helping hands 180 volunteers from Clinton, MS assisted at the home of Brad and Faith Trussell to clear away over 180 fallen trees.

After the devastating tornado that struck Hattiesburg, Mississippi last week, many organizations have stepped up to help with the clean-up. Mormon Helping Hands volunteers came from around the state to assist, and were joined by former NFL quarterback Brett Favre.

helping hands 2Some of the damage at the home of the Trussell Family in Hattiesburg.


Favre’s hometown of Hattiesburg, Mississippi was hard hit by the category F-4 tornado. Over 4,000 residents were left without power, homes were destroyed, and schools and businesses severely damaged. Thankfully, there were no reported fatalities.

helping hands 3Just one pile of debris is about 10 feet high and 150 feet long

Favre was contacted by friends Wade and Dolly Walters, (Dolly is the sister of Faith Trussell, who’s pictures are shown) a married couple from the Hattiesburg Stake. He participated in the clean-up efforts, and donated a skid steer that was used by the missionaries and other church members to clean up debris from the Oak Grove ward bishop’s property, which received severe damage.