Every mother knows this is the true New Year. Back To School is the ideal time to set goals, mark growth, evaluate change and express our hopes for the future. This is when we age up, even more so than on our own birthdays. So it is only apropos to set goals and make plans just like we do in January.

The only difference is, instead of staying up until midnight on New Year’s Eve, we rush like mad the night before the first day of school to get everyone tucked in and snoring by 8pm. (Which, ironically, was the first new school year resolution we already failed to reach.)

I find it humorous how in June, we moms long for summer and her endless unstructured hours. We’re fed up with the harried pace of the school year and yearn to have our children surround us as we picnic together in the park with nowhere else to be…

Then come the end of August, we turn into that lady from the Staples commercial singing, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” as we merrily toss school supplies into our carts.

Now that I think about it, I react the same way during the holidays. On December 1st I’m absolutely giddy to bust out the advent calendar and all our traditions that go with it. Then by January 1st I’m more than eager to kick the tree to the curb, vacuum up the last of the tinsel and hit the treadmill.

Is it simply a case of too much of a good thing? Or is the grass greener on both sides of any holiday break?

I will miss going to bed around 11-ish, making breakfast around 10:30-ish, only to get to eat again around noon-ish. But truth be told, I’m rather excited to set the alarm and like a marine be able to boast, “We accomplish more before 7am than most people do in an entire…” Well, maybe not before 7, but you get it. Feel productive. On task. You know, no more “ishes.”

I’m sure a few weeks into soccer season, and a country report and a science fair project later, I’ll be down right nostalgic for summer. But right now I’m ready to embrace the change. I want to get organized. I want to revamp the chore chart. I want to clean out my kitchen drawers. I want to potty train my toddler.

It’s a new year and I’ve set resolutions for everything from meal planning, to clutter free counters tops, to being a better parent, to taking off these last few pregnancy pounds. Yes, with my alarm set and my new goals in place, I should be running a tight ship with a gentle hand and be back in my jeans by Halloween. Ok, Thanksgiving. Mmmm, maybe more like Christmas.

Alright, Christmas-ish?

Happy New Year