those on the Right for some very simple reasons, not the least of them: 1) the near-successful destruction of the Consitution and our constitutional republic form of government; 2. the creation of the welfare state, a clear violation of everything America stands for; 3. the exile of God from our schools and public places; 4. the rise of permissiveness, immorality, bad faith dealing, and much more. America's decline is easily attributed to the Left and its proponents, who include Shelley, Rousseau, Sartre, Brecht, Ibsen, Tolstoy, Karl Marx and Bertrand Russell. Our so-called "inclusiveness" and "tolerance" now specifically exclude people of faith (except Islam, of course) and people of integrity and principle. Our denial of truth and its substitution with indoctrination and propaganda diminishes all of us. It is easy to find fault with the Right, especially because it has abdicated its responsibility to resist this tidal wave of evil promulgated by the Left, and has failed to maintain the integrity of our public institutions. Since the Progressive movement began with the presidency of Teddy Roosevelt, the right has failed to stop or even slow one single program of the Left - which is the main reason why we are where we are today. Yes, unity is wonderful - unless it is required of all of us to abandon our faith and our principles to achieve it.

Carl CoxApril 4, 2019

This is a nice overview of learning to decipher Hieroglyphs. However it has no relation to Joseph Smith and his translation of the Book of Mormon. Royal Skousen and his assignment of the Critical Text of the BoM discovered that the English translation was in Early Modern English of the 1400 and 1500 AD. The English we see in the current English Book of Mormon has been "corrected" to our current English. Another pertinent point is that the plates were never used in the translation - Joseph read what appeared on the Nephite Translators (called the Urim and Thummim in the D&C) or the seer stone. Those who witnessed the translation process were amazed that Joseph could correct Oliver's spelling of the unfamiliar Book of Mormon names without being able to see them while he was reading what was on the stone. He had the stone in the crown of his hat and the brim bent to exclude enough light that he could read the faint writing.

LexaGraemeApril 4, 2019

Well, this looks rather lovely, clever, cute and wonderful.

RobertApril 4, 2019

While the premise of your article is correct I think you are overlooking the true state of the world today. Dennis Prager wrote a book suggesting that there are three forces at work in the world which will determine the outcome of all nations. One, was what he called “Leftism” (socialism, communism, progressivism); two was Islam; and three was “Americanism”. Of these three, leftism will subject all people to a powerful dictartorial government with loss of individual freedoms (happening in America today). Islam, in its pure form demands that everyone subject themselves to the laws (shariah) and principles of the Koran. Americanism, is the only one that will bring freedom, civil rights, the rule of law, and allow for the principles you expound in your article. I agree that division is destroying this country and those (some on both sides) are guilty of putting their own self interests before the people. Division is caused by multi-cultureism, different religious and societal beliefs, and different languages. The world will never become united because of these factions. America could, and has been, effectively united until we allowed the mass immigration of other cultures without demandidng that they become American. To take a DMV test in Calfiornia, it is written in 33 different languages. Amazing! We are destroying ourselves because we have abandoned the Judeo-Christian values which was the basis our government was founded. Dennis Prager, although a Jew, sees this and is making his attempt at trying to correct the situation. O, that we had a lot more Dennis Prager’s in the world.

Herm OlsenApril 4, 2019

Excellent conclusions. It has felt to some like the Republican party has subordinated ethics and integrity to the golden calf of power. But both sides need to step back, take a deep breath, and recognize goodness in the principles of each other. This article is a good start.

NancyApril 4, 2019

You say that rational arguments can be made for both sides of almost any issue, but that is the problem - so many of today's issues don't allow for compromise. Example: Abortion and infanticide. It either happens or it doesn't, i.e., a baby dies or lives. And homosexual marriage - it either occurs or it doesn't. The border wall is either built or it isn't. Gun rights can be compromised, as can medical care, immigration laws, voting laws and so forth, but some things by their very nature have no gray area - they either happen or they don't. We are forced to choose one side. I can never rationalize infanticide or calling two men in a sexual relationship a 'marriage' or recognizing men as females just because of surgery or hormone therapy. Although I would like to find a common area with others who disagree, how do we do so other than to just agree to disagree? It's easy to see how the parties are so polarized if there is no way to reach a middle ground because it may not exist. If something is either wrong or right, how can we be accepting of it or partially allow it, and should we even have to? Would God want us to? Or should we hold our ground, defend what we believe is right, and remain polarized as a consequence?

Erika PechacekApril 4, 2019

a Miracle is happening right before our eyes. To me this is a testimony that this is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and that he guides and leads it. All that was prophesied and declared by His living prophets over all these centuries came direct from the Lord and is still coming. When I lived in a Muslim Country, we had to worship at home, bless the Sacrament at home and were not allowed to congregate. How wonderful it is for these members in Kuwait that they were granted this privilege.

Thank you for sharing this story. I like others who have commented read it through my tears.Judith NielsonApril 3, 2019

Thank you for sharing this story. I like others who have commented read it through my tears. I hope to feel my mother there sometime

Michele RyalsApril 3, 2019

Thank for your care filled approach to this complex circumstance. Everyone's perspective is unique. As for me, after not going to church for months at a time, [as anyone can likely tell I didn't really leave the church.] I realized keeping my covenant relationship Christ is what kept me in my seat. I still leave & come back over and over trying to do what is best for me.

LawrenceApril 3, 2019

So looking forward to this movie.

SamanthaApril 3, 2019

My father suffered from anxiety though his was better than three of his siblings. His one brother would actually get ill within an hour or two of a family get-together. I was always the shy child who would stand apart from the crowd. I would have one good friend, but as I would tell people in later life, the more people there were, the smaller I would get until I became one of the flowers on the wallpaper. I’ve never liked being the center of attention. Speech class in high school and college was agonizing. Working with the public as a sales girl was painful, but I did learn how to be helpful. When I got a job at a local theme park, working at the Burro (donkeys) Ride, I was in my element. As an adult convert in my early twenties, called to be Primary Secretary, I found myself out of my depth. NOT work-wise, but socially. Moms of every age and nothing in common (but the Gospel – and I didn’t realize that at the time). They didn’t know what to do with me – who could saddle 50 burros, feed and doctor them, etc. I soon became inactive (working Sundays didn’t help). For someone whose Patriarchal Blessing says, “…(I will be) a leader in Zion amongst the Women of the Church…” it struck terror in my heart! Since then, I have taught many Relief Society classes, both lesson and Homemaking (Homemaking was easier by far). I have been asked to speak and I’ve done it, but it can STILL terrorize me to hear the words, ‘The Bishop would like to speak to you.’!! And it’s getting worse instead of better as I get older!

Geoff SteurerApril 3, 2019

Hi Anonymous, please contact me on my website at and I'll respond to you personally.

Michael Shea, MDApril 3, 2019

Thank you for your analysis and commentary about this important issue. I think social anxiety is far more common among church members than anyone realizes, and it can affect anyone withour respect to age, sex, calling, or any other factor. I have been in and out of the church three times in my life, and social anxiety - feeling that I was not and could never be part of the “in” crowd - was a root cause in every instance.

Gary S.April 3, 2019

As a Temple worker for over 22 years I have had the opportunity and blessing of experiencing many joys that patrons have had when they come to the temple. The veil is very thin and the emotions that are felt on both sides of the veil are very real. I have just finish writing a history of my mother and father. Both are first generation members of the church. Over the years I have been able to process names for thousands of our ancestors. Doing this work has been a true blessing in my life. I find myself reading ever article I can find on temple work. Your article touched me and I just cried and cried. The spirit was so strong. Thank you for sharing this wonderful story. I can assure you that the Lord has forgiven your mom for her suicide and has wrapped his arms around you both.

Herm OlsenApril 3, 2019

America is gloriously conflicted. It is like most of us. Our country is flawed, is split between the evils and angels of reality - and yet it is, after all, still a beacon of hope that we can do better, can be better than we have been in the past. We recognize that we stole land from the Indians, enslaved Negroes, oppressed women and persecuted Catholics, Mormons and Jews. We shouldn't minimize those national sins. But we can rise to the better angels of our souls by rejecting the hatred spewed by our current leader(s), and choosing bridges over walls.

Roberta PetersonApril 3, 2019

Another great, great article, Proctors. Thank you!!

Mom of 5April 3, 2019

FINALLY!!! A very important, highly relevant issue in the church addressed. This is real, and may be one of the biggest reasons our children turn away from the Church. Said by someone who has suffered with this her whole life.

Sally SmithApril 3, 2019

I have had social anxiety for a ling time. I had a decision to make about... I could stay home from church, refuse to participate in a calling and never give my testimony. But I said to myself think of how I will miss out on if I don't do get these blessings. So every Sunday I put on my courage hat and go to church, pray a lot and praise myself when I contribute in class.

James DoneApril 3, 2019

I know without doubt that the content of the Book of Mormon was translated by the gift and power of God. What that means to me is that God, before whom all is present (meaning ALL past, EVERYTHING present and ALL future events, needs and eventualities are simultaneously available to an Eternal Being working with us in a temporal existence) tailored the content "to the convincing of the Jew and Gentile that Jesus is the Christ". No mortal being could even imagine producing a document that would be relevant to a woman reading it in the 1870s and a young man reading it in the 2020s where the Holy Ghost could employ it to enter the heart and mind of all to testify of the Father and the Son. A New York frontier young man in the late 1820s of meager education, of himself. could not concoct, copy or assemble anything as enduring and effective as what is contained in the Book of Mormon in whatever language it is presented. What is contained in the Book of Mormon is what Jesus Christ wants and what the Holy Ghost employs to bring about its purpose.

Mike GriffithApril 3, 2019

Man-made climate change is one of the biggest hoaxes in human history. One would think this would be obvious after the Climategate e-mails were revealed about 10 years ago, which showed leading climate-change scientists talking about suppressing contrary evidence, blacklisting scientists who question climate change, and pressuring journals not to publish articles that raise even modest questions about climate change, etc. Most Americans don't know that many foreign scientists scoff at man-made climate change and present the far more plausible case that solar activity, not human activity, is the main cause of whatever climate change occurs.

Mike GriffithApril 3, 2019

It is becoming a common talking point among growing numbers of liberal Democrats that America has never really been great, that America's founding was dishonorable, that our history is largely shameful, etc., etc. This increasingly negative view of America's founding and history comes as many liberal Democrats are also becoming severely critical of Israel, to the point of advocating that companies and nations boycott Israeli products and avoid doing business in Israel. Equally disturbing is the fact that liberal Democrats are becoming increasingly overtly hostile to religious freedom and to faith in general, as Meridian Magazine has documented over the last two years.

Charles DefranchiApril 3, 2019

Not earlier than yesterday, one of our Interns with Japanese-American Grandparents, who were help up in California camps during WWII, told me that they never complained about the unfairness with which they were being treated. Instead, they remained grateful for America and the good it brought into their lives. When he was Attorney General, Eric Holder told State Attorneys that they were not obligated to defend laws in their states that banned same-sex marriage. That's the kind of corrupt politician who will someday cause the Constitution to hang by a thread, as prophesied by the Prophet Joseph Smith.

ChuckApril 2, 2019

For two years, I conducted the church program on Addiction Recovery and Healing in my stake. A 27-year-old woman in my program was there because her addiction was in controlling people, especially her husband. Eventually, she thought he was having an affair (he wasn't, she said), so she went out and was unfaithful to him. When he found out, he was unfaithful to her. They had two precious little girls, ages 7 and 5 y.o. They ultimately divorced, and those precious children have to grow up in that situation because their parents didn't talk to each other about their problems. Does this person stay? Does she leave? Talking about it is the first step, and it won't solve all problems---but it's an essential first step. The writer cannot control her spouses' actions, but neither does he control her reactions to his actions. My best to them both---they have a very hard path to follow.

ViolaApril 2, 2019

Cyd B, the person who could cure cancer was probably aborted by the people prompting the New Green Deal. No matter how good their intentions, anytime they try to tack on unrelated legislation, like low-quality health care for all, they are being underhanded.

Shaunna YanezApril 2, 2019

That was truly eye opening. Thank you!

Kimball RasmussenApril 2, 2019

I wrote a little poem this morning, April 2, 2019, after reading your message (hope you don’t mind that I used some of your thoughts). I was in the middle of fixing some “broken” things, and was intrigued by your concept. Broken By Kimball Rasmussen What is there to fear, When our things are broken? The things we hold dear, At times, harsh words spoken. We fuss and we fret, We complain to our friends, But do we forget, To find sweet amends? In fact, things must break, Before they can mend. It’s a process we take, Until journey’s end. Ground must be broken, To receive a new seed. The seed must then sprout, For such is the need. The seed must be buried, In dirt and manure, Scraped, poked and prodded, Perhaps with a skewer. In time things will grow, As the soil is broken, It does so in silence, With not a word spoken. A plant starts to form, Its shape starts to show. From soil twice broken, That little plant grows. But soon it’s surrounded, By things we call weeds, The farmer confounded, Trying to meet that plant’s needs. They grow up together, This plant and the weeds. He waters and nourishes, All that plant’s needs. Again, ground is broken, Again, plant more seeds. Nourish and care, A new plant, in the weeds. I then think of Jesus, The greatest of all. Yes, He, too, was broken, The Redeemer of all. Bruised, broken, torn for us, On Calvary’s hill, His heart was broken, His blood did spill. I plant in my broken heart, Seeds of His love, I carefully nourish, These gifts from above. So the next time I find my things, Broken in half. I should be more grateful, Maybe chuckle, or laugh. For what do I have, That really matters at all? Compared to the Christ, Who redeemed Adam’s Fall? When I find things are broken, I think of His love. The ultimate gift, Came from heaven above.

RodApril 2, 2019

Thank you. I enjoyed greatly your article.

AnonymousApril 2, 2019

So what are my options if I’m 3.5 years into therapy, separate individual and couples, with therapists that did it the “wrong” way? We did do a disclosure/impact process in the beginning, but I never felt emotionally safe (still don’t) my boundaries weren’t/aren’t respected by my spouse and there is/was no accountability by my spouse. I felt couples therapy made the situation worse. Couples therapy seemed to blame me for half the problem (I’m not a fan of Sue Johnson). My spouse may or may not still be looking at pornography (I suspect that they are) and I know they still lie to me about other things, like where our money goes, etc. I feel zero empathy from my spouse. Our therapists act like I need to be patient, that the therapy is working. But I’m not seeing or feeling it. Do we start over with new therapists? Do I just be patient? Do I leave?

John B HewlettApril 2, 2019

Profound essay, Elder Frogley. The refiners fire of adversity and probationary experiences are those that shape our eternal nature and character. What seems to be unbearable at the time, once endured becomes a lesson never to be forgotten . Thank you for this illustration of the daily elements that we depend on for growth and humility.

MikeApril 2, 2019

This is solid advice and I hope you realize deep inside of you that you need to follow it. I have but one thing to add. If a dog is beaten and abused enough, it won't dare run out of the kennel and escape even if the gate is left wide open all day long. This is because the dog does not believe that anyone will treat it any better. Even if there are several other people living nearby who would love to have a dog and treat it right. Better in the dog's mind to just hunker down and hope for the best. I have been like that dog in the kennel when I was too afraid to leave an abusive situation. But you have to know that once you start the ball rolling, people will rally around you more than you expect.Your self-esteem will rebound and it will be like the sun shines brighter than it does now. Your ability and strength to deal with your serious problems will increase. Take that first simple step.

Arlene WelkerApril 2, 2019

This is a beautifully written article. Thank you. I, too, have wondered what our obligations are for long term shelter for these children of God. Perhaps we can pray and fast and petition God as a whole as to how to help them. We can pray to soften the hearts of the wealthy, construction people, and those in government of influence to consider their needs and actually do something about it. Indeed we are all beggars. In different circumstances, this could be us or a member of our family.. There are those who cannot help themselves, at least, not initially.

RobinApril 2, 2019

Somewhere I think I remember hearing or reading that Christ performed miracles because the people had the faith for those miracles. Take the woman with an issue of blood. Christ said her faith had made her whole. He didn't say he had made her whole, although she had faith in a correct thing, ie the power of the son of God. That comes to imply miracles are not wrought - even by Jesus - without faith. Does anyone have any reference for such a thing?

vickie gaspard cloudApril 1, 2019

I never had to go through infertility. my mother put me on birth control pills a month before I got married I think anyway as far as time frame goes. after 2 months of marriage for some reason I felt I was wanting to have a baby. I was still on birth control pills and in our 3rd month of marriage...I forgot to take one pill after my monthly visitor, and bang I was pregnant. I was sick for half the pregnancy. this was to be my only girl....she was the oldest. then over time I had feelings it was time and sure enough I got pregnant and had 4 boys...I didn't have my children close together of the times I had waited almost 5yrs and I found out I had endometriosis and was told I wouldn't have any more children if I didn't start up again. they told me I would be lucky to even get pregnant. I prayed about it and I felt the need to get pregnant. I saw the dr and abt 3wks later I discovered I was pregnant. wow that shocked me. it was as if Heavenly Father was saying, hey you better get busy there is a young son waiting to come to earth and its now he wants to come. well, he couldn't wait to be born, he was born early a month early. he was due feb 28th and born jan 30th..he was still large for a premie 6lbs6ozes and 21inches long so he looked skinny. but this young baby grew up to be a very tall man and I can see God's purpose for him to be here. when we have these feelings I don't know exactly where it comes from either the HOly Spirit or the Spirit of the Child or God letting us know its time.

MApril 1, 2019

I cried like a baby after I read the story. Suddenly I realised I wasn't alone with my anger towards my late husband. For all the time when I had all these bad feelings I was sure I was the worst person in the world and I hated myself for that. Thank you so much.

Jéssica PinheiroApril 1, 2019

Ao ler este artigo, pude lembrar de seus terinamentos e de suas cartas sobre como reconhecer e seguir os sussurros do Espírito. O que mais amo no evangelho, é que ele é um círculo eterno. Haverá um momento em que nos esqueceremos de algumas coisas que aprendemos, porém, temos a incrível oportunidade de sermos reencinados e colocar em prática novamente. Muito obrigada, esse artigo foi um "BING". ;)

Linda McFateApril 1, 2019

I just turned 60, but many years ago my husband and I experienced the anguish of infertility. I never did give birth, but I have 2 very dear adopted daughters. And the oldest is expecting our grandson in July! I’m very much at peace with how my life has gone. Infertility wasn’t the only trial - this mortal life is full of difficult learning experiences. But I have learned how much God loves me.

MargaretApril 1, 2019

Enjoyed a fresh, truthful, and common sense look at things. Nice break from the craziness. Thank you, Senator Lee.

CubbyApril 1, 2019

Great article, thanks

Jim KennardApril 1, 2019

Gardening should be on EVERYONE's mind! And not just outdoor gardening. Growing sprouts and micro-greens is easy, inexpensive, VERY healthy, and can be done right in your home. Salt Lake City is home to True Leaf Market and Mountain Valley Seed Company (same company), among the very best in the country. And for real actionable gardening information is the best in my opinion.

Debbie Lee SpeedyApril 1, 2019

I was married in 1979. And adopted my first son in 1992,as a newborn. I went thru years of IVF and waiting and praying. Thank you for vocalizing your heart aches. It is a very hard trial and I constantly had to remind myself I was NOT alone. God when I was down gave me many tender mercies! I adopted 2 infants and they look just like my spouse and I. God answers prayers and no your answer may not be pregnancy but it is something I believe Taylor’s just for you. Demonstrate prayer, faith & persistence and your answer will come. I went thru 12 years and mine came... so will yours. One thing to consider your time table is in God’s time not yours.❤️

carolyn nicolaysenApril 1, 2019

Jann, I am praying for all of you as well.

Farol HunterApril 1, 2019

Excellent commentary and info! Thank you for standing up for us and what is best for our children!!!

Cyd B.April 1, 2019

The problem is not about arguing whether or not to have children, the problem is using the theoretical aspect of having children as an excuse to avoid dealing with current problems now. How is it practical, or laudable, to push away responsibility by suggesting that future-born geniuses will deal better with issues that are happening in the present? Why are we shifting all that pressure to kids who haven’t even been born yet? The Green New Deal may not be perfect (surely no proposed program is ever completely perfect), but it is something to start with, to work with now. I’ve also heard it suggested that the person who could discover the cure for cancer might be currently living in a detention center on the southern border - why don’t we look at how we are treating migrants, and families living in poverty, and all those kids who are under-resourced and undersupported RIGHT NOW, instead of turning our energy to children and families who aren’t even here yet? Let’s make a better world now for the people who are living in it, and then encourage our future children to keep making it better for themselves - and not pressure them into saving it for us!

RSHApril 1, 2019

In regards to California: that great Aqueduct system destroyed many of the farms in the Sacramento Delta area. Yet they still dump water in the ocean.

Kristal NorrisApril 1, 2019

So beautiful! As a family struggling with infertility I feel every word of this story. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for writing this.

MelanieApril 1, 2019

Thank you Senator Lee! So glad you are speaking up for truth in our country!

Peggy KayneApril 1, 2019

Good info and astute thinking. Read the economics book, How Civilizations Die (And why Islam is dying too) by David Goldman. It will flesh out the logic you have already presented.

Doris WilliamsApril 1, 2019

Wow! Senator Lee! Right on!

Don M. HuberApril 1, 2019

A great resource on this topic is the book titled "Grow or die!" by James A Weber: 9780870003677: Books Another resource is the Edison Electric Review on direct relationship of economic well being with population growth (Pros and Cons). Grow or die! [James A Weber] on Book by Weber, James A.

BarryApril 1, 2019

Thank you for promoting truth and common sense on this important subject!

James DoneApril 1, 2019

Thank you, Senator Lee. I enjoy reading balanced commentary on current cultural topics without ever more popular invective and name calling. Alternative views are even helpful in this form.

Tanya ReasMarch 31, 2019

Words are inadequate to express the deep gratitude I feel as you allow we as readers and spectators to experience vicariously true love and devotion of a child for her mother, and a mother for her child. My sincerest THANK YOU and ALOHA to you, your mom and your family for sharing a beautiful story of hope, light, and everlasting joy.

GregMarch 31, 2019

The secret healthcare plan is there is no plan. How many years have the Cons been trying to get rid of Obama Care but they never had anything to replace it? Delusional Donnie is lying again if he says the have a plan now.

Esteban AlonzoMarch 31, 2019

I have the fortune of being one of those missionaries who learned these principles from your mouth, however I confess I have missed several "BANGS". This great article made me rethink my life and promptings. I am highly excited to apply what my mission President (my mentor) teaches. Thanks for still being a great teacher!

Megan HansonMarch 31, 2019

Thank you for your podcasts! My husband and I listen every week and learn so much. I also share it in my Come, Follow Me Facebook group each week. I have a question that I can’t quite find the answer to! On the Mount of Transfiguration, the JST in Mark 9:4 makes it sound like John the Baptist is also there. Then when you look up Elias in the Bible Dictionary, from what I understand, it says that he was there. But when I listened to your podcast and in other readings, no one ever mentions this. Am I missing something? Was he there? Thank you for any additional insight you have for me!

Terry RobertMarch 31, 2019

Loved this podcast with all of your insights! Thanks also for the background and details about the location/setting.

JeffMarch 31, 2019

Wow what an incredible story. I too have felt the presence of my deceased mother with a spirit so powerful as to be almost overpowering in the manner you have so eloquently described. I’ve shed many tears of joy at being so blessed by this experience. What a powerful testimony of the totality and depth of cleansing power of our Savior’s Atonement and how central the Temple is to its work in the lives of our loved ones who pass on. Thank you for allowing us a ringside seat to such a glorious event!

KateMarch 31, 2019

I write this heartfelt thank you with eyes full of tears. I haven’t experienced what you shared but the spirit shared with me your strong testimony and love for your mother. Thank you for sharing it. This is so beautifully written ❤️

cielMarch 30, 2019

We are in the Last Days, maybe in the very last days. I’m waiting for the prophet to tell us to eat less meat at Conference next week. And less dairy.

DLAMarch 30, 2019

I just finished my mother's work today! (March 30, 2019). While every experience is unique & different, your words touched that still private place in my heart. Thank you for sharing. It's good to know these things, isn't it.

marie garrabrantsMarch 30, 2019

Loved this. I especially was comforted with the knowledge shared of Christ and His atonement making it possible to make our mistakes go away even after we pass through the veil. I too cried reading your story. Thank you for sharing. Sharing helps all of us!

VardellMarch 30, 2019

I'm very surprised that you didn't mention Christ's most important miracles– His forgiving people of their sins and saving them spiritually. As wonderful as physical healing would be, being forgiven and spiritually changed by Christ is of far greater value. And there is evidence that Christ did both of these simultaneously. In the accounts of Christ healing others, forgiveness and healing seem to be given together. It is interesting that Christ gave the blind man sight, but then said, “thy faith hath saved thee” (Luke 18:42, emphasis added). In Mark 2:4-11 Christ told the man sick of palsy, "Son thy sins be forgiven thee." Then, when challenged by the scribes, He said, "Whether is it easier, to say to the sick thy sins be forgiven thee, or to say, arise and walk?" Was He saying that simply by His word, He was saving physically and spiritually? From these scriptures, it seems that Christ does not heal one physically and leave them spiritually terminal. Is that what it means to be made "whole"?

FrustratedMarch 30, 2019

Mary Lou is completely correct. We need to insist on our freedoms or we will lose them. Will this FFF group (I give them “F’s” on Constitution knowledge) insist that Muslims remove their head covering because it’s a religious symbol?! Of course not—because they are too afraid of political correctness! But they walk all over Christians and we let them. If the entire school stood up for freedom OF religion and refused to accept these bullies’ demands, we might succeed in saving our country and our freedoms of speech and religion.

Rich RMarch 30, 2019

I've had a few encounters. When I hit dating age, my dad didn't want to stay up all night waiting for me to come home, so he asked me to come in the bedroom and pinch his toe when I got home. Ten years ago, after he died, I was sleeping and felt my toe being pinched. About 3 1/2 years ago, I was sitting on the steps outside our apartment, crying. As I cried I felt a hand on my shoulder, as physical a touch as I've ever felt. But I was sure no one could be behind me, because I had closed the door when I came out, but the touch real. I thought maybe one of my dogs was laid a paw on my shoulder, but when I turned around, I could see the door was closed, and neither my son or the dogs could have come out without me hearing the door open. About a year ago, I arrived at church for an early morning meeting, only to find I wasn't necessary for that meeting. I didn't want to go back home, and I was exhausted, so I walked into the chapel and sat down in my regular pew, and fell asleep sitting up. But just before i was really gone, I heard a real voice whisper to me something God wanted for me.

Al J.March 30, 2019

Thank you ❤️ I really needed that reminder that we can be closest to the ones we lost in the temple. I need to go.

RonMarch 29, 2019

We are going to share this in it's entirety for our ward and our emergency Preparedness Page, to benefit hundreds of people. Thank you. This is excellent advise!

Alisi I FiliagaMarch 29, 2019

This is tragic, I feel for the family, in tears when I watched and listened. But this is what ALL SHOULD DO including me, to minister and be guided by ths spirit. Ministering is powerful. We have been blessed with the prophet to direct us all to help each other in many ways lift the hand that hangs! Thank you for sharing this video!

Mae BrowningMarch 29, 2019

That brought tears and comfort to both my husband and I. I lost a brother to suicide many years ago, and several years later his daughter committed suicide also. I have mourned their loss as they were both very bright and had so much potential in life, had they not been on drugs. They were both loving and kind to others. My brother had gotten addicted to sleeping pills in the military and his daughter got on drugs when she was a teenager and had a rough life thereafter until she took her life. Thanks for sharing your beautiful story with us. I will let my siblings read it also.

Jann FrankMarch 29, 2019

I live in Nebraska and the state has been so ravaged. It’s been the worst flooding in the states history. Calfing season was in full bloom when the flooding hit. Many people will lose their livelihood because of the flooding. I love my home state and pray for those affected.

MicheleMarch 29, 2019

I hope the writer reads this over and over, and the comments, also! Domestic violence is progressive in type severity and lethality. I am a DV survivor and have worked in the field as well. Just contact the women's organization first, they will have a crisis line you can call and get information. Take it step by step if you need to. You'll feel so different when someone supports you. You deserve this.

TonieMarch 29, 2019

What beautiful, heartfelt words!! They touched my heart in a way that I would have loved to have been blessed to write! I too have felt that incredible "peace" that was given by a loving Father and His Son! I lost my son at age 26 to suicide and struggled with the "why"!!! Thank you for sharing your incredible experiences in the temple! How blessed we are to know our families on the other side of the veil are so close to us!♥️

Verna aka 'Sam' WilsonMarch 29, 2019

I had always been fascinated by family history as a child, even though I wasn't a member of the Church. I would pick my dad’s brain about the family, but he was the youngest of 6, so he humored me by telling me what he could. In the meantime, two of my cousins had converted almost ten years before me, but only one of them attempted to find our ancestors. He became discouraged because of a court fire that wiped out two generations of records. Despite knowing that, several times after my baptism in 1973, I would attend the family history class when it was offered. I asked teacher after teacher how to circumvent a court fire, and never got a satisfactory answer. Fast forward to December 1996. I had talked to my favorite aunt and made an appointment with her for the new year to talk about family history. She had always been the family story keeper even though she was only four years older than my dad. Neither of her sons, my cousin converts, had talked to her extensively about the family. A few days later, my parents called, telling me my Auntie Vi had suddenly passed away. I was devastated! Now my dad was the only sibling left and I had already exhausted his knowledge of the family. I didn’t know where to turn for help. A week later was the new year and they announced at Church they were starting another family history class. That first meeting I explained my problem with the court fire and again received a ‘beating round the bush’ answer. I thought seriously about not going back the following week, but reasoned I might get an accidental answer to my problem. Several weeks went by, and I finally gave up. I wasn’t going back to that class! When I found myself standing in front of the classroom door I thought, OK! ONE more time!. Again, I broached the subject of the court fire (I hadn’t asked since the first meeting), and AGAIN got the runaround. As I left the class, a sister who hadn’t been in the ward long, approached me and told me she went to the Los Angeles Family History Center at the Temple every week. She said she could see I was frustrated and asked if I had a name for her to take to the Center and she’d see what she could do. I gave her my great grandfather’s name. The following week found me sitting in the class. She handed me a stack of papers almost half an inch thick. Among them were copies of census records with my great grandfather and lists of books containing lines of my maiden name, Sams. One of the books added five generations to my paternal line. I was thinking about all that had happened when it suddenly came to me that Auntie Vi had been ‘gone’ less than two months when my brick wall was swept away. She may not have been able to add to my collection of family stories, but she had been able to inspire a knowledgeable sister to ask me for a name!

