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The lowered age requirement for missionary service announced by President Thomas S. Monson in the October 2012 conference has met with such an enthusiastic outpouring of new missionaries that the Church is planning to accommodate the increase by creating 58 new missions.

The new missions will function in the same areas covered by existing missions. No new countries or territories are opening to missionary work. This announcement increases the 347 existing missions to 405.

“The enthusiastic response to the change in missionary age requirements has given thousands of young people more options to serve and they have responded with incredible faith,” said Elder Russell M. Nelson, Chairman of the Missionary Executive Council.

Assignments for new mission presidents were announced last week. See the list here.

The 58 new missions include 17 in U.S and Canada, 8 in Mexico, 3 in Central America, 15 in South America, 1 in Europe, 5 in Africa, 2 in Asia, 4 in the Philippines, and 3 in the Pacific. These are the new missions:


Angola Luanda
Argentina Comodoro Rivadavia
Argentina Posadas
Arizona Gilbert
Arizona Scottsdale
Australia Sydney North
Bolivia Santa Cruz North
Botswana Gaborone
Brazil Curitiba South
Brazil Fortaleza East
Brazil Juiz de Fora
Brazil Natal
Brazil Piracicaba
Brazil Santos
Brazil So Paulo West
California Bakersfield
California Irvine
California Rancho Cucamonga
Chile Santiago South
Colorado Fort Collins
Ecuador Guayaquil West
Ecuador Quito North
El Salvador San Salvador East
Georgia Macon
Ghana Accra West
Guatemala Cobn
Honduras San Pedro Sula West
Idaho Nampa
Idaho Twin Falls
Illinois Chicago West
Japan Tokyo South
Kansas Wichita
Korea Seoul South
Liberia Monrovia
Mxico Cancn
Mxico Ciudad Juarez
Mxico Ciudad Obregn
Mxico Mxico City Chalco
Mxico Pachuca
Mxico Queretaro
Mxico Reynosa
Mxico Saltillo
New Zealand Hamilton
Nigeria Benin City
Ohio Cincinnati
Oregon Salem
Papua New Guinea Lae
Per Huancayo
Per Iquitos
Philippines Cavite
Philippines Cebu East
Philippines Legaspi
Philippines Urdaneta
Ukraine L’viv
Utah Salt Lake City East
Virginia Chesapeake
Washington Federal Way
Washington Vancouver