Baltimore stake presidencyThis week as Baltimore has faced riots and seething tensions, President Michael P. Brady of the Baltimore Stake sent this invitation via Facebook.

“We invite all members of the Baltimore Stake, as well as friends and neighbors who are not of our faith, to join with us in a special fast on Sunday, May 3rd, for peace in our city, and, in particular, for the safety and hope of the youth of Baltimore who are beset by poverty and violence.

“This past week, President Brady had the opportunity to share with our friends on the Baltimore Interfaith Coalition (BIC) about the Latter-day Saint practice of holding a monthly fast, in which we abstain from two consecutive meals and donate the money we would have spent on food to help feed the hungry (though we try to give even more). He advised them of the Baltimore Stake’s special fast this Sunday, and now faith leaders from across Baltimore are also inviting their congregations to participate.

“As we join together, we are confident that the Lord will open the windows of heaven for you and for those for whom we are fasting and praying.”