Imagine a society given a promise that if they would keep God’s commandments they would have freedom and prosperity. Otherwise they would be swept off the face of the land – a promised land.

Not very complex, is it?

Now imagine that in this society …

  • Many people seek to separate consequences from actions. They resist natural law that when people choose actions, they cannot then select which consequences follow.
  • People distort God’s gift of agency by using the operative word choice to hide the serious sin of abortion. They conveniently forget that the choice to use procreative powers happens the night before, not the morning after.
  • God’s authorized religion in this society accepts that abortion can – with spiritual guidance and competent medical advice – be justified in cases of rape, incest, danger to the life of the mother, or a deformed and unviable fetus. But only a very small percentage of abortions are performed for these reasons. Upwards of 99% of all abortions are for convenience, to escape the natural consequences of sexual intercourse.
  • Government encourages this deception by spending over $500 million a year funding abortions.
  • Over 55 million abortions have been performed in the last 40 years.
  • A successful abortion doctor is brought to trial for the murder of viable babies who had the cheek to survive botched late-term abortions. The gruesome realities – spines being cut by scissors or an infant swimming in a toilet struggling to live – are ignored by the major mass media, usually a pushover for covering gore and violence in other venues.  
  • The elected president speaks to a convention of the largest organization of abortion providers and unequivocally approves their activities. He never says the word “abortion,” but drumbeats the ever-handy phrase “right to choose.” He demonizes opponents of abortion as bigoted opponents of choice, or as opponents of women’s health. The ploy is transparent gimmickry, but willingly accepted by far too many.
  • He then invokes the blessings of God on these abortion providers and their activity by stating unequivocally: “God bless you.” Unbelievable. God bless … who?! For doing … what?! It almost makes one want to check to see if the story came from The Onion. It is not only a fulfillment of Isaiah’s prophecy that evil shall be called good, but it is hard to think of a more warped way of taking God’s name in vain.

Now picture yourself before a celestial court tasked with defending this particular society. What arguments would you employ to acquit them of their behavior? Which of the above points does God approve of? How would you excuse the obvious “spiritual wickedness in high places”?

Please explain to me why this society’s actions are pleasing to God and why the people should not be swept off the face of this promised land.


Gary Lawrence is a public opinion pollster and author of “How Americans View Mormonism” and “Mormons Believe… What?!” This article is adapted from his forthcoming book “The Relocated War in Heaven: Strategies and Tactics in Today’s Battle Against Evil.”