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A lot of parents greet their kids when they get off the school bus. But a woman in Riverton greets kids in a unique, fun and entertaining way. She’s known as the “Bus Stop Mama” and as the school year comes to a close, we caught up with her to share her story.

Emily Blodgett puts on a tiny hat, adds some mascara and touches up her hair. “Oh, yea. Now I’m ready.”

She’s getting ready to do something most moms and dads don’t dress up for – greeting her kids as the school bus stops outside her home. She walks out, a few minutes before the bus arrives, in a pinata themed dress she made herself. Her neighbor and friend Kim Simmons makes sure the dress looks good. Then grabs her cell phone camera.

“This is why my pictures look so good – because of Kim.” You see, Emily is going to document this moment. 

As the school bus stops in front of her house – her kids and a few others get off and are greeted by Emily, her colorful dress, a pinata, maracas and a bowl of candy. It’s an exciting and energized scene – that gets the attention of the kids on the bus. And this scene is not new.

It’s actually the 100th time, this year.

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