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The Law of the Fast
As we were sitting down to eat dinner on fast Sunday, my husband, Russ, asked our 6-year-old son, Matthew, if he knew what it meant to fast. After brief reflection, Matthew offered: "Umm, you don't eat or drink for 40 days?" We talked a little about what it meant to fast, and then Russ asked Matthew again to tell us what he understood.  This time, Matthew — far more interested in eating than talking at this point — offered: "You don't eat or drink for 24 days?"
Valancy Bastian
Del Rio, Texas

A Card From on High

We sent Christmas cards to all of the members of our CTR 5 Primary class.  The cards each had a picture of the manger scene on the front. One mother gave the card to her son, saying, “You got something in the mail. Do you want to open it?” The boy opened the card, looked at the illustration, and said: “Wow!  I got a Christmas card from baby Jesus!”

Neil G. Reay

Lehi, Utah


Enquiring Minds Want to Know

It’s been a number of years since I taught Primary.  Now, in my second lesson, I quickly remembered why we need to stay on topic and follow the lesson materials.  We were discussing Moroni’s visits to Joseph Smith and how Joseph had to wait and be taught for years before he could take and translate the gold plates. I decided to tell the class that one of the reasons gold was used for the sacred records was because it didn’t change, rot, rust or break down and disappear as other materials would in two thousand years.

One of the class members mentioned the Dead Sea Scrolls and said that she had seen the exhibit when it was in Seattle. I told her that it was because of how they were stored and the dry desert conditions that the Dead Sea Scrolls were still able to be read. As I went back to the lesson material, one of the students raised his hand and asked: “What are sea squirrels anyway?”

Cindy A.


The Food Chain

While traveling in the countryside of southern Virginia, we commented repeatedly about the numerous tobacco fields.  Our 3-year-old daughter responded that they must have a lot of sick cattle in the area!


Family Unity

This week for family home evening, we talked about unity.  We compared our family to a team, and talked about how each team member was necessary to succeed, to be happy and to have fun.  The day following, my 3-year-old asked if she could join another team.  Apparently the lesson didn’t have the effect we intended!


Heads or Tails

One morning, my 6-year-old son was playing heads or tails with his cousin. He had various coins, and when he got to the penny. I heard him say: “OK, do you want the missionary or the temple?”

Heidi Anderson

Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Trish Manwaring is an assistant editor of Meridian Magazine.