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It’s time to renew our efforts. When we feel that the enemy of the family is too formidable, we have to remember who we are: a people endowed with the will and power to march forward and conquer those who seek to destroy our families. We will do whatever it takes to protect and preserve family values throughout the world. We are a mighty army, and our leader, Jesus Christ, is counting on us. He will bring about miracles as we show our faith and determination to uphold all He stands for. The apostle John verified this when he said, “And whatsoever we ask, we receive of him, because we keep his commandments, and do those things that are pleasing in his sight.” (1 John 3:22)

The words of Peter Diamondis give us hope, also. He said, “More than ever before in history, individuals can now band together to solve grand challenges. We face enormous problems, but we – as individuals – have enormous power to solve them.” In the context of saving the family this message rings true, especially when we partner with the Lord.

Many were stunned by this new information

Many are unaware of the extent of evil that exists in the adversary’s plan. Much of what he is up to hits us in the face daily through the media. However, we recently became surprised again at how aggressive and unafraid his mortal minions are as they work among leaders of nations. If he can pass laws that take away our rights as parents and our freedom to practice our religion then he will be the winner. We have to do all in our power to defeat his purposes.

At a recent event, where the late champion of the family, Richard Wilkins, was honored, attendees were enlightened on what is happening today. We were made aware of some of the latest destructive policies the adversary is promoting. Many at this meeting were stunned at what they heard. Fortunately, we have a tireless advocate for the family in Sharon Slater, a Latter-day Saint mother and president of Family Watch International, who is up-to-date on what’s happening and what we can do about it. She needs our help-your help.

Janine See, a mother of four (one on his mission and one preparing for his call), attended the meeting. Her report of the event tells a portion of the gravity of what’s taking place that will fiercely impact our own children. She and others were made aware that there is, indeed, a war being waged against our children, one that the media has failed to report. Janine reported the following on her Facebook page, which succinctly states the reality of what’s happening. She wrote:

“I was invited to attend an event this past weekend which involved honoring a man [Richard Wilkins] who has fought for the family in the UN for a number of years. He recently passed away. His wife was presented with an award for his work. A woman [Sharon Slater] who has been very involved with the UN for the past 14 years, spoke. There is scary stuff happening in the UN which is designed to destroy the family. Part of the platform that is constantly being pushed is the sexualization of all children. The agenda is based on 4 beliefs. 1) All humans are sexual from birth. 2) Sexual pleasure is a fundamental international human right. 3) Sexual pleasure is the highest life goal and 4) Gender is fluid. They also believe that young people are entitled to sexual pleasure. Their plan to combat AIDS involves the following: legalize prostitution, legalize same-sex marriage, and many other things equally as ridiculous. . .

“The UN treaty on the Rights of the Child’ says that children can have freedom of thought, conscience and religion and that parents have no right to guide them. I don’t know what they call them in the UN, Bills? But a very recent one on immigration had no mention of food and few mentions of other basic needs but did include 33 references to sex. There are 2 obstacles to the continued success of this agenda: religion and parents. They are trying to destroy both. I know it all seems unbelievable. I was sick over it. It’s time that we wake up and start paying attention. UN treaties trump the constitution.”

If a predator was after your child you would do everything in your power to stop him. The adversary of truth is an active predator, seeking to destroy our families. We must stop him. Remember, we are more powerful than he is if we act. Here’s one major thing you can do to help foil his plan.

What you can do

Family Watch International (FWI) is planning a conference for people who are in positions of leadership throughout the world who care about the family, but don’t know what to do to stop the progress of the enemies of the family. Sharon, who incidentally freely donates her time, has sponsored three other conferences where those with power to make a difference attended. Some of their comments were: “The material presented to us by the speakers, as well as in the policy papers, was of inestimable value.” Another said, “Now I’m armed with material and knowledge to know how to combat this evil.” Others asked Sharon to “Please have another conference like this as soon as possible. Nothing has empowered us to save the family like this has.” These are good people of influence from many different nations who care about the family, yet have felt powerless.

To present these conferences is costly. When FWI brings in people with power from less developed nations who want with all their hearts to protect family values, it takes significant funding. They cannot afford airfare, lodging, etc., so FWI foots the bill and makes their attendance possible, along with paying for all needed materials and facilities. And it is worth every penny! We have already seen these prepared people making a difference in UN policies that affect local governments and law makers.

The next FWI conference is scheduled in Utah this summer. How can you help? You can help host and sponsor these pro-family leaders from different cultures and ethnicity. Or you can assist in the physical tasks associated with such an endeavor.

Please be generous

One of the most important ways you can help is to donate to this cause. We invite everyone reading this article to donate at least $10 or more to help. If anyone has the financial ability to donate a large sum, even in tens of thousands, please do so. It will take nearly $200,000 to fund the Utah conference. It will bring in many influential policy and lawmakers to be trained and inspired to protect the family. Please be as generous as possible. Family Watch International is a 501(c) nonprofit organization. All donations are tax deductible and may be made online at https://www.familywatchinternational.org/fwi/ or checks may be sent to Family Watch International, P.O. Box 1432, Gilbert, AZ 85299-1432.

We must fight like Moroni

We’re feeling a little like Captain Moroni, wishing he were here to lead this charge.

Remember how he rent his coat and wrote upon it, “In memory of our God, our religion, and freedom, and our peace, our wives, and our children-and he fastened it upon the end of a pole.” Then he dressed for battle, and “he bowed himself to the earth, and he prayed mightily unto his God for the blessings of liberty to rest upon his brethren, so long as there should a band of Christians remain to possess the land.” (Alma 46:12-13)

We must go forth as Moroni did, with equal fervor and determination to protect our families from this dreaded enemy. We can win this war against our children. We must win it! Let us pray mightily as Moroni did for guidance as we pursue the enemy of the family in our day. Please help us win this vitally important battle by supporting FWI’s upcoming conference. Thank you for your help.


[For more information visit https://www.familywatchinternational.org/fwi/]