JowoMarch 29, 2019

Thank you. I'm so happy for you and your mom and your extended family.. And I'm especially happy that Heavenly Father has blessed you with a wonderful husband. I am overcome with emotion from your story. Thank you for writing this up and sharing.

BrendaMarch 29, 2019

Thank you for sharing your story. I thought of my own mom ( even though she didn't died of suicide). I worry though that when the article talks about your mom being forgiven and repenting, I don't believe that suicide is something they purposely do as a sin. The person is in so much pain mentally and emotionally that they actually feel that it would be better for everyone if they weren't around. But she is definitely happy now. You are a wonderful daughter!

ShareeMarch 29, 2019

Thank you for sharing your story. I cried while reading it. Your mother is blessed to have you for her daughter.

Aleni FuatimauMarch 29, 2019

What an awesome experience! Thank you for sharing this story. I have felt the love of our Heavenly Father and Savior, Jesus Christ, as I read this. Thank you once again.

L.A.March 29, 2019

This week, I had several conversations with others about how personal experiences can bless the lives of others when they are shared. This is such a beautiful experience and I am so grateful I came across it. It has touched my heart and given me great hope for my own family members who have struggled. I have tears streaming down my cheeks. I felt the Spirit so strongly as I read your words. Thank you for sharing this.

AnnekeMarch 29, 2019

Thank you for sharing this deeply personal experience, It was hard to read with my eyes full of tears.

Michael WilliamsMarch 29, 2019

Thank you. I read this as I sit in the chapel, waiting for the funeral to begin for a family member who (apparently) took her own life. Again, I thank you.

Rochelle HaleMarch 29, 2019

I am a convert to the Church of many years now, but I have never hesitated to do a family member's work if at all possible. I have also lost some to suicide and tragedy. Most of my family have not joined the church on earth, so another obstacle has been obtaining permission for aunts, uncles, or others who still have living relatives. I have been serving in the temple for seven months, and there is no sweeter place to feel the hearts of those on both sides of the veil. We have the responsibility to love those who have passed on enough to do this sacred work for them, regardless of how they may have lived their mortal lives.

MarcMarch 29, 2019

What a beautiful, heartfelt story, straight from the heart, thank you. It answered some questions that I had about my Dad. And about the importance and beauty of the Temple. Thank you very much.

Jerrilyn GillespieMarch 29, 2019

What a beautiful story!! I felt the Spirit so strongly as I read this today. Thank you so much for sharing.

SusanMarch 29, 2019

I wish I would have acted years and years earlier. My (ex) husband was verbally and emotionally abusive, and his father would verbally and emotionally abuse me as well. My husband never stood up for me. He was afraid his father would write him out of his will and he wouldn't get his inheritance. I had so many auto-immune diseases from this emotional abuse our last marriage counselor told me to leave him because I was killing myself from the inside out. When I left him--and his family, all of my autoimmune diseases left my body. I moved out west from the east, and I felt better--healed--as I drove cross country. When I arrived at my destination, I was a new person. I never realized just how much my body was failing--fibromyalgia, lupus, pericarditis, hypoglycemia, and others. All gone in a few short weeks. I'm not saying this woman has to get a divorce. She just needs to leave him to send a message, and get better and stronger--and find courage to stand up for herself. She is worth it. She has asked. He has replied. Nothing will change. She can't change him or his son. The only person she can change is herself. You can do hard things.

DavidMarch 29, 2019

Thank you.

MaryannMarch 29, 2019

Thank you so much, Geoff, for your clear, compassionate and wise advice. It is true that this woman is being abused not only by her step-son, but by her husband as well. I hope she will follow your advice to get support and remove herself from this dangerous situation quickly. I also hope that other women (and men) who find themselves in similar abusive situations will see themselves in this account and take steps to protect themselves. It is so important to recognize the real danger which often escalates in these situations.

TeresaMarch 29, 2019

Beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

Connie SchraderMarch 29, 2019

As an ordinance worker in the Bountiful temple, I so appreciate you sharing your experiences. Thank you.

Eva M. BerryMarch 29, 2019

This is such a touching account of how we can help each other through the grief and sorrow of losing a loved one. Ministering is such a blessing in helping each other through these trials. I know it is a revelation from God to minister instead of just visit teach!

Marie BarnhurstMarch 29, 2019

Thank you so much for sharing these sweet experiences and tender feelings! I shed tears as I read. I know this is all true. I have felt what you have felt. I know Heavenly Father and our Savior love us.

Mary LouMarch 29, 2019

If one were to read the Constitution, it states that we have freedom OF religion; not freedom FROM religion. We need to stand up to this nonsense. It's the way of the adversary (Satan) that they are following; not God's way. Heavenly Father is at the helm. So don't give up fighting for our God given freedoms! We can do this!

JessicaMarch 29, 2019

Thank you! Thank you for this article. I wasn't expecting to 'ugly cry' this morning, but this article went deep into my own emotions. Thank you for sharing.

CJMarch 29, 2019

Thank you for this! Thank you for this!

Sylvia EngleMarch 29, 2019

This is such a beautiful story. I gives hope and assurances for all of us.

Janene ZimmermanMarch 29, 2019

This brought so many tears to my eyes. What a beautiful daughter you are. I’m so glad you had those years of preparation and reflection. We often witness the reunion of people together in the celestial room to celebrate the living going through for their own endowment, but this truly was a reunion of souls celebrating the work done for a loved one above. A tender story. Thank you. It’s time for me to go do some temple work for my loved ones❤️

LexaGraemeMarch 28, 2019

Careful what you offer, Dad....

James ThomasMarch 28, 2019

Thank you for this wonderful article my old friend. I've been preparing to teach a group of youth this Sunday (Bishop's Youth Discussion) about how to recognize and follow promptings of the Holy Ghost. I've been struggling on how I might get them to understand (and just exactly how I understand) how to recognize "first promptings". The "Bing" moments that you wrote about ring very true to me and feel like an answer to my prayers on how to communicate this principle with others. I also feel like it will be a game changer in my own life. I've ignored so many of those thoughts. Thank you again.

LindaMarch 28, 2019

Deena, my father and his mother were very anti LDS. When they passed my sister and I and other family members did their temple work. Those days in the temple, doing their work remain some of the sweetest and most spiritual I’ve had. They were most definitely with us and most definitely accepted and rejoiced in the work done for them. I can’t speak for your ancestors but I believe we are to do their work and give them the opportunity to choose.

DCMarch 28, 2019

I love my "together time" with my Savior during the sacrament. Our Aaronic Priesthood do such a wonderful job setting the tone. I take that time to reflect upon ALL the covenants I have made, including my baptismal covenant. I only make any one covenant once. All other times I hear the words or witness the actions it is someone else's covenant being made. As important as it is to hear those words again and again, my covenant only occurs once. I find this time with my savior invaluable to me.

Rochelle HaleMarch 28, 2019

Thank you for this article and these experiences. As a fairly new convert, my first experience with genealogy was in a BYU ward Sunday School class many years ago. The teacher handed out an outline and discussed all that we would accomplish over the next six weeks or so. Impossible, I thought, but he assured me I could get it done. By the end of the class, I had a very basic 4-generation of my family. Over the years my research has still been slow, but I have had several small miracles, one in particular, when I knew I was being helped from the other side or that certain ancestors were ready and eager to receive their temple ordinances.

Rita MillerMarch 28, 2019

Deena, we don't always get a "Yes! Do it!" answer from our ancestors. Mostly, we just do the work we can and hope they appreciate it. If you feel strongly that she wouldn't want the work done (even though there is no obligation on her part attached to it), then, by all means, hold off. But continue to pray that she will be taught and accept the gospel, and make sure that the work for all her ancestors is done. They may be able to influence her. My daughter had a very strong impression before an endowment session that the sister she was proxy for did not want the work done. She was counselled by the temple president to do the work anyway. He said that perhaps this sister would eventually accept the gospel, and that learning in the spirit world is not all that different from learning here: it's just in a setting where Satan and the world have no influence. They all have the chance to learn the gospel in its purity; a few will reject it anyway, but most will gladly accept once they know the truth.

BeccMarch 28, 2019

Beautifully written and perfectly educational as to what this amazing program can do! So worth supporting these precious people through Care For Life!

SusanMarch 28, 2019

Deena Stutts, I did the temple work for my father, and his mother and father, my grandparents, knowing my father probably wouldn't accept the work. I was told we need to be obedient and do the work and it will go into abeyance until they are ready. I had all their work done on what I realized later was my father's death date in November of 1991. I prayed often to know if they accepted the temple work. One night I had a dream. An angel appeared to me and told me all three had accepted the work. I realized I had this dream in February--on my father's birthday. As Spencer W. Kimball was fond of saying--"Just Do It."

Rhonda CookMarch 28, 2019

I was so excited to see you there at the dedication. I knew that your coverage would be amazing. I have always loved your work and knew you would capture the moment. Thank you for interviewing me and letting me be a part of this historic day. It felt like Christmas to me the night before. I had dreamt of this moment for so long and now it was here and I couldn't sleep! It did not disappoint. My husband and I felt like in some small way, our service to the Italian people and the church there in Italy in 1972-74 contributed to the beautiful Temple and the success there. People asked us what changed the most in Italy in 45 years. I would have to say, the church! How amazing to see the growth there. People know who we are now! Hurrah for Israel!

LeAnn WaltonMarch 28, 2019

I loved this article and the experiences you shared. I have come to realize over the years that if you don’t want miracles and the help of angels in your life, do NOT get involved in this work of rescue and the salvation of your ancestors because it is a package deal. Thank you for sharing!.

Ilene ShipmanMarch 28, 2019

Please let us know how to donate to help the youth go to the temple. Such a blessing for us to do that!

Bob SiskMarch 28, 2019

During my years at BYU I took a D&C class as one of my religion requirements. On one day during a genealogy lecture the professor pause briefly, looked at the class and said he had a story to tell us that he didn't usually share with anyone, but felt that we would appreciate it. He related how for nine straight years he had spent every spare moment doing genealogy (this was well before computer access) and finally ran into road blocks on every line. He struggled with it for a while and finally got on his knees and prayed to Heavenly Father that if the people on the other side of the veil weren't interested in helping he was just going to give up because he couldn't progress any further with the work. He said he found out just how interested those who had passed on were because his father appeared to him. That experience was especially joyful because his father hugged him and he was able to hug back, thus knowing that here was a resurrected being. His father then pointed out some people on his genealogy lines that the temple work hadn't been done yet, but there was enough information to submit them. His father then gave him clues where to find information to progress further down the road-blocked lines.

Robert M. JohnsonMarch 28, 2019

Here I Stand is by Joseph Feilding McConkie.

Patricia CarrMarch 28, 2019

Thank you so much for your marvelous coverage of the Rome Italy Temple. My daughter was a missionary in Rome 1987-1988 and we had planned to go to the dedication, but her husband had to have a knee replacement and could not travel at that time. I have loved all the articles and the photographs are beyond wonderful. I have shared the photographs with a few non members, and they have been impressed with all the wonderful photographs and seemed to have an interest in the Temple and what we use it for. Thank you again for all that you do!

Patricia ByrneMarch 28, 2019

Thank you for putting my feelings into words. I often have felt inspiration and an awesome closeness to my Heavenly Father when sitting quietly alone surrounded by his magnificent natural creation. But I have also felt a closeness to him while sitting quietly meditating during the sacrament. Plus I know that I am where he wants me to be at that moment.

Deena StuttsMarch 28, 2019

My mother passed 2 years ago. She was terribly anti-LDS. I don't feel right doing her work just now. I am waiting for the Spirit to let me know. Is this the correct approach?

Chuck CarlstonMarch 28, 2019

My wife and I arrived in São Paulo, Brazil to serve an 18-month mission for the Church last November. Everything seemed so different, my wife felt like she had awakened in a foreign land and lost her moorings. Then, the first Sunday we heard the Brazilian Primary children sing your ``A Child´s Prayer´´ with captivating enthusiasm. Tears came to our eyes and we felt at home in this foreign land! I had sung that with the Wasatch Chorale before, but it took on deeper meaning that Sunday. I´m sorry I didn´t think to record it on my phone and text it to you. Thank you for your gift of music that now blesses the country of Brazil.

David HallMarch 28, 2019

Very interesting. Thank you for a very informative article. To clarify, it sounds like you were saying that Joseph and others had multiple visions of the Father and the Son, but that the First Vision was unique in that the Father and the Son actually visited Joseph and spoke, one of the rare times the Father has come to the Earth.

TJMarch 28, 2019

I believe the desire to experience God outside of church instead of attending can come about because of negative experiences at Church. People might have chosen to judge us or criticize our best efforts as not being sufficient. This can be particularly destructive when the criticism comes from Church leaders.

DavidMarch 27, 2019

Alexander, per Joseph Smith - History, verse 19, the prophet Joseph records the Lord told him that “all their CREEDS were an abomination...” The Lord did not condemn the body of humble believers but the man-made creeds that led them astray.

Rita MillerMarch 27, 2019

Alexander, President Nelson did not meet with the Pope in order to join the Catholic Church. He went as the Lord's duly appointed representative and Prophet. The doctrines of the other churches are abominations to the Lord, because they are not pure. The people belonging to those churches, however, are precious children of our Heavenly Father, and we are to reach out to them in love, proclaiming the truth boldly, but respectfully. President Nelson is a master at that, and his example is to be emulated.

Tom KunzMarch 27, 2019

Maureen, I don't think the obvious point was missed at all. Once the good friend died, the married man learned the lesson and I suspect it sank deep into his heart and he then learned it well. Sometimes it takes time for a person to internalize a lesson from the scriptures. Granted, 40 years is longer than we can afford to take, in this story for me it is symbolic that we all come to our own understanding of gospel truths at different times in our lives. Learning not to judge others for their speed of application, is for me, just one more test of mortality.

Susan RoylanceMarch 27, 2019

This is a beautiful summary of what happened at CSW this year. Thank you Jenet!

WendyMarch 27, 2019

Thank you Annie for all the work have done in setting up Care for Life that will be one of the few groups that can really help. I spent my holidays in Mozambique from Zimbabwe. My friends there have sent me amazing video of the community working together to help those in desperate need in the Eastern Highlands. Private pilots surveyed roads, dirt bike riders finding alternative routes. Trucks loaded with food, even pet foood. The people of Zimbabwe have so little but gave and organised so generously.

Barbara Strandt LittlefieldMarch 27, 2019

I need also to guard against spending so much time pondering that not enough is done! Balance is needed between the two masters of God and Mammon.

Leonardo DiciollaMarch 27, 2019

Giancarlo has always been among the brightest beacons in Italy. I had the fortune to be acquainted with him for a long time. Always working for good, always seeking and working for peace in any context he may be in. His humility is as deep as his very remarkable understanding. A true Latter-Day-Saint and Lord's disciple.

RindyMarch 27, 2019

Here is the link to the talk:

GrandpaMarch 26, 2019

I'm grateful this advise would work even if you reversed the genders of the couple being discussed here. Because we men have to lower our expectations, too.

Susan L HendrixMarch 26, 2019

Thank you for a lovely article and for all the many years of giving to the people of the world. Your music has uplifted us all. For the last 15 years my friend Liz Zentner and I, attended every Education Week class you were in, whether it was you and your husband, you and Marvin Goldstein or any others you were involved in. We loved every one of them, even if we heard some things more than once. Every year they seemed brand new to us and we laughed and wept and sang with you. I live in Indian Hills and often I walked around the temple in the mornings and saw you walking too. I didn't want to impose on your time so I always said hello and let you walk on by, but in my heart I wanted to tell you how much you meant to me, a stranger, but one who loved and admired you. How happy I am that I can tell you that now, in the comments of your article. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

Gina McDougallMarch 26, 2019

Alexander Forsyth, I believe the abomination still stands in that the beliefs and doctrines of other faiths still leads the people astray in their understanding of gospel truths. I believe that this (the abomination) does not reflect upon the people themselves. There are many good, God fearing people in the world regardless of their religious beliefs, that are true Christians in heart, word and deed. This I know because my Aunts and Uncles are Seventh Day Adventist, Salvation Army and Catholic. They are good Christian people and do a lot of good in their communities. Heavenly Father knows His children and Jesus Christ knows His sheep, and the day will come when all knees shall bow and all tongues will confess that Jesus is the Christ. God looks on the heart and so should we. This is my opinion, Alexander, and how I understand it. Have a great day x

bluewaterMarch 26, 2019

This is so great. Thank you Sister Perry.

Jim DorigattiMarch 26, 2019

And for your readers in the Bay Area, there will be performances of Lamb of God at the Oakland CA Temple Hill Auditorium on Apr 19, 20, and 21 (Easter weekend). Free tickets can be obtained at

Susan AnneveldtMarch 26, 2019

Great advice, Erik! You and your family have been good examples to me of doing what is needed, and blessing others along the way.

Alexander ForsythMarch 26, 2019

Prophet Joseph was told not to join any of the churches as they were an "abomination" unto God. With President Nelson meeting Pope Francis and contact held with other Churches, does the "abomination" still stand?

Jodi ChaffeeMarch 25, 2019

Hey Cubby, Thank you for your comment! I agree with you that it is ideal that parents make the best mentors. That is something I am striving for! I want to be nonjudgmental and provide council for my kids without judgement. And I want them to turn to me for advice! But usually, parents are biased, and feel like they are invested in the outcome. Ideally, parents view themselves as stewards to helping their children realize their own path without bias. All I can say though is that the study said that kids who had a non parental, non judgmental mentor thrived.

Ruth FreemanMarch 25, 2019

The reference in Jeremiah is chapter 29.

CubbyMarch 25, 2019

I will partly disagree with you on one piece of advice. My Patriarchal blessing counsels me to turn to my parents for advice, for mentoring p, if you will. My mother has a real talent for stepping outside and aside of herself and her advice is spit on every time. If you are given such guidance, follow if. I will also agree that often family is not the best for a guide and a mentor. Follow the spirit and wise counsel.

CubbyMarch 25, 2019

You are so right! I do the same.

HalMarch 25, 2019

It seems like this article is cut short and I can't find anywhere to expand it to read the entire article. Nice teaser :) Can I read the rest of it? That said, I am a firm believer in our continued life after mortality. I've not had a near-death experience, but I have felt the presence of deceased loved ones so powerfully that I felt I could reach out and touch them. For example, I felt my deceased mother's presence when my youngest son was born (she died 5 months before his birth). There have been several other times when I felt the presence - and even the protection of - unseen beings from beyond the veil that separates mortals from immortals. I look forward to a grand reunion when I make that transition myself.

LarryMarch 25, 2019

It's tough to build a relationship when I haven't heard a word from God for many years. Larry

EricMarch 25, 2019

Does this mean we are incapable of independent thought? The Holy Ghost, as a spirit, can speak to our spirit, and it feels like a thought. Also, Satan, as a spirit, can speak to our spirit, and it feels like a thought. It takes practice to know the difference, but what about my thoughts? As an above commenter noted, even with good intentions, acting on thoughts without questioning their origins beyond, “Is it from God, or from the devil?” ignores our own input and leads to acting before thinking. I suppose it is possible that the above commenter’s showing of the video to her loved ones may eventually come to some good, but what if the consequences are more dire? Especially when our intentions are good, we would always tend to pursue any idea we have. But we’re wrong all the time. If there’s room for questioning our thoughts, how is this groundbreaking or different?

ShareeMarch 25, 2019

I shop at our local dollar store all the time. Shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, even groceries. Saves a lot of money, especially if you're like me and are living on a pretty tight Social security budget.

Sue MaxwellMarch 25, 2019

I have a great book on NDE"S I happen to know one person in it, although his name isn't mentioned in that book. Not only did he go into the spirit world, but, also had a sacred experience in the hospital.

Charles DefranchiMarch 25, 2019

I had a personal experience with the Prophet's statement:"“One of the things the Spirit has repeatedly impressed upon my mind since my new calling as President of the Church,” Nelson said, “is how willing the Lord is to reveal His mind and will.” I am a very average Latter-Day Saint and do not claim any particular importance in the Kingdom. But I did receive a strong prompting to write to Presiding Bishop Caussé, a personal friend, a message in which I suggested that our Church reconsider the name by which it should be called. This was in December 2017. I was very surprised to find that President Nelson's October Conference speech on the subject matched word-for-word what I had felt necessary to share with Bishop Caussé. Indeed, the Lord gave me this special insight as confirmation that He is willing to provide us with much more than what we are usually expecting from him in terms of personal revelation.

MaryannMarch 25, 2019

I highly recommend Dr. Raymond Moodie's books: Life After Life and also Reflections on Life After Life. As a physician he repeatedly heard patients tell him of their near death experience. This happened so often that he began to record the experiences of many of them. Their accounts were so similar that it was difficult not to take them seriously. Whenever he was asked to speak to a group, afterwards someone in the audience would come up to him and relate that they, too, had experienced a NDE, but were hesitant to talk about it. Many people keep these things to themselves because they don't think they will be taken seriously. I have also read accounts in other books that are very supportive of gospel truths, but some "experiences" are obviously false. It is necessary to sift through the wheat and blow away the chaff, and knowing the gospel can help us determine whether an account is accurate or just someone trying to make a fast buck. While some of the experiences are very inspiring, I was concerned about those who seem to be giving a message that all will be well with everyone in the end no matter what choices they make.

E SchaumannMarch 24, 2019

Thanks for the wonderful photos. I served in the Rome Mission from 1992-1994, and it was a bit of a thrill to see the picture of Anziano Conforte, who was an area authority while I was there, and for whom I have a great deal of respect. Loved all your captions!

JoEllenMarch 24, 2019

What a great article! You have a way of teaching a truly important topic in a way that’s understandavle and relatable. And it’s so simple! I know a lot of us reading this are thinking, “Even I can do this!”

Jeanne M BrownMarch 24, 2019

Sister Perry- Thank you for your article. My husband Doyle, who grew up in Vale and Ontario passed from cancer 3/4 of the way through our third mission in the Pacific Area. It has been three years and not a day goes by that I do not miss him. I remember how delighted he was to see you when we were in Japan. The transition is difficult but with the help of family and friends, it is possible. May the Lord bless you with comfort and direction. You will yet again sing, "It is Well with My Soul!"

Jenny M KinsleyMarch 24, 2019

Donny does not know this but many years ago he saved my life. His play about Joseph gave me answers when I most needed them, I always wanted to thank him. He was an answer to my prayer. Thanks Donny you have done more than you will ever know. Jenny

RDMarch 24, 2019

This is beautiful! Thank you!

SUSAN DOHMMarch 23, 2019

I also lost my husband. I completely understand what you are saying. We did everything together and now I have had to learn how to be single and do most everything by my self. I am very grateful for family, the church and good friends. Thank you Heavenly Father.

D. Lynn SorensonMarch 23, 2019

Inspiring words for Meridian readers. You are always wonderful!

Gloribelle LongworthMarch 23, 2019

I just want to thank you so much for posting these wonderful podcasts and to be able to read along with you both on my tablet each week. I am sometimes not able to make it to church and on those occasions, I love being able to listen to the lessons on the podcasts. May our Lord continue to bless you both in all you are doing for His kingdom. ❤

PennyMarch 23, 2019

His sister is in my ward. She is a highly educated, high energy powerhouse. I've never met anyone else like her.

CubbyMarch 23, 2019

There is something you seemed to have missed that someone pointed out to me some years back and that really has meaning to me. When Christ used parables there come in twos. One is directed to men and talks about farming, herding and work. The other is directed to women, a lost coin, leavening in the bread. To me that speaks volumes. He understood that we are, by nature, different and he respects that difference. In his respect for the different ways we think he nourishes us with the food that would speak best to us. He does not make one blanket parable for all, he reaches us in our reaching to him by speaking to us in the way we understand best. He recognizes our gender as uniquely different from the male gender. He recognizes our role as the leaders in our homes cleaning and cooking and nurturing as our husbands he recognizes for supporting and tending to the labors of the world.

Gaby HerreraMarch 23, 2019

Just simply beautiful! Thanks you

Robin PrestonMarch 23, 2019

I've noticed that happening myself.....

Robin PrestonMarch 23, 2019

Two friends and I went last fall. They did a great show! So glad we made it before they "retire."

Melissa MarkhamMarch 23, 2019

I can't tell you how much I love your reporting from Rome! And now I'm standing in a long checkout line overcome with emotion at this picture of you three at the airport. Michaela reminds me so much of her oldest sister. I'm pretty sure I have numerous pictures of her in that same pose. Thank you for sharing so much of yourselves with us!

Jim ThorleyMarch 23, 2019

Isaac: I am MUCH older than you and I love your writing style. You’re fun to read! (And a thinker too)

Maria LundMarch 22, 2019

Jan, I received surprising and hard news today about Mike's health. Most of the family does not know yet, and I have spent the afternoon pondering how/what lies ahead in the near future. This was good timing to for me. Thanks, friend, Maria

Sister Teresa MartinMarch 22, 2019

Is it possible to donate funds for the youth?

Tim JohnsonMarch 22, 2019

Faleminderit për punën tuaj të vazhdueshëm, Presidenti!!! Isha misionar per vetëm dy vjet, gati 15 më parë, por ndihem si anëtarë i kunjit tuaj është sot. Jam mirenjohes ndaj Zotit për mudësinë që kisha të shërbej në atdheun tuaj, por edhe më shumë se kisha e Zotit në Shqiperi ka udhëheqës të mrekullueshëm si ju!

Dwight WilliamsMarch 22, 2019

Giacarlo Dicarolo is a remarkable Latter-Day Saint. He was my mission secretary and was instrumental in arranging for much positive publicity for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Rome, including hours of a national television broadcase originating from BYU and showing Salt Lake City and much excellent coverage about the Church. The story does not mention that President Dicarolo had earned a Doctorate degree before serving his mission in Rome. He was a devoted and successful missionary and taught the Gospel to many, including some highly educated Italians.

AndrewMarch 22, 2019

Yes, I agree with Darrel. Why no video??

Glen D and Virginia StaceyMarch 22, 2019

Medlir came to Albania to be the CES representative for the Church when we were on a mission there. We were serving the YSA and opened up a new Center during that time. It was fun to get to know Medlir and his family. They have been a great asset to the Church in Albania. We are grateful for the time we were able to serve there and excited to see how the Church is growing.

Doug BagleyMarch 22, 2019

We are lucky to have others realize that a loving Heavenly Father cares for each of us individually. Expressed through music, love for our Savior and His Atonement is beautiful. May each one of us solemnly strive to be worthy of His Atonement.

Norikson PicakuMarch 22, 2019

This deserves a place in the 12 apostles It is one of the best Presidents And it has sacrificed a lot for us

Lawrence BarryMarch 22, 2019

Is there a way we can donate money for the youth temple trip?

Bruce ForbesMarch 22, 2019

A few weeks ago I downloaded a similar program from a BYU site -- it looks the same but doesn't have people walking about. Are the two programs related?

karell BinghamMarch 22, 2019

Just look at the light shine from their faces. They know!

Harold RustMarch 22, 2019

Behind every one of these uplifting stories of faith are two "extra" elements: First, that blessings which come from faith have to be appreciated from an eternal standpoint in order to be fully recognized (i.e., not all blessings appear as an easily recognized blessing) and faith does not eradicate all discouraging events nor eliminate all trials (i.e., to an outsider, that person may seem to have not really been blessed). In a sense, it takes faith to recognize and appreciate the blessings of faith. I lived in Italy 18 months and know that beneath the surface of this uplifting story are many, many more trials for those good saints in this stake president's stake.

HelenMarch 22, 2019

Thank you. I don't know if my ex-member, RM husband's capacity for recreation is an addiction or just normal behavior for one who believes this life is all there is but I do know adjusting my expectations has been a roller coaster. We're finally coming back around to being joyful together as opposed to just together. I wasn't sure we would survive my daughter's passing last year (we have no biological children together) but we have. Recovering from my grief actually helped us dig into our relationship.

RuthMarch 22, 2019

A missionary from our ward is serving in Albania. How wonderful to hear that the Church has strong members there! The Rome temple will be a great blessing to them.

Ed SimonsMarch 22, 2019

This has always been one of my greatest regrets, not doing a better job at teaching my children to recognize the Spirit. Thank you for this inspired article. Interestingly, after reading this I came across this article: it got me to thinking about how inspiration comes to us. Is it possible that we are more likely to set ourselves up for inspiration by physical “movement” by “doing” things that invite the mind to be more open to induce alpha waves that are more conducive and lead to inspiration from the Holy Ghost? Anyway just a bing moment for me. Ed Simons

CharlieBrown2292March 22, 2019

A young woman whose family I used to home-teach when she was a young teen turned gay and eventually married her girlfriend. However, two years ago, she accompanied her family for the Paris Temple Open House proceedings. During the visit, she heard a voice telling her, "when will you come back to me"? She was in tears, decided to divorce her mate, and make her way back to the Church. She has been quite successful in doing so and expresses her gratitude for the gospel. We cannot explain why some people experience same-sex attraction, but we do have many witnesses that the Lord does not let them down if they are willing to lean on the power of his grace. Blessings to all those who help out in this process, including of course NorthStar.

