JSThe Joseph Smith Papers Project recently announced the addition of the following new content and features to its website, josephsmithpapers.org. These new additions include, among other things, new finding aids, histories Joseph Smith assigned others to write, a letter to Emma Smith, new and enhanced document viewer.

Also recently added are documents from January through March 1842 and five accounts of Joseph Smith’s 7 April 1844 discourse on the “subject of the dead.” In the coming months more documents from the Documents, Journals, Histories, Revelations and Translations, and Administrative Records series will be added. Eventually the website will contain images and transcripts of all extant and available Joseph Smith papers.

The new document viewer at josephsmithpapers.org facilitates navigation of the sometimes-complicated documents found on our website and improves the overall user experience. Enhancements include:

  • Table of contents to navigate to specific entries in large documents such as journals, histories, and minute books.
  • Gallery view that displays thumbnails of all pages, providing a visual overview of the document and the ability to jump to a specific page.
  • Slider navigation at the bottom of the viewer to allow quick access to specific pages.
  • Full-screen viewer that gives users more room to view documents and read transcripts on large screens.
  • Navigation by original source page number. Documents on the website were previously organized by image numbers, which often did not correspond to page numbers in the original sources.
  • Image rotation tool that helps users better view text written sideways or upside down.