Global Warming-A Clever Inoculation?
By Gary C. Lawrence

Air France flight 447 from Rio to Paris had only been missing a few hours before someone declared that the doomed jet was a victim of global warming.

What won’t they blame on it next?

When global warming enters the scene stage left, fingers point in all directions:

  • Hard science or theory? 
  • An urgent reason to rein in greenhouse gas emissions or the nothing-to-panic-about ups and downs of normal climate cycles?
  • An opportunity to save the planet from disaster and win the Nobel prize or an opportunity to institute massive cap-and-trade taxes to fund new government programs?

Or . an opportunity to cleverly inoculate mankind against the messages God intends for us prior to the Second Coming of the Savior?

Christ has told us of many physical phenomena that will occur in the last days.  No secrets here.  The whole world could know them if they would but read the scriptures:

  • Earthquakes in many places
  • The earth will reel to and fro
  • Seas will heave their bounds
  • A great hailstorm will destroy the crops of the earth
  • The sun will be darkened and the moon turned to blood
  • Fires and drought
  • A desolating sickness
  • A plague of flies
  • Marvelous signs in the heavens

Why the physical tweets?  To warn God’s misbehaving children and to prepare a righteous people to meet Christ at the Second Coming. 

So what would someone do if he wanted to thwart the impact of these warnings – to prevent someone from connecting the dots and getting God’s message?

There are three ways:

            Deny the event 
            Deny the source
            Deny the meaning

The first denial – “What earthquake?” – is obviously a non-starter.  No one who suffers one is dumb enough to say it didn’t happen.

The second denial – “There was an earthquake, but it wasn’t caused by God” – provides a comfortable way to avoid thinking about messages.

The third denial has a yes-but twist:  “Yes, it happened, and yes it came from God, but the message God is delivering is not what you think it is.”

How to get people to buy in to at least one of these denials?  Patient inoculation over many years – the process of conditioning people to view anything and everything through a comfortable, politically correct set of glasses. 

To a boy with a hammer, everything looks like a nail.  To Americans in 2009, everything looks like global warming.

The strategy is simple.  If people can be brought to believe that mankind is the cause of global warming, which has been drummed into us for two decades, then whatever disaster may be sent from God will be interpreted in global warming terms – it’s our own fault – and people will feel justified in ignoring the wake-up call, if they even pause to think in did-it-come-from-God terms. 

So when these prophesied disasters happen, people will not see them as signs to turn their hearts to God:

  • Earthquakes?  “That’s what global warming can do.”
  • Hailstorm?  “Obviously the fault of global warming.”
  • Seas heaving their bounds?  “Our carbon emissions caused it.”
  • Sun darkened?  “There’s that global warming again.”
  • Plague of flies?  “It was our use of fossil fuels.”
  • Fires and drought?  “Ho-hum, just global warming.”

So intense has been this focus, that when the Savior returns to the earth, the Los Angeles Times headline will probably read, “Savior Ushers in Millennium; Impact on Global Warming Undetermined.”

In the smothering news coverage of global warming, many who deign to grant God a possible role in the prophesied physical phenomena are more likely to interpret His message as “don’t buy SUVs” than “don’t commit adultery.”

A monkey wrench in the inoculation plan is that the global warming theory is losing luster.  As more experts acknowledge that global warming models cannot reverse-predict this year’s climate from yesteryear’s data, some scientists are even saying we should now be concerned about global cooling, a return to the fears of a new ice age so much in vogue in the 1960s and 1970s.  Maybe they’ll soon claim that global warming causes global cooling.

Recent events illustrate the inconvenient data – the coldest June on record in Chicago, the first June snow in North Dakota in 60 years, frosts in Brazil, and even a snowstorm in Saudi Arabia.

So what’s it to be – global warming or global cooling?

What about both?  Let’s be alarmed if the temperature rises and let’s be alarmed if it drops.  Let’s fear . climate change. 

Head for the hills.  The climate is changing!  The climate is changing!

How silly is this going to get?  Since when has the climate not changed in this direction or that?  Are we doomed to live in constant alarm? 

The author of the inoculation against the signs of the last days would hope so.

Knowing not what they do, the inoculation folks dutifully bang the climate-change hammer against the bottom of society’s canary cage to keep us in a constant state of agitation.  The result: a people dulled to perceive the true intent and message of the coming physical phenomena.

Perhaps not all climatic events will contain a specific message from God, but when He tells us that He will send certain signs to warn His children to shape up, we would be well advised to err on the side of careful thought rather than automatic denial.


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