Barb McDonoughMarch 22, 2019

While reading this article I was once again reminded that the Lord doth provide especially for his righteous children. He knows each and everyone of his children on a one on one basis.

Paul RobertsonMarch 22, 2019

This good man, a brother and friend, his wife Carolina and their children have been a tender part of my life, since standing with them in white (5 missionaries baptized the 5 of them - Paulo was not yet born) Christmas day 1974.. Afterward and until I left Foggia, my companion and I would stop, it seems every evening, at their home at the end of the day. Sister Conforte would feed us something light and we would sit at a small table in the tiny kitchen speaking of a doctrine or gospel topic. Last year, my wife and I were welcomed to their home and we sat and laughed and cried as we spoke of the past. There is much love and some of heaven in those kind yes.

Alexander ForsythMarch 22, 2019

Those of us who are not able to go on this Tour of Israel are not envious of those who can afford it. We pray for your safety from when you leave your home untill you return home: full of joy for having shared your time with like minded children of a wonderful Heavenly Father. We look forward to reading of your emotions as you worship together: "whether you are eating or drinking, do all things for God's glory.

CubbyMarch 22, 2019

Chris you are so right. There is no place in the scriptures where it says, "Forgive and forget." There are times when forgiveness gives us the opportunity to learn who or what to avoid. We do not need to feed a fire, just quietly walk away and do what we need to protect ourselves from the fire. This is a wonderful read and I really learned from it.

John kMarch 22, 2019

I’m looking forward to the day when the USA follows suit and band all such weapons here.

Alexander ForsythMarch 22, 2019

As I have pointed out before, when it comes to marriage difficulties discussed in these articles, it seems that husbands are featured in a disproportionate manner: Husbands are to blame; wives are the "better half"!

TrudyMarch 21, 2019

Sad, I could have never afforded to go to the US to see them perform. It had always been a dream - oh well c”est la vie xx

Linda SpoonerMarch 21, 2019

I too have become a widow last year. I thank my heavenly Father for my ward family. They have been there to help in every way. I am in that fog right now. We were married 47 years and did everything together. I don't know where my life will lead me now. Thank you for this article and your words. I kind of thought I was alone in this. To know that you feel as I do was comforting. Thank you so much.

Douglas NadybalMarch 21, 2019

The act of forgiving implies the other party truly has acted unjustly, or in other words, our forgiving implies their guilt. I have found that sometimes there is no real sin, just conflicting interests that become entrenched and immovable objects. Better I think to just try and understand the other persons point of view and what they were seeking. If it become apparent there was no motive other than hate, then it really is time to move on. There isn't always going to be a happy ending. In the article above, the case study showed that there was no resolve to their differences, they just ignored it, which was ironic in that the author said that he felt ignoring it was likewise useless.

DianeMarch 21, 2019

Thank you for sharing your feelings. Even though I became a widow under different circumstances—I was 46 and had 5 dependent children and 2 newlywed children—I could relate to so much of what you said. It takes time to figure out who you are as a single person, and to grieve as much as you need to. But in the end, serving and staying busy help, and knowing our Lord walks closely with us gives us strength to go on.

Susanne DavidsonMarch 21, 2019

I, too, have loved to read this story as I lost my husband over 15 years ago but this many years ago is as hard now as it was then. I miss him more than words can ever tell and especially in times of sickness, I’ll health. I am so blessed to have three wonderful children and 10 grandchildren but they have their own lives to lead which I understand. It is so lonely to be a widow and in spite of a “ ward family” who we associate with, times are very lonely.. I know that being busy is the answer to many lonely hours so that is what I have tried to do. I admire Janice Kapp Perry so much with her wonderful talents and music and although each of us have different talents, I have found great solace in family history, in service, in my church callings, in writing my life history and trying to be a friend to those around me. Phone calls, messaging, and emails are very much a part of my life! And add to this list my love of the Scriptures, devotional and general conferences, somehow one can get through the lonely days!,

Alexander ForsythMarch 21, 2019

Is the use of the term "Volunteers" disingenuous? One of the Elders is to be reassigned to complete his Mission. Russia has banned Jehovah's Witnesses; confiscated their property, and locked some of them in prisons.

hollandparkMarch 21, 2019

What a lovely, refreshing story. So grateful for men like you husband who: 1. Listen to the Spirit. 2. Truly love their wives, not just get married and then focus on themselves. 3. Love the children they have created-- and try to help with them. Not all LDS women can say their returned-missionary/married in the Temple is like this. :( .

bluewaterMarch 21, 2019

So wonderful to learn about this Pioneer. Thank you

BruceMarch 21, 2019

Thank you for this article! My father says that he was totally lost at first and literally had to discover a new life. But he did, and it was a good life until he too was called home.

karell BinghamMarch 21, 2019

I loved articles like this that show references to the great Prophet Joseph! Here is another that I particularly like; Isaiah 54:16 "Behold, I have created the smith that bloweth the coals in the fire and that bringeth for an instrument for his work..." To me, that is absolutely Jospeh translating that great instrument of gathering, the Book of Mormon!

Marie ButcherMarch 21, 2019

Thank you for sharing your very real experience. Death and separation are difficult for all of us. Thank you for the great example of loving and living life after the "storm". It touched me deeply.

Raffaella ValentiniMarch 21, 2019

Il presidente conforte è mio padre, fratello Valentini, sono stati il cuore pulsante della missione di Catania, e del palo di Puglia. erano una squadra fantastica, e il loro spirito ha cambiato la vita di tanti giovani e di tanti missionari. Con loro si combatteva sempre dalla parte del Signore. Grata di essere cresciuta, influenzata da loro.

Beverly MowerMarch 21, 2019

Sister Perry thank you for sharing your thoughts and journey. Not a journey that is easy. I loved your ending “after the manner of happiness”. It’s part of enduring to the end. Serving others both those here and those on the other side of the veil help our journey improve.

Karen BrimhallMarch 21, 2019

Thank you Jenny Hansen for the words shouts these two books. I’m always looking for good books to read

Cecilia PacquiaoMarch 21, 2019

What a wonderful article to read and ponder. It reminds me of the wonderful feeling and experiences my husband and I had as volunteer tour guides during the open house for the Calgary temple in Alberta Canada. Thank you so much for sharing.

Elaine MathewsMarch 21, 2019

Thank you for sharing your experience and feelings. It’s been so reassuring to know that I’m not alone in what I’m going through... as I read your article I realised I’ve been going through the motions of being busy but not actually accepting my new status as a widow.. maybe it just felt too hard! I also felt guilty that I had moments of happiness and being immersed in life. When I read your thoughts on your husband being busy too, it connected with my feeling we were both working and walking on the other side of a fence, still talking to each other and moving forward... I needed to do the moving forward bit and you have helped me see that more fully. I’m also making quilts for all my grandkids - and there’s 26 of them!! I’d love to attend the BYU widows and widowers group just one time - hope it’s international! Bless you as you inspire so many in spite of and because of the paths you are walking.

Janet SteigerwaldMarch 21, 2019

Good word!

Louis MendittoMarch 20, 2019

I was in one of the first group of missionaries to be called to the new Catania Mission in September of 1977. The President of the Rome Mission, Leopoldo Larcher was sent to Catania to open it. He was succeeded by Lino P. Gambarotto from Argentina. I served under both Presidents. I believe Brother Conforte was President of the Foggia Branch at the time. You may want to fact check the article. Great people. PS. Sister Comforte makes delicious homemade gnocchi!

ViolaMarch 20, 2019

This is so helpful. Could you please also talk about getting help to know how to respond to these “BING”s? Sometimes I understand the prompting but don’t know how to do it. I get promptings to share the gospel with someone, but don’t have a clue how to do it. I pray and pray and don’t get any answers. So I do the best I can; it is clumsy, and doesn’t go well. Then, the next time I get a prompting, I try to ignore it. It isn’t that I don’t want to serve the Lord and others, I’m just afraid I’ll mess it up and make things worse. Please help me know how to get guidance for accomplishing these promptings. Thank you.

Joyce WinterMarch 20, 2019

Dear Sir; I was referred to you by a worker at the Church History Museum.I have inherited the following books and would appreciate an appraisel of them. I want to insure them if need be or sell them. I would be willing to pay you for this. 1. First Edition 1851 copy of the Book of Mormon, Danish. 2."Sacred Hymns and Spiritual Songs from the 1800's. 3. "The Voice of Warning" by Parley P. Pratt in Danish 1855. 4."Salmer" 1875 in Danish. This looks like Hymns or poems. 5. Bible in Danish, 1878 I live in Kaysville, Utah so I would be able to bring these books to you if you think you can help me.

Geoff SteurerMarch 20, 2019

Hi Alan, I'll enable that option so you can download the file.

Loa AndersenMarch 20, 2019

Dare I just say "ditto" to all the above comments? My heart is full with thanksgiving for this article. I am doing what Dan said and pushing my BING detector to HIGH. Thank you! And thank you to Meridan for publishing it!

Darrel CrawfordMarch 20, 2019

Why is there not a video of it?

CrisMarch 20, 2019

We can forgive a person, but that doesn't mean we must allow that person into our lives again.

Mercy GraceMarch 20, 2019

What a sweet story! I think we've all had days like that. And that husband is a KEEPER!

AlanMarch 20, 2019

I know that Sound Cloud has the option to download. I would appreciate this option being enabled on your podcasts so I can download and listen on my phone.

Shauna ComptonMarch 20, 2019

I am so grateful for the courage displayed by those who chose to participate in this beautiful video! May Fathers richest blessings be poured out upon you and each of us and may we as Saints and Disciples of The Lord Jesus Christ have the strength of pure love and conviction of the power of His Infinite Atonement that is shared in this video!

Ed RehderMarch 20, 2019

Another dandy, Mary. Love your style.

Mike and Juliet JacksonMarch 20, 2019

Hello Catherine, The extra Hope I have received by reading your wonderful article was welcome whole heartedly. My parents shared your article with me and my family. The article brought me comfort and reassurance in knowing that I am on the right path and allows me more easily to put aside doubt. Thank you for your inspired writing.

Martha ClantonMarch 20, 2019

What a wonderful story! We all face those times in our lives, and pray for a rescuer. It has taken me a long time to realize that it is okay to ask for help. Even if you can't get in touch with your spouse, a call to your Ministering Sisters is doable. I know that, if at all possible, they will gladly come to help or call someone who can. I am so grateful to be part of such a caring and loving church, whose members do their best to emulate the Lord.

VickyMarch 20, 2019

Loved this!! When looking to do random acts of kindness, we all need to remember to look inside our own homes! Loved this reminder!

DebbieMarch 20, 2019

I take notes as fast as I can and am grateful for the transcripts of the most recent podcasts I have listened to. Are you planning to go back and add transcripts of podcasts 1-9 ? These podcasts are just wonderful and I'm so grateful for the added insights they add to my gospel study this year. Please keep them up (and add transcripts to all if possible ). Best wishes to you and your family.

Charles DefranchiMarch 20, 2019

Larry was a friend and I a glad Scot and Maurine continue publishing his articles in his magazine. This one is particularly powerful in terms of what is being expected of us in terms of spiritual refinement. As most of us, I feel that I have on so many occasions been wrongfully treated, and though I do not have a mind to retaliate, I do find it difficult not to relive thoses offenses and hold grudges against those who committed them, even decades later. Larry's writing on forgiveness is bringing to me new and fresh insights and will help me in letting go of such perfectly sterile and counter-productive grudges.

Chris C.March 20, 2019

It’s a thrill to read this story about President Conforte! I served under his leadership in the Catania mission where he instilled in me by his example an unwavering love of Jesus Christ and the love of all of God’s children. He and his wife were and continue to be a huge influence for good in my life and the lives of countless others. Thank You!

Kathryn GrantMarch 19, 2019

When I teach classes on family history, I ask students if they ever have difficulty recognizing the Spirit. Most agree that they have. Then I tell them that family history is one of the BEST tutorials in learning to recognize the Spirit. Each time we pray for guidance in our family history, follow those promptings, and see the blessings that come, we learn more about how the Spirit speaks to us. This FamilySearch blog article talks more about it:

Daniel YoungMarch 19, 2019

I served as a missionary under Presidente Conforte from 1990-1992. This story brought back a flood of emotions and feelings. His testimony of Christ is amazing. He loves the Lord and he has shown this love through many decades of love and service to Him and to his fellow man. I can’t wait to see the temple in Rome. The Italian people are beautiful!

Stephen StewartMarch 19, 2019

I was with the group of missionaries who entered Italy in early 1965. We had all learned Italian in our German speaking missions (South German, Austria, and the Swiss Mission). We transferred to the Swiss Mission, those of us who were not already serving there, and were sent into Italy on student visas! President Ezra Taft Benson had received an unofficial permission fo us to go to Italy! My love for Italy and Italians has only strengthened over the more than half century since then. I am so excited for Italy to have their first Temple. We saw it while under construction and will visit Rome this April again! These are great times in which we live.

Patricia and Ron RollinsMarch 19, 2019

My husband, Ron and I had the opportunity of serving with Pres. Conforte and his wonderful wife,Caroline at the Swiss Temple. What a privilege this was for us. We eagerly looked forward to the weeks that the Italian Saints would come to do work at the temple. The Conforte's brought a spirit that was so strong. Their love for all of us was so evident. Their love for the Savior and the work at hand was never in doubt. Thank you for publishing this article. We love you Pres. and your wife, and pray that the Lord will continue to bless you and your family.

StephanieMarch 19, 2019

One lesbian athlete has come out against biological women having to compete against biological men and that is Martina Navratilova, who has been an advocate of gay athletes for years. She was on the board of Athlete Ally, who advocated for LGBT Athletes. After Martina’s statement they kicked her out. Her is a link to an article about this blowback. Another athlete who spoken out is Ronda Rousey who had some blunt language about Fallon Fox in 2015 and I really can’t imagine her changing her feelings on this. Here is a link to an article on Jezebel and I’m sorry about the language but it is very graphic.

VictoriaMarch 19, 2019

I am so grateful for this man and his family. Beautiful!

KeithMarch 19, 2019

I served my mission in Italy in the mid 1990's and had the honor of being in Presidente Conforte's home several times at the end of my mission. I love him and his family and am in awe of his testimony and dedication to the gospel and the building of the kingdom in Italy. I heard his and his wife's conversion story (her story is just as powerful) and felt like I was standing on holy ground.

JAKELLMarch 19, 2019

I would like to see Meridian Magazine do a story about how this ideology is part of K-12 online curriculum and assessments in Utah and America now. I would be happy to write it. Utah parents, Can you see your children’s school assessments? The major assessment companies are following UN assessment policy to track children’s values, attitudes and beliefs around sexuality and a host of progressive political issues. In addition, Utah’s legislature just passed a law to put more counselors in Utah schools. The catch? The school counselors association is training counselors to “affirm” gender identity confusion. This nonsense is not being held at bay. It’s right here where UN policy is being implemented in our local schools

SageMarch 19, 2019

The wonderful organization Big Ocean Women is at CSW now promoting a family friendly viewpoint of women. Pray for them and donate to their cause. Follow their work on Facebook and Instagram.

Tracey GrowMarch 19, 2019

Lovely, inspiring story. Thank you for sharing it.

PennieMarch 19, 2019

May I also ask us to remember, thank and pray for the missionaries who taught these wonderful people but have not stayed faithful. I am thinking of one in particular who served in Rome the same years as this fine brother was being taught but who has since been excommunicated twice. Let us seek these lost sheep and hold them tightly. It s now their families who are seeking help.

GhMarch 19, 2019

Many years ago I had an opportunity to contribute financially to a missionary who served in Italy. I am so grateful I did so. I feel a special bond with these people and rejoice in their temple. I wish I could have been there but feel very fortunate to read their stories. Thank you for sharing them.

Joel ColeMarch 19, 2019

One of the best people i ever met in my life... An example of humility and faith!

Peggy D KayneMarch 19, 2019

I loved this story and wish I had met him back in 1970 -72 when I was a missionary in the Rome mission. It brought back the wonderful generosity of so many Italian people and how they struggled to live the gospel. Who of those dear souls from Taranto were around to assist him years later when Fratello Conforte became mission President of the Catania mission. Io che mio Signore vive!

TerryMarch 19, 2019

My deceased former husband served as a missionary in Italy from 1974 to 1976. His life was not a happy one. We discovered after his death he had been mentally ill. But he loved Italy and I hope is rejoicing with those he taught.

Dwight WilliamsMarch 19, 2019

President Conforte is the real deal. He is a Saint in every sense of the word, with a huge capacity to love. Sister Conforte is also a Saint. Vincenzo retired early to devote his full time to service in the Church. He was my counselor and was always spot on with inspired advice. It is a privilege to know the Confortes and many of the great members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Italy. They earned this magnificent temple through decades of faith and good works.

Allison Troe EllsworthMarch 19, 2019

Vincenzo Conforte was my first mission president when I arrived in the Italy, Catania mission in May 1989. I was a new convert and the only member of the church in my family. I had little support from my family, which was emotionally very difficult. I remember well the first time I saw President Conforte. He greeted us at the Catania airport, and I immediately felt his great love for his missionaries. President Conforte and his dear wife, Carolina, loved me, guided me, and supported me during their last two months serving as mission president in the Catania mission. At the end of their mission, they returned home to Foggia, which was at the northern end of the Catania mission boundaries. I was serving in Foggia, and was blessed to serve for three months in the Foggia branch where the Confortes lived. The members of the branch were thrilled to have the Conforte family back with them. I visited their wonderful home on a few occasions and always knew that I was in the presence of very special people. Thirty years later, I still hold President Conforte and his beautiful wife and family in my heart. I consider it a great blessing and honor to have served with and known the Conforte family.

Roxanne dupliseaMarch 19, 2019

Thank you. The examples help to understand it more. We hear this stuff all the time but examples helps to get it better.

Kit KanekoaMarch 19, 2019

I had the great opportunity to serve under President Confirte. He is such a wonderful man and taught me how to love and serve our sisters and brothers.

Barbara WhiteMarch 19, 2019

Thank you for printing this wonderful story of conversion and the love of the Lord.

Aleni FuatimauMarch 19, 2019

Thank you for this article. I am sharing it with my families and friends on facebook and messenger. This is something that I need to work on - recognizing those "bing" moments from the Holy Spirit.

KennedyMarch 19, 2019

That ought to make an impact on the Olympics!

Howard AndersonMarch 19, 2019

Your article captured the very essence of Presidente Conforte's being. After he served for three years as the president of the Catania Mission and then two more years as president of the Padova Mission, I was called to replace him as president of the Padova Mission in 1992. His wife is every bit as faithful as he is and they have two wonderful children, a daughter, Patrizia, and a son, Paolo. His story is an inspiration to all of us. It's been many years, but last I heard, he is the stake patriarch in Bari.

D. MartinMarch 19, 2019

What a wonderful snapshot of a truly inspirational man. I had the honor of serving as one of his "giovane missionari" 3 decades ago. To this day, he inspires me to be my best self. It's a wonderfully unique beauty of this man and his equally wonderful wife.

Mark CheneyMarch 19, 2019

President Conforte was my president in the Padova Mission from 90-92. I always new he loved me as a missionary, even if I needed reproved at times it was with love. I learned a lot from his leadership.

Rich RogersMarch 19, 2019

I served in the Padova Mission, prior to President Conforte serving as President there. But since then I have heard many stories about him and the love people have for him, including my late father-in-law, who was district president in Florence.

Malcolm McLeanMarch 19, 2019

Thank you for sharing this amazing and faith promoting story. It was truly inspiring.

Ann-Marie JensenMarch 19, 2019

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

John PetersenMarch 19, 2019

Wonderful, wonderful story! Thanks for publishing this.

DonnaMarch 19, 2019

What a wonderful, soul stirring interview! What a wonderful man! Thank you for sharing this story and letting us know about strong Saints across the world.

Minda LubbenMarch 19, 2019

I was so thrilled reading Pres. Conforte's story of his conversion. I am a convert too and I enjoy and love hearing, listening, and reading stories of how members found the church. Tears just running from my eyes pondering what Pres. Conforte had told his parents when they disagree of him joining the church. I have a great respect for you Pres. Conforte and may the Lord God bless you with protection and health and that He may lengthen your life for the church needs you in that part of His vineyard. Thank you so much for you.

Pattie SkousenMarch 19, 2019

As my grandson and I read the Book of Mormon together, I would point out places where it was referring to Joseph Smith, the Prophet. Then I would tell him about the prophets who foretold about us in these latter days. I am grateful for these additional scriptures to help me refer to when I need to help my other grandchildren.

Susan SpringMarch 19, 2019

I have many times written that gender was a social construct, and is not the same as sex. We should stop using the word gender altogether and use biological sex instead. What is and has been happening is an assault on biological women that began a very long time ago. I am hoping that women, especially those in sports, refuse to run/play against biological men who 'think' they women. The assault on biological women has been ongoing for centuries and will likely ramp up.

A. BinghamMarch 19, 2019

Great article. I only add that feminist theorists borrowed from socio-cultural anthropological definition of gender. Gender is a key concept in the discipline of anthropology. Sex and gender are defined differently in anthropology, the former as grounded in perceived biological differences and the latter as the cultural constructions observed, performed, and understood in any given society, often based on those perceived biological differences. Throughout the 20th century and the rise of sociocultural anthropology, the meaning and significance of gender to the discipline has shifted. In early ethnographic studies, gender was often synonymous with kinship or family, and a monograph might include just a single chapter on women or family issues. Despite early female pioneers in the field, it was not until the 1970s and 1980s and the real rise of feminist anthropology that gender as a distinct area of theoretical and methodological interest took hold within the discipline. The concept has now taken on a political life of its own, as this article clearly highlights. It is this commentator's conclusion and that of many others, in the media, press and at all levels of governance and private sector, the term has become weaponized as a means to attack and destroy, sady. An excellent synopsis of this history can be found at:

C ShieldsMarch 19, 2019

As a childhood sexual abuse survivor, myself, I understand your pain, struggles, and internalized despair. I am SO grateful you didn't let your abuser 'win' by believing all the lies, and that you found your true nature, once again, in therapy. It took me thousands of dollars, and 10 years of therapy, for the burden of hatred I carried to be miraculously lifted. I was eventually able to forgive the sinner, but not the sin. Forgiveness was the best gift I gave myself, because the hatred was only killing me, and not doing anything to my perpetrator. Blessings as we continue to heal. It's NEVER too late to have a happy childhood!

BnE RobertsMarch 19, 2019

Please share the story of his wife. And family.

HelenMarch 19, 2019

Such a powerful testimony to the Savior's Saving Grace! This story gives me renewed hope for my entire inactive family.

HenryMarch 19, 2019

This talk really helped me see some of the progress I have been having. The words were very much what I am hoping to be more like. I am not very good in my expressions, I seem to do it better in my heart, I feel it better that way, and not in writing the words. I sincerely appreciated these words. Thank you

Herm OlsenMarch 19, 2019

I really like the notion of building a relationship with our Father and with the Savior. Not that the ‘building blocks’ of testimony are bad. But ultimately, it comes down to our comfort level with God. Thanks for the insight.

Chrissy CravenMarch 18, 2019

I know exactly how this mother feels. We gave our little boy back into the Savior’s Loving arms just months ago after battling leukemia. I believe he is calling many great and noble spirts home, there is a great work to be done. Praying endlessly for this sweet family that they have God’s mercy poured upon them and receive their miracle, after all our God IS a God of miracles, through Christ nothing is impossible. If she is called home, may angels lift up her family and comfort them, and may their separation be short, and their reunion grand and glorious. God’s got this, and so do you mama! Stay strong.

Steve WilsonMarch 18, 2019

Thank you Pres. Dalton (Bishop Dalton to me), you really opened my eyes again to the way the Holy Ghost talks to Heavenly Father's children. I thought I was just not getting the promptings that I heard so many speak of from the pulpit, but now I know what I was receiving was "Bings" of wisdom and truth from the Holy Ghost. Thanks again for your wisdom and down-to-earth understanding of the Gospel.

VardellMarch 18, 2019

Life, and our fallen state, will eventually bring anxiety and stress to everyone, especially to those who commit to following Christ. That’s part of the plan. That is the broken heart. King Benjamins people where very righteous, but felt worthless and fallen (the broken heart). They then appealed to Christ for his mercy and were forgiven and changed by Him– then they felt joy and peace. We cannot create or earn peace by trying a little harder to perfect ourselves. Christ is the source of our peace and we access it the same way that Benjamins people did, and Alma did, and Enos did, and Lamoni's father did; they plead to Christ for his mercy and received a remission of sins– were born again, even redeemed.

michelMarch 18, 2019

Pour chaque FAMILLE lourdement touchée par cet attentat ; n'y a t'il pas , un peu de baume à Christchurch pour soulager leur douleur et leur terrible épreuve. Je sais que les jeunes ,les soeurs et les frères de l'église sont en mesure ,comme la reine de Saba le fit et apporta au roi Salomon "la racine du baume" , simplement par de petites actions ou des témoignages d'affections.... C'est mon humble prière depuis la France , qu'elle puisse être exaucée à l'autre bout de la terre en Nouvelle-Zélande.par votre intermédiaire ....

Louis MidgleyMarch 18, 2019

I noticed some nice sets of books for those young people to enjoy. They once were not more than a few feet from where I am typing.

CubbyMarch 18, 2019

tickets available on line?

Marsha NewmanMarch 18, 2019

Thank you, Pres. Dalton! I learned years ago to listen as I pray to the "errant" thoughts that pop into my mind, and to follow those thoughts to their conclusion. By that I have had significant spiritual revelation. I really believe in that "Bing" moment.

JoeMarch 18, 2019

Amen anon! As a convert I have continually been appalled and sickened by the amount of self-righteous judgement I see in this church, and garments are just another example of something sacred and beautiful being poisoned by fanaticism and Pharisaical thinking that "look beyond the mark".

Janet DawsonMarch 18, 2019

Very inspiring and instructive talk. I must share this with my family. Thank you very much!

Covenant KeeperMarch 18, 2019

An excellent letter on a real issue and an excellent reply. I appreciate "CharlieBrown2292"'s comments the most; thank you. This is an issue that can effect husband or wife. When my wife got therapy for her childhood, and the full extent of her childhood was recalled, all intimacy in marriage was lost as she wanted nothing to do with it ever again. It's been 20 years, and I still have a strong libido. It has become a terrible wedge dividing us. I live with the feeling of betrayal and a complete loss of self-esteem, but she doesn't see a problem. I just hope God appreciates my faithfulness to His covenants.

Dorothy PittsMarch 18, 2019

Just a quick thank you to each of you for these wonderful conversations. I am home alone but I don’t feel alone when I listen to you several times a week. I tell everyone about this wonderful resource. I love the depth of material and information that you are sharing and I really love listening to you on my phone and reading along on my iPad. Thank you so much for including the text. Blessings to you and your 11 children, LOL!

M SmithMarch 18, 2019

This article was a really good reminder for me. I often question my "bings." However, I do not believe we ever risk losing God's confidence in us. He will give us every opportunity to learn. He already knows if we will answer our "bings." And He knows why we don't answer our "bings" at times. He just loves us regardless and that is so comforting. Thank you for your article. I needed to be reminded to listen more carefully.

James DoneMarch 18, 2019

Thank you, President Dalton. We watched closely as our grandson entered your mission and how he and you would interact. From what you have shared in this “text book explanation” of the dear Spirit’s ministry with us, I come to understand even more clearly why he speaks so highly of you. I have shared your experiences and teaching with my family that your have generously provided for us. It should be required reading for every young person, whether serving a mission or not. Thank you very much.

VardellMarch 18, 2019

David Whitmer, in his Address To All Believers, said this: "I desire to say a few words concerning the Holy Ghost, which is the Spirit of Christ — the greatest gift of God to man. Many people claim to have this gift. I am not judging anyone, but I will tell you how we can tell when we have the Spirit of Christ; and when we have not this feeling and spirit, we have not His Spirit. When we have the Spirit of Christ, our hearts are filled with the love of God that reaches out and takes in all men, even our enemies. We then have every particle of prejudice, malice, envy and hatred cast out of our hearts; we then have no hatred whatever toward any person, even an enemy. Remember the words of Christ: "For if ye love them which love you, what reward have ye? Do not even the Publicans the same? But I say unto you, Love your enemies; bless them that curse you; do good to them that hate you. ... That ye may be the children of your Father which is in heaven." Nothing short of this is the Spirit of Christ. By this you can know whether you have the Holy Ghost or not. This is the test."

VardellMarch 18, 2019

Life, and our fallen state, will eventually bring anxiety and stress to everyone, especially to those who commit to following Christ. That’s part of the plan. That is the broken heart. King Benjamins people where very righteous, but felt worthless and fallen (the broken heart). They then appealed to Christ for his mercy and were forgiven and changed by Him– then they felt joy and peace. We can't create or earn peace by trying a little harder to perfect ourselves. Christ is the source of our peace and we access it the same way that Benjamins people did, and Alma did, and Enos did, and Lamoni's father did; they plead to Christ for his mercy and received a remission of sins– were born again, even redeemed.

Carole McLaughlinMarch 18, 2019

I had a BING backfire on me so it make me think about them. I had a church video I wanted to share with my stepson and his wife. That put a real space between us for some time. So it makes me leary.

Dan GawthropMarch 18, 2019

Bing Detector now set to "high." Thanks for the tip!

JoyceMarch 18, 2019

As I read this article, my tears flowed. I have often wondered if the thoughts I have are really promptings of the Spirit or only my own. Thank you so much for helping me understand! I look forward to your next article on how to recognize and NOT act on the promptings of the adversary.

RebeccaMarch 18, 2019

Thank you so much for this article! Honestly I cannot remember the Spirit talking with me but a few times decades ago. That's one of the issues which come with severe chronic depression - you feel completely cut off from heaven, and wonder if God listens or cares about you. Am looking forward to your next article!

