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“Have Yourself A Healthy Little Christmas”
By Carolyn Allen


Though filled with happiness and cheer (as the song goes) we all know only too well that it’s also filled with more health detours than at any time of the year.  Though it may not be a time to lose weight, it’s also not a time to entirely lose focus!

As rich holiday foods surround us, so does the 0-calorie music of the season.   Music, as I have shared in many of my other columns, is a powerful tool to help us change our moods, center our thoughts and improve our choices.  It pleases our Heavenly Father and is even a prayer. 

“For my soul delighteth in the song of the heart, yea, the song of the righteous is a prayer unto me, and it shall be answered with a blessing upon their heads.”  (D&C 25:12)

Is there any time of the year when we need a prayer answered through the blessings of self-control more than the last half of December?  With that thought, here are six holiday health carols to sing to yourself.  You may also download them to a CD by clicking HERE.  Or copy and paste in the link:


At this link you will be able to download my little e-book “Have Yourself A Healthy Little Christmas – A Holiday Survival Guide” It’s loaded with unique tips and tricks to help you have your merriest, healthiest holiday ever, and is free.  The CD also has several holiday health meditations and tracks of quiet, reflective music that may be just what you need to bring the true spirit of health, peace and happiness into your holiday.

(I express my thanks to my vocalist, Liz Howard, and pianist, Marv Goldstein who gave permission to use his accompaniment from his CD “The Gift of Light.”



Angels, We Will Be So Light!
Survival Tip: Review the past to change the present.

Changing traditions, changing what we weigh, takes great planning.  Knowing what to say to food pushers and those who aren’t ready to be responsible is as important as knowing what to eat.  Decide on the treats you enjoy the most.  Determine their calorie count.  Decide when you’ll eat them and with whom.  For the other treats that will no doubt come your way, say simply “No, thanks” to help you keep that most important promise to yourself.

1.  Angels, We Will Be So Light!
(Tune:  Angels We Have Heard on High)

1.  Christmas was a time to eat
Something rich and something sweet
Pounds I’d gain, my pants got tight
This year I will do things right.  (Chorus)

CHORUS:  No —oooo—No — oooooh, No oooooh  No thank you
Is what I always say
No — oooo — No — ooooh, No – ooooh, No Thank You
This is how I find my way.

2.  Christmas cookies, chocolate fudge
Made for pounds that would not budge
Better foods this year I’ll choose
My weight loss will be the news.  (Chorus)

3.  Far more fun than food for me
Are clothes that fit and energy
Health and time with those I love
These are gifts from Heav’n above.  (Chorus)

2. Jingle Snacks
Survival Tip:  Always Bring A Snack

Many a good intention gets lost simply by getting too hungry.  ALWAYS have a snack within reaching distance in your purse, desk drawer, or glove compartment for when you’re away from home.  A piece of fruit, a box of raisins, a Power Bar or drink, or some pretzels.  Ditto for water.

Jingle Snacks (Tune:  Jingle Bells)

Dashing through the stores, I know I need to eat
But look at those food courts! It’s all fried foods and sweets.
They never fill me up.  Or remember what I’ve had.
It’s good I’ve got a snack with me – at weigh-in I’ll feel GLAD

Oh, bring a snack, bring a snack, always bring a snack
In my purse and in my car, I’ll soon love what I weigh – hey!
Bring a snack, Bring a snack, always Bring a snack
In my purse and in my car, I’ll soon love what I weigh – hey!

3.  Oh, Christmas Pants
Survival Tip:  Get Some Fitted Pants

My friend Nancy lost 60 pounds 5 years ago and keeps those pounds in check over the holidays with a pair of red silk pants that she wears to holiday gatherings.  Her goal (besides looking beautiful!)  is to have them still fit comfortably for New Year’s Eve.

  1. Get a special pair of fitted black slacks with a fitted waist to wear with holiday sweaters and vests at holiday gatherings. That fitted waist is a constant reminder of what you’re all about.
  2. Do your belt one or two notches tighter BEFORE you start to eat.  When you’re full and let it out, you’re still within a safe place.

