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Last winter, my hair was still growing back after the latest treatments from cancer. It was the third time I’d lost all of my hair from chemotherapy or radiation, and my oncologist warned me that it probably wouldn’t completely return this time. I was pleasantly surprised that, despite the warnings, my hair seemed to be slowly increasing day by day. Since the weather was chilly, I couldn’t leave the house without a hat, scarf, or wig to help keep the warmth from escaping. (I used to accessorize my head out of self-consciousness over the baldness, but I was long over any embarrassment I might have had in the beginning.)

On many occasions, friends had given me all kinds of head coverings, so I could be less uncomfortable with my new look. I had a few favorites, even though it was often too hot in the Texas summers (and springs and even falls) to wear many of these knit beanies. However, winter was the perfect time to pull out those hats I loved.

I quickly became flustered upon discovering that the most special of all those winter caps was nowhere to be found! I hadn’t needed it in three seasons of warm weather, so when chilly temperatures finally hit, there was no telling how long this hat had been misplaced. It was pink, one of my favorite colors, and had bling and glitter, more favorites, and had been given to me by a very special person. Plus, I always received compliments when I wore it, and a hairless, sick, weak, and tired cancer patient can always use words of encouragement, even if they are about accessories.

I looked in all the usual places. I looked in the new ones that I might have used in the most recent reorganization projects . Then, I remembered to stop, be still, and ask for help. I prayed that I might be able to find this hat so that my head would be warm in the chilly temperatures and I would be able to avoid getting sick. After the prayer, I didn’t have any clear ideas of where to start looking. I didn’t have any extra time before driving kids to school, so I borrowed one of their beanies in the morning rush.

Did I not have enough faith?

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