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If your child has gone astray, you are not alone! In fact, you are in good company. Some of the best parents who have ever lived have struggled with wayward children. This latter-day epidemic was foretold in the scriptures-and a remedy was prescribed.

Now this information is available to Spanish-speaking parents!

From the moment Rescuing Wayward Children was published, I received overwhelming response from parents. I had just gone through an interesting editing experience. My publisher, Covenant Communications, had never seen an approach to this subject that was quite like mine, so I spent some time making a case for the unique tools that the gospel provides parents. I told my editors that we could not have this kind of conversation anyplace else in the world.

I’ve rarely had a better editing experience. The Covenant editorial staff was open-minded and trusted me. The result has been a wonderful partnership that has informed and empowered parents throughout the world and rescued many wayward souls.

Writing Rescuing Wayward Children was an interesting departure for me. Until that time, I had written a number of fictional books and had begun to explore doctrinal subjects. But this subject was different and a little intimidating. It pressed upon my mind relentlessly until I finally submitted and began to research diligently.

What I discovered were numerous promises by apostles and prophets, whose statements were uniformly unqualified in terms of hope and outcome. While acknowledging that nothing trumps agency, they seemed to indicate that by and large, wayward children would return. Even more intriguing was the fact that their parents could facilitate the return of their children by tapping into the power of their covenants.

What was it about the new and everlasting covenant, I wondered, that infuses such amazing redemptive power into seemingly hopeless situations? The answer was the great discovery and the central theme of the book.

Since its release, I’ve spoken to many wards, stakes and individual people in many settings, and I even was invited to give classes on the subject at BYU Education Week. I suppose that pain drives the demand. We parents are in the middle of a war and we desperately need ammunition. I wonder if we have ever considered that power lies latent within us. If we could unleash that power, we could experience unimaginable miracles. Brigham Young was correct when he said we live far beneath our privileges.

Last year, I was approached by my friend in Argentina, Mimi Abrea, who is the editor of the Spanish version of Meridian Magazine.  She asked if Rescuing Wayward Children could be made available to the Spanish-speaking saints throughout Latin America and the world. She introduced me to Adriana Ovejero de Rodriguez, also from Argentina, who is a great proponent of the book and an excellent translator/editor. Mimi and Adriana expressed their great concern for the parents in Latin countries who are losing their children at an alarming rate. They offered to translate the entire book at no charge so that it could be made available in Spanish.

In this book, we investigate the unique conditions that affect parenting today and explore the tools that become available to parents when gospel principles are applied-tools that infuse parents with spiritual power. Because the gospel of Jesus Christ is the only solution for spiritual waywardness, we apply the words of the prophets and the messages of the scriptures to give parents perspective, spiritual power, and hope.

“Every effort you make to sanctify yourself has a redeeming effect on those for whom you are praying.”



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