So last Friday my daughter Kate’s class at school earned an “electronics party.” A what? It’s when their good behavior earns them points towards a party. In this case, the children were asked to bring their handheld video gamer into class where they would get to play it for an hour during this party. (I know.)

Well, by now you are all well aware where I stand on video games. We don’t own any on purpose. I believe they can be genuinely fun in small doses but policing such activities is not my strong suit. If we had any video games, they would only be one more thing to fight about, and who likes to fight?

But what about the party? Would Kate be the only one not plugged in? Ostracized to the fringes of second grade without her triple A batteries and headphones at the ready? There was a small asterisk on the invitation: *if your child does not have a handheld device, they may bring a board game they know how to play.*  Huh. What to bring, what to bring….Nothing says “loner” quite like playing a riveting game of chess all by yourself. Finally, I decided to give her our deck of “Would You Rather” cards to take to the party.

Have you ever played? It’s a riot. Each card has four impossibly weird questions on it, and all you have to do is say which one you’d rather do. For example, “Would you rather cut a baseball field of grass with your teeth, OR lick up a huge rain puddle?” Another one: “Would you rather swallow a teaspoon of snail slime, OR swallow a teaspoon of cold fish eyes?” “Would you rather have the power of Superman for one day per year, OR have the power of the President of the United States every day for a year?”

No board, no game pieces, just questions that make you laugh and laugh. When we play, even our three year old chimes in with his preferences.

Well, the game was a hit. Kate sat on top of her desk and asked the impossibly gross dilemmas aloud. Loads of kids shook off their headphones long enough to listen in and answer. Who knew the kid behind her would rather suck pea soup from an old man’s beard rather than eat baby drool while the little one is eating strained peas?! EWWWW!

She came home happy as a clam. The party was a success–no batteries included.