President Mark Albright of the Washington DC South mission shared this story from Elder Zakary A. Kotyk.


Dear President Albright

Several nights ago we finished fixing a flat tire on my bike and noticed it was 8:45 p.m. It was cold and dark, and we did not know whether to call it a day or keep knocking doors until 9.  So we knelt down in prayer and asked Heavenly Father if we should keep working or go home and plan for the next day. I felt the impression “Yes you should go find.” I knew that if I were to go out and expect miracles that I would find someone to teach. I told myself that it’s all about being obedient. So we got on our bikes and started pedaling down one of the main roads in Garrisonville. It wasn’t long before we saw a little street that we had never tracted before. I felt the impression, “Go there”. I didn’t argue as I usually do. I just went. We tracted without success until the last door (why is it always the last door)!

It was going to be the last door of the night and so we knocked. The door opened and we found ourselves starring down the barrel of a very large pistol held by a Marine (guns tend to look larger when aimed at your face).  The muscular Marine kept the gun pointed at us as he carefully read our name tags.  Fortunately we had worn our badges on the outside of our coats!  The man then slowly put the gun back in his belt and apologized.  He told us that his wife had not called for an hour, and he couldn’t get a hold of her so he was very worried.

My companion asked him if we could have a prayer with him. He said that he didn’t really pray anymore. We talked to him about the power of prayer and promised him that if he were to have a prayer with us, then his wife would return home shortly. He nodded and picked up his 2-year-old son off the couch and we prayed with him. As soon as the prayer ended, we looked up and saw a car coming around the corner. It was his wife.  “Sir, now that’s a miracle,” I blurted out.  He told us to come back the next day and teach him more about our religion.  The next day our lesson went really well. His name is Cole and he plans on coming to church.  He told us that if he gets an answer to the Book of Mormon he is going to get baptized. That is the power of prayer.

Elder Kotyk