People say that Latter-day Saints love meetings—and that some of our meetings take several meetings to plan. Here’s your chance to tell us what you think about attending all of those meetings. When I was a child we met two different times on Sunday—in Sunday School and Sacrament meeting. Then we met again during the week for Primary or Mutual and sometimes we tagged along with our mothers to Relief Society. Whew! Our three-hour block changed all that, but we still have lots of other meetings to attend during the month—some of them sponsored by “auxiliaries”.

Does this mean that attendance is auxiliary—like an extra. My mother told me is was important to support these organizations and therefore, something I’ve always tried my best to do. I feel by doing so, it has helped me ‘exercise my testimony’!

I have known many very faithful Church members who don’t feel a need to attend the auxiliary Sunday or extra weekday meetings held in their ward or stake! They seem to take these meetings at word; merely auxiliary, as the name suggests!

My QUESTIONS to you are:

Of what importance is your attendance to and support of your stake and ward auxiliary organizations in building and sustaining your testimony?

How important do you feel that your support of those meetings is to others?

Send your responses to ma*****@la***************.com and we will publish as many as we can.