On August 3, the Joseph Smith Sr. Family Association will celebrate the 1st miracle of the restoration with Joseph’s Miracle Run; a 5K run at This is the Place Heritage Park in Salt Lake City. The public is invited to run or donate. Proceeds will fund a scholarship in Joseph’s name to Dartmouth Medical School, founded by Dr. Nathan Smith. For more info visit:   www.JosephsMiracleRun.com

smith josephgorkaAre you a long-lost Smith, or do you know any descendants of Joseph and Lucy Mack Smith? The Smith family has grown to over 40,000 descendants and family members with most living in Utah, so there’s a good chance you may be related or know someone who is.

“The trouble is,” says Jared Glade, family data steward, “We only have accurate information on about 10% of our family. That’s important, because there are some huge family events are happening that only come around once in a life-time, and our family needs to know about them so they can participate.”

For instance, this is the 200th anniversary of the miraculous surgery that saved 7-year-old Joseph’s Smith’s leg, and quite possibly his life. In that era, Joseph could not have done what he did otherwise. To commemorate this great event, The Joseph Smith Sr. Family is hosting the Joseph’s Miracle Run, a 5K family run at This is The Place Heritage Park on August 3.

“We really need to get the word out to our family,” agrees Frances Orton, president of the Smith Family Association. “It would be such a tragedy if our own family didn’t know about it, because it is a great opportunity reach out to our extended family and remember the great work our family has done over the years.”

The proceeds from the run will establish a scholarship in Joseph’s name to honor Dr. Nathan Smith, founder of Dartmouth Medical School, and the surgeon who performed the surgery. This scholarship will be granted to a deserving surgical student at Dartmouth, and will be a reminder of the great good that charitable contributions like Dr. Smith’s can be in the community.

Joseph’s Miracle Run is also coinciding with the Smith Family Reunion at This is the Place Heritage Park on August 3 2013. “That’s another reason we’re so excited,” says Frances. “We’ve applied for a World Record for the largest family reunion. We’ve had some big reunions in the past, but this year the reunion is in Utah. With this many local descendants, we could easily hit that goal, but we really need the family to know about it and respond.”

So if you’re a Smith, make sure you don’t miss out on a truly once in a lifetime opportunity. If you know any Smiths, let them know what is happening. And if you’re not a Smith, but would love to join in the Joseph Smith Miracle Run, we would love to have you participate. For more information, call Frances Orton at 801.226.6054 or visit us at:

For race information: www.JosephsMiracleRun.com


For reunion information: www.josephsmithsr.org