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If given her choice of a recreational activity, Dr. Cheryl Lee Eberting, a dermatologist of Alpine Utah, would not choose skiing, hiking or biking. No, she’d curl up with a chemistry article and lose herself in a discussion of lipids or contemplate the role of pH in skin health. This fascinates and compels her.

Cheryl 01 1It’s a good thing she loves it, because she spent a year at the National Institutes of Health studying just one rare skin disorder, and pioneered a unique bleach bath treatment for it. Now she’s on to something much more expansive.

In her ten years as a dermatologist, she’s seen every kind of skin disorder march through her door. Stubborn eczema, itching, diaper-rash, scrapes and burns, aging skin–and she’s heard the complaints about over-the-counter products that hardly worked. She came to see that what many consider some of the best products on the market were still deficient. Not only did they sometimes not work as effectively as they could, they also contained allergens, toxins, or carcinogens.

Their list of ingredients were often troubling: fragrances, dyes, formaldehyde, parabens, aluminum and nickel, propylene glycol from petrol and much, much more.

She heard the cry from parents who brought in their children, miserable with irritating eczema, who having seen many other doctors, asked, “Is there any way to get my child off steroids? What can I do?”

Her care for her patients and her obsession with chemistry came together with a third attribute in her character to put her on the path to creating a new formula to treat skin disorders-undying determination.

This she learned from a front-row seat as she watched her mother who found herself in the position of becoming a single parent with 8 children, 2 mortgages, 2 jobs and starting a business. “I remember going with her to work at night when she was a switchboard operator at the hospital,” Lee said. “I’d sleep on the couch, then we’d go home and Mom would sleep for only 45 minutes, and then get up and she’d get us ready for Church. My mother said, I’m not going to be the first one to give you an excuse to not go to Church.'”

Dr. Eberting had not planned to become a doctor, let alone invent a revolutionary skin care line. She felt something pulling her towards a career in medicine, but the thought of 12 years of school seemed daunting. Her brother finally said, “Lee, you can be 12 years older and be a doctor, or you can be 12 years older.” She put herself through by starting an import business. Sometimes she would be working in her warehouse in Orem until 2 a.m. three nights a week, only to be in class at 7 a.m. the next morning at the School of Medicine in Salt Lake.

Her grandfather was her spiritual mentor, and the day when she knew she would not see him again, she decided to ask him every question she wanted his counsel on. These would be his last words to her. She asked, “What do you do when you doubt?” He answered, “I doubt it. I think as you learn line upon line you lose the desire to doubt just as you lose the desire to sin.”

Inventing True Lipids

“I invented True Lipids,” she said, “because I personally had a problem with chemicals, toxins and allergens in skincare products. Many people do. If they want to treat their eczema, dry skin, itching, rashes and aging skin, their options are limited-and many things don’t work very well. If you have dealt with eczema, for example,” she says, “you know there isn’t anything out there that works very well. “

“Patients would bring in their skin care products, and ask me if they were OK to use, and time and time again I’d have to tell them no. They were filled with chemicals that are not good for us.

“There are a couple of facial care products that are considered the gold standard. One was featured prominently recently in a Wall Street Journal full-page spread saying how great it was. This product had two carcinogens and an allergen in it. What’s more it didn’t have the right ingredients to help the skin repair itself.

“I invented something,” said Dr. Eberting that has the lowest allergen profile in the whole world, something that is safe and effective. Finding products that your skin doesn’t get upset about is hard to do.”

When a skincare product contains allergens, your body may become allergic to the very product you are treating yourself with, hoping for a good outcome.

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Break-through Science

Dr. Eberting explained the breakthrough science behind her new products. Skin is designed to be a barrier, protecting you from bacteria, chemicals, yeast and fungus, toxins and much more. Any time your skin is dry, itchy, has any sort of rash or eczema, it is a sign that your skin barrier is broken. Something has gone wrong to disrupt its protection.

What is it?

(1) First, normal skin has a barrier full of many healthy fats, or lipids that make our skin resistant to environment assaults. These lipids make our skin water-proof, evaporation-proof and temperature regulating. When you have irritated or aging skin, it is a sign that these lipids are deficient and are not being made correctly. Most skin-care products do not replace the deficient lipids, while they are full of the lipids that aren’t deficient in troubled skin.

