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A dark colored vehicle with the dome light on was parked in my neighbor’s, front yard. The clock was approaching 9:45 Saturday evening as Becca went outside to empty the kitchen trash.  It seemed strange, but she thought that the person inside was probably looking for an address or talking on the phone.

She returned to the safety of her home.  Half an hour later she felt nudged to see if the car was still there.  When she looked out her window, the car had not moved.  Something felt wrong.  She went to her husband, Darren, and asked him if he would go with her to check.

They discovered an unconscious young woman whose face was blue.  She was non responsive with foam coming from her mouth.    Becca called 911 and explained the problem.  The instructions were to give her mouth-to-mouth.  The ambulance was on its way. Under the circumstances, would you do that?    Wouldn’t you just wait for professionals to arrive?  Derren followed the instructions.

Monday morning as my friends and I were on our daily walk around the neighborhood, Sharlett shared with us what had happened Saturday evening.

I sent Derren an email  – On Aug 12, 2019, at 6:02 PM, Nihla wrote:

“You went out in the dark, found an unknown woman passed out, foaming at the mouth, blue face and non responsive, had Becca call 911, removed the woman from her car, and administered mouth to mouth as per instructions from the 911 operator for ten minutes until the first responders arrived, and you are alive to tell about it! God bless you. You are one tough dude.  We are praying that you have not acquired an infection.

You are my Hero!  I am so thankful that you saved her life and that you live just down the street.  I now know whom to call when my emergency arrives.

What an amazing guy!”

I received this response.  On Aug 12, 2019, at 9:54 PM, Derren wrote:

Thanks Nihla,

“No hero over here.  You would have done the very same thing I’m sure of that.   

This sweet lady is alive today because Becca was prompted to look further at that strange car.  

 As I’ve contemplated the whole thing I’m not sure she wasn’t guided to pull over where someone willing and able would intervene.  

I’ve learned a lot from this experience. You see, truly serving others means to serve all others: no matter who – no matter when – no matter why – just serve…. Just do it.”

I wrote back asking Derren’s permission to share the experience with the Diamond Valley Stake Come Follow Me discussion group since we had just studied Paul’s epistle to the Romans on how to be a living sacrifice.  The principal taught by Pau and exemplified by Derren and Becca was perfectly applied.

Here is his response: 

“Becca has said at least a dozen times since Saturday that “she is certain that this girl has a loving mother”, and tonight we received a special phone call from her parents. They were very kind and full of gratitude that we were able to intervene. They are certain that the veil was thinned on their daughter’s behalf. A lot of loving tears were shared with each other as we talked through the events of last Saturday night. They expressed how grateful they were that we helped their daughter even though it was a drug overdose. Isn’t that sad? Given the opportunity to save a life, you do it. No judgment.

It was very thoughtful for them to call us. We shared with them that we have challenges in our family too and that they’re not alone. When our “adult children” use their free agency and make poor decisions it is so difficult as parents. We always want the best for our kids, and it can be so hard allowing them to fall sometimes.

I believe it takes an army to keep on track.

We have to serve and love one another just as the Savior has shown us. 

I thought you might like to hear another layer as it unfolds. Thanks for your insight.

Keep the faith,“


What if Becca had ignored the prompting?

What if Derren had decided that he couldn’t be a living sacrifice when the situation was so messy or that he needed to run to the house and get cleaning and sterilizing supplies.

What can we do to prepare ourselves to be a living sacrifice for the very moment when our opportunity arrives?

Derren’s words have appropriately defined what I think the Brethren meant when they asked us to minister.  “Higher and Holier!”