Oh, Christmas Pants (Tune:  Oh, Christmas Tree)

Oh, Christmas pants
My Christmas pants
You are my healthy chance
Oh Christmas pants
My Christmas pants
You are my healthy chance
With waistband snug you let me know
To stop when full, so I’ll not grow
Oh Christmas pants
My Christmas pants
You are my healthy chance

Oh Christmas pants
My Christmas pants
You make me stop and review
Oh Christmas pants
My Christmas pants
Just what I will and won’t do
My ugly stretchy pants are gone
It’s fitted slacks from this point on
Oh Christmas pants
My Christmas pants
You make me stop and review.

4.  Hark, How the Scales
Survival Tip:  The Weekly Weigh In

Losing weight for the long term means continual accountability – even in December.  Be brave and continue with your weekly weigh-in.  It’s an invaluable tool of where you’ve been, where you are and where you’re headed.  Don’t let gaining a pound or two ruin your spirits, just let it be a checkpoint and the feedback you need to keep things in perspective.  January comes before we know it and losing weight does not need to be a New Year’s Resolution again if we’ve listened to the scale in December.

Hark How The Scales (Tune:”Carol of the Bells”)

Hark how the scales
My bathroom scales
Now seem to say
Don’t fall astray

Hark, how they sing
News of the things
I need to do
All season through

Though it’s quite clear
Much food is here
No need to fear
Be of good cheer

Now’s the time for wisely choosing
If I do not want to stray from losing
Hark how the scales
My bathroom scales
Now seem to say
Don’t fall astray

Pounds soon are gone…. Gone.

5.  A Healthy Me is Coming To Town
Survival Tip: Visualizing

“You’ll see it when you believe I,” says Dr. Wayne Dyer.  Nothing takes the place of vividly imaging your success each and every day.  In the morning as you wake up, and then again as you drift off at night, consciously create mental images of yourself eating healthfully and happily – and YOU WILL. Vividly imagine yourself at a healthy weight and managing it well – and YOU WILL.  Tell yourself that a healthy you is on her way, and I promise – she’ll be there wearing a slinky red Christmas dress and a gorgeous smile.

A Healthy Me is Coming To Town
(Tune: Santa Claus is Coming to Town)

I’m making a list and checking it twice
Which are the foods that are naughty or nice
A healthy me is coming to town.

With lite and low-cal to be at my side
All of my zippers will easily glide
A healthy me is coming to town.

I’ll weigh myself but once a week
I’ll journal every day
I’ll exercise most faithfully
Can’t you see I’m on my way?

So, you better watch out
You better not try
To give me your doubts I’m telling you why
A healthy me is coming to town.

6.  Jolly Old St. Nicholas
Survival Tip:  Make a Wish List

Do you really think Santa gets his work done being overweight?  His energy level requires a fitness that is not shown in the pictures!  Let dear ones know of helpful gifts that will delight you for a long, long time.  A membership at Curves or your local gym, exercise clothing/gear, or kitchen equipment to make low-fat meal prep easier are wonderful gifts to give AND to receive.  (Check out the great selection of on-line shopping for healthy weight loss at

Jolly Old St. Nicholas

Jolly Old St. Nicholas
You know what I weigh
Please go tell to one and all
What I’m going to say
Christmas Eve is coming soon
Now you fit, cute man
Tell me what you’ll bring to me
If you can’t, they can.

When the clock is striking 12
When I’m fast asleep
Down the chimney you will come
With your bag you’ll creep
You will find me with a smile
Glued upon my lips
For this year I’m losing weight
And inches from my hips.

I would like new walking shoes
A Teflon saut pan
George Foreman grills or sharp new knives
To cook with on my plan
Leslie Sansone videos for a rainy day
Will help me out so I will lose
My weight and not my way.

Once again, the link to hear and download the songs and the book is HERE.

The book also includes some fun healthy recipes, so Merry Christmas!  I’ll be back the Monday after Christmas with thoughts to help you make it through the last week of December and be ready for January!


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