Roxanne MyersMarch 18, 2019

WOW! Talk about a “light bulb moment”. Although I have felt the “burning in the bosom” bearing testimony as to the truthfulness of the gospel, I have never felt that I have received personal revelation. I felt that I had not been blessed with such a precious gift. Thank you for the reminder of President Nelson‘s words regarding revelation from April’s conference and how we can receive and recognize the promptings of the Holy Ghost. What a difference reframing how I think about my BING moments will make.

Marilyn ThompsonMarch 18, 2019

It was truly a magnificent and glorious day.

Debbie TaylorMarch 18, 2019

Thank you for this article!

Roxanne MyersMarch 18, 2019

Thank you for this! Although I have felt the “burning in the bosom” bearing testimony of the truthfulness of the Gospel...I, too, have felt that I had never received personal revelation; that I hadn’t been blessed with that “gift of the Spirit”. Wow! Reframing how we think about the “BINGS” in our lives and the reminder of President Nelson’s words from last year’s conference will make a HUGE difference to me!

MerileeMarch 18, 2019

Dallin Oaks gave a talk entitled “Healing the Sick” in the April 2010 Conference. Please read below: Latter-day Saints believe in applying the best available scientific knowledge and techniques. We use nutrition, exercise, and other practices to preserve health, and we enlist the help of healing practitioners, such as physicians and surgeons, to restore health. The use of medical science is not at odds with our prayers of faith and our reliance on priesthood blessings. When a person requested a priesthood blessing, Brigham Young would ask, “Have you used any remedies?” To those who said no because “we wish the Elders to lay hands upon us, and we have faith that we shall be healed,” President Young replied: “That is very inconsistent according to my faith. If we are sick, and ask the Lord to heal us, and to do all for us that is necessary to be done, according to my understanding of the Gospel of salvation, I might as well ask the Lord to cause my wheat and corn to grow, without my plowing the ground and casting in the seed. It appears consistent to me to apply every remedy that comes within the range of my knowledge, and [then] to ask my Father in Heaven … to sanctify that application to the healing of my body.”

Gina McDougallMarch 18, 2019

This is a wonderful article and one that I needed as I too have had doubts about why I have not had revelation as often as I believe I should have. Many times I have had BINGS and have dismissed them as my own thoughts. I will hopefully not make that mistake again. I understand I will have to train myself to listen and act on the BINGS. I am now looking forward to your next article about the promptings of the adversary. Thank you.

Ian MillerMarch 18, 2019

Thank you for this synthesis. It is both insightful and practical. I woke up this morning a bit early and instead of rolling over and going back to sleep, I had a (bing) moment to get up and that led to finding your article. The next bing was to send it to my children and grandchildren.

Drs75March 18, 2019

This was beautiful.

VardenMarch 18, 2019

If two married people want to have physical intimacy with each other, why are they being encouraged to violate the first commandment given to the first man and woman? “And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth,. .Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh. 25 And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed. . ” (Genesis 1:28, 2:24-25) This is reinforced in the New Testament: “2 Nevertheless, to avoid fornication, let every man have his own wife, and let every woman have her own husband. 3 Let the husband render unto the wife due benevolence: and likewise also the wife unto the husband. 4 The wife hath not power of her own body, but the husband: and likewise also the husband hath not power of his own body, but the wife. 5 Defraud ye not one the other, except it be with consent for a time, that ye may give yourselves to fasting and prayer; and come together again, that Satan tempt you not for your incontinency.” (1 Corinthians 7:2-5) The proposed solution to withhold sex contradicts scripture. It contradicts science. And it’s not what either partner wants. So where did it come from?

SariahMarch 17, 2019

When someone has an addiction to pornography long before they ever met their spouse it is extremely unfair and wrong to blame their spouse for their addiction. I have several friends whose husbands have struggled with their porn and sex addictions throughout their marriages and now they are in their 40's and the men are not interested in sex with their spouses. They are staying in their marriages. And my friends are starving for sex. So glad you addressed this topic. It is real.

bluewaterMarch 17, 2019

Add this woman's predicament to the long list of faithful LDS members who are expected to be celibate because of their certain circumstance/challenges in life. And yet the only ones who we hear about ALL the time (that we are apparently supposed to be so sorry for are for having to have a standard of celibacy) are LGBT members.... While LGBT deserve our pity, SO DO a host of other members. Lets talk about them more often and stop making the issue facing LGBT not so focused on constantly. Or held out as being so distressing. I could name you 5 situations in our extended family that require celibacy and none of them are LGBT. We need to lessen the focus on that ONE segment of our LDS population--- they are no more important or challenged than MANY members who are faced with the same.

Helmut WorleMarch 17, 2019

What's wrong with the Colorado legislature to allow this state commission to simply harass this business? This commission was formed for specific purposes, but apparently they have carved out a niche for themselves to eliminate religious conviction from the public marketplace. Surely there must be more worthy causes to pursue.

CharlieBrown2292March 17, 2019

I will maintain that there is a serious error in paradigm putting betrayal related to porn to that of adultery in the same basket Many of our good men are nowadays finding themselves vulnerable to an incessant assault of porn through modern media, but still remain committed to their spouse and family. There was indeed a significant difference between King David committing the serious sin of adultery and that of murder. At any rate, it was a good thing that this good sister reminded us men that women do also care about sex, because we so easily fall under the wrong impression concerning this aspect of our relationship with them. I also liked Geoffrey Steurer's wise reminder that Daniel Jones, “did not pray that his circumstances would be changed. He prayed that he would be strengthened to deal with his circumstances.” because “the enabling power of the Atonement of Christ strengthens us to do things we could never do on our own.”

anonMarch 17, 2019

I don't think members should police each other about the wearing of garments, or any other issue. This kind of thing is what makes some members reluctant to even come to church - the constant judging and measuring by other members.

CubbyMarch 17, 2019

Thank you again for posting your notes. Sometimes it really helps to,see and hear both.

Daniel DonnellyMarch 17, 2019

When I was a child i remember seeing my uncle yoking a young untrained oxen with an older well trained oxen. when I asked why he did this He showed me that at first the young oxen tried to go his way but was gently brought back into line by the older wiser oxen. I saw that the older well trained animal taught the untrained animal by his actions. Soon the two were working together. . When I rely on Jesus and try to live the Gospel, I find that indeed the yoke is light and each day I become more of a child of God.

Shelley HinchMarch 16, 2019

The only way the world will get to see this is if it’s televised. Is that going to happen? Because there are a lot of people who’d love to see it.

Bill BeamanMarch 16, 2019

Scrip [S] a small bag or wallet usually fastened to the girdle ( 1 Samuel 17:40 ); "a shepherd's bag." In the New Testament it is the rendering of Gr. pera, which was a bag carried by travellers and shepherds, generally made of skin ( Matthew 10:10 ; Mark 6:8 ; Luke 9:3 ; 10:4 ). The name "scrip" is meant to denote that the bag was intended to hold scraps, fragments, as if scraped off from larger articles, trifles. History and Etymology for scrip Noun (1) Middle English scrippe, from Medieval Latin scrippum pilgrim's knapsack

ChariMarch 16, 2019

Sara Thank you for your courage. Thank you for the goodness you bring to the world. You freely acknowledge the pain that we can experience here on earth, while still allowing the sustaining power from heaven to be a powerful force in our lives. Your testimony & example is felt all over the world.

Gordon BrownMarch 16, 2019

This, not unlike most destruction of marriages, is tragic. It is of considerable concern to me that there is no ownership on the part of the sister and that the responder does not place any ownerous on the sister. The real issue here is intimacy. What, if anything, did this sister contribute to the dysfunctionality of the marriage? What was the root of the addiction? Did the couple attend counseling together to ferret out the problems or was it just directed to the porn addiction? Perhaps reading, "And They Were Not Ashamed," by Brotherson would have, might still have, some light to shed on the issues. The "bedroom" becomes the "battleground" for many of the unfulfilled desires inherent to marriage. Women can be as complicit as men in the destruction of relationships. Sex and Intimacy can be withheld by a woman to function as an "incentive" for the man to comply with her expectations. I am not stating that this is the case here because I do not know but I just had to get that "off of my chest." Until the offended spouse, be it male or female, takes ownership of their personal "contributions" to the demise of the relationship and then works to eridicate those dysfunctionalities, the marriage will continue to erode (if it has not already been destroyed).

roxanne dupliseaMarch 16, 2019

Thank you for posting the notes from the podcast. very helpful.

Roxanne dupliseaMarch 16, 2019

Thank you for your insights. I always enjoy your articles and learn from them. Thanks for sharing.

Gail GrovesMarch 16, 2019

Thank you for the Come Follow Me Podcasts! They truly make a huge difference in my learning. I read the scriptures first then follow up with the podcast. Your pleasant couple voices; your vast experience; and your strong testimonies are heard, felt, and appreciated, Thank you for your time,effort,and knowledge! And I recommend them to my friends and family.

Rosalie HallMarch 16, 2019

This is time for something so straightforward , honest and much needed. Thanks for such such understanding on this subject! Rosalie

Rosalie HallMarch 16, 2019

So Tender! About 10 years ago my "gifted and talented" (High School designated) daughter received a TBI which led to serious short term memory loss. The challenges are great but miraculous blessings do come.

Rosalie HallMarch 16, 2019

I have grown to age 84 as a motherless person from age 2.My mother did not have the joy of raising her 3 little girls nor did we know th infinite joy of having her to share in raising us Do you know if any definite doctrine which teaches how this problem can be dealt with. Will we also be resurrected as little ones so we can know the joy of growing up with a Mother and she to raise us?

LauraMarch 16, 2019

So glad you addressed this important topic!!

MaryannMarch 16, 2019

Attending the temple as often as possible helps to clarify the importance of wearing the temple garment and reminds us of the great privilege and blessing it is to do so. If we remember the Lord is clothing us with the garment of the Holy Priesthood, perhaps we would have greater understanding and gratitude for the blessing. I feel the same peace and protection a child might feel when a loving parent clothes them with warm clothing to keep them safe from the elements and to protect them.

David A. EvertsenMarch 16, 2019

Brett, most temple committees include individuals who have strong connections with or professional experience working in government. Rome did not. As a result, we had many Americans without experience or connections to the Italian Government (local, provincial, national) and the 'red tape' could have been avoided had you leveraged certain individuals who had direct and professional contact with Italian Government officials. It was frustrating to sit by knowing a few phone calls could have eliminated obstacles. Regardless, thank you for your dedication and service. On your next project, remember, you don't need to go at it alone.

Susan C.March 15, 2019

I had a conversation (we were all in our late 40s at the time) with a couple LDS men (RMs....I'm an RM, too) who saw nothing wrong about their wives wearing strapless and mini gowns for a cruise ship evening. Their reasoning? "Garments aren't sexy," and therefore clothing that has to be worn because of the garment "restrictions" is not sexy, either. Ergo, wife is not sexy, and they cannot be seen with a non-sexy wife. Really? I asked them if they didn't think their wives were "sexy" BECAUSE of the garments that symbolized their covenants with God, and they both rolled their eyes and affirmed that "garments" are not sexy. Compared to what---black lace teddys? Maybe so, but haven't they learned ANYthing from a couple decades of garment wearing? Here were two grown men who were still led by their hormones, instead of their covenants. I love wearing my "angel wings," and I would want a man to think that my qualifying to wear them is plenty "sexy."

DismayedMarch 15, 2019

It's been 13 years since she discovered her husband's pornography "addiction". He spent a year in therapy, being treated as an addict. She has continued with therapy, continuing to treat him as an addict. And she laments that her marriage is near its end, a foregone conclusion. Why has nobody in this tragic story just stopped, stepped back from what is going on, reassessed the situation, recognized that addiction therapy is not producing the desired outcome, and decided to take another approach? If the goal is to save the marriage, and the wife is acknowledging that it is "at its end", then why continue to do what isn't working? Why not try something else? And why are we so insistent upon treating most pornography use as an addiction? The evidence is mounting that the addiction model is not a good fit for most pornography use. On the contrary, treating it as an addiction seems to be producing more harm than good.

Linda HydeMarch 15, 2019

My husband and I were among the many volunteers, thank you for the shout out! Let me add that there were five couples who are serving missions at the Paris temple, who came for the duration of the open house, while the Paris temple was undergoing work. We couldn't have done it without them! The group was an eclectic mix of Italians, returned missionaries, senior couple missionaries, people with Italian ancestry, people who just felt inspired to come, etc. One of the volunteers, helping put shoe covers on visitors' feet, was an investigator there in Rome. He loved it. And special, special thanks has to go to the guys who managed parking on cold, rainy, windy nights, all by themselves out in the dark! Special thanks also goes to the fine brothers and sisters who managed the whole thing, volunteers all, sometimes under stressful circumstances. Every single one of us would call it a privilege!

Alisi FiliagaMarch 15, 2019

Thank you for the article, my faith at times is such similar to Elder Lee, “Seeing now way to move in the direction I was taught to go, but the answer to my troubled faith is to want to see the end from the beginning, and with that in mind always want to be certain where I am heading,” as I desire to save time and resources. I NOW learn that “I must learn to walk to the edge of the light, and then a few steps into the darkness; then the light will appear and show the way before me.” At times I fear after the trial of my faith I may drift further off track? I then hope what is mentioned in Isaiah 40:31 “But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.” Again, an eye opener for me and thank you for sharing!

roxanne dupliseaMarch 15, 2019

will this be recorded - is one able to watch it via internet?

anonMarch 15, 2019

The original question did not say whether the loss of sexual intimacy was the result of a self-imposed boundary, or the consequence of her husband's addiction that she has no control over. I almost get the impression that the difficulty she is having is because she is trying to follow a set of instructions about how she is "supposed" to respond. I would be interested to hear whether Geoff believes it can be possible to heal a marriage where both partners want to recover from betrayal by moving toward each other sexually, rather than putting that part of the relationship on the back burner until other issues are fully resolved.

Alisi I FiliagaMarch 15, 2019

Appreciate this article, I too need to trust the Lord and with lots of faith. I lost my sweet mother in October 2016 and my mother in law the same year in February. This young family especially the mom has taught me a lot. Thank you for sharing!

JuliMarch 15, 2019

Thank you Joleen, my husband died 15 months ago and I have felt the same experience during the first six months. Then there was a let down that continues. Thank you for your perspective. While I have been so sad at the change, you have made me see it in a different light.

Jamelle ChadwickMarch 15, 2019

Thank you so much for this article! I really needed to read this today!

Karen SmithsonMarch 15, 2019

I totally agree with what you both have said in all respects to the death of someone close to you. I think it is common to feel strengthened in the beginning, as you said Sara Tonon has, and then have the experience change with time. I agree, Joleene, that EXPERIENCE is a big reason for this life, and how could we come to learn all we need to know without it? If we want to become as He is, we will have to walk the path He walked...who would ever say the Savior's life was all peace and comfort?! My experience was like both of yours and it troubled me that I wasn't the ideal person walking with perfect faith that allowed me to always be at peace with my husband's death. I was helped by the following experience. I’m sure we all remember that sad day at the end of April Conference in 2004 when Pres. Hinckley stood and said, “Some of you have noticed the absence of Sister Hinckley…She is now 92, a little younger than I am. I guess the clock is winding down, and we do not know how to rewind it.” We all knew what he was saying and sensed his sadness. Two days later Sister Hinckley passed away. Only 3 months later, in July of 2004, Elder Maxwell passed away and President Hinckley spoke at his funeral. However, we were out of town at the time and so I never heard his remarks that he gave at that funeral until later. In November of that same year,2004, my husband passed away and I came to know that loneliness is lonelier than I have ever thought possible and emptiness is emptier than I had ever realized. They go deep! I had been raised in the Church. I had a testimony of the Plan. And most of all, I knew the joy of the Savior's atoning sacrifice! So why did I struggle with the pain of it so badly? By the end of 2 years, not only was I still hurting more than I thought I should be, but I was feeling like I was failing at my trial. Surely if I really had the faith I should, I wouldn’t be feeling the pain like I was. I was ashamed for still hurting like I was because I had always had the impression from people in the past that knowledge of the Plan of Salvation would save you from this much pain at someone’s passing. And then, a good friend gave me a little book—“ Marjorie Pay Hinckley Letters” for my birthday. That night I read through some of the letters and then I turned to the end which they had called the “Afterword”. There I read the following words spoken by Pres. Hinckley at Elder Maxwell’s funeral only three months after Sister Hinckley’s passing. He said: “ At funerals we speak words intended to give comfort. But in reality they afford but little comfort. Only those who have passed through this dark valley know its utter desolation. To lose one’s much-loved partner with whom one has long walked through sunshine and shadow is absolutely devastating. There is a consuming loneliness which increases in intensity. It painfully gnaws at one’s very soul.” With those words, who could not recognize Pres. Hinckley’s overwhelming grief?! Can I tell you what I thought when I read those words? I first was sorry for him because I understood his pain, but then came the following comforting and releasing thought, “This is the prophet of God! He has walked and talked with God and knows all he knows, and yet, even he, a prophet of God, aches to the core over the loss of his wife…maybe I’m not failing so miserably after all.” I found personal validation as he was honest about his own pain. He went on to say, “But in the quiet of the night a silent whisper is heard that says, ‘All is well. All is well.’ And that voice from out of the unknown brings peace, and certainty, and unwavering assurance that death is not the end, that life goes on, with work to do and victories to be gained. That voice quietly, even unheard with mortal ears, brings the assurance that, as surely as there has been separation, there will be a joyful reuniting. And so with that firm assurance you will go on. There will be days of loneliness and nights of longing, but the sunlight of faith will shine again and the fires of love will warm you.” What peace came when I knew the pain was part of loving, not an indication of my lack of faith in the plan of eternal life. I found peace in his closing words and knew Heavenly Father was okay with where I was at after all. One more reason to pay close attention to the words of the prophets! Yes, “whether by His own voice or by the voice of His servants, it is the same”. I had felt Heavenly Father's love and approval through the words of His prophet!

MJSMarch 15, 2019

Many years ago, I went through a shattering personal trauma, and I felt insulated from what could have been the full measure of pain, wrapped in the arms of my Father in Heaven's love. It seemed to me as if I was above it, looking down as if at a distance at the storm...I knew the Lord was carrying me. I could not have managed otherwise. There came a day when I felt Him put me down, like saying to a young child, you can walk now. I wanted to wail, "no, I'm not ready yet to get down and walk," and the answer came,"Don't worry, I am still holding your hand." I had to have some space to see my way forward, and then I had to 'walk' on the path I saw. But it has never been alone, that heavenly love and help has always been near me. I think we do have to process and own that pain, but as we are able. It happens over time, and there are 'ambush moments' when something unexpectedly clobbers you, but all things can work together for good with the Lord's help and presence. When we experiece that succor, we learn how we may also succor others, and someday all those lessons will be answered with great blessings and eternal glory.

JerakeenMarch 15, 2019

I realize that the question came from a woman, but this situation works both ways. There seems to be a general assumption that women are never unfaithful, which also goes along with the idea that women are naturally more spiritual than men, so any problem in a marriage has to be the fault of the man. It would be nice to see such articles from the point-of-view of the betrayed husband fo a change.

DonnaMarch 15, 2019

Beautiful story, incredible woman. I also felt great peace and comfort when my husband left me, but I had 3 weeks following his massive stroke to prepare for what I knew was inevitable. Five years later there are still moments when I feel that added strength and love from Above. Knowing that Eternity awaits is a great blessing.

Dave JohnsonMarch 15, 2019

After serving a mission and being married in the temple, At 24 years of age, I decided to join the Navy. I was advised by my Bishop not to wear the garment during my time in boot camp. After returning home, taking a shower and being able to wear the garment after being without them for 11 weeks was a very spiritual experience akin to my original washing and anointing and placing them on that first time!

SueMarch 15, 2019

I lost my son in July. The first few months, I felt a measure of peace that surprised me, which is not to say that I wasn't grieving. After about six months, the grieving intensified to the point that peace was harder to come by. It was possible, as it always is, but I had to seek it out very actively, and it didn't stay with me as long. My experience has been similar to Joleene's, and I agree with her assessment of the reasons for that.

TonyaMarch 15, 2019

Thank you for addressing this issue!

Maurine Jensen ProctorMarch 15, 2019

I agree Joleene. All of our experiences with grief are not the same. I hoped for that comfort when we lost our daughter, but I had to open my eyes and look for the Lord's comfort, and I found it. But comfort did not come in the exact way I expected it. Yet, when it did come, it was profound.

Patricia PottsMarch 15, 2019

Thank you for letting us walk with you through your experiences you shared five stories that made you so real and so able to relate to the rest of us. You brought charity and obedience to the Forefront as something we desire and benefit from. Thank you for who you are and how you share. Love, Patricia

JoleeneMarch 15, 2019

It is amazing the love and support you can feel when you turn to the Lord for strength. I had a similar experience after my husband’s death 18 months ago. For the first 6 months I felt the Lord (and my husband) very close. However there came a time where I felt that support withdraw slightly. I’ve always known the Lord is there, but I felt like he gave me a chance to feel more of the “negative” emotions associated with grief because there is much to be learned from them. I believe it’s important to be ok with feeling the full range of our emotions as I believe it’s what the Lord wants us to do. I also believe it’s important to acknowledge in public forums that it’s ok if ones experience is not like the sister’s experience in this article. It doesn’t mean you are a bad person or don’t have enough faith if you don’t feel the same amount of comfort this sister did initially. I have a feeling that if you were to talk to her in another year this article might be very different. We do each other a disservice sometimes by making it appear that the ideal way to live is to always be in this state of peace and comfort. That is not Heavenly Father’s plan for us. He gave us the full range of emotions to experience for a reason. These moments of peace and comfort are just as important to experience as the moments of grief and pain.

Welcome to LifeMarch 15, 2019

Many people go through life in circumstances that preclude them from experiencing marital intimacy. Single people, widowed people, people whose spouses are lll. Why does it matter whether or not other people acknowledge this problem? What if they do acknowledge it? Does acknowledging it make it better? No. Does acknowledging it makes it easier to live with? Not really. This just sounds like a bunch of whining to me. I've been widowed. I've also been divorced from an unfaithful second husband. Do I want people to say to me, "I'm so sorry you can't have sex anymore. It must be rough"? Of course not. That would be weird and inappropriate. The takeaway is that many people silently struggle with burdens in their life. We can and should turn to the Lord for help, and do it in an adult, mature, spiritually powerful way. But we shouldn't expect everyone around us to acknowledge our private pains and struggles. The list of these is limitless. Better we should all just exercise compassion with everyone we encounter. Assume they have private struggles and treat them gently and kindly.

JulieMarch 15, 2019

Thank you for this story! It gave me strength too! Bless this sweet young family!

MichaelMarch 14, 2019

Perhaps my children were easy to raise. We spend a lot of time when they were young reading books from the area of cognitive therapy on positive discipline, meeting with other young parents to discuss these principles and putting them into practice. Most of the friction came early (late grade school) and by age 16 it was over mostly. My daughter wanted a cell phone at about age 10 and I agreed, as long as she understood we saw the phone in different ways, I saw it as a noose around her neck to be confiscated at any time she didn't please me or her mother, no arguments. She bought a red sports car off the internet with her own money at age 15 and the same rule applied. Please parents, keep car keys. No arguments or negotiating. Our son seemed to learn from her experiences. We had so little trouble with him I can't remember anything specific. People go to a medical doctor for preventive medicine and I think some preventive therapy before problems get serious is a good idea.

KrisMarch 14, 2019

Beautifully said. Thank you.

Joel MarksMarch 14, 2019

Amazing,Astonishing, Magna Secret, breathtaking, and TRUE. Every revelatory inspiration has been well documented and utterly incredulously evidentary. God bless the Prophet sent before the fire!

KathieMarch 14, 2019

I read the transcript as I listened to the podcast pertaining to this lesson. It was such a beautiful experience to learn this way. Thank you for your efforts in making these inspiring podcasts available to us.

Joanne ThornMarch 14, 2019

Thank you for sharing that peace He brings. It's strange to see that in Mathew 10 ,our Savior offers us a sword instead of peace. But as we follow his teachings we can use His sword to cut away those distractions you mention...and are left with His peace that fills our life. We must ALLOW Him to work His miracles but acting!

RexMarch 14, 2019

Soon after my daughter received her mission call, she then went to the temple and received her endownments. While coming home one night (prior to her mission) from a temple trip with some other sisters in her YSA ward, one of them began telling how to buy and wear garments so that she could wear clothing that was fashionable (i.e., clothing that could not normally be worn when wearing the garments as instructed in the temple). It is sad to see a number of YW leaders attending events without wearing garments - it sets a bad example for the youth, both YM and YW who then are less understanding of the sacred covenants made in the temple. What is also sad, is that there are some who will read this and say "don't you have more to worry about than member's underwear?" My response is that the proper wear of garments is an outward display of holding sacred the covenants made, so when a church leader is not wearing their garments correctly, it makes me wonder what other things they may not be doing and possibly teaching my children.

Phil WasdenMarch 14, 2019

Thank you for this article and great pictures. Ugo was our tour guide while in Rome for the Temple Open House just a few weeks ago. He is a very competent and knowledgeable person, and made our experience wonderful!

susan nelsonMarch 14, 2019

thank you for your beautiful thoughts. i too have gone through difficult times but remain faithful in the gospel and to my temple covenants - i love to wear my garments and love attending the temple

MaureenMarch 14, 2019

You'll find that quote from Sister Nelson in her book, "Covenant Keepers."

Todd LillywhiteMarch 14, 2019

SPQR Symbol of Rome which stands for "The Roman Senate and People" It is sometimes changed by outsiders or detractors to a derogatory acronym by substituting words. But I'm going to say Sono Perfetti Questi Romani! These Romans are Perfect.

DeNile WilliamsMarch 14, 2019

I love and enjoy very much the articles and photos that have been shared during this historic event in Rome. Please continue the excellent work and coverage of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Thank you.

Chrystine H. ReynoldsMarch 14, 2019

I have been saddened as I have watched young adults we have known who have posted photos of themselves on Facebook wearing clothing that indicates they are not wearing their garments while participating in activities which would NOT preclude their wearing them -- like hiking, etc., and also while attending formal occasions where they obviously desired to wear strapless or spaghetti strap dresses -- and this has happened repeatedly after these young adult -- women -- mostly -- and including former Sister Missionaries we have known in two Missions -- have been sealed in the Temple. It makes me wonder if these young adults truly understand the covenants they have made!

AleniMarch 13, 2019

Thank you for this article and thank you to all who helped build the Rome Italy temple. Reading about this temple and looking at the photos and videos of the temple makes us who live far away from Italy as if we were part of the celebration. The saints and the people of Italy are so blessed.

Marné NewtonMarch 13, 2019

It was a truly moving experience. I was able to save money and go through the Italy Temple. What struck me the most was I found relatives in the group I was with. Cousins that far away from Montana Utah Idaho. As a widow I find great comfort in temples.

R. Smokey BASSETTMarch 13, 2019

We were with a church group tour when my eternal companion fell very ill in the stake center just prior to the tour, and ended up spending almost two weeks in the Rome American Hospital. The mission president sent three Elders to provide the sacrament and blessings for both of us. But we had come to see the Temple, so the night before our flight home we got a taxi, gave the driver the Temple address, to which he replied he knew the place because he had taken a tour! I was able to take my bride on the tour in a wheelchair. We were both touched by the beauty and special spirit of this historic Temple.

Stan MillerMarch 13, 2019

I feel GREAT peace just reading the article. Thanks for sharing.

Todd LillywhiteMarch 13, 2019

I knew I couldn't stay away. I hadn't made plans to attend. Our whole family is planning a visit in the Summer. But, as the time drew near and the opportunity arose. I made quick short plans to help out with the open house. I felt I couldn't use too much time off work so I was only in Italy for three days. It seemed many other volunteers were drawn to come and help. They couldn't stay away either. I am so grateful I took this opportunity. The first tour I assisted with I was paired with the grand daughter (whom I knew of but had never met) of a woman who opened her door to me and my companion on 20 June 1977 in Torino.

Carol DanzMarch 13, 2019

What a gorgeous article! The thought of the Lord's House, endowed with an abundance of His Spirit within it, and showering our fellow brothers and sisters in and out of the Church, gives me chills. If there is any manmade place on the planet where all mankind can find peace, it is there.

Anne MarieMarch 13, 2019

You've given me tons to think about. I really love how you taught about the Gathering of Israel. The balloon, salt, and pepper together created a perfect object lesson. So happy you could take your girls to the temple. Such a special experience. Thank you so much for all your ideas and insights, Cath

bluewaterMarch 13, 2019

THANK YOU for this article--I love hearing these personal stories. I'm excited to read others that you have said will be in forthcoming articles.

Juliannah AshbyMarch 13, 2019

I would love to read Sis. Nelson's talk. Is there a link to it?

MelissaMarch 13, 2019

I share a similar story as Martha Clanton. I took a tour of the Alanta Temple in 2011 before its rededication, and feeling the wonderful peace, and hearing the Spirit speak clearly to me, saying "it's time to come back", led me to return to church after many years of inactivity, and preparing to receive my endowment. And now I serve in our local Temple in Nashville.

LaReta BrinkerhoffMarch 13, 2019

Certainly touched my heart and soul, reading your article. Made me thrilled that the saints and non-members there are blessed to have such a temple and I'm betting they get those feelings outside the temple as well as inside. Thank you for sharing.

Diane Petersonw77March 13, 2019

Is it possible to purchase the picture of the Prophet and Apostles standing in front of the statues of the ancient Apostles?

