Tatum Brewer1

The Joseph Smith Sr. and Lucy Mack Smith Family Association invites the public to join with them in Joseph’s Miracle Run this August 3rd at 7:00 a.m., at This is The Place Heritage Park in Salt Lake City (2600 East Sunnyside Avenue). The 5K Family Run will commemorate the 200th anniversary of seven-year-old Joseph Smith’s 1813 leg surgery.

Proceeds from the race will fund a scholarship in Joseph’s name at Dartmouth’s Geisel Medical School to honor Dr. Nathan Smith who performed the surgery that saved Joseph’s leg and likely his life.

In addition to the 5K miracle run, there will be a 1K run for children under twelve. As the children cross the finish line they will receive their medals from Elder M. Russell Ballard of the Council of the Twelve. They will also be filmed as the cross the finish line. Elder Ballard, who is a descendant of Hyrum Smith, said he is more than happy to award the medals to the children running in Joseph’s Miracle Run. “I am so proud of these kids for wanting to run and support Joseph,” he said.

Sarah Gudmunson, a member of the race logistics committee, said, “This race is for a great purpose-establishing Joseph’s name for good. It is also just going to be fun. There is nothing like crossing the finish line in a race and having a medal put around your neck. To have the kids receive their Joseph Smith medals from Elder Ballard will be will be nothing short of awesome. They will be filmed as they cross the finish line.”  

That Elder Ballard will be at the race was great news for Tatum Brewer, one of the first registrants in the 1K run. Tatum is three and a half, and challenged the six year old age limit for the race. She won her cause. Tatum, who runs with her Mom, Amanda, and her aunts McCall Fagan and Tawni Packer, has already run two 1K races. “Tatum is pretty athletic,” her aunt McCall says, and she feels that she is six already.”  Her Mom reports that “Tatum really wants that medal.” According to Tatum the whole thing is “cool.”


What will Tatum get for running the 1K?

  • A commemorative medal from Elder Ballard as she crosses the finish line
  • A commemorative Tee shirt
  • Parking for her folks at the park
  • An all day pass to enjoy all the amenities of the park
  • An opportunity to have Joseph Smith’s name known for good and also help a deserving medical student become a doctor

Come join Tatum at the race. We invite you to run in the 5K or the children’s 1K race, or to cheer, volunteer, or contribute. You will want to be part of this experience. We hope to see you at the race. Please take a minute and go to our website: