misionary cornerElder De Hoyosand Elder Miller

Dear President Albright,

I want to share with you the conversion story of Gaby. She was first introduced to the Church by her good friend Ruth Schrei, a member of our ward here on the East Coast. After several invitations from her LDS friend Ruth, Gaby finally decided to have us missionaries come over to share a brief message with her about religion. We were very excited.

We know that Sister Schrei is an excellent member missionary and she had been friends with Gaby for several years. Gaby is about 60 years old, an architect, graduated from college in Uruguay, and then pursued an international career, traveling around the world and even working for the U.S. government for a few years. Gaby wondered why her Mormon friend Ruth was always so optimistic and happy, even in the face of adversity. Ruth didn’t lose this opportunity to teach and to testify to her good friend during our missionary lessons about the purpose of life and the love that our Heavenly Father has for each one of us.

Teaching Gaby was not an easy task for us young missionaries. She is very learned in the ways of philosophy and academic wisdom. She was an educated and experienced professional woman, while we were just 21 years old and completely ignorant in all ways and things possible, except that we have a testimony of the restored gospel. I give all the credit for this conversion miracle to the workings of the spirit and the greatness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We invited Gaby to read and pray and find out how much God loved her. She did and her life changed 100%. Some of her nonmember friends tried to convince her not to study Mormonism, and a relative even gave her an anti-Mormon book to read in an effort to stop her spiritual progress, but Gaby bravely declined to accept it due to the love she had developed for the Book of Mormon. She felt the Spirit in heart while reading testifying to her that the Book was true. We were so excited to schedule her baptism.

After Gaby came out of the font at her baptism, she courageously went to the pulpit to bear testimony to the members of our ward regarding the change of heart that she had recently experienced. Shortly afterwards she received a great job as a contractor and designer for the federal government. She knows God really exists and is watching out for her and loves her.   Last month, she went through the temple to receive even greater blessings. I know this gospel to be true, for I have seen the fruits and have experienced the blessings and joy of sharing it. I am so grateful for members of the church who are such wonderful examples to their friends and neighbors. They make being a full-time missionary such a delight!

Merry Christmas, 

Elder Andres De Hoyos