There are four lipids that are deficient in abnormal skin or aged skin. True Lipids replaces these four lipids to heal the broken skin barrier.

Cholesterol-esters. Troubled skin has too much cholesterol and too little of something called cholesterol-esters. When that proper ratio is thrown off, the skin responds with irritation.

Ceramide 3 is an essential lipid forming the skin barrier.

  Irritated or aging skin is deficient in Ceramide 3.

Phytosophingosine – This is a lipid essential to making Ceramide 3.

Very Long Chain Fatty Acids. You’ve heard of essential fatty acids. Very Long Chain Fatty Acids are essential to normal skin.

Dr. Eberting says to heal a disrupted skin barrier, essential skin lipids have to be replaced so that the skin can heal itself.

True Lipids is a formula with a patented lipid-release formula that delivers all of these essential lipids to troubled skin areas, giving essential skin lipid replacement for long-lasting moisture and lipid repair. Patients say it really works.

Look at these untouched before and after pictures:




(2) Second, irritated skin is a sign that the pH is wrong.

Skin is meant to be acidic in the range of 4.6-5.6. When the skin is disrupted, rashy, infected, or broken down in some way, the pH goes up. When you use soap, bleach, or even tap water, the pH of the skin also goes up. As the pH of the skin goes up, the skin loses its ability to make more lipids and is compromised.

In fact, when the skin reaches a pH of about 5.7, the enzymes that make ceramides are literally chopped up and stop making them. Without ceramides, the skin barrier cannot be repaired.

True Lipids formulations are designed to moderate the important pH range of the skin.


 (3) Inflammation and Allergic Reactions

Normal skin is not inflamed, but has a healthy immune system that provides an effective response to infection and trauma. Normal skin is not particularly reactive to the chemicals that come in contact with it. When skin is not inflamed, there is no rash and there is no itch.

However, when the skin barrier is disrupted, for all the reasons we’ve listed, your immune cells recruit inflammatory cells that fight infection. They become turned on and react against chemicals in the skin’s environment-especially to fragrances and preservatives. To make matters worse, an allergic reaction can set in on top of the infection and the eczema or irritated skin.

True Lipids contain natural anti-inflammatory agents and calming ingredients to help with inflammation. Because True Lipids is truly non-allergenic and non-toxic, the skin is saved from an allergic reaction that is all too common from the very products people are using to help themselves. Their products-filled with allergins– become their problems.

Because True Lipids are truly hypoallergenic, they are the new perfect for your skin. They are perfect for: baby’s eczema cheeks, your sensitive face, eczema elbows and knees, your dry hands, your tummy, your itchy back, your arms, your dry legs, your cracked heels, your itchy rash.

The Products

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eczema Here are some of the products available from True Lipids.

True Lipids Relieve & Protect Ointment

relieveThis is a soothing and protective ointment made especially for those with eczema, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis and many other skin disorders. It helps to heal your skin while it also relieves itch.

“Itch is one of the most annoying things in the world,” said Dr. Eberting. “Itch is a horrible problem for some people from eczema and other skin irritations. When you are very itchy, you can’t go to work, you can’t go to school and you can’t sleep. Dr. Eberting says, “Itch drives some people crazy. I have some people who come into my office and they just can’t find a solution. You can’t do anything if you are itchy. Patients will try anything to relieve this.

“Almost every patient that I see has tried over-the-counter products with no improvement. One 80-year-old came into my office who had been itching for years. He tried the True Lipids Relieve and Protect Ointment and his itch was gone in 10 hours.”

True Lipids Ceramide and Cream


This cutting-edge, deeply moisturizing cream helps to replace the missing lipids in your dry skin, balance your pH and calm any natural inflammations for a healthy skin.

True Lipids Hydrate, Correct and Perfect Lotion


This cream was designed particularly for faces-anti-aging, acne, rosacea, eczema and more.

Cheryl 02Dr. Eberting said, “Let’s face it. We all want to look better. None of us want to age. None of us want to wrinkle. None of us want age spots.

“The main cause of aging is inflammation induced by sun, which leads to a breakdown of collagen and elastin in your face, which in turn leads to wrinkles and pigmentation on your face.”

This cream has been designed to heal and brighten skin undergoing that process.

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