Editors Note: Last October we published  an article   about the journey of Tony Stephan whose family struggled through the crises of suicide, mental illness, and then overcoming with a breakthrough micronutrient formula (EMPowerplus Q96) that saved the lives of his two children. Since then, thousands of Meridian readers have had their own experience with this formulation. We want to share a few of their experiences with you now, but first a story about an author and investigative journalist who was named business woman of the year, is a happily married mother of three, who you would never know has been diagnosed with Bipolar I with Schizophrenic Tendencies. She now lives completely free of psychotropic medication. This is the story of Aspen Morrow.

Med Free Bipolar - Aspen Morrow

Aspen Morrow featured in Idaho Women’s Journal

Imagine yourself in your senior year of college just a few finals shy of graduation. You are a collegiate track-star and have a 3.5 GPA. You’ve finished international travel internships and are ready to go out and make your mark on the world. Everything is “in the bag,” and then a week later, you find yourself in the psychiatric unit of a hospital wondering why you are there and worrying about your finals that you never took. You can’t leave until they tell you its okay and it is most definitely not okay. You hear voices, and believe that the CIA is coming in through the windows every night and that the shampoo in the bathroom is acid. Everything seems like a big test that you have to pass or they won’t let you out.

This is what happened to Aspen L. Morrow, an investigative journalist, who just released a new book called Med Free Bipolar that has been selling like hotcakes since its release.

Since her hospitalization, she has been struggling with this horrendous condition. When she was first hospitalized, the doctor gave her what felt to her like a death sentence. Aspen describes her meeting with the outpatient psychiatrist in the book:

“Two weeks later, I sit in an outpatient psychiatrist’s office. It is one of the most defining moments of my life.

‘We think you have bipolar’ the psychiatrist says… ‘You seem to have quite a severe case in fact, and it is considered incurable. The good news is that medications do help but you will be on them the rest of your life.’

‘Will I be able to finish college or work?’ I ask timidly and feeling like I have not only just been handed a death sentence but I have no clue what is killing me.

‘Yes, but we need to get you stable first. Many people are able to work and lead productive lives, but some with your severity of condition need to get on disability to afford the medications and repeated hospitalizations,’ he quips nonchalantly, as if he has repeated this prognosis a thousand times. Maybe he has.”

Aspen continues:

“It is then, in my already crushed state, that he delivers the worst blow:

‘You should consider not having children. You can’t go off the meds and not risk hospitalization. You can’t get pregnant on the meds either, as they cause birth defects, and bipolar is highly hereditary besides,’ he says in a monotonous tone. ‘Oh, and you would be in a very high risk category for postpartum psychosis.’” (p. 21).

Med Free Bipolar - CoverIn the book, Med Free Bipolar, Aspen describes her journey of taking a long list of medications that she went on, and got off because of the crippling side effects. Some that wouldn’t even allow her to read the entirety of this paragraph without having to re-read it ten times. Some that cause extreme weight gain, hair loss, or constant nausea and headaches. And some that made her just see the world in black and white. Feelings of neither joy nor misery – just not feeling anything. Like a sinister version of the garden of Eden, but the only way to feel again means risking a manic outbreak. Because of the dire side effects (that she said were in some cases worse than the effects of the illness), Aspen took the risk and became extremely manic. While manic, she flew around the country on a newly acquired credit card, was date-raped, and bought a new car on a whim. She describes this time: “It was like someone else had stepped into my shoes and had taken my body on a joyride.” (p. 103).

Her story would be tragic if it ended like this, but the book goes on to describe not only her journey of despair, but of overcoming. In a time of sanity and utter desperation, Aspen cried out in prayer to God to find something that would finally change the course of her miserable life.

A Delusion or a Voice from Heaven?

“I felt like I was lost in a dark storm being knocked around. I had nightmares of being lost at sea. I started to pray, something that I had not done in years. In my sleep I was still lost at sea, but I started getting glimpses of a lighthouse. A small distant, flickering light: a spot to fix my eyes on as the waves filled my lungs with searing salt water and the winds knocked me from all sides. I could sleep knowing I would see a light. The nightmares reoccurred nightly, but then not just at night. I started having visions while I was awake, and each time, the lighthouse was closer. I kept praying. I begged and pleaded for the pain to stop. And then, finally, a reply: I heard a Voice. The Voice was clear and loud and as close in my ear as anything I had ever heard before: Hold on. Something is coming,’ the Voice said.” (p. 104)

And a year later something did come. Her grandmother sent her a bottle of the EMPowerplus formulation that had been developed by TrueHope. Her grandmother asked if she would be willing to try if she would buy the pills for her. Aspen reluctantly agreed to try it. When she received the first bottle in the mail, there was a lighthouse on the bottle (the brand insignia of TrueHope).

