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Here are some quotes from the book no one seems to ever heard of from a distinguished don at Cambridge University. The University is an alma mater of mine: I’m shocked and saddened.

The Church’s progress with Christian Theologians is not complete, but –wow!—we have come some distance since the 1870’s, which is when the book I excerpt below was published.

I happened upon the book while looking for something else, as research continues on the Book of Mormon book I am writing (all the details will be available later), intending to preach the Book of Mormon to today’s professional Christian theologians

Meanwhile, here are some unvarnished quotes (captions mine):

I.  The Cambridge Guide to the Book of Mormon:

“The so-called Book of Mormon is a mix of fustian, bad grammar, profanity and nonsense.”*

*Original Author’s Footnote:  

“Here are a few specimens, taken from a copy of the first edition, Palmyra, U.S. 1830:

Second Book of Nephi, ch. XII:  Thou fool, thou shalt say, –“‘A Bible, we have got a Bible . . . . (P. 115)”.

–Book of Moroni, ch.X.  “All these gifts oh which I have spoken shall never be done away with . . . .”1 

II. Teach Yourself Mormon History:

“As discreditable, both from original imposture, and from the moral (or rather immoral) tendency which so soon became the leading principle, is the history of Mormonism.  Every feature is mean, vulgar, calculated to allure the basest of human passions, under the blasphemous guise of revealed authority.” 

III. The Author Shares Some Good News:

“Happily the last chapter of the shameful history of Mormonism seems to have begun.  The conviction of the “Bishop” Lee on the charge of murder removed the last shreds of character that hung round Mormonism, while the death of Brigham Young (reported lately) deprives them of an able and unscrupulous leader.” 

IV. Mormon Theology’s “So-Called ‘Doctrines’:

“It would almost be a mockery to discuss the so-called “doctrines” of the party:  but it may be noted that the belief in an approaching Millennium, and baptizing of the dead, were prevalent.”* 

*Original Author’s Footnote

“The original articles of faith were modified in 1846 by the promulgation of the Doctrines and Covenants, [apparently the Trinity modified into a Duality, cf. p. 47,] the simple Presbyterian government how developed into a hierarchy.” 

In Sum    

The book I’m at work on is to speak the native tongue of Christian theology and demonstrate the Book of Mormon is exactly as stated on the cover: “Another Testament of Jesus Christ.” My academic experiences have taught me that academic theologians of Christianity –who shape general denominational opinions- aren’t quire convinced that Mormons are Christians. As indicated through these quotes, for all their learning, neither do they always see quite clearly.

1 These citations are accurate from the first edition of the Book of Mormon.