With over 50 lifelike animatronic dinosaurs (some to look at, others to ride), fossil digs, dino-themed inflatables, a dinosaur theater, face-painting, and more, the Jurassic Quest makes for an excellent prehistoric expedition for any family. The traveling interactive exhibit recently stopped in my home town so my wife and I took the three kids for a few hours. I highly recommend it for all families. Take a look:


Everyone’s ready for a good time, while my youngest son was already enraptured by what lied within


The animatronic dinos move and roar, while the “habitats” make it easier for kids (and adults) to let their imaginations run wild.


The information-rich plaques provide opportunities for learning.


Predators and prey are captured in motion.


T-rex towers over the rest.


The attention to detail is truly impressive



There’s lots of inflatable play areas.



Your kids can ride mechanical dinosaurs



dig up fossils


or get eaten alive!

To get updates on when Jurassic Quest will be in your area, “like” it on Facebook or follow it on Twitter. You can learn more at https://www.jurassicquest.com/.

GOSPEL MESSAGE TO DISCUSS AFTERWARDS:Among the life forms God created were apparently many species now extinct…The sequence of the creation of life on earth as recorded in Genesisfirst plants (Gen. 1:1112), then animals (Gen. 1:2023)is duplicated in the fossil record: plant fossils precede the appearance of animal fossils…The different roles science and religion play is illustrated in a study of the dinosaurs. From the fossil record we learn that the dinosaurs were the dominant animals on earth between 225 and 67 million years ago. Some were carnivorous, others herbivorous. Some were small, while others were gigantic, weighing up to eighty tons and growing to lengths of more than ninety feet. The existence of these animals is indisputable, for their remains have been found in rocks all over the earth. What eternal purpose they played in the creation and early history of the earth is unknown. The scriptures do not address the question, and it is not the realm of science to explore the issue of why they were here. We can only conclude, as Elder Talmage did, that ‘the whole series of chalk deposits and many of our deep-sea limestones contain the skeletal remains of animals. These lived and died, age after age, while the earth was yet unfit for human habitation.'” (“I Have a Question,” Ensign, September 1987).

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