For her it was a sign. The voice was not just a delusion. It was real. And this was the beginning of her journey to healing. Healing without medications. Healing her brain using what she now calls the Med Free Method or “MFM” for short. She describes coming off and staying off her medications through this method in the book.

Aspen Morrow Smile


A Genuine Med Free Bipolar

Aspen no longer struggles to read one paragraph.

She is a wonderful and lucid wife and mother of three children. She is an entrepreneur, an author, a journalist and was recently named “Business Woman of the Year” and featured on the cover of Idaho Women’s Journal.

The Med Free Method worked for Aspen Morrow and she is a different person because of it. She can dream again. So why doesn’t it work for some people who have tried the same micronutrient formulation (EMPowerplus Q96)? Perhaps it is because they haven’t applied some of the techniques and suggestions that this book offers.

Aspen doesn’t just take EMPowerplus Q96 alone. She looks at the whole body. Here is a sneak peak of some of the things she discusses in the book:

●What causes bipolar (and other mental illnesses).

●How to find a doctor who can help you heal what is creating the mental illness (Mental illness was NOT caused by a Prozac deficiency).

●Healing and fixing your digestive health is crucial to your mental health and how your gut has a mind of its own.

●Feeding a starving brain and why the brain needs the micronutrients.

●How to tell your family and your doctor you want to go “all natural.”

●A specific diet for people with bipolar (and other mental illnesses).

●The role of exercise in cleansing and detoxifying the body.

●Other ways to detoxify the body after medications have been present.

●Mental mindset recovery (changing attitudes, thought patterns and habits that have been formed living a lifestyle of medication aid for so long).

●Creating a safety net plan in case of a relapse.

●How to “turn off the brain” and sleep and treating insomnia naturally.

●How alternative (spiritual or supernatural) methods usually fail because they aren’t founded in science.

●The difference between spirituality and delusion and that stronger spirituality can help once you are whole.

Her book is comprehensive and keeps you reading, especially if you or someone you love have ever gone through anything similar. Using Aspen Morrow’s Med Free Method isn’t as “easy” as taking a few pills everyday, but considering the alternatives, this book is an amazing resource for anyone who is tired of the revolving door of psychiatric medication.

The Dirty Little Secret of Drugs and the Pharmaceutical Industry

Please be careful. Please do not go off your medications “cold-turkey.” This is dangerous and is unwise. However, please do consider trying this method very carefully and with the detailed and science-backed techniques that Aspen Morrow presents. Even the former president of the American Psychological Association, Dr. Martin Seligman, has said in his latest book Flourish that there is not one SSRI that is made for a cure. They are all cosmetic, not curative. He said this: “Every single drug on the shelf of psychopharmacopoeia is cosmetic. There are no curative drugs, and no drug is in development that I know of that aims at cure. Biological psychiatry has given up on cure.” [Flourish, p. 46].

Meridian Readers Using the EMPowerplus Formulation

Aspen’s book refers to using EMPowerplus Q96 to feed a starving brain as the most critical step in the Med Free Method. EMPowerplus Q96 is a micronutrient formulation that is not backed by the FDA, but is backed by over 25 peer reviewed academic studies, one of which was by a Harvard medical school psychiatrist (Charles Popper). To see the list of these studies, click here. Meridian readers have applied this step alone, and have seen amazing results in their lives.

You likely read this story (Q96 – Mother, Daughter: “I can feel again”)

Here is the original story of Tony Stephan: (LDS Father Finds Natural Remedy for Mood Disorders)

Below are a few snippets from Meridian readers who have experienced the change in their lives.

Susan says:

“I’ve been on it now for 2 months and my life has Completely and Totally changed for the better. In fact I am a NEW person. I’ve never knew the real me before and now I am finding I love this new me. I’m happier, confident, energetic, free of brain fog, totally free of panic & anxiety, free of pain, ready to help and commit to life, no longer wanting to be a hermit, and thoughts of wishing I could just die or disappear into oblivion are gone. I’m doing things in my life and having fun! I NEVER thought this could happen to me. My husband and family are amazed at the change. My husband and I have hope for a normal life and marriage. I have to say we are somewhat hesitant and keep waiting for something to happen that makes it all go back to the nightmare way it was before but so far it hasn’t! I will not say I am cured because if I don’t keep up on taking this wonderful Q96 I will have problems again. I say I am now in remission from everything and feeling fantastic for the first time in my life. This truly was an answer to a lifetime of prayer. I am so grateful to Tony formula and for Meridian for making sure the public knows about it. Thank you for changing my life!”

