Dressing up in costumes and getting candy from neighbors makes Halloween a very popular holiday. But reading great Halloween books is the icing on the holiday cake. Here are some terrific new Halloween books for all ages. The board books are good for toddlers. The picture books are good for ages two/three through eight. The early chapter books are best for ages five through nine. The rest of the books are geared for ages eight and up.

Spooky Coloring Book: Creepy but Cute Illustrations for Your Inner Witch, by Sara Szewczyk, reads like a story but has a full-page spread on one side of the open page to color as the story progresses. The story and pictures center around an adorable little witch cat. Perfect for all ages.

A Million Little Monsters: Frightful Creatures to Color, by Lulu Mayo, has glorious Halloween scenes rich in detail making this a fun coloring book for parents and kids to enjoy together. The monsters are small, adorable and include mummies, ghosts and bats.

Apple Vs. Pumpkin: The Battle for the Best Fall Treat is On!, by Jeffrey Burton and colorfully illustrated by Lydia Jean, brings out the best parts of fall in this delightful board book. On one side of the open page, features the benefits of the apple, and the other side showcases the pumpkin. What a great look into fall.

The Wheels on the Costume, by Cindy Jin and brightly illustrated by Lauren Lowen, features a youngster on a wheelchair. There are two movable wheels found throughout is reminiscent of The Wheels on the Bus. This wheelchair can transform into a princess carriage, a bulldozer and much more.

This Little Monster:A trick-Or-Treat Twist on the Classic Nursery Rhyme!, by Carol Byers and vividly painted by Alberta Torres, is a counting picture book with a number of monsters that correlate with the pages on the book. The last page unfolds to twice the size of the book. Check out tips for parents at the back.

I Love My Magic, by Kelly Leigh Miller, has a cute little witch, Willow, who loves to use her magic. However, she uses it to her advantage while playing soccer with others making it unfair. When the teacher takes away her wand until the end of school, Willow begins to appreciate life without magic. The bright illustrations in this picture book were done digitally.

Even Superheroes Get Scared, by Shelly Becker and illustrated with a cartoon-style imagery by Eva Kaban, is an uplifting picture book that should help youngsters face their fears. This rhyming tale features eight superheroes that have qualms as they attempt to save others. It could be unnerving to face something new./ But it could be fun and exciting, too! Check out the other three books by this same team that will also address feelings that help children.

Disney Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas: The 13 Days of Halloween-Jack’s Spooktacular Countdown, by the Editors of Fun International and brilliantly illustrated by Kaley McCabe, is a fun countdown featuring thirteen mini books that have fun activities such as crossword puzzles, mazes, word searches and much more. There is a pop-up surprise waiting on Halloween day!

The Critter Club: Ellie’s Spooky Surprise #26, by Callie Barkley and illustrated by Tracy Bishop, is an early chapter book that has Ellie planning a pet party for Halloween. Ellie and her friends decide to dress up the little critters in costumes for a fun gathering.

Desmond Cole Ghost Patrol: Never a Doll Moment #19, by Andrew Miedoso and illustrated by Victor Rivas, is an early chapter book that finds Desmond and his friend, Andres, searching for haunted dolls at his grandma’s house. This slumber party is just a tiny bit scary and a whole lot of fun to read.

The Finch House, by Ciera Burch, has eleven-year-old Micah dealing with the stress of having to move from her grandfather’s house. When she finds herself at Finch House, a place her grandfather had forbidden her to go, she finds a new friend. However, a strange mystery begins to unfold when her grandfather sudden disappears and is somehow related to this unusual house. This book will keep you reading to the end.

Grumbones, by Jenn Bennett, features Helena and her best friend, Ben, finding the gifts she leaves at the grave of her grandmother suddenly missing. When both friends investigate deeper, they discover a gateway to the underworld. However, they need a guide to help navigate the maze of pathways below. This is where Grumbones comes to help. But is he good or bad? That is the question answered eventually in this intriguing story.