GINA FOCOSIMarch 13, 2019

I, too, served in the Great Italy Rome Mission during 1980-81 and was privileged to return for the first time just a few weeks ago to attend the Open House. Like so many others have already expressed, I have no more words. Only tears of gratitude at the miracles we have been able to witness with the announcement, building, and now dedication of this Sacred House of the Lord in the land of my ancestors. I am also 100% Italian and a convert to the Church! God bless our wonderful, Italian Saints, and all who will use this most sacred edifice!

David L BlakleyMarch 13, 2019

Bret's vision of his family and him being at the dedication is similar to my dream/vision I had about finding the Church. His story is amazing and true and I'm glad he listened to Heavenly Father guide him and didn't give up. Blessings to you and your family brother Bret!

Peggy SteeleMarch 13, 2019

My full faith is that this is true and God will provide the rest of the miracle for my children and grandchildren! I will increase in my covenant-keeping, and their hearts, in time, will turn to God and His full plan!

ChristineMarch 13, 2019

Thank you for this article, and the links to other talks. I started thinking about the last words of the last verse - "my burden is light." I often think about burdens as something heavy, difficult, heartbreaking - so the promise that our burdens will be light when we take the Savior's yoke is comforting. But then I started to wonder if there are other meanings for burden. I found that 'burden' also means 'the main theme of a book or speech' synonyms: gist, substance, drift, implication, intention, thrust, meaning, significance, signification, sense, essence, thesis, import, purport, tenor, message, spirit. So, perhaps, in addition to our difficult burdens being made lighter through the Atonement of Jesus Christ, what if Jesus Christ also means that his 'main theme - his message' is Light - the opposite of darkness? I hope I can remember that the Savior's whole purpose was to dispel darkness - not just from the entire world, but from my life as well. And maybe I can help reflect that Light to others around me. "For my yoke is easy and my burden is light." His burden truly is Light.

Kandace McClureMarch 13, 2019

How do I find Sister Nelson's talk?

Jan KingMarch 13, 2019

What a thrilling article!! I'd like to know if the Pope came through the temple. Was there perhaps a private tour arranged him?

Martha ClantonMarch 13, 2019

A glorious feeling swept through me as I read your article about the Rome Temple open house.. I was transported back to my own experience during the public tour of the Timpanogos Temple. It was there that I promised Heavenly Father I would return to full activity and become worthy to hold a recommend. Several years after my own endowment, I had the chance to go through a session there. The moment I entered the Celestial Room, tears flooded my eyes as I felt embraced by the spirit. I had fulfilled my promise years before, but I truly felt the depths of His love for me as I came back to the place where I had been inspired to fully return to the faith. As I saw that last picture of Christ superimposed on the Rome Temple, I felt a deep camaraderie with the Italian people. The entire nation will be blessed.

Brian PrattMarch 13, 2019

Sorry - I think you missed the target on the definition of script. It is actually a substitute for money and indeed was one of the first forms of paper currency. The word script, at its root, means writing and more specifically was often a reference for the printed word (hence "scriptures"). The best example of script we have today is a personal cheque (check) but, in the times of the translation of the King James Bible, script was readily used in the management of large firms, in which employees received their wages in company script.

Pam WilkinsonMarch 13, 2019

It really touches my heart and my spirit that these hundreds if not thousands of visitors got to feel what we as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints feel often when the spirit speaks truth to us.

CW2SADMarch 13, 2019

Bro. and Sis. Proctor; I and my Eternal Companion were sealed in the Swiss Temple almost 40 years ago. I saw the title of this article and opened it in great anticipation for the joys it could hold. One line, the first line, almost made me close it. That line ends with: “but from the public who gets a glimpse inside a temple that they won’t see again.“ My prayer, added to many others who are praying the same, is that everyone who walked those hallowed halls walks there again ... dressed in white. Thank you for writing what you do and providing a place to escape the bad news around us and read the “good news” spreading about the world.

ShawnMarch 12, 2019

I spent my entire mission praying for a spiritual confirmation of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon and it never came. Let God be the judge, I know my heart was sincere and I had real intent. I had everything to gain and nothing to lose. Because I didn't have that positive confirmation that the Church was true, when I was taught in my BYU science classes things like evolution and old earth geology, (which contradicted the McConkie Mormonism I grew up with), I went with the evidence and began questioning everything else I was taught. I still want to be involved in the ward and my wife is still faithful, but its much harder now that ward members think of me as a project. I hate that we are now allowed to feed the missionaries only because I'm considered "inactive" not due to not attending, but simply not believing everything the same as everyone else.

Gregory C. WeedMarch 12, 2019

What a thrill it was for me to read this article about Cecilia and her blessed family. It was in 1972 as a very new missionary when I was honored to meet Cecilia and her mother and sister Emma in their home. I was stirred by their newly planted testimonies of the Restored Gospel. They were so helpful to Anziano Allen and me in their support as member missionaries. Thank you for stirring up very fond and unforgettable memories.

J MorleyMarch 12, 2019

Am I not right in thinking that all 15 attended the General Conference held in Manchester England - April 1971?

Little Ol MeMarch 12, 2019

This sounds bad, but have you considered every situation? Heavy breathing--does she have to climb the stairs to get to the break room or copy machine or the boss' room? I'm sure she's exhausted being a single mom. "Does she know" is his boss female and he just took something of hers off her desk? Okay maybe these are stretches. "Don't touch me there"--he might think it's okay to put a hand on the shoulder or perhaps he was pointing to her shirt and about to make a comment. Let's hope it means she's got boundaries and wasn't directing him to touch places. Or you could go the opposite direction and assume everything was affair-related, down to the belly-button story. If it was a spiritual prompting and not a feeling of fear of emotion that prompted you to record him, then you need the spirit to know how to approach him because he's going to be super defensive if you're wrong and super defensive if you're right. It's very rare for things to get better after recordings. Everyone I know who tried to hide something from their spouse got courage from the adversary to come out when caught and leave them. Everyone I know who accuses an innocent spouse damages their relationship. Just be ready for the fallout--you need to be really prepared, really tactful, and gather more evidence.

KurtMarch 12, 2019

What a blessing Bro. Woods' service has been, is, and will continue to be for the Church, for the people of Italy, and for him and his family. After reading about a relatively speedy permitting process, the comment about the extent of the opposition was jarring. I regret that a specific example or two was not related. While certain kinds of opposition would not be appropriate for publication, were there no problems receiving materials, no weather problems at critical moments, etc., that could have rounded out the discussion? What a beautiful temple and visitors center!

Richard ShippMarch 12, 2019

Ten Points for all Saints. God bless the Prophet, leading the way.

Richard ShippMarch 12, 2019

The Saints in Heaven and on Earth Rejoice.

Terry BreitMarch 12, 2019

In early 2006, less than three weeks after retiring as an aerospace engineer, the mission department called asking if my wife and I would accept a full-time mission as an assistant engineer at the Nauvoo Temple. How does one turn down something like that! It was a wonderful mission serving daily in the House of the Lord. Often times the spirit would reveal how to solve a problem or what needed to be done. I was always amazed at the details even in remote “never to be seen” places in the temple. What a choice experience. Thank you for this touching article which brought back many wonderful memories.

Ann-Marie JensenMarch 12, 2019

I'm happy to see what appears to be adequate seating being provided in the Celestial Room!

vickieMarch 12, 2019

I would say that he as an American has the right to do what he wants in his own shop. he isn't a hired worker, he owns the shop. he more than likely would have made a cake for them but not have things they wanted on it and I can see his point. I wouldn't want to do those things either. he took a stand in which we are all going to have to do eventually to have our religious freedom in America.

Lujuana PetersenMarch 11, 2019

This is so beautiful explained about the work in the temples. I love it.

Randal CusterMarch 11, 2019

I read this article to my wife who is a devout Catholic. We share in each others church participation. 40 years ago I served my mission in Italy. When I gotto the part about his vision I had to stop and weep openly. I have had that experience. It was in a small town of Asti. I was the Branch President for 3 months. Oddly enough a previous assignment was working in the Swiss Temple. I had a vision come to me three times. In the vision I was standing watching a large group of the members, it was the night before they left for the temple. They pressed together, smiled, a photo flash went off, and as it faded out I was left with the sweetest feeling imaginable. I knew that was my mission there. What made it a challenge is they had not one temple recommend holder, only 2 held calling, and no one had the Melchisdec Priesthood. In that period Thithing increase 300%, home teaching was 95%, activity tripled, and 21 members took callings. One sister was not a member. At our district meeting the sisters missionaries said we hope she will accept to be baptised tonight. I said she will be baptized Saturday evening. They looked surprised and asked, how do you know? Because the Lord just told me last night to call and have her sustained to a teaching position Sunday morning. 11 members should together that night as flash went off. I still charish that photo as a testimony of God's love and guidance. I wept because because like Brother Woods the Spirit said you shall know these things to be true when you see the picture take.

Marie CellaMarch 11, 2019

I so look forward to the time when I shall see the Rome Temple. The lessons learned throughout its construction only serve to strengthen us in the times of our lives that seem impossible-- through our Savior Jesus Christ. And to never, ever, ever, give up.

MichaelMarch 11, 2019

What about friendships and interaction with same gender youth? What about interactions with siblings of both gender especially in large families? All of these maturation issues are in play with them. I think learning how to have appropriate friendships and relationships with people of the opposite sex is a crucial part of growing up. If "many adolescents do not have the cognitive skills and resources to competently deal with the challenging aspects of relationships," then it is a great opportunity to acquire these skills and resources. I think there is a mistaken tendency to try and keep youth from facing these challenges until they are older when the challenges are even greater. The scriptures say: "Bridle your passions." They don't say keep the horse in the barn.

Virgil AtkinsonMarch 11, 2019

What company do you work for? You can email me if you don't want to answer publicly.

Roberta Lynn MarcumMarch 11, 2019

I never thought of all the trials before hand to build this historic Temple. Thank you for sharing this.

Alisi FiliagaMarch 11, 2019

Just beautiful, thank you thank you for sharing!

B DeereMarch 11, 2019

A big thank you to the Woods family and all those who sacrificed so much for this huge undertaking. Especially those three beautiful children. You are heroes!

Pattie SkousenMarch 11, 2019

As we look at the finished result of building beautiful temples to the Lord; we never know what takes place on the back side of building, getting permission, purchase of property, and how the Holy Ghost helps those who do this phenomenal work. Thanks for this wonderful article that gives a glimpse of the behind workings. We are truly grateful for your family and their dedication to help forward the work.

Denise ChristensenMarch 11, 2019

Oh Scot and Maurine...what a beautiful Photo Essay and a marvelous experience for you to be there to witness the dedication firsthand! You have been in our thoughts and prayers all week and we appreciate your efforts and talents in making this experience available to all of your Meridian readers!

RBiddulphMarch 11, 2019

We can explain the need for temples to the Italians: The Restored Church of Jesus Christ believes in the Christianity of the New Testament era. Here are some beliefs of Christians of the New Testament era: 1. Baptism by immersion by the father (who has the authority) of the family 2. Lay, married clergy 3. Baptism by proxy for deceased ancestors 1 Corinthians 15:29 4. God and Jesus organized the world, rather than creatio ex nihilo. 5. Belief in a tripartite anthropomorphic Godhead, as witnessed by the Apostle Stephen. Acts 7: 55-56 6. Belief in theosis (that faithful Christians can acquire god-like attributes). All early Christian leaders believed in theosis. 7. Belief in God’s Plan of Salvation, given by Jesus Christ to the Apostles during the 40 days after His Resurrection. (Sophia Jesu Christi) 8. Belief in sacred esoteric ordinances which allow faithful Christians to ascend to the highest heaven. Cyril, Bishop of Jerusalem, administered these ordinances until 350 AD. (Catechetical Lectures 20 and 23). 9. Belief in Eternal Marriage, as recorded in the Book of the Apostle Philip. 70:20 Temples teach of 3), 4), 5), 6), 7), 8), and 9)

Charles D McClureMarch 11, 2019

Thank you to you and you family for the sacrifice you all made to make this happen. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and insights. The temple is beautiful and is a great blessing to the people of Italy.

Bette Rigby-BenchMarch 11, 2019

What a blessing for our brothers & sisters in Italy and the surrounding area!! Heavenly Father is so magnificent & Loves us more than we can comprehend!! Love to all

ReyMarch 10, 2019

Thank you! Thank you for the transcript! I appreciate that effort and look forward to these podcasts. Your faith and knowledge are inspiring.

Meredith HarkerMarch 10, 2019

This was wonderful and we used this as a family for a more insightful gospel discussion. Thank you!

MichaelMarch 10, 2019

Thank you for this beautiful article! It is inspiring and greatly needed. One small correction - Alma 26:11 is Ammon speaking

Baquedano MaryseMarch 10, 2019

How inspiring and marvelous are these photographs! Thanks a lot for sharing. I had the opportunity to travel to Rome and contemplate all this and I can't get tired of admiring the temple, the temple's visitor centor... In fact, the entire temple lot!

Lauren SmithMarch 9, 2019

Thank you for writing this and including these pictures. Beautiful!

MaryannMarch 9, 2019

THANK YOU so much for these beautiful pictures and words regarding the Rome Temple. It is so glorious and thrilling to see this beautiful new temple in Rome.

Denise ChristensenMarch 9, 2019

Thank you so much Scot and Maurine for the beautiful pictures and your commentary. It is so fun to be following you through your articles and pictures since we can't be there in person. Enjoy your time there...and what a blessing to be there with the Prophet, his counselors AND the Twelve Apostles!! Lucky you! And tell our friend, Paul, hello!

Maurine Jensen ProctorMarch 9, 2019

This is a link to an article by from a secular news source.

A. BinghamMarch 9, 2019

The emphasis on the family as the central organizing structure in society is highly valued outside the US, Europe and the western countries. Those who have lived and worked in Latin America, SE Asia, and Africa have experienced this. Populations there. Programs coming from the 'West' are increasingly viewed with suspicion for this reason. So exchanges that are family affirming are much more readily embraced.

Pauline SmithMarch 9, 2019

I served as a missionary in the Italy Rome mission 1974-1976. Rome now has two stakes - when I was there there was just one branch in Rome! What growth!

Doris CrockettMarch 9, 2019

Absolutely wonderful -- both the Temple and Visitor's Center -- but also such beautiful explanations by the brethren and sisters....

Jan KingMarch 9, 2019

Thank you for publishing this wonderful video of the beautiful Rome Temple! What an incredible missionary tool! My heart is filled with gratitude for the gospel, Heavenly Father's and the Savior's love, and for my own personal temple experiences!

Mariah from MeridianMarch 9, 2019

@Myrna, This is an article excerpted from another site and not written by a Latter-day Saint. It is an outside perspective and that means they won't always be perfect in their terminology.

rebkotMarch 8, 2019

What a beautiful article! It filled me with joy. I believe that we must do all the things you talked about to gain charity, but I also believe it is only fully achieved as a gift from the Savior. "...Wherefore, my beloved brethren, pray unto the Father with all the energy of heart, that ye may be filled with this love, which he hath bestowed upon all who are true followers of his Son, Jesus Christ;" Moroni 7:48. We must do as much as we can as you have described, and we must pray with all our energy that Charity will be bestowed upon us.

Christy BeckstromMarch 8, 2019

Cute idea

Jim BrownMarch 8, 2019

I noticed that you did not give Battle Angel a grade. This makes it hard to compare with the other movies. What letter grade do you give it?

Camber JonesMarch 8, 2019

I met Cecilia at the Rome Temple on September 4th of last year. My husband and I were there for his business trip and we were able to stop by on our way. We felt such love for her and the wonderful couple that was there. We shared stories for hours and I felt like they were family. I wanted so badly to bring my 4 children back for the open house (knowing how unlikely that was). She kissed my cheeks as I left and gave me the best hug. I felt like I was leaving family. They had shown us so much love and kindness! Later that day we had everything stolen when we visited the tower of Pisa. I was devastated! Heavenly Father had sent me angels to make me stronger before that incident. Our homeowners insurance covered the stolen items that we have not entirely replaced yet. Then ticket prices dropped to the lowest I have ever seen them and we were able to use the rest of the money to take our children back to Italy for the Temple Open House. The second time we attended I walked into the baptistry and there she was! Cecilia, our angel! Everything had come full circle! We cried as we embraced her told her our story and introduced her to our children! It was one of the best experiences of our lives! We cannot thank her enough for being a part of that.

Myrna Lea HoustonMarch 8, 2019

Why oh why does the nickname "mormon" appear over and over in this article? Members have been asked by President to speak of our Church using its correct name, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Do you not follow the Prophet?

RanaeMarch 8, 2019

I don't usually check footnotes, but the article in footnote 1 has extremely valuable information. I would highly recommend it to anyone who has been trying to make sense of not only what constitutes emotional abuse, but also what to do when you identify it in your own relationship.

Sally ChalmersMarch 8, 2019

When i served in The Madrid Spain temple with my husband from Jan of 2017 to July of 2018. Cecilia was one of my favorite friends there as she came to do vicarious work on a daily basis when she was visiting her son in Madrid. She is an angel and I am so grateful for my association with her. Thank you so much.

MaryannMarch 8, 2019

The best way to study the scriptures is the way that works for you! I often ask the Lord to teach me. I have found the spirit that attends reading the Book of Mormon is far more powerful than mere words on a page. It is the Spirit of the Holy Ghost filling my heart and mind, telling me that the things I am reading are true and renewing my commitment to strive to live the gospel.

MaryannMarch 8, 2019

Gotta love this story---great humor!

DaisyMarch 8, 2019

Our family loved Run the Race. It was inspiring, real and motivating to love better and judge less.

Sharon MayMarch 8, 2019

I want to express my gratitude that you did this and shared it with us, your silent audience. This is a very meaningful experience for we who couldn't have possibly been there....then nor in the future. I have loved your publication from its onset and continue to do so. Keep up the good work!

TerryMarch 8, 2019

This is one of the most powerful pieces I have ever read. Thank you for writing it.

Joy LundbergMarch 8, 2019

Excellent article. Geoff Steurer is right on target with his counsel. In our most recent book "Because We Love Our Marriage: 12 Ways to Safeguard Your Eternal Relationship" (published by Covenant Communications) we address this issue head-on in the first chapter, quoting words of Church leaders and others regarding flirting, what it is, and what to do about it. This may be helpful for those dealing with this issue and those who want to avoid it. We congratulate Geoff on the important work he is doing to help marriages and families stay strong. Gary & Joy Lundberg

DrewMarch 8, 2019

Thanks for your article! I felt like I needed it this morning. I love what you said to that clerk. I am going to steal that line if it is OK with you!

Philippot BernadetteMarch 8, 2019

Merci beaucoup pour ces magnifiques photos de la représentation traditionnelle des premiers apôtres de notre Sauveur Jésus Christ

KellyMarch 7, 2019

DId you get a picture of the incoming missionaries??? My Anziano was in that group. It is all exciting, to say the least.

Jane WoodsMarch 7, 2019

I feel the glory of it all! Thank you for these beautiful photos and words. I hope you can show us a picture of the star surrounded by an oval at the center of the piazza? Thank you for sharing this beautiful House of the Lord!

Kathy SmithMarch 7, 2019

Amazing! So beautiful! Thank you for sharing.

DUANE S CARLINGMarch 7, 2019

Has the POPE visited yet?

Sylvia RodriguezMarch 7, 2019

I was raised as a Catholic in Utah but at 15 y/o I and my family were baptized in the true church. In 1964 I was privileged to visit Rome and as I stood at the entrance of the Sistine Chapel and watched all the people rushing around, many priests and nuns, I said to myself it will take a miracle to establish the Church of Jesus Christ here. The miracle has happened. The Savior has not forgotten Italy and the Catholics.

Haze KompelienMarch 7, 2019

Thank you for your coverage of the Temple in Rome. I love the articles & the photos! The one of the Christus w/ the Temple was breathtaking.

Dale BomanMarch 7, 2019

Cecilia is the real thing. I have known Cecilia over 47 years since I was a missionary in Napoli where I met her, then Rome. And we have corresponded regularly since then. She is a spiritual giant and loves the Lord. She is willing to serve with her heart even if in the background of things. It is time she got this attention from LDS magazine. Four generations of Italian latter-day saints because of her.

Patricia HoffmanMarch 7, 2019

I am so grateful for your sharing these amazing photos and your comments about them. I have saved them on my computer so that we can enjoy them streaming on our desktop. Also so that we can share them with others.

Bryan W EllsworthMarch 7, 2019

We went to the Open House but your photos create the spirit and peace we felt. Mine olny remind me that I was there. You have a gift to capture this feeling in photo essay that only a real visit there in person can give to the rest of us.

KathrynMarch 7, 2019

I echo what Donna said. I was there too, and the Spirit was palpable. From that, I have to believe that the IAAM Center for Family History will have a powerful role to play in healing our nation, communities, and individuals.

Mark MathesonMarch 7, 2019

Many fine insights. Thank you for sharing your study efforts with us.

Lori Finlay HamiltonMarch 7, 2019

God bless you both, for enduring a chilly morning so that we all could have goose-bumped chilly, spiritual moments basking in the beauty and spirit of your photos. What a Magnificent gift of God to this earth!!

Patti MorrisMarch 7, 2019

I served my mission in Milano Italia in the late 80's. My heart is full for the people of Italy to finally of their temple. This story is wonderful. It brings to my mind so many other people I meet on my mission with similar stories. Thank you for sharing your story sister.

Charles McClellandMarch 7, 2019

Breath taking pictures! Thanks, Scott.

Steven K. SsenyonjoMarch 7, 2019

This is an inspiring true story, I have been totally touched by it. We are all entitled to personal revelation based on our faith. The Elder had such a revelation regarding temple construction in Italy!!!. Dear Saints let us strengthen our faith to ever qualify for the Holy Spirit.

JackieMarch 6, 2019

A thought, I truly believe stories that are difficult or unresolved have every ability to help others, since so many of the circumstances we face do not resolve in mortality. Stories of the mentally ill can teach us symptoms, which may end up saving someone's life. Or can motivate someone to pick this field for research. Or a politician to provide funding. I see your point, but I do not accept it. People who live in functional LDS families do not want to face the realities that some of their brothers and sisters are dealing with. That is why the Book of Mormon warns us against saying that a man has brought his problems upon himself so I do not need to help him. To remind us that that is the usual response of the natural man. Chemo Okazaki was correct. We accept certain trials as valid and judge others as undeserving.

Marsha NewmanMarch 6, 2019

We rely too much today on modern medicine. We live in a "practical" world where, too often, a blessing is looked at as just a nice prayer. For a healing blessing to be effective, faith must be enjoined, followed by listening to the Holy Spirit as we ask direction, and finally obedience to the promptings we get. AND we never write off a blessing if it doesn't happen immediately. Our mind and spirit must be unified in calling upon our God to make that blessing effective. Also, there are occasions where a blessing is only effective with fasting as well as prayer - as Jesus so clearly taught his disciples.

Shelley HinchMarch 6, 2019

The Church went all-out with this temple. Stunning.

A thoughtMarch 6, 2019

@Randi, I think Saroo felt to share his story because he thought it would inspire hope in someone else's search. I don't think the point is just to share things just to get them out there, nor do I think it's about people only liking happy endings. I think this particular article is talking about sharing stories that might help someone else. Stories that are unresolved or difficult without clear purpose or uplift might be cathartic for someone to share, but also might not be helpful to anyone else. There's still a place for that in terms of understanding each other better and connecting with one another, but I think that's something different than what he was talking about/hoping would come from sharing what happened to him.

DianeMarch 6, 2019

I love conversion stories! Thank you for sharing this one!

RandiMarch 6, 2019

As someone who never remarried following my divorce, I spent most of my time in the Church in singles wards. So many of the people there had had very difficult lives, abusive parents, alcoholic parents, mentally ill spouses or parents, gay ex-spouses who died from Aids, or they themselves were struggling with these issues. Did anyone in the family wards really want to know these people's stories? No, they did not. Instead they found these stories embarrassing to the perfect LDS society they wished to project to the world. And the fact the mentally ill had been repeatedly excommunicated without the bishops realizing what was happening is not a story we wish to advertise. So yes, it is important, but no, it will not be welcomed. We only want to hear stories with happy endings.

SallyMarch 6, 2019

Thank you for your comments especially David Druary and Maryanne I lost my baby when he was 4 days old 2 years ago and I feel like knowing the concepts of our church is what really helped me to not be more broken I am eternally grateful for the fact that I can be with him again and raise him up to an adult and I look forward to that with all my heart.

DebMarch 6, 2019

So beautiful. Thank you for the vivid images you painted in my mind and heart as you made these scriptures come alive for me.

Virginia DavisMarch 6, 2019

My son served in the Italy Rome mission 1985-1987. I just returned from the Rome Temple open house. It is such a beautiful temple. I was so happy to walk the steps my son did all those years ago. This temple, is definitely a place of holiness unto the Lord. The people are so blessed to have a temple in their country.

Marie BarnhurstMarch 6, 2019

We were blessed to be there for the open house of this amazing temple. It is so beautiful and awe-inspiring! The beauty is immediately recognizable as Italian in tone and design, which endeared it to the Italian people immediately.

Little Ol MeMarch 6, 2019

I just noticed you have tried to leave him but keep coming back. I apologize! So you don't have a problem leaving after all! I'm surprised the therapist didn't address that. I'm not an expert on that, maybe someone can fill her in, but in my experience NO wife who has a husband who keeps coming back with flowers EVER stays with that man forever. When she's older she finally gets a clue and she wishes she put her foot down earlier. Do you love him enough to drive him to realize his only option is true repentance, or do you like the romantic attention he gives you more and are okay that he will never overcome this? If so that's pretty...(I know this sounds bad)...selfish, don't you want him to make it to heaven or is the thrill of marriage more important than eternal salvation?

Little Ol MeMarch 6, 2019

I had to come back and comment again--I was thinking this seems to be the only problem--you didn't mention anything else, so kudos for trying to problem solve and for staying. But then I thought wait a minute, the consequences COULD outweigh the negatives of divorce. What would happen if you got a deadly disease and died; what if he got someone pregnant and either needed to pay child support or he starts paying for feticide/embryocide? What's going to happen to your children spiritually? What's going to happen to him as he slides down this slippery slope--you're going to be worrying about more than plain adultery. Would it have all been worth it? There's no hope of being with him in the eternities if he's all, yeah I'm just compelled to be this way in the Spring (um... I might be able to solve this one for you...that's when all the college girls and school teachers are on spring/summer break...he might be out looking for them in public places); if that's what he told you and you sympathetically thought well maybe this is a disorder...either he's trying to trick you or he lacks willpower. Either way it's serious and can only end in misery.

Merle RumseyMarch 6, 2019

My husband and we’re able to go the open house of the Rome Temple. I’m so grateful for these wonderful articles. Thank you, Proctors, for all of the wonderful things you do to enrich our lives

DonnaMarch 6, 2019

We were there, and it was an electric moment. The Church certainly cares about it's African American members greatly.

Jane WoodsMarch 6, 2019

Wow! I am enjoying every article you have written about the Rome Temple! I loved the photo of the Savior and Temple this morning!! Thank you and can't wait to live through it all with you!

Jill BergmanMarch 6, 2019

This makes my heart sing!

Patti HMarch 6, 2019

I so enjoyed reading about Cecilia and her gospel conversion. What a story. It gives me hope. Our youngest son left the church to marry a catholic girl. She has a wonderful, large extended family, but we pray daily that they may come to know the fullness of the gospel.

AngieMarch 6, 2019

As a young woman growing up Catholic, my heart was touched by Ceclia's conversion story. I, too, was converted by missionaries who blessed my life. I will be attending the dedication of the Rome Temple next week and then visiting the homeland of my ancestors in Teora, Italy. My family and friends have been busy doing the temple work for these ancestors and I am so honored to be able to visit where they once lived.

KateMarch 6, 2019

These stories in the scriptures used to thrill me. Now they just make me sad. I speak of the members suffering from bipolar and other serious mental illnesses and of their families. They are not being healed by their interactions with priesthood holders. They are being excommunicated or disfellowshipped. They are being shamed. Where, oh where, is the power of the priesthood? I have seen its authority, but find, as President Packer said, we have not been as successful in disseminating its power. And I am left to wonder how we differ from the Christians of Joseph Smith's day who had the form of godliness but denied the power thereof.

Gina FocosiMarch 6, 2019

Thank you for this wonderful article! I served in the GREATEST Italy Rome Mission between 1980-81 and have recently returned from the Rome Temple Open House, my first time back in Italy since I left the mission field! I LOVE the people of Italy! The new Temple is a testament to their strength and faithfulness! Forza Italia!!!

Martha ClantonMarch 6, 2019

While he has a quirky sort of humor, his wife is actually hilarious!

Martha ClantonMarch 6, 2019

What a wonderful woman! Thank you for sharing part of her story with us.

Diana BakerMarch 6, 2019

This article touched my heart so much and made me cry. I feel close to this temple already because of my mission president. There is so much good in the world to come because of the Savior's presenc e in our lives. May we all try to be a light on the hill as this beautiful sister in the story.

ScottMarch 6, 2019

Way to go Sister Ceclia! What a remarkable daughter of God you are.

Rod BrewerMarch 6, 2019

What a beautiful and inspiring story. We are so grateful for these disciples of Christ and the blessings they have brought to so many.

CubbyMarch 6, 2019

That was just too, too funny. It was the best!

A. BinghamMarch 6, 2019

More background on the UN. The United Nations was originally conceived as the backbone institution of the One World Order, a 20th century vision by a global group of financiers, politicians and others. Nation states would eventually dissolve and a global governance system emerge in its wake. Carroll Quigley's lengthy book, Tragedy and Hope: A History of the World in our Time goes into great detail on the formation of this institution and the vision of the One World Order. In more recent years, President George H.W. Bush has referred to this as the One World Order and President Bill Clinton billed the Neo-liberal order. Dr. Quigley was a professor of history at the foreign Service School of Georgetown University. The UN today remains a flagship for shaping global policies influencing the family and many other areas of life including the environment and even our county level growth management plans (these are UN mandated millennial goals) here in the US that people may be familiar with. Powerful institution.

