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Darla Isackson’s “Our Anti-Mormon Ancestor”
By James W. Petty, AG, CG

“One of Meridian’s Own” Family History Story

In our introductory article of this Ancestors are the People of HistoryT series, we invited the readers of Meridian Magazine to share their family history stories of ancestors and their place in history or the stories of personal connections with those people of the past. We are pleased today to have a very special story by one of Meridian’s own, Darla Isackson.

Through the important work of redeeming the dead, we have the sacred privilege of providing ordinances for our family that are beyond the veil.  For some of us, this can be challenging because our ancestors, our ancestry, our relatives, haven’t always fit the image we would hope for in our past. They may have lived in a time without an understanding of the modern day gospel of Jesus Christ, and had to face a difficult world with imperfect understanding or tools. But, they experienced life and made it possible for us to be. For that sacrifice, we have the supernal obligation through family history work to “honor thy father and thy mother”, to appreciate our ancestors and their accomplishments, and to forgive those who have gone on before for their weaknesses or failings. Remember, we must never judge the past by our understanding of the present.

Family history work is our opportunity to love, to forgive and to serve; to remember our family for the best they were able to be; and to teach our children to love their ancestors with stories of hope and reward. And as saviors on Mt Zion, we, too, will be redeemed.   In this second entry to Ancestors are the People of HistoryT, Darla shares her family history experience with her husband Doug and his ancestors and the healing power of the atonement.

Now here is Darla Isackson’s story.


Living, Breathing Family History