We love to hear the performance of a quality solo singer. The individual voice can be entertaining and inspiring. But is there really any such thing as a solo? Even a performer seemingly standing alone is supported by the accompaniment of other singers or instrumentalists, and someone else probably wrote the music. In balanced combination, all of these musicians work together to create a resonant harmony.

A musical note by itself may be pleasing to hear, but a variety of tones, arranged properly, make a harmony which cannot be matched by just one note. The musical chorus is a wonderful example of bringing together separate voices in a beautifully blended harmony. The performers may come from a great variety of life experiences, but when they unite under the direction of an able conductor, they combine in a grand, harmonious sound.

Well-trained sports teams perform in great harmony. Separate individuals with diverse skills brought together on the field or the court, and working like a well-balanced machine. Of course, this kind of harmony takes many hours of practice until each team member knows his role and has faith in his or her teammates and their ability to do their part. It is exciting to watch a quarterback throw the ball where he knows the receiver is going to be, then see the receiver run to where he is certain the quarterback will place the ball. They seem to be tuned in to one another’s thoughts. The best players are usually quick to attribute their success to the supportive role of their teammates and the harmony with which they execute the plays.

Similar teamwork can be observed in a family, or a neighborhood, or a community working together in harmony. We love to join with our children and grandchildren in family activities. One Christmas, when one family was struggling with job loss, everyone sacrificed presents and we combined our funds to help pay their bills. The anxiety of unemployment was subdued by the knowledge that they were not alone, that the whole family was there to support and help. What love we felt and harmony we enjoyed.

On snowy winter mornings in our subdivision there rings out a chorus of shovels and snow blowing machines, and almost a race to see who can clear the snow from a neighbor’s sidewalk and driveway. One time, I cleared my next door neighbor’s driveway as another neighbor cleared mine! We both felt the harmony of helpfulness.

It is amazing to see an entire community come together harmoniously to realize some meaningful end. Whether it is raising money for a medical need, searching for a lost child, or cleaning up a city park, working in harmony brings a very special unity to people with little in common beyond their zip code.

Our individuality is important as we bring to the mix of life an array of skills, interests and abilities. But as we live and work together, supporting and assisting one another, each one contributing the best he or she has to offer, the tenor of our daily existence will be one of peace and harmony. Then, like a great chorus, there will resonate through the world the sweet tones of cooperation and neighborliness.

Again, we pose the question, is there really any such thing as a solo? No one stands completely alone. The more people we include in our circle of love and kindness, the more we acknowledge the contribution of all who impact us for good, the greater will be the harmony of our lives.

As the old year ends and we are plagued by thoughts of startling displays of disharmony in the world, let’s look forward and make a sincere resolution to do all we can to achieve greater accord with those around us. New Year resolutions to improve our solo capacity are fine and important, but if they are balanced by a profound effort to live in harmony with others, our personal development will be amplified to a grand and happy refrain.


Personal power is magnified when applied in harmony with others.