Little Ol MeMarch 5, 2019

I'm not the person, but put yourself in her place before saying she absolutely must leave him. Maybe she will be super stressed trying to provide and doesn't have a lot of skills. Maybe the children are young enough to be seriously traumatized (I've noticed that a lot of commenters only think of the adults and the kids can just go eat hay--not a smart move in the mental health crisis age). Maybe she would be devastated if her children divorced someday and wants to be a good example. On the other hand I think the reason Christ focused only on adultery as a reason to leave was because it is what it is, there's no excuse. Even a dangerous person might just be hurting inside and needs help and separation from their family--maybe that's why Christ didn't say and physical abuse too because he knew a lot of them would feel compelled to be that way because of mental issues--so that's why he still had hope. Don't fool yourself into thinking well if he took vitamin D he wouldn't be this way, there's no compulsive adultery disorder--it's a SIN that can't be forgiven by a psychologist.

OlivettaMarch 5, 2019

I love it. How wonderful. How sublime.

Herm OlsenMarch 5, 2019

I LOVE the notion that we can become good, even great, gospel scholars, and still be poor disciples. That is a thought which should cross our minds not only every Sunday, but every day. Thanks for the insight.

andrewkMarch 5, 2019

Mike. I've followed the link and read the account on Scott Woodward's website. This is the same one I have already read. It does not say that it was on his way to the grove that he was tempted by the adversary, which was my point. It says "On one occasion, he went to a small grove of trees near his father’s home and knelt down before God in solemn prayer. The adversary then made several strenuous efforts to cool his ardent soul." This indicates that it was after he arrived, which is what the other accounts say. Still waiting for a response from the author about this. Right now, it appears to be an error in the article, unless additional source material becomes available.

ScottCarterMarch 4, 2019

As President Charles W. Penrose declared at a general conference death of President Joseph F. Smith: "Why waste your time, your talents, your means, your influence in following something that will perish and pass away, when you could devote yourselves to a thing that will stand forever? For this Church and kingdom, to which you belong, will abide and continue in time, in eternity, while endless ages roll along, and you with it will become mightier and more powerful; while the things of this world will pass away and perish, and will not abide in nor after the resurrection, saith the Lord our God."[CR, June 1919, 37] Quoted by Dallin H Oaks/BYU Devotional, Jan 2002

Gloribelle LongworthMarch 4, 2019

Thank you so much for doing these wonderful podcasts. Because of health issues, I am not always able to attend church, so these podcasts are a wonderful blessing to me!

Ann Marie RobinsonMarch 4, 2019

I agree. We would love to see more pictures.

CgroundyMarch 4, 2019

The Prophet Joseph Smith said that no man suffered greater contradictions than Jesus Christ. The most sublime truths are shrouded in paradox. Paradox and ambiguity are two tools that the Lord uses to help us grow here on the earth. They are like optical illusions. Thanks for the article.

Mike PrescottMarch 4, 2019

Andrews, I found it through a google search of the “1842 Orson Hyde account”.........came up under a Scott Woodward guy...... I’d never heard it either and it was apparently the 1st account published in a foreign language (German)

ErikMarch 4, 2019

Fair warning--the $13 class linked at the end of the article has nothing to do with worry. I'm not even sure the word worry comes up in the class. It's just about staying calm while talking to your kids. It's a good class but may not be what you're looking for if your search brought you to this article.

CubbyMarch 4, 2019

This was very good. Entertaining and with an incredible message not only for missionaries, but for everyone. I was impressed with seeing the “what happened next” element. Thanks.

LINDA FINNMarch 4, 2019

I loved this Podcast ! I get so much more out of it than I do reading ! Please keep it up ! Linda

Melanie WilkesMarch 4, 2019

I love this. Thank you so much! This is very helpful in connecting the ancient rituals of the former law to the new inner requirements of the Gospel.

ScottMarch 4, 2019

Very helpful as I prepare for my Sunday School lesson in a couple weeks. Thank you.

JocelynMarch 4, 2019

I think we would all love to see more pictures. Is that possible?

Becky L RoseMarch 3, 2019

My Father has been gone for 13 years, but he wanted someone to speak at his funeral on the "mathmatical probability of Eternity" No one did. know one knew what to say, but this would work. Thank you!

Carol HuffMarch 3, 2019

I would like to read the full article, but can only get the introduction.

TamaraMarch 3, 2019

Thanks so much for your insights

PaulaMarch 3, 2019

My experience of a message from the other side. I'd asked my boss (a Harvard-educated lawyer, a wonderful man loved by all) IF he passed to the other side before I did, would he "send me a sign"? He said he would. He retired. One day a few years later I looked on the internet and he had died. A few days later I said, "Mr. Cox, remember you said you'd send me a sign?" A few days later a friend in our homeschooling community who had NEVER asked me to do anything socially tho our boys were close, and she and her husband really didn't drink, called and said, "Paula, I know it's kind of weird and last minute, but I happened to see this WINE TASTING in SAKONNET RHODE ISLAND tonight and wondered if you'd like to go?" I was busy, but after hanging up I remembered how Mr. Cox always summered in Sakonnet and LOVED his wine. He used to ruefully say as he paid the bill at work, "Maybe I drink a bit too much of this stuff!" :-) I can't PROVE it's true... But there you go.

Regina Marie Sherwood FaresinMarch 3, 2019

Thank you, I will appreciate it more because of your explanations, when I am able to go to do family Temple work in our Rome Temple.

Regina Marie Sherwood FaresinMarch 3, 2019

Thank you for the wonderful article, which I could also forward to others, who asked this question in connection with the Rome Temple Dedication.

CubbyMarch 2, 2019

A bit of a sideline, but my husband goes looking for a "new" car each spring. It is like he is drawn and it really irritates me. He simply must go out and look even though the car we have is perfectly fine. Maybe there is something to this seasonal affective disorder.

JohnMarch 2, 2019

Thanks to both of you! I am in Primary Sundays and miss the Gospel Doctrine class. This is GREAT.

MaryannMarch 2, 2019

Why would anyone remain in a marriage where there is a pattern of REPEATED betrayal and adultery??? I hope this sister doesn't think she is being "Christ-like" by accepting this continuous abuse, for that is exactly what this behavior is--abuse. She needs to find a reputable therapist and find out WHY she is allowing herself to be treated this way, and hopefully find the strength to leave this guy and make a new life for herself.

Pete PrattMarch 2, 2019

Poor Robert didn't quite get the picture, did he. I wonder if he's still breathing.

SherrineMarch 2, 2019

While most of our advice would be for this good sister to get out, I appreciate your thoughtful and thorough advice. It may lead to her leaving, but she will know that it's a result of choosing what she needs in her life. I also appreciate your advice for the husband to stop the behavior before he attempts to figure out the "why".

RoxanneMarch 1, 2019

"LDS people are leaving their spouses"? What? I'm not sure what you are experiencing but it seems anecdotal. Who would you like to help you with your marriage? Like, come to your home and counsel you? This article is great and the complete antithesis of the world, which tells us any group of people who choose to like each other, no matter how temporarily are a valid family. Satan's counterfeit. Those that follow the Proclamation will truly reap the Lord's fullest blessings.

GrandpaMarch 1, 2019

This dear sister needs to give the husband the "help-out" treatment -- get help or get out. Him knowing that she will always be there after he's wandered is enabling his behavior. She deserves better.

OlivettaMarch 1, 2019

This spectacular effort is magnificent and brilliant. How does this priceless art reach its destination safely?

Jo Ann OkelberryMarch 1, 2019

I have known this story for many years. This couple did an amazing mission that lasted for all those years. Their influence was felt far and wide. Thank you for doing this film. I hope that the Los Angeles area will have a showing at a time we can go.

Ken McGowanMarch 1, 2019

I notice the significant amount of emphasis placed on him and what he needs to do with her pain as a back-ground to this whole sordid mess. Yes, he needs to get his life in order but his serial cheating is such that she should not wait until he does and should “run” as fast as she can out of this broken relationship. His “serial” cheating is poisonous to her and she needs to get rid of this poison in her system. To stay in this relationship after so muh cheating is not something she should be in outraged to do. To encourage the continuance of a relationship by holding out hope for it is unhelpful to say the least. She should be encouraged to find a family member of friend to support her as she ends it.

MartaMarch 1, 2019

First question: Why is she still with this man?

Janna TolbertMarch 1, 2019

Thank you for all the insights and suggestions. You gave much to ponder and study this week.

CubbyMarch 1, 2019

This was such an interesting article. It made me think, “how can I be an instrument in his peace?” What is my worthy sacrifice? At the end I was thinking, “I want a book. I want to know of those 120 and more parables and people in this picture. I wonder if we will be able to purchase a copy of the picture in a framed light box to enjoy in our home. More than teo years of Family Home Evenings finding one picture and reading about it. It is, quite literally, exquisite. I hope a replica will make it to temple square. Thanks for this inspiring article.

LearningAsIGoMarch 1, 2019

If I may, I'd like to share my Spring time emotional response due to trauma. Every year as Easter approached, I would get depressed. It was related to trauma from surgery that I had on a Good Friday. It took many years and mindfulness for me to overcome the emotional response. I have now learned that there are resources available to address and remove emotional responses to trauma. Search for a faithful LDS hypnotist or someone that practices neuro linguistic programming. They are able to reach into the subconscious mind to clear traumas. This is no way absolves your husband in the choices that he has made and does not diminish the betrayal and hurt that you are experiencing.

Jervae HornungMarch 1, 2019

Stunning! Miraculous! Humbling to see how the Lord was involved every step of the way. Such beauty! Thank you!

KerrieMarch 1, 2019

I think the detais of the creation of this art glass, and explanations of the stories and symbols represented would make a fantastic coffee table book. There is a picture that shows a book and I wonder if it is already in process. It would be wonderful to experience, especially for those of us who may never see it in person.

Mardonne NeimanMarch 1, 2019

Thank you for your insightful article. Thank you, Paul and Allison. We need to show our joy and gratitude in having received further revelation through Joseph Smith and use the Joseph Smith Translation in many other instances. When we read the scriptures in class the teacher needs to ask the JST footnote to be read, I know not every country has the JST footnotes but an article n the Liahona would be helpful which points out the most important JST to be used in the coming year.

Glen DanielsenMarch 1, 2019

I think a woman who stays with a man like this inadvertently chooses her own misery. I think counsel to her could be more straightforward: check your own codependency, see the writing on the wall, know his problem is not your problem, and take action to release him. Learn the principles of Al-Anon. Take care of YOURSELF.

EmmaMarch 1, 2019

I have always loved these stories but have problems with them now. When I sought the bishops blessing for a mentally ill ward member he told me he would not bless her. I am left to wonder why. Do we really believe these scriptures? Or are they simply feel good stories we like to tell?

EllenMarch 1, 2019

Seasonal affective disorder, undiagnosed mental illness that cycles, severe trauma in his past that something in the spring reminds him of but which isn't even in his conscious memory or even a severe imbalance in intestinal microbes. Protect yourself first then get him tested.

CarolFebruary 28, 2019

I love what Paul J said - he is truly famous. Hopefully we will all write our personal histories and help our relatives by recording some of their lives as we knew them or how the touched our lives. And the comment at the end of the poem about doing what was needed it so right!!

ZacFebruary 28, 2019

I've long believed that it is a Godly attribute to be able to intentionally forget. Like many things, it is something, as humans, we can't understand. I think we tend to limit God's power by attributing too many human attributes to Him. I believe he is a lot like us, in the way that parents are a lot like their infant child. I also believe that we will be astonished at how well we know Him when we see Him again.

andrewkFebruary 28, 2019

I am curious if there are more than one version of the 1842 Orson Hyde pamphlet. The text I have from that doesn't say that he was tempted by Satan on his walk from the family cabin. Can you provide more clarification on that detail? Thank you.

Marie BarnhurstFebruary 28, 2019

Thank you for all these beautiful pictures! We just returned from Rome and the temple open house, but of course we couldn't take our own pictures inside the temple! It is just so beautiful! Thank you many times to the Holdmans for this artistic triumph!

Gina FocosiFebruary 28, 2019

Having recently returned from attending the Rome Temple Open House AND having served my mission there in 1980-81 AND being of 100% Italian decent ... this article brought tears to my eyes! ETERNAL ordinances in the ETERNAL City!!! Thank you for your dedication and sharing your talents, Holdmans!! The Italians are being so richly blessed, thanks to this Sacred House of the Lord!

Ken HazelbakerFebruary 28, 2019

Hi Scott and Maureen, I am enjoying your articles about the Holdmans and their work at the Rome temple and visitors center. A couple weeks ago I arranged an activity for our Cedar Hills 3rd Ward empty nesters to make a tour of the studio thinking we would be there for 45 minutes. What transpired was a 3 hour visit because Tom and Tony Sweat happened to be there and shared much of their stories and testimonies. It was perhaps the most marvelous experience I have ever had - I was so touched by the Holdman's story and talents and the spirit told me point blank I need it to nominate them for the days of 47 pioneers of progress award in July. I only had 3 days before the deadline but was able to research every written article about them and use that to support our 3 hour dialog and photos. I will forward the nomination to you when I get my email set up tonight - we are visiting in Sacramento this week but thought you might enjoy some of my information and perspective I sure love the Meridian whether it is the Holdman's, the Proctors or whoever it is marvelous to see how we have each been given a gift Thanks so much for magnifying yours to the benefit of the rest of the world

Sandy ReddishFebruary 28, 2019

I would stay away from tapping, energy work, Reiki, foot zoning and any form of alternative therapy approach. Many of these actually incorporate occult religions from other parts of the world and many Christians are sounding the alarm. Elder Ballard discussed energy work and the churches position in his conference talk The Trek Continues. These types of practices invite demonic forces into your life, not healing. Satan has great power and can deceive us. I know this because I participated in them and was blinded spiritually for several months. I know this from personal experience. WE CAN BE DECEIVED. I was even referred to these therapies by an LDS Bishop who was my health provider and licensed. I would stay away from any of these kinds of sources. For more info visit the Facebook page: LDS Energy Healing/Emotion Code Exposed. Thank you.

MeFebruary 28, 2019

I only put in the "take legal action" as a potential option IF and that's a big IF the grandparents feel prompted from the spirit that they need to be part of their grandchildren's lives and that's more important than reducing contention with their adult children, it could also encourage the children to say why they are cutting you off. There's some reason the son backs her up and it may all come out (i.e. bad childhood, sorry kids aren't programmed to just forgive and forget once they have their own family) or he fears his wife and now that he's facing legal reprecussions he might speak up that he was just trying to keep the peace. In our country we don't value the grandp-grandc relationship that much--we prefer to keep the peace between adults, but if I was writing this in say China a lot of people would back me up where penalties are still for cutting off grandparents. I only have one child and great dreams of a righteous posterity and if he cuts me off that's it for the future, so I might seriously consider it.

TarynFebruary 28, 2019

Did he get a mission call to serve in Rome?!!

Bruce NormanFebruary 28, 2019

Years ago when we lived in Lehi we purchased a stained glass window from a couple living in a basement apartment in SLC for $100. We were told it was from a house up on the bench of SLC that had burned. The matching window was destroyed. This window had some missing pieces, and some were cracked, but we loved this old window. Someone told us about a studio on the property at Thanksgiving Point, so we drove there and asked for help to fix our window. Brother Tom Holdman greeted us and we asked for his help. He stuttered as he spoke, and said he was just too busy, but then he showed us why. He spent about 30 minutes showing us around his studio. He showed us windows he was creating for the Palmyra temple, and other sketches for the remodeling of the Hawaii temple. As we were about to leave feeling disappointed that he could not fix our window he said “Let me take a look at your window.” We were delighted when he said we could leave it, that he had some antique glass pieces that would work just fine, and that we would have a work of art worth about $2500. We could tell he loved his work. I asked him where he learned to do such beautiful work expecting that he would reveal who taught him. His response was, “I have had no real schooling in the art. When President Hinkley called me to do this work, he told me that I learned to do this in the pre-existence.” We now have this hanging in our front window. We treasure it, and love Brother Holdman for his kindness.

James DoneFebruary 28, 2019

Impeccable! - as always. Thank you, Scott. I can feel the light and the warmth from all the way here in our Iowa winter.

Regina Marie Sherwood FaresinFebruary 28, 2019

Doctrine and Covenants, Section 88, The Olive Leaf

Claudia Henderson SmtiFebruary 28, 2019

I want to go to the Rome Temple so badly! These pictures of the magnificent glass work are priceless. The article was very interesting too. Thanks for sharing your talent, Holdmans and Proctors.

Robert StarlingFebruary 27, 2019

Looking forward to seeing what is sure to be a great film. Garrett Batty always gives us a cinematic treasure. I'm excited to hear him and other LDS filmmakers talk about their productions at the LDS Film Festival at the SCERA Theater in Orem Friday and Saturday.

Douglas R CoombsFebruary 27, 2019

Good stuff Isaac! Thank you

KeithFebruary 27, 2019

Jeff, This discussion is very compelling. Thanks. I have often thought about Pres Benson's statement about the Nephites never having the Book of Mormon. What constituted their scriptures? We know they had some scriptural texts like the brass plates. How many writings of previous prophets did they have?

Laura BeauchampFebruary 27, 2019

Thank you so much for guiding me to read your excellent book! I look forward to learning more about James Madison in an era when everyone else is deifying Alexander Hamilton. We are so blessed and need to fight for the vision of the Founding Fathers.

JoFebruary 27, 2019

I don't think people know how important James Madison was in the history of the USA. Today it seems as though there are so many forces against the free exercise of religion that I think Heavenly Father inspired and revealed to James Madison the importance of freedom of religion.

Paul J ChappellFebruary 27, 2019

In Matthew, it looks like God is leading us into temptation, This parallels the temptations of Christ, which implies the devil led him. In both situations, Joseph allows us to see that it is ourselves that allow temptation into our life.

DadFebruary 27, 2019

Thank you Isaac

Paul J ChappellFebruary 27, 2019

I love this article. I have endeavored to record my memories of deceased relatives and long gone family in Family Search. I've recorded my own story there as well. As each of you do this, you, too will be famous to countless generations who never knew you and to those who you write about as well.

CubbyFebruary 27, 2019

Back to Doug. Here is the verse in Psalms and the surrounding verses. For thou hast made him a little lower than the angels, and hast crowned him with glory and honour. 6 Thou madest him to have dominion over the works of thy hands; thou hast put all things under his feet: 7 All sheep and oxen, yea, and the beasts of the field; 8 The fowl of the air, and the fish of the sea, and whatsoever passeth through the paths of the seas. It does refer to dominion, but not specifically tomoving mountains. I would love to hear more. The article has been fascination and has led to several discussions in our home.

CubbyFebruary 27, 2019

To Doug. I could find no reference anywhere in Psalms ofmoving mountains. Here are several good ones, however. Matthew 21:21 Matthew 17:20 Mark 11:23 1 Corinthians 13:2 If there is on in Psalms that I have missed, could you update me, please?

David ThompsonFebruary 27, 2019

Luv Sean! He is amazing!

Joni HiltonFebruary 27, 2019

Thank you, Maryann. So grateful to you for doing that.

Allison DunlapFebruary 27, 2019

My question is why does the Book of Mormon version read the same as Matthew's "And lead us not into temptation" when the Joseph Smith translation corrects this as "And suffer us not to be lead into temptation" ? Logic would say that Joseph would have been given the correct meaning when he originally translated the Book of Mormon. My testimony isn't shaken, I just find it odd and would love to hear a credible explanation.

Michael FlynnFebruary 27, 2019

Thanks for the interview, Jonathan! And all the kind words. Hope to see you at the LDS Film Festival.

Bishop RobertFebruary 27, 2019

Thank you for this article, it has come at the right time as many of my members are expressing these same issues, many are just not getting it right. With your permission i would like to use this article as a lesson / discussion over the next few week so that they too might feel that there is hope and that they too might have or experience the miracles of personal revelation as talked about by our prophet. May we all catch the vision of the Come Follow me program.

Charles DefranchiFebruary 27, 2019

How long will the Lord stay His hand before His judgements get "poured without measure" over such a wicked world, that resorts to technological and medical progress to destroy millions of innocent lives, yet would lament over other kinds of genocides? The only explanation for this may be that, besides the need for the gospel to be preached to all nations, there are still on this earth many "Justs," who are willing to fight for the Lord's cause -- but we are definitely approaching "The End" at an accelerating pace!

StanFebruary 26, 2019

I agree with this but have you done any research into why LDS people are leaving their spouses? Violence, threats, infidelity, reckless spending and overall craziness. In a phrase, mental illness. Help us get real help and our marriages will survive. Pretend it is something it is not and they will continue to fail.

GinaFebruary 26, 2019

Please inform your readers of some of the new research showing the link between anxiety, depression and certain other mental illnesses and having a bad microbial environment in their intestines. Lots of studies are being conducted and completed. Some mental illnesses can be greatly helped with prebiotics and probiotics.

GinaFebruary 26, 2019

Wonder if you are familiar with some of the studies in recent years. A number of mental illnesses, including some cases of depression, anxiety, bipolar and schizophrenia can sometimes be cured and sometimes the symptoms lessened if we change the microbial load in our intestines. It seems some of the precursor molecules that are used by the brain come from our gut. And if we do not have enough of the right microbes, we do not produce them. Check it out on Google by typing "mental illness gut microbes". Then feel really, really bad because a doctor in a mental hospital realized it 100 years ago and the knowledge went nowhere.

MarkFebruary 26, 2019

Andrew, I don’t see it as a contradiction. The point I am trying to make is that they are not saved BECAUSE they are innocent, they are saved because Christ saves them. If not for Christ, their innocence would not save them. Sorry that was confusing!

AnneFebruary 26, 2019

Unless repentance can actually reverse the past, I do not see the healing you are speaking about.

Jo Ann OkelberryFebruary 26, 2019

I so agree with this article.

Andrew CurrieFebruary 26, 2019

I think there is a minor contradiction in the article benefiting from clarification. The author writes “It is easy to assume that little children are saved simply because they are...innocent. Although they certainly are..., that is not why they are saved. They are saved because of the Atonement of Jesus Christ.” Later he contradicts himself saying “Because little children have no sins (i.e., they are innocent of sin), they are therefore saved automatically and unconditionally in the celestial kingdom of God.” (Parenthetical explanation mine). I think it would be clearer to say “Little children are saved by Christ's Atonement since they are innocent.” After all, they qualify for His Atonement, where as we might not, precisely "because" they are innocent and more fit for the Celestial Kingdom than we currently are.

LisaFebruary 26, 2019

This is such a cute and inspirational story. Thanks for sharing it. You're too funny ;)

Sara ThompsonFebruary 26, 2019

This is such a tender story! Well-written DeAnna!

CubbyFebruary 26, 2019

Wow! I have been thinking in the in thIs direction for several years. Trying to sort it out. This article helps sort it out. It is really good. As I work as a counseler, I have wondered if, as we forgive in the past will it affect our now and our future. I have come to the conclusion that it does. It affects the energy and can make profound changes. Those changes happen not only in our own lives but affect others. In other words, if I change my perceptions of the past, if I forgive others in my past and seek forgiveness of my mistakes, poor choices and neglects, it will not only change my energy but affect the family constellation providing a choice of forgiving, cleansing and healing for for my entire family constellation and beyond. Thanks for sharing. Profound.

Harold RustFebruary 26, 2019

This is one of the most insightful and deeply revealing article yet published (or at least of those I have read here and elsewhere) because it shines a bright light on several key concepts: first, that our mortal view is significantly limited compared to what an eternal view will be; second, that scientific truths amplify the truths of the Gospel and all great scientists should recognize that the reasoning we learn through science should actually increase our readiness to accept the reality of God and spirit; and third, life is not so much a test as it is an opportunity to become what is probabilistically possible for all of us--that is, become perfect. It is not pre-determined in any sense nor can we achieve that state in this life, but we can align our probabilities so that it is possible and achievable by each step we take here and now. Maybe a key element of faith is actually improving the probabilities of a particular outcome. With enough faith, that probability approaches 1.

MaryannFebruary 26, 2019

My daughter died as an infant and I have always had great hope and comfort in these gospel truths. I have an acquaintance who also lost a baby shortly after birth and the Dr. taught her these principles in her hospital room. As a result, she joined the church. These are beautiful, true principles, and I am so grateful for the knowledge the Lord has given us.

MaryannFebruary 26, 2019

This article was disappointing in that it did not really address the topic in the title. It was more about the need for opposition. The example of the woman who suffered from anxiety was not just experiencing every-day anxiety. She was suffering from acute anxiety disorder. She needs medical care. From the tone of this article, I sense that the author has never really experienced this kind of anxiety.

Chris FrogleyFebruary 26, 2019

As usual, interesting insights and thoughts about daily life’s decisions and how through our agency we form our own reality leading us to what becomes our future reality expressed in our current becoming. Thanks Craig.

Doug ZimmerFebruary 26, 2019

I also am not a physicist but am seeing similar patterns in God's creation. In the double slit experiment when the wave function collapses due to particles being singled out and exposed to our consciousness becomes a similitude of Satan having greater power over us when we leave the congregation. It also reflects Psalm 8:7 that says we have control over the elements. And with faith you can move mountains.

Vicki AshtonFebruary 25, 2019

You can find it by following Laura Benson's instructions. Start at Matthew 7:23. Touch footnote 'a' in that verse before the word 'And'. The footnote should open a new page. See at the top of the new page JST Matt. 7:33.

DianeFebruary 25, 2019

What a beautiful story! And I love the metaphor at the end. God is good!

Robyn K KeeslingFebruary 25, 2019

Thank you for sharing your insights. They helped me see some of the verses in a bit different light.

Jon CooperFebruary 25, 2019

Such a great article given recent events! The most impressive concept I gathered was that being called to a position of leadership/responsibility does not remove agency from the individuals. Therefore, if someone sins, it is by their choice, even though it goes against all they are promoting. Now, as a follower of the Christ, will I sin by rejecting truth because of the errors of others? Also, the sinful are still allowed to repent and become cleansed. Though their road to repentance may be tougher because of the consequence of their sin on others, they can still be accepted back into the fold and be redeemed. Thank you so much for this enlightened article.

MichaelFebruary 25, 2019

Oh my gracious mercy, this is me, 100% For whatever it is worth to you, I know exactly what you mean, and I know how you feel, and I struggle with the same things. I've found that it's not always about the "results" of the choice, but about making the choice itself, whether because of or in spite of the situation. That quiet defiance, that choosing the light even when surrounded by darkness, is a noble thing.

JocelynFebruary 25, 2019

I would like to testify of the healing effects of "Tapping" or EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique. It involves tapping acupressure points while talking through difficulties to "teach" the amygdala in your brain to feel safe. You can find free introductions on YouTube with Nick Ortner, or find a licensed therapist who has incorporated tapping into their practice. It works!!

ConnieFebruary 25, 2019

That was beautiful.

Charles DefranchiFebruary 25, 2019

The Spirit of Prophecy is what makes our Church different from all others. This explains why some new practices and policies catch us by surprise. The Lord knows what is coming before it happens and He therefore inspires our Leaders to prepare the people for that. Time will confirm that all those changes were inspired. Meanwhile, we have to show our faith and patiently wait for the blessings that will result from such.

Laura BensonFebruary 25, 2019

JST Matthew 7:33 is found in the Gospel Library by first looking at Matthew 7:23. Here you will see the footnote 'a' in that verse before the word 'And'. Opening that footnote will bring up a new page. At the top of that new page JST Matt. 7:33 is referenced.

David DruryFebruary 25, 2019

This article speaks to me in a particularly poignant way because we buried our first born (and only) son almost 43 years ago, when he was only 12 days old. Over the years, as the edges of that hole in our life have healed, I have thought about him and wondered what and how he is doing. I have concluded that, among other things, he has become one of our family's guardian angels. At various times during our lives we have felt his ministering presence, offering comfort at difficult moments. I am so anxious to see him again and get to know him as a person instead of the little, newborn baby he was when we last saw him.

LJFebruary 25, 2019

Dominican Republic authorities have said Elder Conrad may have come in contact with an electrical line while he was on the roof gathering water.

Rhonda MillerFebruary 24, 2019

I cannot find the JST Matthew 7:23 anywhere. Can you please help me? Thanks

MarindaFebruary 24, 2019

Sagit came to visit us in Rosenberg last year and brought such a wonderful spirit with her. It is such a joy seeing this article celebrating her heritage, conversion and spiritual gift of music!

Bob SpielFebruary 24, 2019

This is fascinating from a personal perspective of the Prophet Joseph. One can only imagine the feelings he had as the lost stories were the very last to be translated, and the trying and confirming of his faith as the book all came together. Thanks for these insights!

Allie WisemanFebruary 24, 2019

Hi- I am not finding the scripture reference JST Matthew 7:33 anywhere, please help. Thanks!

AmyFebruary 24, 2019

I could not access the link Wendy Ulrich’s article, “Rites of Passage" Is there another way to read it?

CubbyFebruary 24, 2019

I, also, would like to see the wonderful podcasts printed out.

RachelleFebruary 24, 2019

Thank you for sharing. There are no random coincidences, just tender mercies!! Loved hearing yours!

DonnaFebruary 24, 2019

May I kindly suggest listening to Julie Rowe's podcasts? She has many, just start with the ones that interest you. Last night I was listening to "Repentance" and "Abuse". She has info you will be happy to hear. And BTW, I would have to put myself in the childhood trauma camp too. I understand totally what you are communicating. Kudos for "enduring".

MaryannFebruary 23, 2019

I believe one of the reasons the proponents of the ERA have never been successful in its passage is that instead of uniting women, it divides them. Those pushing for the ERA were unable to gain the support of MANY women who recognize the dangers of this amendment. I am so grateful for Phyliss Schlafly's courage to speak out in the midst of so much opposition. Those who understand our true roles as women need to follow the example she left us.

