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In time for the Old Testament Sunday School curriculum, beginning in January, the Church has produced a new DVD collection to make your study of the Old Testament an exciting visual journey.

It is for use at home and in classes.

This set of three DVDs contains 56 videos (many of them new) and over 300 visual resources to assist you in your study of the doctrines and events found in the Old Testament.

The first two discs include the videos, as well as interactive charts, quotations from latter-day prophets and apostles, paintings, and ideas for family home evening study activities.

A scripture study activity is provided for each visual resource and can be used for personal, family, or classroom study. These resources can help unlock your understanding of Old Testament passages and bring the scriptures to life.

The third disc in the set is Old Testament Stories for Children, a non-animated video recording of the illustrations and narrated text from the book Old Testament Stories.

Many of these resources are new and have not previously been available for purchase.

Learn more about these resources by watching this brief introductory video. You can order a set for US$6.25 from