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We are going to tantalize you with at least five travel ideas each week. We think one or more of these trips may just be a fit for you, your family and your traveling friends. Trips may be featured because of immediate availability, special pricing, nearly-sold-out status or additional spaces having been made available. All prices below do not include airfare. Please note-when calling for a reservation or for more information, please let them know that you saw this on Meridian

A Note from the Proctors

Maurine and I love to travel. We do it as often as we can. We’ll be going to Helsinki in October to cover the Temple Dedication. We’re thrilled (any Finish members or returned missionaries from Finland who want to contact us right away to recommend stories to do, please click here. We’ll be leading the cruise to the East Mediterranean with Roy Christensen in November (see below). We’ll be leading a cruise around the Hawaiian Islands next February (February 25 – March 4, 2007).
In the summer of 2007 we’ll invite you to join us in the British Isles. We love meeting and greeting people and cultures throughout the world.

We’ve been on all the tours listed below. We recommend each one of them. We love the people who will be leading these tours and cruises. We have a mutual admiration society going with Susan Easton Black and have for years. The cruise she is hosting is about as wonderful as it gets. We arrived in each of those Baltic Capitals and just fell in love with the people, the places, the history, the culture, the food (whoops), just everything. Go with Susan, you will love every minute.

The cruise Buddy Youngreen is leading is just plain refreshing and inspiring. Buddy knows the Smiths as if he were a Smith. He loves them. He lives them. He eats, drinks and sleeps the Smith Family and will tell you stories and help you understand the first family of the Church in powerful ways.

John Lund loves the lands of the Book of Mormon. He is captivating in his delivery of stories. He will whet your appetite for more. You will have the adventure of a lifetime for an unbelievable price.

Roy Christensen is full of experience and stories that will thrill and inspire you. This cruise to the East Mediterranean is our favorite in that area and will be the third one we’ve led there. Scot lived in Turkey for two years (not as a missionary) and learned to call it home. This is an amazing and wonderful cruise.

Every Latter-day Saint, if he or she can afford it, will, at some point, want to take a trip-a pilgrimage-to the Holy Land. Robert Norman is an experienced and wonderful teacher. He knows that area. He knows the scriptures. He knows how to bring these places alive. What an opportunity to join him in the Holy Land on this journey in the footsteps of Jesus.

Take a look below and see if any of these trips tickle your fancy. If not this time, well, wait ’til next week.


Journey to Russia and the Great Scandinavian Capitals in the Land of the Midnight Sun, August 13 – 23, 2006

Host: Susan Easton Black

Starting at only $1695.

Come and sail with Susan Easton Black as she will inspire you with her amazing lectures and moving testimony. This cruise includes a tour of the gorgeous Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen, and the fascinating City Hall in Stockholm where the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded. You will dine in the home of a Russian family in St. Petersburg, see enchanting Old Town in Estonia, explore the gothic Malbork Castle in Poland, and visit the historical Viking Ship museum in Oslo. Savor onboard evening shows, endless gourmet delights, and inspiring lectures with Susan Easton Black. The tour is nearly sold out and will have to be finalized by May 29. Make your decision today. Call toll free 1-888-707-4386.

Discover the Canadian Maritime Provinces and Experience Joseph Smith’s New England Heritage, September 16 – 23, 2006

Host: Buddy Youngreen

Starting at only $580.

Join Buddy Youngreen as he enlightens us with his vast knowledge of the life of Joseph Smith during sea days. Be inspired by the beautiful fall colors in New England and Canada. Visit Lexington and Concord and marvel at the courage of our forefathers. Tour Halifax by horse & carriage. Explore a lighthouse in Portland, Maine. Be fascinated at the life of Alexander Graham Bell as you tour the museum and the beautiful village of Baddeck. We have only seven cabins left on this cruise and we can take a dozen more people on the optional 5-night Palmyra/ New York optional land tour. Call 1-888-707-4386 for more details.

Start Down the Path of Discovery by Getting Your Feet Wet in the Lands of the Book of Mormon,Oct 7-14 or Oct 14-21, 2006

Host: John Lund

Starting at only $399.

Join Dr. John Lund for his inspiring lectures-at-sea during this exciting testimony-building experience through Mayan ruins. See and learn about the magnificent sites of Chichen Itza from Progreso and Tulum from Cozumel each led by LDS guides. Journey through “Lamanai and the New River” in the jungles of Belize. Learn from Dr. Lund in his humorous and educational lectures about how these incredible ruins relate to Book of Mormon times. One of these two cruises should fit your schedule AND your pocketbook. Our most economical and most popular cruise, these sell out quickly. Book your trip today. Call 1-888-707-4386 to make your reservation.

‘Ciao, Italia!’ The Dream Cruise from Ancient Rome to the Pyramids of Egypt, November 10 – 22, 2006.

Hosts: Scot and Maurine Proctor, Roy Christensen

Starting at only $1895.

The Golden Princess Ship was sold old long ago, but because of a recent group cancellation from another company, we now have a few cabins immediately available. This is a cruise you will want to take at some point in your life. We’ve never had a more exciting itinerary in the East Mediterranean. Sail with Roy Christensen and the Proctors as they expound on the travels and teachings of the apostle Paul and also present other gospel topics with inspiring thoughts and insights. Experience history, culture, and civilization at every turn on this extraordinary itinerary. Savor a golden day studying the culture of Rome; take a boat ride to the picturesque island of Capri; visit the grand Parthenon in Athens; see the ruins of the places Paul walked in Ephesus; marvel at the Blue Mosque, St. Sophia in Istanbul; delve into Greek culture in the delightful white-washed village of Mykonos; see the famed Sphinx and Pyramids of Giza in Egypt. This is a trip not to be missed! Remaining cabins will sell out very quickly. Call 1-888-707-4386 today to reserve your space.

Walk in the Footsteps of Jesus, October 15-24, 2006

Hosts: Dr. Robert Norman and Janice Pehrson

Starting at only $1625.

Join Dr. Robert Norman, Janice Pehrson and a group of Latter Day Saints as you walk the streets of Jerusalem, visit the Garden of Gethsemane, and other Biblical sites. Gain a greater appreciation for the Bible as you study the scriptures in the environment in which they were written. Christ utilized his environment to enhance his metaphorical teachings. Receive great insight from a great instructor as you study the scriptures in their original setting. Dr. Norman has been an instructor of religion for 39 years.  He has traveled many times to Israel and will provide great insight into the Biblical lands. Until recent years the Holy Land was the number-one tour destination for Latter-day Saints. Our Holy Land tours are starting up again and will fill quickly. Call 1-888-707-4386 today.

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