BYU has recently approved an updated university Demonstration Policy, previously known as the Public Expression Policy. The updated policy was approved Dec. 20, 2021.

As stated in the policy, BYU recognizes that a “university education includes intellectually enlarging experiences that promote civility in the exchange of ideas and that encourage civic engagement.” The updated policy provides details on what constitutes a demonstration, the application process for demonstrations, and the time, place and manner standards for on-campus demonstrations.

BYU’s campus is private property. Although university property is not a public forum, the university permits responsible and safe demonstrations by current students and employees. Demonstrations should be consistent with BYU’s faith-based mission, intellectual environment and requirements described in the policy.

The updated policy no longer requires a faculty sponsor for a demonstration application, but still requires an application to be submitted to the Dean of Students Office in advance of a proposed demonstration.

The dean of students, the managing director of BYU Police and BYU Security, the vice president of belonging and the academic vice president, or their designees, will consider the content, time, place and manner of the proposed demonstration and approve, conditionally approve or deny demonstration applications.

The newly updated policy was reviewed by the Faculty Advisory Council, Student Advisory Council and Administrative Advisory Council before final approval.

Other updates to the prior version of the policy include:

  • Clarification on who may participate in on-campus demonstrations (only individuals who are current students or employees).
  • Locations where demonstrations are prohibited, including any locations within university buildings, near places where minors and other vulnerable populations are present (such as the BYU preschool, summer youth camps or the Student Health Center) and locations where safety is at risk, including university-owned portions of Y Mountain.
  • Details on conduct that is prohibited at demonstrations, such as conduct that is violent or harassing, threatens individual or public health or safety, or defaces or damages university property or personal property.

To read the full policy, visit this link: