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FamilySearch’s newly released update to the person pages in Family Tree will make learning about your ancestors easier than ever before. Streamlined menus mean using the person page is now faster and more intuitive. New ways to view your ancestors’ lives and information, including maps and time lines, will expand your understanding and enable you to identify and fill in missing information more quickly.

Here are some of the most exciting changes you’ll find on the Family Tree person pages. (We’ve also provided links to more detailed instructions if you’d like to dive even deeper!)

Streamlining the Family Tree Person Pages

When you log in to your FamilySearch Account and make your way to the person page for one of your relatives, you’ll notice right away that it looks a little different. FamilySearch has updated this page to make it cleaner and easier to navigate. With the new updates, your relative’s information is also easier to edit!

As an example, the header and main menu at the top of the person page are now a lot simpler. Instead of the two-layer menu you saw before, all the choices have been incorporated into one menu. Most tabs take you to sections similar to what you’ve used before—just improved, spruced up, and renamed.


You may also notice the new Edit tags in sections that didn’t have these before. You can easily edit your relative’s vital information and much more by clicking on these tags. There’s also an exciting new tool you can explore with this update! The Time Linetab introduces you to a completely new tool.

Be sure to also take a moment and look over the options on the sidebar on the right side of the page. Some of these have been rearranged and reorganized so you can accomplish many of the most common Family Tree tasks much easier. For example, you can now merge ancestors by ID as well as edit labels from this right sidebar. There’s even a newly added Data Problems alert that will appear if there are possible problems with your ancestor’s information, such as possible duplicates.

These changes will save you time as you explore your family history and add your discoveries to your family tree!

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