MaryannFebruary 23, 2019

Joni--I am your devoted follower--I love your writing! Please know I am praying for you and will put your name in our Spokane, WA. temple.

MaryannFebruary 23, 2019

Thanks for the laugh! I did feel sympathy for your situation, though, and I'm glad there was a happy ending!

MeiFebruary 23, 2019

I prefer glass containers over tin because tin and aluminium cans are coated with a plastic/chemical film which is dangerous and can leak through into the food. As for taste. Glass does not have the taste of the tin or aluminium. Also, I feel that all use of plastics should be discouarged and use of more sustainable materials should be encouraged.

BradFebruary 22, 2019

Beautiful story! And Kathy Paul, yours is, too!

Bob SiskFebruary 22, 2019

My personal opinion is that this goes hand-in-hand with the shift in the Aaronic prieshood ordinations to January of the year the young me reach a certain age. For instance, one of my grandsons turned 12 this past December 19th and was duly ordained a Deacon. This year he'll turn 13. He will turn 14 in December, 2020 (next year), but can officially be ordained a Teacher in January of that year, almost a full year ahead of the previous rules. Essentially he'll spend a year less time as a Deacon. But from then on the math works out so that he'll still serve two years as Teacher and then as Priest. Young men from this year on will serve two years in each priesthood office, but will leave Primary a year earlier. Just guessing, the Lord perhaps wants these young men to start official priesthood training a year earlier because of the responsibilities that will be given to them. They're a chose generation for sure.

The Letter WriterFebruary 22, 2019

Thank you so much for such a thoughtful and compassionate reply! I will definitely look into your suggestions. And thank you to those who left suggestions in the comments! I feel very supported and not judged about a situation that has been so difficult.

Ruth JamiesonFebruary 22, 2019

Love love love President Uchtdorf's message! Always so inspirational.

Carol Ann BahrFebruary 22, 2019

Thank you for sharing this story! I hope many will get to meet Sagit and hear her story and her music. It will be a beautiful, spiritual experience! Meeting her in Boston will always be one of our treasured memories. We gained a life long friend!

Dee OviattFebruary 22, 2019

Some missionaries come from families that are not actively involved in church and worship activities, and some come from families who are not members of the church. This change will be beneficial to those who may have felt they were not sacrificing, but instead being "punished" by not being able to communicate regularly with those they love.

Rochelle HaleFebruary 22, 2019

My childhood was not easy, first with my parents divorcing followed by my mother remarrying to a man who had difficulties in many areas of his life. Coincidentally, he and I joined the church at the same time (through the influence of friends and relatives). The Gospel became my beacon and my rock, and Sunday and weekly meetings gave me something to look forward to away from our difficult home life. My stepfather did not remain active. Perhaps my faith and trust in the Lord were much stronger than I realized in my teen years. Even today, some of my siblings hold much resentment and grudges whenever something from our past is brought up. I have always tried to move forward and not let our past define me. That has allowed me to develop myself intellectually, spiritually, and in other ways. In addition, I have tried to gain a better understanding of the principle of forgiveness. Heavenly Father truly knows each of us, and He knows all that my parents were dealing with and why they did or didn't do certain things. Nevertheless, they are His children also, and He will be the ultimate judge.

please withholdFebruary 22, 2019

I too experienced childhood trauma. Over the years I have done individual counseling, as well as an informal group therapy. I have worked to implement teachings of the prophets in my life, to forgive my abuser, to be humble, to trust in the Lord (and His timing), etc. I have had priesthood blessings aplenty, and some remarkable experiences have come from them. I have learned to love that hurt child. To have compassion for that little child who struggled just to stay afloat. Give yourself credit for staying afloat!!!!! That’s a big deal! While I have made progress – it very much has been a work in progress over many decades. Drop by precious drop. I would grow weary of hearing advice from the well-meaning, but clueless, about reading this or that conference talk, etc. These are people who would never suggest someone with a broken bone read a conference talk to “get over it”, but to seek out competent and appropriate medical treatment. We have wounded souls. I believe combining Heavenly Father’s blessings and guidance, with competent treatment – can lead to permanent healing. In this life. As I learned how chronic health conditions in middle age can be directly linked to childhood trauma -I again sought out professional help. I was formally diagnosed with childhood/complex-PTSD. As I have been learning about cptsd, childhood emotional neglect, and narcissistic abuse – it has been very eye opening. Studies have demonstrated that adding multiple types of abuse in childhood together – isn’t “just” addition – it’s a high order geometric progression in damage. Things I still struggled with decades after the abuse happened – started to make sense. A child is easily overwhelmed by emotion – and those emotions are stored in the amygdala. One of the most primitive parts of the brain. It is supposed to process emotion and let it go, but if it is overwhelmed – it can’t keep up and stores it instead. There is help. I’m currently doing EMDR therapy, because that is the “competent and appropriate medical care” Heavenly Father led me to do. And priesthood blessings. One of my earliest sessions – we went into how I was made to feel worthless, to how any time I started to think anything good about myself – I would be trashed. Through the EMDR, I was able to allow the emotions to be felt, and processed. To be released so they need not be felt, or hinder me, any more. Counterintuitively – I learned the longer I could hold onto the emotion in a session – the more would be processed out of the amygdala – where it has been sitting, as an infection, for many decades. It was as if I broke through a very real barrier – and came out on the other side with the sure knowledge – I am a daughter of God, and He loves me. And I am worthy. You are worthy, and Heavenly Father is mindful of you. I have learned many things from these experiences. They’ve been excruciatingly painful – but I have gained much. Not least is the sure knowledge of the tender mercies of The Lord. As we trust in Heavenly Father, He will lead us on the path to healing (finding that path can be tricky), nevertheless - All these things shall give (us) experience, and be for (our) good.

LindaFebruary 22, 2019

How quickly we "adults" tend to forget the counsel found in Proverbs 3:5-6 to "Trust in the Lord ... and lean not unto thine own understanding." We all need to practice trusting the Lord in all things, whether we are missionaries, Bishops, or even helicopter parents. Perhaps this is a means of preparing us for times when trusting in Him is our only recourse.

Rochelle HaleFebruary 22, 2019

I never met my father-in-law in this life. He suffered from a serious illness that slowly caused his decline over almost 30 years. My husband and his family repeatedly fasted and prayed for him. A few months after his father passed away, my husband had a special visitation and received the absolute knowledge that his dad was now healthy and well on the other side.

JenlhuntFebruary 22, 2019 Direct link to the pdf quoted

ObserverFebruary 22, 2019

Amazing story. Thanks for sharing!

Therapist's SpouseFebruary 22, 2019

Thank you for this excellent reply. Your reply is exactly how my wife found her way though this same minefield of emotions and doubts. May I add another treatment option to the ones suggested? I have seen Trauma Conversion Therapy (TCT) work wonders in persons such as the writer of this letter. My wife, now an LCSW, sees more success with it among abuse survivors than most any other treatment, although everyone is different and treatments work according to how the client reacts to the treatment. If there is a therapist near this letter writer, they might learn about this treatment and try it -- while also doing the things this answer suggests! (

Sharon ShogrinFebruary 22, 2019

Such a beautiful message. I wish I had read this when my oldest passed away almost 5 years ago. I am going to type that scripture up and my computer, print it and hang it up in my home where I will see it daily. Thanks for sharing and reminding us that we all have sorrows that we go through.

Patty LilstonFebruary 22, 2019

What a tender article this was to read. My eyes filled with tears as I remembered the tender mercies of a loving Father, not only to your family, but to mine as well. We are so very blessed to have this sweet Gospel knowledge in our lives; to know that He lives and loves us.

Outlaw BettyFebruary 22, 2019

Thank you for this! I live with adult children and these ideas can be used for us too.

AshleyFebruary 22, 2019

In addition to the resources by Wendy Ulrich listed, I would add her wonderful book "Let God Love You." It was incredibly helpful to me after dealing with post-partum depression after my third child. While not in the same trauma boat as the letter writer, I felt similarly. I knew intellectually that God loved and cared for me but had a hard time feeling that love. I credit that book with helping me toward better mental and spiritual health.

Anne PrattFebruary 22, 2019

Fabulous Message! Beautifully done!

Kathy PaulFebruary 22, 2019

I have always had a strong faith in my Heavenly Father and I attributed my feelings of personal connection with Him to the blessing of having a loving, protective, providing, and hero-like earthly father. However, one attribute of my father was to have high expectations that I struggled to achieve at times. Through the years, until my father’s untimely death from a heart attack at 44 years old, my self esteem had increasingly gone downhill to the point that I felt inadequate in many areas of my life. One day (exactly 30 years after my dad’s passing) I went through a very difficult time. It seemed that as hard as I tried (and even after much prayer and service) I sunk into a very low state of mind where I secluded myself, put a blanket over my head, and sat crying for hours. Barely able to function, I found myself being given a blessing by two priesthood holders, and I was told I had two Fathers there with me who loved me very much. Thinking of my earthly father, I thought in my mind, “How could he be here when I am such a disappointment to him?” Immediately I heard his voice in my mind saying, “You are not, and you have never been a disappointment to me.” The joy I felt in that moment, compared to the darkness I had felt, is something I will never forget. Since then I have felt my dad close to me (and just as Heavenly Father) his words are filled with much love and affirmation of my worth in his eyes - I love both of my Fathers so very much!

Mary M StewartFebruary 22, 2019

Thank you so much! You touched me deeply!

David ChristiansenFebruary 22, 2019

What an amazing experience. We can never know all the blessings we have been given from our Father in Heaven. I'm sure more will be revealed to you later.

DianeFebruary 22, 2019

What a beautiful story! So many tender mercies! Yes, the Lord is with us,especially in out times of sorrow. Blessings to you!

Renee MongilloFebruary 22, 2019

Thank you for this intelligent and spiritual article which you have written. I found it "by accident" and will look for more! I too enjoy self improvement books and am on a mission to get to know myself and connect with my Heavenly Father and my Savior Jesus Christ. I love what you wrote about everything...such gems...and have shared it on Facebook with my church group. Thank you for your insights and love that pours through this article. I feel so blessed for having found it and to have read it. I love your suggestions on what to read, listen to and watch. Keep going!!! Until next time. With Love, Renee

HalFebruary 21, 2019

Thank you for this article. I well remember the painful division in this country caused by the ERA and even division in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints when the prophet and other church leaders came out in opposition to this seriously flawed proposed legislation. We can never let our guard down.

Lynn JohnsonFebruary 21, 2019

I am puzzled. The key to Matt 5:48 lies in ersus 43 ff, which starts a new paragraph. The context is about loving your neighbor, blessing your enemies, and praying for them. Be ye THEREFORE perfect, or in other words, cultivate compassion, agape, loving kindness, and charity and you will be like your Father. Why don't commentators talk about the context, connecting with Mormon's and Paul's advice about charity, agape?

Shirley WesternFebruary 21, 2019

Sagit! You are amazing and Beautiful! I am SO happy I got to meet you and hear your play. You do have an amazing light and spirit that radiates from you, all around you can feel it!!

JKFebruary 21, 2019

My deepest heartfelt sympathies and prayers for his family. May they be encircled in the comfort and peace of the Holy Spirit and with the knowledge their cherished son is now with the Lord. God bless

Linda StricklandFebruary 21, 2019

Thank you from here in Florida to be reminded of the snow storms up North. We need to be prayerful of those times as they are of us during hurricanes.

Janene ZimmermanFebruary 21, 2019

Loved this article! We each need to be mindful of the storms within others lives and homes. It’s difficult to know and being prayerful and super aware can help lead you to those suffering and in need. Sometimes they are within our own homes.

MarieFebruary 21, 2019

I really like the perspective. I feel like I could be much more compassionate if only I knew the struggles going on around me. Just help me be aware of not only how to help, but who needs help and realize my gift might be as small as a smile or kind word.

Ruby IvesFebruary 21, 2019

My thoughts exactly Susan, my father has Alzheimers and I would love to find out more so I could help him better himself in his so called Golden Years..;-}

MeFebruary 20, 2019

Helicopter Parents? The gap between parents and children today has never been farther apart as mothers spend all their time on technology and send their kids away to "school" at earlier ages--low involvement/borderline neglect is super trendy (ever heard of free-range parenting). Sure there are prying and controlling parents who invade their adult children's lives, but these parents are usually trying to make up for a neglectful childhood. Those that kept close tabs on their little ones in the first place won't end up frantic like this trying to correct their mistakes. But even if they do, it's only once a week people--not everyday! Remember the mission president/church headquarters has far more power to micromanage and limit missionaries' choices than parents do--we should welcome moves that indicate trust and move away from a monk-like lifestyle and more imitate the freedom senior missionaries get. The church expected the PROSELYTING missionary force to be at 100,000 by 2019 instead we're closing MTCs (see Salt Lake Tribune archives, Holland predicts 100,000)--they needed to motivate more missionaries to serve.

MaryannFebruary 20, 2019

I am a firm believer is eating what you store and storing what you eat on a continuous rotation. Yes, we have those big cans, that will last longer than we will, in our food storage pantry, but we also store canned goods we use NOW, and then replace on an ongoing basis. I, for one, want to get back to canning a lot of fruit this summer. If food is limited, fruit will satisfy our sweet tooth, as well as providing variety and nutrition. If there are only two of you, Costco carries great canned chicken and beef to add to your protein storage. Probably too expensive for a large family, although you could stretch a can with rice, pasta, or soups. We have been warned for many years about the importance of storing food--the time is now.

MaryannFebruary 20, 2019

As stated in the beginning of this article: "Most Latter-day Saints seem to be welcoming the change." (I'm assuming here that they mean members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.) Since most members are just fine with this, why does anyone feel it is valuable to draw attention to naysayers? Once again, a Prophet has spoken and, once again, there are a few who are whining. No news here.

Earl GreenFebruary 20, 2019

Now the next step is to get the missionaries into Saint Peter's basilica and per persuade the Pope and the cardinals to have a council and be given a book of mormon to read and have the discussions.

Jo AnFebruary 20, 2019

My first thoughts about this were that we now have many of our missionaries who are so prepared and willing to do this great work that they can be trusted to communicate directly with their families and this will not interfere with their missions.

RitaFebruary 20, 2019

Sagit came to our San Antonio, TX ward's Relief Society night last fall at the behest of a friend of hers who had moved here from Boston. It was a glorious night of song, fellowship and the Spirit. She is a gifted musician, and the Light truly shines from her face. I remember her handpan version of "Come, Come Ye Saints." It still brings tears to my eyes.

SeanFebruary 20, 2019

Whenever I called home, as a missionary, it took me out of the "missionary mindset" and took me several days to get back into it. My mind wandered to home, people, places, etc. Will calling home on a weekly basis be too much of a distraction? Is this a response to the "snowflake" generation?

BrendaFebruary 20, 2019

What a beautiful conversion story! The light of the Savior is in your countenance! Thank you for sharing on Meridian

PattiFebruary 20, 2019

I felt the Spirit very strongly as I read this story. The Lord is in the details of our lives! Thank you!

SapphireFebruary 20, 2019

I am not sure holding grandchildren hostage from loving grandparents is the right thing to do. People who are anxious and depressed tend to withdraw from others and look for reasons to justify their actions. Children should have all the love and decent family they can get in their lives, more so when a parent has mental problems. Too many people these days are obsessed with themselves and being liked, noticed and approved... that is evident with the social media preoccupation and rounding up people who will agree with you. Life is tough and family and community is important. I think the son is a wuss if he allows his wife to trample his mother's heart and destroy relationships. His mother won't live forever and someday he may regret being so hasty in kicking her out of his life. She gave her life for him, why not reciprocate with a little effort. It's not like she is a drug addict or violent. More and more I see women refusing to let their husbands associate with their families... it is the wife's family or no family.

ReyFebruary 20, 2019

I, too, am so edified by your preparation to supply these podcasts. I don't know how feasible it is but want to say-having it printed out also would be so helpful. Thank you so much for all you do!!

Kirsten SchwendimanFebruary 20, 2019

This was AMAZING to learn this morning. Thanks!

Kimberly CarlileFebruary 20, 2019

What a great story, hilariously told. Thanks for the smile today.

Kimberly CarlileFebruary 20, 2019

Beautiful, Sagit. I was so happy to see this story come up. We miss you.

Sandie MixaFebruary 20, 2019

We met Sagit in the Boston Temple while serving a temple mission there. She came often to the baptistry and was very involved in doing work for her ancestors. She always brought friends with her She is a beautiful daughter of God, whom we will remember.

ReyFebruary 20, 2019

I am so grateful that you shared the access to the app. Technology is not something I have lovingly embraced but this is exactly what it is for. What a precious tool and addition to my studies. I always enjoy your insights. Thank you over and over.

WendyFebruary 20, 2019

Thank you for the beautiful music and story.

Suzi FlandersFebruary 19, 2019

This was my favorite paragraph in this beautiful story.....I too would react the same!! This touched my heart❤️❤️ Thank you! If our current bishop, Bishop Wildman, called me out of class and led me to his office and announced that Jesus would like to talk with me, my reaction would be very different from what it would have been when I was a youth. I would gasp and rush in to fall at His feet and bathe them with my tears. I would thank Him for loving and teaching me through my decades of mistakes. I would thank Him for putting people in my life to love and lift me. Most of all, I would thank Him for His infinite and eternal sacrifice that makes redemption possible for people who make lots of mistakes.

Raymond Takashi SwensonFebruary 19, 2019

When I served in Japan 50 years ago, it would have been impossible to do this. Now that the technology is here, why not? Missionaries are called to develop love and compassion toward the people they teach. Why shouldn't they be able to do the same for their own families? Many missionaries can influence a patent or sibling in their faith. They can demonstrate their greater maturity and faithfulness. They are not hermits like some Catholic monks, but are called to be out among the people sharing Christ's gospel. They can do that with Church members in the places they teach. And can do it with their own families., who are often making sacrifices to support them.

RonFebruary 19, 2019

Thank you for sharing this wonderful story. I am going to share it with my friends. This touched my heart as well.

Haze KompelienFebruary 19, 2019

"“For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved” (John 3:17)." For all of my adult life I have held THIS scripture in my heart so much more than its predecessor, “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life." John 3:16 gets so much "publicity" in postings, plaques, quoting etc. I think many overlook the precious message of John 3:17! Thanks for sharing.

Douglas E NadybalFebruary 19, 2019

Going boldly to the "Throne of Grace" does not mean or imply, in my humble opinion, that we can come in a state of wanton disregard for His commandments, as convenient as that might be. The preceding verse in Hebrews (4:15) gives the context that our Savior was likewise tempted in "all things", and therefore understands the context of each and every of our weaknesses. Mankind in sin, has a tendency to obfuscate and rationalize our own misdeeds, and this chapter does away with all of that by informing us that God there is no rest for us when we come to him in a state of self deceit. The point of grace is to allow time and space for each of His spiritual offspring to grow and mature and it is for naught without the correct response. Yes, we can stand all amazed at "grace", but then what? Are we to stand gawking forever into the heavens and do nothing? 4PPB

JKFebruary 19, 2019

When serving in downtown SLC 32 years ago, my comp and I went on splits one Sunday. She, and her companionion for the day, went to this particular ward made up of mostly elderly people. She later told me that When they got to the chapel entrance one of the elderly greeters at the door said to her “ Sister what are you doing here? When I was on my mission we weren’t allowed to go to church!” And some think a phone call home every week is a problem. For the record my last companion was seriously homesick so I let her call home a few times as I felt the law needed some bending with the spirit. I don’t regret that as it kept her in the field when it was hard for her. I think this new policy will be a great benefit to our missionaries and their families. I know how hard it is on parents not to talk with their missionary kids too.

John B. HewlettFebruary 19, 2019

Wonderful essay on a very important topic Dr Craig. We are seeing the Latter Day work infiltrated by disbelief and doubts, where there is never ending witnesses available. Thank you for your insight.

LilFebruary 19, 2019

Miracles already seen happening. The contact with the parents and relatives who gather there resulted in me replying to a political and church critic with soft words instead of full political stance. I'll take that as a positive. Also coming through the lines the powerful missionary spirit to bless the home and give more "home power" for teaching our "out of the world" kids" IMO. But then, i wasn't a die hard obedience Mormon during my mid years--got battered around and had to crawl the long way back.

Leaman B WatersFebruary 19, 2019

I rejoice in the many changes that have come about in the last several months. I have a strong testimony that President Russell M. Nelson is a Prophet of God. This testimony is why I accept the change to allow missionary to communicate with their parents more frequently. Personally I have often wondered why, with the current technology, that they were not allowed this privilege.

RobynFebruary 19, 2019

Thank you so much for bravely sharing your experience and testimony. The atonement is such a gift and I am happy for you!

SageFebruary 19, 2019

Sometimes we don't recognize the attitudes we have about how God wants us to be. I remember feeling afraid to be too involved in things thinking it would be wrong somehow, or I would make mistakes and become unrighteous. Then I saw that Jesus had paid for my mistakes so I could live life fully, not afraid of mistakes. So I studied yoga and became a teacher, so I heard God's call to develop my talents as an artist and I stepped into life unafraid. What joy Jesus Christ's gift has given me to be free to live and strive, struggle and reach to become more. And Br. Goddard, your wise words and a kind email back during a time of struggle in my life as a mother lifted me. Thank you!

Mike M.February 19, 2019

During a senate sub-committee hearing in 1983, Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah learned from the supporters of the ERA that they wanted to deny tax exempt status to any church opposed to abortion and ordaining women, require public restrooms to be unisex and be shared by males and females, and require that showers in public schools be unisex and be shared by males and females. The real purpose of the ERA was to destroy Biblical family values.

Diane KFebruary 19, 2019

Another home run! Thank you so much. I look forward to hearing your podcasts and often listen to them more than once. My soul is filled yet again.

Cheri MeinersFebruary 19, 2019

I love your articles and your love of the Savior. I have a sincere question about what you mean , “I have learned to go boldly to His throne of grace. I have learned to call on Him every day for mercy.” Are we not to go to our Heavenly Father in the name of Christ? Thank you for any additional insight.

karell BinghamFebruary 19, 2019

I think perhaps judgement day will be completely different than most people realize!

Charles DefranchiFebruary 19, 2019

Wally, your teachings do reflect so well your right understanding and experience of the Savior. Thank you for sharing and blessing our own lives in the process.

Herm OlsenFebruary 19, 2019

I have read some very tender, very special accounts of people who have had the Super all opportunity to be in the presence of Jesus - and their accounts parallel Wally’s ‘later-years’ anticipation of meeting Jesus: Pure love; pure acceptance; pure welcoming. Thanks for sharing. I think you are exactly on!

Glen DanielsenFebruary 19, 2019

Endowments of peace or strength from God are priceless. But if a spouse or family is dealing with an addict or alcoholic, the solution is Al-Anon, and the Church and it’s local leaders should routinely faithfully educate involved members about it.

CharlieBrown2292February 18, 2019

Everyone can come up with their own interpretation of what is going on, and still be wrong. Even the well-meaning friends of Job would conclude that he would have to "repent from his sins" in order to get his blessings back. There is only one thing we know to be a fact: "since cutting us off (the DIL) revealed her depression and anxiety issues to the world on social media." If such is the case, then therapy would be the first step towards a resolution of this family issue.

Daughter-in-lawFebruary 18, 2019

I'm "the daughter-in-law" in a very similar situation. In my case, my husband (the son) is the one that decided to terminate contact due to the abuse he experienced as a kid from his family that none of them will talk about. Although it was my husband's choice, his family has decided it is my fault and I'm some horrible woman who doesn't allow contact. I'm sure his parents would claim they had a great relationship with him before he got married. That's only the parents perspective... I'm disappointed that there are some comments that make the daughter-in-law into some evil person. SO much more to this situation than we're told. Likely both sides need to make changes for there to be reconciliation.

DL AndersonFebruary 18, 2019

While I got that some cases were special, at first it bothered me that missionaries WOULDN'T depend on the Lord AS much - if at all - if they could go running back to mommy & daddy. Still, I know that the Lord knows what He's doing, and now missionaries will not be required to rely on Him, but CHOOSE to rely on Him rather than other humans. Much like the changes to how we learn and teach the Gospel now (home centered, not building centered). The missionaries, like any of "the general population" of The Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day saints, are receiving opportunities for growing BEYOND our comfortableness. In case no one's noticed, we're being tested to see not only if we "buy oil" but go to the correct "Seller" of the Oil - our Savior.

RexFebruary 18, 2019

We had Stake Conference this past weekend and the Visiting General Authority made an interesting comment about this new change. He stated that if you think about it, previously it would have been extremely expensive for missionaries to call home each week. He mentioned that a short phone call could cost a hundred dollars. With existing technology, the same call can now be made free. It was something that I never thought of. We weren't allowed to call home on Christmas or Mothers day during our mission, so there have been changes and this is another one. I am hopeful that this change will result in the decline of missionaries returning home early due to issues not related to worthiness. I am surprised by the number who return home early that this change could possibly help.

NicholeenFebruary 18, 2019

I think this will be a great way for missionaries to share the missionary spirit with home more. Many missionaries have family members who are no longer active or who are not members of The Church. This new method of communication, directed by the Spirit, could really help missionaries testify to their family members and strengthen bonds there, while at the same time still preaching the gospel in their assigned area. I think it's beautiful! Also, writing emails and letters can take some missionaries more time than just having a quick chat, which will fit more into their missionary schedule. When chats are each week, they won't feel so rare, and can be kept short. I think it's a great thing!

Tami P ClingerFebruary 18, 2019

The story of the thistles crying out to testify of The Savior was one of the most moving I have ever heard! Please tell what kind of a project you were working on when you took the photographs. Can we see the pictures anywhere?

Robin BakerFebruary 18, 2019

Thanks Joni. Sometimes I get so stressed that someone will reject what is the most wonderful part of my life. The Gospel of Jesus Christ. You're right, patience is important. We have to let others come to their own understanding and hope that through example and love we have set a good example that one day our neighbors and friends will want to know more.

Sad GrandmaFebruary 18, 2019

We support the new policy and we believe it has come through revelation, and we just have one observation. For the first time in all our years of having grandchildren serve missions and supporting them by prayers (which we will still offer) and letters (which we will still write) and financially (we get blessings for that), we got up this morning with no copy of an email full of missionary experiences of the week before and that wonderful feeling of love for the work which we have so missed especially since coming home from serving as Senior Missionaries. Maybe all the missionary families could suggest that their missionaries not forget the grandparents!!

DEE S CLEMENTFebruary 18, 2019

I have a testimony of the Self-Reliance Initiative which includes Personal Finances Groups. These group meetings change lives.

MichaelFebruary 18, 2019

If it's a good idea now, why wasn't it a good idea 30 years ago?

LeahFebruary 18, 2019

Such a painful situation! I went through something similar a few years back. I was never sure what the problem was, but DIL family trashed me on facebook, etc.-- like attacking without clarifying what the problem was. Painful and confusing. It was a few years of no contact. I never shed so many tears! Then one day one of my daughters prepared everyone, set up a visit and invited me to apologize. I wasn't sure what FOR, but I went along, and said to them "I'm so sorry. I love you both, I want you to be in my life" Hugs all around, and it was over. I'm still not sure what the problem was. My DIL has referred to "when we didn't get along". But no explanation. My son told me once "Im having a relationship with you, no matter what my wife thinks. That was telling! I think words from moms and MIL have power and history that we aren't always aware of. Family is challenging!!

Bishop HatchFebruary 18, 2019

I am a Bishop and have two “momma bear” “helicopter” moms with Elders out in the field. My concern is that the moms will hear of an illness or things that most missionaries don’t share, until their home, and freak out, call the mission presidents in panic and it will make for a negative experience. By and large I think this will be a positive experience for all. I hope the missionaries will keep each call, chat etc.. positive and share the amazing spiritual experiences they have. I’m just waiting for one of these moms to call me and ask, is it okay if I call the Mission president? I think my son has a cold! Not kidding!

Christman HowellFebruary 18, 2019

Missionary zeal is like lightning in a bottle.....I like that and that alone is a compelling reason to improve the communication between missionaries, family and friends....we need more zeal.

Dorothy PittsFebruary 17, 2019

I'm searching high and low for the quote by Neal A Maxwell that started "Meekness is more than self-restraint." Could you post it? or email it to me? Please and Much Thanks!

KathleenFebruary 17, 2019

The reality of it all is that it truly seems that way at times! Thanks for the laugh.

R BiddulphFebruary 17, 2019

Some missionaies and others who go through the Temple do so once and never go back, They feel the experience is too foreign for them to feel the Spirit and believe it is not genuine. They should know that the Temple ceremonies are the same as Jesus gave to his Apostles and seven women during the 40 days after his Resurrection:

Michael HogganFebruary 17, 2019

I view mercy and justice as synergistic. You can't have one without the other. I will cite two hypothetical examples to illustrate my point. First, let's say you catch your teenage daughter drinking alcohol. She promises it was her first time and that it won't happen again. You decide to go easy on her with a very light punishment and you quickly forget the whole thing. It turns out it wasn't her first time. Several months later, she's responsible for a DUI car accident in which someone is seriously injured. Now she is in very big trouble. Was your early lenience really all that merciful? Second hypothetical example: Jean Val Jean from Les Miserables. He stole some bread. Now, stealing from stores is a serious issue, but it isn't the worst possible thing. Furthermore, he did genuinely change his life around. It simply wasn't in the interest of society to keep hunting him.

Momof4 IdahoFebruary 17, 2019

Great response by Geoff Steurer. The DIL must have felt pushed aside by this family for many years to reach this point. However, I am with commenter “Grandpa”. If their own son is on board with cutting off contact with his own parents, there HAS to be more to the story. I am very surprised he was not mentioned more in the article, by either the parent who requested help and advice, or by Geoff S., the columnist who gave the response. It seems to me that their son is an important part of the equation, and he should be involved in the healing process. For all we know, it’s possible their own son is having the same feelings as his wife.

