Father’s Day is upon us, and here are some great picture books that pay tribute to grand ol’ dad.


Testing the Ice: A True Story about Jackie Robinson, by daughter Sharon Robinson, and beautifully painted by Kair Nelson, takes you through the story of how Jackie had the courage to overcome racism in baseball by becoming the first African American to play major league baseball. The author also shares her memory of winter in Connecticut and how her father would go out onto the ice to make sure it was thick enough for his children to skate.

This is a wonderful story of overcoming great odds and of rising above to make a better life for all. This story is a home-run!

The Fathers are Coming Home, by Margaret Wise Brown, and illustrated with linocuts by Stephen Savage, is a story about different types of animals coming home to their families. It’s also a story about military deployments and fathers coming home from war.


Daddy is a Cozy Hug, by Rhonda Gowler Greene, and illustrated with watercolors and acrylics by Maggie Smith, is a celebration throughout the year with Daddy. The rhyming text and colorful pictures make this a sweet story of love and a happy relationship with Dad.

Daddy’s Little Scout
, by Janet Bingham, and illustrated by Rosalind Beardshaw, is a sweet little tale about how little fox and his daddy are watching other animals prepare their homes in the spring weather. But little fox soon realizes that his best home is snug with Daddy in their den.

Baby Blessings: A Prayer for the Day You Are Born, by Deloris Jordan, and painted by James E. Ransome, showcases the parents’ great love and devotion to their new baby. I especially like the father that is shown on many of the pages and his active involvement in this new family.

I Love My Dad
, by Anna Walker, is a simple story about what this youngster likes to do with his dad. But the best part is that he loves his dad. The watercolor zebras are perfect representing father and child.


Dad and Pop: an Ode to Fathers & Stepfathers, by Kelly Bennett, and painted by Paul Meisel, is a sweet book about the differences between a young girl’s father and her stepfather. Her comparisons are interesting and unique, but they also bring out the most important fact on how they are similar: they both love her.

Daddy Calls Me Doodlebug, by J. D. Lester, and illustrated by Hiroe Nakata, is an adorable small board book with alliteration found throughout the simple text. You’ll find yourself tapping your foot right along with the text. And the watercolors are as cute as a bug.

My Daddy and Me, by Amy E. Sklansky, and painted by Ard Hoyt, celebrates in both picture and text all of the many active and thoughtful times spent with Dad. It showcases the wonderful moments that bond father with child.

The Dads’ Book for the Dad Who’s Best at Everything
, by Michael Heatley, is a smallish size book full of ideas, activities and advice from how to tend, how to camp, and even how to build a kite. There’s even humorous jokes and life lessons about fatherhood. The Grandpas’ Book for the Grandpa Who’s Best at Everything, by John Gribble, has a similar layout with activities and ideas of what Grandpa can do with his grandchildren.