Lisa Y. says:

“Yes the Empowerplus Q96 WORKS my son has bipolar and is all he takes I have hundreds of people using the Empowerplus Q96 and all have great results BUT you won’t know unless you try. I 100% recommend this product for everyone.”

To find out more click here. To try it for yourself, click here.

Leonard O. Says:

“My wife was suffering with depression starting at 17 years old. It was hard on our relationship. After our 6th child and 5 weeks in the hospital with her condition she decided that she would put her full faith finding relief. She prayed and fasted and studied the scriptures and found some relief and then she found a book that helped a lot called “The Sugar Addicts Total Recovery Program” by Kathleen DesMaisons. She found herself in the book and did as the author said and got off refined sugar and flour. THAT made a big difference 2 years ago but she was still having to deal with negative feelings, self doubt and anger but that all went away just days after starting Q96 at the end of April of this year. Now we are sharing with MANY people and loving seeing the change. And, yes, having a healthy gut is very important to good mental capacity and QSciences has QBiotic for that need.”

Ginny says:

“I have been using EMPowerPlus for nearly 10 years and I love it!.Lived on psychotropics for depression and Neurontin for Bi-Polar II for almost 15 years and hated the bag over my head feeling but was willing to use them to have a semi normal life.

EM Power Plus (fondly referred to as my ‘pig minerals’ has given me my life back.”

To find out more click here. To try it for yourself, click here.

Lynne says:

“I’ve been using this product now for 3 months, and my son has been on it for about 3 weeks. I’d like to share my experience with it. I’m in my early 50’s, very physically healthy, except for a life-long tendency towards mild depression, mild anxiety and SAD. These emotional difficulties were just strong and frequent enough to keep me from being able to be consistently energetic, upbeat and functional in my home, family and work. It was difficult for me to plan anything long-term, because I never knew how I was going to be doing emotionally. It affected my family and friend relationships, my work and my overall life. I was functioning ok, and probably better than a lot of people with more severe mental health struggles. But I felt like I was always operating at a compromised, 75% capacity. I also felt like I had to “fake” that I was feeling ok emotionally, much of the time. Over the years, I’ve used a couple of different prescription anti-depressants with only moderate success and unpleasant side effects with both. So I stopped using anti-depressants and have just tried to grit my teeth and get through my periodic bouts with depression, etc. I tried this product beginning in October 2013, and within about a week I noticed that I had an overall sense of increased well-being, emotional stability, mental clarity and improved physical energy. I felt “normal” and “like myself” again. I did not feel medicated or hopped up on drugs, the way some of the prior anti-depressants made me feel. I just feel like me again, and like the “me” that is competent, sharp, able to manage my life again, and happy.”

To find out more click here. To try it for yourself, click here.

Conclusion – Hope for the Med Free Bipolar

What if Van Gogh had known this? Would he have painted another masterpiece? [See This article.] What about Robin Williams? [See this article] What of Abraham Lincoln and Winston Churchill? Some of these men struggled with bipolar disorder. All struggled with extreme and debilitating depression. Millions more struggle today. How many of these amazing people are living in a world without color and a world of despair? How many of them could apply this method and “come back to life.” If you are this person, there is hope. If you know of someone this could help, please share this with them. Since we published the article on Tony Stephan last year, we have received some verbal opposition to the presentation of the micronutrient formulation EMPowerplus Q96. We hope this article helps you to see why we won’t stop talking about a way to help those who are suffering. It has already helped and it will continue to help anyone who is willing to diligently try these methods.

Here’s to another Starry Night. Here’s to another Genie of the Lamp. And another nation saved by the genius of a man who was crazy enough to keep believing in the “better angels of his nature” when his depression was screaming in his face. And here’s to the reader of this article who has been praying for a solution. There is still hope for the Med Free Bipolar.

Click here for more information about the book Med Free Bipolar or to purchase the book now on Amazon.

EMPowerplus Q96 is a micronutrient and natural remedy for brain health and lifting the darkness of depression and other mood disorders. For more information click here. To see a list of empirical reports and clinical research on this product click here. If you are interested in purchasing the product click here.