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The Church has released two new resources in the 2023 “Come, Follow Me” manuals for parents and Primary teachers in helping children prepare to make and keep covenants.

A notice was sent to local leaders on Thursday, Dec. 22, about these resources, reaffirming the responsibility of parents to guide their children along the covenant path.

“Parents have a profound influence on their children’s faith in and commitment to Jesus Christ,” the notice states. “Their ability to inspire their children to enter and progress on the covenant path is irreplaceable.”

For parents

To support parents as they teach their children, the 2023 digital version of “Come, Follow Me — For Individuals and Families” includes an appendix titled “Preparing Your Children for a Lifetime on God’s Covenant Path.

It suggests simple, home-centered ideas for helping children prepare for baptism and confirmation, priesthood ordination and service, temple attendance, patriarchal blessings, missionary service and eternal marriage.

“Parents are invited to consider these ideas as they seek to guide their children along the covenant path. Church leaders and ministering brothers and sisters are invited to refer to these ideas as they support parents in their divine responsibilities,” the notice says.

To read the full article, CLICK HERE