• The destruction caused by free radicals in our body is at the core of all degenerative disease.  And 95% of all diseases in our society are degenerative.  Free radicals are bad.
  • The immune system uses free radicals (like bullets) to attack and kill viruses, bacteria and cancer cells.  Free radicals are good.

When a cell is damaged or stressed, free radicals (oxidants) are released to communicate to surrounding cells that the cell needs help.  The immune system responds through this communication network to clean up, repair and speed healing.

At the same time, the cell produces antioxidants to neutralize the flood of oxidants before they kill the cell.  So here’s the bottom line: Free radicals are both “good” and “bad;” they just need to be controlled.

What is a “Free Radical?”

So, what is a free radical?  It’s not a terrorist that has escaped from prison, but it does have some similar characteristics.  Free radicals are molecules that are missing an electron.  Because they need to be complete to function properly, free radicals bounce around, frantically trying to find an electron.  In the process, they cause damage to surrounding cells.

So, what produces free radicals?  Almost everything we do:

  • Eating
  • Exercise
  • Stress 
  • Even the production of ATP (which is energy) in our body results in free radical products, or oxidation.

How We Make the Problem Worse

When our bodies are exposed to

  • radiation,
  • sugar
  • processed food
  • alcohol
  • chemicals
  • lack of oxygen

we increase free radical damage.  If the body experiences too many of these triggers, for too long a period of time, free radicals can no longer be controlled, and they cause damage and destruction to cells.  This is what is called “oxidative stress.”

There are also catalysts to free radical production.  A catalyst is a substance that makes a chemical reaction take place more quickly.  Iron is a catalyst for this process, which is why we don’t want our iron levels to be too high.

There are also inhibitors to free radical protection.  Heavy metals and nutritional deficiencies interrupt the anti-oxidant efficiency that each cell needs.

Free Radicals Run Amok

When these oxidants (free radicals) run rampant, fueled by many triggers, all systems of the body are affected.  The whole messaging system is compromised, and misinformation causes weird results.  We see these results as various symptoms or diseases.  For example:

  • allergies
  • auto-immune diseases  

When cells are mis-identified as the enemy, and abnormal cells are identified as normal, the body can permit tumors and cancers to flourish unchecked.  Receptors in cell walls no longer function optimally, so hormones and neurotransmitters and nutrient channels into and out of cells don’t work.  Inflammation, which is the cause of joint pain and heart disease, accelerates.  Ultimately, the aging process moves forward faster than intended, and cell breakdown and cell destruction is the result.

Taming the Free Radical Breakdown Process

So, what is the treatment? 

  1. Stop producing free radicals needlessly.  Clean up your diet and take a potent multivitamin, essential fatty acids and vitamin D
  2. Decrease or eliminate your exposure to chemicals, smoking, radiation (airports, cell phones, computers), alcohol.
  3. Be sure you are feeding your anti-oxidant systems, of which there are many.  Fuel for your anti-oxidant systems includes
  • vitamin C,
  • vitamin E,
  • beta-carotene and
  • the mineral selenium. 
  • The B vitamins and niacin play a strong supportive role for anti-oxidant support, as do the minerals
  • manganese,
  • copper and
  • zinc.

Some Anti-Oxidants You May Not Know About

Some other anti-oxidants you may or may not have heard about—

  • cholesterol (yes—cholesterol!—another reason we need good levels),
  • glutathione,
  • melatonin (hormone needed for sleep),
  • flavonoids
  • proanthocyanidins and
  • polyphenols. 
  • some enzymes and
  • amino acids also act as anti-oxidants. 

Too Many Anti-Oxidants?

As a physician who is trained in nutrition, I am inundated with requests to try and/or evaluate many juices or products on the market.  I honestly feel that for the most part, they are excellent products.   They add another layer of protection against this oxidative stress onslaught inside of us.  The health benefits gained by those taking them has been most impressive, and some of them have strong science support.

But in all these wonderful anti-oxidants, something significant is missing: the need for reductants to donate their electron to the oxidant (free radical) to stop the damaging oxidative stress.

Remember how the whole system functions most effectively with a balanced communication system?  We need free radicals, or oxidants, just as we need anti-oxidants to keep the free radicals under control.  And what is most important is that there is a message system that works effectively to communicate what is going on from cell to cell.

Stay With Me; This is Important

I have been sharing my perspectives on health with you for several years in Meridian Magazine.  Because of the significance of what I am about to share with you, I am sticking my neck out.  But I cannot in good conscience neglect to share this incredible breakthrough technology with you.  Then it’s up to you to decide what you will do with that information.

I have researched a new, simple, yet revolutionary product.  It has been available for less than a year.  Here’s what it is, and what it does:

For years scientists have been studying these signaling molecules, these oxidants that communicate from cell to cell, that announce trouble.  They have been able to formulate them and study them, but scientists could not stabilize them so we could use them.  They would only last for a few seconds or minutes in solution.

Recently, a company called ASEA, was able to take sodium, chloride, hydrogen and oxygen (salt water) molecules, separate them and recombine them to form oxidants (free radicals) and reductants (which neutralize oxidants). 

The resultant molecules are called redox molecules (from REDuctants and Oxidants).  In order to neutralize oxidative stress (the effects of free radicals), there must be reductants present. These redox signaling molecules fulfill three important functions:

  1. They enhance the anti-oxidant protection, as shown by 800% increase in the major anti-oxidants, glutathione and SOD (superoxide dismutase).  [Sorry about the science, but this is so exciting to me.] 
  2. They assist the immune system in properly identifying the enemy and damaged and abnormal cells and let the normal killing process take place. 
  3. Because they enhance the communication between cells in the body, they better identify normal cells, thus saving the healthy cells from attack.

Why and How it is Available

The founders of the ASEA company discovered how to create and stabilize the redox signaling molecules.  They invested millions and had the patents necessary to protect their stable solution. Their intent was to market this breakthrough product through a pharmaceutical company.  However, if they went through with purchasing the patents, the pharmaceutical company would not let the original study groups (who were experiencing life changing results) continue to have access to these amazing molecules. 

The company was going to bury the patents so ASEA could not be available to the public.  When they discovered this intent on the part of the pharmaceutical company, the founders would not sell—and set up a person to person plan to distribute the product.

In order for a product like this to be understood, there has to be some basic understanding of what our body’s liquid communication system does.  Can you imagine the response people would have if they looked at the ingredients on a bottle of ASEA on a shelf at WalMart:

  • salt and
  • distilled water 

How many people would be helped, or even know enough to try it?

I read about it, I studied it, I studied the studies, and I tried it out on some pretty tough stuff.





  I have seen ASEA help:



Abnormal skin spots

Stomach issues

Infections (even serious ones such as cellulitis)

Serious abnormal cell issues

Allergic reactions

And too many other things to mention.  Bottom line: when you connect the dots, and realize that this is working on the body at a cellular level, you start to realize how supremely significant this is. 

There is no allergic reaction and there are no side effects to ASEA, because the body recognizes this solution as its own messaging system. 

When I saw that this product was able to affect oxidative stress in people, I had to be convinced of the science and stability.  Once that happened, I realized I want to do what I can to help the whole world be on it.  How can I, in good conscience, NOT let you know about ASEA? 

If you know of someone else who can make it available to you, please contact them.  I have made it available in my office.  If you would like to get more information or explore the science behind this product, you may visit my website at  www.keystohealing.teamasea.com and watch a short video clip. 

Once you have seen it, you will understand.  I rest my case.