Overall ranking matches highest to date

With another school year underway, U.S. News & World Report has released their latest rankings from their annual Best Colleges guidebook.

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The latest rankings slot BYU at No. 62 among roughly 300 “national universities”-matching BYU’s highest ranking in this category to date. BYU is also ranked No. 6 for graduates with the least debt and No. 14 among best value schools.

Meanwhile, the undergraduate programs of the Marriott School of Management continue to get high marks, including a No. 34 overall ranking. The Marriott School’s accounting program is ranked No. 3, its international business program ranks No. 12 and the entrepreneurship program comes in at No. 16.


A list of all the 2015 undergraduate rankings are below. Rankings for BYU’s graduate programs remain unchanged as U.S. News releases graduate school rankings each spring.

Overall rankings

  • #62 National University
  • #6 Least Debt
  • #14 Best Value School

Business rankings (undergraduate)

  • #34 Undergraduate Business Programs
  • #2 Accounting Specialty
  • #12 International Business Specialty
  • #16 Entrepreneurship Specialty