Clint ToddFebruary 17, 2019

Craig, Unless you have a very good memory, you may not remember. But this is Clint Todd, when we served together I lived in Benicia California. Can’t quite remember how we served together, But I remember that it was a pleasure serving with you! Hope all is well. We are recently retired and now live in Utah. Blessings to you and your family. Thanks for this great message. I love knowing I have company because I am blessed with MANY thorns. Love and Blessings, Clint

BFebruary 17, 2019

The son needs to step up and play the intermediary role.

ElizabethazFebruary 17, 2019

I second the idea of reading the bonds that make us free. It has been a life changing book for me. The grandparents need to do more soul searching themselves during this space apart. It is obvious to me in reading between the lines that she hasn’t felt like she has been loved by her husband’s family and it has been building up for a long time. The cause isn’t her depression and anxiety, although it definitely would make her more sensitive to others lack of compassion. If every visit requires them biting their lips and putting up with her differences, rather than emanating love and acceptance, then I would eventually cut things off myself. Visits with my ex-husbands family had this dynamic and it wore me down and caused us to limit our visits because the covert emotions of unacceptence were stronger than any hollow words of love. Getting a lawyer will make it worse. Search your heart and pray. Remove the beam from your eyes so you can see clearly. In The meantime, you can send cards and gifts, but stay distant while your family heals and while you work to be a better grandparent and father/mother in law. It will take more than hollow apologies to fix this. It will take examining your heart and soul and walking in another’s shoes. I would also recommend considering a mission—I have watched our family come together with the in laws and children and grandchildren as my own parents have gained greater empathy while serving others who are different. I have seen the pain of separation, but also the joy of reunions when changes have been made and true understanding achieved. May God bless all with healing!

ScottFebruary 17, 2019

Maybe instead of the Caduceus you meant the Rod of Asclepius.

John DyeFebruary 16, 2019

Love this exposition! Thank you!

MaryannFebruary 16, 2019

I think the key advice given in this article is to give them some space. Since apologies have already been offered and attempts made at reconciliation, continuing to approach them will only make them feel pressured and resentful. It may help to tell them you respect their need for you to leave them alone, and that you are always available if they want to contact you. That puts the ball in their court and gives them time to hopefully work through their feelings, without pressure from you. I have had the experience of my prayers softening the heart of a difficult family member. Don't stop praying that hearts will be softened and that the relationships will be renewed. In the meantime, you might spend this time apart taking an honest inventory of why she may feel the way she does. If you have had to "bite your lips" to keep from saying things about her that bother you, I am sure she has felt that. Is it possible that you have been critical and unaccepting? Those things are felt, even if they are unspoken. After some time has passed, perhaps you could write her a letter and list the ways you have recognized you have hurt her, and that you will make changes in your behavior and attitude.

MaryannFebruary 16, 2019

I truly hope this will set a precedent for other cases where people seek to trample on religious freedom. It is time for people to be able speak the truth without fear of being silenced.

ViolaFebruary 16, 2019

Thanks for this wonderful insight, and for the key to improving our response to feeling inadequate. I’ve never thought of it this way before. So grateful for your insight.

BevFebruary 16, 2019

You say there is room and time but that is the very problem.....time is fleeting, the grandparents are aging and the”special” occasions are passing with no chance to ever recover them. I’m afraid I have to agree with Jowo. I also feel that the daughter/in-laws feelings could possibly stem from how the son feels about his parents and has transferred that to the grandparents. We have gone through the same thing with our ex-daughter-in-law who has been helped by everyone in our family. Not only has she cut our family off but also her family. Her children have have fourteen cousins, all of whom they have no contact with. She enjoys the hurt and pain she puts all of us through.

JamesFebruary 16, 2019

Is there still a second car? I gots to know!

CynthiaFebruary 15, 2019

Glorious! Thank you, Kelly, for sharing your story and your testimony, for sharing the humility and faith you developed, for describing the small goals you set for yourself to move forward. May you have continued strength and may you experience an enriching life filled with warmth and love, yours to receive and yours to give!

MeFebruary 15, 2019

Talk to a lawyer, if you live in the same state you can require the parents to allow you to visit your grandchildren--many states have grandparents' rights laws

Connie SchraderFebruary 15, 2019

That you for sharing your experiences. You are amazing!!

ronald b kirkFebruary 15, 2019


Duella WilliamsFebruary 15, 2019

As an ugly duckling, I always felt the same way! I knew my parents loved me beyond measure. And I think that one year, my mother placed a secret admirer note in my valentine box! As I got older, the boys turned to men and then those words came out...I have always admired you. (just wish it wasn't so late so we could have dated or hung out more! haha!). And now, I get that love and acceptance from my husband and children. Not so secret, but worth the day of Valentines to share our purpose for love of each other.

MichaelFebruary 15, 2019

Why has this new policy been adopted? I have 2 ideas. First, I think a large number of missionaries experience depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses that debilitate them, some to the point of not being able to continue their missions. An increase in family connectedness and contact might help with these problems and identify them earlier when intervention might save an otherwise doomed mission. The other one is less obvious. Until now a missionary sent a single message home often by email. The distribution of this message widely was easy. We were on lists with as many as 40 people. Sometimes a frustrated or immature missionary would describe something humorously or colorfully but perhaps not as dignified as suited their calling. This would reach dozens of people and if outrageous enough might be shared with many more. A momentary minor lapse in decor could explode into an audience of thousands. Now most communication from missionaries will probably be by phone and seldom shared beyond the immediate family any more than a typical phone call between family members. We will miss all the weekly missionary emails which are not forbidden but will probably decrease. Any church researchers of Mormon culture and lore need to collect and preserve some of these communications as they represent a unique window into our missionary experience for a season that is now ending.

MicheleFebruary 15, 2019

I appreciate the comments very much, along with the article. I can't add more by telling my whole story, but I will share the spirit also informed me my children are in His hands.

MicheleFebruary 15, 2019

Well said! The writer's tone comes across loud and clear. I have been dealing with this with my own daughter, although there aren't children in the picture. She does have trauma, it's generational. So do I. It was initially heartbreaking. She opened up, but It happened again, and I have been able to let go. It's the only way, it's what the Savior would do. An incredible lesson, although I'd much rather wrap my arms around her as much as possible! As far as narcissistic daughter in laws go, my oldest had a girlfriend who was quite troubled. But during the time he chose to be with her, I supported her. Which means I loved her. It is quite easy to tell when people truly love us, as opposed to tolerate us. Those if us who are or have been 'needier' usually have very fine tuned antennas.

Wally GoddardFebruary 15, 2019

Good ideas!

AliFebruary 15, 2019

This is such an AMAZING article! Thank you so much for your time and research. This makes my life a million times easier trying to teach Gospel Doctrine this Sunday. God bless you!

RonFebruary 15, 2019

I'd recommend that you read a book entitled "Bonds that Make us Free" by C. Terry Warner. It will open your eyes to ideas and possibilities that you never considered before. It's a life changing book.

MelissaFebruary 15, 2019

I am so grateful I discovered this podcast. You are taking me deeper into the scriptures and expanding my understanding more than ever before in my life. Thank you for your preparation each week!

JowoFebruary 15, 2019

I have two separate very close friends going through this currently and the only thing more to the story is the daughter-in-laws are each mentally ill narcissists who have emotionally battered and bruised the sons to a point of submission. It is a terrible thing for the parents to lose not only their sons but also their grandchildren. As much as I appreciate there are other possibilities for some situations, I am seeing more and more of this insidious behavior. With some people you can never fill up their bucket that is full of holes, no matter what you do or don't do. No contact is no contact. Holiday gifts are returned or unacknowledged, In both cases the parents had very good relationships with their children prior to the marriages. It is very very sad.

VardellFebruary 15, 2019

I’m happy to see you arrive at this answer; “the secret to his greatness was not perfect conduct, it was that he knew in Whom he had trusted.” We cannot self perfect ourselves into a state of spiritual re-birth, or of being redeemed. Christ offers us a remission of sins despite our imperfections. He offers us His transformative influence in our lives if we will just ask. Alma was a wicked man and was born again, redeemed, even changed to a state of righteousness simply by pleading for the mercy of Christ. Mosiah 27:24 The people of King Benjamin were righteous people, but they did the same thing. Mosiah 4:2 Do you see a pattern here? One thing not in these accounts is a concerted and lengthy self perfection effort, but rather a pleading to Christ, who then forgives and changes them. We see it also in these accounts: enos, lamoni, and lamoni’s father. Maybe we too need to plead for His mercy.

FrancesFebruary 15, 2019

I have finally learned that God can give us bad days to help us stop and reassess where we are going. Often the endless rush to accomplish, 100 names submitted to temple, 25 endowments last year make it 50 this year, or whatever we set as our goals, can distract us from the very real goals of becoming like Christ. He took time out to teach the Samaritan woman, not just rush on to his next appointment. He taught Mary and Martha and by extension all of us what was of most worth. So use paper plates some days. Leave the laundry undone. Take a day to be quiet or have your nails done. Spend a week in quiet contemplation of who you want to be and how it aligns with what you believe God wants of you. This life is homework and we all know that gets thrown away at the end of the school year.

Russell C AndersonFebruary 15, 2019

I think Moroni gets a bad rap by all to many who wish to assume he misjudged his government head. As the scripture points out Moroni used strategy, even after consulting a prophet. Military leaders lead and they don't always know all the facts. Its is the responsibility of the government to communicate with their military anything that would add or assist that military in their efforts. There is no indication in the scripture that the goverment head did so, but he seened to be able to communicate after Moroni's rebuke. There are to many gaps in the account to paint an accurate conclusion.

Jack J; Central PennsylvaniaFebruary 15, 2019

I can identify with this in many ways; I often do not feel exceptional. A couple of things thing you said though struck me. "Can there be exquisite joy for those of us who are living decent, Gospel-centered lives, but sense that we are capable of much greater spiritual sensitivity and power than we currently are accessing?" and "Let’s look at the life of Chief Captain Moroni. We all know the famous statement about him." I often don't feel worthy of anything close to those statements. I'm a relatively new member and am far from remembering scriptures, save maybe a few. And while I'm no longer living in daily sins that threaten my salvation, I sometimes feel like I'm clinging to a thread rather than an iron rod. The adversary is intense and relentless, always at me. I trust the Lord and am committed to enduring to the end. I didn't put my toes in the water when I got baptized. I jumped in. I've been immersing myself in scriptures and everything I can to maintain my newly minted connection with God. But it's hard, really hard.

A. Bingham, PhDFebruary 15, 2019

Thank you for writing this article and providing a contemporary framework for discussing this very divisive issue. I would extend this discussion to those working in the professional public health arena of maternal and child health where current policy, and, social and health interventions and initiatives in the area of prenatal and post-natal care are increasingly at odds legally, culturally, and ethically. This is an ongoing debate here in the US and also abroad especially in countries where abortion is illegal except under very strict circumstances. Ironically in most developing countries where aggressive prochoice policies are being promoted through the UNFPA, USAID, WHO, and other global health policy institutions as well as philanthropic institutions like the the Population Council, International Planned Parenthood, etc., most populations continue to resist pro-choice policies and legal frameworks often faced with funding tied to 'all or nothing' packages. It is a highly contentious arena to be in.... These commentaries and articles are very valuable for those of us working in this arena professionally.

Brent K GarnerFebruary 15, 2019

I speak as the father of 6 children--4 sons and 2 daughters. With the exception of the youngest who has disabilities severe enough to require adult supervision, all have wandered to one degree or another. My oldest daughter wandered during junior high and was hanging out with girls we did not approve of. One night there was a "sleepover". However, during that event these girls decided it would be "fun" to break into a friend's home and surprise her. As it turned out, the police got involved and our daughter nearly spent a night in jail. Understand, we had been pleading with her to change but she had refused to hear our words. This event combined with one other caused her to reflect and to change. She later served a mission, married in the temple and she and her husband are expecting their 3rd child. Our 3 oldest sons all wandered away. One has been excommunicated twice. One had his name withdrawn from membership and shortly thereafter committed suicide. The third has embraced a lifestyle of promiscuity beyond belief. All were taught the gospel. All could answer any gospel question put to them. None internalized it. I agonized over these for several years then one evening during a stake priesthood meeting the Holy Ghost whispered to me that I was not responsible for their actions. I still mourn over them though for the choices they have made. Our 4th son is currently undergoing a crisis of faith. He served a mission but after his marriage things began to fade. As it turns out, his wife is not that solidly founded in the gospel. We fear that they were married in the temple only to satisfy both sets of parents. We have been informed we are not welcome in their home because, to quote our daughter-in-law, "White Christians are the cause of all the world's problems!" We are identified as "white Christians", so we are not welcome. It is painful. I still have some communication with my son, but must be very careful of what I say or he takes offense and breaks contact.

Linary KingdonFebruary 15, 2019

Thank you, Anne Bradshaw, for your very kind post. I am Stacie’s mother. It has been quite the journey watching Stacie grow and develop since birth, especially considering multiple intense challenges she has been faced with by no doing of her own. She continues doing a beautiful job overcoming them.

GrandpaFebruary 15, 2019

Excellent reply. The best thing they can do is respect the daughter-in-law's feelings while keeping contact with their son, daughter-in-law, and grandchildren through birthday and Christmas gifts and/or cards. The fact that the son is supporting his wife in this decision tells me there is more to the story than this letter is telling. The grandparents need to respect the decision made by their son and daughter-in-law; to "force" their way in to their grandchildren's lives against the parents' wishes will only create hostility, and they will be the losers. The grandchildren will learn to judge the situation with clearer eyes if the grandparents follow this advise you have given.

Jennifer StewartFebruary 15, 2019

Thank you for this article helping me to see the power of agency and choice. The men of character cited took the higher road when justification and rationalization of character flaws could have won the day. There is always a way through challenges when we choose to believe and look to our Saviour. Thank you for pointing us in that direction.

Burger BobFebruary 15, 2019

Captain Moroni didn't need to repent in relation to what he wrote to Pahoran. Moroni told Pahoran that if he were in partnership with the king men, then he would clean house because a house divided is more detrimental to a nation and a people than the enemy from outside. He told Pahoran that the Lord had instructed that we clean the inner vessel first. Pahoran, being the good and just man that he was, was able to understand why he was censored and although it hurt, he could see why. As the chief judge and ruler of the Nephite nation, he told Captain Moroni what to do, come to his aid and leave his chief officers in charge of the war against the Lamanites with a blessing of protection and to be able to hang on until reinforcements came. This all worked out because the Nephite leaders followed the instruction from the Lord to never give offense, but to be prepared to protect their families, homes, religion, and country, which they did. Both of these good men had the greatest measure of integrity known to man. What would it be like today if the leaders our our countries had the integrity and righteous desires that these two good men had. We would have safety and peace and a wonderful nation of righteous people who deserve all the blessings promised those who serve the God of this land, even Jesus Christ. Captain Moroni is one of my heroes, Pahoran is also. If I could just be like Captain Moronin, Satan would have no power over me because I have made the decision to love the Lord my God and serve Him with complete integrity. I understand the message that is being taught here in this article, but we can't miss the point that Captain Moroni willingly gave Pahoran the opportunity to prove that he was a patriot and a lover of freedom as much as Captain Moroni was.

RandyFebruary 14, 2019

The Lord is both. He has taught us that Mercy can not rob Justice, but Mercy can temper Justice.

Diane ChaseFebruary 14, 2019

Maryann, yes, Heather did remain paralyzed, but just being alive is a miracle in and of itself. She is pretty healthy, and full of joy, and stays busy all day long. Feel free to click on the "author" hotlink and email me if you have more thoughts/questions.

Beverly MooreFebruary 14, 2019

Thank you for this new insight to my concern for a wayward child. She had met too many people of our church who are so not living the gospel that she has become bitter. I understand because for over 30 years I felt the same way over a husband who was "two faced", but My Lord never gave up on me and now I understand why and that he will never give up on her. Since I am the only church member in this family I wondered if my child would ever be sealed to me and her brother.

LexaGraemeFebruary 14, 2019

Hahaha! Ain’t that the truth!

CapriFebruary 14, 2019

Great Ideas!!! Thank you for posting these awesome ideas. If we have open hearts and minds and are progressing we are always willing to learn things that will improve our lives. These ideas are awesome. Thanks!

Laurie WhiteFebruary 14, 2019

I am also a convert, and agree with Pam's comment completely. I woke up at 4:00 a.m. thinking about the meeting we had with the missionaries and an investigator yesterday. I couldn't go back to sleep, so I finally got up at 5:15 a.m. -- and this article came up in my e-mail. I don't think that's a coincidence. Thank you, Joni, for providing the answer to prayer this morning.

John HewlettFebruary 14, 2019

Great advice from an outstanding young newlywed. Good information for all striving to be better relationships. Thank you

DouglasFebruary 14, 2019

I suspect that even Church members themselves are at various stages of acceptance and understanding, so why not extend the courtesy of patience to those in our own families and ward families as well? Great article.

Ashley BangerterFebruary 13, 2019

I had a question: does God really love his women, when, most of the time in history, women are treated so badly? This article really helped answer my question. He really does love women, and he has tried to keep his women sacred. Thank you for these beautiful words, full of inspiration!

Bob LiggetFebruary 13, 2019

I appreciate the sincerity of the author. It reads like many such articles written by people who grew up in the church and by definition cannot know what it's like to be presented with the message of the restored gospel without context. I joined over 30 years ago after moving to Salt Lake City from the East coast. I was semi-active in my Protestant faith, very active as a child, but lifetime Latter-day Saints have a very hard time understanding that for much of the rest of Christian individuals, let alone agnostics or atheists, they claim a religious identity but it does not influence them in the same way. It's certainly not a way of life, nor does it fill one's time with activities throughout the week and too many Saturdays (sorry, sore spot!). In my case and for many, I didn't care about the message of the church. It held little interest because I saw no need for what it offered. My life was fine. I was deep into graduate studies, had a full life with friends, and I saw the future with optimism. I believed in heaven, I said my prayers, I tried to be a good person, and read the Bible now and then. What more did I need? To be told I didn't know what I was missing, which I heard a lot, was meaningless. It was not a compelling vision at all since I was happily content. I responded to much of the message with a "so what?" and "who cares?" I saw nothing that I thought would enhance my life, but would certainly complicate it. Not everyone is a seeker. I needed time to process it intellectually, because that was my way, and once I was satisfied with the church and the Gospel in that way, then I could look at it spiritually. And obviously I received a testimony and joined and active ever since. This is the short version, but my point is don't assume anyone is unhappy with what they currently have, and let them go at their own pace and in their own way.

Grandma GigiFebruary 13, 2019

Well, I'm a convert and I've served two missions with my husband. It's the program to try and get a commitment to baptism even on the first discussion. Until the Prophet changes it or the Missionary committee, etc... That's the way missionaries are challenged to teach people. On my first visit to church, I was asked in the parking lot afterwards by someone I didn't even know, "so...when are you going to join OUR church?" In my mind Insaid, NEVER! LOL. Just goes to show, members' mistakes don't matter. The Lord is in charge!

MaryannFebruary 13, 2019

I would love to hear more details about Heather's outcome physically. Did she remain paralyzed? I know the focus of this article is on the many miracles she received, but I would like to know more.

MaryannFebruary 13, 2019

As teachers in the Lord's church this is an excellent reminder for all of us---no matter what subject we are teaching, that the Savior must ALWAYS be the foundation for our discussion. If we don't focus on Him, our lessons are woefully lacking. Every principle we teach has it's foundation in our Savior. Every lesson should carry to the hearts of the hearers a witness of his divinity and His goodness to us.

Steven ElkinsFebruary 13, 2019

The Bernhisel letter has been shown not to have been written by Joseph Smith and the articles in the times and season where signed NA. I have read the Book of Mormon many times in it it tell us where the Promised land is. The Jaredite and the Nephites told us that the New Jerusalem was to be built on the Promised Land. Joseph Smith was told where the New Jerusalem was to be built. It's pretty obvious where the Promised Land is when the Book of Mormon tell us that the Gentiles would upton that same land and that it would be a Land of Liberty. Also it would be a Nation above all other Nations. Christ being the God of that land. There is only one Hill Cumorah!

CarolineFebruary 13, 2019

This is a great article — but the rest of the story is found in Elder Holland’s talk “Missionary Work and the Atonement” in 2000. The whole purpose of missionary work is to bring souls to Christ, to have Him and His Atonement be EVERYTHING to them. That’s what the Book of Mormon is about, that’s what temple work is about. Knowing Him, loving Him, and gratitude for Him is life eternal.

roxanne dupliseaFebruary 13, 2019

Thank you

Tracy MortensenFebruary 13, 2019

I am reminded of the parable of the Prodigal Son. In the parable, the father stands afar off waiting for the return of his son who had spent his inheritance with riotous living. As I work with my own wayward children, I have had the unique insight to how I am both the father and the son in the parable. The father because I am standing, watching from afar for the day my wayward children turn away from their "riotous living" and come home. And yet I see myself as that very son who still needs to turn from my "riotous living" or the choices I make which are contrary to what my Heavenly Father has asked of me, and return to Him who stands watching from afar, waiting for my eventual return from squandering my eternal inheritance with the choices I make. It certainly helps me have more patience with my children as they work their way back home - because in reality, isn't that what we are all trying to do?

roxanne dupliseaFebruary 13, 2019

thank you Darla. The article was very enlightening.. Often have heard to see life's problems as challenges but this puts a whole new light on things.

IvonneFebruary 13, 2019

Brother Barkdull was one of my favorites! Thank you for running his articles!

PamFebruary 13, 2019

As a convert (many years ago) I have to agree with you wholeheartedly. The decision to join the church may take a long time to make, and each person is different. At times, the missions we have lived in wanted the missionaries to challenge people for baptism on the first or second lesson, and to stop seeing them if they didn't commit to baptism. To me, it's like agreeing to marry someone on the first date. Joining the church is a big step, and people need to be allowed the time to make that decision.

NLSFebruary 13, 2019

This is a great video and gives a succinct overview of how we received the Book of Mormon. I watched it on YouTube, and unfortunately an anti-Mormon video came on right afterward! I am a bit hesitant to recommend that my non-member friends watch this video, due to the worry that they will continue to listen a bit longer as I did and run into some of those anti-Mormon videos inadvertently.

LexaGraemeFebruary 13, 2019

This brought a smile to my lips and tears to my eyes. How wonderful.

Lee GrobergFebruary 13, 2019

Becky is an amazing go-getter. She is featured along with her school in a documentary film I am producing for PBS Television. After interviewing her and seeing first hand, what she is talking about, her article is worth reading and anything else she write in the futur

Still StrivingFebruary 13, 2019

Actually, the quote is: "Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it" (Proverbs 22:6). Often, we neglect the words "and when he is old," which remind us that the fruits of our teachings may be a long time coming. Trust that ever principle taught has value; everything you say matters. Then, trust the Lord to help them along the path, even if they don't find it until they are "old."

JaySFebruary 13, 2019

Gr8 thoughts You and Bob are stellar example

vickie gaspard cloudFebruary 13, 2019

we are living in a time where many do not get the shots that we use to get to protect ourselves from diptheria and other diseases. there are many who complain of some of the side affects of the shots but I say those diseases are much worse than the side affects...what a hard time that was and there have been many times in history where many people died from plagues. flu's have killed many people in the 1920's..and also tuberculosis which hit my elders and many died. I was amazed to learn how my mothers mother my grandma survived all of this. she lost her husband and her eldest daughter and grandchild to turberculosis and then her two sons contracted the illness but survived due to the invention of none other than pennacillan (sp). tragedy strikes all but ...we must have faith in the Lord and continue on knowing that even if we fall that we have a loving Heavenly Father waiting to accept us.

vickie gaspard cloudFebruary 13, 2019

THERE IS AN OLD SAYING TO RAISE A CHILD UP IN THE WAY HE SHOULD GO AND HE WILL NOT DEPART FROM IT. this is very true in most cases however, there are children who choose other ways. for these children we have to pray for and have hope in the Lord that they will come to realize the teachings of their past when they lived with their parents. sometimes though like in this story the child has to experience trials in order to get to that point of realization of what is right and what is wrong and of which path to take.

karell BinghamFebruary 13, 2019

What astounding courage and compassion. I could only hope and pray that I would be able to love people so God- like as Elder Talmage!

karell BinghamFebruary 13, 2019

I might add that perhaps you might want to deepen the soil of your friendship before you plant the seeds of the gospel. This is not the only planet on which that they can receive the word of God. The warmth of friendship is the spirit of the Lord beginning to work if it were not so why was the last commandment that Christ gave his apostles thus all of us the one that was the most important: Love they neighbor!

Neil DevereauxFebruary 13, 2019

From my understanding, Joseph Smith did not really retranslate anything, especially the Book of Mormon, but rather received revelation of how the text was originally written. This is not translation but a process of revelation God made available to him through various processes, including the the Urim and Thummin and seer stones. He could not translate reformed Egyptian even after finishing the process of having the text revealed to him. If there was translation involved, the Spirit was the one doing the translating. Joseph Smith was narrating the revealed text to a scribe. Articles in this very magazine have said exactly that.

Christian MarshFebruary 13, 2019

The Times and Seasons articles were written by Benjamin Winchester and printed by William Smith who was acting as editor. Joseph Smith knew exactly where the Book of Mormon took place, there was no confusion.

AshleyFebruary 12, 2019

It was actually a visiting local authority (I think it was a local seventy but not 100% sure on that. I was still struggling to understand the hierarchy of church leadership at the time) who had gave the talk, who probably had no idea beforehand that a baby blessing would be happening. It wasn’t false doctrines that he was preaching, but he did include an apparently famous list in Latter Day Saint culture of all the bad things that will happen if you don’t follow the prophet. (I don’t recall who the list was originally being quoted from). I remember thinking at the time, “I don’t disagree with the things he’s saying, but this is really not the message I hoped my parents would hear today.” As a still fairly new convert, I didn’t even know how to begin doing damage control with my parents. They were unwilling to come to my second child’s baby blessing. I pray that one day we can help them have a better understanding of what we believe and that their hearts will eventually soften towards the church.

MaryannFebruary 12, 2019

When we cease to speak of developing loving relationships with our "husband" or "wife" in our gospel teaching because we are afraid we might offend someone, we are making a grave error. We must never dilute the truths of the gospel or withhold them. I think all of us agree that we must treat ALL God's children with love and kindness. However, Celestial marriage is essential for exaltation, and we must never foster a thought or even a hint of an apologetic attitude for teaching and encouraging discussions that will strengthen marriage. Those who experience same-gender attraction often cling to the hope that the day will come when they will be healed and free to have these great blessings of marriage. They do not need to pretend that it doesn't exist.

JEFFREY C BURROWSFebruary 12, 2019

Thank you Dr. Peterson! Joseph's story is remarkable. The angel's prophesy is evident, his name is had for "good and evil" in all the world.

Greg ReedFebruary 12, 2019

Great lesson Craig. Thanks for sharing! Greg

JeffFebruary 12, 2019

Thank you for writing this article. We all need to help protect the unborn.

AJ CurrieFebruary 12, 2019

Yes, we too often use the modern, secular meaning of words when we discuss gospel topics and thus miss the mark. In school and most everyday situations, a "test" is used to demonstrate proficiency to an authority who needs to determine whether or not our abilities are sufficient (think drivers test). Since the Lord is omniscient, this definition of "test" is inappropriate--"Trial" is much closer to what is really going on. A trial is something one experiences and may learn from. There is no learning or change involve in taking a school "test"--until one sees the errors made and receives an explanation of how to avoid a repetition. In a "trial" the learner doesn't require a human proctor to tell him how he is doing. A test alone does not change behavior or outlook; a trial does. Another thought--very young people can differentiate between infants, adolescents, and senior citizens, but they have no idea what is is to "be" a senior citizen with the accompanying experiences and infirmities. Only the "trials" of many years can give them that--no "test" exists to accomplish that!

SharonFebruary 12, 2019

You two are great examples to so many . . . including me!

Roy PropsnerFebruary 12, 2019

I am Elder Roy Propsner, Ruidoso Ward, NM join my facebook group: "parkinson's thiamine hcl" … Parkinson's Relief, Questions and Answers

Kathy PaulFebruary 11, 2019

Thank you for sharing this inspiring story; I, too, have experienced many of those types of tender mercies. My accident was 19 years ago today, and my spinal cord is injured at the C6-C7 level. I am blessed with a wonderful family who takes care of me, and with the privilege of working in the temple. I’m so thankful for the tender mercies of the Lord! ❤️

MS BETTY JOHNSONFebruary 11, 2019

Such a beautiful story, Becky. Wherever you go, you are an angel. Having been to India, I can attest to the hard living conditions in a Leprosy colony. It is heartbreaking. Bless you forever for all the miracles you have taken to India, Becky Douglas.

KateFebruary 11, 2019

It is unfortunate when false doctrine ( "once the prophet has spoken, all members must simply accept his counsel without any questions or doubts") is taught in sacrament meeting and the person conducting the meeting does not correct the problem. It is a difficult, delicate job, but it really needs to be taken more seriously. The First Presidency officially spoke out about this particular false doctrine over 50 years ago--why is it still being repeated? and not being challenged when it is repeated??

Dorothy PittsFebruary 11, 2019

This is a feast I will enjoy all week long!

DebFebruary 11, 2019

Wonderful! Thank you! I, too, look forward to more articles from this very insightful man.

JocelynFebruary 11, 2019

I agree that touch is powerfully healing and comforting. We must remember to fearlessly embrace all truth and serve with love. Thank you for your touching article.

CharlieBrown2292February 11, 2019

Such a deeply touching story, especially because my own life was saved un